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Increasing Your Faith

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • August 22, 2009
    7:00 AM
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for you are a boon morning when I will think of them was to have even the believe anything happening anything that can go wrong to be going on but we know that his spirit with their God is working by filling in addition this morning is one of them leave the delay in the legislative three morning I talked about in one nine nine nine and Linda Niemi made a commitment to guide him I'm assuming that that you experience a new yesterday I thought it is not something that we can do only that that no man is going within on eventful life to accomplish the work that the language of the note will be Lord take my heart I cannot give it it is that Buckley didn't care why cannot keep it for the baby in spite of myself my week mold me any rate it means it only after the rich I love look myself on encourage you to memorize this prayer I pray this phrase several times of the day Doctor day with this prayer that Christ can keep you on the call as you die to self will take what you will see in your life is more humility there's this definition of humility that but it came across that it really like humility is when you are I sent you act as a beautiful I've been tremendously blessed by Angeles book humility now I share with you just a paragraph that asked whether we have learned to regard a recruit just or unjust reproach of better enemy trouble or difficulty and which others bring as above all and an opportunity of proving how gives the Ottawa event Jesus is everything you know what it is an applicable say we have no reputation we have no life of our own it is an opportunity to prove how our own pleasure or honor are nothing in our humiliation is truly will be a pleasure in it indeed blessed it is that the happiness of heaven to be felt we consult that whatever is said about or done two of his law and swallowed up in the thought that uses all I highly recommend this book I read it if we didn't have so much I'm no longer concerns so much or as much of interest about what people think about the mistakes I made some reflecting on the past been liberating and my wife started reading the book and is this like I got a new one I thought I recommend about him and were in the book that got fixed the books all composite index am not sure what exact page numbers invited presentation for this morning that's our heads there got been deep with Jesus I think you'll go into the dark continent in her life that you desire to be all in all Lord it was Lord learn how to live life and I'm going to just learn about the latest and use me when I tell yelling to get a twenty one my favorite stories about her selected George Mueller enjoyed George Miller reaches seventy years of age instead of retiring he began to travel internationally and being a retrial question in the train and maybe and once as he was crossing of you travel to sure about prostate lung and about his ministry with the orphanages and once as she was crossing the Atlantic 's ship encountered on our original story as told by the ship 's captain we had a man of God on board George Miller of Bristol I had been on the bridge for twenty two hours and never left I'll startled by someone tapping me on the shoulder it was Mueller Captain I've come to tell you that I'm being back on Saturday and possibly going I have never broken engagement and fifty years the reply I answered I and willing but I'm helpless we are in on that is good in the chart room and pray to drug I looked at him and I thought to myself what lunatic asylum the men have come I never heard of such a thing I said Mister Mueller do you know how dense the foggy we think the Pentagon said in reply to this question how does Dean Hunt tenth of August a I was asked this question didn't be other people in one method on what blogging is stimulating on the bond is no he would like my eye is not on the vintages but on the living God who controlled everything among and he got down on his knees and prayed in the simple prayer of Lord if it is consistent with that will please remove this morning I don't know if the engagement don't make them in Québec for Saturday I believe it is they will when he finished I was going to bring when he put his hand on my shoulder and told me not to bring first you do not believe he will and second I believe you have and there is no need to bring according to the ship captain the fog lifted as Mueller had requested but the weather wasn't the only thing that could affect me the captain also reported that the event completely revolutionized the whole of my life lay testimony I would love to have the company during how about you heard they are closely allied and you decided to get in the prayer of faith of the divine science into the science that everyone who would make his life were a success must understand without they do with your time on your knees in prayer James Frazer missionary that at all Hudson Taylor to China said that praying without they is like trying to cut with a blunt knife the labor expended to middle in what wealthy nothing with eleven but without faith it is impossible to please him for he who comes to God will be that he is and that he is rewarder of those who visit each one of intellect that this is not an alert in the fourth they do whatever is not from faith is sin while going to the gospel is preached what is elected up but the word was did not profit them not being with faith in those who heard it that's what we can learn the door to God but if we want the word of God which is living and powerful to sanctify our life we need faith in the new bikini is assessed when the Son of Man comes will be will he find faith on the earth in the last day when Jesus comes as but it is going to be anywhere Monty alike what had a little myth that in your book the Christian secret of a happy life by the way I recommend that book too if you want to learn about living a life of faith which uses all the better read up on the Christian secret of a happy life she said our Lord at the pathetic question when the Internet hundreds shall he find faith on the very you will find plenty of activities a great deal of earnestness and doubtless many consecrated part but shall we find they the one thing he valued more than all the rest it in the following question and I went to every Christian heart on her it will not like that we may expect large think dating that the moving than the spirit of God the Ms. promises you know I think God this morning we had with eighty people here praying morning prayer meeting his beautiful I believe God was Internet and we're experiencing the dignities of the spirit tomorrow is our last morning thank you just if you have not been coming just experienced once the flick of a little earlier and suggested that shower Joseph come in and join our greatest than is unbelievable wow and that neither can you get this now he did not do many mighty works there because of your unbelief Jesus could not do much in Nazareth because of their unbelief and I wonder if she is not able to do much in your home because of your unbelief is not able to do much in your church because of your unbelief is not able to do mighty things in your community because of your unbelief everything on the part of the children of God is due to them that they naturally accomplish for God is good to move forward with the business believing that they did more than the leading business trusting in God but the more interesting as a biblical in one sentence to say that business so anyway I've collected a number of different definitions of faith and as they go through these definitions or or these nondescript in the face I want you to ask yourself in my according to any of these descriptions in my moviemaking the further that the person is connected to an acronym for forsaking all IDG forsaking all would include thinking of planting a better what said that if you want to make God laugh with medium become a plan is by the way I said yesterday while his wife 's requirement your lender the ball so long for single men will meet up with the our own understanding farmer three by the thickness trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your owners and how we fail to trust God with all of it because we just may not understand in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your faith is also nothing but untested ventures trust in you it are you are you on a journey can you say that you are on a fantastic adventure I love it on a paper that the Lord blessed adventure the individual that doesn't take the view that the Lord is the one that trusts in him trust the Lord fuel the Jew annual the Lord will take a journey incredible journey full of adventure a lot like the safest in the believing that he loved the note that when his partner Beth is that of our own and needs us to choose his way now I really like with regular acid of the agreement this man of God understood a little about it in the manner in which I need to express that answer is the assurance that the thing was better than his work it is true that God will act according with you the consumer this assurance this reliance on God 's word this confidence is the it is not unprecedented in connection with the impression that neither one thing nor the other can you think they'd have to do with the word by the way and align your taking notes on you have asked me about both I'm willing if you are interested in getting a copy of all my notes and PowerPoint presentation I'm willing to e-mail them to you at our exhibit there is a newsletter sign-up sheet in the back if you like your name e-mail address and if you would check the box that I would like to be her partner because our mistreatment by per year okay but I also want their information and making it available to those who I want to be her partner our ministry I will be happy to e-mail you all the files potbelly docketed and not many people want to believe regarding these in improbable to them they had nothing to do with mobility the pump it up it begins with possibility to invite and then scale our ministry we just made the decision to hire an office manager for the volume of work is going good one while in the fiscal year more than what is coming in a previously well not unless you are the only important if not happening so quickly we want the people how often in church at board meetings we make decisions about project based on what finances that they know we'll call this the little forgot because there is nothing appearing for the independent account question whether God has spoken it is only one but nothing but I think with George Miller's that is very consistent with what Scripture says for we walk by faith not by every year our ministry plans a short-term mission trip over Southeast Asia and what the number one reason I hear over and over again why people cannot join is money and I want to say no does the company to the question is not how much I do think the question is does God want me to go there once you understand what God speaks to you through his work at the other people in a fit clear that I want to go you to stop acne bank and trust that the money will come by the way the best place to be in the world from the best place to live in the world but let's take a look into what is right my God why should it be when you're right they're just acting blessings come is the fact that prayers are answered along the pathway of God will you walk along that path ages knew that the answers to prayer shower the net it can so that gives urgency marble and said to those of a surely anything you I have not felt such great faith not even in Israel was using about the dream team in the story analogy is that in the Capernaum infantry came to an playing with them Bangalore servant is lying at home paralyzed that only women and youth that I will come in Helen what would you say oh yeah Jesus we can't even watch a great position you need to lay your hands on me sick servings because that's what the what do away with the three and thirty three answered the Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my will but only speaking for all individual more and my servant will be healed while an America authority on underneath it it is though and he goes another company comes within a few this event is in the assurance that the thing with Jonathan 's work is to make auto act accordingly this assurance is reliant on the work of competency what a given language and if I'm on a Bible reading plan that a government in fact it allows you to spend some time in the Old Testament and the new client in the Psalms of the problems and a larger media the whole Bible in a year and you also recommend that they can be beautiful Bible in a year so that you understand the whole of God revealed will and as I read through every comment I think people I claim this promise Lord and I developed a SME is an end you know I do find it requesting their time right I just know that God is speaking to me because I been praying over certain things and when they got on the cartridges thank you if I find that to be very beneficial for my morning devotional upon such ability so that jewelry more prayer and your Bible reading read which will only given how did you like anything increases increase in the potholes that the Lord increase our faith how mistake would you like yes what we could have just enough faith the size of the will be so happy to have been likely to buy throwback video yet they are the must of been doing that the mountain move from here to there and it will move impossible Romans ten seventeen thousand and eight and hearing by the word of God that is competent inspiring you spent time much time in the word of God is nurtured by the word of God alike that if you want to talk and talk call only cheerfully effect negative talk to murmuring and complaining out in front as lectured yesterday we are on the borders of the promised land many cannot enter into the day my main complaint we need to talk to I love this video but with the missionary that followed Hudson Taylor to China he later went on to indigenous missionary later to Africa funds are low again hallelujah then you've got trusted as willing to leave his recognition of hands this is the faith how even financially I don't know how limited to the next method that they can't know I'll have the money but my God Olympic Cadillac down the hill in any of all is the Almighty that if they keep you aware that upon eight and we shall have they never get laid the thought of the screen in the work of God never utter a word about it in the zone in the heart of the speaker and hearer to produce a hybrid heart three and humbling the people grown discouraged they went in the kitchen and to help you hang out with escape okay what the devil 's most effective for the discouragement doubt and discouragement to bring Christians exhorted by Fisher assurance has he not inviting you to come into the never allow you of the pocket hopeless discouraged way if you do you will lose much by looking at parents of infant plaintiff when difficult if the pressure command you give evidence of a thickly peopled and talked and acted in good faith was invincible the Lord is rich in resources of the world looked heavenward they look to him last night power and like the first one by looking at appearances and complaining when difficulties in pressure can you give evidence of the thickly peopled and what enjoyment of the day they had nothing to do with appearance Matthew nine twenty nine Kijiji health gives site to be the blind men and that according to think that it be then understand that according to greatly great blessing little faith the blessing no faith no blessing this quote company great for weightlifting little program the things they do I physically looking like we needed Fred when they are beautiful story that illustrates the principle of according to think Ben Caleb did it while I can but that they coming back to give a report and Caleb quieted the people will know the answer that go up at once into position but we are well able to overcome it the net but the men who had gone up with them that we are not able to go up against the people for they are stronger than we say to them as a live of the Lord just as you have spoken in the hearing I will do the in other words according to your the carcasses of which you have complained against me shall fall in the wilderness all of you who were numbered according to a number of twentieth old and above except for Caleb the net step in the and just when the Son of Man usual black no means enter the land which I swore I think people I will give you according to your faith Hebrews eleven six but without faith it is impossible to please him when he comes to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who does he think I handle the story M authority of the personal story my wife and I were here in SoCal a year ago the candy and Astrakhan meeting will develop the Washington pack a bag and then make our move out to Michigan which is where our ministry is based will wait a while for a house to sell the house on hold until we were heading on making a move after being here at me for that the month prior to our move will pray for a home that make it a pre- trip finding a home and then coming back to Lord we pray that we move up there we provide a nice little home that we can rent a home that close to our office and we ask for a few other specific thing well we came here to check meeting and early Sunday morning Elder Paul rockstar who I mentioned a few days ago or the other day the president of the Southern African Indian Ocean division the fastest growing division of the world it was getting a talk about the very similar to a shared life I jotted down at the hearing this message and she was talking to helping you move forward in the company and anyways in his message as he closed talk about Alexander the great give known as the mighty conqueror but what a lot of people don't know about Alexander the great is that he was a very compassionate man and every year two thousand one date but usually has to do the people and the people in its genetic needs with content line up and it would come to a servant with various request and in the sermon would take his request became King which is a request and with a the request is granted people would come up with request like the Boone County needs to contribute servant with the EverQuest McCain on the request of medicine for clothing was one individual approach of the servant and said I would like it I want a fully furnished house and I want a banquet table prepared correctly but only in a servant heard that he does I don't think that is a good and did not want to keep it up to the king but the King will looking anything after a certain number and the servant where the request and benefit of fifteen number but the king insisted that a certain chair and and it came out about the request they confess I will grant that request federal supply service and why and I confess mostly people come to me with the little request that other people can certainly appeal but only this man has come at the request that only I can business makes me feel as though I am teaching do you deal with your request may God feel like he is eighteen and out like that he is local eliminate the very high demand upon him that they may glorify his name they may expect large thing that they insist on the my wife and authority to the Lord and pray for small home embarrassment but on a paper palace as well can anyone cover we go back home we packed my bag and go that you are out and about four days or nights got there on Thursday evening but stayed at a friend 's home got up the next morning on Friday we go looking for that home health my wife a little discouraged which is reading a Bible reading I believe Psalms forty eight to fifty and she came across the word palace upon to govern out to me as if the guys and given that we thought that a good job that's a great e-mail and then went to the local goal I was hello when they happen a bulletin board with the lifting of the printing house for rent we take one home it was in need of a lot of repair and this is not a long story short I I like you to get the apartment in blaming the other department is because they were very nice and clean my life did not care to move the department is noisy but the reason but we will then and the mailman was there getting into his truck and I have been dealing with offices and he said the opposite not here is that getting dumped impingement but I just saw the owner go into that building is open will go meet the owner we left the building notice of the door was locked that I attended was entering into an open door when we met the owner is visible I don't have anything available here but I have a health correct which I'm only making available for a couple would like to see reason check the Limon are out and then we drive not only pulled out in my life look at this house as you say this is the palace and like maybe I will surround which is about an and you know what my prayer was not really care enough elimination but I just I just wanted a place where where people come elegant common availability is what people will say hey you know what obviously I gave the defendant that we have a little about him that the left that they didn't add them here to view out our living room when one morning of my devotions and as I got to thinking you cannot give me when I working for this ministry I received a missionary salary which is a little left in the past reseller my wife works as a volunteer for two ministries a competing with the ministry we decided that really get as much design and not what the wages just trust God and on top of that when defending to the work we began getting a double type because the harder professor talk about how you can help to God and I looked at how got above the professors I think that wow and that got reviewed on my tryout given that doubletime will and we thought and it has worked hard we got just test your faith you want to strengthen your faith is trusting you can't forget the limits showered over and over again what is later a hit of missionary encouraging people to try getting bought a triple double type into the tribe is able and God bless you more continued strength agreement and any other thing without an equal argument of them got in trouble if you really cannot out give God a month after my wife and I think that argument people he moved on this argument got a triple type of yet we are we live on one salary and missionary salary we get a height of the local church and I second the high commission him among the event where learning where having opportunities to deliver a and learning to depend more on God because guess what one day where Amir Barstow Monday and have nothing but they do not develop overnight now now they got put on counter and get another opportunity to exercise faith is neglected a little operating yesterday and I heard how much he managed the last little and I start thinking and what it was we could collect not recently what we just lost at the way that glorifies God looking possible neglect of the opportunity for your divine service but pray about it they void you what I have noticed is your messages along with out him I get on the get ten thousand dollars needed to have you got best redemption ascot done what he wanted to and got the want to get on the phone because it this year with much I want you to get out quick enough in our city what pictures a little not to the Le Mans industry there that the home of the school the floor of the matter update just like yeah I read that they will do my left pinky I think you'd enjoy seeing the glory of God to become the working of our home in heaven and that this home is a half-mile walk to office the Lord would let out a little bit out on it could've been yet we have groundhog that come through a guided mountain the government Canadian geese that the individual there is a book that because something friends got good we had a little less time this morning only could you just get into groups of twos or three with prayer that God would help us to learn to talk they think they gallantly but also pray that God will bless that offering today elder collectivist pray that God would bless that offering the way that we can all together see God move in when you hear the singing you know that it's time to wrap it up in the joint for a rural and I is him and him and is him and him and is a is to him for him to pad save you a is as is him and him and him and in a


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