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4. The Future of Adventist Identity

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 9, 2018
    6:00 PM
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Heavenly Father I do want to thank you so much for the privilege we have of being here and can't meeting I want to thank you for beautiful day Lord in the opportunity we have of coming together and fellowshipping with one another and hearing your word Lord I pray that it would be something that with their our hearts and minds and and your work in us the character of Christ that we may be that people who call us to be at the end of time pray Lord now that you would give your 3 year in hearts responder I ask and prayed in Jesus name Amen oh so much to say before I get into the presentation itself I wanted to share something here that I thought went very well with my brother shared yesterday then I came across this desire of a just recently you know when you teach classes you you the most if I taught more why teach quite a bit you learn not to pass the papers out you know until you think of what you need to do because then everybody's reading the paper or someone to preface the statement and I'm going to show it to you I read this in desire of ages and you know the Bible calls Oistrakh comforter and there's a lot of ways the Holy Spirit brings comfort but I read this particular statement and I'd read it before but it just really impacted me I want you to get something out of this from does I have ages on the Holy Spirit being called the comforter Page 6 everyone says the comforter is called The Spirit of truth his work is to define and what maintain the truth he 1st dwells in the heart as the Spirit of truth and thus in this way he becomes the comforter there is comfort and peace in the truth but no real peace or comfort can be found in fall so now I share that you have a day without hearing the statement. When when when we're in a world give they all you can't know what truth is and there's no right there's no absolute truth I mean listen when I go to the bank I want to know that there is an absolute truth when it comes to add dition right I deposited $100.00 last week on deposit underdogs this week that should be 2 under it well you know there's no absolute truth it might be 200 you but the US is 2750. So you know there's and I use that example but there's comfort and certainty in knowing that there are things you can count on and that's what she's saying in the Holy Spirit is he brings us true the way he comforts is not some feeling it's with the truth the certainty of truth and that's why again we're doing the seminar because there is certainty in the evidence message there is comfort and peace in the truth but no real peace or comfort can be found in falshood it is through false theories and traditions that Satan gains its power over the mind I don't missed it this is why the devil wants to promote error by directing men to fall standards he what image shapes the character you've heard the principle in Scripture by beholding we become change. That's whatever we the whole whatever I behold if I want to be whole truth I'm going to change to be more like truth if I want to be whole Err I me change like err in the devil knows it and so it's not just like I want to compute them and have some fun he has a goal and the goal is to shape the character in a different way by directing him to fall standards even shapes the character through the scriptures the Holy Spirit speaks to the mind and impresses truth upon the heart thus he exposes error and expelled it from the soul is by the Spirit of Truth working through the Word of God that Christ do his job and people to Himself. Yeah praise the lord indeed and I want to know to your great dangers for I get into this this is something that has been hitting me lately with 7 am to 2 great dangers I think exist probably more but these 2 come to my mind number one for some reason it doesn't seem that we think we're susceptible to deception I'm going to tell you that there are so many flavors of truth in the Evan a search today and somebody I pretend thing yesterday and I don't know what to say about I honestly it is so deep I don't know what to say about it anymore I got off the platform a somebody came up and said Yeah I'm reading this book and it's been really an encouragement to me and he so it cited some very well known avenues to authors from times past. Well. Some There were some avenue saw those in the book and then in the book that he was referring to there was a guy named Eve Stanley Jones everything only JONES I know it was something else to him in probably the most of you who've ever heard the name Ethan Lee Jones are you going to tell the same of the seminar Maybe you heard it if only Jones was a I don't even know if you want to call him a Christian his he was a Christian was trying to reach Hindus and in working with the Hindus he had come to the mindset that there are certain things that as Christians we can teach Hindus about Christ but there are certain things that we don't know the Hindus teach us about Christ and it was got blending and he was in the 50s Christian denominations including this one the 7th Day Adventists one in light of some of the stuff I shared the other day because of our desire for assurance of salvation as my religion talked about yesterday we get this he was a very inspirational speaker and so we're bringing in Esalen JONES We have the guy I guess I got the plaque with the I'm reading this powerful book you know stuff in articles by this guy and he covers Ethan Lee Jones everything else I just don't know what to say without I mean if I were to list you off certain authors I think even in this room you'd be like oh he's one of those I'm not going to go back there because it's a favorite author of yours point is this we're descent we are as susceptible to deception was deception. That's such as when you think you're right and you're not right and you're so sure you're right and what's the only way to get around deception as not my favorite author in the A.B.C. is not my favorite preacher it's Scripture and it's the spirit of prophecy 70 Eben and all there's more get the net and then we're not planning on living in heaven we're talking yesterday about you know we get into it then the evidence in the question was asked yesterday you know we talk about health and we talk about vegetarianism I believe currently it's what Israel 44 percent said they have a survey to Terence I mean are you kidding me what window we had light from God I said that cancer is meant majorly cause more than anything else by meeting I could go to council after council now the bible doesn't condemn it but where you plan on spending eternity I mean it's like well you know I have this problem I have that I know I'd know I don't I know I shouldn't watch this I should watch out I should need this and I shouldn't do that but what do you mean but I'm going to tell you that you're not going to I remember doing and it is a sickening at a guy comes up to me in the meeting and he says that it was not even intended he was not an abbot and he said well I am sure looking forward to going to have my mom is up there she made the best fried chicken and I can just see it now there's me lines and lines of people waiting her fried chicken heaven and I thought I didn't tell me thing OK I was tactful but I'm just for a 7 day Aves folks they're not going to be killing chickens in heaven or anything else. You're not going to be watching Netflix in heaven I'm and I'm not saying you can't watch Netflix not maybe something good here or there but the point is we've got to be preparing to leave this earth. In the Lord is working on that preparation that's really what the advent movement is about when talk about the future of evidence and they have an identity who are we were losing it going to have another history lesson today. But we are to a point in so many places that even for 70 Avonex real life you know what does it matter if you're an avid a stricter Baptist or Presbyterian or non-denominational we have a huge problem with the attendance of our 7th Avenue School one of the primary reasons is because some of the avenues people don't hate Why am I paying extra money to put my can and have a school in a really doesn't matter I can send to the local Christians for the public school it doesn't matter Evan to them doesn't matter anymore this distinctiveness doesn't matter anymore or does it or doesn't I share with you from the statement the other day from this article written in Christianity Today in 1900 bike in a sample protege of Dr Walter Martin and I want to share with you if they didn't the other day in this article he said something interesting he says this ironically now he's talking about the 1990 S. the fallout of the border crisis and everything else he says ironically the present confusion in Adventism is in direct contrast to the competence of Adventism spy in ears Now let me just interject something there this is what I hear today that's what I hear all the time oh back in the past we were always uncertain of our salvation and it was terrible being avid so hard and everything was so critical somebody the outsiders are saying I am going to seem to be pretty much on the same page but now that they all have this freedom in Jesus or the board price and everything else they don't know what they are do they are where they are going if in direct contrast to the comet you give this guy got a 7th Avenue to the outside looking in what he sees the evidence church here is in direct contrast to the confidence of amateurs and pioneers who know exactly who they were they were God's remnant church a special people with a special message or special. Wow they get there now they get there I want you to know some statements here we're going to build on this today we're going to look at you know primarily primarily what is it that makes us that they haven't. That's our prophetic message it's our prophetic message and the Gospel is tied to the prophetic message we already saw that Revelation 14 we look at it in a song and another range of lying in the midst of heaven right as a prophetic picture having the everlasting Gospel he preaches about the judgment hour the fall of Babylon in the market the beast in the context of the everlasting Gospel you can't separate them Christ put them together there in Revelation notice what it says here the scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and the central pillar of the Advent faith now this is an Adventist this is this is a movement that we were birth from the great Advent movement the foundation in the center pillar of the haven't they was the declaration on to 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed one of our ministers in this conference is share this at one of our pastors meetings he was taking online classes with one of our. Universities religion classes the illogic theology avenues the ology classes so he's watching online and then in the classroom you have students and the teacher asks the question of the students about William Miller and who knew who he was and 0 of the theology students knew and these are the going to be the people preaching to you and you ask a 7 am innocent they in so many places what do you think 44 is about and it really isn't significant and I've got a video time permitting I would have showed you from Desmond 4 that he made just this last year where he tells in the video look this whole investigative judgment thing he says I know scholar after scholar friends in the avenue search and they're like Desi don't see best judge many more we're past that and you can say well he's making it up except for you tell me where the and saw and listen with so much talk about the atonement finished at the cross why would we talk about some event that came after that. I'm telling you it's just confusion up to here but we're told that this was a foundation pillar text for us Daniel 814 and look at that today now notice this statement from early writings in early writing 63 Ellen White has a section in there I wish I could share with you the whole thing but the section is called the messengers in it God revealed to her the messengers of God's messengers in the last days and what their message would be and this is what she sharing She says there are many precious truths containing the word of God but it is what present true that using a biblical term that the block needs now I have seen and she going to tell us what that is I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul and we have 7 damaged spending a whole lot of time and energy proclaiming stuff that is not uniting us but dividing us Satan will here take every possible advantage to ensure the caught but now here it is here's the present truth here's where we should be focusing but such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the $2300.00 days the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is as stablish the faith of the doubting give certainty to the glorious future with the what are those 2 things talking about OK but what is it what does it mean when this is a savage faith what is it mean when he says give certainty the talking about assurance right to some a convert is a topic about hope that people tell me today oh no you can't preach the sanctuary Peter takes away assurance that's not what the proper Lord. This is this subject for them in the right way we're going to talk about that as stablish is the faith of the doubt and give certainty the glorious future the she says I have what. What is frequently thinking what does that mean what is frequently more than one or many times these I have frequently seen where the principle subjects' on which the messenger should well know what you get wrong idea there may be dense a thinker and I mean how many times can you do the time prophecy that lead you to the 20 year to date that's not what she's talking about there she said 1st of all the sanctuary in a shelter talk about given sanctuary seminars everywhere I may have been somebody and saying that there are people always just need to go back she says A Thanks ring connection we have that when you need it when you connect the sanctuary with the 20th you're in a daze it does something it points us to a time prophecy that points to the future points to something that happens in our day and we're going to see that the minute she says this the subject oh the sanctuary in connection with a 20 year days this was among her description their present truth and then she said the commandments of God the faith deeds where do we find that language revelation what evolution 14 Don't miss that is going to be important well support now but. Now she says these are the principal subjects on which the messenger should run the if this is the principle subject then what does that mean I mean you really don't have a lot of time to dwell on other stuff this becomes your focal point don't miss that and notice this statement and you probably read this before or heard it before testimonies 9 page 19 says in a special sense that when the avenues have been set in the world as watchman and like bearers to them has been intrusted the what the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the Word of God They have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the what. The 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message is now don't miss this there is no other work of so great importance there to allow was nothing else to absorb their attention now do the math with me if the sanctuary in connection with the 23 in today's economy is a God the faith of Jesus is a principle subject them to dwell on and yet at the same time I'm supposed to focus on the fringes messages and let nothing else absorb my attention I can't do both unless what less of the same message where is the word What's the 1st thing. You're going to go to him what the average judge where how do I know when did it come when did it come how do I know when the hour judgment came I got to go to Daniel 814 so when she sang the commands of God in the faith that's why she ties them together when she says thank you in connection with the 20 or today that points us to the judgment our message in the 3 angels that end with here are they that keep the commands of God in the face of Jesus and that that is the sum of who we are those 3 angels messages now I want to try to flesh out some of the significance the practical have significance of that for us I would like for you to turn with me to the Book of Daniel Chapter 8 Daniel 8 is one of the chapters we spent probably the least amount of time in when we study prophecy but it is one of the most important chapters now I mean you know I always we go to Daniel 813 and 14 we have a seminar and of the honest with you folks I really don't like in an evangelistic series your typical series doing a sermon on the investigative judgment that's going to sound really heretical after what I just shared but one of the reasons is because we plow through it so fast nobody gets. There's a lot of substance to it in an end where because we're not studying yet we real quick let's run over here then 81314 and it's do that and we're here's a time chart and then the eyes roll back and ahead in the paper a lot of the calculus and it's gone I could never get out of the thing is going for me there's a lot of Daniel 8 we can't get into normally so I want to get into it now the end of chapter 8 now and Daniel 8 you know Daniel parallel in a Chapter 2 you have the 4 World Kingdom Babylon me to put it Greece in Rome and then Daniel 7 builds up on the same kingdom then Daniel 8 builds on the same kingdoms only Babylon is fading off the scene and so it begins in a vision with a ram and then a goat and then a little horn in the Bible even tell this if you're there in the end 8 before we start looking at what I want to look at verse 20 the end of a verse 20 says the RAM which you saw having 2 horns there are the kings of media in Persia the male goat is a kingdom of Greece a large horns queen is I the 1st king so right here you've got the same parallel meter Persia Greece and then what do you think follows Well I mean if you doing the study of prophecy you know Rome comes next Rome the next Kingdom I say that because there are even joke world well when you come to Daniel 8 they'll interject some Salusa Kingdom Antiochus which if I had time I would show you how foolish that is but right now I want to just get this point across this morning and then you 8 I want you to look at verse 9 we've gone past the RAM past the goat says when they go back verse 8 says the male goat grew very great but when he became stronger a large horn was broken and in place of it or notable ones came up toward the 4 winds of heaven and one of them came out of one of them came a little horn. Which grew exceedingly great toward the south toward the east and toward the Glorious Land of these visas that the beast the ram in the goat representing kingdoms me to Persia and then here comes another kingdom and it would follow this a kingdom of Rome and the direction that it says it grows fits the historical growth of Rome and expand their empire though it's not a big I mean it's very easy to follow through now so you've got Babylon we got me to Persia I'm sorry Babylon is is doesn't come in this vision Bell has a king Babylon's there Nina Persia Greece and then in verse 9 you have this little horn begins to grow verse 10 rather verse 9 in 10 that out of one of them became a little came a little horn sorry I'm going little fast and calm down for a minute. Little for one. Word. John I need to ask that question somebody would ask that question. I wasn't going to make a big deal about that for sake of time but from a linguistic Sam point reading the e brew because of the genders of the words it can't come out of the horns ass come out of the window but that's another day and that's next years them in on. It makes a difference with Antiochus and you're tempted me to go into the whole Antiochus thing. We're going to not do that so in verse 9 again out of one of them the out of the one of the winds if you're reading it in the Hebrew came a little horn which grew it really doesn't it is evident who the little horn is when you look at it I mean the ram was great the goat was exceedingly great the the goat was very great and a little hard exceedingly great. And we've got our parallel empire. Now it says that this little or go to our group or the south where these the group of The Glorious Land is the Empire Room verse 10 it says notice was says here numbering in the New King James version it says it grew. Up if you have a new king james looking James doesn't have up but you get the same idea and it grew up to the host of heaven so prior to verse 10 how is it growing 1000 East gloriously and which way is it growing or not only right is growing out like this but then you come to verse 10 and this earthly power says it starts to grow up now we're not we know we're talking about Rome So when could it be said that Rome started to grow up for the host of heaven you get the rise of the papacy you've got the rise of the pagan you're going to see it as we and look we're not just making this up we make it up over cornflakes you've got you've got Daniel to Indiana 7 and help us out with that as a parallel and more could be said but but grows up toward the host of heaven so what we're seeing is the development of the papacy and in Daniel 8 you have some of the clearest picture of the coming work to keep in mind the papacy and around it this is 60500 something B.C. this is yet to come but God is predicting a power to come and it tells in very clear description what you can expect to see when that power shows up on the scene and we know that power to be Rome so he can go back and kind of verify but it says that he grows up with the hopes of having kept down some of the houses some of the stars of the ground and tramples them even exulted himself as high as the what the prince of the host now if you get on further in the trance in the interpretation of the angel he calls him the prince of princes referring to Christ there's this little horn Roman exult him self even to the place Christ. You know that the word anti-Christ anti-Christ only appears in the letters of John 1st and 2nd John and the word literally means in place of Christ now in our language antis always just against an opposed to which it has that connotation the Greek but we missed that part where it's in the place of and this is exactly what the prophecy says he would put himself in the place of Christ Notice how he doesn't exultant self as high as a prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away in the place of his capital H. sanctuary was cast down news that he and his Christ the prince of the host right now this is reaching beyond So we're we're just from a prophetic timeline we've gone through the kingdom the empire of Rome and now we're going to the little horn growing up so that's Papal Rome where was the earthly temple in the days of Papal Rome I mean even before the breakup of Rome in 7080 the earthly temple was destroyed Incidentally the earthly temple was never the temple of Christ as it were because the Bible says and Hebrews Chapter 8 if he were on earth he couldn't be a priest he couldn't be a priest in the earthly temple because he was of the tribe of Judah not of Lita Levi So as the place of his sanctuary would not be an earthly sanctuary it's going to have to be the heavenly sanctuary and it says it is going to cast down the place of his sanctuary and take away the data now that the daily sacrifices the word sacrifices is applied in this and there's detail in the stuff that we're not going into but it's not essential to get into all the details some of you who study more like Hey let's get into the no longer do it today but here's the point the word at the door that when you see the word itself as I mean to supply the translators the word is daily in the Hebrew it's the word to mean and to me the Hebrew word that's used throughout the Old Testament Scriptures when it's speaking of the work in the temple of the priests. The continual the word little or literally means continual in this continual work of the priest that goes on in the temple and what the Bible's telling us what Dan is telling us is when this little horn comes somehow he's going to stand up in the place of Christ and he's going to try to take over the work of the priest in the temple or what did the priest to do in the temple when if you were living in the days of ancient Israel and you came to the temple What are you looking for forgiveness of sins can we think of anything in in Papal Rome history where it's that it's going to take care of the forgiveness of sins I mean listen this is astounding This is never even happened yet it's prophecy but God's for telling that there's going to power that is going to come a power that's going to stand up and try to put itself in the place of Christ cast down the place of his sanctuary and get people to look to this power for forgiveness of sins instead of Christ or forgiveness Now listen folks how many of your Christian brothers and sisters from other face think at all or talk at all about the heavenly sanctuary. Why because the place of a sanctuary has been cast down and an impostor truth isn't put in its place that's that's what's being portal is that a big deal of property is not a big deal today as long as we believe in Jesus Well you better watch what Jesus you're believing in because the Paul says it there there's a danger of believing in another Jesus the Bible doesn't teach it says that this power would cast down the place of his sanctuary and now look at verse 12 says because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices any cast was to the ground he cast truth down to the ground he did all this and prospered Now watch this we're going to just jump over and again I know there's more that we can look at the pursuit of time when Daniel goes in Ask the interpretation and Gabriel interpret that I want you to notice what he says in. Verse 25. Is says through his cunning E.C.L. cause what deceit to prosper King James says Kraft same idea OK so this little whore now put the 2 together this is where he's going to do he's going to cast truth to the ground and then he's going to cause deceit to prosper what's another word for deceit one day you're going to cause lies to prosper How do you make a life prosper OK you can say it all you want look you can tell me a lie all you want tell me the sky is orange all you want to have it is let me take another color but you can tell me all you want sorry I'm not going to leave it there now I was going to prosper it's got to be believed as truth OK it's not how many times you tell lies the only way a like Can Prosper is if you believe the lie is true and what the Bible says is that the Church of Rome the empire of Rome would give rise to the Church of Rome that the Church of Rome would put yourself up in the place of Christ told Christ's ministry his heavenly sanctuary ministry out of the way so when he has ascended to heaven then he directed his disciples eyes upward this church would bring the eyes downward instead looking to a heavenly High Priest oh guess what we have no here earthly pre others and all to know those altars are altars down here earthly priest earthly altars earthly incense earthly intercession you're to say one thing the place of his sanctuary was cast out brought back down of the earth when people should have been looking to Christ and him and then he would take the truth the truth of God's word and cast it down in a place of it he would put lies and make the people believe the lies where the truth and the truth of the law now we know a little bit of church history what are some of the lies that came through the dark ages when people had the Bibles taken out of their hands and they were taught men's traditions and Greek philosophy and everything else what we have. Where we get the idea that Sunday was sacred not from scripture where we get the idea helpers wherever not from scripture where we get the idea that the day that that man is made up of soul and bought and bought a human body dies of spirit so what's off somewhere and lives on in Heaven or no not from Scripture right so so this is this is exactly and precisely what the Bible is for telling is going to happen and we live in the aftermath and we can look back and say it does everything what Daniel saying is happening here and haven't you cast truth down to the ground and then masses of people are convinced that all of these errors I just shared and so many more are the true and when you try to say Well no look the Bible says the 7th day is the Sabbath they say that they are because they've accepted error through you and you kept error is true truth truth is your foundation truth is your baseline for testing everything else and when what I accept as truth is wrong then I'm by nature going to reject everything that's right because my truth is that it's wrong that's what Jesus meant when he said. The lamp the lamp of the body is the eye and when your eye is full of what when your eye is good your body is full of light when your eye is bad or evil your your body is full of darkness and he said how ugly if if the light that is in you is darkness how great the dark when what you accept as truth is really error then you're open game for any error you've got nothing to judge Judge truth by him so the did this with the devil's working on it going back to that same we look at because he's trying to make sure that the character of Christ is NOT become mark or you know what the stakes are yes or yes Matthew 622 and 23 the old computer doesn't work as well sometimes as you knew and I. OK So this is just describing for us in more detail than we got back in Daniel 7 the work of the coming Peyton. Now it's in this context brothers insisted that we come to her certain verse 13 says then I heard a holy one speaking and another Holy One said to that certain one who is speaking how long will the vision be concerning the daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation the giving of the host of both the thank her in the house to be trampled underfoot now just a simpler way of saying that because we don't repeat the whole passages what time period does this vision encompass how long is this going to go on or maybe even more straightforwardly HOW LONG AS A little We're going to get away with it that's really what's being asked how long right Daniel is watching like here's a power that stands up against God stands in the place of Christ Glocks Christ from the view of the people takes the truth of God and cast to the ground and the question in fact Daniel's not even asking the question I think is dumbfounded and Angel that can question to make sure the right question to answer it's answered how long is this going to go on and that is the question is answered in verse 14 when the angel says until 2000 let me rephrase that well I'm just going to say when the answer comes I'll leave it at that because it's boring thing on to 2300 days or in the New King James for 2300 days then the thanks Ray should be clear. Now I want to flesh that out a little bit more in a minute I'm going to give you quick and see where we are on. A Every week prophecy how many of the things I mean we grab we're not going to the 70 weeks prophecy right now a. I'll tell you something that would be well I'm going to have to resort to one resource and one assignment. I know a lot of some of them is who struggle with the 23 in a day and they hear presentations all these figures and like I said the eyes roll back in the head you need to work at that yourself Brenda my Pastor Scott Maurice hitching a class at a young man coming who we was struggling with is and he wanted to teach it in Africa got to certain point trying to explain past Scott but you know what here's what we're going to do I'm going to sit down and you're going to do it for me and you're going to do it on the board and sit down watch what he said yeah I'm going to sit here and you get up there. He didn't give me an excuse and got up and it was as he started working through and wrestling through it something clicked is like I see it I get it we've got a player sells a little bit this and there's a book that will be of immense help to you it's a little book by Clifford Goldstein called 1844 Made Simple one of the hands down best book it's on my top 10 list books an avenue it's a little book at the easy to read and you can follow through very clearly and that book is is worth its weight in gold worth more than its weight because not a real big book. OK so now listen the 70 weeks prophecy it was by and large at least when our pioneers started this movement by and large understood the same way by most of Christian some people came to a date different then 3480 some people were 3380 or the cross was 33 a day or something else but they all understood it to refer to the Ministry of the Messiah the death of the Messiah and the end of the probation period for the Jewish nation now today we've got Futurism and in the last week of the 7 years of tribulation all that but that was now was when our pioneers started up this movement and most Christians were united with the 70 weeks and how they outlined or foretold the coming ministry of Christ but here is the problem when you come to Daniel 814 and it says 122300 days. 2300 days from what home where I mean I can count 2300 but where I counted from and somebody says Chapter 9 but I want to tell you something nobody in the Christian world got it you know but after 9 we know that oh you go back to chapter 9 in the 20 turn is part of the 70 weeks prophecy but they didn't get it in fact ironically or not so ironically they didn't get it prior to $79.00. And I want you to go to New Chapter 12 with me Daniel Chapter 12 and notice what it says in verse 4 Daniel 12 versus Gore says that that time I'm head 1st ones are in 12 hours for says but you Daniel shut up the words and the book whose book Daniel's book you Daniel shut up the words and seal the book until when and until the time of the end now doesn't describe the time of the end yet it just says the time of the end and you might be tempted to think all the time in the end as when Jesus comes I'm going to introduce another term to you and then will lash it out but there's a difference between the time of the end and the end of time the end of time is a point in time but the time of the end of the period of time you go see this in minute Scripturally and prophetically the period of time that ends with a point in time called The End of Time the time the end ends with the end of time anyway the time of the end is the period of last what we call the last day now notice the book of the end is going to be sealed up until the time of the end of his many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase verse 5 and I Daniel looked and there were 2 there stood 2 others one on this riverbank and the other on that river bent. In one said the man cloaked in linen who was above the waters of the river How long shall the filming of these wonders be right how long is this time times this this time of the end when is this time of the end and you give them an answer. It says verse 7 and notice very carefully the imagery we're going to come back to them and the one that said to the man called in Lenin how long for the hope of these wonders Bieber 7 then I heard the man clothed in linen who was above the waters of the river when he held up his what his right hand and his left hand where the heaven ended what swore by him who lives forever OK language is important as going to see this repeated in Revelation that it shall be for a time how mimes and have it done and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered all these things we've been although I heard I did not understand when I said My lord what shall be the end of these things and he said Go your way Daniel or the words are closed up and deal to when the time the end now this is what we put together from this the time he and begins at the end of the time times and half of the question How long is it going to be it's going to be protected from times and half a time so after that period of time we come into what the Bible call the time of the end and at that time the time of the in the Book of Daniel going to be on a no from the study of that passage how many of you know what the time times and have a time what's another way the Bible refers to it. 160 days 42 months it's all the same period that we call the dark ages from 53082798 Now if you've never studied much prophecy before I don't have time to go through all that you're going to like get the book in 44 minutes that will break it down for but this is probably this is not just prophecy 7 they haven't is understand people in the days you have to understand that after the oppression in Europe when people came to America. As the Bible was able to be studied and people were able to follow their conscience without fear of the stake or being persecuted in some other way and losing their lives there was a great religious awakening. And it was a bit in the atmosphere of that awakening that people began to study the prophet Daniel now as people were studying the prophecies of the Bible how many of you know the name Sir Isaac Newton. How many of you know Isaac Newton was more proper more of a a student of prophecy than he was a science Now notice what I have here by there's a 798 period of Dark Ages Newton wrote this in a treatise on Revelation and the prophecy he says about the time of the end of this is figuring from what we're just reading he's basing it on what we just read in the end he says about the time of the end a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecy wife because it's comedy in the prophecy will be and he'll write the book of Daniel the open so this is an understanding that people have that what the annual saying is at the time of the end the book again is going to be open to people's understanding is going to come. On the prophecies Daniel now I don't have time. I'm going to keep saying that but listen great mince I'm just going to give you different things you can read I mean why not you got hit can't mean you get the if you read for the next year and I mean write the book if you don't have it called the great 2nd Advent movement by Jane law for the great 2nd Advent movement you can get on Amazon been reprinted in a nice copy which I have one from me you can oh it's on the you know what if you got the L N Y app it's on the app if you like to read on that but if you want a book you can get the book anyway love pro share some of the history on this one of our one of our I say Our it was an avid if there was an avenue as yet right was prior to 844 the great Advent movement and in one of the Advent papers it was noted that they took note that. There was all this confusion on the prophecy of Daniel like the 70 weeks nobody saw the 70 weeks the 2030 days prior to 7098 but when 798 the year 7918 around the globe people started all putting together that the $8.00 and $9.00 went together and the prophecy of the $2200.00 days would come to the end and he will now listen Bo you didn't have internet you didn't stream any media you didn't have texting you didn't have telegraphed How does this message get all the way around the globe where before nobody understood it all of a sudden their body has not moved the Holy Spirit because the time had come for the book to be unsealed and they connected the dots and found that the 23rd a days and 70 weeks went together in the conclusion of that came to 844 the Bible says at the end of the $23.00 days the sanctuary would be cleansed now there was a problem a major problem in the major problem was it was I was going to say it was in our problem it was our problem in the movement I think our you understand that it wasn't there was no evidence church it had we grew out of this but the common understanding of the day was that the sanctuary was a word the referred to dear how many of you heard that the evidence thought the sanctuary of the earth to be cleansed by fire how many of you knew that was the common understanding in Christianity that day do you have people say oh that means you're crazy Well they were crazy for not studying it out that's why they're crazy for Notice what it says here so that is from history. This isn't a day Star extra article by a man named O R L Crozier and after the disappointment when they look back and trying to figure out what we did wrong they came to the understanding see they thought that the sanctuary was the Earth and therefore to be cleansed woman to earth to be cleansed must be cleansed by fire when Jesus comes to making $44.00 must be the De Jesus coming and just so we're clear on this their opponents. None of their opponents call them on it because they didn't get it right the opponent says that you guys are wrong get this all wrong and they sure is not the year that something else nobody saw it we're told in the writings of L. white as the Lord's hand covered the mistake because he wanted to test if he professed people so this is what Crozier says in the aftermath he says as we notice his 846 but as we have been taught so we have been so long and industriously let me start again there as we have been so long and industriously taught to look to the earth for the sanctuary it may be proper tank wire by what scriptural of the already and it's all we've been talking about here this week how we've been thus taught I can find no one Ellen White says in the book great controversy is speaking of William earless error in this thinking understand your the thanks we're in the rest of the movement is error resulted from accepting the popular view as to what constitutes Thanks Mary just a teaching moment here it's never safe to accept the view because it's the popular view even in the obvious church just because all your friends think a certain way doesn't make it right OK maybe it isn't a thing it's not that's not how we come to understand truth again a great controversy for and I know in my says in common with the rest of the Christian world avenues speaking of those in the in the Evan movement then held that the earth or some portion of it was the sanctuary Now it's interesting as they went through the great disappointment you know we today we get I'm so I'm sure I'll tell you why I'm sharing a lot of this because one of the reasons we're losing the foundation again we're talking about culture is always worldly culture sometimes it's Christian culture and we get tired of being called names by the Christians is that you guys are idiots to think that this whole this whole 844 is just a cover up because you're you're for runners were a bunch of idiots I don't know if you've heard this before they may not say it is some do. And so we get all timid and we're dislike what do we say to them listen and they say where they come up with this $844.00 there it's it doesn't even top it's not even talking about that they're doing the math wrong everything else well you Miller again with a prominent preacher now there was a man in the day a professor of Hebrew and Oriental literature right Eastern with the familiar with the biblical languages what have you a biblical scholar in the New York City University named Dr George Bush no relation as far as I know. To the other Jordan OK No he was again he was a presser he wrote Oriental literature a New York University and in a letter he addressed to William Miller and published in the average review in the signs of the Times reporter in Boston mark 6 and 13844 he made some statements I've just taken a little piece of what he wrote to Miller but I want you to notice what he said speaking of the conclusion of the 23 days and 84480 he says the most respected biblical scholars all agree he listed a bunch of names but I just shortened it OK for a 2nd time the most respected biblical scholars all agree that the leading periods mentioned by Daniel and John do actually expire around this age of the world around he can portable and it would be a strange logic that would convince you William Miller other heresy for holding in effect but what the same views which stand forth so prominent in the notices of these eminent divine the Miller was not alone in his interpretation of the time period sending when they did your results in this field of inquiry do not strike me so far out of the way as to affect any of the great interest of truth or duty your error as I apprehend lies in another direction. And I've missed some punctuation there your chronology you have entirely mistaken the nature of the event which are to occur when those periods have expired in essence Dr said you're right on track with the conclusion of the of the 20 in today's meeting $44.00 The problem is you think a war going to come and I think there's going to be a different event than that and that's what we believe in 70 Avon's we don't subscribe to Miller believe the event was wrong but people will say today were you guys you know that you guys grew out of a false movement right with the evident with the evidence movement a deception was a great Abbott movement of deception after all that was really God who was leading people say why did it end in failure let's be real clear on something the advent movement did not end in failure the evidence movement ended in disappoint and there's a different it was a disappointment in a part of man everything God said he was going to do did everything it got predicted came to pass OK and it's not the 1st time that we see this in Scripture Let's consider another disappointing for just a moment the triumphal entry remember the triumphal entry right here comes Jesus into Jerusalem riding on a folded donkey just like Zechariah had said he were the prophecy foretold and here he is doing it is coming in and out of the people respond they're waiting all Granted they were saying no then and they were shouting they're throwing their garments on the road Archer him in why because he was coming to do what Diana Krall No that's not what they thought he was coming to establish his earthly kingdom was that what he was coming to do well yes but not the way they thought he was going to overthrow the Romans he was going to set them up as world rulers the correct them why they should have known but they didn't know and he didn't say hey guys look you've got it all wrong here I'm going to draw you know he said all that he let them have their big parade why in this is a sense Ross understand how they were all wrong. And L. I want to ask you question the Disciples of Christ were wrong about the event not the timing right there the timing right but they had the event all wrong so when Jesus died on the cross in those very same Apostles went out preaching the gospel to be say well I'm not going to listen to them it's a false movement yes or no no I mean everything God said came to pass like God said it would it can help the disciples didn't understand that he had to bring the understanding it's no different with the than with the advent movement or the other question why the Lord let it come to that how often were people crucified in Rome all the time why would Jesus His crucifixion have stood out from the others now we could talk with the darkness guy and everything else that's not it it was Passover season so it was packed What do you think it did in town when the triumph of entry happened you think the local news media covered it it was the biggest event on the scene I mean the Passover is already the bit you don't miss when a big convention comes into town OK all the Jews are coming in for Passover and then on top of all that the triumphal entry here comes Jesus said now that he's riding on a donkey just like the prophecy of Zacharias said perhaps this is and all eyes were all on Christ and God allowed it to happen Jesus allowed it to happen because he wanted to draw the attention of the world to what was about to take place the greatest event or thing ever and I want to tell you that the same reason exists for the great disappointment of 1840 or the Lord Jesus was trying to draw the eyes of the world who had had him hidden from them when an earthly system took the truth and cast it to the ground when an earthly system stood in the place of Jesus not earthly incense an early sacrifice of earthly forgiveness and earthly praise in Jesus wanted to take the eyes and put him back. On his priestly ministry in heaven because until that happens he can't prepare a people for the notice to think MN great controversy for 88 tells us the sanctuary in heaven is what the very What where is jesus right now as we speak in the sanctuary in heaven now let me just go off on a little bit of a rant here the lot of talk today about Christ centered preaching Jesus only we're focusing on Jesus much of which says nothing about the heavenly things don't tell me you're focusing and Jesus we're not even talking about where you are and what you do I mean if you want to pull that over your eyes go ahead it's not going to I'm not going to go for it Jesus is in the heavenly sanctuary and here in the 7th heaven to church we're not even hardly cocking about it anymore what is the work of the heavenly Thanks Rick and I'm not saying you have to talk about the sanctuary but let's get a little bit more practical here what is he doing in heavenly things for well let's go to Revelation Chapter 10 I'm looking in the cog and want to fit in what we're looking at here and it's the tie I want to I hate to get not quite to the end where we pull it together because Earth were not pulled together yet now when you come to Revelation Chapter 10 you going to see something really interesting as as we look at what we what we've already looked at we're kind of building on it as we come to revelations in Revelation Chapter 10 John says in verse one I saw still another mighty angel coming down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was on his head his face was like the sun and his feet like pillars of fire he had a what he had a little book open in his hand he said his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land and cried with a loud voices when a lion roar. When he cried out 7 thunders out of their voices no one the 7 thunders out of their voices I was about to write what I heard a voice from heaven saying to me seal up the things with the 7 thunders uttered and do not write them a notice 1st 5 especially the angel whom I saw standing upon the sea and on the land did what raise up his hand to heaven and swore by him who lives forever and ever who created heaven and the things that are in it the urban things that are in it and the sea and the things that are in it that there should be delay no longer but in the days of the founding of the 7 things when he was about to sow the mystery of God would be finished and he as he declared to his servants the prophets do you see any similarities with this and something else Agrippa you remember in Daniel Chapter 12 and there is the man cold in linen and he had both hands raised a heaven and the Bible says he swore was by him her lives forever and ever that there should be no no not then he says that the book would be sealed for a time and time after time right now we come to Daniel Revelation 10 and we see the same imagery the Angel doesn't have both he has raised Heaven does he doesn't he's got how many he is raising heaven because on the other hand he has a book in the book is open to listen books you can't read Daniel 12 and see the imagery and come to Revelation 12 and see the same imagery and be scratching your head about what the book is in fact the only time we have the Bible telling us a book is sealed as you go back there and you see the book being sealed up in the end of 12 until the time of the end. So there's a time delay and at the end of that period the book's going to be opened now we come into Revelation 10 we see the same imagery only now little book to open and what is the message that the boys say no more delay no more delay the delay is over the book that for so long as been closed is unsealed now let the message of Daniel go for it that's that's what's happening in Revelation Chapter 10 Revelation 10 is fast forwarding from Daniel 12 to show us the opening the unsealing of the Book of Daniel in 798 when now the understanding of this prophecy started coming to the minds of that early added movement now knows what the angel goes on to say he says that there's going to be this this in the days when the 7th angel begins to sound the mystery of God would be finished and follow along here Earth 8 says in the boy which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said Go take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth so I went to the angel said to him Give me the little book and he said to me cake and eat it and it will make your stomach bitter but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth now that's a little bit confusing in our language just because it has it backwards but when you eat something does it go to the stomach 1st of the mouth 1st in the mouth or going to be sweet but in the stomach it's going to turn bitter no notice when he eats this book that the angel has opened which we can see is the Book of Daniel that was sealed up when he eats this book and incidentally again without taking I'd like to take more time with the idea of the eating of the book and we see images of this other elsewhere in Scripture you're ingesting it you're making it a part of your life it's an experience and when the experience of this open book these prophecies of Daniel come into John's mouth at 1st they're very sweet but they make him sick OK. About along I was with the angel tells him he can eat it it will make your stomach bitter but it will be a sweet honey in your mouth and I took the little book out of the just hand and ate it and it was a sweet as honey in my stomach in my mouth but after I do you know when I'd eaten it my stomach became bitter and notice we're still Evan and he said to me you must prophesied I now you've got a prophet again really do before you get a prophet again to many people nations tongues and King though the picture is one of this the Book of Daniel is open John it's the book Eat eat eat eat ingest he embraces the prophecies of Daniel the point forward to the coming work of the Messiah it was sweet because I thought Jesus was coming but it turned bitter when he didn't come when they ate the book they began to prophesied they were preaching this message which is why he's told you've got to prophesies again and brothers and sisters listen to me you can't go anywhere else in history in find a pope ilm and outside of the Advent movement to Revelation 10 I mean ask yourself the let's see Revelation 10 we see the book at the field of Daniel so we've got it open in his hand where else might we turn let's say all the avenues have it wrong where else are we going to turn to find it by you people have taken the prophecies of Daniel they've embraced them they've preached them it was a sweet experience it turned bitter and then they had to go and preach the same message again nowhere. This is the identity of the Avett listen you have not followed cunningly devised fables to be here this is a movement of prophecy outlined in Scripture you know and I've been asked by accident and the devil is working so hard to get 7th Day Adventist ashamed of their faith because we're the only people that can preach this message. God raised up this movement let's let's think about something else here in our remaining minute a moment what was it that the Little Horn did again back in Daniel 8 he cast down the place of pricing tree right put in earthly Thanks for the priest words that are in its place cast down the truth what are some example of the truth of the cast and of the arcade a that is hell right. The sanctuary ministry of Christ right I mean we could just write all this stuff was the trick the law of God has done away with right past them. Is there you know we can go on right so listen the question was asked in Daniel how long how long is he going to get away with it until 2300 days now we get I don't want to tripped up necessarily but we missed some of the some to the under $2300.00 days now at the end of that 2000 year to date something's going to happen something's going to begin called the cleansing of the sanctuary now it doesn't tell us how long it's going to last we're still in that time frame but there's something going to begin at the end of the 20 in today's a kind of the think of it something else is happening at the end of the 20 days that we often stop think that we don't even think about OK the truth is cast down all those things we talked about until you know I told you the truth is cast down until next Monday what do you expect going to happen next Monday something's going to happen to what to start bringing back the truth if I tell you the truth is going to cast them into 844 then what are you expecting to have happen in 844 something's going to happen to start bringing the troops back what do we see in history what alone do we see in history that will build it the rise of the Adventist Church. That is we were the movement of prophecy in 1844 God rose up this church 844 December 18th 44 Ellen White had her 1st vision restoring the gift of prophecy you know I could do a whole thing on that and I don't know about all white I know be to look folks we are here right on time as God said we would be 1844 and we showed up and here's the advent movement to proclaim all of these truths that were buried up in the Dark Ages by men strip dishes and superstitions and errors then the Lord said this is going to be proclaimed while Jesus is cleansing the sanctuary Now let's ask this what was the priest doing in the sanctuary I don't know what I can do in the next 7 minutes when the sanctuary is being cleansing go back and live well we can look in Leviticus real quick and figure out the clinical Thanks rewrite the Vatican Chapter 16 just go there real quick that make a 16 Genesis Exodus of it is Leviticus 16 is the Day of Atonement chapter that was what was then the cleansing of the sanctuary was was referred to the day the tone. And I want you to notice that verse verse 30 started verse 30 read Leviticus 6 being verse 32 thinking about the day the tome of the day of the cleansing of the things he says on that day the priest shall make atonement for you to cleanse you that you may be clean from all your sins are for the Lord now there's more that could be said but just the point is that the cleansing of the sanctuary was Christ cleansing is people from the sins because listen thanks he's coming again in power and great glory and the Bible says and he was Chapter 12 that without holiness no one will see the Lord. If we're going to actually live to see Jesus come in all his glory we're going to have to be purified it too and be able to do it that's what John means and 1st John 3 when he says Behold what manner of Love The Father is out on us that we should be called the Sons of God We do not know yet what we shall be but we know that when he appears we shall be like him because we're going to see him as he is you can't see him as he is if you are not like him well if Jesus were going to cleanse his people from their sins how is it going to cleanse us from sin an error when all we know is error so he had to raise up a movement on the earth to preach the truth and the truth think it buys people as a to thank the fine people on the earth now in heaven he can hear by and cleanses the people to prepare them and ready them for his come are you following that the Bible says turn to another passage here in a thesis Chapter 6 I'm really really cutting this short but I think you can get the general gist of it it seasons elations if Iesus Libyan's collage of the beads 619 Beason 6 and look at verse 19 now the bible said there in Revelation that in the days of the founding of the 7th angel that would begin to have found in when that bitter book was opened or the sealed book was opened what have you is the mystery of God would be finished notice with it here and for me that utterance may be given to me that I may open my mouth boldly to make known the what the mystery of the gospel now the Bible says in the book of kolache and that the mystery of Godliness is Christ in you the hope of glory how many of you read this before good because I have time to look it all up but you get so the idea of the mystery being finished and if the mystery is the work of the gospel not the preaching of the Gospel but the Gospel itself the work of the Gospel in the life if the Bible saying that that's going to be finished what does that mean. Does it mean the work of the Gospel listen you think Jesus is just going to be a priest for eternity now this cleansing thing cleansing thing cleansing sin and really never getting the job done what the Bible telling us in Revelation 10 is that when that book was opened in foretold it what it was doing is for telling the work of Christ to go into that last phase of ministry and sanctuary what that last phase is for is to repair the world for a 2nd coming in that 2nd apartment his work is cleansing of people from their sins when we going over this week we're talking about the object of only golf we're not talking about sanctification lifestyle the whole point is the devil's purpose for all that is to keep us from a sanctifying experience that will prepare us for the 2nd coming the reason he's hidden Christ in you is because he know that we're just in a well I just believe in Jesus knock out going to have to be I'm not going to overcome a sin or anything like that we're going to be ready for the day this coming or characters won't be fit for is coming that's his whole purpose this message is telling us that heaven is open and Jesus is entered in there and he's finishing the mystery of the gospel and a time is coming very soon when he's going to say it is done that's what it says in the Book of Revelation the and it is finished at the cross but he's not done yet because in heaven he says a little bit later it's done in there thunderings an earthquake and he steps out of that temple and he puts on the garments of vengeance to Christ is entered to complete his atonement in the sanctuary above to prepare the world for his coming I want to share with you just a couple other things here giving some really good the OK the intercession of Christ in man's behalf in the sanctuary above is what as essential to the plane of salvation as was is. This is why Emily and Drake Yes and had the problem and told you the other day if they took his credentials away for holding to this questions on doctrine kind of watered down the idea of Atonement interest and so we can say the Atonement is completed it takes the heart out of our message yes we believe the sacrifice that part of the tome is completed but Jesus this part in the sanctuary is just as important they removed his credentials and then after he died they gave him back. And to this day this in saints there are starer 3 books that have just come out 2 Clearly I have in my possession I just picked up from our A.B.C. one from our seminary that is battling this very idea incidentally we're talking about the cleansing of the thanks are going to finish with a statement by a man named a T. Jones you know that name 18 young 80 Jones is a man who Ellen White says brought a message to this church from God on righteousness by faith she didn't do or says every last word but she endorsed the message of Joan she adores the message of Wagner she endorsed the concept I'm going to share with you and I'm telling is being battled today on this ground it's all coming down to being ready for the coming of Christ you see what I mean in just a minute now she continues in the statement great controversy by his death he what he began that work which after His resurrection He ascended to complete an avid look that 1st perfectly fits the type and the thanks were right no priest ever came in killed an animal at the burn altar and then went home that was the beginning of a service that's just connecting the 2 that's all she's that type in anti-type And here's a statement by John on the finishing of the mystery Incidentally John has been presenting something new here when he presented this 998 this is what some of the evidence believed in a thing and he wasn't surprised but he said oh it's heresy don't have to preach that 98 was understood among 7 they haven't is because we understand listen let me just ask you this week or read if the cleansing of the sanctuary is not the cleansing of God's people from all their sins What is it. If Jesus was done with everything on the cross why on earth are we still here it makes 0 sense the reason we're here very clearly stated in inspiration is that Jesus is preparing his people for that coming Jones says this interview and her daughter call as he was the editor this was his editorial opinion of the mystery of God then is the finishing of the work of Christ where in you Christ in you the hope of glory that's the mystery according to Paul's upon cautions that's Colossians $127.00 the finishing of the work of Christ in you is the bringing of you to perfection in Christ Jesus and the bringing of you to perfection in Christ Jesus is by the power of the Holy Spirit according to the working whereby he is able to subdue all things unto himself if you the table to do that I think that he is I believe that he is the 17th at the 7th angel began to sound in 844 has been sounding ever since and still continues to send and as he has now been sounding 54 years with the mystery of God the work of Christ in you not yet finished this shows that his work has been was delayed but on the Lord's part there is never any delay the delay or this delay is altogether on the part of his people the Lord's people have hesitated in delay to surrender themselves fully to be worked by the Holy Spirit into the complete image of the Lord Jesus and that's the devil's whole purpose in all this. Many have delayed to him to have him even begin the mystery of God the work of Christ in them much less finish it and now he says it is the time. And it now is the time in 898 brothers and sisters in 2018 is it not. We are in the days when the mystery of God will be finished which means that we are in the days when God will prepare his people for translation by bringing us to perfection according to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ lest the low the only hindrance he has is us and as I mentioned I think in one of the talk of the day what man does not believe God is not a gee isn't it time we believe the Lord Jesus will do what he's intended with us what he's promised Is it time for us to realize that we are the people God's cold with the unique message in a minute you need time in this earth history to give to the world that we stop being ashamed of being 7 day havenot. Oh brother and sister the Lord needs his church to rise. You want to say your I am Lord send me. For a father in heaven Father we covered a lot in a little time and I wish there was. We're just so far behind where we don't study these things anymore and we're we're so used to even joke of sermons he could be heard in any denominational pope and we've almost lost our message or give us Guy and help us to recapture. The sense of importance of this message you've given us to prepare the world to be ready when Jesus comes there's no reason that one person not be ready at that time but the devil's working with all his energies of Father help us not to take his side. I just bring you help us. The belief. Now blesses larded the remainder of this day I pray your Holy Spirit will continue to lead us and progress in transforming your image. Or to help us. Make the mystery of God be finished in. 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