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14 - The Power of Sharing Your Faith

Tara Vang


There is a quote in the book, Maranatha, that says: “There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.” Sometimes, it's tempting to feel like our efforts to win souls aren’t making a difference. Or, perhaps, we think that the small things we do don’t really matter that much. In this episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast Esther Louw interviews Tara Vang as she shares a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and ability to use even the smallest things to make an eternal impact. Tara is the vice president of evangelism for GYC and also serves as the GLOW Project Manager at the Pacific Union Conference.


  • August 5, 2018
    2:45 PM


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There is a quote in the book Maranatha that says there is no limit to the usefulness of one who put a self aside makes room for the work of the Holy Spirit upon his heart the most a life holy consecrated to God sometimes it's tempting to feel like our efforts to win souls aren't making a difference or perhaps we think that the small things we do don't really matter that much Hi this is a still love in this episode of the G Y C B R podcast I sit down with terrifying and she shares a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness and ability to use even the smallest things to make an eternal impact Tara is the vice president of the vandalism for G. Y.C. and also serves as the globe project manager at the Pacific Union conference. Had her welcome to the G. receive beyond podcast really excited to have you could you share with us who you are and what you do Well currently I'm the vice president of evangelism for Hugh I see but for work I work for the Globe ministry and I get to work on. Reading and expanding the ministry that's a really exciting How did you get there what is your testimony and your experience with Jesus Yeah so it's a long story but I would love to share sort of like my background yeah so you can give you context of how I grew up in how I found Christ so I'm going to start in 1976 which is the year after Vietnam War when the Vietnam War ended most people which are the people that I represent they were they supported America in the war so they actually were experiencing genocide and but before the war thankfully they were adding this missionaries they came to the country of loves which is where my parents are from and losses next to be and yes last is a. Country that is landlocked and it's between Vietnam and Thailand and it's usually a forgotten country because it is one of the poorest in Southeast Asia but in the midst of a war that was about to happen there were agonist missionaries that came to the villages of northern Laos. Which is where my grandpa and my parents lived so by God's grace my parents for the advantage MacIt and they became agonists and it was out of print they became have been is because they observed the missionaries and Granted there were missionaries from all different denominations but what they learned was that when the Atlanta sprayed God answered their prayers that's powerful and when they when Adventists when young people became Adventists they were baptized they had to get rid of all their idols and anything that reminded them of their the traditional faith which is spiritualism shamanism but spiritual worship worshipping demon for shipping the men's but worshipping it's really too it's a faith that is based out of fear and you want to please the spirits once a person became an admonition the most cultured there was healing in that home that day so if someone was dying over healed and because of these. Powerful miracles I mean it's believed that this was the true faith and so they became agonists But in this year in 1976 they were escaping the country they were experiencing genocide from the Vietnam War and they came to this river and at the river the main Kong River which separates last from Thailand they have to escape in the middle of the night monsoon season so that the the calm where the enemies cannot catch them monsoon season crossing a river must be a bit of a dangerous experience it was extremely dangerous extremely tense they were very anxious they didn't know if they should go but by God's grace they prayed every step of the way they prayed to for what night to go when to go where to go what step to take they came to this river bank and what happened was the boat keeper someone who has a boat they've My dad rented this boat and told the boat keeper we need to ride across this river and I'll pay for it but with his group with the whole group that was on this exodus there's too many people that the boat started sinking. And so the bookkeeper said if any of you want to survive somebody has to stay behind there's no way we can get everyone on the 1st trip so you know one want to get out on time is ticking and they could hear soldiers in the back. And basically. They had to find volunteers who were willing to stay behind my grandpa he's really there for the paycheck of the family and he's the reason he's the one that decided that we should become advantages and he volunteered to stay behind. As well as about 2 other adults. So the 1st book made it across to trial and which at that point was. Safety. During this war on the boat came back to pick up the their main 3 and that 2nd ship never meet. And so this this was basically my parents. They were devastated and you know they could hear my grandpa screaming out my dad's name because he knew who was drowning. And so he sacrificed so many parents give me get. My parents went to the refugee camps of Thailand and then were relocated to America and so I guess at this point you are not in the picture yet I'm not yet. When did you come into the picture so i parents relocated in Santa Barbara California and many of the most people wanted my parents to become part of the community of refugees that moved and relocated but my parents became They didn't want to go back and so they actually isolated themselves from the community and were finally connected with the administrators in this town that's right or you know and then about. 6 kids later I came into the picture. Which number year 7 your number 7 of 8. This is a really powerful story about how you had brought your family both a job and to and to America how did your spiritual experience start from this heritage that you had. I just remember just a very loving church they always give us twice food clothes we were always 1st a potluck right. They pick for Vacation Bible School just loved us to the best that they could and I remember my favorite day the sabbath going to Sabbath school learning the stories of the Bible you know my home life was chaotic to say the least but Sabbath was breast and respite from you know 10 people in one home one apartment really. But I grew up in public school I come up with a very world view of life despite growing up agonist and I really struggled with that all my life but I also knew I was different I knew I didn't do certain things I didn't certain ways by Yet I didn't grow up with really any agonised. And so when I went to college I actually left the church I didn't really continue in my faith because I felt my identity was not really established for me but it wasn't until I went to graduate school when God called me out of the world and basically said go to Loma Linda just pausing here what was your background what were you studying at graduate school and what it got coaches 30 of them and or do it Loma Linda OK so my undergraduate degree was in urban and city planning so I really believed in the idea that we need to build healthy communities well it naturally led me to public health which is a study of understanding community needs and how to address them and I actually lived in Washington D.C. before I went to Loma Linda so I was really big on this I grew up within that generation that has said we need to change this world and I still believe in our rights so I thought the best way to change it will be to go the Washington. But in the midst of this trying to find myself I realized. I wanted to change the world yet there was something that I wasn't changing and that was and God spoke to me and said if you continue down this road road yeah this route you feel you'll lose me forever and that thought. Gave me a sense of fear like I don't want to lose God but what does that even mean how do I find him and that's when I was praying to go to what's the next step in my life and God made it very clear go to graduate school go to lonely university so then I went. And then when I went I was just. I remember my 1st class and the teacher prayed for the class and the teacher told us. I want you to pray take the next 10 minutes to pray and study the Bible and discover why God brought you to this school. And this is the 1st time you being in and have a school this is the 1st time 1st class 1st experience and I REMEMBER WHEN WILL Yeah you know when she prayed I I was in tears because I was like I've never experienced this well let's fast forward a little bit you were studying that women do you were studying public health Yes OK How did you get from public health and to glow you said you work with close to the church go tracks well at Loma Linda I was praying for what type of young adults I should be around because I wanted to you know the Bible wanted to study while I was connected with a group called admin help and they would go on outreach and I remember one particular Sabbath where we were the speaker was speaking about glow and at this point in my life I was like oh that's cool they're like little pamphlets and we distribute them while I read the one on health and it was a passing thought at this time but I was like oh that be so cool if that was in mono. And then it just escaped me but when I graduated Loma Linda. OK sorry let me backtrack during my time in the Loma Linda that is when I prayed for this group and I basically asked GOD IM us I want to go to your doctor that had a convicting message and they would invite me to Paul. Lord if that's if those 2 things are met I'm going to know this is where you want me to be. So I remember the Sabbath I went to add and hope Randy escape was the preacher very strong I was but I needed that idea that type of person I need that tough love convicted you I was so convicted like I need to study my bio of all and then all my way out of like the Lord only answered half my prayer all right has I my speaking and saying that a young girl. Stops me and says hey are you here would you like to come to potluck with us and I was like Lord you have such a great humor I say accepted that invitation decided to keep going to have a home that girl actually becomes the girl that gives me personal Bible study was and I learned the synchronous and. Completely changed my life I didn't even know the folk extent of the plan of redemption and I remember just crying thinking does our church know that this is our north and. I I hear from you that this is really a key point where instead of just having your parents' identity and being an avid just because of what your parents experience now it was your it yes this was the turning point this is the why that I needed OK so now that you find your why. How did that get to go well I remember I we were do outreach with this girl I graduated and I moved and I was given a job offer to return to D.C. Washington D.C. or go to Fresno and I prayed about it and my heart wanted to go to D.C. But the Lord is like go to France Nothing went to France now and when they went back to for us now I was reintroduced to the choir ministry and cell I phone them up and they said I would love to get this in my own language because we don't have the Bible accurately translated Wow. And we have Cyril Spirit of Prophecy. So if somebody wanted to know the truth they would even find it and that just broke my heart and it was it's devastating that if anyone wanted to know the truth they can't really find it. So that's really what it called me the option. To to move forward with doing something and so close with an opportunity to provide literature. You're now working with Globe and you have a lot of different aspects about job what you do what is glow. People listening and how can they use that in their own life to reach out to others so close them very giving light of our world it is a small pocket tract ministry that is is there to help everybody share the gospel in the tangible way every single day and as God provides opportunities you share faith and I really started to believe in that as your ministry when when after we translated the small tracks we would pass them out and people would start calling me and they would want to join the church and they wanted to study the Bible from a simple little chart from the simple little tract of powerful and especially the tract on the Savage Truth it is the most popular the most is called back on track for my community they simply tell me we just didn't know either any like short interesting stories about sharing a glow that has really had a powerful Parkinson's life. Well yeah for my community and I do it for the general audience still I do pass out English. But for my for my community there was a lady so every year in December we have a festival and as refugees and as a culture we love to get together we're very community orientated so every December we have a 7 day festival in Fresno California where from and over 100000 people come to our so I used to go to be entertained but now I go with clutch. And they're from all over the world because we're refugees we are right everywhere we're in South America we're and Australia where and you're up. And they all come from all these countries once a year you said one thing here was a barrier to this big festival yes. And we did it for 3 years I have thought since since 2014 we've been passing the slow track though and in 2017 just this past year a lady and her husband are in my church and they're reading glow trucks and for someone like me that's just like Who are they are they doing in here and how do you know I've actually took a picture that that image could of like like this happen very often so after the services I spoke to them and the lady is from Minnesota or she's in Fresno at my church and I asked her how did you hear our church and she said well we were currently going to the church in Minnesota and we just started keeping the Sabbath since January and at this time it was April and I asked her oh how did you guys hear about it and then we walk in our lobby and she says well you know you're you're all these little papers in your lobby Well somebody passed out this one and she was pointing to the south it's Route 100. And she said you know every Here she's a vendor at the festival and she has been for 10 years and she says Every year someone has been giving me peace keepers how she got the word on machine gun more than once and then she said this past year I was asking God what really is the today worship she's also Christian but she was going on the 1st day of to worship and she got this glow track somebody from my church faithfully went past it out she received this out of tract she read it went to her Bible study went to and she's like I need to keep the Sabbath so that. When she went home. From the festival back in Minnesota she started keeping it and she connected with them long add in a screw in a soda from one little tract on the Sabbath Yes that's really powerful and you know what excites me about glow is you don't have to have any particular skills to pass likely facts known and you working you just get them out anywhere to anyone what languages are they available and we have low tracks in about 70 languages and growing so literally anywhere in the world Yeah it's funny I worked with translations and now I'm working with the global translation process of more tracks and so we're continuing to expand and it's all based on volunteers who want literature in their own language so that I love this idea that it doesn't matter which country you might be from when you're listening to this podcast but you could probably find it like tracked in your language or going to English that you know and you could pass it at a community yeah if you go and go on line dot org you'll find a list of different titles and languages that's really beautiful and you know I just want to as a kind of wrap this up you started off just talking about how and I haven't came to Laos and just a message to your grandpa Yes How does Glo intersect with that and what does it mean to you personally. Well you know I think the sacrifice of one young person because the missionaries are young people. They gave up. You know the cares that they could have had in this world to come to the jungles now in to a huge Now just to be with people who. Were pretty much forgotten to the outside world and they brought the beautiful message physically brought a few beautiful message to my people and my parents you know became man and then and now I believe by Providence and sacrifice the message has to go forward and and there has in fact I've gotten calls from Vietnam saying we've read the savage tract we've read the materials and so while God is up to something beg him and it's beyond me and I'm just grateful for him being able to use me I feel the Lord has finally given me that identity I really needed to know and really it's to to finish his work it's almost like the story has come full circle you are now doing what those young people did in your home country last year not to be all that you want to do that same mission again make a difference other people's lives Yeah exactly I'm. I believe God has called me 1st special purpose to reach my own people. Because I can and in the language that I speak and so it's it's beautiful to learn all these people who are learning the truth thank you so much for sharing with us today and I just appreciate how you say it's God called you. In you are siding with your people in your language and you can call anyone else with the simple reason it's like a good try to make a difference in someone else's life. Thank you so. Much appreciation to Tara for sharing her experiences with us we hope that this episode serves as a reminder that every effort to lead souls to Jesus is precious to the heart of God.


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