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The Divine Design, Part 2

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • August 22, 2009
    5:35 PM
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him as a a and him and him and him and a a a a a a him and him to him and him him and him to say a I error that a new and a him are him and a will is a all right everyone they will you a you are I like to do this message has said and unless we can imagine other things planned so the display is what was nothing with them and it was always unable to a Scripture together from the is asked to help me see that okay let's pray heavenly father we thank you for your mercy and kindness that will all humans share this one is going on display possibility just take our minds the Lord made we can even knew that my time we might have on when we read the word comes in the glory coming from C++ nice man and now a a a a I believe that of a every time we open Scripture we should be looking for Jesus and job no costs on like a nice but that's something nice to say but we can do something when we can really do that I believe that Jesus really is at the center of every page in the console while one of things I just want to encourage you one is to win is the gospel that to try to look into the Scripture to ask the Lord to show them in beautiful sometimes these patterns show up in the most unlikely is racing if you wearing those glasses you might for example read the story of Samson you know the Bible tells us that Jesus is the second how to know that the Lord is simply translated as man Christ is the second man and dog will begin to look at that Christ really is the second man he is the second Adam we find similarities between Christ and just like Christ on our own gave his life for while Soto Bible says Hoffman money wise even as Christ gave himself an easy second out on video right wing the first Adam in the wrong he is a second cable was slain by his brother is the second game will listen where Cain failed Jesus overcame Jesus in the garden disseminate God the father is father comes to him and says no Jesus is struggling toward a father one of my mother to let this cup pass from me where K is a when documenting them in the garden Jesus picks up where it came failed and so obtain this is what you should not think that's bad with universal Jesus is the second you yeah you always can come up just like a lot but Jesus said I propose to be the second new if you were me I will come in and leave my life in you and through you so please login at state he said Jesus was a second-team understand what I'm saying she overcame working in Jesus Sarnia sounds if you're wearing your gospel glasses you will immediately notice that Sampson was betrayed by the woman that the Bible says he was bound in the eyes deflected just as Jesus was betrayed my woman that he will blindfolded stop on being in the Bible tells us that Samson is meant between two payments and he put his hand upon those pillars and the Bible says he can bomb in and with all his might and and when he published guess what there was a great earthquake and the Temple of God God came down the Bible says he slew more inhuman than men when he was alive Jesus between two themes policies a father into thy hands I commit my spirit you are wrong I am there is a great earthquake the Temple in what Calvary means cranial so the Temple of the Dragon broke up our just like Genesis three fifteen said Jesus was to bruise and poor is okay the head of the Dragon and Jesus saved more and even then that when he was on foot on the gospel glasses my friend you will begin to see things sometimes in the most unlikely is placing a few seconds also sold to by his brothers thrown into a pit the Bible tells us that Joseph was taken to Egypt some time later exalted to the second-place and the very ones who betrayed him to come to his feet to find mercy in the time of need geez written by assassins of the right hand of the father and the very ones who betrayed in time of famine content in signal clean from a common merciful he WikiLeaks just like Joseph went when we company is looking to these the second baby in who is watching his father 's sheep what Allah and obey our rise up and then displays the line in the air and then some time later his father sends him to look for his rendering who happened to be in the middle of a fight with enzyme name going when you doing here again we don't need you and get David is the only one that is bold enough to challenge the time slaves the design by giving them away they had Jesus was and had been watching his father 's he won a dragon rose up and Jesus Boone the devil out of heaven sometime later he is sent by his father to check on his brothers who are in a battle with the very enemies soul will hear Jesus we don't need to the slide that Jesus is the only one bold enough to meet the Dragon face the facts these mobile for the Temple if we would like to open our eyes we would see Jesus sometimes in the most honorable aqueous placing you'll remember the story of Jacob Esau Isaac and Rebecca for people not a very strange relationship Rebecca is the mother Isaac the father Esau is the firstborn and Jacob his nickname means supplanted and this story is it is quite amazing because the word redneck I need these people unless the relationship Jacob favors one of his son I'm sorry I think favors one of his son when the Sabres via the father is overheard speaking to his firstborn saying the blessing is for you Rebecca whose name means all quarrel up he or comfort to Barry Sears the father speaking to the sign the first one goes out and the data said to Jay Cobb supplants their I want to bless but in order for you to have the blessing on the have to dress you up at the firstborn Jacob 's cartel five stress me out for this first one I will go before the father what he finds out who I am I can cook lunch the song I don't have skin like Kmart I smell like he'd he's always out in the field Rebecca says the worry you will be my boy and I will make it so that you can stand before the file to receive the blessing so she dresses him him like the first more commonly view as you stand before our heavenly father would like to be dressed and firstborn just an accident shower as Jacob steps before I'm sorry I thought that Jacobs says before I this is a I'm here goes here is on your firstborn now remember the father 's eyes were one that I believe that God is merciful I believe that if God were to truly gaze upon us in our deformity none of us would be seen but it will not father James his eyes you look like Jesus comes close Esau don't know if that's really got me CEO your scheme if I was taken apart with hostile loving he realized that in the investigative judgment when we stand before the father of father claiming to have Christ in us that the fathers like Conklin will let me see you see if you have the feel of Jesus 's don't get me the historian is finished it's basic sense their people to see the one of their people who are warm but even in the mosque on the library has placing you can find Tracy of the love of God well you feel like Jesus but not sure come close to the smell you work on a small movie looking a smell of somebody out in the field she don't smell like you to come for pray God does not say he don't smell like you've been out in the fields of it even in the most unlikely is placing we can find grains of the love of God can you imagine Jesus said to his father father under the control of them with my righteous and the father says and I will be in my eyes and so even though the voice sounds like Michael like I will like tops you can go down the list put your name even though the voice sounds like our own the fee 's now this is because I give you the rest of the first four without it we would only open our eyes we would see the magnificent beautiful glorious designs of the divine designer I want to show one more story with what you turn in your Bibles with the book of John chapter two John chapter two please find your glasses on John chapter two verses one through in that authority there was an outage and chain the upper Galilee and the mother of Jesus was being in both Jesus was called and his disciples to the marriage and when they wanted wine the mother of Jesus say unto him they have no one Jesus saved onto her woman what can I do with the mind our is not yet is not disabled to the sermons whatsoever he's able to use doing and there were sent they are six water pots of stone after the manner of the purified containing two or three functions of these Jesus say about the film of water pots with water and they filled them up to the green and he saith unto them drawn out now and bear unto the governor of the feeds and a very and when the root of the feast is the water that was made wine and you not whence it was but the servants which Jews the water and you the governor of the feast called by anything onto him every mad at the beginning does set forth good wine and amendment have well drunk then that which is worse but now I has kept the good wine until now this beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth his glory and his disciples believed order glasses on you see anything Jesus has just come out of the wilderness he had intended how many times three times it was what they necessarily it was a wedding that he was not working the mother of Jesus is there there was a party the people were Darcy Jesus said woman my hour is not yet come what I mean by that woman mine hour is not yet not what is our policy phone there are six water pumps for purification Jesus says draw out the servants knew the source of the one Jesus had saved the best for last and this was the beginning of miracle do you see Jesus he is just come out on the garden of Gethsemane three times yes trade father it can be possible that this cop pass from three times his soul is brought to the brink of despair now he is on his way to a wedding as part of celebration videos are rejoicing Jesus is going to his own wedding the people there John thirteen John thirteen if you read there in John thirteen you will find that just before Jesus departs for his wedding there is a purification for his disciples there seems are being lost the mother of Jesus Islam the way blood flows from six wounds on the Savior why the people are thirsty I kind of Jesus how kind of Jesus to provide good wine for the people who are celebrating is that is in Jesus beautiful clichés the miracle for lack beginning of Hezbollah for a world that has rejected a a world celebrate his that the sergeants know the source of this good why the youngest did not Jesus says draw and change this wire receipt of the world 's drinking all kinds disgusting stuff binge drinking all kinds of ferments and why when Jesus says I saved the best product you realizing your servant of Christ he calls you to draw tape one represents the bottom Micah taken to a world that is shrinking all kinds of line getting drunk on all kinds of deceptions so that when they tasted they will say truly gone you see that for now I want to make a very special appeal Mrs. Army Bible can take it up most of you have come here because he wanted to be our with the word of God but maybe some of you are trapped here in Minnesota McCain thinking of you know this is just wish I was somewhere but during your time here you felt the spirit God save my son my daughter I love you have something greater for I want you to sign I want to be installed I want you to take this one to the world you have been celebrating the fact that Jesus is not the center of your life yet young failing to a happier life is and you are you suddenly realize I love reading heartening are you for wrong rooms are I think how that Jesus is in the center of my life and now here he is the very one that I think it is offering me his blood right she has seen the best for right now and you want to say nor that's me I want your blood see you in everything that I say and do I want to be listened to and that there is one person here and needs me to an notice me my young God has something special for you and something so powerful so Monday that if you would just let him into your life you will never regret why when why put it out why not say Jesus committed my life you know you know that most of them says it just a young person in the and then tomorrow is not just have to speak the truth a all I know is the time to sign for the seasons cannot place him there is someone or someone's role sitting down right now the devil assigned to the devil is is quite familiar with the laws of thermodynamics and the first law of thermodynamics says that energy or see is not lost it is only convert and as someone who is not even looking at anything that inmates running the software this is an excellent medicine energy in which they disarmed me into silent darkness will be the same energy and perhaps even greater than they were sobbed on the side of life angels what ever happened she and he leads don't listen to the voice of the key is a friendly for you to stay because she knows what God 's desire and now is the time to make a snack you know young people living in one hundred hundred and fifty years some of you have been perhaps having the enemy for all time whoever you are pleased offer those who were standing whether you want to succeed and you are struggling now the Spirit of God is made up the story my Bible worker communist story that when he first made his decision to follow Christ he was sitting down to and when maybe you she said he wanted to get out and he felt some pain in his legs from losing and he was so horrified he sat there and did not move she went home and he was angry he said if the minister makes a call and then but I'm not paying attention and then I got to the next became the minister may looking he acted like he wasn't paying attention you know to check them out as soon as a minister made appeal he saw out of his grand and people in the church were looking at him like he ran inside the front was with you and he was soliciting that he made a telephone that I don't live in and stop are you a tie heavenly father though I will come and look for us so soon wonderful seeing you know I we were all a part of that party one and yet Lord provided us with something better than this welcome at all nor do we are blown away by your love for us school would provide anything said Aaron and yet you provided for cover us Lord in your righteous as we stand before the father only you will be seen thank you Lord that you stood between two pillars I have an old style that we might have one thank you for coming to this from watching your father 's sheep in heaven checking on your brothers hereunder break our hearts Lord Calgary with locations in our mind out people cannot so that you can thank you Lord for all you have done for them know what I prayed and those who has the made a decision tonight father Grant them thermal equilibrium that they might be on fire with you nor attend his army and may we ever be our with your word with the love with your grace and video in Jesus name we pray amen names are Re: you are a you a


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