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2. The Future of the Everlasting Gospel

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 7, 2018
    6:00 PM
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Father in heaven I do thank you so much for NEW DAY OF LIFE OR to thank you for the privilege we have of knowing you and Jesus Christ whom you have sent other Thank you for the Holy Spirit that you have sent the Spirit of truth to give us understanding in the truth and now father pray the Spirit would guide our understanding prayed in Jesus name in them you know I came across a statement recently I mean came across a read before but an impact me the same way in desire of ages Ellen White says she comments on when the Bible calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth that she makes the statement There is comfort in truth but there is no comfort in error and that's why the Holy Spirit's called the comforter Now that's important because what that means is in the words of Jesus we can know the truth you shall know the truth the way things are today we're getting to the point where we just really can't know I mean you read the Bible your way and I read it my way and you interpret your way in and I interpret my way and who really know us and we have almost made things so ambiguous that truths you can't even know truth there's no comfort in the truth and. I remembered a story about Abraham Lincoln he was debating with another man and the guy was being contentious with him and so Lincoln said let me ask you this question How many legs does a cow have the mammoths press straight he's like well 4 legs of course and Lincoln said well what if you count it is tail as a leg how many legs would he have now the guy said 5 I guess and Lincoln said that's where you're wrong calling his tail a leg doesn't make it a leg. Lot of things today that people are calling truth but that doesn't make it true the Lord's truth can be known at today our topic is this week it's the future of Evan tism And look our biblical face give way to culture today the subject is the everlasting gospel I want you to turn with me to. The Book of Revelation Chapter 14 we could probably quote this together I just want to note the language here Revelation 14 in verse 6 this is the 1st angel's message Bible says in verse 6 then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the what the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice the part we fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea in the springs water in that 1st day it was a cold back to worship God according to truth that's what it is and I'm trying to figure it put all my stuff but the Bible uses that language the everlasting gospel and I guess it should be common sense to us a 7th Avenue but maybe you're not aware of this that there are people who believe that some of us are saved different ways than other people are saying there are Christians who believe that the Jews were saved by law keeping But we in the Christian dispensation are saved by grace which is ridiculous because nobody can ever be saved by keeping the law there's one gospel there's one name given under heaven among men by which must be saved and that some name of Jesus Christ an extra former stroke so the Gospels everlasting that's the one way the only way anybody has ever been able to be saved now I'm going to share some history we're going to have a hit is going to be history class today so I didn't tell you that we didn't tell you that earlier because some of you and he ditched history in high school but you're now going to give you a little history lesson because what we're what I want to touch on and the issue of the Gospel and giving way to culture is something that has been under attack for decades in the 7th heaven. And I'm going to share with you some of the history today in. 977 as the how many you know of you know what I mean when I say the Ford crisis OK Desmond Ford was an Australian theologian and maybe I should have shared Jim didn't share yesterday but we had grown up our family grew up in the administrators my parents were 1st generation 7th Day Adventist but they ended up leaving the church so I just spoke at a youth camp meeting in Carolina and I told the kids I was a what I call myself a 2nd generation 1st generation haven't because my mom and dad were the 1st was to come in the church but then they left the church and they were out of the church and we came back into the church and my mom is here today where are you mom it's my mom's birthday too Mom where are you sitting she's hiding back there now she didn't mom's birthday today happy birthday. Happy birthday dear. Abby burger soup and many more right. And I praise the Lord that my mom is back in the church as well dad's in the church. But there was that time of the desert for crisis that our family left the minister and we were out of church and out of Christianity for in my life for about 11 years before the Lord started moving to bring me back into the Save it was during that period of time that a lot of 7 they haven't for challenging their faith and it was during the height of that well it was heightening that a man an Anglican minister by the name of Jeffrey Paxton released his book The shaking of Adventism I want to note something from Paxton's book there's the book by Pax and very interesting read but he says something that I think is one of the most profound things that's been written that I think more avenues need to understand and unfortunately I wanted to pretty my slides up a little bit more and I. With all the other things I'm doing and biting off more than I can chew in all reality. At least I have something up there so I'm not just endless the reading and you have nothing to fall along with he says What is it that Adventism believes it has to offer the world what is a contribution which for one reason or another it feels it is particularly equipped to make Now most people would say oh it's a sad to say the dead in some of these things and I want to know what he goes on to say but the Adventists there can be but one answer the Gospel Oh don't don't miss what he's saying even from the onset What is it that the agonist contribute to Christianity or that they can say they contribute different from the rest of Christianity and I'm telling you right now some of you right now might be unsettled and say hey there's a conference now even saying what he just said that the evidence gospel is different from the Gospels of the rest of the Christian world and so I alluded to this in the morning meetings for those who were there even those who are let me clarify something. I don't want to say other churches are preaching the gospel but I'm going to say they're preaching an incomplete gospel because the gospel is a remedy for sin and sin is transgression of the law when you get rid of the law what's the remedy for and so it's really hard to grasp the significance of a saving medicine for disease that doesn't exist for the evidence it can be but one answer the Gospel his movement is a movement of destiny he sees it as destined to climax and what is called the loud cry a climactic gospel proclamation attended by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain power all will have forced upon them a decision for or against Christ after such a confrontation the Lord will come again notwithstanding the correctness or otherwise of this claim he is an Anglican he doesn't believe that it is saying so whether you agree with the evidence or not he says this claim is nothing short of a stone being the abbot of spill leaves that his movement and no other movement is God's chosen remnant a specially commissioned by God to give the message of the Gospels and so usher in the return of Christ that is a powerful statement and that's what he's saying hey that was a claim and back to hacks and saying if only I could believe that claim which he did he says that this point and even Jellicoe church man must pause and confess his shame in so many of our investigations into advantages I'm this astounding conviction has received little or no elucidation Auclair vacation we have so often given the impression that ad been a circus certain about anything but the Gospel and that the movement is characterized by a sectarian majoring on minors in matters of the ology. We must apologize to add Venice for this terrible oversight let it be understood once and for all any critique of Aben tism which hopes to penetrate to the heart of the movement must come to grips with its concept of the Gospel and its Biblical and theological support for that concept to fail here is to be wide of them are fail here he said is to be wide of the Mark I want to tell you something Paxton's book again written during the height of the Ford controversy of the late seventy's and early eighty's was only the outgrowth of something that happened a long time earlier in our history we're talking about the Gospel giving way to culture I many of you have heard any discussion on and having a book called questions on. It we're going to talk about it I'm going to sound like and conspiracy theories now I guess I risk that I did not join Ministry come a minister to make friends and I like friends. But there's a history that too many avenues are unacquainted with and you're going to see by the end of today's presentation Lord willing that a lot has changed you see in that in the 1950 S. there was a man by the name of Walter Martin and Martin was a the editor of sorry Martin Martin was an associate with the editor of attorney magazine I don't think he was officially hired there and I forgot to check my facts again going in review the editor was a man by the name of Donald barn house and eternity magazine was a leading evangelical magazine when I say evangelical the word even Jellicoe means you're spreading the Good News of the Gospel that's the technical word in from that standpoint we better all be even Jellicoe but when I use the word even joke on using the word that fundamental Christian bodies of other denominations call themselves a. Gospel Proclaimers right so the leading even job a magazine at the time was eternity magazine and on the barn house was the editor of that magazine Walter Martin had written books on cults and he was revising a book that he wrote called The Kingdom of the cults in which the 7th Day Adventists were included and so one of our ministers wrote to him and said I would like you to reconsider whether you're going to put Adventists in that book or not and I want you to put yourself in the place of an Adventist leader I can understand that saying you know it would be more helpful if we didn't appear in a list of cults and so they agreed to dialogue together and some key leaders from our church met with Dr Martin and Dr barn house to go over some of our fundamental beliefs so that doctor so that those 2 gentlemen could assess whether or not they believe they were cultish now there's so many things I could say here some of there's some things you have to understand 1st of all about doctors Martin and barn house they were both Calvinists OK that means among other things they believe in predestination they believed in Original Sin these are doctrines we don't or didn't believe in they don't believe that the law is still binding upon Christians and I'm going to tell you that to try to fit the administrate into the framework of that just can't happen you're trying to put a square peg in a round hole let me say around Pagan a square hole I guess if you get the sizes right you can jam something in there but you get what I'm saying so our leaders met with their leaders and I believe that our leaders were well meaning in doing so. But I believe that they in attempting to define the admin to Spain in terms that would be OK to Calvinists even Jellicoe they confused the result of the dialogue was a book that was published called 7th Day Adventists answer questions on doctrine and the idea of the book was if you're a non have been a thing you want answers on I am going to stop and this is your book that book became a book that was given out to others as well as use in a text as a textbook in our schools teaching our people Evan US doctrine only was having a doctrine that was more appealing to the evangelicals there have been debates in our church over this is it a big deal is it a little bit I don't want to throw anybody under the bus I'm not going to try to pull skeletons that are the cause I don't know I haven't talked to these men they're long gone who are behind the book I don't want to impugn their motives but I'm going to tell you I think it was a mistake based on where we are today we don't have to have discussions with one another all we have to do is go to the evangelicals and say What did you understand happened from that dialogue and that's what we're going to do here on the screen this is an article that was written in Christianity Today in February of 1990 by a guy named Kenneth samples now samples actually had taken over the ministry of the late Dr Walter Martin he was a correspondence editor of the late Dr Marcus Christian Research Institute and he wrote this this because after this interview in the fifty's Martin took Abbott us out of the whole section of his book put him in the appendix and he wrote a book called The Truth About 7 am and to somehow they're not a cult after all. I should have cued up our guys here guys I have a video it's on my laptop and I'm going to play it in about 10 minutes or so and it's about a 10 minute interview how many of you have ever watched a show on you too called the John inker Bert Show John inker Berg was an evangelical minister and during the Ford crisis they had the publisher of the evidence review on their show and I again not wanting to throw anybody under the bus but if you watched it it's an embarrassment in part because the way they framed their interview William Johnson who was on the show he said that they didn't give him a heads up as to what they were really going to do when he got on that show they were just going to have this congenial discussion and then they tried to nail him to the wall and he was not prepared for it but it will give you a flavor of what was going on in this video what you see that came through in the Ford crisis this is what they basically say and Dr Martin is on the interview with John and the host of the show in a barn house isn't there but Martin is there and Martin's basically saying you know back in the fifty's when I met with your leaders you guys said you believe this but the way things are going today which incidentally We'll get to this which incidentally is what Desmond Ford took to its logical conclusion Desmond Ford was disfellowshipped from the evidence church as anybody where that or basically following through on believing questions on doctrine that's the reality you're going to see that in in samples article in the interview with mart so let's move on here once again no some of this article he says kind of sample says much of the doctrinal controversy that emerged in Adventism in the last several decades can be traced to their interaction with evangelicals in the late 1950 S. again he's writing this in 1900 Looking back on this whole thing. The admin is had released a publication in title questions on doctrine and then he entitles you which he will after in the interview in the article he says this controversial volume affirmed among other things now I want to get I'm going to go back is going to cheat look ahead now listen carefully I've told people before as a minister I'm conscious of this and I don't always do well with it but I try to that when you're a public speaker especially in the area of theology you're not just responsible for what you say you're responsible for what people hear and so it's important you do your best to make sure they don't misunderstand and I stewing your best you still can get misunderstood but what I want you to get here is this we can say we in the average church well that's not what really was trying to say questions on doctrine was up to them it wasn't trying to say that we didn't believe these things anymore but I want to know what even Joe Cole's read when they read questions and. When they had come dialogues with our leaders this controversial volume affirmed among other things that administers not regard Ellen White's writings as an infallible or canonical authority and that salvation was soley a gift of God's grace not the result of works well we believe that there's some other things in there that will come out. Also repudiated such commonly held traditional evidence doctrines as the notion that Christ had inherited a human nature affected by the fall now let me just interject this here today you'll talk to our church will say we have no position on that but I'm going to tell you that in Ellen White stay when she was alive S. and Haskell went down to a can't meeting in Indiana you ever read this they have the drums the shouting the dancing and one of the things that was the holy flesh movement in one of the things the holy flesh movement believed was that Jesus took the nature of Adam before the fall and has school wrote back to Ellen White and he said I tried to explain to them the way we believe. Now how do you tell Ellen why the way we believe it we didn't have a position on it I'm going to tell you that prior to questions on doctrine every evidence had an agreement upon the nature of Christ to. You read about in desire of agents in their Vedas she did Adam Christ not take the field where Adam did but took the nature of man at 4000 years after the fall now there are other people that I'm going to tell you people read in their nuances of this I'm not getting into the nature of Christ. But I'm going to tell you that there was a common agreement and that agreement was I wish I had Haskell's I was going to pull it up which had Haskell statement brought to me now but he basically said we believe that I told him our position that we believe that Christ. Took Adam's nature after the fall but without any taint of sin upon him and I pray he were the way he word is important but in any rate that was understanding and I haven't ism and even didn't like that part of the reason was because it ruins the the doctrine of original sin which they held to the also reputed such commonly held traditional evidence doctrines and I want you to understand that the understanding of the evangelicals is these were doctrines that were ever in the Stockmen's up until. You know avin to say they don't argue that So no it wasn't yes it was as a notion that President Herod of human nature affected by the fall and an understanding that the last days believers would achieve sinless perfection as believe. The was a clear statement of what would be later known as even Joe who had been to see it reflected a sense of change in how I have been a few themselves and others notice this one. Described they haven't tism as merely one tribe of Israel rather than Israel itself. This was 7th Day Adventists him this way seventy's and retained its distinctiveness without condemning other Christian churches in other words they said you know remember that doesn't mean we believe that we have the truth we're one of many who have that that's what's happening there now I can understand them not wanting to make other Christians feel like they were trying to condemn them I understand that so I say I don't I wasn't there I understand the motives but this is the outcome I mean listen let's be honest there's a reason this seminar is packed out because you guys know that in the evidence church today it's like this I've told I told my members of the pastor it's almost like if I go in and I preach a sermon that's having us believe I feel like I'm on trial in the pulpit for things that used to be just common understanding this movement continued to evolve throughout the 1970 S. with 2 of the strongest advocates being Australian scholars Robert Brinsmead and Desmond Ford major catalysts of a revival of the doctrine of Justification by Faith what they were teaching was not justification by faith but this of course the evangelical out the problems of understanding the distinctions between justification and sanctification had plagued Adventism throughout its history how many of you were in the morning session or heard that I shared a quote in the morning session where Ellen Wright says that there are people who try to define 2 minute Lee the points between the fine points between justification and sanctification I shared a new revelation that I had in preparing for my morning series and that is the word justification doesn't appear once in the book steps to cry the concept does. And I believe it's because of things like this now they're making a big issue and say the avenues of always wrestle between the 2 No we didn't wrestle between the 2 we just didn't make a big deal because we understand the same faith that justifies a person sanctifies a person so instead of getting caught up in all the details to say have faith in Christ and you have both but you'll see why this is an issue as we go on in the mind of evangelicals even Joe Adventists were united in their understanding of righteousness by faith it was justification only Even Joe Adventists were united with Martin with Brinsmead not with the rest of Christianity because there are other CHRIS Now see if we had met with the Baptist instead of Martin barn house the book would have been different and I guess my point there is our faith is we based on scripture not the people that we're in a group with even if there are have been a some mean we've got to know what we believe but we don't shape our faith to say well you don't like that doctor let me see let's How can we see how we can readjust it even to levels were united in their understanding of righteousness by faith it was justification only sanctification was but the accompanying fruits and that sounds really good but there's a problem with that you'll see that in their understanding justification was distinct from and logically prior to sanctification we agree that Nevertheless the 2 are not to be separated we agree with that so why is where is the problem even just the Avonex of the also firmed the Pauline that's the Apostle Paul in the Reformation or understanding of righteousness by faith now they're just saying that Paul and the reformers all party justification only righteousness by faith which isn't true but that's what they hope to and so there are idea was even. After they finally finally you've got to think about this even joke a world is saying now finally you haven't a sickening on track why are we concerned to find the approval of Babylon to tell us we finally got the truth. I mean look you've got I mean you've got to be able to do the math on this and I'm not saying that to disparage when we say Babylon it we're not trying to be critical of other denominations we're simply saying that there are errors that came into Christianity through the ages of time when people didn't have their own Bible to study and instead of drawing doctrines from Scripture we know this from history they were just drawing doctrine from tradition the idea of eternal hell the idea that the soul lives forever comes from Greek pagan philosophy not Scripture and so we use that scriptural term Babylon We're not trying to be insulting just trying to say that God is calling us all back to faithfulness scripture in 1980 goes on in the article I know this is a long reading but it's I think it's important here that 1900 have been a time of a real crisis within 7 they haven't tism as several representatives of even Joel Adventism were fired or forced to resign because of their uncompromising views I read that and I thought I left that that is what I did uncompromising this is anything but uncompromising the whole thing is compromise I mean the whole thing was I don't want to be so Gifford from the rest of the Christian world and so I'm going to bend to be like them that's not uncompromising or the even Joe Coles they're like yeah this is uncompromising like as we're going over that these guys are going over their side and they're feeling really good about that sort of uncompromising view they were fired or forced to resign it says because of their uncompromising views I'm going to tell you that there are people today there are ministers today in the 7 they have missed a nomination think every bit as much as those who had to resign or get fired back in the controversy peaked in 1980 when Desmond Ford an outspoken advocate of evangelical Adventism challenge the biblical validity of the sanctuary's doctrine of the sanctuary Dr in the one doctrine that supported Adventism is remnant identity we're going to talk about that we get into the identity of the. Our church the future of the heavens is an identity on. Yes for argued that the doctrine had no biblical warrant and was only accepted because of Ellen G. White and elsewhere in the article I thought I would throw this in he said traditional I have been to some that is they have been to some prior to the evangelical haven't tism it was the outgrowth of the the era rests squarely upon the authority of Ellen G. White traditional traditionalist strongly defend distinctive Avonex believe especially those that received their stamp of approval from Mrs White's prophetic gift it wasn't Mrs White's prophetic gift it was God's prophetic gift and I thought I welcome somebody to disagree with that that's fine you can disagree with that but you could have disagreed just as well that Jeremiah had the president prophetic gift in his day that you can't fault the people who believe he was a prophet God by saying of Jeremiah gave some sanction to this I'm going to lean that way I am not apologizing because I take the word of a prophet of God over a bunch of scholars because scholars make mistakes because they're men just like on men and women just like your women so I guess I like them women so you get the idea now what I'd like to do is I like to show this video clip and what I might need is a handheld tailor so that we get some volume on this one of you could or do I owe a look at that my own brother you know I can turn what did you have a comment here something. Well good ol I. A Keep it up here. OK now it should not track night I hope you can you should be able to make this out but let's see let's roll this. Turn my volume up here and. Thank you for what you joined us tonight tonight were our guests are Dr William Johnson on the street view of the official organ of the 7th Day Adventist the nomination of Dr Walter Moore. Who is well known for many of his writings on the calls as well as the contemporary religious philosophy today in our country John we're glad that you're here and I thought that on the topic of some of the advent of Dr Johnson the man that is sitting next to you in your book that you put out in 57 questions on dark room that was are you Fishel statement of the 7th day of one of the nomination through. To the world in a sense there was a compliment to the guy sitting next to you namely that you appreciated the fact that when he with other scholars from. Other Adventist Church was came to ask questions you appreciated the fact that he came to you directly he came to the denominator in the nomination and did research and Walter I'd like for you to kind of go back as we start did you get into going to the denomination What was their process and what happened. Research on various cult I'm written a book The Rise of the cults and I received a letter from Lee Roy from top 7 and a scholar and historian. The man who wrote the prophetic Faith of Our Fathers and other books and he took issue with me over the classification of 7th Day Adventists them as a cult and I contacted him back again and I said I was sorry he took issue but that I had quite a bit of information which indicated to me that they were and he said well it wasn't accurate so I went to Dr Barnes House who is the editor of eternity magazine I work for eternity at the time and I said this is a very responsible man and I think we ought to investigate this. Dr Barr said Why don't you go down to Washington and talk with them but I know there are a cult because I grew up in Mountain View California and I met with them all the time out there and they were always giving me the mark of the bass than everything else and said You're wasting your time he said don't bother where you are said you want down the washing I went down there and I met with the Royal Manderson who is the editor of the ministry magazine Time and the head of all 7th Heaven as ministers and missionaries throughout the world and then with the reader was a special consultant to the General Conference the royal Froome and. Who got the whole thing started by discussing with us also in Sylvania where we were headquartered some of things about I didn't as your conclusion I came out with the conclusion in 1956 an eternity magazine came out with the conclusion that 7th Day Adventists who acknowledge the things that their denomination were telling us had to be regenerate Christians and even could not be classified as a cult. However there were advantages that were on the other side of the fence. And we recognize them too we spent the time down there going over their literature which was a morass of contradictions materials that could be juxtaposed back and forth either cultic or non cultic depending on who wrote it we had to go through that with a whole group of scholars and their publishing houses and theologians to sift through all the materials and the result of I propounded a series of questions to them and the series was. Later put into the book with you much before questions on doctrine it was the 1st time that a non Adventist scholar and expert on the Colts had gone to the Adventist sat down with them discussed their theology openly frankly and freely and I believe to this day the men I dealt with on the committee and figure and the theologians who work with us were thoroughly honest man I was. A logical college where. Water was dialogue of our leaders and in fact we were starting questions on doctrine I was 57 with my 1st year in school down in Avondale Australia and we went through that book very carefully. It was applauded by the teachers there and then later I became a teacher I taught for 20 years in the end of. Last in the Seminary of are these or us associate dean also and that book has been highly regarded. In terms of the controversy John that was some disagreement when it came out. Why. A MEMBER I'm just telling you what I've been told I wasn't around here in the states one man in particular M.R. Andrius and was not invited to be part of a garland he took strong exception to some of the things in there I think that too that I've heard mentioned over and over have been the nature of Christ the Human nature of Christ and in some statements reality. Could be atonement the use of that word appointment and. Became quite irate I would say he sent out literature opposing the book and some people agree with him he got a certain following. However by and large I don't think a large following That's my assessment in terms of the nominations stand on the book we have not been Putin to questions on doctrine the book went through a printing 150000 copies now that's a lot of copies it is still the college classes. Some people feel it ought to be reprinted. We can get into that there is another theological volume of 7th Day Adventist biblical theology in process and we can discuss that I think that's a major reason why we are not reporting on doctrine that categorically I can tell you the leadership of the seminary going to Church has not refuted questions on doctrine OK. Wachter are watching many stars offer some of the questions that you have already submitted to the the denomination because you are saying that you heard some things and you are you're saying what you were told the 1st time around as well as some of the contemporary events that are happening right now we're going to start tonight I think that you have to begin with the background we have already and also with the fact that the 7th there than the nomination today. To my addressed my questions responded quite differently the nomination in 156. In 156. Figure who consider questions on doctrine and the dialogue he said to be the most important single contribution of his entire tenure as President Reagan figure began to his later life to deplore the fact that there was a strong movement within 7th Day Adventists to undercut what they had worked so hard to establish in questions on doctrine and so I after a number of them this ministers came to me after I received literally hundreds and hundreds of letters documents boxes full of documents from all over the world strode Zealand England the United States you name it they're stacked up that we had to go through with people doing research on the subject and they were all telling the same story these ministers and these people all over the world they were saying we believe questions on doctrine we cited questions on doctrine we presented our views in the light of questions on doctrine and we were disfellowshipped were moved from the church. I'm now painting houses and I was a former teacher I was doing this now I'm doing such and such what what went wrong so I thought would be a good idea to ask the question what went wrong so. I want to go back to it but I want you to know what he just said. This was during the Ford crisis that this interview thinking. People starting with Ford this is who it was we're saying we're just following questions on doctrine. And we're losing our job or you don't understand what's going on there now let me see if I can try to find this myself back here. Thank you act. They go through with people doing research on the subject and they're all telling the same story these ministers and these people all over the world they were saying we believe questions on doctrine we cited questions on doctrine we presented our views in the light of questions on doctrine and we were disfellowshipped were removed from the church are now painting houses and I was a former teacher I was doing this now I am doing such and such what what went wrong so I thought would be a good idea to ask the question what went wrong so I addressed 3 questions to Neil Wilson who is the press person and Governor General Conference Mr Wilson didn't have time to discuss it with me so he referred me to somebody else who didn't have apparently the time to discuss the either and they referred me to somebody else by the time I didn't get a response the 1st question I asked 3 questions 3 primary questions I asked them. The question that I thought was tremendously important which is. Do you still hold the question on Iraq. And the answer was yes. Same as the chances. I thought strange. All these people can be wrong or something wrong in the communication system 2nd question do you regard the teachings of Aren't you the interpretations of Ellen G. White of the Bible to be infallible that is the infallible rule of interpret Scripture in your denomination if for instance an issue comes up where you're debating something and Mrs White speaks on. Is that the infallible voice at the end of the debate as that is is that. That question was conspicuously left unanswered. And I was referred to other materials which was rather super. And I asked a 3rd question. Asked them about questions of doctrine and one of the book went out of print and since then I have formulas now a whole new series of questions are going to get to those what I would like to ask Dr Johnson is in my hand here I have for just a portion of the 7th Day Adventist workers the former some of the evidence workers ordained ministers professors men and women that have far been fired and many of these folks have talked with me many of talk with Dr Martin and the main thing that I keep hearing is that some way they touched some of the doctrines of our own tree white they disagreed from a biblical basis as far as they were concerned and because of that they lost their job I've done a rather careful study of this myself remember I was in seminary also associate dean and I know these young fellows are been in northern California where we have heard a number of front of the ministry I was in Australia in organized in September of this year in Australia the figure of 660 Total 100 that are actually documented right here to start with and I'm sure I could get the others for you. I'd be glad to give you this list here of a 100th is this from the United States or this includes the figure from Australia these look like these are all the United States I'll be very interested to see that on my count the figure in the United States is around 60 to 70 and honestly. I don't think. There should be an eye opening interview with you in the. Sample Oracle within the 90. And I had a lot of thoughts going through my head there and I didn't want to head interject once and then I think it better not to. Folks I wasn't there in every level of this where happen I don't want to be critical of individuals but I believe you know I believe what he said These people are growing up in the atmosphere of the reading question often they're being taught that this is what we believe and they're getting fired I can't question their sincerity but I think between samples article and even this interview it should be fairly clear that something dramatically changed between what happiness happily been amnesty even where Walter Martin sitting there and he's like well I take it you guys that the Cole category but now I'm hearing what some of you guys believe I'm thinking about put you back in you know what was really happening is when those leaders sat down with when our leaders sat down with the cube with the Martin and barn house and were trying to explain Adventism to their satisfaction they softened down the edges of certain things that when they got to talking to the lay people or reading our publications if you caught the interview this said well wait a minute this isn't meeting up I mean you've got all these publications and everything saying something different and people are saying something different and then our leader said oh we assure you it's just a handful of people up in the in the words of we were proven one place in the lunatic fringe of Edmonton and poor Emma Andreassen got thrown under the bus on this thing he was one of our least one of the one of the chief contributors of the 7 Evans Bible Commentary did some phenomenal work on the subject of the sanctuary one of the best books on Hebrews written as I believe the book by and Reus and because some of his positions and in fact he tried to stand up against some of these things and I believe he did it in a very cordial way at least in the beginning I say that because well I won't go into the history. They ended up disfellowshipping in the interest. Because he would hold he was holding to his positions and his big concern and I don't have the quote with me he said there's a lot of good things and questions on Doc and I can agree with but he had a real big problem with the tone you have to understand something Saint's now I'm going to tell you if I were to just use this language and say that the work of Christ was finished the cross probably shouldn't be a very shocking thing to hear because I hear all the time in ministry various places that's what we believe right problem is this 7 the avenues have always held to the understanding that the sacrifice on the cross was complete just like in the sanctuary the sacrifice in the sanctuary was complete but when the sacrifice took place on the altar of burnt offering outside the temple that was the last part of the service they're still have to come to work in the temple and the Apostle Paul is clear the book of Hebrews that Jesus couldn't do is preaching work in the temple because if you was on earth he couldn't be a priest so we know the ascended to heaven to be a priest but if he's done at the cross What's he doing in heaven it makes no sense and so our understanding is the Atonement in the Person of Christ in the sacrifice of Christ was complete on the cross but to just say absolutely that the Atonement was done at the cross then you're left with what's this heavenly sanctuary about him why hasn't Jesus come yet I mean for crying out loud 2000 years ago his prayer to his father was Father My greatest desire is that those who gave me be with me where I am now did he do I bail thing any went on a long journey right remember live on Mount Carmel maybe go the long journey maybe think of an app somewhere why isn't Jesus back yet the only people who have any legitimate answer is a 7 they haven't is because we know that he's doing is precisely work and finishing that work in the sanctuary in heaven and let's be clear on something else we call the work the work of atonement. Which means that you heard it stated different ways right we can state Atonement as what break at one moment OK you heard that at one moment Atonement is taking 2 parties that are a strange from each other and bringing them together right who are the 2 parties that are a strange man and God why are they apart what's in the middle that's blocking them how can you have Atonement while sin is still present the only way atonement comes a sin has to be pulled out and then atonement and that was not completed on Calvary look at look at Hebrews now I'm I'm doing a lot of history but I do want to show you this and going into this I thought well there's a lot to cover I'll see what I can do so there's going to be things left out but I hope to get the main point is made which I haven't got to exactly yet we're getting there you have to have the history 1st Hebrews Chapter 9 Hebrews is a fascinating book even Chapter 9 and I want you to notice verse 23 he was not 23 The Bible says therefore it was necessary that the copies of the things in the heavens and speaking of the earthly tabernacle there think Temple the copy the copies of the things in the heavens should be purified with these Speaking of animal sacrifices but the heavenly things not talk about the heavenly temple the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these for Christ has not entered the holy places made with hands so your tabernacle which are copies of the True but into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for us that is increased language the high priest was a representative of the peoples whose appearing for the people on behalf of the people and that's what he's saying is Christ didn't appear as an earthly pretties in the presence of God in the heavenly temple or us as our representative before the father what's he doing there notice. Not that he should offer himself off and as a high priest enters the most holy place not literally here is the holy places of the sanctuary if you do the book in the Greek every year with the blood of another he then would have had to suffer often since the foundation of the world so write one sacrifice that was complete and that part of the atonement we believe is complete but now notice but now once at the end of the ages he has appeared to put away what sin by the sacrifice of himself now this is a power does hold on to this for a minute now this isn't saying a whole lot more than Matthew 121 when the angel Gabriel said and you should call his name Jesus because he's going to save his people from their sin is here it tells us that he was manifested What does that mean manifested showed where did we see Jesus manifest here on Earth so what the Apostles telling us is he was manifest he came for this reason this is why he came this is the whole reason of it to do what what a way sin by the sacrifice of himself no brothers and sisters this is not a hard question next I'm asking you is sin put away are you going to look in this world and say Look just go look at the billboards drive to Chicago and look at the billboards and tell me since for women look at the evening T.V. I mean we go on and on about no it's not put away now yet but notice this is the work of Christ He has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself in the context where the pulse is trying to say is that's what he's doing in the heavens and atonement and as verse $27.00 as it is appointed for men to die once but after this the judgment So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many that part is complete but notice to those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a 2nd time what now now the New King James says apart from sin some Bible say without sin. I like the readings and I forget whether it's you know any E.S.B. or a New American Standard that says without reference to sin but they're all saying the same thing that Jesus is now putting away sin that's what a priest does but when he comes back he's not coming back as if he's coming back as King of Kings and Lord of lords and they don't deal in putting way with sin the deal with the execution of judgment which is what Jude says when he talks about coming of the coming of Christ is coming to execute just 10000 missing so the point of the Apostle here is we're in a window of time where Jesus has come to this earth to put away sin he's entered into the heavenly sanctuary that's the work that he's doing now but when he comes back he's not coming to deal with sin which means now is the time to have sinned. But it tells us very clearly what's holding him up he's putting away sin but now we're going to go around and say Look that was all done at the cross and pulled out of his mind then this whole idea that we're holding onto of an investigative judgment is ridiculous we shouldn't ever help to it Ellen White who endorse it is a false prophet we're in a false movement you understand what I'm saying I mean you don't just take the and this is what happened then people this is why when a Ford begin presenting what he did folks there were entire 7th Day Adventist Church is that would turn into Sunday churches overnight which is interesting so for himself still is a sabbath keep but this whole thing was about trying to make admin a space more appealing to the even Joel world I want you to notice some of the things here and because I'm short on time I want to summarize a key point I'm going to look at these here but this is a key point that this is impacts in the book the shaking of Adventism and it's kind of a key thought throughout this idea of of justification the Gospel being justification only I'm going to be couple stems I'm going to comment this is what he says I'm sorry. Acts and says when justification sanctification or synthesised as in the Council of Trent That's a Catholic Council in the dark ages sanctification inevitably swallows up justification of this is concern and from from a pastor's viewpoint and the underlying issue that came out in the Ford crisis that's even debated today in our church is the gospel is either justification heavy or justification only and if you bring sanctification into it which is what acts and saying here then it makes people focus on sanctification again I want to recall to your mind that defining the points 2 minute I said in this morning's meeting justification is equivalent to being born it's the new We're you may not be the new birth but it may happen at the same time in other words when you're born again you're justified it happens in a moment and then sanctification is the work of a what like time and very simply put justification is receiving the new life and sanctification is learning to live it because when we receive a new life we still have the old nature right in the Bible says the flesh lust against a spirit the spirit against the flesh and so our ongoing Christian journey the whole rest of the journey so listen justification Bloom is here is think of a case of the whole rest of the time so people say well you guys talk about sanctification a lot Well that's my whole life now it can be truly said that we can diminish justification from a standpoint of the whole sanctifying process you know I could get in my head because it's natural for human nature this isn't just for Christians and human nature is naturally save yourself. And so yeah I may forget that the only power I have in a sanctifying life is the same faith that justified me at the beginning the only power I have is the life I receive in Christ in the beginning and that's going to be all the way through. So yeah I could get an emphasis roll but to tip to make the point that just inherently what's going to have to happen and everybody who believes that sanctification is part of righteousness by faith is just consumed with the idea of their own works is not a valid assessment and I flesh that out in a moment but this is his concern as as Paxton brings it up I want to jump ahead to another one here that he makes. He says the righteousness of faith is never to be confused with sanctification it is not saying that nor does it include saying to fixation the clear distinction between the righteousness of faith and sanctification was the massive breakthrough made by Martin Luther OK Now let me explain a little bit here here's what's going on for 7 Day Adventists I mean tell you why because in a psych Well it's just been a stock you know it's. You know the Bible says we're justified by faith. Let's just look at it I don't want to assume it elations Let's go to collations 2 of my favorite texts on this bill it's 2 very clear. We still have. Initial line. Common. Goal ations 2 and let's look over 16 and look at it says here we're in the middle of one of Paul's thoughts but you'll get the point he says knowing that a man is not what justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ even we have believed in Christ Jesus that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law for by the works of the law and no flesh shall be justified pretty clear there that were justified by faith go to Acts chapter 26 In fact let's see Acts 26 let's go to verse 17 the Lord Jesus is calling the Apostle Paul the persecutor to go and preach the gospel for him in Paul's recounting that experience Acts 26 were 17. Bible says I will deliver you from the Jewish people as well as from the gentiles to whom I now send you to open their eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are what sanctified how so how does justification come up how to say to figure come same facings same faith and so a 7th Day Adventists We've believe that biblically if you exercise faith in Christ you have both and so to separate justification from sanctification the gospel makes no sense I mean how do I do that I can't believe a different way for one of the other I believe was my belief and it brings both to me because it all comes to me in the Person of Christ you know it's the essence of it when we're justify what we were seeing is not a thing but a person then the person is Jesus Christ and in Christ we have justification and sanctification and redemption polls as another you follow what I'm saying now that hasn't been a problem for us in fact that's important to us because a 7 Day Adventists we know from Scripture that the requirement for Heaven is harmony with the law go up the whole problem with the carnal mind that it is is the Bible says it's not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be infected Romans 7 verse 14 Paul says the law is spiritual but I am carnal sold under sin his point is that you have to contrary things you've got the law and you got me the law a spiritual I'm carnal spiritual thing carnal thing they don't go together it's like oil and water now here's the question if you have a spiritual and you have a carnal and they don't go together one or the other needs to be changed which one do you think it is not our question should we change the spiritual thing and make a car or the carnal thing and make it spiritual is that a hard question let me tell you something the Christian world is trying to make the spiritual think arm. When they do away with the law of God That's what's happening they don't think it through but when you say other laws been done away with want to meet us in our sin A I can't keep it oh you can't keep it can you imagine if you told your kids you know your kid said you know the thing is I can't keep my room clean oh OK I'll just get rid of that and you don't ever have to clean your room what does that help so we understand that the law of God is something that is the rule of the heavenly universe and we've got to be in harmony with it only we're not in harmony with it but praise God righteousness by faith brings us in harmony with the foreign Anglican minister or somebody who believes in predestination predestination means God saves you regardless of your choice you know that right predestination says I'm going to save you whether you want it or not and there are some people elected to be saved and some people like to be lost and of God chose for you to be lost there's nothing you can do to be saved and a God chose for you to be say there's nothing you can do to be lost so commitment keeping doesn't fit in their investigative judgment that evaluates our character makes no sense and what it does for an Anglican to believe that sanctification is part of righteousness by faith is it makes him now a little uneasy because his only comfort is is believing that God predestined everything and so no hassles concern is if people believe that they've got to be sanctified to they're going to worry about their salvation Well that could not necessarily they're converted they won't because if they're converted they're going to know that their salvation depends on Jesus whether it's justification of sanctification and I'm going to tell you we have to witness the impact of this on our church has been that we have leaned more towards justification only because we don't want people to get worried about their characters I can understand it I can understand not wanting people to stress out and always have their eyes on themselves it's one of the saddest things about the investigative judgment teaching because the investigative judgment teaching in reality. If you go back to our pioneers what it did is it directed their minds and their eyes to where Jesus was and what he was doing and they realize that Jesus right now at this present moment is working for me to make sure I get is and once I realize that it gives me hope and so sometimes many times we've taught him if we talking best get a judgment as it is like I've got this I had somebody tell me once maybe. Had Somebody tell me once or you know all the investigative judge my understanding is that God's going to go through at some point he's going to get to mining in a comb through my life he made already done it he may have already done it not and he decided I wasn't fit for heaven and I'm lost and I don't even realize it yet like really that's what you were taught not Biblical is not what you're going to read in the book great controversy is not going to read the book prophets or other places where people got that idea so I understand where some have innocent may be brought in for comes out here comes Desmond Ford says he not to worry about that. But you don't combat a false teaching with a false teaching and that's where we all are and some of the fallout that's come to us. Look folks I mean one of the clearest and most powerful and unsettling examples is in the Gospel of Matthew go to Matthew 21 with me 21 or 22 got to remember my place 22 it's our time here a little bit left here Matthew chapter 22 I mean there's a lot more I could say about this but the main point I've got to the main point and the main point is this whole emphasis where we lead with you O.D.D. was this justification only emphasis we stopped talking about sanctification we stopped talking about character development we stopped talking about Christian lifestyle because that just robs you of salvation that's one of the reason we have to go over lifestyle this week for the reason I mean I've had I've heard this with people like you know our young I see our young people the way they dress the way they wear jewelry and stuff like that and I cook I take it easy on him because we're not teaching him any more. We're not teaching them I can't blame and we don't teach them because we're fraid somebody might say something we're Fraid that they might lose their security and we did that happens with us so we don't talk about lifestyle anymore but the thing about lifestyle is not about some little thing it's not about something little thing that you wear some little thing you watch it's that every choice we make has impact on our character and our eternal destiny is determined by our character not our profession and you see that in Matthew 22 very clearly Bible says Matthew 22 Jesus answered spoke to them again by parables a kingdom of heaven is like a certain king arranged marriage for a son and sent out his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding and they were not willing to come and they gave excuses now I'm going to jump pass excuse excuse part to the next stage of the story verse 8 then he said to his servants the wedding is ready but those who were invited were not worthy therefore go into the highways and as many as you find invite to the wedding so those servants went out into the highways and gathered together all whom they found both bad and good and the wedding hall was filled with guests but when the king came in to see the guests he saw a man there who did not have on what a wedding garment so he said to him friend how did you come in here with the without a wedding garment and he was speechless and the king said to the servants bind him hand and foot take him away and cast them into outer darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth many are cold you are chose not to grasp the significance of the story the master whose biting people the feast too is that Jesus or God the Father right and what is the feast that they're being invited to salvation right so they've got the invitation to the feast. Some people reject it but they go out and they find some people to accept it so practically Who are these people there are people who have said yes to what salvation in their minds I said yes to Jesus I said Yes I want to be saved I want to be part of. This is people who have said I've Jesus is my savior I'm his disciple I'm a follower of Christ here they are now they gather together in the room in the feast and as a master the feast comes around he's inspecting the people and he comes to a minimum is not wearing a wedding arm and he says Fred where is the wedding garment now what would you say if you were in something if you were invited to some party and the host of the party came up to you and said hey where's the outfit I sent you what would you say if you did know anything about that you know what are you talking about what outfit I don't know nobody said anything to me about a wedding garment when you when you when you respond but this guy says nothing you know why he says nothing because he knew there was a garment and I'm interjecting here now but some people told him he didn't need to worry about having that garment on as long as he accepted the invitation that garment represents character the character that every person must have the righteousness of Christ but the righteousness of Christ is not as I mention this morning a trick done by smoke and mirrors it's a character transformation Christ in you the hope Buri and as the master of the feast comes in inspects the guests hears this man he knew that he heard teachings that said he needed a certain character but there were other people the church that said that's not a big deal and in his heart he felt he wasn't ashamed to be there not initially felt totally comfortable like he had every right to be there so that it's in spec and he was found to be me he was not quote character. Sitting forever so that man was bound hand and foot and cast out it. Was Jesus trying to say here he's making it clear no matter what anybody else says no matter what you read in your favorite religious book other than this one Nobody's getting into the kingdom of God without the character Christ and the character of Christ is not can't be you know the parable the 10 virgins what that's communicating is you can't character isn't formed in a moment you read that parable I was like the wise virgins the poorest would say can give us some oil no we're not going to give you any oil you think about how Christians are there right but the point that's being communicated that oil and the lamp together represent a character and characters formed by our choices day by day it's not for minimum you don't form character in a moment and so in the moment of crisis they couldn't give character and in the end of time in the moment of crisis it's too late to get here characters form now by the choices we make so we talk about lifestyle things we need to think where in this we're talking about developing character piece by piece walking with Christ and he weaves that character of his into us he's doing the sanctuary in heaven when we get discouraged we need to look to him and realize he's the author and finisher but if we buy into the idea that we don't need a character fit for having that everything's good now and if these these other lifestyle choices are majoring in minors I know I got a lot of problems it's just my soon I'm going to miss enough so when Jesus comes we're going to be surprise we could be found in a cast in outer door meeting and then if. You look at the mark of the beast issue at the end of time that's what it's all about you notice at the end of time you get a revelation you get the mark of the beast everybody has a mark on the forehead. Notice that not just the wicked but the righteous and in the in both Marx the Bible says both parts contain a name you know what meanings in the Bible has reference to characters a character issue and I'm going to tell you right now you'll be like hey I had 7 devils I grew up this way I know what the issue is Saturday Sunday and when they come in they tell me and it keeps on him and say No way Jose forget it you're not going to say No way Jose if your character is wrong because your character will default you to the wrong side and I don't know if it was in here the other day that my brother Jim brought that up or somewhere I heard him talking recently where brought that point up appeared Peter knew the answers to the test Jesus said are you going to deny me OK I know it's coming right 3 times right once twice 3 times didn't bat an eye why because he didn't realize his character already had defaulted into the wrong side you don't need to be ashamed of the foundations of our faith we don't to be the same that we believe that sanctification justification and sanctification are part of the gospel but we don't believe the Atonement is fully completed yet because Jesus is doing a work or is going to be showing them that we're supposed to be reclaiming that people need to know that so they too can be ready in what we do the devil silences the only church they can say it so the multitudes are going to be like that poor man without a wedding garments or to have mercy Saints I want to tell you something I mean there's so much more we could say we're going to talk about things this week lifestyle issues whatever else but our hope is like no other hope we know above all people that Jesus isn't done with his work and taking a vacation somewhere he's got a footstool and he's waiting he's actively right now working so you can be there so I can be there when the Bible and Daniel gives a picture that judgment assists judgment was made in favor of the saints that's what he's doing so of all people have hope or I should be directed to Jesus and when we meet people downtrodden they're discouraged we can say right now Jesus is working. Everest interceding on your behalf to make sure you're there you just say Lord take my heart let me walk over others insisted we have nothing. Except that we walk a distance from the men it's pretty Other haven't father as we've considered these things today there's much more that we could look at Lord I just pray that as we come away from this my point and I hope it was clear is not to disparage anybody in the past for We've all had different things we learn and mistakes that we make a mistake in understanding what have you will or we believe I believe that we are living in the time where we at least some of us here have the privilege recreates every one of us to see Jesus coming in. The Lord will have to be close we have a closer righteousness of Christ the shame of our nakedness does not appear Lord we need that character is not a character that we can develop ourselves as a character you work out in us as we walk with you step by step so Lord I want to ask today that despite our weaknesses you help us to look to your string. And you would bring us across that and. Other We thank you for the Privy have your being you can't mean you want to pray to your brother bless each one here in a special way in Jesus' name you know this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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