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How Jesus Treats the Untouchables

David Shin


Pastor David shares an evening message at Alaska campmeeting; lessons of salvation from Christ's interaction with the leper in Matthew 8.


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • July 23, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Either in heaven we thank you for this opportunity that we have to come apart from the cares of this life. At this holy convocation to spend in reflection upon heavenly themes. We pray that you would bless this camp meeting. We pray that you bless the ground that are here the people that are coming. Those that have come here tonight. I pray that you would hide me behind the cross that Jesus would be uplifted Christ would be seen as we open your word for these things in Jesus' name amen. I want to invite you to open your Bibles this evening to Matthew Chapter 8. Verses one through 3 this is our reflection this evening Matthew Chapter 8 verses one through 3 try to move my mike around here a little bit. Matthew Chapter 8 verses 123 I'll be reading in the New King James version you can follow along and the version that you have here Jesus has just given the greatest surname in history the Sermon on the Mount. The crowd is spellbound they are awestruck they are amazed and at the end they say that never a man had we spoke as this man for he spoke with great authority and not as the scribes. This is a sermon that they never heard before and they are so great that were the words of Jesus. That they found him after his turn and that's what the Bible tells us. I've had the privilege of preaching at different places but I've never had a sermon where I preached and my local church and the congregation said you know what Pastor we want to follow you home I've never had an experience like that before and that's what's happening they are following Jesus down the mountain now until after he has given the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter in verse one that is the scene when he had come down from the mountain great multitude followed him. And behold a man came in worship Him saying look if you are moving you can make. One of those coming down the mountain and in my imagination I imagine Jesus is being followed by this crowd and suddenly there is pandemonium that breaks out. People are screaming. There comes. To Jesus. And the crowd splits like the Red Sea and suddenly the. Same thing in front of this leper. I was reading a news article when the. Epidemic was breaking out. In West Africa maybe some of you have read about James tell. Graduates and a 7th Day Adventist received a phone call he was serving in Africa. And the car was to go to. Liberia. At a hospital in which he would be one of 2 physicians. And he said. If anything has killed me throughout my medical training it has been one word in Burma but I knew that I should not let fear get the best of me he went and served in Monrovia Liberia and you know remember that there were several individuals that were medical individuals that came back and they were infected with the ball a virus that was in North America in Western Europe quite a few here. Have been virus that middle name makes you bring me through all of your orifice. Chains apparel came back to Southern California. Evidently it got out that he had just returned from Monrovia Liberia and he walked into a minster and the salesman met him at the door and said You go away. You are not welcome here. You go away. The fear that grips individuals. Because of contagious diseases and I would imagine that if someone with Ebola. Walked into the spotted Tori and that there would be a natural reaction. Isn't a right walk down through here there would be a lot of movement a lot of commotion. That puts the modern evil where there was no cure or it was kindly contagious. And it had no respect for education for economic status it didn't matter who you were when she got wrapped I say you were asked for signs from Jewish society. You were not only determined as being physically unclean you were determined Sara Marilee unclean and you read the Old Testament the rappers would have to ground 0. And when they would come across clearly individuals they would have to proclaim the records and clean I am coming. I think of the story of Father Damien. Catholic priest. That found the car to serve a wrapper colony on an island. Spend significant time serving the wrappers on this. Island in the middle of the ocean he would report back to headquarters from time to time on the mainland and. He was reporting to his senior. Supervisor. And at some point during the discussion saying your supervisor's eyes got ride. And said Father did. That again and looked down and there was smoke coming up. And it was him his hand that was smoldering in the candle flame there and he had contracted leprosy. I saw a film that was on his life and he had a photographer that would follow him around on the island and document the stages of leprosy and. He lost his life serving the lepers dying as a leper. So this. Story only. Tells this something about the nature of sin These are the ages 267 all right commenting on this very account in Matthew Chapter 8 verses one through 3 towns is that the rock of Christ in dealing with this leper and cleansing him from this terrible disease as an illustration I base wrote in cleansing the server from same. When all my tells us is that when we really do use this is interaction with this sniper over 2000 years ago it isn't even a stray shame in other words it tells us something about how bad deals with each one about us who are not. With the physical disease that we are infected with the rapper see of sin. So as really closely analyze the way that Jesus interacted with his lap and you can now that it is exactly the same way that Jesus results to us. And I imagine. That when the slapper made the decision to come to Jesus. That likely there was an inner conflict that was taking place. It was not easy to come to Jesus publicly. After the sermon on the Mount. If you think there was a. Reason to the dynamics when someone makes an altar call for an appeal. Times that 100 and here is this leper That I Can we had an inner struggle not only was there an extraordinary dynamic but there was a very real internal struggle that was likely taking place and if you would permit me I just might to digress for a little bit because we hear this time many times you know just come to Jesus. Just surrender and I agree that this is what we need to do but it leaves out a very important element that it is not always easy to come to Jesus. It is not to surrender to God There is many times I would say I have the time and internal conflict that takes place within each one of us and I want you for a moment in that you know open about I was to run in chapter 7 verses 14 through 20. As we discuss this real existential struggle that the Apostle Paul depicts in Romans Chapter 7 races 14 through 20 when I'm going to be through the whole chapter invite you to do so on an afternoon that you're free Romans Chapter 7. Lb here speaks in the 1st person. An experience will struggle that I believe he himself went through Romans Chapter 7 restored for we know that the rock is spiritual. But I am carnal sold under sin but I am doing I do not understand for I want to do I do not practice for what I hate that I do when I do what I will not to do I agree with the law that it is good but now it is no longer I who do it but seeing that when I was in me for I know that in me that is in my freshman nothing good well so too will inspiration with me but how to perform but is good I do not find for the good that I will to do I do not do but to him that I will not to do that I practice now if I do what I will not to do it is no longer I who do it that soon. But well in me. What a passage is like a tongue twister then I got to know that. What is passing here. Part is identifying a meal human struggle that we are going to have you ever had something in your life a habit an addiction something that you hate and you said you know I'm never going to do this ever again. I'm never going to do this perhaps a man measures and you think you know what this habit that I have in my life perhaps nobody but the Lord Jesus knows and you think you know what I hate this thing so much I'm giving up. And that the thing that you hate you do it. And on the other hand you have something in your life that. You want to do with you to the Bible in a year have regular morning the motions come to prayer meeting all of these things are in your mind you say I want to do these things but what happens you end up not doing them. Will struggle that we are failing in certain rendering our lives to the Lord Jesus emigration chapter 5 or 17 says for the fresh tell diarist what is contrary to the flash and the Spirit what is contrary to this flash they are in conflict with each other so that you do not do what ever you want we have these 2 entities that are within our of us the spiritual nature and the carnal nature of things are in conflict with each other and I want to tell you that when I 1st came to the Lord Jesus I had this assumption that after you accept Jesus and you're baptized that you no longer have to deal with the sinful nature anymore. That's what I thought I've heard individuals. But I've said Look David if you're struggling. You're not really consecrated. It's evident that you're really not converted. Now. I had the privilege of serving in South Central Los Angeles as a bible worker anyone here ever been to South Central Los Angeles before. We pitched our tent on Florence and Figaro are. And. I remember it was around 4th of July. We were staying in Compton. And there were these things like firecrackers are going off. And I said to my friend it is weird Southern California they celebrate 4th of July on July 1st and he said David those are firecrackers other gunshots. And I was like oh. I went door to door. South Central Los Angeles 20 Bible workers praise God I had a partner of mine that was 6 feet tall. We were prayed up. And by the grace of God I saw miracles that summer I saw individuals that I met at the door that came to the meeting and were baptized into the 7 they have been a security and I just filled my heart and I said Lord I want to serve you. Planted the seeds for a ministry. Anyways one afternoon I was driving a 15 passenger van. To pick up contacts before the meeting and I was assigned to Watts those of you that remember the seventy's it was the Watts riots that took place and I was there picking up contacts I was parked on the street corner I had my window rolled down and there were a group of teenagers that saw me sitting in this 15 passenger van. You can see that I'm of age of Asian descent. Running this country but my heritage is Korean So they saw that I was Asian. And I'm not going to repeat the things that they said to me that afternoon but they had racial in your windows. Growing up as an son of immigrants in this country I experienced very early on the ravages of racism. Science and baggage on there and I want to tell you that as I heard those racial epitaphs being hurled at me here I am dedicated to the Lord Jesus and I felt this inner rage coming up within my heart and soul. As anyone else human. Have you ever felt that before perhaps someone says something to you your spouse someone cut you off on the old Seward Highway and you feel. Emotion that is not a positive emotion that is looming within your heart and the question is Why is that there. You're a converted Christian and why are you experiencing this negative emotion M M a Chapter 7 verse 21 to 23 says then I find a rabbit in the present with me the man who goes to do what I do right in the last hour I've got a clearing to the inward man but I see another law in my members where we're going against I'm out of my mind and bringing me into captivity to the lobster in which is in my members I will read should mean that I am NEVER me from this body that. Now the answer to this dilemma is found another chapter in verse one through its rate there is now therefore no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus do not rock according to the flesh but according to The Spirit there is that this verse the not so that after we accept Jesus the same for Nature is no longer there. I wish it said that but notice what the better says it says there is now better for no condemnation to those that do not wreck according to The Flash and other words the simple nature still exists. But by the grace of God We are now free from the flash to now choose to wreck in the spirit and not in the fresh as the car is a pretty good year. Prior to you getting the right to Jesus Christ your will is and bounded to the flesh you can't happier self your addictions no habits you are in slave to but when you give your will to the Lord Jesus there is pretty good in your grace when God strengthens your will. To be 1st and you did not have the ability to choose but now you can choose to rock in the spirit and not in the flash in your decision to choose to rock in the spirit is great. It is our milk possible because a pretty good idea and Grace. And when my steps to Christ many are empowering inquiring how am I to surrender myself to God you know the higher to give yourself to him but you are weak in moral power inflamed waited out and controlled by the habits of your life your promises and all the machines are like ropes of clay and you cannot control your heart you're in part of your affections but you need to understand is the true 1st of the Will this is the dominant power in the nature of man the power of decision of choice everything depends on the right action of the will of the power of choice God is given to man it is Dale to exercise you can not change your heart you can not of yourself give to God it's affections but you can choose to serve Him you can change him you will thus your whole nature will be brought under the control of the spirit of crime when my experience things like I did in South Central Los Angeles it is at that point that we need to say Lord take my will. I. Have a confession to make. I say that it's good for the soul. I am naturally by disposition. I'm a media addict. Particularly television. Became such an issue that my parents noticed early on that I would be mesmerized by the television set. Though something about it that just drew me and I didn't want to do anything except sit in front of the television and my parents had a very nice big screen television back in the day. And they did not have the will to get rid of the television so they prayed or printed LURD David is addicted we don't know what to do with his addiction please help us with this television issue in David's life and one day we came home Saturday afternoon. Rather Saturday night. Are the doors in our house are open the lights were on. And our television was missing. It had been stolen. My parents said Praise God. And I said what kind of prayer is that I want to tell him. And this struggle continued on and I was limited to access to television and I was a youth pastor and therein Springs Michigan single at the time I was actually ordained a single. And Saturday Night. Did not have much social activity going on so I was on the internet I was on e-bay that the testosterone started to kick in and so I got into this bidding war. And you know how it goes you're expecting the other person to bed at the last minute but he or she didn't and I had one and lo and behold I purchased a television. Came in the mail and I said you know like. This can come in handy let me watch 3. And so it does very well it's really been praise God for Christian broadcasting and then I said you know right I let me start with the new so I went over and started watching a little bit of the news and then it started to digress into some very gray areas and before I ground I was watching things that I knew I should not be watching and finally one morning I got up and instead of reaching for my Bible I reach for the remote. And I have the Spirit said David it's him or the television and me. And you know how it began and you begin to rationalize in your mind you said God this is not good stewardship I can tell good money for this television. I mean can't I have it in you know how can I do something with this arrangement and the Lord said it's you know the television only now with You may not be television but you fill in the blanks. It's some part of your life that is absolutely controlling you. And you don't have absolutely no ability. To do anything about it. And I'm sure you meant to carry a single serve perhaps and here I was 738 AD when is Pastor. Well 8 matter your addiction and I want to be honest I did not want to let that thing go. I said lord. I want to keep. What he's supposed to do. And so. I prayed this prayer I said lord. I gave you my will. Another place she says and I would take my heart because I can if it. Had only. Thing I want to further I actually had the presence alert after Mabus television I don't want to give that. Kind of it up. But I can be honest with the you know sometimes we come before the Lord Jesus and we are so in authentic. Was so fake. The late night I was you know I had just come to learn so late I read this thing help me to hate it and I got out for a minute. And I want to tell you I experienced pretty great. Because something that I did not have before suddenly the Lord Jesus empowered me I got up from my knees and by the grace of God I put that television in a box dropped it off the community service center right there on all $31.00 in Bury and springs. PRES Lord Jesus perhaps some senior citizen was blessed by the television. Whatever it is that you're facing in your life. There is power. When we surrender. Going back to Matthew Chapter 8. The rubber likely experiencing inner conflict to come to Jesus it was not inconvenient time to come but he decided Look it's a there today and I'll never. Know the best time to make a spiritual decision is our ways to die the battle says today if you hear is well it's hard not your heart and the application to a decision that day it's either today or never and I have been in battle studies with individuals that have said you know what they are convicted of any decision that they wanted to make you can still have the conviction but you know what they said you know not not today next week. And what happens is the Bible says that I have are not static they are dynamic. I am always changing you know not the same person I met now that you are today. And I sit down with the very same individual next to me same scripture same Marilee spirit but what they tell me though. I don't see. What has happened. They changed something has happened. When they have delayed in their decision. The matter came when the conviction was present and it came today. If yours voice. Not your heart. Stops the cries page 30 run we must not wait for stronger persuasions for better opportunities. For holier tempers. But I became to Jesus and the only way that this leper could have come was as a leper. I kind of want to shoot that kind of taken aback as he kind of calmed his hair he kind of got on and down at the physical a range meant to make himself murder presentable to Jesus but the fact is that none of those things would have changed his condition as a rapper. Sometimes feel that there must be on probation and must prove to the Lord that they are reformed but rather can claim his pricing Jews as rags to have us come to him just and we are simple hapless dependent when we come with our weakness our family our sinfulness and prattle at a spirit in penitence it is his glaring tell him circle us in the arms. Rob steps of Christ page $52.00 it is glaring to encircle us in His arms of love in science you know this letter is coming to Jesus read shit to founder family apart and that is the admin way that he can come. Now I want to just reflect a little bit as to how radical it means. To come to Jesus just as we are. According to scripture. We can not even repent before coming to Jesus. Now I want you to think about the implications of this repentance is a star for sin and a turning away from it. Many times when I've heard presentations on the Gospel Iraq the real with the assumption that if I can come to Jesus I need to repent we've heard it many times repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. This notion of coming to Jesus just the way we are our implant. That Repentance is not a prerequisite before coming to Jesus. But patents involves a satire for sin and a troubling I rarely from it. Which means that we failed to come to Genesis we are certain wretched. Servant this functional that can't even figure salary on our own. We have to come to Genesis and say learn. And not. Help me to pay sorry. That is the implication just as I am come to Jesus just thrilled that we are going to live in a generation today where men in the manuals are thinking to themselves you know what I want to be authentic with God I'm not going to come until I have the right motivations and I'm truly sorry that ministry. You're never going to come. Because they only way we can come to Jesus is given our selfish motivations. That's the Christ again and if you have not read the back steps of Christ I am encourage you to read her generated through every year. Just here is a plant on which many may err and hence they fail of receiving the help that Christ desires to give them they think they cannot come to Christ and I still 1st repent and that repentance prepares the for the game this absence she goes on but must the similar way to me has repented before he can come to Jesus is repentance to build an obstacle between the center and the Savior she says the babble does not teach that the sinner must repent before he can he will be in the tension of crimes. She goes on in another passage who is desirous of becoming truly repentant what must he or she will do they must come to Jesus just as they are without the ray. This is the nature of the Gospel when the rapper trying to do is just the way that he grabs it indicates that we as sinners. Must conquer anybody else state of not feeling and ounce Absaroke what we have done and I want you to think about this new can come to Christ with an area of your life that you enjoy that you are addicted to but know now that God is calling you to give up and you can come to him and said Mary I enjoy this isn't. Happening to shoot it. I enjoy this addiction. Herdman tab a distaste for it. I don't feel sorry for the rest at all me your test of repentance. Just as we are. At chapter 5 years 31. The Bible teaches him had God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a savior for 2 of repentance to Israel for to turn repentance to Israel repentance is something that God. Set the Christ page 20. One when heart rang for something better than the world can hear recognize his longing as the voice of God to your sorrow ask him if you repentance to reveal Christ to you in His infinite love in His perfect purity praying to God. One chapter 2 verse for ordinary despise the riches of goodness for parents and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance. Repentance is something that God gives as he. So you can come to Jesus just as you are and so learned. That me willing to be made willing give me the gift of repentance help me to be sorry for something that I'm not sorry for do for me something that I am incapable of doing on my own and friends I believe that the solution is to lift up Jesus. When we see Jesus. The crucified and risen savior there is something that takes place within each one of our steps Christ page $26.27 Christ must be revealed to the sinner as a savior dying for the sins of the world and as we Behold the Lamb of God upon the cross of Calvary the mystery of redemption begins to unfold to our minds the goodness of God leads to repentance in dying for sinners Christ manifested a love that is in comprehensible and answered Stamer behold the slab its staff and the heart in process the mind and inspires contrition in the saw the wrapper came to Jesus just and he was. Matthew Chapter 8 1st 2. And behold a leper came and worshipped him saying learn if you are really meaning you can make me crying notice the statement that reprimanded the rapper recognize that Jesus had the capability to hear him others my person is a true can make me clean but the aspect of Jesus that he is not sure about is not his capability it is really his character he questions whether Jesus being willing to said if you are willing you can make me clean. The next part of town the nature of the gospel and how Jesus without Jesus put out his hand and what does the Bible say I am touched. I want you to imagine the dynamics of what is taking place here instead of rapper coming to Jesus and we don't know what he looked right. I've been in settings when I have smelled rattling flesh I remember I was at the university some of the industry in East Lansing and there was a gentleman that had a real condition where his underling rotting. He was suffering from diabetes and his rotting away and when he walked into the Sabbath school room in that corner people would react at about one and they were gasping because of the stench and the smell and it smelled like something had died. And sooner is this man who comes into the same sure way and I noticed on Sabbath morning that everyone was sitting on the right side. Except for a select few. This saint of a woman. Nurse Practitioner. Said Brother. I want to minister to you you need medical attention. On a weekday she went out to the store that some surprise got some socks. Met him at the church. And I was there outside of the room so I could not go in the room and she was down there washing this man's feet. Finding his room. She touched it and I want to tell you that this man Saul and learn more about the love of God from that one act. Than a 1000 sermons I could have never preached. Jesus. You could hear a pin drop. There is the letter. The stench the smell the defilement. And Jesus reaches out. To touch. I you could hear a gasp go throughout the crowd that. Is not specific that. I thought that that touch was so pregnant with meaning. It communicated great. Communicated acceptance they notice what happened in the other content with a slapper but never was Jesus any touch them and I want you to notice the progression at how this went Jews did not set a trap and you don't know what your claim me. To feel right yet no Christian and after 10 years claims that it touches it that it is NOT have a sequence went. That the opposite preferred chooses cleanses the wrapper chooses touches him. I that committed to its level of acceptance which would show interest in our relationship with God It doesn't matter what you've done in your life how much the father meant you have put into your soul The assumes that you have committed that a brat and your very existence it does not matter Jesus loves you regardless and man. And this is not for you is constant it does not matter if you are clearly. Not clean. It doesn't matter if you're converted. I'm not on board God's wrath for you. And so many times we have projected this view on to got that it is my behavior that determines his lot if I behave his wrath goes out if I don't behave his love goes down and even sinful parents can grasp the understanding that we love our children. Whether they behave or not and then I live by the grace of God is constant. Touch. Except. Prior to cleanse. Change has put out his hand and touched him in saying I am willing member the nature of the statement the leper made if you are willing he said look I am willing. Cleaning. I wish I was there. As those words are coming off the tongue of Jesus. Immediately. The girls are transformed. The baby price got. His share becomes. His back straight every summer on his body disappears just like that. The crowd must have been just spellbound as they see this transformation that takes place in the slap juice just accepts them prior to transformation and then says the roads because this man has just experienced the major of the Gospel instantaneously this man is cleansed. The savages to $66.00 in some instances of healing Jesus not at once going into blessing sat but in the case of rapper C. No sooner was they appear made that it was granted when we prayed for earthly pricing the answer to our prayer may be derailed or God may give us something other then we ask but not sad when we ask for the little instruments and then. When we ask God for forgiveness the answer is I raise Yes And the answer is I was immediate. There are certain things that we can ask for that we now have is. God's will for the terrorists and the place is for Christ like temper for the Holy Spirit for anything that he has promised. It is ask and you will receive if we can pastor since he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and the crimes from our unrighteousness. In contrast to the experience of the leper Haney found out the transformation take place immediately we may not always feel it when we pray to the Lord Jesus. Especially for forgiveness. Subsequence goes on page $51.00 do not need to be made to not write to feel that you are made whole but I believe that it is not because I feel right but because God has promised to get up from you and say Lord. I believe it. Not based on feeling but based on your work. And what you have promised the building of the gospel is that the laboratory into Jesus one way. And the rest another way he came to Jesus just the way that he was but he did not receive just the way that he came 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 or 17 says Therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creation. The way I that Jesus dealt with the slapper is the way that Jesus deals with. In our leprosy of sin. I was at a program of fellow colleagues. And. Ministers. The person I was leading out in the worship. Asked us to go around and share a great moment in our Christian experience you know we are 7th Day Adventists we kind of shy away from grace moments and it was something a little bit further into us and as well when I and and shared Grace moments in our lives something that we experienced from God that we did not deserve something that we experience that shows God's mercy and God's grace and God's character and as we went around there were tears that were beginning to be shared as we just shared how we would like the rapper had had come to Jesus broken and to found out and left with a transformation that we had experienced and I shared about my own experience as a rebellious teenager rappin Aben is committed as I tell people I was born to come about now in Washington Avenue hospital going to move to Silver Spring next to the General Conference then I moved to Hagerstown from admin is Mecca to agonise Mecca and then with love and I'm Minister Andrews University just right outside there and bearing in Springs Michigan and I had just become so i don't even drink. And disenfranchised with Adventism because every time I came to a moment where the could have been given I was given the hammer instead went to several different schools 10 different schools 3 different high schools my parents shipped me off is very conservative Cademy I was there. I was not. Converted. Not living in a relationship with God and. I remember there was a particular standard at the school that I was not keeping. And the principal called me in. So David I want to talk to you. And I was expecting. The hammer to come down. And this principle. Keep me great. And I remember distinctly walking out. Of that meeting. With. A revelation. Of the character of God. That I had never seen before. He weeks later. I knelt down in the hills of Pennsylvania. Capehart to Lord Jesus. Accepted the call of gospel ministry. And. It's Christ. The goodness of God. That leads us to repentance. Experiments together. Every had that a nice closed. So to make a simple appeal. As we began this holy complication. And I someone here this evening. The Lord has been knocking on the door of your heart. And heard his voice speaking to your heart. To open the door and let him in. A little James this is calling you to surrender. And the battle tells us today if you hear his voice. I did not your heart. And I'm wondering if there's someone here this evening as we began can't mating. 2016. I want to say Lord. I surrender. Recognize like that leper. Nothing in my hand I bring simply to the high cross I cling. And there's someone here today to say just raising your hand say Lord come in one except you God bless you friend is there someone go raise your hand God bless you God bless you said Lord accept you as Savior and Lord of my life. With your hands down God bless you. My 2nd appeal is if there's someone here. And I have to make this appeal the way Spirit has been speaking to your heart. And you have not been baptized. But the Holy Spirit had been drawing you to make a stand for the Lord Jesus. He died for you. Won't you make a stand for Him anyone say Lord I'm one worthy. But you are worthy and you want to save by your grace. I want to prepare for bread to. I want to make that step to prepare for baptism is someone here today I want to say I want to prepare for baptism raise your hand God bless you friend God bless you God bless you is there someone else. There's someone else I want to say Lord I want to prepare for baptism. I want to make this Testament a face to the Lord Jesus is there someone else I want to say I want to prepare for baptism. A man. Who has someone else. To hand over here. A man. With a spray. Father in heaven. Just as I am. We thank you for the beauty of the gospel. We thank you for the way that you related to this leper even though everyone else. Rejected. This man. You reached out in touch to. We thank you for the grace of repentance. That we can come to you. With all our love. Our depravity. And ask you to do for us what we're incapable of doing on our own. We recognize that it's a struggle to surrender but where sin abounds. Grace does much more I'm bound. That I pray that you would seal every decision this evening with your spirit. The work that you started in our lives. May be faithful to complete. Amen amen. This was brought by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about your verse if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W dot. Org.


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