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Salvation: An Expensive Gift

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • September 24, 2016
    11:30 AM


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Well what's the gift that you give to somebody that has everything. And how much have you ever spent on a gift an expensive gift you know you can go online and you can find some of the top 10 most expensive gift ever you know which one still ranks at the top So you've been there the Taj Mahal Well the most famous historical place in the world everyone knows it's the most precious gift so they say given for a wife from her husband took about 22 years to make this historic place at a cost of 32000000 Indian rupees a huge sum at the time still considered according to the Internet the best and most expensive extravagant gift ever given Have you given expensive gift to take time to think about it too I really want to go through this with if they like it would if they don't like it when they receive it what if they don't receive it how they receive it we've been going through the last several weeks on a series we're entitling sacrifice and we've looked at various different parts of this thing called sacrifice the 1st time we preached it was on the character of sacrifice how you can't have a testimony without a test and we look at Abraham and Isaac and the incredible task that he was faced with and it wasn't so much a test of his strength but I test of his dependence upon God there's a difference and we saw how life is the ultimate goal of all sacrifice do you want to save your life you will lose it but if you lose your life for God and for the Gospel you will save it we looked at the sacrifice of relationships. How God calls us to put him 1st above even those closest of relationships we saw how Christ walked alone how his disciples and his family members they thought he was crazy they didn't understand and how he walked alone but how he was faithful to his father we look to the text that we must be willing to give up houses and father mother sister brother children land for the sake of God in the Gospel and that's not always easy to do but in so doing the promises will receive a 100 fold we look 2 weeks ago at physical sacrifice and this prosperity gospel which is a value miles away from reality that following God can be hard it can be difficult it can be challenging in this world you will have tribulation but be of good courage for I overcome the world we talked about how God wants to hear you in the midst of your trial in the midst of your difficult circumstance to sing even in the inner prison as Paul and Silas did to glorify God in your trial to proclaim to the world even in this situation I will continue to trust in him in the midst of physical sacrifice and in today's peace the sacrifice of the Son as we think about communion and then next week we'll look at the sacrifice of self-reliance sacrifice of means and pleasures the sacrifice of pride how sacrifice is required and last in the sacrifice of the gospel so we're still just kind of getting under way here but the sacrifice of the Son What is the purpose and I would suggest to you the means of salvation is a very expensive gift very costly gift. And we're going to try and make this a little bit shorter today obviously because of the Communion service but you just go back in your mind's eye we read the passages before we're not going to go back to Genesis but think of this perfect world before sin entered see there Gary and Bryce's even some trout there in heaven but you already knew that and it was said you can go anywhere in the garden except for this tree don't touch the fruit from this tree but as you know the story pick the fruit and everything changed they had to leave that garden and so sin entered the world and so Jesus the creator of the universe chooses to come in the flesh to this sin filled broken planet in fact all the way through from Genesis to Revelation it is God's way God's means his method to restore lost humanity and the sacrifices he's willing to pay yes he sent prophets Yes he sent messengers Yes he sent his word but he sent something far better than any of those He sent His Son The Good Shepherd and if we took time and we're not going to butt in and Luke Chapter 15 you know the story of the the 100 sheep or the 99 sheep in the one this last just an excerpt from there it says go after the one referring to the shepherd he will go after the one which is lost until he finds it until he finds that word intil encompasses eternity of determination in other words at any cost I will find you until i will keep searching and searching and pursuing in till I find you we have we serve God yes he respects our freedom of choice but he's relentlessly pursuing you and I and he came to the point he couldn't take it anymore and he couldn't just send another message we couldn't just send another prophet but he had to come in the flesh. In search of human on desire they just said it this way he would say then at any cost to himself think about who this is the creator of the universe that made all creatures all incredible things of nature and knit them all together all the things of space all the things of everything everything that you look at every flower every detail and he says that was nothing in cost in comparison but I'll say than at any cost to myself 1st Corinthians $619.20 do you not know that you are not your own for you were bought at a price a high price an expensive gift your not your own but you were bought at a price if you brought your Bibles I want to look briefly at Philippi and chapter 25 and 8 or 5 through 8 Flippy and chapter 2 as we get a glimpse of the mind of Christ flippy in Chapter 2 beginning verse 5 it says LET or allow this mind or this added today to be a new which was also in Christ Jesus that's all you can do by the way it doesn't say give it your best shot or your best effort or pull yourself up by bootstraps No you just let let God do something now loud God to do something in you which is also in Christ Jesus verse 6 who being in the form of God did not consider robbery to be equal with God Why because he was God but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bond servant or a slave and coming in the likeness of min some version say he emptied himself. He made himself of no reputation he stripped him self of all privilege some translated he made himself nothing as may be what your translation says he laid aside his mighty power and His glory say another and being found the appearance of a man He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the most despicable torture some painful brutal death a death on the cross and what made this gift so costly so expensive what truly did Christ give up well for one he gave up his omnipotence his being all powerful we see here in John 5 Verse 30 I can of myself do how much nothing the words of Jesus can Jesus lie he says I of myself can do nothing and think about all the things that he did through the power of the father he says I have myself community John 1410 I do not speak on my own authority but the father completely dependent on his father no longer having his omnipotence all powerful I don't know if you work in the business world but if you're up at the top if you're the president of the corporation or the vice president or whatever it might be to go backwards we don't like those conversations in fact we'll go work someplace else before we go backwards sometimes he gave up his omnipotence he gave up his memory is getting a little scary. And Jesus increased it says in Luke $252.00 he increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man he increased in his wisdom you would think he would come with all of his wisdom but he didn't come with all of his wisdom he had to learn he had to study he had to claim the same by all problems as you and I have to do he had to depend on the father for strength and for power and he increased in his wisdom desired ages says he gain knowledge as we may do the mystery of the mission was opening to the Savior Oh that have been like to be studying with Jesus the youth and you come to certain parts of Scripture that we read with joy for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son does that mean that means me so I gave up his omnipotence he gave up his memory he gave up his for knowledge of what was to come of that day and hour Mark $1332.00 No one knows nor the sun we're in desire of ages before he came to the earth a plan lay before him but as he walked among men he was guided step by step by the Father's will before he came he knew the whole plan but as he was here he had to continue continue to trust God step by step as he revealed it same as us there were times he probably didn't understand in fact we know there were times father if there's any other way that doesn't make any sense please in the garden of the assembly he's pleading with God but he follows faithfully in his father's footsteps step by step knowing what the Bible says knowing what the promises are also his omnipresent everywhere once I don't know where this is like but I think I'd like to try it you could be a church and a home sleeping at the same time you could be at the in-laws with your wife and you could be. Out with friends fishing at the same time Bryce omnipresent his ability to be everywhere all at once there's something I can't wrap my mind around it he gave that up I'll be in one place John $167.00 it's to your advantage that I go away he says for if I do not go away the Helper will not come the advantage is affected to help or can be everywhere at once I cannot I'm only talking to you cumbered with humanity christ cannot be in every place personally therefore it was for the interest that he should go to the Father and send the Spirit to be his successor on earth and so he gave up his omnipotence he gave up his memory he gave up his for knowledge he gave up his omnipresence and he gave up his glory think about that Isaiah $5032.00 he had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him nothing in his appearance that we should desire him I would assume from that statement that there are many here this morning that were more attractive that are more attractive in their looks than Jesus was there was nothing outwardly that attracted people to him and you compare that in light of the incredible glory that was his in heaven 2nd Corinthians 89 he was rich yet for your sakes he became poor that you through his poverty might become rich is this inversion of the Gospel yet again he gives it all up not just a little bit all of it he gives it up and sacrifices it this is you every morning I'm sure it's a lot better than that actually this is the glory of the Sun best we can try to imagine it and he gives that up to come to a place that looks like this and not just to come to a place that looks like this but to be treated the way he was trees I don't know if you're accustomed to be being treated well. I know oftentimes people that are accustomed to being treated very well have a really hard time with anything but that yet he subjected himself to people spin his face yelling obscenities to him saying that his motives were off or wrong or faults that he was a liar that the truth was not in their use crazy His family said yesterday this gave up all what is a him say Jesus gave it all all to him IOW sin had left a crimson stain he washed it was no he didn't give some hints sacrifice a little he didn't cash in some stocks here some bonds there he didn't let this planet go or this solar system go he gave it all he put it all on the line with no guarantee that it would be successful. So Philippians 2 let's read it again Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus who be in the form of God not considered robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bondservant or slave and coming in the likeness of men and being found appearance as a man He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross therefore verse 9 God also has highly exalted him and given him the name which is above every name that the name of Jesus every need should bow of those in heaven and of those on the earth and of those under the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father this is a radical concept that is key to total surrender and self-sacrifice to true faith to victorious Christian living is the secret of this church and the world Let this mind be in you let this same spirit of sacrifice and humility be found in U.. It doesn't say strive it says Let Yes Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and he asked us to sacrifice today as well but in light of what he did in light of what he gave up in light of the turmoil in the struggle and the pain and the hardship of your sin and my sin and the world sin weighing down upon him how do we think we can complain about our sacrifice our struggle was poor me I have it so rough so hard was the verse you've been looking at looking at Mark $835.00 for heaven desires to save his life will lose it the harder you try to save it probably the more you'll lose but whoever loses his life for my sake and the Gospels will save it will find it will be filled will know what it's like to truly live what does that mean to you that Jesus emptied Himself for you I mean think about it when Jesus gave himself how much did he have left how much what else could he give what more could he give no he gave it all there was nothing left and yet we like to say God here's my life but don't tell me who to date God here's my life but don't tell me how to spend my money here's my life but don't ask me to make a stand that work for the Sabbath and to sacrifice financially for the Sabbath Don't ask me to do that is too much Don't ask me to change my diet that's too much but God here's my life but don't tell me how to dress or adorn myself or what to watch or how to spend my time you know sound like the children of Israel they made the golden calf to worship God will worship you God but we'll do it our way in our fashion the way we want to. And we'll sacrifice the amount that we feel is appropriate but don't ask too much what kind of gift is salvation friends it's an expensive gift it was expensive for God and it can seem expensive for us at times but we came across this in our prayer meeting this week Christ object lesson 393 Christ did not ask a greater sacrifice and he himself has made is that true does Christ ask more of us than he did himself if he did I can easily be the 1st one to protest and say this isn't fair this is too much flag on the play but there is not one thing that any of us can go through that he himself has not had a greater degree a greater sacrifice therefore the challenge for me is to be able to claim this verse collations to 21 of my favorites I have been and you have to claim it for yourself I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me that's what I need to claim every day I am crucified with Christ I no longer live jesus you live in me hell me to sacrifice as you sacrifice only have the faith as you had face how many loves you loved and to give of myself as you gave up yourself for me have you ever heard of live donor liver transplant I have to confess I had until just yesterday it's a life saving option for many suffering from in stage liver disease which isn't a good thing it was 1st tried to access fully in a child in 1989 children are easier I'm told to give livers to because you only need 25 percent of the healthy liver to be taken. Now keep in mind that's taken from a live person and it's supposed to grow back on the other supposed to grow in the other however adults can also give to adults but it's riskier because you have to take 60 percent of the live person's liver and give to the person who's in need of it ironically one of the things the liver does is purify the blood by 996 only 6 people in my thumb up here had performed had been performed on this surgery or gone through this surgery by 2001 the number had grown to 412 but by 2016 years ago more than 2 $1800.00 adults had had this adult to adult procedure in this country the United States and so it was on that same year 2010 that Ryan pictured here on the side with his family found out that he was a match for his brother Chad for years Chad had been sick he'd been John has his color was not good he was suffering from a dying liver that had swelled 3 times its normal size and so Ryan check Sure enough he's a match and so on Wednesday July 28th 2010 the University of Colorado hospital the family spent time together in prayer they practice communion gave a final embrace as Chad the sick brother whispered to Ryan I owe you my life to which Ryan responded with a sense of humor piece of cake brother a piece of cake the next day they took 2 thirds of Ryan's healthy liver almost immediately after the surgery after Chad received it he felt better and he was excited he was back in his room he was celebrating his color already looked better rather Ryan was doing well too he was taken out of the I.C.U. on Friday he was just down the hall from Chad. But Sunday morning things took a turn for the worse Ryan coded There you see a hug there after the surgery for Ryan code and he was recess Aetate but it was soon determined that after all that had gone on there was no brain activity with Ryan and so the following day it was determined that they were going to have to pull the plug and lay Ryan to rest leaving his wife his sons his brother and family behind and it was after that that Chad put this text in his journal This Is How We Know What Love Is Jesus Christ laid down His life for us and we had to lay down our lives for our brothers that's where he put in his his journal and as he recounts how he heard the news his father came in to deliver the news he entered the room where Jack was sleeping and he grabbed his toes to wake him up like he always did even when he was a boy and he said ever so gently Ryan's brain is dead but we still serve a good God and John says in his own words here after hearing the news from my dad I want to rip out all the tubes and I.V.'s and jump from the hospital window but he says but I wasn't living for myself anymore to throw his life away would be disrespectful to the gift friends is there any area in your life that is disrespectful of the gift that is disrespectful to the price that was paid if so by the grace of God I ask you in this communion service to pray a simple and humble prayer and to stop I know there's someone here who has drifted from God I didn't say you stop coming to church you're here but you're here physically but you have drifted from God and God knows and you know. And your lifestyle is anything but the lifestyle of a Christian but you want to come back you've drifted from God but you want to come back under the legal protection of Jesus Christ the price that was paid and your Soul that was bought with his own blood if so simply humble yourself Let this mind be in you humble yourself and simply say by the grace of God I want to let the mind of Christ be in me I ask for a cleansing of forgiveness today and by God's grace I no longer I no longer want to be disrespectful to that gift ask yourself Lord I don't want to throw your life away I don't want to disrespect the gift help me today to renew my commitment to you Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for the opportunity remember the incredible and ultimate sacrifice that you gave for us may we not in any way disrespect this expensive gift in your name we pray and. 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