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Going Nuclear

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 22, 2009
    11:10 AM
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will Saddam everyone is in the house to buy as we pray heavenly father we ask you please speak to us father you brought us all here such as mine is not helpless to realizing the gravity time we are leaving father you have not read us without reason this church has been founded for mission with the purpose Lord help us to reach a pivotal point in our experience this week I'm not a acid utilities and got my words MAR science be moved now mind understand in Jesus name we pray amen life you open your Bibles to the book of Isaiah chapter fourteen but I don't love the message going nuclear going nuclear I think that is a fitting title for the Army Bible camp what do you think I want to lay the foundation not if I can very quickly Isaiah chapter fourteen verse thirteen the goal of these Scriptures as quickly as we can Isaiah chapter fourteen verse thirteen the Bible says fear him thou hast said in thine heart I will ascend into heaven mumblings on my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the thigh of the North was not inaugurated to exalt himself above the stars of God who were the stars of God they were the Angels Revelation chapter twelve verse four address nine that the Dragon's tail using child one third on the one stars of heaven down to lose the thread began a rebellion in heaven and he used cars to do it lose the means to live there that's what the name means the question we have to ask ourselves is whose lives was Lucifer Barry was it his own life no no no it was the line about the black and unsung outlets will pay charts and puppets page thirty five Lucifer son of the morning was first on the cover and children's form yet undefined he stood in the presence of the great Creator and the ceaseless beans on glory and shrouding the eternal God rested upon him who like Lucifer bearing he was very polite of God he was bearing the light of Jesus Christ but the Bible says that he began to look at this light bulbs as though the light worried his own the Bible tells us that one third of the stars of heaven were cast out one word on the lights went out you can be seen a great multitude of the stars of heaven we can imagine how many angels were cast out because the entire focus of God is busy on number so imagine with me how many stars fell from heaven the Bible tells us that Lucifer deceived mankind as a result we find in Genesis chapter three verse fifteen God giving the promise Genesis chapter three and verse fifteen the promises given I will put enmity between thee and the woman between the eyes why seed and her seed it that is the one and see what's to rules the head of the serpent and now solve rooms she is Geo Don foretells here on the coming all I see him though see Genesis chapter fifteen verse five we are laying a foundation Genesis chapter fifteen verse five you can then understand the significance of the statement of God 's promise to Abraham in Genesis fifteen verse five he brought him forth abroad and said look now toward that have been and child I want it now be able to know what number them and he said unto them so shall thy seed be Satan used the stars to begin the controversy in heaven God will use stars to finish the controversy honor the city is twenty two verse fifteen Genesis chapter twenty two verses in the Bible tells us here at the edge of the bar by the way the Bible you are speaking about the necessity of on the woman and a soccer mommy starts at the multitude of stars being for multitude who is being spoken on here it is real and RAM was told that he will be the other great while of a great nation notice Genesis twenty two verse fifteen the Bible says here at home today and the angel of the comments Abraham on the second time and said by my father my sworn saith the Lord for because now has done this thing and have not withheld funds are not only son that in blessing I will bless the and it multiplies being I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven then and as the sandwiches upon the seashore and thy seed shall possess the gate of the event any and in thy seed shall all the nations on the earth be blessed because thou hast obeyed my voice God says here that all the nations would be blessed when received the blessing rule the city the stars yes yes yes Genesis chapter twenty six turn again with universe for thoughts and I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven and will give until I see all these countries and in thy seed shall all nations kings rates songs and goals most of you missed that so welcome back to that in a moment so I'll Monday sends on leader the black therein a blessing waiting for all people nations kindreds and tongs drilled the seed that is supposed to be a multitude of the thoughts you get exciting moment it's interesting that from Abraham arose how many twelve Abraham and Isaac Isaac Jacob Jacob become Israel and Israel has a twelve Abraham is considered the father of the Jews in those who were the great sea ice and has commandeered when Joseph had his dream that saw his brothers would bow down what was it all likened to start so you can begin to understand God 's purpose is to multiply the start Abraham rose to twelve and twelve Martin brought to a great multitude well once a notice of the Deuteronomy chapter one verse ten because it appears that this is fulfilled Deuteronomy chapter one R Deuteronomy chapter one verse twelve on the rest ten the Bible says in the Lord your God hath multiplied UN to hold you want to see the stars of heaven for multitude I can imagine the children of Israel must have been exciting except for when God told them over here in the book of Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight something that may too much Deuteronomy twenty eight I want you to notice verse fifty eight and I will not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in the book that dominates their discourse and fearful name the then the Lord will make my plagues wonderful and the plagues of thy seed even great please and of long continuance and saw sickness and of long continuance moreover he will bring up wanting all the diseases of Egypt which I was afraid out and they shall cleave unto me also every sickness and every plague which is not written in the book of this law then will the Lord bring upon me until the Army destroyed and use shall be left few in number where you are at the stars of heaven for multitude because I was not obey the voice of the Lord thy God sauces on the hypothalamus if you have a baby promise about you will be the stars that promise will be no more well what happened in the history of Israel we know that Israel eventually sees the sign because God called them to assigned to the world you are not allowed in fact the very fact that that's all when Jesus came upon the scene they remember the old profit as prophesied that there was a being a coming lot okay maybe even following their lung thank you down prophesied that a shot was coming coolest star that was to come on the scene not then Jesus and had a nasty chapter tool on the obverse so the wise men come and they say we have seen hands while now this is not a surprise of June because according to a seventy weeks prophecy of the seventy weeks prophecy Jesus wants to come upon the scene and lead his people to victory but they reject me that the star they rejected the season you understand you determine the right to the book of Galatians chapter three Galatians chapter three verse verse sixteen Galatians chapter three verse sixteen the Bible tells us turn now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made he saith not and some seeds many online one and sometimes see which is cried so and rejecting the star they were also rejecting the theme and in rejecting the sea they had forfeited the promise of God when he has something interesting to the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 Hebrews Chapter 11 people 's eleven how much a notice with me verse twelve NASA the person that Hebrews eleven verse eleven through faith also saw herself receives strength to conceive seed and when I was delivered of a child when she was half-baked because she just and faithful who had problems therefore sprang with Dan there is an unwanted adhesive not what you want had so many the stars of the sky in multitude and of the sandwiches by this or innumerable I is as good as dead when the dead know I love you dad from the one about what is good and bad spray twelve from whence ran a great walk multitude in a interesting that from Jesus also sprang twelve here we have the star and I'm honestly think Israel will be here on revenue this is also not when I'm ready such as okay I'm start anew many south on this one who was at that day right or why slides well where we find all revelations of the twelve number one and standing on the mold called when the sun with a crown on twelve twelve disciples Carlin Jesus and you can know where the rest of this is going what do the twelve note they negated to multiply the star then again you know the very thing that God has called Israel to do the monster is unique for high men are evil and RAM scenes or Abrahams start whilst all first rate is fifty forty one cents the sun at its glory the moment of his glory and the stars have their glory and you know the stars have aligned using the son-in-law and the Lord is one but the stars are many RI or maybe enough of him gone release plan are trivialized even when his glory the reason then that he does not do so may you one five-star and saw that the company who I went in the heart not just be a start sole screen wrap the need out-of-the-box thought and I is and isn't coming until it starts you know at ten annual parade down the unloved feeling appreciated and loved I love you only is beautiful in a angel tells me feel excepted and loved by the people got a beloved let me tell you something one star cannot lighten the art on bachelor and well you are doing well couldn't be that we are looking to these few stars to do homework that only upgrade multitude can do I want you to notice something become a star second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one a what to notice verse one second Peter chapter one verse nineteen to be just one response millionaire when you say that we have also a more sure word problems and well you know well that he had seen I want to wonder why that's a myth in a dark place until the gain on and I and all our rise in your heart for the baseball Jesus Christ so when Jesus arrived moving online what do you look on a scholar and the more sparsely scattered around her in the Lori Wellsville New York but if we are not studying the more sure word of prophecy are you following if we are not understanding how to engage in the more small word of prophecy how can we be line is the reason why the double once the block you from studying the Bible the other care about one star here and want me to tears but as a positive start here and I started there if I ask you to name all the stars on the administrators I mean you wanted list and maybe get to know a number for me to any that something more twelve is not at all not these are the people that you know everyone know that person or everyone know that person who silently are consult when he may be ready to be I mean that is the less the liberal one hundred by two hundred what happened to the promise to Abraham of the will two hundred twenty one grade while this will not mean that arthritis is a is the on the other hand may not say while passerby and I say no once you the star mentality now when I say that's just me I do not go another mile walk away from you now not understanding the human eye when the big snowstorms the North Atlantic this thought mentality meaning that only the specials you can delete the Army Bible camp is about it's not about the special few it's about the great multitude every major revival has taken place of a result of Bible study at the end of the seventy weeks prophecy when the Jew when the disciples are all the Protestant historians guess what Jesus comes up on the scene and beginning at mold things and the prophets he expounds on to them the word of God they spend forty days with Jesus and all he is doing is breaking stricture in them and when you branch stretching down the life is released as solid a revival on the unpublished enemy prophecy occurred as a result of people taking the word of God enter their hands and saying we can know this for ourselves by the way fallacies and Sadducees were saying only we can understand the word of God for the dark ages oh by the way before we fast-forward I hear some that might interest you what Pentecost came different halves of the sellers made against what multiple multiple although something that happened before when the children of Israel began to multiply back anyhow Stephanie when the children of Israel where he is at and announce him multiply what you say in their moment lines of vast that they are burns heart that he may come market target and make them miserable and may compel stop without strong we know that Satan Satan said he saw the church begin to multiply that split among the oppression twelve hundred and sixty years of oppression make them be Christians without the Bible it is impossible to be a Christian without studying your book as it is to make buildings when they say no no strong this is not a charge of the dark ages they still can't understand the Bible already priests can't understand the Bible hence it was known not dark ages why no one go with Ms. Daniel chapter he Daniel chapter eight and please notice with me first ten single in the morning so the last great even for the host of heaven hath found some of the halls and on why Star Cinema on and on then meant and how the Bible reveals the prosecution on the fence and on network all-stars and they were being persecuted using the double understand what will happen if stars begin to shine she the word of God away from the so that they cannot shine and you know what happened with the Reformation Martin Luther comes along why that cannot be done and they put the lineup back into the hat on that people and revival takes place that leads to the deadly wound in seventeen ninety eight after that began at twenty three hundred that prophecy where you people want the word of God in their were able to attend the word and expounded and fines Sharon and what happened to the start they multiplied greatly and then there was a great disappointment and it seemed as though the movement was about to die but out of what apparently seeing the day God prophesied that they would rise a multitude of stuff but you are those stars that's why Daniel twelve verse three says and being that turn many to righteous man shall sign at the start the final revival to take place on planet Earth will be a result on the people of God opening down Bible and Anaheim and why should I want into their glorious bases in the last son work few great men will be engaged they are self-sufficient independent thought and he cannot use them the Lord has service when the shaking testing time will be disclosed there are precious precious ones now hitting who have not bowed beneath the veil they have not had the light which have been shining in a concentrated blaze upon you but it may be under about an uninviting exterior the PR brightness of a genuine Christian character will be revealed in the day time we look toward heaven but do not see the dollar they are there is determined by the eye cannot distinguish them in the night we need to hold their genuine love Christian service page forty nine Savage Don with power from on high when they are faced in life you know and signing with a holy consecration went forth to proclaim the message from heaven so that was scattered all through the religious bodies answer to the call and the prices were hurried out of the domed church 's lot was hardly out of sodomy for her destruction God 's people were strengthened by the accident glory was rested upon management 's abundance and prepare them to enjoy the hour of temptation I hurt everywhere and mountain soon will I see saying is reading it I heard everywhere a few who are you seeing on television say I are everywhere in Malden and wife is now fishing from them on what is going out of range what would it mean that the multitude have to be doing before in order to go on breach you cannot inure right now with a sermon on your heart and you can massively let me share an early lead the reason why many of us are not caught Sherry is because we have nothing to share power that you would not ask the question how do I share some NSA one million dollars pastor can you tell me how can I share with my friends at one million dollars you'll be in the streets having a stranger and what kind of aliens that are to have no problem sharing what you felt was good news many thousand runs needs to send me many is that the seven hundred ninety will be seen hurrying hither thither concentrate constrained by the Spirit of God to bring the light to others the truth the word of God is firing their bones synonym with a burning desire to enlighten those who sit in darkness many even among the uneducated now proclaim the words of the Lord children are impelled by the Spirit of the fourth and declare the message from heaven this is part of what all will yield its promptings and cast off on man's machineries is bargaining rules and cautious methods that will declare the truth that the mic on this will the power model into will receive the faith and joined up our knees on the floor are me please come you want to be our God is calling us to be on welfare economists must the best way for me to describe this to you is to put it in military terms because after all you are a and R that we share with you as quickly as I can John chapter ten verse thirty there is something the devil wants to stop John chapter ten verse thirty Jesus says there I am my father are one of one when you attempted to get this going on my father are one what is a saying here is that he has found it are indivisible they are so closely tied that they are one father son and Holy Spirit not get this picture then Jesus God the father that she recently we might say that the insurgency is the Dem and topmost edge the work at home it means indivisible inseparable uncountable Jesus his father a son on a deadline our time is when you look at the economist interesting protons electrons neutrons three everything that clears the glory of God as Jesus is in an is is that he has any visible from his father now that in the sense that when Jesus came upon the scene when Jon Wendland the double meet some of the women is one of the China bill if you thought about it in the son of God is trying to get five points in Jesus from his father while some of the numbers to that our things nonanswer question what would happen to this world if Jesus had been separated by saying from his father but after this way what happened when man discovered that the outcome could indeed be split he created something it's called the iconic bomb what will happen had choose us been separated from his father by saying that what happened to this world anything self destruct you know there's a reason why many of us are like walking bombs yeah whenever we send ringtones a list we self-destruct what I'm saying is that what we need the lobby is our top power and invisible job plans that are persuaded that nothing nothing nothing in the policies of the main will be able to do a lot separate us from the love of God having a one atomic power yes yes yes atomic top however in the night of the twentieth century it was discovered that the the display so much more sublime through this here present complete something happen up across that was totally amazing it was discovered that the divine art humbles was indeed split Jesus said my God my God why hast thou lot forsaken me anyone in the display button I was asleep why where they split because he is not all fora therefore there are powerful blast of energy that come from Calvary that you are the military and the understand English cattle Marie Cox found in and took place at Calvary when Jesus separated from his father 's something I thought happened that's why the Bible says that the gospel in the past work or the great worth doing unless you not dynamite is not across wetland dynamite that God is revealed and so that's why Jesus says in Windsor was not because you shall receive what power from the cross as well as powerful blasts of energy only needs an energy to the hospital where we received that atomic power atomic fission what is that's what comes with a neutron splits and Adam as a result is formed a chain reaction that's how they formed a chain reaction and when that happens with another atom splits when that happens to extend the neutron splitting another Adam and Linda Adams would defend the new trust with another atom you don't get it but when Jesus died across something slip and say something out the other you are not a the data says you're indivisible all you and you only need all you you can start right from WR but when Jesus died on the cross something happened out in my left out and when it hits you explore a few a time when you'll estimate somebody else was standing there on side painlessly killed and when they were split and what happens is you have this chain reaction atomic power the double beloved is fearful of atomic power by CFO as he is of atomic power of atomic fission there's something else use even more terrified see when they discover the data to be split he created the atomic bomb however when atomic fusion was discovered he created the nuclear bomb the nuclear bomb is said to be ten to fifteen times more powerful than the atomic bomb interestingly enough the term nucleus is first used by scientists Michael Faraday in the year eighteen forty four the sudden the nucleus would eventually lead to the invention of the nuclear bomb by fusing nuclei a bomb may have many times more power than the atomic bomb pattern itself the word nucleus has its etymology from the word carnal work on O'Connell about not have a conference a little not you see this on etymology online karma is and when John when Jesus when John Robert and John chapter twelve verse four Jesus meeting and he said except a hard on we wanted to the ground cohort is the same as tribal from which we get the more nuclear or center Jesus had to see far into the ground and I advise not using these coming together your understanding is used something so to set him up when a suit filed into the ground and dies what happens that's the big one explains Susan Susan and I with them was like we got a problem on our hands I was try to get in the come down off the cross and I couldn't get condemned the restaurant in the thing itself condemned the going atomic event this is bad angels now whatever hop is the founder and assignment number and separated what I do we cannot do it on its own it becomes Jesus come back as he arrived at the father 's side still was this will be a nuclear strategy you see above is true the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ must be the center of our message of our life of our preaching and when that happens the devil is in nuclear danger in Christ must be seeing another page of this book Christ must be preached in every sermon crimes must be the outcome I am happening when the font size and spirit our views are brought together women wanted there was nuclear danger fusion is the bringing together of some and you see what God wants we see when Jesus is in you and Jesus is new and seems is new what does Jesus want to do with all that Jesus is in and us he wants to what they put it this way I can be atomic by myself as I call again tonight okay I can be atomic by myself but I cannot be nuclear by myself the understand this one is going to come to when and as a result nuclear and had no glory in the hot install light is the entire wireless that's something nuclear it takes all of us to the nuclear statement that will guide you on the atomic bike itself you look at common Microsoft and last time I convinced you cannot unite as long as I can get you confinement each other as long as I continue to separate as long as I can create an atmosphere of suspicion do you know that even among the ministers and the ministries there are double is creating an sphere of suspicion private conversations what you think about the pastor this one or this ministry or that all of a sudden ministries online while I want to work with you no one will know it's okay thank you with a writer for a become the devil knows that if he can cheat that the leaders separately ministries against conference and conference against ministries everybody just divided there can never be unwelcome we are in that how do you understand the Bible for yourself come to our we will determine you like you always hadn't been there waiting teacher when Jesus prayed fundamental oneness print for a nuclear evening is like communion Jesus gives us each a piece of his life body and was one of the body bring it all to the Catholic communion is all about union guy yelling at him you do it's almost as though she were saying she owes him to do I want to use but the devil is not for fusion these anti- fusion is do you see the difference God wants fusion the devil wants on fusion fusion is simply say don't gather together only on the same page do not only can bring about a smattering of cotton fusion among God 's people that can bring the child feelings and therefore there can never be the nuclear band that Don Outlook is one of the bagasse what that event will come when we decide to be separate out what it will come in the question is what do you want to want important fusion or con fusion fusion the illustration the Bible tells of the history of Israel determines or tells us all the future of the church please get this point if you look at the history of Israel not Israel coming out all Egypt are the result of all the land being slain by commodity agent you have them crossing the want the Red Sea and I think trust the Red Sea you have them going into the wilderness after you have been in the wilderness you have them coming up to another river or sea I'm what was that the Jordan and that you have on the younger son of John and where Canaan saw once the what what what the parallel this is Jesus is not found right that was slightly the Bible says Jesus and item the way John forty six I await word waves on forty six is the word told us who he is not how you can know acts is all not sent out to the White House is in the well money and time on the cross in the way out that science is not little rated unless something happens in the child's combat in Iraq see what is that it's a bounce in the movement what are we talking about here pent-up call the early rain after Pentecost the church and dozens in the wilderness doesn't not follow twelve hundred and sixty years on earth the question what's after the wilderness can start question always on the wilderness now almost twelve hundred sixty years well I'll be back when standing microphone and ardently than this women stand in the floor and started for all amount hundred and fifty Harris why was there anything that caught the children and they have to take before the dog then all of our entertainment and what did they say I believe in this way they solve a time of trouble I have them now what happened in a letter to the sender with spies some nice sentiment it's five in the finest combat in that comment is what happened as witnessed at any moment well we are right now is for them darling and the way we've been spending almost five slot on a hundred and fifty years you will check it out you will and will not adore you are available in the study of the Senate I know there are people in that territory that's the only one that will be ours who are just sitting there waiting for truth they ran until what's her name man may have say hey man you know I enjoy the Bible study are not ready to come yet but trust me I will be ready when the when was the greatest she was ready when is it that Israel was in November that the rivers are all opened up for Israel listen when they all was well and is used on all March the time is come for us to stop sending spy dog on dog him and your dog that gets you will hear him do it even the time has come for us to stop selling on a size too large and in a ladder right hand saw the armies of Israel County that she got the conviction that this strength beyond cinnabar I am ready but on a therapy in the long right now who are knowledgeable parents who understand it but I find the family friends Henry has that day when they see I have an army coming in the reinforcement that you will they will say where it were really all we were just waiting to see the Army where one would you do it with me now all we does not knowingly at the Audubon training camp had enough waffle again and now am I renting their way here to rescue you amen and when they cross over the majority how is it men's articles all they shouting loud track but I want to make in a few you have stood behind the spot yes you do with all the users on the these guys going over in coming up with great nation stories so what was it like over there I met someone I said what phrase though and now you're realizing today that unless you your church England tomorrow afternoon we will have a whole lot more times and on this side of the story and one essay today Lord I'm writing a marks the model I have received my marching orders I am ready Thomas Lord I not only want to be on making I also want to be new bastards I will send you heavenly father you call this to be as Star Wars in the tournament you called us Lord to let your glory in the houses of placing around the north have been depending upon the star that you saw this I know I want calling us you have called us not out of a few here and there is a great multitude forgive us Lord standing complacently undecidable to forgive us Lord for the atmosphere of suspicion that we have created amongst ourselves nor there is wrong that needs to be called out then maybe faithfully doing but will it help us to protect the reputation of my brothers insisted to give us not only have fallen short in this very area forgive us Lord for them to offset my anything nor that has been used to create using the minority we are probably that unknown clear that both film this one done by the Lord Armas will in Jesus name we pray amen news news that will be the mind to address a so all this he is standing five hi all students the same I say go a a I and the news Steve C and no are produced by power up our mission is to help prepare people for the soon coming of Jesus Christ by throwing the supernatural power of the Lamb of God thanks Tori is Christopher for more information on our multimedia resources incurring on speaking to these log onto our website at www. power of the Lamb .com www. how are our homeland .com or call us at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero at eight oh five two six eight zero zero thank you and God bless a pair


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