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The Divine Design, Part 1

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 22, 2009
    4:00 PM
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him to stay are your brains and him and her that the fact that is that that's on the cause for a another one prayer and ask the Lord to attend this seventy five we again ask the experience is sometimes give us wisdom give us understanding unless it is in the this is what you have done here over these last few days though I continue to minister to us as soon as you continue to draw scrutiny is a man I is a you know I have think about and bring it up here with buttons and is found in the desire of ages and diocese says there would be well standing a thoughtful hour every day benefiting up on the right price the manger to the product I see says we should take the point my point allowing the imagination on to draft you mean than a proxy for a minute about the importance of the imagination when we hear that word we all think about this term but God gave us an estimate and ally says that we should use that imagination upon the Bible to use our imagination with the word of God Isaiah twenty six for elements and when I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind mind is stayed on thee that margin their reason imagination I believe the double understand that if you have the imagination of the man you'll remember that when God sent the flood in the times of know what it was because Genesis said the imaginations of men's hearts were only evil continually the demo had gotten a hold of imagination and perverted at the same he doing a busy season for our imaginations so that when we go around the prey descending on Jesus all that for your mind in the last movie watched right God wants us to have spiritual eyesight and just imagine if you've ever had problems praying for long time and money problems praying for longtime if you were to take the life of Christ and in Madison that do you think you can break meditate because that's what it is just sitting down and say okay let me see this in my mind that I had to use his word but Israelite no are you are so that we visualize that will pass through the news release and now I am not in resume send is one saying Beyoncé now let me say this godly imagination takes the word of God and love up on a man on godly imagination professes the same things all things that aren't true so when I say something like that imagine standing on the sea of glass mingled with my what did you just do these are simply what saw that with the job thing I never try to picture what heaven is like a mean think about what I never had time and just think just spend time trying to imagine what it had been must be like trying to imagine you and your family and your friends standing on that sea of glass mingled with fire experiencing thermal equilibrium that's what she's saying with the life of Christ and for that matter all that why not fingerprints on the back to the accident and marts with the children of Israel through the Red Sea oh wow you know there's something about our are seeing something that kind really fixes it where in the mind and so once we understand the that God wants to sell as such incredible things he wants to sanctify our imaginations so that our imaginations become strained not on the things of the world on the things of God then God can take our godly identified imaginations can speak to us through them remember the point we read yesterday he is Jesus through in the imagination reads his here when we look out in the world we see evidence of intelligence what is when we look into the Scripture we see evidence of divine design if we let closely enough we'll see patterns unfolding before our very eyes patterns that no human could intentionally done patterns that are in the divine is a masculinity taking a look at this this evening the divine designer at Japan's message in a very simple principle actually cause had just mentioned this principle is in his message alluded earlier which was repeats and enlarged on than a rephrase a little bit on the quality the principle of not being new only more detail a nothing new only more detail here is simple what that means in the Bible there is not things they would meet new only more the account for example the first prophecy in the Bible what is NSS three fifteen eight oh after that there is nothing new on the more one detail the entire Bible is an unfolding of the conflict that is mentioned in Genesis three verse fifteen between the devil and the thing that makes sense so if you rightly understand Genesis three fifteen and whatnot controversy is all about you have all the tools to correctly understand the rest of the word of God on the books of Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy are simply and on folding of Genesis three fifteen all the bolts after that date they add nothing new they simply add more detail it's like a young camera used to take the pitcher from far-off and in your next picture you zoom in you and expertise domain are you picking up anything new no only more what they can the first prophecy of the New Testament and you know anyone know what that means Matthew one twenty one visa because name Jesus for and well save his people from their sins they all the New Testament there is nothing you have to not be one twenty one the entire New Testament is the unfolding of how Jesus want save 's his people from their sin that make sense if you are going to the book of Daniel will find the same thing Daniel chapter two contains the first prophetic portion of the event that is the day that the note was at the image head of what gold chest and arms of silver belly and thighs of brass legs of iron tools part iron Parklake then the song that cuts that is without hands Mike's image on its feet in Daniel chapter two are all the elements necessary to understand the rest of the book of Daniel if you rightly discern Daniel chapter two you haven't already correctly identified all the parts of all the rest of the book of Daniel then that makes sense what we have in the book of Daniel we have Babylon representing what the goals one of the rehab need of further represents silver right leg is wrong and then is that it shows the ten kingdoms are we missing anything and to solve but he doesn't totally jumped over something whereas the papacy as our Raleigh and then the tallest represents who they can send them the other tolls that are online Courier but but not discouraging them you know quasi- drugs in the Bible in the Bible says all Lord you are not under we are not waived the clay represents anyone who professes to have God as its mold there saw among the ten ayatollahs rises up and elements that is spiritual in nature it is different from the other kingdoms which are all metal I give them a sense so that we distantly say haters you know is is verifiable in order to run spread frosting and she said the mingling of the tolls of iron and clay represent the mingling of statecraft and charts track so there's the papacy right there okay and so fundamental to him all that we need to understand all the powers of Daniel seven Daniel eight Daniel nine ten eleven and twelve it's all there it's only the same is true on the book of Revelation one as renovations first prophecy the seven what the seven churches if you understand the history of the seven churches you have been given everything that you need to on and all the rest of the book of Revelation NFL announced you can rightly discern that that that that that the first seven churches the first possible revelation that everything after that there is nothing you already more detail on the more detail so that's where the end of the book of the entire book the entire Bible follows this principle nothing new only more detail is true in the book of in the Old Testament it is also true in the New Testament one antidote today is about to unfold but that the divine patterns that are found in the book of Revelation in chapter study revelation by yourself how nice of notice but in this is just hopeless or you haven't even tried how does depend upon the evangelistic when I know my Revelation thirteen and I think what I'm doing on the present to you a divine pattern I'm not telling you what cool represents an all know who what and that none of what I do is eleven percent Revelation is held on a pattern there symbols to be understood patterns of weather to see an obvious lie helpless as we attempt to unfold the book of Revelation the nastiness what long symbol is revelation morals encompass around the sympathetic the sanctuary the sanctuary therefore if we have to unplug drafts on the sanctuary it will also enable us to get a good grasp on the book of Revelation I was than a century on we want to understand symbols on the exercise with you very quickly I'm asking about the book of Exodus chapter twenty five Exodus chapter twenty five and that some beginning with verse one and here's limited to a minute Johnson versus here and we do have a microphone going around here so I guess I won't do that in this new this is not his first verse one and the Lord spake unto Moses saying speak unto the children of Israel are against women I'm a beginner needs versus and when I call for the birth I just want to they yell it out for me okay nice amount needed for me I someone like me first Peter chapter one verse seven who's got back first Peter chapter one verse seven okay seven five Nissan twelve verse six will go with you and then would you while you do Jeremiah chapter fifteen verse twenty Jeremiah fifteen verse twenty can someone find me numbers chapter sixteen verse thirty eight thirty nine okay you remember what version ass on the call that you can just read about him there really is no order to this okay around Iraq first Peter Manas one find on Matthew twenty seven versus twenty eight twenty nine okay and dogs on nineteen to write Revelation nineteen eight early tonight and then at six twenty six or seven teslas twenty six verse fourteen Isaiah fifty three birth to okay just a few more here revelation eight verse four and the first Peter two verse five okay now let me begin reading Exodus Wi-Fi verse one and the Lord spake of the Moses saying speak of the children of Israel that they bring an offering of every man that did it willingly with his heart you shall take my offering and is in the offing which he shall take of them is really together gold and silver and brass and blue and purple and scarlet and fine linen and goats hair and ran skins dyed red and badges in an shittim wood oil for the light spices for anointing oil and for sweet incense onyx stones and stones beneath that in default and in the breast plate and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them okay well how many of you before now what I have read that those mercies and left those things on turn but you know better now because you are part of the Army so so that let's look at these symbols inside figure out what they represent that makes sense so let's have someone on what other do this in any particular order let's go okay but not without first Peter chapter two verse five first Peter chapter two verse five Genesis your base being much more precious than gold that parishes though it is tested by fire may be found to praise and honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ no that was first in chapter one verse set to that right yeah I actually asked for first Peter chapter two verse five some not doing it in order not doing what is that on instead I said first Peter chapter two verse five we don't we are studying together not by being honest those shiny stones into a spiritual house and holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ okay crisis precious stone that's go ahead and have someone read from these Disney the reef reason for Peter chapter one percent yeah I would read it again you don't worry about it yeah you got the practice that there genuine this of your case being much more precious than gold that cherishes though it is tested by fire may be found to praise honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ okay so we have here the goal is symbolic of what you think McAfee where and from all the time is right anything that RI can see that I will do some article save this scene that stones these onyx stones are considered precious stones and jewels represent preciousness okay so we've got faith we've got precious also originally Revelation chapter eight verse four and a small odor of the incense reach team when praying the prayers of the saints ascended up before God out of the angel 's hand all right and so is said to represent what prayers prayers for intercession outputted here into session that's what a high priest did with the incense in the form of intercession prayer on the now someone read Psalms twelve verse six some twelve percent the words of the Lord actual words like silver tried in a furnace purified seven times all right so cellular is symbolic of the words of the Lord this market is running out of me so I would like to move this up okay lighting and they might not okay unless though the tests one read Jeremiah fifteen first twenty now some of you can see over there for CMR fifteen bursting plain view my mimosa and I is making the do these people as Mason wall and they shall fight against me then they shall not prevail against me for I Emily being the same VM to you maybe saith the Lord okay Brown in a negative sense represents tenants in a positive sense it represents all steadfastness and yet that's much better for now so we tried this with you tried opening the bid on this since it doesn't get it does listen to him let's go with all Revelation nineteen verse eight Revelation nineteen proceeds letter that began thinking raffle on what was steadfast to be steadfast said Jeremiah on making you my blast regardless with standard and be steadfast in the background was that that's sometimes felt about that this guy being like brass or bronze meeting being shut up steadfast okay immigration nineteen verse eight all over here Revelation nineteen verse eight angiograms granted that she should be arranged in Feynman and clean and white for the Feynman and his righteousness of thing okay very good so righteousness as represented by fine linen if you want to add that too often draft impenetrable impenetrable steadfast and potentially lose even one of those that have Exodus twenty six verse seven he showed me in good repair to the economy tabernacle is introduced on Bellamy okay so the bullets here represented one of covering a covering and that's when the center was actually covered with a massive something who was a sensor actually a typo cybercrime so it makes sense bullets here is a covering notice this one in Exodus chapter twenty six verse and never sporting as this one success working with sporting a writer and Dasani greenness server ten grams and pay rent a Korean tonight about your skins okay now there is nothing in the Bible that actually tells us all RAM skins dyed red means this is a compound symbol here but what you get from that grandstand died red dress in Walmart 's Ramstein where to get glands skin from work on Iran one count of the mailman and then mail ran him in K Silvas represent an animal that had died and why will they that I was going to die what was the skin what I want read somewhere you think the Rams game I read on or sacrifice very good very good access to license verse fourteen it also would you remember us again there was something else mentioned and there it was actually the Baptist NBC that okay that is getting all is believed to have been a type of field scale something that wasn't very calmly and whether there was nothing you know it's just kind of no monotonous nothing calmly about what you think and this was the outermost covering of the sanctuary so when the present century they saw back your skin nothing commonly about it what were they talking about here the note what the flesh of Christ Isaiah fifty three verse two thousand now your person was tells us what going to be that I think it could reverse to radiation room before him the gender plan and as a root out of the out of dry ground she has no former communists and when we see him there is no beauty that we should desire him okay very good very good let's see here numbers fifteen verse thirty eight and thirty nine number sixteen verse thirty who has to okay the head speak to the sons of Israel until an official make for themselves tassels on the corners of their garments throughout the generations and that they shall put on the Castle of each quarter corner of Cordon Bleu it shall be a tussle for you to look at and remember all the commandments of the Lord so as to them and not follow after your own heart in your own eyes after which you played the harlot okay very good very good some as old as symbolic of while everyone is the commands of God or old beings to his command okay Matthew twenty seven verse twenty eight twenty nine when the program started and you will probably already due to tell me what departments are represented royalty and the priesthood by Henry in a shaking English and Romanian winning interested storms we put it on his head and he read in his hand and they bowed the knee before him and mocked him saying hail King of the thing they make that payment problem Scarlet symbolizing that he was supposedly a king in the Old Testament the colors of the praise of the priests wore were purple and scarlet soul problems thought it symbolical royalty and priesthood of royalty and present now these are the ones one two three four two three of them all we need to look at just no pretty simple thing sense of what was also known as C a one hundred word actually means born or starts born or scourge are rather or actually charts we think about thorns and am currently thinking in Avon see exhibit about the VB you know what he took upon us for himself so let's just say okay she would represent the colors for the sports as natural definition of the word trusts or sports when the oil represent back to real simple blog represents Holy Spirit on the Islam was born on the soldiers and the freshly over the wine over the heart that makes it you get all that I him yet another type of service of this common in this cross holding but that's all right now if I wanted to what I'm saw you in their own way to discover symbolism in the Bible we see what I'm saying you you find that you do not listen some stubborn and eleven on the Scripture to say that actually describe it all in a symbiotic sense of any prophetic sense when this might represent all what that might represent now here's the beautiful thing about the next look at the very order in which God laid out this this main goal is our faith comes by what bodily care silver the word of an the first two objects here on assay in the word of the Lord brass beach that and silver items are Ya know and all day and then divided for sporting the here the word of the Lord be steadfast and Obi under the read the rest was used to sell you that God actually put a message in the very order of the materials used to build a sanctuary here or have faith in the word of the Lord the steadfast end of the and he will make you change by Hezbollah 's arsenal they can change and priests through his righteousness he will cover you by the sacrifice of his flesh what all cars sporting upon himself and there was a spirited people give unknowing to the spices for the anointing on people intercede for us bearing our past process upon his shoulders and in his heart we understand my frightening way I do so here we go about yard line where they were here on a in the word of the Lord be steadfast impenetrable and building and he will make you king and priest from his righteousness people covered by the sacrifice of his flesh he will take our curse or sporting upon himself and through his Spirit he will give you and I online fear that he will intercede for us bearing precious upon his shoulders and in his far will you than I do it too fast on the audience on it right now I on our enemies even though that year I began by Kathy in the word of the Lord that so brass be steadfast blue and obey purple and scarlet and he will make you skinny and pretty fine linen clearly as righteousness thoughts here he will cover you the red final sacrifice that has been obvious less shittim wood he will take our cars or scores in upon himself by their least favorite he will him him spices for the anointing oil and sweet incense on the computer he will intercede for us onyx stones asked crisis upon his shoulders and in his heart are beginning you still need these buildings advertising on it I give you out and asked him if it will matter economy with about one hundred okay okay so here is one fun until you leave not start no stone unturned something is always something you make of it but but but but everything look at everything leave nothing unturned let's go now to the actual century itself and I hate to have to do this but I'm going to need while forgetting you know I wish we had a better board Jimmy is a chalkboard in the back okay in the meantime I'm been asked you to use your sanctified imagination all right I want you to see you can resolve nonstop loop into the Army have found yet update is Robin over here and we can pull that lack of spring down are you serious fifteen minutes I even started they okay because all the now some people may not want if they sell while doing this compass and the two presentations and I'll finish it this evening about this one duty on the presentation out so unless you unanimously votes with anything you do not have someone in one of the is okay if someone is a brand-new can feel free to get up I won't call you out or anything like that ask him really going to exist in alternate so you know what anything is if you may need to lighten moved to see this I decide to go ahead and feel free to do that yeah I'm a draw an illustration on draw a diagram of the sanctuary J so just bear with me and don't mind my drawing but once we get this get this down remember of God is a divine designer Jay so here we have the sanctuary and we have no furniture in the end there yet under the ASCII to help me fill in the furniture we remember our RIN picture tomorrow Ron victor all right so what will be the first article of furniture when you enter into the sanctuary altar of sacrifice okay sounds than a draw everything there is some artist there is all altar of sacrifice in the altar sacrifice represented Iraq got been calling on ads is already united the cross but before we will guide this one the actual explanation what happened in the altar sacrifice peaked and animals were sacrificed and gave a simple all next one you had why not labor and what happened in the labor the priest would waltz their hands and their feet and all they have to do this before they entered into service they were always watching hands instinctively clean hands and feet before the Lord all that if you want to go up into the holy place we had three articles of furniture but what were those articles okay we have the author in fan okay and then you have the table of showbread on side effect is checking this megastore pintos showbread and Dan you had your seven branch candlestick they are not canvassing okay not what did the table of so bread represents gay all mood altering sense seven branched candlestick line of the well city set on a hill by your God of the longer the city represent God 's holy people and then when you enter into the most holy place when you have the ark of the covenant with the tables of stone and what else the mirth is a cerebral and the second time Lori okay so we see here that God can I will not let anyone stand here all right so we see that God gave me like someone is taking pictures with upright camera réseau in an amen and amen now where's my pointer alright so that we go there is our all our model of the sanctuary now you'll remember that God said let them make me a sanctuary that I may want well amongst them okay so this sanctuary was then inside given to Israel place in the central Israel so that the people would recognize that God was then a man now I want to turn your Bibles in Matthew chapter one Matthew chapter one thank you Matthew chapter one and that's take a look at verse twenty three Matthew chapter one verse twenty three give all the child shall be a bargain shopping with child seesaw bring forth a son and they shall call his name in Honeywell which being interpreted is gone with what the what and why God sent Argentina sanctuary that I may want well online and then Jesus comes on the scene and his name is the manual all meaning John went off somewhere themselves about the sanctuary that was a high ball pool on Jesus Christ God heating in the flesh and then gone without not only do we find the sanctuary is a type of Jesus but the sanctuary actually foreshadowed the very way in which Jesus was God and you see the pattern if you want to draw an outline around the articles by this yet the God they a meeting a aim there him and so styles of years before Jesus dies across the sanctuary actually illustrated how he was not in every place that there is an article of furniture Jesus received the will right hand table love am sorry brass candlestick say below so Brett seems off thereof sacrifice head a crown of thorns we all know that Jesus died on they want broken heart but under the faith and when you cut prayer on of your life you are sure to back Roman soldier came and pierced Jesus emphasized and the priests were often covered in blood nor Derrida what have you when they wash their hands with water the water would mingle with with with these substances when Jesus Pierce why comes out and water nor open our eyes that we may behold define design are you following me well not one of the century demonstrates that Jesus died on the cross for us and actually again it actually illustrates the way God saves us the sanctuary actually contains the data member rents on Israel Israel very ancient and well the first thing God asked them to do remember there about me the adhesive wedding the sacrifice an animal what threat on what article one article of furniture would that be altar of sacrifice hello Angel you may place rest they baptism after they crossed the Red Sea the last thing that God reigns now this is Exodus chapter sixteen in Exodus chapters seventeen to not believe in his God declares Israel Israel nation his city on a hill you are officially my seven branched candlestick enacted in nineteen most of the people I want to spend three days and prayer because Donna Donna comes on at this chapter twenty and give us the ten Commandments did you follow that are you seeing the mind designer so not only little sanctuary the all show us how God led Israel out of captivity the sanctuary also solves the path of Jesus is where was Jesus born where anyone amongst Jesus was born ready to die on this note this Jesus was born as it were on the all her sacrifice and learning in that time the Bible 's act immediately after the baptism the laptop into the wilderness where he is tempted out I read hiding once the first temptation in using the devil must've been somewhat familiar with the Fatah once the second temptation throwing himself down onto route prayer to God ill-fated presentation is I know you want to hold the city I know you want a seven branched candlestick just bow down and worship me and I'll give you your state of mind for the sort of all the glory when his glory is why all the glories of the world Jesus overcame to these presentations and went on for the rest of his ministry to preach and lift up the Commandments of God and faith in himself in the fundamentals one day where the men leave SR women across the boundary of Scotland and apart open as the red CD women enter the city of God and set up the welcome table spending one thousand years in the judgment and then the Bible tells us that the tabernacle of God will be with me you know the awesome incense symbolizes the earth all committed by the lake this is where Jesus walked Jesus died right here is not correct and then once design here the Bible says he ascended up into heaven having been on all glorify new flesh entered into where the lot the holy place and in nineteen forty four mostly the way the century illustration lets us know that when Jesus died he did not just jump straight into the most holy place meeting when we see the divine design we know that the designer does not go against his own design so just as Jesus saw one day we will leave this earth and we will travel through the skies parted them that just as Jesus just as Moses parting the Red Sea saw one day less eyes will roll up like a scroll we will enter the city of God suited the welcome table we will be presenting the pin for now here's the welcome judgment and then you know this is where man and God is finally what reunited when the temple of God or when the Bible says the tabernacle of God is not with what we demand a very thrilling real fans the sanctuary component essentially proxies will be fulfilled in the book of Revelation chapter twenty two this also tells on story before you come to Christ where are you united in and get your somewhere not here and one day you say the only give my life to you and you is across praise God on my well just finished on the limits set across except Jesus sacrifice man is done amen know the divine design says something different not only was I sent price of the cost I must also want me back I love you baptize will manage praise the Lord no no no no no no not only must accept the Lord and be baptized I must also attend Army Bible can go to the morning meetings and mingle and tell everybody what I learned on the Bible and right and ultimately beloved dog wants to write his law in our hearts and in our minds you know this and I was explaining to someone in the big imagine these are species at different this one is the demon at his job is to keep you from progressing at dancing towards God as you begin to think of your experience is what you can look at the mind and I say man where my in discharge and might even start that's in you you can get on the site all you have to do is accept me but some of us just about right here not about the next step and some also say I study the Bible all day long but we don't want witness we don't pray God is possibly challenging us and for our Sunday keeping friends if we saw them as pattern guess what they sell exactly where God is trying to meet up you see many people want the presence of God this kind of Lori but they want to reject his law in the process you can't did you so does the mind and find solace of incredible things about the Portland plan of salvation the process of salvation and when we are in that process and one sentence on a play that is when we look for the design they suddenly stop out in beautiful pictures not understanding this design helps us to understand the book of Revelation and that's how to do this as quickly as I can so I want you to turn with me all of all women don't erase that just just a minute spelling is okay you help me out there were seven feasts in the Jewish year what were those things given to me in order Passover unleavened bread firstfruits and was want Pentecost and I cannot imagine why the trumpets and then the day of atonement and then the tabernacle game is a cabinet as visits thought about people okay let's talk before Passover was on about the sacrifice on the lamp and read what was that about what I'm abandoning not think it's also it also is bread that have not what really fresh fruits you know that was coming forth from the ground Pentecost Holy Spirit the seashell Bob trappings of the trumpets about jumpers are not warning it was preparation writing wide because the that judgment is coming the day of atonement is coming after the day of atonement judgment we then have tabernacles which is where everyone walks celebrated everyone celebrated soul this would be known as this is the Jewish year in a cycle the Jewish year out of the verse where Jesus comes on the scene he begins his ministry with these words did not have anointed him to preach the floor taking all to do all these things and then to preach the except a law year of the Lord ever so this sophomore year at a large white know what you suddenly are the normally talking about he was talking about when you not in this particular year it was it was about to be the beginning of a new year and everything that a person all all dollars are bachelor let's say three and then you have all you hear what I hear you had you know your sentence these days the Jewish year was the year after year you have a repetition of the southern states what when she was come upon the scene he of course is not Passover unleavened bread and our firstfruits amen the natural question what books speak mostly about the life the birth life death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Gospels in SMS the famous foremost of the New Testament circle around the feast of Passover unleavened bread and firstfruits you deleted that once the next book of the Bible what's the next phase Pentecost not actually a highly historical book but what happens on in the next book Romans one begins to happen from Romans onto the book of Revelation the writings of Paul and Peter one annually to prepare a people like the Chavez did that happen to have a gadget some way why the child so Tommy what book what book illustrates goals and some the greatest depth about the coming judgment of God the revelation so you got revelation babe atonement Romans all the way to the book of author John trumpets warning what's the last phase Tabernacles one of Revelation chapter twenty one begin with the last point of the book of Revelation Revelation Wendling and we the tabernacle of God is with men the very structure on the New Testament is a fulfillment of the feast days a foreshadowing on the acceptable year of the Lord are right now what are we seeing divine what design divine design I'm going to does run through this very quickly I'm in a short review went on the when the wheel of the book of Revelation the book of Revelation moves through a natural progression that progression actually follows the Hebrew sanctuary I was getting a new one illustration because I don't have time to bulletin into the rest of this but let's look at one thing here the feast of authority of all the seven churches have an opening scene what is that opening scene seven grants what candlestick where the seven you found in the holy place so we know that the seven churches begin to unfold Wednesday this is where in the holy place the first church therefore would begin to unfold when Jesus entered into the holy place not the seven churches are a delineation on the man's from the time Christ entered into the sanctuary until one the second coming okay now the on seven trumping once the opening scene of the seven trumpets and Angel is seen standing at the altar of one ten cents where the altar of incense from in the holy place about the seven trumpets by the way in the Old Testament the high priest when he when he ministered in the at the altar beyond all candlestick what have to be doing the same time he also ministered at the altar of incense the author also ministered at the tables to read it with a simultaneous ministry all three things occurred simultaneously well guess what the seven churches the seven trumpets and the seven seals all begin with the revelations in the holy place with child love that the seven trumpets seven seals seven circuits seven seven trumpets all unfold how simultaneously and if you want to attend the first church the first seal on the first from the state defined pattern is not a single second starts in the second trumpet on the second field reducing underlying pattern dividend dollars on the first all the seconds and all the stars and all the floors you can actually see a complete picture of events happening at one period of time which is why we stated that if you understand what happened in the first seven churches you already have all the keys necessary to understand the seven seals and offend then strongly are you following me okay after the service field is amassing them after the seventh trumpet Revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen which begins a new progression of thought opens up with a vision of the most holy place what does that indicate to us that from revelation eleven are onward reminiscent of the first nineteen on word are a depiction of events clustering around the judgment the most holy Place in particular revelation chapter fifteen we find seven angels coming out on the Temple took four enclaves upon Senator Barry stop and wonder why when I coming out of their coming out on the most holy place Seventh-day Adventists this I will when the seven last plagues on our coming out on the most replaced net harm the earth and their coming out on the most widely and whatever went wrong where misjudgment came from we want to see what is coming from because that's when adjustment came from once in the most holy place command me could be that those who received the seven last plagues oddballs who rejected what is found in the very place where the seven angels seven miles are coming from in fact if you were to read Psalm ninety one Psalm ninety one tells us that those who dwell in the secret police of the most high shall abide forever and then it talks about AIDS being poured out old man and after these plays of what you have you know and by the way the children of Israel and Iran the Old Testament sanctuary of those who were not prepared on the day of atonement they were cut off so he hasn't yet happening in the play and then revelations on the twenty yeah Jesus comes and who they all are grabbing all of the Hubble and Cassini cast out into a wilderness what is that that Jesus coming out of the sanctuary and placing the sins upon the scapegoat and then when you have an Revelation twenty one twenty two the fees of Canada everyone rejoices because all they look at in all all things are become new blood and we just look at the entire structure on the book of Revelation and now is structured you can go and yourself if you can get the seven charges down you can go in and say okay what whatever the first human whatever the frustrated he must somehow correlate with what the first charges caused in the Bible there is nothing you only more detail all right unfinished how many new are excited to go check on the book of Revelation four yes praise God praise God heavenly father thank you once again for revealing that there is indeed a divine design to the word of God please will open our that we may behold wondrous things out of Waterloo thank you Jesus for solving the death the beauty and the majesty of your word in Jesus name we pray amen and in and produced our ministry and mission here soon coming of Jesus Christ my point to the supernatural hour of the Lamb of God and just experienced a victorious Christian living for more information on our multimedia resources or encourage on speaking engagement and please log onto our website at www. hour of the Lanham .com www. hour of the land OR you can call it at area code eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero eight oh five two two six eight zero eight zero thank you and God bless you and you and your


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