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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 22, 2009
    9:00 AM
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I him him that I is a morning everyone will be so as a military sergeant as a song leader a man that while I'm going to try again today I'm letting you guys an opportunity to begin with some of these principles into practice for yourself so this will really be a Sabbath school amen I hope you have ten I will have paper I hope you have your Bibles he brought a computer so you have more pseudoephedrine in a that invites you to dig into the Scriptures and the like to lay out some principles that you will attempt to apply as you break open the Scriptures yourself so before we begin the R word of prayer and ask the Lord 's guidance heavenly father we thank you once again for your loving kindness your mercy agrees and we asked Northern as we open your word he would grant us understand Lord after all is said and done it is you and you alone who brings enlightenment who gives understand a humble ourselves and your family may learn of you in Jesus Christ 's name we pray amen okay just let you know what I'm planning to do this morning when I like you do this morning is to why it is possible I'd like you to instead of breaking up into groups to do this by yourself and that found if you really really intimidated and you just think that you need someone then all I would say find one other person that you feel confident with that can help you and Dom hated to no more than two amen at the most three and if he doesn't totally soon at nine one one one but you know this is a free country am I meant to give you immerse to give you a verse and your job will simply be to break open that first step to actually sue why that just as deep as you possibly can and watch how the Lord leads Watts is easy while I can actually do this myself and that's one encouraging that that you really attempt to do this yourself and if you know it difficult it's just part of the process cannot have people around you all you know in the mornings when you're trying to do this song at home or in the evenings you have to learn to and so why not start now there so as I want to the begin thinking about a Scripture is like a room in a sense like the room and dining room have many doors that make sense how would I use John three sixteen this morning as an example you're just a couple of love baseball bat you can have a person preach on John three sixteen life everyday different people preach from John three sixteen hundreds and thousands and never creates the same one assignment and and and not even use the same text if you consider that imagine the Scripture of the Rome with many doors many doors and you open one door added creates an idea I thought all my and thought balloons it's one of the Scripture and that Scripture is the role that has one many doors DC where this is going how many different past can be taken in the study of the Bible so imagine the Scripture as a room with many doors now sometimes they come to the Bible and we know what were looking for another time to come to the Bible and we don't know what was looking for people onto the Bible not long what you looking for this one open it up and read it if you're you're wanting something precious you want something genuine but you haven't come to the Scripture with any kind of you know this is what I'm looking for is same OR sell me something beautiful and grand in your enemy Madonna so sometimes they come to the Scripture not knowing exactly what would looking forward as waiting for the Lord to lead up at a time to come to the Scripture we know exactly what we looking for which you find in old boss something on a particular doctrine or something that dances to a particular issue that we may be going through so there are two ways we approach Scripture sometimes knowing what we wanted sometimes not knowing what was looking forward just one so was something something powerful we are going to take John three sixteen want to open your Bibles to John chapter three sixteen I just lay out some principles these are some of the things that I go through I am looking out attacks or considering a particular portion of Scripture you may want to write these principles down as we go along whenever you are studying the Bible there really school simple stages especially when you're preaching studying could to deliver a message on your studying to get a Bible study on or something of that nature or just simply studying for yourself there's basically two simple we can say that that the study of the Scripture is summed up in two simple process is number one and this is not necessarily an order number one is collecting data collecting information number two is formatting the information that make sense one you simply can't let paying information you are gathering information not necessarily worried about putting it together yet that's what I do when I'm preparing assignment I thought I begin to gather information and once I have completed that once I gathered all the information that I have I have anything in front of me I now know what many might beginning was nobody my middle within the market ending I now know how London of formatting a similar to producing a movie that is an example you used your your remember we sell what caused this book she'd she'd she'd caused this whole thing the great controversy on the lot the drama of the agents so every study that we do should be in the context of the drama of the agents your collecting information and then you are formatting that information sometimes you already have the formatting of my you know exactly what you want on what you want to show the fall of Lucifer and how it affected Earth and how it will be solved by the time Jesus comes again you've got the format now when you do you're going to do what collect the data collect the information the verses that will build your case that will fill in your storyline on the great drama of the ages make sense so number one we can do what we have to collect the data or the information number two is formatted and again that's not necessarily in any order you can do either one first depending on how you are approaching the Scripture so here's would John three sixteen will take a look at how to gather information so we know the rest of us going together for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that okay not very simple verse the first thing that we must do when studying a verse is simply to understand the surface up and up understand the context of it understand what is it saying I'm right on the front on the phase value and I think we pretty much all understand is a very simple verse understand Cézanne right is what it's saying that he has what it means it means that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have asked what it means okay and what we want to do with this verse is a wonder what I like to call opening up the text authors like working something so that it roles and continues to expand and expand we will all know John three sixteen so here's some of the ways that we will open up the verse after we understand the surface contacts and by the way if you want to say how difficulty understanding the content but that the surface of the birth you can always go to a commentary are the battle is talking about that last night of different commentaries Matthew Henry Adam Clarke that is not enough again he mentioned that was broken he was mentioning quick QuickVerse QuickVerse I told you but you sort in many different Bible program salt brought Bible software programs you can you can use and most of these have these commentaries and then part of the Henry James and Fossett Brown and and and so on so once you understand me to read one symbolizes what to say on this particular verse okay once you get than that the surface context here's what you want to start to do and again this is not necessarily in order you can actually come and visit and handle by the way the title of the song short presentation is the workman 's toolbox the workman 's toolbox if you have the tools to open up a verse is very difficult to open up the verse make sense but the more tools you have to use on the nurse in the easier it is to pull the meaning out of adverse and so here's one of the things that I like to do verse Association verse Association that said this is for God so love pause right for God so love in a nasty just myself and about ask you can you think of any verses that kind of go along with that being for God so loved anyone have a verse that comes to mind first John four eight okay anyone else Romans five eight eight billion and is called the birth on if you have a verse that comes to mind okay first off or how about it maybe you don't know where the verses but something comes to mind description okay anyone else okay the okay not easily just done it was good we just taken the first few bars of all that fresh was noticed for God so loved the pause right they are down to look at all the Scriptures that help to substantiate or to build on that theme for God so loved the thing he does road and get on your paper for God so loved about to break in this verse now for God so loved that's a complete thought and identify down on the verses that come to mind right that that that alternative cluster around at the club not solo what's the next part the world the world anything comes to mind when you think the world I hear everything Sarah is the world going there is there a hundred miles in different thoughts that come to my house and the ways that we can bowl at again where continents were sane d I know I am looking for at this time I'm coming to work because I want you to show me something something that is relevant for me today I guarantee that the thing that will jump out for you is the thing that is necessary for you okay here's what we're doing we've got rules but they're not so strange in that were coming out the work of the Holy Spirit whatever cooperating with the Holy Spirit okay so not some of the Holy Spirit what what but as an Montauk the Holy Spirit gave him a breast holds that those prices you're yelling I guess what you help with that on your own the spirit of God I need you to that horse for your self we are souls different for some of you may have thought of the same verse but you're beginning to build something and whatever it is that that that that you may find a video you may find that there is going to speak directly to you for example five prices may come to your mind are you anything about what the middleman cellophane and not was that one being the one you're often a different note when I was younger I used to love reading these books are they wired on the lookout but you know it would give you a story and then at the end of the page was saying yeah if you close the door go to page fifteen if you open the door going to page thirty five and you never knew how startled him and okay what about Max Hall the spirit of God Morris with us to give you one person will give you one person did and all starting from the same virus so it is not for example if I gave you all which I will I'm accidentally reverses and you can choose what if I gave you all just one verse and single and then come back on anything all you come up with the same message is one of you would come back with something so unique are you following not learning it will because you're giving them the spirit of God will guide you in the Scriptures where you want to go but let me say this there may been someone in here who know you meant no birth came to my mind and all of you now and I don't know maybe it's Namibia 's tired or who knows what pray what whenever but if you are not reading the Scriptures on a regular basis guess what is not to be extremely difficult for anything to come to mind if so I think the promise of the Spirit is that he will bring all things to your what you remember so I believe the now the Spirit of God that will give you the Mars that he wants you have in connection with numerous you looking so what time spoke about yesterday heart preparation is totally my totally my because Sharon Bible study is a dependence upon the work upon the spirit of God amen okay so we go through God so loved the world that he gave that a day your mind and only his only begotten son think of the verses association of persons that who so ever can you think of the hose on Latimer NATO close however believe it not for it for me Wells the widest lenses because yesterday I went available to you what am I the word believe all of a sudden all just wasn't intimately some people say all you have to do is confess with your mouth that's moving you know this whole argument about faith and works on the Psalms in different rounds can open up but that one barely brings verses to the mind that help you to go the direction in which God is trying to lead you in a particular study okay those are the data and I him can you think of and him on the mind you are the branches missing much of this depends upon our familiar reality with the Scriptures that's why even if you're having a difficult time understanding just and reasonable I will anyway because as you begin to read your pool of knowledge will so that now is yes they minimize how I said to you on that I said that sanctuaries saw much that when I looked at that picture of online in the flock in need of the indwelling life the company will like him immediately and sometime why because my mind had already been assimilated to the sanctuary so when your mind immediately as soon is is is assimilated to the Scripture what happens is you begin to see things and things oh yeah this happened over here the Bible at all and you cannot remember the exact burst when you remember the story the more you read is the greater you have to pull from in your sentence make sense okay so you get the process verse Association here's another process twice in the text that will do it again for God so the lookout reported there were questions will come to your why was the four four one was that why the the level one love do so easily you can formulate all the questions individually in a particularly old US of question you asked different questions you ask the question we have to test questions and then try to find verses that answer those questions for God so loved the money out what is allowed where my going restaurant in thirteen a.k.a. anything else first off I'm waiting anywhere else in the Yukon it also just see how many places we can go to answer that one question I mean you imagine your study under you can actually get so that you will never get to the point password also love you it is helpful so alone and doesn't call and call and ball and go and go and go and go and go and finish studying with the rest of America on the one you want to it is possible that you can just forgot solo note the assignment of the time for God so loved ask the texts questions lots of love the world that he gave his only begotten son gave his only begotten son think about the questions what kind of questions would question the text be undetected that make sense all right so question the text is both another point here is what I call directional relationship there are six directions you never look at Scripture and ask yourself what will I go from here there will be resuspended in a final amount of it okay I'm registered to wonder why doing this at my Bible study where do I go from here when they are sick directions in which you can go right in six directions you can look at that verse in the life of had been passed on the one you can look at that verse in the light of our past them into either the diverse in the light of hand in what presence you can than an adverse in the light of our present you can look at that verse in the light of head then insert it in the diverse in the light of our future okay help me out here that that's all I'll consider for God so loved the world what is its relationship to relationship diverse to have been before creation tenant tenant that the tenant hasn't been before the earth was created the plan of foundation of the plan of foundation the plan of salvation was one was found in beef for this art was ever creating behold the Lamb of God 's Lane from what the foundation of the world you got a relationship from John three sixteen tool had in past number minutes in this vision may not be applicable to all six directions and it may be applicable to all six directions you just have to see what you know can I find you know I can now move on to what her past logon and by the way while we'll will volunteer for well I'll hold that thought from Don sold on the world Earth anything comes to mind creation chaos how about and help you out here how about when Adam and Eve 's sin to talk about our attachment have to be before man was created without any sin how was that murderous demonstrating the promise Genesis three fifteen the animals in remember me I will stand in order for all humanity to be covered from their nakedness and animal activists laying the recovery is that how a relationship with foregone soul love the world again was okay what about heaven present college outbursts demonstrated for us had been present at I just had so much stuff yelled out well praise the Lord what was that I can hit a moment that okay heavens declare his glory anybody know some of the Jesus of the sanctuary is doing what right now for us interceding for us right now is that someone on both ingress solute when you get a Scripture you can consider that spiritual Scripture relates it to the proper you are into the spiritual related to the confusion I would be determining by the way the Bible says that the Lamb of God will be known that the opposite in Revelation twenty one twenty two line of the land is in the city that had been future okay you can take the first and see how it applies to fix six directions that we talked about so written mention old relationship it is another avenue by which we can study all open up a text him to go back to having passed through the back to heaven past about some of the world and he gave his only begotten son okay what is mean and gave his only gotten son by Jesus and what Jesus God but we saw that Jesus was slain from when the Protestant before the world was created now why did this happen what is it that cause Jesus to die they okay very good and in this sin of car in eleven what is a video transgression of the law so what was in the Netherlands of them out on law why was I logged in and out the law on some ice at the mall on no forgot so not lose this one from the law of love it has been gone when demonstrate or restart the law of love on our by what giving his only gotten son okay now you can continue on down the flat and does what we are only talking about that in relation to heaven acts are still five other legs that we can look at with the text five other direction dimensional study on right now that's saying that we have gotten on archive on our data okay well I'm not doing the data format units that I in the in the in the content of the great controversy so here's what that means and we study should have these three elements and in terms of format number one the goodness of God number two the opposition of Satan and number three the climactic trying out of good over evil on your study hellfire estate and then Lavinia am on a bit check and when you're a Bible study content going nobody got excited by the use of your people you want your opinions for yourself the goal you know it's the best thing to be studying in your room by yourself smiling at her room and all they hear is everything should be in all the thing of formats including include these three things supported in its proper context okay now I'm the surely just a few more things in terms of Bob of all tools to open the Scriptures and then within a go ahead and break apart first somebody give you write about Philippians three three three three first Peter four verse twelve to thirteen in second Peter chapter one verse four not just choose one of those second Peter chapter one is just she was one of those and then he was staying here and and and you have noted here you can see one of the lifetime cannot not do it I get a few more things to share with you ought to help you in this and then they are first Peter four verse twelve and thirteen second Peter chapter one verse four and Philippians three verse three the all the triumph archetypal good over evil do you want to the versus first Peter chapter four verse twelve and thirteen first Peter chapter four verse twelve and thirteen second Peter chapter one verse four and Philippians three and verse three okay here's some other tools that you need to help you break down your text my favorite architect you want to be like the lawyer believes the thing in the text on turn I just pretty much summed up everything that I was abruptly leaving nothing in the text on turn definitions if you and you doesn't it look at the bridge of your guilt is not the look up the definition of these words become dull definitions help to open up the text into San Jose so look at the definitions as you look at these words of the names and antonyms of ways you can fan is definitely wants another word for whatever the wording Almonte Avenue North etymologies and Kate if you never heard me speak you will probably know that I love etymology it is the breaking down all words taking a word and actually looking at the definition of the word or looking at the VR origin of the word for example universe the Wharton University one eight single one virus word or sentence you may learn single smoke in sentence on behalf of my newbie excited about our so God created this world and universe job as the Lord indicates now who wants the virus but when she created the word Jesus was the Morris Amed nondeductible hates Jesus and Chad Myers OR can't draw worth the great conch of the RC and by the way controversy look at it in the etymology it is again a word the great controversy is all about exactly what it says people can the word Satan against the word there is a him do online shopping etymology online I you will be able to find out the website updated at TTY online .com you can type in any word and look at the origin of that word and I'm telling you the study of the origins of words is an incredible incredible study it will enrich your Bible study tremendously okay so long we got definitions we've got names when you see the name of Scripture don't skip over that it could have serious significance maybe all the time but don't leave anything on turn make sense all consider on the guy that they brought a maneuver that was until they brought out with Jesus when the newest thing Jesus who he wants me those arm around the no other word Barabbas means our means son of oddball father O you have the son of the father on one hand and you have the son of the father on the other hand which some of the father do you want to remember antichrist claims to be in the police of Jesus and the Jews were selling a scene that dates always the son of the father over the son of the father in the same way many will be celibacy in the last days that they will see antichrist and think that the use Jesus Christ they so consider the names because they may add something rich to understudy Jonathan about them in the development of the means we look at the meaning of the word actually means the place of abundant fish the warden then about comes from the input comes in the morning may not I am abundant fish that estimates the story because God will summons Ellen 's all about I want to go fishing for me I want you will be efficient and John Brantley on the way I saw I love fishing every revolution by way of this I thought about coming and I is money that the Bible says that John was an event in the way of an image on the top of the verse one exists in Jonah pre- you didn't get if you decide you are not wanting this all lamp coming at you was a floor-to-ceiling the Bible says in John eleven the Barry of the web but in advancing Jonathan about Elijah bowling fishing Yugoslavia yeah there's not made myself comfortable and self-confident that no wonder God means a finished swallowing Jonah I've called to be a fisher of men song that reminds you of what you're supposed to be doing anyway consider the names consider the names on the place is don't you know when something went on something says it all which is in the Hebrew call check it out why does say it's in between calls or in this call look at the meaning of names and places and numbers for example the number three is symbolic of life and death people the script is loosing many times as mentioned the Butler in the Baker Jonah in the end of that in the belt of the way up Abraham on the third day looks of the disease it is reasonable to sacrifice his son Jesus died on the third they are rather wrong for a raise on the third day on this number three has a lot of significance pointing towards the death burial and resurrection of Christ so consider numbers consider symbols concepts I all consider parallel passages are not going fast not consider a parallel stories consider a power move that may actually ring about a weapon against Koreans about a pound I heard somewhere before CM suggested that Maxis consider translations of the votes consider its relationship to the gospel always in the last number share with you these verification by the spirit of prophecy verification by the spirit of prophecy what I like to do is both durable study and I find is Michael my goodness all while and I call with this letter prophecy to see how my rights and my conclusions there has been dropped off on all but I just discovered him Paul is an amazing and then like months that all the reasons for the problem the accident that is that it is not my own sorry you know so many things of that we immediately if we come to my conclusion I almost guarantee you it will be found in her right arm right and then meditate on your text to link remember part of you so that it is being alive they met all right take enough time when requesting we have until eleven o'clock the right of Canada without it is don't tell Nick Little women though that the time from our right if you want to walk again if you want to stay where you want to do that if you like you need to go somewhere just feel free this is some school you are in school I you and everyone on the side rather see and we generate a close assassin out before we do that is one make one quick announcement are we on then okay good go back and clarify my craft while clarify something that earlier you heard when I was stated that God killed an animal for a thoroughness and that's okay I doubtless like a slip of the tongue and someone pointed out to me as an asset I remembered and I started mocking in my mind and then we got to make the correct himself on making the convention that NSI can sell you see that Hamid you were satisfied with your studies this command you sound things that were just like all locked how many understand my excitement when I'm not just speaking of the how you consider yourself dollars K and yet you found something that excited you in the word of God amen and so this is to demonstrate to you that this can be done you can do what you can find things in the word of God for yourself with any of the Holy Spirit with the right of the right mindset on God 's will he said amen amen so all we're not about the coldest session out and now we will move violence one session I believe this is a fine service mess off our heads while closing prayer heavenly father thank you for your merciful grace your kindness Lord you are on common sense and common sense the sentence here your Lord we have seen today that it is indeed possible to open this series someone just means out of your bank more now the Lord may we use this one didn't and I will enlighten the world 's greatest and I a I I a him him him him a will and a food a


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