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God's Plan for Financial Security

David Shin


Pastor David reflects on Christ's financial counsel to His believers. Join us as we study how we can lay up treasure in heaven.


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • December 3, 2016
    11:30 AM
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On the screen I have a picture of an Scheiber in 1905 there was a article published in The New York Times describing the life of this lady and from all external appearances she lived an ordinary life she lived in New York City on West 56th Street lived in an average apartment wore the same black coat had dusty furniture she retired from the I.R.S. in 1984 and took her life savings of $5000.00 and invested it in the stock market in 1904. In 1905 she passed away at the age of a 101. Later on that year the President of US Shiva university was contacted by her lawyer in regards to her will she had desired to donate her entire stock value investment options to Yeshiva University the president had never heard of her before but was stunned at the amount it was 22000000 dollars I need someone like and Scheiber to help me with my 401 K.. Mine's going the opposite direction. Now she wanted that money to be used for a scholarship for the college and the medical school specifically for young ladies to be helped through university. And our topic today is investments and Scheiber was a wise investor not only in stocks but she believed in investing in people the development of humanity and believe it or not Jesus Himself gives investment advice did you know that in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gives a financial counsel and I contend this morning that it's better counsel than you would get from Warren Buffett or Fidelity or T. Rowe Price or Forbes magazine and here we have it on the screen the Sermon on the Mount Matthew chapter 6 1st $1921.00 financial advice from Jesus Christ do not lay up for yourselves treasure on earth where Moffats and rust destroy and where themes break in and steal but lay up for yourselves treasure in where in heaven it where neither ma nor rust destroy and where thieves do not break in in steal for where your treasure is there will your heart be also Jesus says Don't lay up for your treasures here on Earth because moths will get it rust will get it and if those 2 don't get it thieves will get it so Jesus says lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven now this is not very practical at least to me. I mean does God have like a offshore bank account I mean I'm being facetious but I mean where do you lay off for yourself treasure in heaven how do you do this is I we still have to eat we still have to function we still have to take care of our families but Jesus says Look lay up for yourselves stock shares in heaven now one of the ways that we discover what Jesus is talking about is to look through the Bible and see what heaven treasures It's not gold in heaven the Bible tells us that pavement is going to be made of gold walls are going to be made of gold it's not pearls the gates are going to be made of pearls. Precious stones and gold in heaven is like wood in stone here on Earth it's a common commodity but when you look through the parables of Jesus Remember the parable of the Pearl of Great Price the merchant finds that Pearl and selves all that he has the other parable is the parable of the treasure hid in the field the worker sells all that he has and goes and buys that field and then you have a new chapter 15 and all out search for the lost sheep and the lost coing what heaven treasures is people and here I have a quotation from an individual the way that you store up treasure in heaven is by investing in getting people there amen the way that you store up treasure in heaven is by investing in getting people there do you know that when we transition from this earthly life to the eternal life that there are very few things that you can take with you to the eternal paradigm to the eternal life. We can't take our bodies to heaven praise the Lord for that we're going to get an upgrade considerably I joke all the time when I get to heaven I'll be tall praise God All right will be good looking up great at the resurrection at the translation event of the 2nd coming so we can take our bodies to heaven from an investment standpoint you can't take your car your home your lands all of your financial investments you can't take with you to heaven the only thing that you can take your character and people that's the only thing and one of the reasons I believe that Jesus wants us to invest in heavenly treasure that is in people Minister ing and leading people to Jesus Christ is that when we get to heaven he wants us to have a share in His kingdom that has eternal returns when you allow someone to or you allow the Lord to use you to bring someone to Jesus Christ throughout the ceases ages of eternity that person will be enjoying the presence of Jesus Christ around the ceaseless ages of eternity that's a tremendous return the way that you store up treasure in heaven is by investing in getting people there from a practical standpoint we can convert our dollars into souls do you know that. And the conversion is still possible there's going to be a day when our money is worthless but right now through faithful stewardship. You can convert your dollars into heavenly treasure that is souls so when you are faithful in your stewardship when you give up your tithes and offerings to the Lord Jesus. There is a mechanism today where those dollars are reaching someone with the gospel and I believe that when we get to heaven someone will tap us on the shoulder and say thank you for your faithfulness in stewardship because of you I read this piece of literature I went to a seminar and I accepted Jesus as my Savior and I'm here and I just want to spend a little bit of time on this notion of tithes and offerings because you'll be surprised how many times I sit down in Bible study and people ask me you know what what is tied what is offering in the Open up a tie them below that you have there in your pew and they say Pastor Do I have to pay all of these I mean there's not a lot of education so I just want to spend a little bit of time on this a tie the literally means in the Hebrew a 10th is a 10th of your increase or income and I praise the Lord for the advantage system because we are not on the Congregational model meaning that your time. At this local church does not affect whether I get paid this month praise the Lord for that so I'm not up here because I need grocery money. Or worried about paying my rent this month that would be various scary scenario or you be hearing the sermon every week. A little low this month friends way the faithful as not the way it works and in the 7th Day Adventist Church we have a 5th where it doesn't matter if you're a pastor in here at Hillside O'Malley or in Barrow you get paid the same amount. Praise the Lord for that so this is the way our system works and people don't know this but the church tie does not stay here at the local church now some of it trickles back down but it goes on to the Alaska conference which oversees the State percentage stays there then a percentage goes up to the union ours is North Pacific Union Pacific Northwest generally speaking goes to help the work there and then a percentage goes up to North American division and spreads around helping gospel ministry there and then a percentage gets spread all over the world so when you give up your time it doesn't stay here but it goes up through the channels and supports gospel ministry all over the world that's what time does and just a side note you know when someone gets up here and does an offering appeal and they say today's offering goes for today's his local church budget but sometimes it's for another project if you just put your money in there and it's your ties all the loose offering for that Sabbath goes for whatever is announced here if you wanted to go for a specific thing like tie you need to put it in a tie have em below market and then put it and then the marked offering goes for whatever is designated i so that's the distinction now tie this 10 percent but then we have something called offering now offering is what we call free will meaning that that's between you and the Lord I practice something called systematic benevolence meaning that i give us a set percentage every month so when I get my paycheck from the conference right off the top I get my tie and offering. And the local church is supported by offering that you know that not by the Thais you know the lights the heat praise the Lord for heat especially this time of year all the Sabbath school supplies for the Children's Division just your quarterly all of the church projects kitchen supplies that all comes from the local church budget no one think you so much for your local church giving and that comes from the offering last time I checked I think it our goal for every month is around $16000.00 and a great portion of that by the way goes to support our school Christian education so that's from that angle that part of the local church budget and then you'll see some of the other things underneath now you can give to every single one but just because it's there doesn't mean that you're required to give to every single offering that's there that's between you and the Lord Jesus so that is our time an offering goes to support gospel ministry now I have on the screen a picture of a gentleman by the name of Oskar Schindler. And he was a German businessman during World War 2 And when the Germans and the Nazis invaded into Poland Oskar Schindler went to Poland to set up a business he was interested in making money and he was interested in cheap labor so he enlisted Jews to work for him in his factory because they would work at a very cheap rate and after a while something happened in Oscar's Schindler's mine and he started to use his business as a cover to prevent. The Jews from being exported or D. ported to the concentration camps like Auschwitz so he started to bribe the German officials and get Jews out of deportation and he spent a great amount of his money fortune he died quite poor after the war and in the dramatize ation of Oscar's Schindler's life there is a powerful scene it's near the end of the war he's surrounded by the Jews that he has saved approximately 1100 of them that are gathered around him and he is standing there in a host of these people that oh them him their lives and he is then there is a powerful dialogue that takes place as it is setting in what has transpired and here's what Oscar Schindler sense I could have got more out meaning Jews I could have got more I don't know if I just if I could have got more in a person by him tries to comfort him by saying Oscar there are 1100 people who are alive because of you look at them Schindler says if I made more money I threw away so much money you have no idea if I just he looks at his car this car they would have bought this car why did I keep this car 10 people right here 10 people 10 more people he looks at this pin he said to people this is gold to more people he would have given me 2 for it at least 11 more person a person for this I could have gotten one more person and I didn't and I didn't. Oskar Schindler is haunted by the realisation that his money would have translated to Jews being saved and he wished that he would have done more and I don't believe that the gravity and the real value of a soul will set in until we're standing on the sea of glass looking into the eyes of our family members and friends that have come with us right now we have the opportunity to partner with God for investing in heavenly treasure a man for using our financial assets to invest in eternity. Now there is a very real side to this because all of us are on a limited financial income and sometimes it is a struggle if not every time to make ends meet and the Bible gives us a few incredible promise in Malecon chapter 3 verses a twat I want to invite you to open your Bibles there too the last book of the Old Testament one should read this in your own Bible I know that you've read this before but every now and then it's good to revisit these promises in the Bible Malakai chapter 3 verses 8 and onward Malakai a live during the time of the exile of the Jews during the Babylonian captivity. The post exhibit period Malecon chapter 3 verse 8 will a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say in what way have we robbed you in ties and offerings you are cursed with a curse for you have robbed me even this whole nation burst 10 bring all the times into the storehouse that there may be food in my house now another translation in verse 10 actually says Bring the whole tie into the storehouse one commentator says that the implication is that during this time of the post exhilarate period the Jews were giving tide but they were not giving a faithful time they were not giving the whole time so here's the council is bringing all the time or the whole time into the storehouse one other commentator says that this is very specific in where to tie that is to go it is to go into the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try me in this says to Lord he says look test me prove being do a trial run says the Lord and I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out such a blessing that there will be not room anough to receive it and I will reboot the devour for your sakes so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for in your field for you in the field says the LORD of hosts. There's a lot in there but it is very clear the Bible points out that 90 percent. Of your income plus the Lord's blasting is always more than 100 percent of your income minus the Lord's blessing when you put God into the equation of your financial life it's always more than without him. Now I've sat down with individuals as I've shared on stewardship and they say Pastor there's no way I can make it because I'm not making it as it is right now how am I supposed to give 10 percent of tide and then above and beyond that of freewill offering I mean this is impossible and you know what I tell them and I say you know what. Your financial plan is not working they say no it's not working we're under every month well if it's not working your way try God's way is not working anyway try the Lord's way and what I tell them is take Malakai chapter 3 and test him this is one of the few promises in the Bible were got actually challenges and said Look try me test me see in other words see if this works and this is the fundamental principle I want to read it here on the screen again for repetition 90 percent of our income plus God's blessing is always greater than having 100 percent of our income minus God's blessing this is the way it works in I can't explain it but every month as historically I just have out of habit have given up my ties and offerings to the Lord the Lord blesses the numbers do something funny every month our shoes last longer. Our tires last longer our cars last longer are one time my wife and I were in need of a new car well for us a new car is a used car. And I got online as the Lord we need a new car we need it soon and I bid for this car on e Bay. In another state without driving it and you know how these things work I got on their gun and bidding war and I won and I said Lord what have I done. So I went down there drove to a while not knowing what type of car we were purchasing went paid the money for the car drove it off we're still driving that car today praise the lord it's a good car the Lord blesses time and time again I can't explain it and in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6 it says that without faith it's impossible to please him and it says one must believe that God is remember that he was chapter limber 6 New Living Translation says one must believe that God exists and I find it interesting because sometimes when I open my finances I have the temptation to operate like an atheist when it comes to my finances you find that we suddenly when we approach our finances we suddenly believe that God doesn't exist but this is a practical way of living faith every single month as you practice stewardship invest in God's kingdom God says look I am going to take care of you every single time and he's faithful Amen He is faithful. I have a book in my library 2 of them version one version 2 or 1st edition 2nd edition over and over again published by the North American division Ron not it's a collection of testimonies of individuals that have practiced faithful stewardship I think we have a few copies here at the church of you want one come and talk to me just very inspiring individuals that have practiced faithful stewardship in the Lord provided every single time I want to share a few of these stories with you perhaps you read them as or as as well one story was of Rosa Taylor banks she was living on a fixed income she says that she had barely enough each month to make it and there was this new dress that she wanted to buy for this social occasion and she looked at the price of the dress and she got her paycheck and she realized that if she paid for the dress she would not be able to return her tie to the Lord is the the the dress or stewardship that month and so she really Russell she said Oh Lord I don't know what to do I really want this dress and she started to think in her mind maybe this month I can you know just not we turn the tide even make it up some time in the future and then she just wrestle with the Lord in this you remembered Malakai chapter 3 and said OK Lord I'm going to step out in faith she wrote the tie check and then later on went to the store to look at the dress and it was 45 percent off and she said not only was she able to get the dress but she was able to get a matching skirt as well so that the Lord provided I think of the make Neela's family. They give a testimony of how they started a cement truck business perhaps you've seen the name McNeil ists with some of these cement trucks and they were out of 9 companies that made cement trucks they were in 9th place when they started their business he tells the account of how they were faithful in returning their ties and offering to the to the Lord and then they said you know what we're going to do even more they said look for every cement truck that we sell not only are we going to give tithe and offering but above and beyond that we're going to give a set amount into the Lord's work and what they found is that when they made this pledge the cement truck business took off double So what they did was you know what you can now give the Lord let's give double for every cement truck that we sell the Lord doubled their business again and later on when they decided to sell their cement truck business they were the largest cement truck business in the world Amen is the Lord faithful yes he's faithful one last story here this is quite remarkable is from Jim Gilly many years ago he was in college a junior and he was struggling to make ends meet he received income of $765.00 for that month and so right off the top he wrote a check for $76.50 in time afterwards he paid his bills and the largest bill was the school Bill matter fact he was only able to pay that $1.00 and he only had $10.00 to his name it was going to be a whole other month before he was able to make any more money. And so he looked at that check that he had just written for $76.50 he's going to send it to his local church in Texas he had already written the address on the envelope and he looked at that check and he said you know what it was such a temptation because he heard a little voice say Jim The Lord doesn't expect you to return type Come on you're a struggling student just hold on to that check don't don't send it in any struggled so he got in his V.W. drove off to the post office and was wrestling with the Lord what to do anything he tells in the account he he took that letter sealed it and was just holding it all over the outgoing slip box at the post office just holding it there has a taping struggling and he said by faith he just let it go and there it slipped into the mail he went to his post office box opened it up there was one letter in there read the letter it was from someone that owed him some money a year ago and the person said Brother Jim I'm so sorry I just felt impressed to write you this letter and the man owed him $75.00 but he said look because it's been a year I feel like I need to add some interest to it and the check was made out to exactly $76.50. Now imagine that the exact amount that he had just returned to the Lord in Thai Do you believe that God exists and you really believe that God exists with that reality that a god of love and all power exists he says look I want you to partner with me. To invest in Heaven's treasure the Lord doesn't need our money he owns a cattle on a 1000 hills but he knows that is not a far jump from our pocketbooks to our hearts the Bible tells us where our treasure is there will our heart be also want to read this our scripture reading as we close Luke Chapter 6 or $38.00 give and you will receive your gift will return to you in full pressed down shaken together to make room for more running over and poured into your lap the amount you give will determine the amount you yet back in the Sama says some $37.00 verse $25.00 once I was young and now I am old yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread the Lord promises to take care of us as we partner with him in investing in heavenly treasure lets parents as we pray. Father in heaven we thank you for the promise that if we seek 1st your kingdom and your righteousness that all these other things will be added unto us we thank you for the privilege of stewardship that you have made it possible for us to have a share in your kingdom father we recognize that we face many financial challenges we think you that you are a god that exists and that is interested in every facet of our lives and that you promise to bless us. Over and over again. As we invest in your to them we thank you for these things in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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