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Lessons from the Fall of Babylon

Jonathan Zirkle


Jonathan Zirkle

Evangelistic Trial Attorney; Serves as an adjunct faculty member at Weimar College teaching History



  • September 1, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Dear Lord we thank you so much for this time that we can study your word together but I pray that you would send your Holy Spirit to speak through me and Lord May we hear your word we pray this jesus name him and. You know I think back to the old 7th Day Adventist Church logo how many of you remember that the other was actually wasn't an official logo it was just something that we always kind of did the same but there's a lot of variations to it one of the things that was on that logo was the 3 trumpets remember that and as the 3 angels with the 3 trumpets. It really represented something that defines 7th Day Adventists. And I would like to just read where that comes from it's from Revelation 14 and this is should be very very familiar to you revelation for Tim is going to read a little bit of it. Hopefully you have your Bibles today I I will admit that today I'm going to go through a lot of different scripture and I hope that you'll spend some time following along with me Revelation 14 verse 6 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to them the dwell on the earth and to every nation kindred in time in people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication you know when you study out the Book of Revelation as you read it you'll see is especially as you get into the latter half it's the story of kind of 2 cities you have. BABYLON. And you have New Jerusalem. And as you look through this you will see that many times the theme is Babylon is fallen Babylon is fallen we see it in Revelation 14. And then if you just turn the page just a few more pages turn with me if you will to Revelation 18 because there's kind of a repeat going on of what I just read there in Revelation 14. Let's look starting in verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with His glory and he cried mightily with the strong voice and this is a mighty cry it's even louder than the 1st cried mightily with a loud with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fall and and has become the habitations of doubles in the hold of every fell spirit in the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Well when I was looking at these tax I was looking at what do they mean and what can we learn from them and I realized you know we've seen Babylon fall once before in Scripture haven't we back in the Book of Daniel and if you study scripture you will see that in Daniel you see the story of the fall about one and then we see it all talked about in Revelation and there's all kinds of parallels between the ancient and the modern In fact as you study this you can actually see a continuation between the ages and the Modern I'm both Babylon's we're big into pagan worship. Both of them. Profaned of the sacred if you read it both in Revelation and in Daniel they're both doing that. And if you study this very carefully you'll see that Babylon. Violated the same story in ancient Babylon they burned the Temple they took the vessels they had parties with them and things like that. And then you can see the prophecies and you can kind of see what's going on and there's a denial today of the sanctuary that want denies that there's a heavenly sanctuary Babylon denies the ministry of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary today in the past in ancient Babylon there was forced worship and then Modern Babylon comes along and it has forced worship. You see this in many different ways and this is. How. I'm so pleased to hear that you guys are going to have a Daniel study. I love Daniel but you can see when you're looking in doing your Daniel study you will see that through the ages. During the papal system there is no religious freedom it's all forced worship and then we see in Revelation the Modern Babylon the Modern Babylon is going to be giving the mark of the beast which is forced worship and then you look at it. At Babylon look at ancient Babylon they thought they were so great that nothing could destroy them is this unique city with a river going through it they had unlimited water and they had these amazing walls and everything like that when the enemies would come around they'd be like you know what just by the leaves alone we're not going to worry about you you know and. You know Modern Babylon is not that different we will carry a revelation a team or I hope you're still. Versus 7 and 8 and talking about Babylon how much she is glorified herself and lived delicious Lee so much torment and sorrow give her. Now this is for she said if in her heart I sit a queen and I'm no widow and she'll see no sorrow she thinks she's impregnable but therefore show her plagues come in one day see instant destruction one day death and mourning and famine and she shall be utterly burned with fire for strong is the Lord God who judges her. You know when Babylon falls in Revelation what comes next New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem in Jesus and you know when you go back and look at the old ancient Babylon what comes next Babylon falls Cyrus takes over and what does he do he sends out in to create a rebuild the temple a New Jerusalem. So with that today I want to spend some time studying the ancient fall of Babylon now as I study this it's a beautiful chapter we're going to look at a dance after 5 but. There was something about that chapter as I was studying it and I went like you know what the story is and make any sense and it wasn't what was in Dan chapter 5 it's actually what's in dance chapter 6 which is what our scripture reading for today was because in Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel is set over the entire kingdom I think about that for a 2nd and we're going to look into this in more detail and Dan chapter 5 they're having this big party and Daniel comes in and will study what happens there and then he's elevated and he puts on the robe. You know that the king puts on the road makes him 3rd in the kingdom which is a really important fact and then the next thing you now Cyrus and his men come in kill the king kill everybody in there why Earth did they kill Daniel. I mean the Kings the King's number are number 2 in the kingdom the real number one is in Saudi Arabia but but the King's number 2 the king shot with this head right but the number 2 guy in the room. We're going to elevate him to rule for us why on earth would that happen should have been the next guy killed right I mean that would make sense right. But you know what. That's not what happened and I wanted to answer that question and as I studied this out I learned to live and I believe there are some spiritual lessons for us well if you want to understand Daniel and the story of Daniel you actually have to go back like I could go back you know from the beginning of time but but today times a little bit limited so you have to go back to Hezekiah Hezekiah was a king in Israel and he lived about 100 years before Daniel now we have this story in 3 places it's and 2nd Kings Schefter 22nd Chronicles Chapter 32 and Isaiah 38 to 39 and it was said time to go through it all the story of Hezekiah because he's a very interesting King and there's some very important spiritual lessons force right there but I'll just try to summarize them so we can we get an understanding so 1st of all Hezekiah is a good king he really is in many many different ways but one day Hezekiah gets sick and when he gets sick Isaac comes to him the prophet Isaac comes to him and he says set by house in order for the House will surely die wow that's harsh news I mean you're a good king and then this great prophet the greatest prophet to to walk the face of the earth that day and one of the greatest prophets ever to walk the face of the earth walks in and says save your house in order because you're going to die. Well Hezekiah prayed he was in distress and he prayed he prayed Lord Lord please I'm a young man don't kill me now and it's a beautiful prayer it's a beautiful prayer and Isaiah who is walking out of the city the Lord comes to him and Isaiah turns on his heels and he walks right back into Hezekiah and says the Lord has heard your prayer you shall not die well. I don't understand Hezekiah completely because if I say came in and said that to me I would have said Praise God you that's good enough but no Hezekiah had to say you know what I need a sign I'd like to have a sign and when he said he said can you turn back the sun 10 degrees so he didn't ask for any small sign he has for have a big sign you know if you look at the miracles of the Bible. And I am a believer in these and I believe this happened but this is one of the big deals this is the one that gives the physicists in astronomy people heartburn because when you think about what is involved in doing this it's really tough I mean this is really really tough but God gives him that sign. And you know I think as much as I think it's. Crazy for Hezekiah to have asked for a sign specially one like this. I think God intended for him to ask for this sign because God had a plan you see the neighbors of Israel they're all sun worshippers in fact if you look around the world all of pagan idolatry almost all of it quote fully. Is Sun worship and so. You know now when the sun moves back everybody pays attention everybody pays attention and so the word went out Hezekiah as been healed and who comes to Israel the Babylonians they come bearing gifts to Hezekiah because he's been healed. And they've seen the sun turn back I think about that these guys are sun worshippers they've seen the sun turn back what kind of guide does Hezekiah serve but you know has a coyote blows it and I kind of think you know this could have maybe even changed the chart entire world history but now Hezekiah says you know I've been blessed I'm wealthy and what does he do he shows off all of his wealth instead of testifying at witnessing of the true God He shows him as gold well. Isaiah he hears this right and I see it come storming in as the Babylonians are leaving and turned 39 with me. I say a 39 and we're going to read verses 3 to 8 Scripture says this then came the prophet and to King has a and said it to him what said these men and from whence came they and to the and Hezekiah said there come from a far country and to me even from Babylon then said he what have they seen in the White House and Hezekiah answered all that is in mine House have they seen there is nothing among my treasures that I have not showed them. Then said I said to Hezekiah hear the word of the LORD of hosts behold the days come that all that is in the fine house and that which lie fathers have laid up in store and to this day so be carried to Babylon nothing shall be so if a lord and advice signs that still issue from the which thou so be get so they take away and they should be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon then said has a god good is the word of the Lord which thou has spoken he said nor over for there still be peace in truth in my days so has a Kylix his own days and he's glad it is going to be a while kind of lowers me my estimation Hezekiah little bit but. You know wiser come in and saying this especially after all you've seen I mean this is the word of the Lord and so this prophecy of the last of everything it is will all the wealth of Israel and of the princes has a Chis children they'll go to Babylon and it's interesting I invite you to go home and look at Isaiah because immediately chapter breaks artificial things. And if you look at Isaiah he immediately launches into this prophecy and it's a prophecy a messianic prophecy of the Messiah but but it's also inner woven a little bit with the fall about the law and Cyrus It just kind of we use into all of that it's very very interesting and when you look at these. Well I think about this all of this happens and now has a Chis died and gone and he has children and they have children. You know I think about this over the course of this next 100 years people are going to be thinking about what happened during the reign of Hezekiah you know the son doing back no small thing and the words of I say came in spoke of all this I mean he's no small profit and yet he gave this prophecy of the destruction of Israel and of the fact that the children of Hezekiah would serve as UNIX in the court of Babylon Now if your children of Hezekiah This isn't like the best news this isn't a really good thing but you now those children of Hezekiah at least some of them had to have been very good followers of the true God. Because we can tell that they studied Scripture they studied Isaiah they studied the prophecies and that gave them great courage we can see that in what happens in the story of Daniel so moving on a 100 years from the time of Daniel Daniel I mean excuse me 100 years in the time of Hezekiah never can as are comes and he comes in about the year 605606 and he surrounds. Jerusalem and Jerusalem agrees that. The day will be his vassal. Babylon is becoming this great empire and so he conquers Jerusalem and he takes the princes of the court and he takes them back to Babylon. Now this is a common thing in these ancient empires what you would do is you would go you would conquer your enemy and then you would try to use as much of the enemy's government as you could to govern them and you'd take a tribute from them but one of the ways that you wanted to keep him in line was is you take their children because if you take the King's children and you take him back to Babel you take him back to the seat of the Empire Well what are the chances they're going to want to rebel against you because what's going to happen to those kids right but then you can you can do it even one better because when you take him back to the empire you don't take him in prison and say look you know what if if if you don't follow the rules or you kill him right now now you take him back and you put him at the king's table and you give them the education of your empire you set them at a high standard because then the people that you've conquered aren't worried about their children with the same time you're turning their children into one of you and so kind of works out a kind of for a long term plan as to how to bring Jerusalem into a full on battle on well if you study out the history and also if it didn't work out quite the way that we can as or wanted to and actually now because I had to come back 2 more times to to destroy Jerusalem and I was on the 3rd time he just absolutely had enough with me he burns the temple but the 1st time he takes Daniel captive now. If you see this is a fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah What did Daniel do well the 1st thing we see him doing is when he gets to the Kings. When he gets to the king's palace he's assigned to the UNIX. Scripture's very polite in the way he deals with his subject but if you're signed to the UNIX in the court of the UNIX you're a unique and so eyes as prophecy is fulfilled. But Daniel knows that there's a lot of other prophecies about the fall of Babylon and he believes that God really is the God of the universe and he purposes in his heart to follow the Lord in fact it's worth reading because it's just such a beautiful thing I want you to I want you to see this after all that's happened to Daniel Dan chapter one in verse 8. So does this to Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself and so what he does is he says to the King I'm not going to eat your food now that's a big deal that's a real big deal and he says you know I don't just give me fruits and vegetables I'm going to be on of the diet that's what he says now I think it's really easy to Cana talk about well it wasn't kosher You know that's why he had to do it or whatever and there's definitely huge truth to that but there's a there's a bigger lesson and one that I think applies to us today and that is this this diet that he went on this wasn't just some way of like saying Lord I follow you I trust you although he was I mean there's definitely purposed in his heart to follow the Lord but it gave him more it gave him something special you know it's only now that we've done the studies and we can kind of try to figure this out when you eat a rich diet when you eat the the meat of this world that. And the stuff they're feeding us today it messes with your brain and specifically the part of your brain that it messes with is your frontal lobe and the frontal lobe is the part of the brain that separates you from an animal and if you want to see what people are like without their frontal lobes it's actually pretty easy to get them drunk and when they're good and drunk they start to act like animals but Daniel he said no I'm going to stay away from the king's table I'm not drinking any of his wine I'm not going to eat any of his Me I'm going to eat a vegan diet and the Lord blessed him and it helps his brain it helps his brain it helps his moral fortitude and you know you get to work towards the end of that story and if you look at Daniel. Chapter one verses 1020 and the king commune with them and among them always found none like DANIEL HANNAN I and Michelle and as his 3 friends there forced a day before the king and in all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them he found them 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers there were in his realm. So Daniel All this said is 10 times better Has that happened well guess what God bless them and it's a film and a prophecy and this is a prophecy that I can guarantee you Daniel knew turn with me if you will to Psalms 119 Psalms 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. And you know this is the chapter if you look at it hopefully you have a Bible it's this separated like this like mine in the 1st 1st few verses it says Ayliffe the next few say best the next one cig. The next one says he then valve then saying I don't know if you have that in your scriptures but what I'm just reciting right there the Ayliffe. And the bath and the Gammell and the he these are the letters of the alphabet. And the way Psalms 100 in 1000 was used you know we do a is for apple B. is for Boy C. is for cat and all this stuff you know the children's books well the Jews used this from the time of David to teach their children the alphabet and so every child in Israel knows this every last one of them and look Psalms 119. I want to read verses 19 and 20 now it's having the wrong thing scuse me 97 and 100 it's a long long chucked chapter here oh how i love by law it is my meditation all day you Daniel's obeying the law when he when he says I'm not going to eat from the king's table that I'll do the commandments has made me wiser than mine enemies for they are ever with me I have more understanding than all my teachers for they testimonies are my meditation I understand more than the ancients because I keep my precepts man is Daniel not the fulfillment of this prophecy and Dan can see right there it's demonstrated to Daniel that what he learned as a child is true. So so Daniel in chapter one is going through this test and he goes through the test and he succeeds and he gets to see that the word of the Lord is something that can be relied upon and then you go to Dan chapter 2 where you have the vision of the middle man and there we see that Daniel's really cool under pressure and here we start to see Daniel's prayer life and we see that he. Succeeds in that again then Dan chapter 3 Dan's not present down chapter 3 it's very interesting that he's not there. He's he's number 2 in the kingdom and he must be out working on the king's business but we see his 3 friends why are they so able to do this now we can give kind of a cheap answer and it's true I mean I'm not saying this is a bad answer and that is they trust in God but I think it's good to know a little more depth as to why they trust in God Now we can see these different tests that they've gone through there with Daniel as they went through the diode test and everything like that there with Daniel giving him support when he interpreted the dream but they're relying upon the Word of God and turn with me if you will to Isaiah 43. I want to show you this text here. 43 in verse 2. When the passage through the waters I will be with the and through the reverse they shall not overflow the when thou walk us through the fire not be burnt neither saw the flame Kindle upon the. What does that verse means and why would these boys know that applies to them. Well this is talking actually about Israel being taken captive. And when they're taking captive they're taken from Jerusalem to Babylon and when they go through back to Babylon they have to cross the big rivers you have your phrase and tigers are all along in there and they cross these and that the way Scripture is written if you study what Scripture really means that's what's being referred to here when the passage through the waters I will be with the SO when they're going through the waters they're relying upon this and you know those ordeals of he had to go through they've already seen this fulfilled in Dan chapter one and they got to be wondering back in Dan chapter one when they're thinking about wow Isaiah was talking about us when we walked through the waters right there like what's going to happen with fire. And here they are and they get to see this right here it says. When the walk is through the fire they're still not be burned neither sell the flame candle upon the In other words their clothes aren't even going to get burned right. And so you see. Because of this they're able to answer this dance after 3. Days of chapter 3 they say this. Verse 160 never can as are we are not careful to answer you the in this matter I love the way they said we don't care about what's going to happen we're not careful answer you. If it be so another stone into the fiery furnace our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace and he will deliver us out of the vine hand okaying to check this out they're not presumptuous because the next thing they say is but if not be known until the Oking that we will not serve gods in our worship the golden image which thou has set up what an amazing statement of faith. And and God honored that and nothing burned on them they go into the fiery furnace by the way where is this fiery furnace if you want to see where this actually is this is in the oil fields if you want to know what they're burning in the fiery furnace they're burning oil oil comes out of the ground there without anybody pumping it least it used to so anyway. If you look at Daniel Chapter 6 skipping ahead Daniel in the Lion's Den This is Daniel's version of being in the fiery furnace sedan goes through this to us just a little later in our in our story and we're going to get to Dale chapter 5 today but anyway as we move through Daniel Dan Chapter 4 is an interesting one this is never can as Or he's going mad and here we see more about Daniel he's a good friend he actually takes care of never can as are. But this brings up an interesting point you know history is relatively silent on this piece of because there's. A rule and people of made all kinds of weird statements about it and some people who choose to disbelieve the Bible they like to disbelieve this part but. We have something from history about never can is or. Find it here. Oops here we go. Through all of this Daniel and never can as are. Develop a special relationship you can see a couple of times in Daniel we're never can as there is kind of a a converted man and it's an amazing thing and I think ultimately never can is or was converted and I think we'll see him in the kingdom and he's the guy that I really want to talk to because he seems like just an amazing character I mean he goes out and takes what he wants and then he just says what he thinks but then when things don't work out right because you know he went against God he immediately says Praise the Lord of the universe the God of DANIEL So this guy I mean he he's just very surface he it's really cool and I want to meet him but. You know Daniel. Daniels we've seen this is the guy who obeys God If there's one thing Daniel does is he obeys God and Jeremiah is living in the time of Daniel and he's writing letters to the people in in the captivity which is going to include Daniel I would expect Gail be the 1st guy to get the letter probably and if you look at Jeremiah Chapter 50 there's an interesting instruction here says the word that the Lord spake against Babylon and against the land of the Kal Dia's by Jeremiah the prophet declare ye among the nations and publish and set up a standard Now there's a flag fly a flag on this publish and can seal not say Babylon is taken Bel this confounded marriage doc is broken in pieces these are the Babylonian idols her idols are confounders her images are broken in pieces and then it goes on but but look at what it's saying here this is declare ye tell everybody now and Daniel is the guy who obeys guide he's being told to tell him now if Daniel's the one. Tony and what's you going to be Tom will you give me time on the stuff that Jeremiah says but he's probably also going to be telling him stuff Isaiah says and if you go to Isaiah Chapter 44. You could see some interesting things I see my time's leaving me I hate that Isaiah Chapter 44 or I hope I have yes I do verses 27 and 28 that say yes to the Deep be dry and I will dry up by rivers now are kind of jumping and I'm going to jump in the middle of some of this stuff so he's saying that some rivers are going to be dried up and I can tell you right now the river is there talkin about is the river that goes through Babylon that say that Cyrus he is my shepherd and so perform all my pleasures even saying to Jerusalem thou shalt be built into the temple the foundation shall be laid and I want to tell you something about Cyrus Cyrus is this Persian but they referred to him as the Persian mule. You know like why why do the historians call this guy Persian real well Cyrus is the son of a person who married a media. And so he's half and half he's half Persian and he's half need now when he's born there's some trouble going on in the kingdom and there's a king there who I can't remember exactly what the details are but for whatever reason he didn't want Cyrus around because he was the rightful heir to the to the throne and so in Cyrus is born this king says kill him. And he goes to the he goes to the master of his Court the Court Chamberlain reverences kill him take the baby and get rid of him so he takes the baby but he doesn't want to kill him and he's been around a while he seemed different things and he just isn't going to do it and so he goes off into the villages and he looks around so he find somebody who's got a recently died baby and it turns out it's a shepherd couple and he says here take Cyrus and I'm going to take your baby and he takes the dead baby and he goes back to the Kings as they kill them while time goes by and Cyrus is raised out into the village and eventually the trying comes and they figure out who he is if you like that and he becomes king but what does Cyrus think of himself as a shepherd and Cyrus actually your 1st of self is the Good Shepherd and here's scripture written hundreds of years 100 years or so before Cyrus he is my shepherd and so perform all my pleasure even saying Jerusalem thus shall be built into the temple the foundation shall be led laid. Thus saith the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I hold and says to subdue Nations before him and I will listen to this carefully loose the lawyers of kings remember that loose the laws of kings men talk about the times to open before him the 2 lead to Gates gates that shall not be shut and I will go before the and make the crooked places straight I will break in pieces the gates of brass and cut in sunder the barn that the bars of iron you know her order to styles us the Babylon had shine gates of brass you know those gates were open when Cyrus comes in and so you know. Just to show how much detail the Bible has if you go to 13 Daniel would have known this is it 13 in verse 17 talking about the fall of Babylon Behold I will stir up the meads against them which still not regard silver and as for gold they shall not delight in it so I say is talking about Cyrus is a Persian the meads he's got all the details here right now with that in mind remember what was Daniel supposed to do according to Jeremiah he supposed to publish it put a flag out tell the whole world what's going to happen right well we have this evidence from history that Dan did this. And this is the last words of never can those are this was recorded by a historian a name agast Venice and it comes down to us through C.B.S. Now magazine A says that never can as or was braver than Hercules and subdued many nations and after the words of the Kal dnd said he went up to his palace and ping being possessed by some god or other uttered the following speech Oh man of Babylon I never can as are here for tell to you the coming calamity which neither Bellus my ancestor nor Queen belt us are able to persuade the fates to avert their will come a Persian mule aided by the Alliance of our own dent deities and will bring him into slavery. And the joint author of this will be a meet in him the Assyrians glory Oh would that before he gave up my citizens some career or see might swallow him up utterly out of sight or that turning in other directions he might be carried across the desert where there are neither cities nor foot of men but where wild beast have pasture and birds their haunts that he might wander alone among rocks and ravines and that before he took such thoughts into his mind I myself had found a better and now those are the words of them because Or that's what history tells us Daniel taught him the prophecies. Now of Daniel teaches him the prophecies. Was that mean and could this be a key to understanding how Daniel survives the night of the fall of Babylon. I want to show you a prophecy in Isaiah turn of me to Isaiah 21. $21.00 and we're going to start in verse one. Yes there is. You know I need to set some background on this is where I was going to buy the goddess at the background and so keep your finger there OK and with your finger there turned to Daniel Chapter 8. Daniel doesn't amazing thing in his book he always tells you where he was and when he had. Whatever was going on except for just a couple of the chapters and this is important here in Daniel Chapter 8 and says this in verse one in the 3rd year of the reign of King a vision appeared to me even to me Daniel and after that which appeared to me at the 1st so we got a date here right OK and if you do the math and figure out history we were talking about $550.00 B.C. or 10 years before babbling Falls OK and I saw in the vision and it came to pass when I saw that I was issued in the palace which is in the province of elan and I saw a vision and I was by the river a case we've got a place where Sea He's in shoe Shan which isn't even now I got a map let's see if we can get that put up here and I want to show you where Elam is OK when you look at that. I apologize for not being a very good map but but you can see the right side of that it's mountainous and that's where the Persians all come from you can see the list the Persians there I think the maps a little inaccurate I think a lot of Persians north of there but what will go with it and then you see that place there's a Susa that shoeshine that's the same place and then Babylon is kind of off there in the in the center hopefully you can see that it's kind of a small map but I want to have you get this in your head this is the Persian Gulf and is this desert all of that stuff it looks like mountains that's all just terrible desert and it's all there next to the Persian Gulf now. That's where Daniel was when he has the vision 10 years before the fall Babylon now when he's there this is the capital city who's also going to be there the king of Shushan he's going to be there and if Daniel's out tell him the thing I'll post in the standard What's he going to want to tell the king of England when he want to tell him the prophecies about you. So turn with me to Dan Chapter 21 let's see what I say I see Isaiah Chapter 21 let's see what Isaiah says about. The burden of the desert of the sea as a world went in the south pass through so it cometh from the desert from a terrible land a grevious vision is declared to me the treacherous dealer deal with treacherously in the spoiler spoiler go up besiege O. media all the sighing there of Have I made to cease their form my loins. Filled with pain paying so taken hold of me as the pains of a woman that travail with I was bowed down at the hearing of it I was dismayed at the seeing of it my heart panted fearfulness affrighted me the night of my pleasure the night of my pleasure happy turned into fear into me prepare the table watch in the Watchtower eat drink arise the princes and anoint the shield well when they say anoint this shield that means anoint a new king For thus saith the LORD said unto me Go set a watchman let him declare what he see it what does he see him till he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen a chariot of asses and a chariot of camels and he hearken diligently and much heed and he cried a lion My lord I stand continually upon the Watchtower in the daytime and I am set to my ward whole nights and behold there cometh a chariot remember chariots is important chariot of men with a couple of horsemen and he answered and said Babylon is fallen is fallen and all the graven images of her gods have broken on to the ground where we see in balance of all that's in that's revelation copying here OK So this is really important stuff OK Oh my threshing. I'll stop right there OK So what do we see I'm just going to tick off what we saw because I think you might miss OK from the south the desert of the sea if you look at that map which you can see it's coming up from the south it's all desert right you see and media coming together right in Cyrus's half median and so they called the means in the Persians lawyers filled with with with paint and dismayed night of pleasure they're going to anoint a new king chariots and camels we saw in Babylon is fallen now. And here we go to see one more verse real quick. As 49 in verse. 38 and listen to this one really carefully I will set my throne in and will destroy from thence the king and princes see if the Lord this is more talking about. This is about you will not now think about this for saying who was Cyrus How is he how is he described he's described in my anointed now ready for some history what happened did all these prophecies of a nothing did they not get fulfilled. But let me tell you what happened it's really interesting you got to read this guy's name is in a fine he's a Greek historian and he tells a story about what happened Cyrus decides that he is going to conquer the Babylonian Empire and the way he decides to do it he comes south out of Persia and comes down to the Persian sea and then he goes north he's going to go up to the rivers and to Babylon and so one of the 1st places he gets to is. And so and so he's coming up and he gets to Shushi and when he gets to shoo Shan the king isn't there and his armies are all gone so he gets to go right into sushi and and they just immediately surrender I mean this is crazy they can't do anything to defend themselves and he takes everybody kept it takes the queen captive and he says to the Queen eat takes the queen and he gives them to one of gives her to one of his generals and he says to general don't touch or she's a queen keep your hands off or and so he started to make plans about going further on up and going to conquer Babel on well this general tries to touch the queen and the queen runs to Cyrus and explains what happened while Cyrus is pretty angry about that so what he does is he cuts the nose and ears off of the general. And he says to the general you're going to this city over there it's one that he wants to conquer he says I'm not going to conquer right now but you go there you tell me that completely disgraced become their leader and then surrender to me when I come back that's when he says to the general well the Queen's listening to this and she's going like wow this is a respectable guy he's actually protecting my honor and so she writes a letter to her husband his name is King Abradatas king of Shushan and says Luck Cyrus is an OK guy and maybe you should meet him when you get here well this King is off fighting this other battle he's got seizing associating he comes back as fast as he can and he comes and he meets Cyrus and they talk and they they become friends and when he comes back he comes back with these chariots Cyrus has never seen chariots like this before and is like my ward these things are awesome and so Cyrus actually calls a complete time out to the conquering a Babylon to build himself chariots and so he builds all of these chariots for this whole year he takes time out for a year build his chariots and now he starts going to Babylon so when he gets there think about this think about being Daniel what he's seen use is seeing a fulfillment of prophecy you know. What happens Daniel Chapter 5. In the interest of time I believe that this is a. Well known story so I'm just going to summarize and set of reading it I'd love to be able to just read it and go through it but but there are some things that I want to point out it's a night it's a party this is the night of pleasure and Dan's gone oh my word that's what the prophecy said the night a pleasure right. And then the king he's taken out the temple stuff you know he is because this is at night and this is before electric lights so how do you light the place with candles right OK if there's a detail you don't need to put in it's about candles right but if you look at Dan chapter 5. In verse 5 in the same hour came forth a finger of a man's hand and wrote over against the candlestick upon the Pallister of the wall of the king's palace OK going to mention a candle stick that's because you took the candle stick in the temple that's the only candlestick that's worth talking about because everything is lit by candles. And he writes this but check this out in verse 6 then the king's countenance was changed and his thoughts troubled him so that the joints of his lawyer were loosed and his knees smote want to get the other I can see this killing in his knees are doing this right and isn't that exactly what's in the prophecy and Daniel knows about all of this and he's been looking out over the walls and he sees the chariots of and he sees the camels with them because this thing remember if you go back and look at go back to you got to read this on your own because this is new to you OK You see the camel Cyrus brought camels he was known for bringing his camels too and they're all this is all happening right now and then you've got this handwriting on the wall now if there's ever a time Daniel doesn't even need to look up to see the handwriting on the wall it's right now you know a lot of times you look at this like oh Daniel had some special knowledge given to him as to what this stuff means yes he did it's called the Word of God It's called the prophecies Isaiah and Jeremiah and Daniel can look up and this is a well done I told you so right. Now what do you think is going on outside this city that night. Remember Danielle's been shot 10 years ago and he told the king and that King's become best friends with Cyrus and I can see I'm sitting around the fire and King Abradatas is saying to Cyrus you know you're never going to believe this 10 years ago there was this guy named Daniel and he came and he told me he said look you're going to come with the king of Persia with all your chariots and you're going to sack Babylon and I told Daniel I said Daniel there's no way I'm going to do that because if he said Sure yeah I'm going to do a dance got to cut his head off because Daniel serving have a Knesset right and that would be you know traitor so he says no no Daniel I'm never going to do that this is but here I am today with you Cyrus and we're going to do it and by the way you're mentioned in Scripture he can say all that to Cyrus right now imagine that the night before and then the battle comes the gates are open the river is dry all the prophecies are being fulfilled just boom boom boom rapid ones right they walk in they walk into the party they're killing people as fast as they can and King Abradatas says Cyrus stop See that guy right there that's Daniel that's the guy that's the one I'm telling you about this is the one that said your comment this is the one that said all of this was going to happen it's got it worked out something like that it has to be it absolutely has to be. And then what is Cyrus do he takes over he sets Daniel up 2nd in the kingdom. He sends a decree rebuild the New Jerusalem now look we're living in the time of the Fall Babylon. And you know there are special prophecies for us turn with me if you will to Revelation Chapter 10. Were to start in verse 7 but in the days of the voice of the 7th angel. When he said begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished to see if declared to Servant the prophets so we see a time if you look at Revelations a bunch of different sevens and every time you hit to the 7th one you know you're in the end times of K. So we're here in the days of the 7 to Angel in the mystery of God to be finished and the voice which I heard from heaven spake and to get spoken to me again and said Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel was standing upon the sea and upon the earth I have no time to tell you what the little book is other than to say it's the Book of Daniel and you need to study that out see and know that because this is about us. And I went to the angel and said and him give me the little book and he said it to be take it in eat it up eat it up read it understand it and it still makes my belly better but in the I'm but still be in my mouth sweet as honey and I took the little book out of angel's hand and I ate it up and it was in my mouth sweetest honey and as soon as I eat it my belly was better now look this is a whole nother study and you're going to get it hopefully soon in Daniel or somewhere. This is the story of the adman movement this is the story of us understanding the Book of Daniel beginning a little bit wrong on the $2300.00 days and it was sweet because we believe Christ was coming back but bitter because he didn't God knew that he predicted it that was no accident that was nobody's screwing up that was God's plan but what did we do during that time we preach the 3 angels messages we preach Babylon is fallen is Fawn we preach the message of Revelation 14. But I read the next verse here in Revelation 10 and he said unto me down must prophesied again before many peoples and nations tongues and kings and that is Revelation 18 and what is it it's the same message as Revelation 14 and what is that message fallen fallen is BABYLON How did Daniel survive he purposed in his heart and he knew the Word of God If you look at Daniel he embodies all of the same messages all of the same truth a 7th Day Adventists he's got the health message he's got an active prayer of Life Bible study has to be absolutely key there's so many places and anywhere you can see where he was studying the Bible he would have done what he did he knew about the prophecies of the fall of Babylon the apocalyptic that's his in time prophecies right and he's an evangelist he didn't just know all this stuff he's an evangelist if he hadn't told these kings about it he'd have been nobody book and then in that parallel to us he set out to rule again if you look in 1st Corinthians I love this so many times we missed this kind of stuff the 1st printing in 6 verse to do you not know that the Saints so the judge of the world and if the world shall be judged by you are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters I know you not to judge angels look what happens after Babylon the 2nd time falls right were saved and we go home with Christ but where we set up we're set up 2nd in the kingdom. Were set up 2nd in the kingdom to judge angels were just like being you know and so look I want to make an appeal to you my appeal to you is to be like Daniel we have to prophesies again we have to be good Adventist we have to dare to be a Daniel we are here we have a beautiful health message we have the greatest understanding of Scripture we understand the prophecies but we've got to go out and we've got to evangelize we have to prophesied again. Man we live in a world that focuses on all the wrong things. We spend so much time talking about social justice and. Tromp and I mean you name it but yet we have. The beautiful masses and I just pray for each one of you go back study there's so much that you can squeeze out of Scripture and it is helpful to know a little bit of history too so that you know that the prophecies were actually fulfilled but all we have to do is follow what Scripture says and it's been done before the Adventists have done it before it doesn't say prophesies something new it says prophesied again and so I make a call to you to turn back to our roads turn back to scripture and let's get this thing done because I want to be you idea and I'm looking for that day when we go home with Jesus and we can judge angels Let's pray. Dear Lord I thank you so much for your Sabbath day. This time that we can come together and study your scriptures. I am an odd and how you designed history and scripture and all of these things but thank you so much for these prophecies I pray that each one of us will study this and know these prophecies and that we can gain the same courage and strength of character that Daniel and his 3 friends head and Lord help us not to hide this stuff help us to share. Board we look forward to your coming May you find us good and faithful servants when you return. I pray all of this Jesus in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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