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Schooled: Undoctrinated

Scott Ritsema
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Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries


  • August 18, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to consider your will for our children as it relates to their education and as we think about that topic of education we know that this is much wider and deeper and broader than we've commonly thought so please give us an open mind a bigger picture a more spiritual perspective on the training of our children for heaven and for the mission work that you've entrusted to us we pray this in Jesus' name amen. Well you know from Deuteronomy 6 which we read in the previous session that God tells parents to hide the words the commandments of God in our hearts and to teach them to our children whilst we rise up and lie down and walk by the way and all of these things we've seen this a couple of times but have you ever thought about it in terms of their educational training now the topic of education is one that is of huge importance Listen to this statement and before I share this statement this whole discussion is being pulled from these 2 schools and undoctored in you can see the images of them their school is the deliberate agenda to destroy individuality reduce intelligence and reengineer society you're that's kind of a mouthful you'll see what that's all about and just a little bit and and Dr unaided how home education and schools of the prophets will produce the last generation now this one particularly is coming from a certain denominational perspective as the historical development has taken place in the development of the 7th Day Adventist Church we have been given specific councils as I speak to you in a 7th Day Adventist Church today specific direction from the Lord in the documents and books and periodicals and statements from the pioneers of our church who directed us in a unique path on true education so you might say education that's just something. That the teachers and the principals and the administrators and the school officials take seriously and we don't really have to worry that much about it listen to the statement it says one who has long been our instructor was speaking to the people he said the subject of education should interest the whole 7th Day Adventist body the decisions regarding the character of our school work should not be left wholly to principals and teachers isn't that a wake up call so you might not even be a parent you might not even have children but the whole church community says we take seriously the training and education of our children it should matter to us all there are some wake up call quotations like this one there is no work more important than the education of our youth the church is asleep and does not realize the magnitude of this matter of educating the children and youth God requires that the church arouse from her letter G. and see what is the manner of service demanded of her at this time of peril the lambs of the flock must be said the Lord of Heaven is looking on to see who is doing the work he would have done for the children and you. As a church as individuals if we would stand clear in the judgment we must make more liberal efforts for the training of our young people now those are some strong statements aren't they I mean they're saying this is a serious matter the training of our young people were asleep to this we're not taking it seriously enough if we want to stand clear of the judgment it should matter to the whole church body. Especially to parents most of whom are gathered here for the seminar on parenting and on understanding the true education of our children which really is one of the same thing usually when we say the word education we think about just the academic aspects but look at the statement in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one. Wow So education is synonymous with redemption so you're interested in education you're educating your child because you're leading them to Jesus you're helping them to experience what it means to be a Christian to be human to become fully the character manifesting the character of Christ in their lives becoming missionaries becoming all the things that we are called to be redemption becoming the way God originally designed us to be to be restored to God's original plan that's the process of education takes us there so this is not just a discussion about school and how you do math and these kinds of things academic matters do count for parents as they think about their children but the most important aspect is the well rounded complete total redemption process I'm going to tell you a story this whole session is going to be a really really comprehensive and involved story going way back to the Garden of Eden taking us all the way through the Bible times in the post Bible times in the 2000 years after the time of Jesus straight through the dark ages of the time of the Reformation and then the the formation of the Advent movement in the 7th Day Adventist Church in the 19th century and our education system also the worldly schooling methods that were coming in at that same time you're going to see these histories parallel each other false education and true education going at the same time hand in hand competing with one another there's a great controversy going on right you've got Christ's methods Satan's methods to raise and train our children either for the world or for the Lord and then straight on into the last days will see where this is all going at the end of the session I want to take you all the way back now to the Garden of Eden you know what kind of education was formed there. The system of education established in Eden centered in the family and says Adam was the Son of God not in the sense of Jesus but a child he was the was God made him and it was from their father that the children of the highest received instruction theirs in the truest sense was a family school in the divine plan of education adapted to man's condition after the fall so here we are fast forwarding just a bit Christ or dame to that men and women should be his representatives and the family was the school and the parents were the teachers so did you catch that the original form of education in the Garden of Eden was Adam and Eve learning directly from God that was their family God was their father then after the fall you got the parents are the teachers and the family is the school that was God's plan for after the fall for the best way for the training and education in the raising of children. And it says by the way in Child Guidance page 294 that this was God's plan for all after time also now we're going to see some other elements come in and we'll see what God has done in the midst of this great controversy but that was his plan for his people in early ages this would be the Patriarchal times of the times of. Abraham Isaac and Jacob and early ages with the people who were under God's direction life was simple they lived close to the heart of nature their children shared in the labor of the parents and studied the beauties and mysteries of nature's treasure house and in the quiet of field and wood they pondered those mighty truths handed down as a sacred trust from generation to generation such training produced strong men so did it work did God's method work as history proves progress here in the Old Testament prior to the time of Israel you had the patriarchs in early ages the system got established was producing strong men what system was it the family was the school the parents were the teachers they lived close to the heart of nature they studied the natures treasure house and labored with the parents you heard it all in the quotation that's a beautiful picture of how to do life as a family isn't it let's continue on and says in order to marry life the family was both a church and the school and God's plan for Israel so now we're taken one more step forward here into the time of Israel God's plan for Israel is the same thing every family would have a home on the land with sufficient ground for tilling those were provided both the means and incentive for a useful industrious self-supporting life and no devising of men has ever improved upon that plan are you getting the idea this is God's preferred method right I mean having a family in the country in the land in your growing food in your working together and you're studying in nature and you're experiencing life together in this new. Natural beauty setting that's no devising a man has ever improved upon that was God's plan for Israel it was working well here he said we're going to continue it here and let's see what happened next says the home of the school where one. In the place of stranger lips the loving hearts of the father and mother were to give instruction to their children such was the training of Moses of Samuel of David of Daniel such too was the early life of Christ such the training by which the child Timothy learned from the lips of his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois the truths of Holy Writ further provision was made for the instruction of the young by notice an additional detail here. By the establishment of the School of the prophets This is the 1st time you've heard about a school isn't it in early ages it was parents it was the home God wanted to do that for Israel as well Moses was raised this way in the future Timothy and Daniel and some others they were if you will home educated. And then God said further provision was made for the instruction of the young by the establishment of the School of the prophets and so why might somebody go to one of these schools in ancient Israel Well it says if the use was eager to obtain a better knowledge of the Scriptures to search deeper into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and to seek wisdom from above that he might become a teacher in Israel this school was opened to him so he added home education experience and then God said let's have a school of the prophets here in Israel so if there is a child who wants to search more deeply understand the mysteries of God become a teacher in Israel he can study under one of the great prophets you read about the schools of the prophets when you read when you hear about the sons of the prophets in 1st and 2nd kings and you got the young men that come out and they they they are there chopping down trees they're going to build a building right and and one of the X. heads flies off the axe handle into the into the lake into the stream and oh no master it was borrowed and this makes a great children's story doesn't it it's in the blue blue books that my Bible friends books so anyway what were all these youths doing with this this was this was his his cadre of youth who were learning under him that he was the cycling that he was teaching them if you will a school of sorts not in the traditional modern you know industrial sense that we'll talk about in a moment but this was God's method for true education to augment and B. in addition to what had taken place in the home let's take a look at what else it says about this it says going back again to the patriarchs times before Israel was was formed as a nation the education centering in the family was that which prevailed in the days of the patriarchs we knew that already but it also says this for the schools thus established in other words the home schools. God provided the conditions no most favorable for the development of character so the institution of school as another entity was never meant to say now the home doesn't matter no no the home school is the most important school there is it's the most of the best place for the formation of character you're getting this continuing on with the men who held fast God's principles of life dwelt among the fields and hills they were tillers of the soil and keepers of the flocks and herds and in this free independent life with its opportunities for labor and study and meditation those 3 are very important will get back to that they learned of God and taught their children of his works and ways Oh that's beautiful and this was the method of education that God desired to establish in Israel. So he wanted to do you kind of sense a curve in the road coming up here it's he desired to establish the same home education system in Israel but oh. When brought out of Egypt there were among the Israelites few prepared to be workers together with him in the training of their children oh boy in very many households the training appointed by heaven and the characters thus developed were alike rare in other words they were doing their job in the home the parents weren't fathers and mothers in Israel became indifferent to their obligation to God indifferent to their obligation to their children. Through unfaithfulness in the home and I don't let US influence is without many of the Hebrew youth received an education differing widely from that which God had planned for them they learned the ways of the heathen in their homes to meet this growing evil God provided other agencies Samuel by the Lord's direction established the schools of the prophets so now you've heard 2 reasons why schools were established number one earlier was after having a successful childhood early childhood in the home a youth could go on and study further in one of the schools of the prophets but this one is given another angle to this showing the establishment of the schools of the prophets was an absolute necessity because of the growing evil of the home not doing its original God appointed job of raising training educating those children in the God appointed home school so God broadens the schools to meet the growing evil of the parents not able to willing to struggling whatever we would call it and we're all struggling today to will get into the future why we have schools today also but you get the idea original plan then God's stopgap measure to help those parents you've got to have those schools of the prophets to help those kids out because they're learning the ways of the heathen this is not going according to plan a let's bring in a Plan B. also to work alongside this this was Jesus's plan let's fast forward now to Jesus is education as a little child he was daily at his mother's knee taught from the scrolls of the prophets you know he was the carpenter's son right Jesus followed the divine plan of education what was that well the schools of his time with their magnifying of things small and there be little ing of things great he did not see. His education was gained directly from the heaven no pointed sources from useful work from the study of the Scriptures and of nature. And from the experiences of life God's lesson books so there's your curriculum by the way parents there it is you hear the 4 things the experiences of life daily labor the study of scriptures the study of danger that my friends is true education in a nutshell everything else is a distilled version and explained a version of these 4 big things did you notice where Jesus is education took place just like in the divine plan it says that aren't you just follow the divine plan for education and the end in the old times Garden of Eden post fall patriarchs what God desired to do in Israel home education this was God's plan originally the schools came in as an advanced course and as a stopgap measure for those struggling homes God takes Jesus back to the original planet says we're going to do this thing in the home because the schools of his day the rabbinical schools are not doing things correctly and we're going to have air Mary and Joseph do the job that's not being done now let's fast forward past the time of Jesus we heard about Timothy and some others in the New Testament doing the same method but after the bible times after the book of Acts after the close of the 1st century you get on into what becomes the deceptions and the distortions within Christianity ultimately culminating in the dark ages and you get this this false religion called Christianity that envelops the entirety of Europe and only a very select small group of people many of whom are are living in the hills and valleys of the mountains and are persecuted for clinging to and holding to that original biblical 1st century apa style like faith one of my favorite groups to study and if you get the book the great controversy and I should say if you get the book the great controversy and read the chapter on the wall then sees that chapter is so inspiring in terms of the families of the children and the kind of wives that they lived in these these walled Inzy and hills and valleys in the Piedmont Valley in just just north. Love right where the Vatican sat right the the Roman papal powers allied with the Kings of Europe during this dark ages time sought to stamp out any biblical expressions of Christianity to bring only what this dark ages church mandated we're going to talk about them more in a 2nd but the Walden Zs had a very special form of education time does not suffice to bring all of those details to you but these children were laboring they were working they were growing their food they were studying the scriptures they were memorizing the scriptures they were trained for missionary activity I mean everything you think about what your education should be what's happening right there wonderful stories you can tell lots of the great stories about the Waltons East but they're a part of this grand sweep and scope of the truth of how children are trained and educated throughout history God's methods coming to the fore right there in the in the early ages this is before the Protestant Reformation I mean these guys had original copies of the Bible that they had copied and they were they would painstakingly be writing these things out to preserve copies to share copies before the printing press before the Protestant Reformation they were out there doing this educating their children according to that divine plan not just going and recklessly learning from the schools of the world they would go out there and they would be missionaries in those once they were of age but this was the Dark Ages church in a nutshell I mean a picture tells a 1000 words right if you dissented against the papal powers of Europe the priest class if you will if you said no we want to have the Bible and in the common song we want to hold to the doctrines of the faith of the scriptures and not not these distortions of the church well there was one place for you right and so they were persecuted they were burned at the stake all sorts of terrible things inquisitions tortures every form of mayhem and murderous plots of evil that took place we won't recount all of that but the most important part of that from the educate. Standpoint was they tried to keep people illiterate they tried to keep people not reading the Bible in the common tongue that they did not want people understanding truth for themselves so stamp out education completely was the goal there but then something kind of upset that apple cart just a bit it was called the printing press and it was called Martin Luther in the Protestant Reformation and Gutenberg's printing press now printing off Reformation tracks copies of the Bible in the German tongue and subsequently the other common languages instead of being locked away in the Latin tongue only for the priests to to have access to now all the people have access to the Bible and they're learning to read they're learning to understand truth and there's a general awakening and in Lightman a reformation of Christianity the Protestant Reformation we call this a beautiful time in history where much learning is taking place true education starting to come alive again but there was a counter Reformation do you know about the Jesuit order this was the Society of Jesus they called it a priest order of priests that set about to counter the reformation in the 1500 so we're about to right now and these guys had a specific goal with regard to education OK listen to the historian Bertrand Russell not looking at this from a religious angle at all but looking at this to see how social engineers tend to control society that was his interest and Bertrand Russell the 20th century writer wrote this The Jesuits provided one sort of education for the boys who were to become ordinary men of the world and another for those who were to become members of the Society of Jesus the Jesuit society so they wanted to educate the masses with one sort of education ordinary men Here's the goal ordinary men and women would be expected to be docile industrious punctual thoughtless and contented So wait a minute is called education it's trying to produce thoughtlessness. Going to produce docility I mean wasn't this training in the Old Testament times of home education in the country wasn't that producing strong men with no noble independence with nobility of character and stability of purpose who would stand for truth stand for right though the heavens may fall that was God's idea the devil's idea is to produce just compliance we're going to get all the young people in the education systems of Europe to learn compliance to learn docility to learn thoughtlessness So as we think about our kids we've got to really take this one seriously I love the quotation from the book education that says that our youth should not be mere reflectors of other men's thoughts they should be taught to be thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts because we've been given the power to think and to do WE ARE image bearers of God right he's given us an amazing power to think and to do to to be empowered to spread ideas to share truth to do wonderful things to be be inventive in the new it's even all of these great things that what it means to be human and image bearer of God Well this was being stamped out by the priest class of Europe no more we want complete docility complete compliance training complete thoughtlessness and this is a statement then from the let's fast forward now to a fall off the stage eventually here but if we go from the 1500s to go now to the 18th hundreds of K. and this is where we're going to spend most of the rest of the time. Because it was the late seventies hundreds of them into the 1800s of course that the Prussian nation was was coming into its own and the Prussians were famous became famous for a couple of things Prussian schooling Prussian education which went global as a model of education that's been followed worldwide and also their well drilled soldiers write depression depression drilling that's become famous worldwide Now how did they get to the point where they had this militaristic mindset in Prussia Well they had been defeated by Napoleon humiliated and as a nation they said we will never let this happen again we will be the strongest industrial power in Europe and we will become the great the great empire so we need to have a strong industrial capacity and a strong military and what we need for that is compliant workers compliant soldiers we need thoughtlessness docility etc Kind of like the Jesuits we're doing over here for religious purpose now you have for a secular Imperial governmental purpose the same idea now I'm going to give you a quote from the one of the greatest minds and or of hers on Prussian schooling and he gave an address to the German nation is name was Johann Gottlieb feature and he said here's the means and purpose for education education should provide the means to. Before I finish the quote you can put lots of good things in there you could say bring redemption right education and redemption are one we heard that earlier and occasion should provide the means to help children develop an ability to make a living education should provide the means to help young people develop the character of Christ education should provide the means to help children and youth become thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts education should provide the means so we can make a list of like 100 awesome things right here's what they said you cation should provide the means to destroy free will if you want to influence the student at all he goes on you must do more. Than merely talk to him you must fashion him and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to Will whoa you're going to let you know that there that's that's actually the educational philosophy of this mindset of false education that is now competing with God's original plan of true education they're going to stamp out creativity ingenuity individuality destroy free will make it so that they cannot will otherwise than what you wish them to will so they don't have a will anymore you create automatons and we'll actually see that quotation just a little bit later so Prussian schooling was born and it was the famous 800 movement where you basically in Coke ate the masses with with the rudiments of learning you give them the illusion of an education but really it is a dumbed down generalized curriculum where you're not truly challenging and getting critical thinking it's not biblically based it's not trying to create people who say we're God says to us Come let us reason together and we can discern truth from error no this is not a part of modern worldly schooling methods and this matters a lot to us because the schooling method we're going to see in our time in just a moment but the Prussians basically their method was we're going to get the children very young that's step one very important we've got to get them from a very young age away from the parents away from their home so we can do this shaping from an early age but not just that we're going to we're going to this this sort of factory style schooling in this this this methodology in the youth by having everything very standardized and all the 5 year olds will be a 5 year olds all the 8 year olds will be 8 year olds all the 12 year olds will be a 12 year olds and so there's age segregation taking place there will be a long school day a full school year and just a lot of sitting in classrooms in these large groups of students with one teacher. Her and lots of students all the curriculum be standardized and mandated from the top down from the central government teachers want to go into a training system and you'll have a national curriculum that will then move forward and you can have this standardized system that does exactly what we're trying to do and will teach some of the state myths of history along the way and produce the soldiers and military and industrial people that we need so we're not really thinking about deep reading and critical thinking in creativity and trying to you know unleash the individuality of the child No none of that of course we want the thoughtlessness etc What does that have to do with us today well the year was 844 what a significant year if you know your Bible prophecy from Daniel 81844 Horus man the father of American public schooling which you know you might say these people had a lot of ideals and positive alchemist ic things to say and to do but you know infused with that was taking their cues from the Prussians because Horace Mann had visited Prussia in 1903 and when he visited Prussia he went over there to learn a little bit about how Prussian education works is it what we might want to do something similar over here in the United States we're kind of a burgeoning nation you know rising slowly you read about in Revelation 13 and maybe we'll do it like them so he went there and the school was not in session so he'd studied some other papers did some interviews came back and he said the pressure in education system is awesome and we've got to do it here and the year that he visited there 843 the year that he came back and issued his 2nd annual report to the Boston Massachusetts School Committee was the year 1904 it got the ball rolling for public education in America because he said we're going to have state wide and if we dream this right all the states will get on board we'll have nationwide compulsory schooling from an early age just like they're doing over there will do the same thing here and they had a lot of success it took a little while to get to get moving into. Half century really for this to get in place but it all started there now mazing late hour maybe you'd say not so amazingly because the Lord knows this is going on he's going to intervene he's going to bring an alternative to this right you've got this public school system forming in America that is not God's true education method right it's going to be generally you know secular education and the methods won't be according to the methods that we learn about in our councils in the book education so what does he do well in the face of this controversy over education we have some good counsel that actually says watch out for these Prussian aspects of schooling in our school formation because if we're going to have Christian schools that counter this we don't want them to be like that right so as I was reading through our councils on education I came across things was like whoa that is countering Prussian style schooling while that one right there to take a look at this this is from 2nd manuscript releases and it's talking about the system of grading and 1st when you read that you're like a minuses and see pluses and B.'s right grades no this is age grading the students OK the system of having all the 5 year olds of the 5 year olds and the 9 year olds etc together with their only their own immediate age group says that system of grading is a hindrance to the pupils real progress some pupils are slow at 1st and the teacher needs to exercise great patience but these pupils may after a short time learn so rapidly as to astonish him others may appear to be very built brilliant but time may show that they have lost them to suddenly the system of confining children rigidly to grades is not wise now of course they didn't use the term pression schooling and use the jargon that historians use here but you're kind of seeing what's going on there aren't you like this trend it started here and it was becoming the trendy thing to do and they're like hey wait a minute this is not wise to be confining children to age segregated grades in this manner because it might hinder their true progress. A.T. Jones responded in this conversation and said the sooner grades are done away with so that the teacher can get close to the children the better and Mrs E.G. White responded with this I know that some better system can be found just as soon as our instructors learn the true principles of education so if we can get the true Education Blueprint we don't have to do it the pression way right we can do it God's way no notice here's another one. Education Page 207 here in the classroom speaking of in the classroom here little children have to spend from 3 to 5 hours a day breathing air that is laden with impurity and perhaps infected with the germs of disease no wonder that in the school room the foundation of lifelong illness is so often laid your member in the raising the remnant session we heard we should equalize the mental and the physical taxation while here it's saying children are in a classroom sitting in desks for like 3 hours a day to us for like 3 hours I mean that's like a half day I kind of like that right but back then they were aghast that this this this this long school day long school year age segregated concept the Prussian style thing was slipping into American society and and the rocks were crying out here and saying this is not necessarily a good thing right I mean you're indoors for so long you get the impure air kids need to be as free as lambs outdoors much more equalizing those those powers we don't want to be there for 3 to 5 hours a day the little children said as you get older you can spend a little more but many parents have kept their children at school nearly the year round doesn't that kind of sound like what the pressures were doing right the monotony of continual study wearies the mind we read so you're hearing some quotes that really apply in that historical context and still apply to us today because you kind of notice we're still struggling with some of these very same things don't you but that was a beautiful thing that the Lord is bringing an alternative now you'll see it was really a paralleled history here in the 19th century in the 18th hundreds when you look at a few of these examples look at this guy his name is Bill how violent right are good German Dame there are the Prussians schooling theorists the prophet of modern schooling they call him now interesting that they call him the prophet of modern schooling because also the advent movement has the gift of prophecy so there is a counterfeit being formed. Here at the same time look at the years of his prophecy if you will of Russian schooling he wrote from 853-2920 does that sound kind of like good so overlapping quite a bit with another 10 year of a true prophet of God and you notice he wrote 53735 pages like that kind of sounds like the number of pages is 820-0000 pages or something from the Spirit of Prophecy so interesting how we got the true prophet we got the counterfeit prophet here is as far as education goes then we've got John Dewey who said this notice the religious terminology uses for this schooling movement he says every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order so this is not just about academics this is about creating a new society with the schools we'll get into that more he says the teacher always is the prophet of the true God and the usher in of the true kingdom of God and you thought it was just a public education system to help kids learn their academics know the one of the most important philosophers of modern education John Dewey said the whole idea here is we're ushering in the true kingdom of God because this is an idealist utopian movement of the what they call the progressive era to reform and change society in a way where we can assure In a perfect society a millennial society Well we know that the millennium will take place after the 2nd Coming of Jesus we know we are ushering in if you will the true coming of Christ by our mission work we hasten the coming of Christ by our good deeds and spreading the gospel message of the 3 angels messages Well the devil's got his counterfeit right there in modern schooling the prophet of God the true kingdom of God is the education now notice $872.00 is when our church was given their 1st testimony on education that was written out it was all right here's what we've got to do we've got to start some church schools and we're going to do this it was $872.00 the same year that there was a circular of information in April of 872 by. The U.S. Bureau of Education where they talked about Oh man there's too much educational schooling going on they said people are having knowledge in cool Cade and so they they were deep crying the fact that in cool catering knowledge was allowing the masses to be able to perceive and calculate their grievances and the elite continued on and said Well such an enabling is bound to retard the growth of industry you see America is now in our industrial revolution and you have the same mindset as the Prussians had and that is we kind of want the masses to have a generalized education so that they will not be able to question the status quo so that they will become compliant workers in the industrial machine if we have too much educational schooling going on where they can kind of think for themselves and they can calculate their grievances like maybe the system isn't that great maybe you want to form a business for ourselves and some of these industrial Titans were famous for saying things like you know having every multiple businesses competing for 4 or 4 of the goods and services is is a bad thing and so well we want the people in their place and so this educational schooling thing might not be very good for our bottom line said the circular of information from the from the US government in 800 $72.00 it just so happens that was the very same year that we were inspired to start moving toward true education and the examples continue this was $872.00 that the necessity of establishing such schools schools of the prophets in our time was urged upon me very strongly she wrote because of now before I finish the quote I'm going to have you guess remember nation Israel. God had a original plan the original plan was home education we're going to do this thing in the home in the country laboring with the parents all that right he wanted to do that in Israel but it didn't really work out we couldn't do the home education thing only in Israel because of you remember the cruel neglect of many parents to properly educate their children in the Home Fast forward to the 800 you've got this brand new Adventist movement and all these people coming into the truth and we're all struggling kind of like we still are today why do you think the quote says the necessity for establishing schools is urged upon me very strongly because of now there's many reasons why to establish schools but take a wild guess as to one of those what one of those might be given the history of Israel Same thing here we're repeating it it says because of the cruel neglect of many parents to properly educate their children in the home isn't that interesting just like in ancient Israel we're repeating the same history in the 19th century we're struggling to do the patriarchs thing the original Eden model we're struggling with home education so God says we're going to have schools and it's urged upon me very strongly says the prophet that we were going to have to have these schools that says schools should be established we need to have true education schools in the face of all of this Prussian on slots in the face of the home struggling schools should be established with teachers who will adopt the same plans that were followed in the schools of the prophets now this is Elwood cupboard Lee one of the architects of 20th century schooling he wrote kind of the textbook on the history of American schooling and how it got started and here's what he had to say the school reorganized its teaching along lines dictated by the new psychology of instruction which had come to us from abroad from Prussia is what the implication is there when did that happen Well interestingly begin. About 18885 American public schools began to experience a new but steady change in purpose now he's going on is saying it's great because we became pressurised but what was that 88885 they started to become pressurized and then in 888 the Senate Committee on Education came out with this statement 888 you know that's an important year these guys Jones and wagon are critically thinking biblically discerning the truth of righteousness by faith the church is experiencing revival in the possibility of really marching forward the everlasting Gospel and finishing the work big important year in the history of the admin it's moved into $888.00 also the false education we believe that education is one of the principal causes of discontent of late years manifesting itself among the laboring classes in other words we once again want the masses to have that dumbed down docility training curriculum 888 now let's go to 890 S. by the 890 S. every state in the union except one which trailed just a bit but we had basically a national over here national compulsory schooling system in place compulsory meaning you're required to it was an all in for some people were escaping that here and there but there were laws on the books in every state but one saying children must be attending the schools and such and such age was very early and was very becoming pressurized starting in 1885 becoming pressurised by the 880 S. it we had a pretty well national pressurized school system on the roll and it would be becoming more so in the next coming years but why did I bring up the $890.00 S. Well whilst the devil is moving this way with false education the Lord is moving this way ro longside to compete with the did give us the other option you know what happened in the 890 S. there was a wonderful wonderful revival in Battle Creek college under the leadership of one a Sutherland one of the greatest educational reformers and minds in history and as as the leader of this this Battle Creek this college. The youths came to him and they were on fire for God on fire for the mission work and they said well what shall we do with this what we how do we go and spread the truth he said here's what you do go out throughout North America. And form church schools and wherever there and by the way he had some guidance and counsel on this right were never there even just a handful of students at a church start a church school popping up everywhere in the 890 S. So the 7th Day Adventist Church school system was being formed in 1900 right at the same time that the public school system was really coming into its own and becoming pressurized do you find this to be a coincidence or is there a great controversy going on absolutely and the purpose was to find all these children all over the place and train them for the mission work you know our schools were founded as missionary training institutions our homes are to be missionary training institutions that's God's plan for them now if you want to understand the true insidious nature of this public schooling scheme and by the way when I say public schooling I'm not trying to impugn the motives or character of anybody who works in the public schools today I used to myself I know lots of good and nice people were trying to help children in the public schools the history is what it is and this was the movement and the underlying motivation of the founders of this system you're going to hear it from their their mouth themselves right now this is the John D. Rockefeller education board these were the guys who were funding this in the 1900 making this is a massively well funded national public schooling movement and system here's what they said. In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people you'll themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands kind of sounds like the Jesuit education the pression education doesn't I mean that's what we've got here in America now and in the 20th century this was 1913 he goes on and says the present education conventions fade from their minds and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk Now I notice he's talking about the rural folk because this was the time of urbanization. Everybody moving into the big cities industrialization the big factories forming and so rural people are coming and getting a good schooling if you will to learn how to become a part of this industrial machine now notice they say what they're not trying to do we shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. While we have not to raise up from among them authors editors poets or men of letters we shall not search for 4 embryo great artists painters musicians nor lawyers doctors preachers politicians statesmen of whom we have an ample supply you're looking at that going what did they say I thought that the educational work of schools was trying to help kids become these things and most people are but the reason that teachers in the schools today are banging their heads against the wall a lot of times is because the system was designed conceived in iniquity if you will and so the standardization the standardized testing all of the systems that we still struggle with today are were birds during this didn't dust real era which gave us a certain model of schooling borrowed from the pressure that is still we're struggling to shake off today we can as the people of God we can do it in the home we can do in the schools of the prophets but as far as the general society goes most teachers aren't in like shadowy smoke filled rooms reading this and going right I mean that sounds pretty nefarious but that's what the founders of the system were trying to do that's a fact of history and so people in the system today are trying to do their best to to to to do do not do that but struggling on the last because what we see on this next one is this is really working you might say well that's some that's some scheme and dream that they have like that's going to work it has worked watch this this is Williams or HARRIS He was the U.S. commissioner of education in the 890 S. when the schools were becoming pressurized he probably did more to pressurize American schools than any individual person. And at the end of that era he was able to say $99.00 students out of $100.00 are automatic would be automatons that would be robots he says $99.00 students out of $100.00 are careful to walk in prescribed paths careful to follow the prescribed custom not time out should our children be careful to walk in the law of God and that the truth of the Bible and in the obedience of their parents or their teachers Yes absolutely and I've got to say that because some people out there for more of like a hippie Luciferian angle take these very same quotes and they're like we need to have 3 mines and let children raise themselves and have no discipline and so just be careful with that because you could jump over into another pit of destruction over here you've got totalitarian pression education no thinking over here you've got no discipline no direction no to cycling and children have no direction from adults which is which is just as evil as this or maybe more but anyway back to the quote he says the fact that we got $99.00 out of 100 as as robots is not an accident but is the result of substantial what he calls education it's the opposite but he says this is the result of substantial education which scientifically defined is the subsumption of the individual did you hear what he said is the definition of education he said here's my definition scientific definition of education is to subsume the individuality of the child you know what subsume means let me use an analogy here OK you've got a lump of Plato you've got a little bit of Plato here OK this is the individual this is the group OK to subsume this individual you just take them and stuff them in there and there's no more individuality right he's been subsumed by the collective you've got automatons is the way he put it non thinking people no longer I mean read some point no longer people write he says they're basically robots so I said this has worked watch this in a study on divergent thinking they took children aged $3.00 to $5.00 and they found that 98 percent of them scored as what would qualify as creative gene. Yes if you have a 3 to 5 year old you know this already right there they're off the wall with their ideas they're like Where'd you come up with that they're so fun right because they think creatively they think outside the box and you know that can't be in disobedience but we can we can value and affirm individuality and creativity and so we look at that we're like were all given this power akin to that of the Creator the power to think and to do and it is the work of true education to develop this power in the young so that they will be thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts do you know the quote from the book education awesome quote. They naturally have it but after 5 years of schooling they retested the same children and only 32 percent of them still had that same ability but 2 thirds of them in 5 years of schooling no longer have the ability that we all naturally had at age 3 to $5.00 after 5 more years of school only 10 percent still have the same ability and by age 25 only 2 percent of the population remain as divergent thinkers is that not set that is really said it flips Did you notice it was 98 percent have the ability and then by age 25 only 2 percent have it so 98 percent don't have it by age 25 the Devils really done a number with this Jesuit style Prussian style modern schooling system and so God's got an answer and it's called the home is called The True education school of the prophets but the devil knows that so he's got to attack the home he's got to go after the home this is Edward Ellsworth Ross the founder the writer of the book social control and this was what he said about the family he says Our goal here is the social engineers as they call themselves is to collect little plastic of plastic lumps of human dough from private households and shaped them on the social needing board you see where I got the analogy from where shaping them on the social need being bored here but we have to 1st collect them from their homes because the family is going to get in the way of this great social experiment the family's going to get in the way big time because they can create individuals and help noble independence to form among the students and the children this is how Arthur Calhoun put it he said. Here's what's happening the process is the child passes more and more into the custody of community experts who are qualified to perform the complex or functions of parenthood Wow that's kind of creepy I guess like community experts we will raise the children we're going to get them in a very early age parents will take it from here because we know this is too complex for God's institution of the family in particular said I would Coverly the attitude toward control of the child is likely to change each year that the child is coming to belong more to the state and less and less to the parent the plea and defense that the child is my child will not be accepted much longer by society now that was a prophetic statement so to speak because here we are now in a time where you hear broadcast on the cable news networks the idea that children don't belong to their parents we need to get past the idea that children belong to their parents and belong to their families we need to have a collective view of parenting these are our children say state officials on public broadcasting. But we have a statement by Harold Rugen the great technology in 1933 he wrote We're going to we're going to build the scientific reconstruction of our whole social order how do we do that well we have to create a new public mind a new public mind is to be created how well only by creating tens of millions of individual minds and welding them into a new social mind singular mind through the schools of the world we shall disseminate a new conception of government one that will embrace all the activities of men one that will postulate the need of scientific control so he says we're going to bring in a new system here and this is where we get into the last days because you know that in the last days the whole world wonders after the beast and the state even. Extends itself to legislating on matters of religious conscience all the elements of human activity come under the purview of the totalitarian states and how do you develop that well you got to do it through the education system you create their minds you weld them into a new social mind and you include Kate into that new social mind a new conception of the role of government instead of preserving liberty and and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have the state mandating religious matters to the people in the last days in Revelation 13 so this system is being built through the schools of the world to quote him through the schools of the world we will disseminate this new conception of government one that will postulate the need for scientific control and embrace all the activities of men now back to Bertrand Russell he said it this way it is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries did you catch that he says here we are the social engineers in the West through the education system is that if you've seen media on the brain you know through the media the mainstream media the entertainment media through all of our mechanisms of propaganda and mind control we can have more control over individual thinking than even the totalitarian governments of the communist in the fascists and all these people can have we in the West through our social engineering he called it the scientific dictatorship he says we can have absolute control over the minds of men here's how we do it well 1st of all fix your house got leave to the guy who said education should aim to destroy free will but he laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils have left school they shall be in capable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished diets injections and injunctions So the health message really counts for this diet injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age. Very early age get the children very young and then we can produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. And you might say that's a pretty nightmarish dream that these guys were talking about in a dystopian future of control this sounds like it's out of some you know fiction dystopian novel and impossible you know when you read prophecy it sounds on likely from a human perspective to see a future where you have days of worship regulated religious expression regulated by laws but it's coming and so we see the systems of the schooling have brought us there now I want to really go back and see God's method because if this is going on through the schools of the world we've got to see an awesome countering of that and we do it's called the schools of the prophets 872 and forward here we go with the advent movement and the schools that we were called to form before I show you this next slide I want you to remember that it was in Israel God form schools because of the failing home do you remember this and in our time in the 8872 we were called also to form schools because the home was was struggling and so home education as it was identified and dreamed in the patriarchal times in the Garden of Eden God's original method needed some help needed some augmentation because we were struggling with that so if we're going to build schools as 7th Day Adventists which they did in the $890.00 S. If we want to have schools today in the 21st century what of what character ought they to be what sorts of schools should they be should they be just like the Prussian schools Well of course not but in what way should they be different this quote has a blank in it and I want you to think about it before I put it up there is as our school should be as blank as possible this hit me like a ton of bricks when I saw this quotation because as I was thinking through the narrative of why we have schools we have schools because home education was God's original design and plan and not everybody is able to and willing to and succeeding at doing that so if the home is the main educational institution and we have to have a. School to help out with the failing home what should the school be like should be like the home shouldn't our schools should be as home like as possible the analogy I use here is if you are vitamin D. deficient during this time of the year in the winter up in Michigan many people become vitamin D. deficient where I'm from. You don't go to the health food store and get a vitamin C. supplement because of you to cure your vitamin D. deficiency right if we are home deficient in God's patriarchal design here from the Garden of Eden is not really working out for us because we're not work in the program correctly and God's like our I'm going to help you out we're going to have some institutions we're not going to make those schools dramatically different from homes otherwise it would defeat the purpose of helping to stop the gap where the home is failing right this is a stopgap measure this is a a supplement this is his supplement if you will like the vitamin D. We need to do the same thing that's happening here but do it in a different place with with teachers that love those children let's look at some more quotations on how homelike this should be it says our schools should be family schools where every student will receive help from his teachers as the members of the family should receive help in the home we go on with another when our school homes they used to board the boarding academies they would board the students in homes instead of you know just like prison style dormitories they were in actual homes because our schools are to be as homelike as possible right our school homes have been established that as far as possible 8 take a wild guess home atmosphere maybe provided teachers who are placed in charge of these homes are to act as fathers and mothers showing an interest in the students one and all such as parents show in their children when the youth come to our colleges they should not be made to feel that they have come among strangers there should be fathers and mothers in Israel who will watch for their souls parents guardians place your children in training schools where the influences are similar to those of a rightly conducted home school now this was before the homeschool movement of modern times but the idea that the home is the original school it's supposed to be like a good home. So when you come to our school if you feel like a good home it should replace a good home in a way not replace completely should augment the home that's struggling which all of ours are I don't mean to cast any sort of condemnation on those who like we need to put our kids in a school of the prophets I mean many people do in fact worse that we're told that this should be the privilege of every child if they need it to be able to pee put in our schools and in the spiritual atmosphere of course there would be a savior of life to life this one is not now as as you see these next few quotes you'll notice OK these are the features of the 7th Day Adventists education blueprints Have you ever heard of the blueprints like all the all the bullet pointed list of the things our schools are supposed to be doing and doing differently from worldly schools now through these lenses of understanding this narrative and understanding how Prussian schooling was so on home like and how home education was God's original plan and ideal and how if we're going to have a school we want to mimic the home now that you get that you'll see all the features of the blueprint start to make more sense because they mimic a good home school like this one it says our teachers should not think that their work ends with giving instruction from books several hours each day should be devoted to working with the students in some line of manual training in no case should this be neglected that's just like a home right you don't just have class with your kids and then and then and the day know in a good home this it it's are the child children are with their parents all day and the other stuff we learned in the other session so same thing in the schools your work doesn't end with just academics now we're working together with the students teachers are now you remember the the schools of the prophets right in the Old Testament that's a picture from the my Bible friends book where the boy with a borrowed X. and X. head flew off of this was the law school this is this is the schools of the prophets model and so that's the same thing we see working with the students here's another quotation teachers often fail of coming sufficiently into social relation with their pupils in some schools the teacher is always with. His pupils in their hours of recreation sounds like a good conduct at home school doesn't it he unites in their pursuits accompanies with them in their excursions and seems to make himself one with them well would it be for our schools where this practice more generally followed so can you imagine schools I mean I used to be a teacher and so when I think of the word school in education I think of the classroom I think of the academic aspect but when we're talking about the education of our children we're talking about manual labor the teachers with the students and their hours of recreation it's homelike we're going to see more features of the blueprints here students need to become familiar with the duties of daily life they should be taught their domestic duties thoroughly and well and no more study should be taken then can be attended to without neglecting the household duties as a former teacher I'm looking at that quote going does not compute like I did household duties like how is that a part of the curriculum Well that's oppression mindset speaking the whole like school of course is going to teach home duties that's hugely important what do you spend the bulk of your day doing right in the home a lot of home duties this quotation really knocked my socks off if need be a young woman can dispense with a knowledge of French and algebra or even the piano but it is indispensable that she learn to make good bread. Again as a former educator schooled in the methods of this world and Prussian eyes schooling I LOOK AT THAT I'M ON NO NO NO NO algebra academics come 1st Nope economics are important I hope there's no students listening go on Mom I'm not going to my algebra homework right I'm going to slack off at all my academics let's not go overboard with that but you heard the point here you cannot take too many studies to crowd in on your home duties learning your own duties and if need be you need to sacrifice a little bit of the academics make. Sure you know how to have quality food made nutritious food I mean that's the gut quality affects the brain affects people nutrition affects people's character and decision making and deceiving times and ultimately their internal destiny can be can be weighed in depending on how we eat and if you eat a bunch of garbage you make a bunch of bad choices I mean this could be a bad thing so there's a lot more important than Algebra and nothing against algebra but and eternal matters are more important to this as in to perform efficiently the many duties pertaining to home making boys as well as girls so this is this is truly progressive right in the good sense of the word boys as well as girls should gain a knowledge of household duties people who are the 1st part of the quote They're like oh that's Victorian era nonsense just putting the women in the kitchen and all of that said no it's as boys do and girls can learn to use the saw and the hammer as well as the rake and the hoe so isn't that I told you earlier how this is pretty cutting edge for for this time this is 120 years ago this wasn't commonly said but we're willing to burst you know unnecessary boundaries on things that are just social constructs and just silly things like the lady can't you know use the the hoe and and the rake or a young man can't cook we all got to be pitching in and doing all these things I like that there can be no employment more important than that of housework to cook well to place wholesome food upon the table in an inviting manner requires intelligence and experience whether men or women again. They should learn to mend mend their clothes wash keep their own clothes in order they should be able to cook their own meals they should be familiar with agriculture and with mechanical pursuits so do we have these in our curriculum for our children in our home schools and in our schools of the prophets these are important curricular items ahead of algebra ahead of French ahead even of the piano isn't it interesting how piano is like even though it wasn't piano French or even algebra it was the piano I mean music this is important right all of the all of them are important the academics the algebra are important I know the math teachers get mad at you right now it's important but let's let's keep everything in balance here according to God's design what is students carry with them when they leave school. How they've been educated to be true fathers and mothers that never dawned on me as a teacher like you don't come to school to learn to be a father and mother you come to school to learn in my history class U.S. history or economics or U.S. government like have they been educated to be true fathers and mothers can they stand at the head of the family as wise instructors the only education worthy of its name is that which leads young men and women to be Christ like which fits them to bear life's responsibilities fits them to stand at the head of their families so if our schools are to be as homelike as possible and they are to be like a well conducted home school they're going to teach children how to run a home out of new home duties how to cook how to clean how to fix how to build how to how to grow things in agriculture how to stand at the head of families this is part of true education curriculum not just part of it it's a good it's a central core of it because we are home deficient so we need a home supplement called Schools of the prophets Here's another one of all the features of an education to be given in our school homes school homes so this is boarding in homes what's the most important the religious exercises speaking of morning and evening worship are the most important so you have morning and evening worship together with your students in your home school homes the teacher should carefully study the disposition and character of his pupils that he may adapt his teaching to their peculiar needs now that is. A challenge in Prussian style schooling I used to have 100 students in the day they file in 20 to 30 at a time sometimes 120 students in the day I didn't know a single one of them maybe a couple of them said no they come at lunch or whatever but I couldn't carefully study the disposition and unique traits and different angles and perspectives and giftedness of each child I mean that we would talk about that in educational philosophy like this is what you're supposed to do but then when it came down to it nobody's doing it because you can't really have you can do a little bit of it here and there but how many students did Jesus have. Well for right only 12 most families aren't comprised of any more than 12 kids so if our schools to bridge are to be as homelike as possible we've got to be rethinking this issue of can we make it homelike can we really have a close relationship with the with the teachers in the school personnel and the students just like we can in our homes so we're thinking about our schools of the prophets and what kinds of schools we have here or we have in morning and evening worship we're mimicking the home here's another example let the older assist the younger but that doesn't sound Prussian does it in Prussian there is no older and younger interacting at all in the Prussians schools in our schools we can have the older and the younger working together the strong in the week working together I thought about Jesus's school his 12 Andrew and Peter were brothers and they were in the same class and they probably weren't the same age were they but they were in the same class one thing these 1st disciples in these 1st disciples was present presented a marked diversity the dangers of the young are greatly increased as they are thrown into the society of a large number of their own age Prussian schooling is dangerous is what that quote is saying here in the school homes students are daily surrounded by opportunities which if improved will greatly aid in developing the social traits of their characters timeout did you hear that and says it's important for children develop social skills we want our children to have social traits of character did you notice what it didn't say it didn't say the. The best way to have children develop socially is to have them interact almost exclusively only with kids their own age and to have banquets and homecomings and football games and all of these things that the world tells us is how you have social skills and I remember as a kid and there's this myth out there still today that people who are home educated according to God's original plan this is home school all the way through that well there are social misfits misfits and they're awkward and they don't have good social skills OK that my friends is a myth and I can tell you that not only from the research because research has shown that socialization in social skills is higher among this group than among public educated students but don't just trust the research you can see with your own eyes I traveled around the country went to a lot of churches met a lot of families met a lot of kids and the kids who were home educated or had delayed entry into school around age 8 or 10 which is what we're actually supposed to be doing not the not depression way of age age 5 but age 8 or 10 is what we've been called to and I think we've got slides on that coming but anyway I meet these kids and I can say you were homeschooled weren't you or your whole your home school kids aren't you and they look at me like how did you know like you stand out and you can say Well hopefully it's producing more than just social skills and yes it is it's often you know good behavior in these kinds of things but the thing that strikes me 1st the 1st noticeable thing is how your level of social interaction ability with with adults and people of various ages because that's their life that's their world right we're not new in the age segregation thing and so there's a higher level of socialization and you might say well I knew some weird homeschooled kids in the eighty's or whatever and like I did too it's like well what what how do you make sense of that I've got a theory on this now in the eighty's there were very few homeschoolers right this was like a brand new movement the kinds of people who were doing it then were were kind of you know on the fringes if you will and I say that in a good way I have I think these people are great OK I'm not trying to criticize them but sometimes the people on the very edge of a movement and they're willing to really stick their neck out and be different sometimes they're different you know I mean like sometimes they're a little different and they act a little different. And sometimes some of the kids of those families because their parents are a little different their kids are a little different OK and that's not a bad thing as everybody's unique but that's my theory about the eighty's because today they look totally different they actually different than the ones I knew in the eighty's the hopes of like the 3 home school kids I knew in the eighty's were all kind of odd I'll be honest they were a little little weird but today it's not the case so maybe there were just some unique families we can just put it that way it's not a negative thing and I'd much rather have a family where they're a little bit odd socially but they're true to the Bible and they love the Lord and they're not putting their kids on you know Holloway and all of that the trick or treating in the movies and I used to laugh at those kids because they were not doing those things that all of us are doing their families are staying true to God And so I think that's way cooler if you're into what's cool and socially hip and all of that you know that's way cooler in the side of heaven the angels think that is just super trendy with the trends of Heaven right so anyway a good enough on that you got the quote here in the school homes the students are surrounded by opportunities that can help them develop their traits social traits of character says in the home we have home schools school homes in our schools of the prophets to help them learn social skills that's where you learn social skills or how about this one during their school life as they do canvassing they call it handling crisis object lessons and ministry of healing the students may learn how to approach people courteously and how to exercise tact in conversing with them on different points of present truth so there's another way develop social skills as do witnessing that's great that's an awesome way so summing up these are the bullet points of what we've seen in the blueprint we are to have schools that are like a rightly conducted home school they are family schools we read teachers which are act as fathers and mothers we read to spend several hours each day in manual labor with the students we read the teachers are to be always with their students during their hours of recreation students are learning all the many domestic duties indoor and outdoor just like a well conducted home school right students are learning how to be fathers and mothers just like they would at home most important part of the school day is family worship the teacher has few students and get. To know each one very well just like a good home school students are with others of various ages just like a family students learn social skills through the home like setting through canvassing and witnessing etc So as Christians particularly in the 7th Day Adventist movement this message is geared toward the 7th Day Adventists I'm a 7th Day Adventists Christian this message has been given to us to give us 2 options All right we've been given these councils we've got books and books and books on our bookshelves right that elucidate that clarify some things that we were a little dull to understand from the Word of God right I mean the sons of the prophets most people don't look at that and go let's find the model of true education in that very few people are out there doing that so the Lord has really given us a magnifying glass to understand what he was up to with those boys they were building things right they weren't sitting idly in front of screens and in desks all day but you get the idea we have home education even model the patriarchs Jesus is model and we've got the schools of the prophets and that is what we just learned about just now so that's our 2 options were not given the option of Prussian schools that's not God's plan for our families and our children were not given the option of Prussian ised schools with a Christian name on it either we're supposed to have homes and home like schools and we've got to have both but as an individual you might choose one or the other you are I guess you would say I would choose just this because the kids are at home in the afternoon on the weekends and on vacation everything so all of us are doing home education for a large for a part of it but here's a quotation that really brings it home to us practically it says I beg of parents to place their children where they would not be bewitched by a false education. Their only safety is in learning of Christ he is the great central light of the world all of their lights all of their wisdom are foolishness if we think we can go into the world to have our kids in the world the schools are going to try and be an influence that way we are called to not do that when a firm barrier built up between us and the world all other lights all or all of their wisdom is foolishness we don't want to be be which by a false education that was set in place during the dark ages and is continuing to manifest today be which do you hear the spiritual term there this is not just about how you're going to learn math and how big the chemistry lab is of the big public school down the road or whatever this is about spiritual controversies and there is a B. witching effect in this movement oppression schooling today now fast forward to I'm not going to continue on because I'll be off of the platform over there but but in 1970 S. Here we are in our time by the $1970.00 S. the pression schooling system had become so dominant so vast that basically the whole country was in this dragnet of the school system and home education was almost stamped out completely it was illegal in many states in the majority of states as hard as that is for us to believe today and the 1970 S. home home schooling your kids was it was illegal you know that even model the patriarch's home education was against the law and the 1970s in most states so something happened where God said we're not done yet we've we've we've raised up some schools of the prophets 890 S. administrate schools and all that and you might say well our schools some of them are struggling to conform to that blueprint to be like this home home style schooling with the schools of the prophets and I get that so so we've got another option still don't wait we've got the option of the original method and they're both important we want them both to thrive and so this man was raised up I believe in this key juncture in history his name was Raymond Moore and along with his wife Dorothy Moore Dr Raymond war is a hugely famous guy but most people in our church community don't even know who he is he is the founder of the modern home school. Movement and he was a 7th Day Adventist Christian so he's the guy that sort of like Spawn what all the evangelical churches are just walking toward and Adventists are sometimes a little embarrassed about for whatever reason and I understand we've got our schools you know want to feel that competition and we'll get into that a little bit and then in a moment but I think we should own this guy and we've got to look back and say this was a major cultural shift in our country the homeschooling movement in the seventy's it was illegal and the 1980 S. I mean you got here from homeschooling in America a secular text by Joseph Murphy Murphy just the history in a portrayal of homeschooling in America he wrote more became the most visible and the most celebrated homeschool leader in the nation 7th Day Adventists Christian who brought this to the country and it was through the program of Dr James Dobson a Christian broadcaster a radio program called Focus on the family he was interviewed on there and at 1st Dr Moore was just a proponent of delayed formal education he said you know really it's actually better for kids academic success if they have don't have so much academics forced on them at age 5 and $6.00 and like wait till age 8 or 10 it's better for them that they'll excel more academically if you wait and wonder where he got that idea from right these same councils were reading here and he wrote in Harper's magazine and got published in Reader's Digest and kind of went big when he got on the Dr Dobson radio show and it was I 1st James Dobson didn't want to hear any of this because he started saying you know what let's not just delay formal education let's not just do Christian schools let's just keep our kids at home let's just home educate them in 180979 when he was saying these things that sounded crazy right I mean that sounded just like nut ball stuff and Dobson was like oh I don't know about that Dr Moore you go on a little too far but if then he bought into it he started to be convinced and he spread this like wildfire and it was a beautiful thing so then just 6 years later it went from literally just a few 1000 homeschoolers in the country only a few 1000 in the seventy's under 10000. Just a few 1006 years later there are 50010 years later by 1905 there were half a 1000005 years later by the year 2000 1000000 homeschoolers in America so in just 20 years time from 1980 to 2000 a 1000000 home schoolers popped up and so a a major movement parts of which are starting to get God's original design right not everybody understood the true education model we have here and a lot of them are kind of doing you know worldly schooling methods at home but still it's parents being the influence instead of humanistic Darwinistic on all of these you know secular humanist ideologies of the public schools coming to the children it's the parents educating their children in their worldview and in the last 15 years we've added at least another 1000000 so we're up to over a 1000000 people are fleeing the public schools in droves in short to put it bluntly and simply So now we've got the 1st generation of homeschool youth from the ninety's coming onto the scene and a bit in the eighty's how are they doing well this chart shows you the average child so the 50th percentile the public school students versus the home school students in reading language math science social studies etc We're talking about 84th to 89th percentile success in academics from home education and interestingly the vast majority of these these parents are not are not trained teachers and these these numbers show up regardless of the education level of the parents or whether they have teaching certificates or not I mean it's just kind of a more natural way of living a little bit more like that old patriarchal way Baylor University did a study and they found that their students were 4 times more likely to get a 4.0 G.P.A. if they were home educated than if they were public school educated so if we do a home education or schools of the prophets that are like Holmes I mean we can we can produce those same results as well but who cares about a 4.0 G.P.A. That's not that important in terms of return and eternal matters so the much mote much more important thing is how I. Are they doing on a spiritual level Well what they found in the research is kids that are home educated are much higher and much more highly. Understanding in adopting and accepting their parents worldview what they're being taught they're much more civically engaged much more religiously engaged and so kind of all that Donna research that we saw in raising the remnant is also coming true here as well here's a here's a quick disclaimer what we call the modern home school movement a lot of people think it's just the geisha of school and so they can be at home and do whatever they want like I know somebody who says she's homeschooling her kid and just plays video games all day OK that's probably not any better right than peeing in a school where there are at least learning something right so you might say at this point also OK I'm not homeschooling Why does this issue matter to me Well is this talk about home education relevant for 7th Day Adventists because after all we have schools Well think about this 1st and foremost as a parent when you when you when you put your child in a 7th they have been to school you what you are doing is you are hiring somebody you are still ultimately the one responsible for their complete raising training educating everything OK that's on your plate you can share that burden that's what we begin to given the privilege to do 872 we were given that that vision and told start schools because the parents need some help OK so there's no shame in well I've heard from this homeschooling found a better and maybe I shouldn't No no these are both the options God has given to us but never view it as I'm completely outsourcing this thing because you're home educating your kid in the afternoon and on the weekends and on the vacations as I mentioned earlier and it says the only school room for children until age 8 or 10 years of age should be in the open air amid the opening flowers in nature's beautiful scenery so really we should be following the Prussians model and saying age 5 outsourcing the parenting from here will let the community experts take it from here no we say until age 8 or 10 these are the early years of the formation of character and so we're going to have the children in their home school until then all of us parents should be the only teachers of their children. Until they have reached 8 or 10 years of age mothers let the little ones play in the open air let them listen to the songs of the birds and learn the love of God as expressed in his beautiful works teach them simple lessons from the Book of Nature and the things about them and as their minds expand lessons from books may be added and firmly fixed in the memory so there comes a point where the mind is ready the educational professionals talk about the readiness concept they talk about a more than sometimes we apply it because we keep continue to push things earlier and earlier and earlier now and it's not bearing good fruits woodwind folks like the Finns and Finland they don't start kids in school till age 7 and they're not even doing very serious academic still more like age 8 or 9 and even at that point they have long recesses short days lots of physical activity and they're not like nose to the grindstone from age 5 learning reading most kindergarten teachers are saying we're learning we're teaching reading and getting our now which used to be a silly thing we don't know we don't wait till 1st grade for that which is even early but the Finns are number one of the world in educational success in terms of their academic Accu men and it works as what is what we're seeing in that research there now another thing that works is 7th Day Adventist schools so all of this about home education it's awesome it's the best and God has this Plan B. though and you might say but our schools aren't all following the blueprint and they don't get this homelike schooling concept and even then our schools are a little smaller they get some of the blueprint right I mean they're not perfect and there's nobody's perfect out there but even with all their flaws and can we just say that frankly bluntly we all have flaws I've been in the system I'm not trying to bash anybody but with all of the flaws of of the schools that's trying to move toward that reform trying to move toward that blueprint we're still knocking it out of the park academically take a look at this this is achievement and ability arising over time the more years that you're in 70 AD in the schools versus public schools you are gaining more academically so we can give a little bit of a thumbs up there we've got a long ways to go I don't want to whitewash the situation because we do have some serious serious problems and as it relates to say. Some of our schools that we need to really take have have some in-house discussions about and say how closely are we moving toward that blueprint but we'll get to that more in just a 2nd so here's the message for parents OK this whole narrative this whole story this whole history is all about confronting us with this choice parents make every effort in your power to place your children in the most favorable situation for forming the character that God wants them to for the most favorable situation that's unique to each family I don't come in and say this is where you should do this or what you should do and we should all do this you know we do have the 2 options we've got home education we've got schools of the prophets you make the choice as the Lord leads you for the most favorable situation for forming the character that God wants them to form now there has been an effort to mold our school after other colleges this is what I'm talking about this was already back 100 years ago when this is done we can give no encouragement to parents to send their children to Battle Creek college our Savior did not encourage any to attend the rabbinical schools of his day so I don't have a burden just because something is called Christian or it's called 7th Day Adventists to say we all have to participate in it because it might have that name but be nothing of the sort right in the case of battlecry college she's like whoa we're seeing some stuff come in here and I can't recommend parents go have their kids go there Jesus the same thing so I'm not going to make any statements about any particular schools of course wouldn't be the right thing in my place to do but as you think through all the schools out there you go what's the most favorable situation view this as an option to say if the school of schools aren't home like schools blueprinting schools schools of the prophets style schools then I don't have 2 options I have one head or find the other find a good school of the prophets right there's a wonderful school out of Red Bluff California that I became acquainted with and I love them as an example because when I bring this up a lot of school people and parents and homeschool people who starts the fight right and I don't like the fight right because we've got a blue. And we've got one model and we're one people and there doesn't need to be an account or Titian controversy conflict over this at all what they've got is half the parents home school their kids half the parents send them to the advent of school and I find that to be so beautiful because they all get along like when I 1st heard that I'm going oh no this is going to erupt in some big controversy after I present on parenting injury education here and share these goats actions and all of this and they're like oh no you don't get it Scott the principal is all about the blueprint she's doing canvassing and she's trying to get labor going and try to do more of this home like schooling and she was listening to the seminar she's like we've got to do that so the home school parents who are all about the original plan they're like yeah we like her so they're supporting the school financially without putting their kids in the school to the tune of 2 ish in dollars so they're not you know you know angry you know curmudgeons over here going there and Babylon and fall and institutions you know like people get right as they were just critical and you just deconstructing there's nothing constructive there at all right it's just it's ridiculousness that's not helping anybody these parents are like let's support a good school let's help it reform and the school parents are like yes we want to do things different We're going to be here and there are tracting students from the community because it's something different isn't that amazing you might say Well nobody's going to like it if we're doing all these radically different things we have to keep up with what the world is doing not so they're having success doing God's plan which I find to be so beautiful so those who are not directly connected with the school can help to make it a blessing by giving it their hearty support homeschool families don't become isolated over here and not helping with the broader community because those kids they might not be coming from homes where that where the homeschooling can happen they might be coming from unbelieving homes you their souls matter right and so we want to really work with our schools not against them as long as time show last we shall have need of schools isn't that an important one because these are the training institutions our schools are the Lord's special instrumentality to fit up the children and youth for missionary work the homes and the home like schools will help finish the work because they're training and raising up the remnant the kids and youth of the last days and. To close with a series of quotations that will really bring this home this is awesome in the training of his disciples the savior followed the system of education established at the beginning the 12 1st chosen formed the take a guess what's in there. Yeah the family of Jesus they were with him in the how separate table in the closet in the field they accompanied him on his journeys shared his trials and hardships and as much as in them was entered into his work sometimes he taught them as they sat together on the mountainside side sometimes by the sea or from the fisherman's boat sometimes as they walked by the way Jesus did a home like school didn't he that was awesome he was with those guys all the time and then it worked to every nation under heaven was the gospel carried in a single generation that's powerful these were unschooled fisherman they were schooled in the rabbinical schools they were known as these these illiterate illiterate working class guys but they went to the school of Jesus and they learned from him and their education bore fruit they spread the gospel to the whole world in one generation then it says this The presence of that same guy Jesus in educational work today doing it the way he did it if we do the same thing we will produce the same results as of old this is the end to which true education tenants This is the work that God designs it to accomplish are you getting this if we do home education and home like schools the way God designed we will finish the work this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. 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