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5. Identifying Your Superpower

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 20, 2018
    6:00 PM
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Good morning Saints Oh I love that text don't you what a powerful As for me in my house we will serve the LORD Well I'm glad you're here this morning I want to welcome you as well as our viewing and listening audiences and those watching at campus Saville I understand some are up at our summer camp watching in tuning in so praise the Lord and God bless you and what you're doing and continue to do for our young people there. I was telling somebody here just it just dawned on me I live in Cedar Lake how many of you here live in Cedar Lake in the area I should have gotten this earlier I mean I've been here for a few years but I'm looking at the weather this week and I'm thinking it really isn't normally like this here I think the people who come to can't mean probably think it just rains in his cloudy for 3 $142.00 days out of the year it really isn't that way but can't meaning we get hit and that's in part because the enemy really doesn't like what's happening you can't meeting which is a really kind of exciting isn't it I mean if the enemy was happy with what was happening you can't meaning that wouldn't be a good sign. But praise the Lord that he has among us His Spirit is with us he has a message for us this morning and I want to pray that he enable me to live deliver it correctly and for us all to hear and receive it so about your heads with me if you would please as I pray. Heavenly Father Father I thank you again for another new day of life a day in which we can come to know you better and your Son Jesus Christ whom you have sent and a day when we can better understand how to share him with those who don't know now Father we don't want to just be hearers of the word. Deceiving ourselves but we want to be doers of your word surprise a father give us ears to hear and hearts to respond this morning for we ask and pray it in Jesus' name amen I have entitled The series we're going through going the distance as I have shared because I really believe this is the generation that can see Christ come in the clouds of glory and today's message of entitled identifying your superpower did you know you have a superpower you have a superpower and we're going to talk about it today and it may not be what you thought it was I want to review a little bit of what we looked at yesterday yesterday we were talking about righteousness by faith and justification by faith and we looked at the story of Abraham or before we got there we looked at what righteousness is in the Bible righteousness is what's right according to God's idea we live in the righteousness is defined by God's 10 Commandment law that it reaches beyond the outward actions to the very heart we are in that righteousness in compass is our thinking our feeling in our acting we learn that righteousness is required for heaven and we learn that we have absolutely none of it but we also learn that God does have it he's full of it God alone is righteous and He offers that righteousness to us by faith in the Apostle Paul using the story of Abraham the father of the faithful illustrated what that saving faith looks like be the being that God is able to raise the dead to life and call into existence things that never had an existence before and then whatever he promises he's able to perform the leaving like that appropriates to us the righteousness of Christ when we believe God like that. Not considering our personal weaknesses and short comings not allowing our circumstances to weaken our trust and his promises his righteousness will be put to our account just as it was put Abraham's account that's what we looked at yesterday and that's powerful good news isn't it Now here's what I want to get into this morning and as I've said for those who've been coming we've been I've loosely based this on the book steps to Christ but one thing I discovered is the steps to Christ is written in chapters with those chapters aren't chronological in the Christian experience They're layered and so for example yesterday I was going to go over the chapter on consecration and then today faith in acceptance but the faith chapter kind of in my mind I want to begin to do that step 1st consecration and faith and acceptance and the test of discipleship all those things are kind of happening together in some ways yesterday we talked about Abraham's faith today I want to talk about the effect of it what was the effect of Abraham's faith what do we see when Abraham had that kind of faith that we talked about that unquestioning unwavering trust in God When Abraham believed God what did he do he would be a god and we've got a challenge today in the Christian world and it's even creeping in among us that we don't know where to put obedience is obedience then that's legalism isn't it I mean you you know being that's all about you and we want to be all about God but I want you to understand that when Abraham Eve God He obeyed God that's what James meant when he said was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered his son Isaac on the altar we looked at the end of the message yesterday he wasn't saying that Abraham was justifying himself he was saying that Abraham's act of offering Isaac was the evidence that he had appropriated the righteousness of Christ by faith we looked at this statement yesterday from patriarchs and prophets. Says Abraham's unquestioning what obedience is one of the most striking evidences of faith to be found in all the Bible if there is no obedience there is no faith don't kid yourself obedience is the evidence of faith like this statement from the book testimony for the church volume to us as a man will act out what all the faith that he had when we receive Christ we receive His righteousness and we are made right Jesus elder E.J. where near in his comments on Romans chapter 3 verse 24 makes this comment he says to justify means to what to make righteous God supplies just what the sinner lacks let no reader forget the simple meaning of justification now we've got people in their theological big theological arguments and I talked about it a little bit more seminars yesterday were people say oh no no it does justify doesn't mean they make righteous don't include anything that the Holy Spirit does in us in the work of justification but that's exactly what happens is when God declares anything some people say Well just when God declares us righteous it's not the same as making us righteous answer me this question when is any time God declared something that it didn't become a fact he spoke and it was he commanded it stood Why is that on record for us why is believing in the 6 day creation so important because it brings our understanding that our God can do anything by just speaking it and the same God spoke this when I read this the same power is in this word and so Wagner's just building on that point to justify means to make righteous God supplies just for the sinner LAX let no reader forget the simple meaning of justification were transformed. When we accept Christ when we believe in Christ the life changes notice from steps to Christ page 57 if the heart has been renewed by the Spirit of God the life will what will bear witness to the fact while we cannot do anything to change our hearts or bring ourselves into harmony with God We talked about that while we must not trust at all to ourselves or our good works our lives will reveal whether the grace of God is dwelling within us a change will be seen in the character the habits the pursuits the contrast will be clear and decided between what they have been and what they are the character is revealed not by occasional good deeds and occasional misdeeds as long as I have been in the avenue in and out of the evidence church because I was in and then my family left and came back and I don't think it's isolated to Evan tism but there are these discussions this question comes up I hear it among young people a lot I think it's it's a little different question with with the older ones but I still heard it so if I'm like driving on the highway and I am about to get in a car accident that I'm going to die in and I say a swear word right before I die like am I going to heaven or hell you ever hear that you're asking those kind of like I don't know what to say about that is God that that petty and I don't want to the meaning that or. A little what I want to say I don't want to diminish any wrong act but God doesn't count us out as one of my mentors Pastor Dave Graham's used to say God doesn't kick us out of the shower when we drop the soap. And this is what I want to say it's not the occasional good begun to say oh it look you messed up and like the Pharisees were putting scales out saying I have 27 good deeds and I have 0 I only have 26 beds I think I'm in pretty good at doesn't work that way what is the tendency of the life it's not the the act here and there what your heart like what are your motives like the characters revealed the character is revealed not formed by occasional good deeds and the occasional Misty's with the tendency of the habitual words and acts of person who has committed himself to Christ is going to live a different kind of life in Christ object lessons page 311 it says this by his perfect obedience he has made it possible for every human being to obey God's commandments if you believe that you understand without saying I want to make that clear I mean there this is another thing today we talk about letting go and letting God God has to do it all God does do it all you know how he works through you and me to choose the right thing and empowers us you know people say I'm never going to be over to be able to obey God he's going to have to do it for me notice his perfect obedience by his perfect obedience he has made it possible for us to obey the life is transformed by Christ when we submit ourselves to Christ's going to talk more about what in today the heart is united with his heart the will is merged in his will the mind becomes one with his mind the thoughts are brought into captivity to him we live his life is not with the Apostle Paul saying Galatians step or 2 I am crucified with Christ and I what I no longer live who does live Christ where does he live in me in the life eternal live in the end in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God love me and gave Himself for me the mind becomes one with his mind the thoughts are brought in captivity to him we live his life this is what it means to be clothed with the garments of his righteousness. Talk about putting on the robot righteousness and I so I told you I didn't like that for that picture because it's going to cover it all up like oh it's all there I'm still the same simple being it just doesn't look like it because this trick God did with smoke and mirrors no the point that I want to be clear and this is made clear in the chapter the test of discipleship in steps to Christ the test of discipleship is obedience the evidence of conversion is a change of life I want you to imagine for a minute that I came in here tonight this morning rather I came in this morning I'm running a little bit late I go longer on song service I don't know where the speaker is fine I come rushing in I'm all be draggled my sleeve is hanging off on my suit here my suits all torn up I've given this illustration for I need to have an oh I need to buy a ratty old jacket to help visualize you know and everything you know I'm all tattered and and I've got scars and I come in and I say Oh oh I'm so sorry I'm running late you won't believe what happened you know it's raining out and the roads are a little slick and I was coming you know the thing is my car my car broke down out there on the corner of M 46 and so I had to walk the rest of the way and the problem is you know having the sermon and everything to go through I just I had a lot going on my head and I can get distracted really easily I wasn't paying attention I should have been I know and I wasn't paying attention and I was I was crossing in 46 Suddenly I heard this loud horn and I looked and there was this huge semi just coming for me and I didn't have time I just brace myself for the impact and through that thing hit me and boy did I roll down the road a ways and I you know you can imagine and so I brushed myself off and I got here soon as I could. How many of you would believe that story. Now let me tell you why that so ludicrous why you wouldn't believe it because you know that nobody could have an encounter with something so big and stay the same but we got people all the time like oh yeah I have crises my savior over your life is just exactly the same as it was before yeah I know I'm just a sinner now. That's not what Scripture teaches the Bible says turn with me the 2nd group the instep are 51 of my favorite is to verses that you've been here you know what I'm saying their 2nd Corinthians 5 and verse 17 perhaps one of yours secure in his 517 The Bible says Vera for if anyone is in Christ he is what a new creation old things have passed away behold all things have become a new lesson I need to clarify this before we come to Christ the Bible says we are all fallen we've looked at this we're born with a fall in nature when we come to Christ and receive Christ the Holy Spirit implants in us a new nature but he doesn't take away the old nature are you understanding what I'm saying and so before you come to Christ you have one nature it is just fallen and you can do nothing but sin but when you come to Christ now you have 2 natures and you choose which one you're going to give in to and this is what the Bible means when it says in Galatians 5 the flesh lusts against the spirit in the spirit against the flesh This is what Paul means in Romans 7 when he says the good that I want to do I don't do but then I realize that it's not me but sin that dwells in me this battle that goes on between right and wrong I want to share that just as I'm talking about the changed life that doesn't mean we don't have struggle I want to make that clear but there's a battle that goes on between the flesh in the spirit. And people have in fact people have argued this and will probably argue it took Jesus comes when Paul talks about this man in Romans 7 who wants to do the good and doesn't do it and they say and this is getting more and more common that that's the converted man and they say that because that's how they go through life and they say well I don't want to believe I'm not converted so I'm going to believe that that's a converted man that man in Romans 7 is not converted and I'll tell you why and it's very clear now I like B.J. Wagner says about it he says he's convicted but not converted and that's because it's in Roman 7 he says the good I know to do but how to perform the good I do not find that is not true of a converted Christian now the struggle converted Christian can still have that struggle but I've told people that we spent too much time as a 7th Day Adventist and Roman 7 and never get into Romans 8 because at the end of Romans 7 others what Paul said at the end of Romans 7 he says so I with the with the mindset of the law of God but with the flesh I serve the law of sin you guys are aware of this path and what I've heard people interpret that to mean is OK with my mind to serve the Law of God and I'm going to sin as long as I'm on this earth so at least in my mind I follow him but I'm never going to follow him in body as some of Paul saying because he goes on to say who will deliver me from this actually says that right before I think God through Jesus Christ and he goes into the life of victory in Romans chapter 8 and the point I'm making there is there are struggles we can have that struggle between the flesh in the spirit the Paul describes in Roman 7 but the difference is when we come to Christ we receive Christ we now know how to perform what is good we now have a new power and we can begin to realize what Paul saying in Romans 7 at the end there is with my mind a sort of the law of God with the flesh the law of sin so I've got to choose which one I'm going to follow which nature I'm going to follow. If I live in this what he goes on to say Romans 8 if I choose to live according to the spirit I can be in harmony with God's will but if I live according to the flesh I'm just going to give in to sin and it comes down now to the matter of choice I want to clarify something else too as we're talking about obedience being the test of faith we say well the fair sea's obeyed I hear this all the time drives me crazy the fairer seas did not obey I mean really the fairies obey their ideas of what's right but Jesus Himself had to say which of you keeps the commandments you're going about trying to kill me Stephen said before he was stone you receive the law from the direction of angels and have not kept is verities didn't keep the law notice something about obedience from the book Chris subject lessons again page 97 the man who attempts to obey the commandments of God from a sense of obligation merely because he is required to do so will never enter into the what the joy of obedience he does not obey it because obedience is not just outward It's not just outward compliance to a list. When the requirements of gone are counted a burden because they cut across human inclination we may know that the life is not a Christian life I want to clarify again that doesn't mean there aren't struggles between the flesh and the spirit I mean there are times when I don't feel like doing what I want to do but there are many times when I do and there's something in me that loves truth and loves God and love spiritual thing there's another part of me that doesn't in a battle but this is talking about people who never find any joy and spiritual things I have I've had members come to me they'll say Pastor I don't I just don't get it I mean I. They come in late because they don't if they can get around Sabbath school and still hit the requirement right I got to go to church because it's on the list. How can I stay there the shortest it's not the Christian life and the requirements of God are kind of burned because it cut across human inclination we may know that life is not a Christian life true obedience is the outworking of a principle within it springs from the love of righteousness the love of the law of God and that's what God puts in our hearts in that conversion process the essence of all righteousness is loyalty to our redeemer this will lead us to do right because it is right because right doing is pleasing to God So from the book steps to Christ I want you to note this obedience is not a mere outward compliance obedience the service and allegiance of love for that's what it is is the what the true sign of discipleship we do not earn salvation for obedience for salvation is the free gift of God to be received by faith but obedience is the what is the fruit of faith now I share all that to get into our superpower here's the here's the challenge even with what I just shared perhaps of somebody here percent haps of somebody viewing or listening who says you know what that that person who doesn't find joy in spiritual things that's me maybe I should interject this this morning not maybe I really should as 7th Day Adventist Bible believing Christian we really need to be clear on this conversion is not a one time with a bang thing it is an ongoing experience with Christ even the great apostle Paul said I died daily in 1st Corinthians 1531 if you die daily and you want to keep on living what else you have to do daily you have to be born daily born again daily there's a daily growth that goes on and the must go on. And so we talk about conversion there's a there's always something that is that is changing but there is an initial point where God puts in us that spiritual life but the reality is that there are many 7th Day Adventists with their names on the church books who have never been converted and they struggle and they try to do the right thing they try to have devotions and they try to come to church and they even attempt 7 schools sometimes and maybe God forbid they even try to come to prayer meeting but it's hard to hear me it's hard. Is that the case when they try so hard why doesn't that just convert them my brother Jim and I had this conversation once and we were talking about in our experience I mean. I think back to my own conversion I mean there is so much I didn't know there is so much bad stuff I did but God converted me and I suddenly love spiritual things I'm like why won't you have for them the people who come up to me and say you know I just I don't know what it is maybe I'm not cut out to be Christian I've had people tell me that people are cut out to be Christian but I thought Lord why are you doing for them what you did in my experience. Comes down to the super power you're ready for it many are inquiring how am I to make the surrender of myself to God you desire to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power in slavery to doubt and controlled by the habits of your life of sin your promises and resolutions are like ropes of saying they can't bind anything up they can't pull you up they Everything seems to fail you cannot control your thoughts your impulses your affections the knowledge of your broken promises and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence in your own sincerity ever gone through that before maybe Lord Maybe I'm just that's the I'm not cut out to be mindset and the enemy loves that comes and plagues us without. And causes you to feel that you cannot that God cannot accept you so when you do what do we do well think a popular answer is look man just let go and let God that we like passive stuff like that we talk about surrender surrenders of people love the word surrender Oh I'm tired of battle and I'm just going to surrender we like passive words but I want you to understand surrender if you're in a battle which we are and you're on one side and you surrender to the other side what does that mean practically listen carefully that means you stop taking orders from one commander and start taking orders from another that means you stop obeying one and you start obeying another we're always obeying somebody and we want to pass it well you know my forfeited pledges might weaken my confidence yell or just what can I do here it is but you need not despair what you need to understand is the true force of the what of the Will this is the governing power in the nature of man the power of decision or of what choice is already what's being implied that perhaps you are not exercising your choice like you could notice when it goes on to say everything how much everything depends on the right action of the will the power of choice God has given to man it is theirs to exercise you cannot change your heart is not true you cannot of yourself give to God It's affection yes but you can watch choose to serve him listen Saints the foregone conclusion when I decided to give my life to Christ I know I can't do it myself I don't have her I don't have the strength in me there's not an ounce of obedience I can render to God. And yet I try people say all some people say don't try don't try that's you doing it no it's not me doing it I know it's not me doing it I figured that out when I had except right but listen to me except in crisis mean you stop trying I mean HUGE you start depending on a different power you can choose to serve Him I know I can't change my own heart I know I can't transform my life I can't transform your life I can't convert you you can't convert me I can't converse of the person I'm studying with but I know that when I choose God will work through that choice and empowerment one of my favorite stories in the Bible story the 10 lepers remember the 10 lepers to Jesus to be cleansed and you remember what happened it's fascinating they came to be healed of leprosy and Jesus said Go show yourself to the priest now you know in Bible times that lepers lived in leper colony where they could not they were isolated and couldn't be around other people you know who banished them to the leper colony the priests so here I am with my leprosy does Jesus heal it no he says Go show yourself the priest they're just going to tell me that I'm going to go back. But no they go as Jesus directed them to go in this is what the Scripture says as they went they were claimed not before they trusted in the Word of Jesus they put forth effort in that direction and Jesus provided the healing same thing that happened with a man by the pool but that is the right does it rise take up your bed and walk the man had to put forth his energy and effort and when he did he found strength he didn't have before you can choose to serve Him you can give him your will he will then work in you to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure thus your what your whole nature will be brought under the control of the spirit of faction will be sent thoughts will be in harmony with him. When you just exercise the super power God has intrusted every one of you with the power of choice I want to flesh this out in light of what I was just sharing about the struggles that people have I want you to go with me to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 5 Matthew Mark Luke Chapter 5 this is when Jesus cold the 1st disciple the Bible says In Luke 5 so it was verse one Luke 5 Verse one so it was as the multitude pressed about him to hear the Word of God and he stood by the lake of Gennesaret and saw 2 boats standing in the lake but the fisherman had on the internets then he got into one of the boats which was Simons and asked him to put out a little from the land and he sat down and taught the multitude from the boat when he had stopped speaking he said to Simon launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a cat but Simon answered and said to him Master we talking all night and caught nothing Nevertheless at your word your what your word I will let down the net and when they had done this they caught a great number of fish and their net was breaking so they signaled to their partners in the other boat to come and help them and they came and filled both boats so that they began to sink when Simon Peter saw it he fell down at Jesus' knees saying Depart from me for I am a sinful man O. Lord for he and all who were with him were astonished at the catch a fish which they had taken and so also were James and John the sons of Zebedee who were partners with Simon and Jesus said to Simon Do not be afraid from now on you will watch your kids men don't miss verse 11 so when they had brought their boats to land they watch for so it all and followed him mother several things in this story that I want to bring out. This is a point in Jesus' ministry where things are going south with the religious leaders you see it started out John the Baptist was preaching people were stirred it was a kind of exciting time if nothing else out of curiosity and here's John preaching and people masses of people want to hear him and he is the forerunner for crimes Christ begins teaching same kind of interest at 1st and so the disciples they begin going around with Jesus from time to time you can read that in prior chapters and in the other gospels but they haven't committed to his ministry yet this is where they become disciples Luke does not use the word disciple until after this passage in fact after this chapter and I'll get to that minute so Peter is thinking this all through right so let's see we're following Jesus it looks like it would be a good exciting career a new change of things you know he grew up in a fisherman only now the religious leaders are wanting to kill him his 4 runners in prison what are my other career opportunity right he's pondering this but he knows as a fisherman at least he has fishing to fall back on right hey it's OK if I'm not going to follow Jesus things are getting heated up there maybe I'll just go back to fishing and I'll make my living that way so he goes out at night which is when you catch fish in a clear lake you don't do it during the day you don't fish with nets during the day any fisherman knows that Peter knows that they're fishing at night only they can't tell much nothing what kind of career is fishing for a guy who doesn't catch fish not very good right so this is all going through Peter's mind in Jesus knows this when he comes out that morning they're cleaning out the nets Jesus gets into the boat the crowd sing and he wants to get out from the shore just a little bit to give himself some room and he teaches then when he's done teaching it turns to Peter said Hip A Peter let's go out and catch some fish. Now Peter's answer does not flesh this out the way that that it could you know we don't get it from from from instantly from reading it when he says Master we've taught online caught nothing nevertheless it's all real concise but message what Peter's doing is saying Jesus you don't get it you're a carpenter and I'm a fisherman you don't catch fish in the clear water of the lake in the daytime sea we fish for a living and I can only imagine that Jesus was just giving him all of those looks with the compassion and yet the earnestness and let's go look and Peter says that allow us to humor you will go out and we'll drop the nets and you'll see I'm right and you don't know what you're talking about and they go out and they drop it on the net and immediately the nets are full of fish not just full of fish but they're so full that after trying to pull them in and like a there's too much for one boat hey guys and they get the other boat and both both begin thinking because of the weight of the fish and in that moment Peter stops thinking about fish and he realizes he's in the presence of one who controls all the forces of nature and he sees his own worthiness and his need for Christ and falls down at his feet and says Depart from me only holding on to him and the Bible says Jesus said listen from now on you're going to catch man and the Bible says it was at that point and that experience that they forsook all and followed him and brothers and sisters understand something this morning that I think because of the challenge that so many people run into this so many church members struggle with the reason that many are struggling in the spiritual lives and they're not finding success is because they've given part to Christ but they haven't given all to Kreiss Peter and the disciples were going around with Jesus up to this time but they were not called his disciples yet because they had not forsook all they had not put him 1st. We see the same thing at the end of loop for 5 we're not at the end but verse $27.00 Jesus goes on e-coli I'm Matthew Luke $527.00 says after these things he went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting on the tax at the Tax Office said to him Follow me so he did what he left all rose up and followed him this was the turning point at which these men became the Disciples of Christ now if you miss everything else I said this morning get this next point Christianity begins when my will and Christ's will complicate and I surrender everybody does some of God's Will some of the time the most he even people do some of God's Will some of the time they follow some of the Bible some of the time they follow some of the commandments some of the time that's not Christianity Christianity is being sold out to Christ Christianity is following Christ but not following at a distance so you can be in the church for years and listen if you grow up as a 7th Day Adventist you already go to church on Saturday cuz it's your custom and you eat veggies links and all kinds of other stuff and you know a haystacks are which nobody else does you've ever noticed that what is that like a talk of Alan is now I know it's a haystack and you can know all of that and yet not be committed to Christ you can do all that sit in church every Sabbath but when your will comes up against Christ's will in certain areas like something you shouldn't be wearing or something you should be watching like yeah well I'm going to come to church and I'm going to pay my tide but I'm not ready to do that yet then you're not ready to become a Christian yet. That's the reality because a Christian a Christ is somebody who follows Christ and gives all to Christ and surrenders their will to Christ and until you reach a point in your life and that point will continue I became a Christian when I my will 1st conflict in Christ and I realized it and I had to say no to me and yes to him not my will but I will be done that was the beginning of a Christian life for me I wish I could say it's the only time I've ever had to say that but it continues you continue using the will as Lord reveals himself but that's where Christianity begins that's where conversion begins and conversion cannot take place if I'm not yield to the will to Christ the Farriss had that bad habit they would do things they knew they shouldn't do and so they figured all just pile up a bunch of other stuff and if I do extra good stuff over here then I'll excuse what I'm doing over here no because you're only giving half of yourself to Christ and Christ can't fix half a heart he needs the whore messages the young people says the reason why so many men why many find the Christian life so deplorably hard why they are so fickle so variable is they try to attach themselves to Christ without 1st detaching themselves from these cherished titles to crisis desires for goodness and holiness are right as far as they go but if you stop here they will avail nothing many will be what many will be lost well hoping and desiring to be Christians how is that they do not come to the point of a yielding the will to God In other words they do not now choose to be Christian though can't force you to choose and God will force you to choose that's your super power if you choose to use it but you have to choose to use it you have to choose price remember the rich young ruler the Bible says in the Gospel of Mark when he saw Jesus he ran to him. There are people who approach me it can't meaning for different things some people say Pastor However some have say Hey Pastor Howard sorry about the CAN'T camera guy they always get on me for that but I had to illustrate you get what I'm saying there is a difference and when the young man the Bible says He ran to Jesus what does that express mean he was really interested he was really eager and I believe he was and he came to Jesus a good teacher what must I do to enter into life and of course use it why do you call me good there's only one who is good that's gone but he says if you want to enter a lot enter into life keep the commandments which ones Jesus name some that he knew what the answer would be to the question and the young man says yeah I do all that already I've done that since I was young and I grew up in the evidence church I keep all of you said one thing you lack man I love for the Lord to say there's only one thing I'm short on one thing you lack go sell you have and give to the poor and you have treasure in heaven and then come and follow me and the Bible says incidentally when Jesus says Come and follow me what is that what's a call to that young man had the potential of being a disciple of Christ you know what we know about his life after that nothing it's funny how you have figures in in history I think about Moses the Bible says he for suck the pleasures of sin for a season refused to be called the son of pharaohs daughter he could have been a king of Egypt you could have been one of the great Pharaoh he chose to suffer affliction with the people of God you even know the name of the pharaoh who Moses contended with Ramsay's the 2nd right who came after him who has a clue but the whole world knows who Moses is the devil tells you if you take my son I mean I'm going to make you famous you are right but in the New Testament you had a group of the 7 sons of ski were there casting out demons you remember this and these these these these. Exorcise come in they're going to cast the demons out of this demon possessed man and the demons speak back they say we we command you to leave in the name of Jesus who Paul preaches you remember the story like they did know Jesus personally their name dropping like Jesus who Paul preaches that we don't know him and this is what the demons answer this said you know what Jesus we know and Paul we know but who are you now I want you to get clear on this if these men didn't know Jesus there's only 2 masters you can serve who are they serving the devil didn't even know his own servants name but he knew Paul's name that was going to tell you follow me and you'll be great and famous I'll give you all they know you won't that rich young ruler went away sorrowful we don't know what happened other than that besides the fact that he was lost of books does I have a just as ever after the World was to receive his affection had an opportunity come the sight of Christ that one thing he wouldn't use it was within his power he could have chosen but he wouldn't choose to let that one thing go and he never experience what God wanted to give him love the story of the Exodus this story is so Lester to Paul uses it in the New Testament for screen things tend to kind of illustrate the deliverance from bondage of sin into into the Promised Land illiterates of of salvation in Christ but I want you to think about something now I'm not going to go into a lot of detail in the story but if you read about the crossing of the Red Sea If you look at a map and you realize where the. Children of Israel were in Goshen and so you would be here I'm reversing myself and Canaan is here OK that seems pretty straightforward right the Red Sea is here and there is no problem would just go right over the top of the Red Sea but when Moses leaves children Israel instead of going here he comes down here and into the sea where is this guy taking us what's wrong with him I mean I know I can only imagine what I would have been thinking he's probably not asking directions right because he's a guy. And here's Moses going down course you have the pillar of cloud the pillar of fire but they go down by the sea now the Lord has His reasons 2 reasons in fact 2 important reasons one was that this land up here was Philistia you know who lived there the Philistines you know the Philistines would have done abuse realize try to come through they're going to totally wipe them out they never want to meet and God knew that people were ready for that but there was another reason and the other reason is that he knew that sooner or later the armies of fair were going to come after them wherever they went and the only way they could be safe is destroy the armies of Pharaoh and that's one way he was going to do it he's going to do it in the Sea Now they didn't know all this just like we don't know a lot of times when God asks us to do something it doesn't give us the whole game plan not right away so we come to the sea and they're facing the sea and their own they're on the borders of the sea and they've got a mountain range of the left and a mountain range in the light right and if they think about going back word comes to them that the Egyptian armies are coming so now where am I going to go I'm stuck here I can't go here I can't go here I can't go there and they begin crying out saying Moses why have you let us out here to die remember that who said they were going to die but just because you're standing at the board of the sea who said you're going to die I know this soon that just like we do when God tries to give us a direction we say Lord your why are you asking me to do this to go for to give up this thing in my life I'm going to die who said you're going to die you do what I say and you're going to find deliverance nowhere there on the border and God said Moses tell the children of Israel why are you crying and to me Tell me go forward was there an explanation of how not just go forward God said Go forward you've got to go forward here the Bible says as they went forward Moses stretches right over the sea the waters parted and they went across on dry land and when they got to the other side the Egyptians pursued them into the bed of the sea and God buried their enemies in the sea there was nobody left to come and take them back to slavery and they were free. And on the other shore they sang a song the song of Moses and it's no accident in the Book of Revelation Chapter 15 that the Bible says of those who make it through at the end of time that they will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb It's a song of experience but a true experience with could only be obtained on the other side of the sea and there may be some of you here this morning that maybe some watching or listening and there's something in your life like that rich young ruler thing for him it was covetousness for you I don't know what it may be and you wrestle with spiritual thing if you wonder why you're not feeling converted why you're not more passionate but yet there's something you're holding on to you have not forsaken all maybe you've come as it were to a Red Sea and there's something in front of you just like I don't know how I can get live without this thing and the Lord says why are you crying unto me Go forward you go forward you choose use that super power and I will show myself powerful on your behalf and when you get on the other side of that you will sing the song of victory but you can't know what this side of the sea brothers and sisters God so much Once us to have that experience in Christ but he can't give that experience to us if we don't give ourselves to him and I can't give him a part of me he can't take decided certain divided service even if he wanted to it just doesn't work that we has to have the whole heart what is it that you're holding back from him today what's your read see I want to finish with this statement book signs of the times are paper signs of the times from November of 1902 Let no one rob God of the service he requires half hearted service is of no value Have we not tried our own way again and again and found it was but foolishness have mercy isn't it true. In following our independent judgment have we not virtually said Lord I want not by way for it does not please me I want my own way and if I cannot do as I please I will not serve the and then we wonder why we don't experience the joy of salvation how many have let go of Christ to follow their own plan oh it's just a little doctrine thing that the church feels is important we have little lifestyle things and we just watch it all the time 7 days were dressing like the world we're watching what the world watches and we SAS not important as long as I focus on my relationship with you serious you know focus on relationship with Christ when you're ignoring what he's telling you to do I'm going to tell you right now brothers and sisters if I told my wife I was focused on my relationship with her but I ignored everything she told me to do I have a relationship with her it would be a good one how many have let go of Christ to follow their own plans did Christ the majesty of heaven have his way behold him in travail of soul and get Sammy praying to his father what forced those blood drops of agony from his holy brow Oh it was the sins of the whole world upon him it was separation from the Father's love that forced from his pale quivering lips the cross my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me 3 times was the prayer offered but was followed by nevertheless not was not my will but thine old God be done even Christ our master not my will but thine be done this must be what our attitude not my will but thine oh god be done this this is true conversion it's left for you and me to choose. Brothers and sisters how many of you want to say today I want to choose Christ let's pray Father in heaven. Oh Father I thank you for giving us the power of choice for guarding that power of choice for empowering that power of choice but Lord so often we use it just for our own selfish gain and then we wonder why we're lacking the passion the joy of salvation Lord I pray again as you've spoken through Clay today that the Spirit of God would enlighten our hearts and our minds what inspire us to put forth the effort to choose your Will we can change our hearts we can change our affections we can transform our lives or we can choose we can put our feet in the water and then Lord the waters can part and we can go across and we can have victory in Christ and sing the song of experience Lord that's my desire for each one here today and I want to pray that we can sing that experience here on this earth and Lord one day soon we can sing it together in the kingdom of God as we cast around at the feet of Jesus and say he is. Thank you for hearing and answering we ask great in his in. 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