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The Science of Faith

Janessa James


Janessa James

Pediatrician at Loma Linda University Health



  • September 22, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father. Lloyd thank you for being creator. Our sustainer. Our protector Thank you Lord for giving us life. Thank you for loving you with an everlasting love and dryness with your loving kindness thank you that you've given us here where to live by that it's a word that's alive and powerful and transforms us and will transform it says we've salmon that today open our hearts and minds to hear your voice speaking to us just now in Jesus' name we pray Amen. So good morning again it's a great privilege to be with you this morning I've just been surrounded by blessings this week in preparing to share and one of the blessing tucked in the small any I live with 2 girls here in Loma Linda and one of them is going across the country in Washington D.C. doing away rotation and I woke up this morning and I was getting ready around the kitchen and she walked out of her bedroom the one who's supposed to be in Washington D.C. and she proceeded to tell me how she had changed her flight last minute to arrive yesterday but because of delays and cancellations she didn't get into L.A.X. until like 1 in the morning and then my other housemate drove an hour you know drove all the way to L.A.X. to pick her up to bring her back so that she could surprise me to be here today. So I was just very surrounded by my love so thank you to my sweet house these who are here this morning to support. One of the last times I was speaking was in front of a group in Bali Indonesia a few weeks ago I gave a children's health talk there at a local healthy lifestyle center and we started our talks in the morning by saying. If you guys know Indonesian That means good morning. It was it was a very sweet trip so the last time I was speaking I was getting translated into Indonesian by our new friend Pamela who is active in ministry in the area but it was very nice to have time to think before she translated what I had just said so I'll miss my sweet translator today so my name is Jeanette James. For those of you who don't know me I did in fact grow up on a rural. On a horse farm in rural Indiana just have to share a couple photos I spent a lot of my childhood summers making hay showing horses I have a younger brother named Jeremy. We've always gotten along quite well and I another blessing I received this week. Jeremy text me and he sent me a text saying So how are you doing. Which is not what your younger brother text ever so I knew my sister antenna went something something's up but before I could reply you was calling me on the phone and he proceeded to tell me how doors had opened for him to move to Loma Linda in the near future. He's currently a little bit in long in limbo regarding his job and where he will end up and it's something that's been on my sister heart very much the past few months praying for him with some of you as well and I'm just really overjoyed that his journey will be bringing him here soon. I have heard that one key to being a good partner in any relationship is to not NEGLI other person but bring our requests to God 1st so I think God is teaching me this through my little brother. If I would have said move to California move to California he would have not done it but bring our concerns to God and he always works that out best so back to childhood my brother and I were raised by a loving mother and father we grew up on a lake in the woods a really lovely setting for our childhood and my mom raised us to know and love God My family came to be part of the administration through the influence of my maternal great grandmother. In the 1930 S. when my great grandmother was in her early thirty's she lived in rural Indiana and had a nearby neighbor who my family remembers very kindly be who invited her to church and in visiting the church. Joining I've been this faith and then much later in life my great grandmother lived with my mother when she was a young child they were actually roommates up until the time my mother was a junior in high school and so my mom attended church with my great grandmother every Saturday growing up and my great grandma never drove a car she walked or rode the bus to work so throughout my childhood a lady from the church another lady who lived nearby would come pick up my mom and my great grandma and take them to church and they would spend the day together after church sharing lunch going to homes with the other church members and thus. Became a member of the I've been a shirt through the influence of this special Great Grandma. My great grandmother lived to be 102 years old so I was fortunate to have her during much of my childhood and this is a picture of my mother my brother and I with my great grandmother who's got a great grand on there. And my great grandmother birthday was actually yesterday which was a really special realization this week as I was studying her life a bit more. To write poetry and she could quote her poetry right up until the time she was 102 it was one of the last things that she kept when her other memories were becoming foggy and I want to share one of her poems with you today the title of it is prayer and this is written in handwriting and it says it eliminates the pathway that leads to Heaven's Door if we follow in his footsteps soon our troubles will be or it strengthens all our weaknesses and cleanse and cleans our hearts from sin it helps us to bear our burdens and lets our savior in it gives us peace and quiet rest to know our Savior hears so let us pray and seek that rest as we follow through the years may we all be waiting when he comes to claim his so let us all be ready for it to share the happy home. So in part due to the influence of this special grandma my mother raised us to know and love God This is a picture of my mother on her 1st Mother's Day whole being me. In the home where I was where I grew up my brother and I used room with separated by a catwalk that overlooked the living room and the sun room where my mom had her devotional time and image really ingrain from my childhood is waking up and peering over that catwalk down into the sun room to see my mom sitting in the sunshine in her pj's leaning over her Bible and studying reading writing I loved looking through her Bible as a little girl because she had little comments and drawings pencil beside her favorite verse this she's a teacher and so she likes to illustrate things like with a little heart besides the 1st God is a little muscle arm Besides he gives us strength. Her example of faithfulness continues to be one of life's richest blessings she helped me find photos across the country and did grandma investigation and prayed for me throughout my preparation for this message it takes a village Amen. So just prior to. My freshman year of high school my world was shaken by the divorce of my parents and as with any child it was a very tumultuous time in my young life I poured myself into my academics but praise God he allowed me to maintain a very strong relationship with my mom and my dad during this time and he never left my side and one vivid memory that I have is lying in bed when I was 1415 years old and I was crying one night which is not a common thing for me I don't remember exactly why but I know it had to do something with the pain of the divorce and I remember I was flipping through my bible that night in crime and. I came across the verse in Psalms 30 verse 5 that says we've been main door for a night but joy comes in the morning and it just kind of left off the page at me and at 1st I just started crying harder. Because I was just really touched that God actually cared to bring comfort and saw my tears and. Recognize that weeping was a present reality but he would bring joy in the morning and he did. In preparing for this message I I went back to a journal that I have that I've written in since I was 15 years old so clearly I'm a very poor journal or if I still have the same journal. When I was 15. But I found one verse written it was actually the very 1st verse on the 2nd page of my journal and it said charm is just the tip of and beauty is fleeting whether woman who fears the Lord is to be praised and in my 15 year old handwriting I had written after it wow that's a pretty powerful verse it made me do a reality check on what my focus was on in life and at 1st I was a little surprised like Wow I even knew this verse existed when I was 15 and then wow God spoke to my heart even when I was 15 and it reminded me just that the Word of God is powerful at every age at every stage it has the power to transform and create and refocus our vision like nothing else and I'm a pediatrician and I don't often know how to speak to 15 year old hearts but praise God he knows because he created those hearts so continue to redirect the children and teens in your life back to his word. After high school I attended Southern admin this university which was mentioned I was the 1st person in my family to attend the school and the admin to such occasion system so that whole process is. A blessed story of getting me there. After coming out of high school I was really leaning towards going to an in-state school where my intuition probably would have been covered. But at the same time God brought a number of people into my life friends my pastor at the time that said Just consider Southern and shared. Their experience had been there and I remember as a teenager sitting in a chair in the kitchen at home and just praying Jesus could you please just make it clear could you just send some kind of a sign and I don't remember what he did but I remember I had a great peace as I finalized my decision to us and Southern and the next 4 years at Southern. Came at a really special time of growth in my early twenty's I was introduced to many peers who had a strong faith life that really inspired my own walk with God and in my journal from that time I have verses sermon notes worship talks Bible studies that really challenge and grew my faith during those 4 years I studied biology I loved my science education but looking back I really praise God most for growing in my relationship with him during that time so God led again and I ended up. University for medical school for the next 4 years and during my 1st year of medical schools when I started attending I've been a hope today and I love the messages but I was also really busy with school or so I remember the 1st 2 years I came I listened I was blessed and then I went back home. But a little later on as I started attending small group studies I really began to connect with the special family that's here. I started attending a women's bible study and then later the Tuesday night care group that you guys have probably seen advertised here and for all the students here or people new to the area I just have to plug care groups if you need some food if you need some hugs in the midst of your studies go to care groups and I know you'll be blessed with much more than that I remember one Tuesday a study night during my medical school years it was I had a test the following day. For the end of my O.B. Gyn rotation and I was debating studying some more do a go and I fell in pressing need to go to carry groups battling so I did. And much later on account of the back test ended up being the highest score of my finals that year and I didn't pray for back in God didn't need to do that but it is a special memory as a left back that God wants to under Once us to understand the preciousness of seeking Him 1st and fucking for 19 tells us that MY GOD has supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus and I know that you will be faithful to supplying needs as you hold on to him. And students I just encourage you to allow your educational experience to be faith strengthening. But remember that you have to put something in his hands 1st before you can learn that he is faithful. And he who calls you is faithful who also will do it so medical school or training was intense as all graduate education tends to be I remember during the 2nd year of medical school I was reminded daily that this was way above my shrink level and taped onto a printer on my desk a little king sticky note that still there and it. Was 2nd Corinthians 1219 which says and he said to me My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness therefore most gladly I will boast in my I will gladly hour rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me and that was a promise but I held on through each test cycle preciously him back thoughts like maybe only doctors kids become doctors maybe your brain isn't quite big enough to fit all this in which it isn't but his grace so sufficient a space for and as I place bigger challenges in his hands I got to learn that he is a bigger God than I realized. So during my 4th year of medical school I ended up court meeting greeters here on hope being more involved I got more connected to the community and new students and busy students I just encourage you to get involved and get involved early it will make your time here more rich more meaningful life was meant to be lived in community and if you want to be involved by sharing special music then especially come talk to me because I'm coronating that this year. I finished my pediatric residency at the children's hospital here residency is intense I don't have to tell you that I don't miss 28 hour day workweeks I remember coming to church glassy I brain half in gear more than once after a night call but it's always been a what's going to come to the family here and the messages and I'm really grateful for the opportunity to be a pediatrician. My days in clinic with kids are a constant reminder for a need for wisdom outside myself and God remains faithful and yesterday he just gave me an extra demonstration of his faithfulness because I think he wanted me to pass it on. That really touched my heart I was in clinic at one of the many clinics that I followed around to and a mother brought her son in for evaluation of behavior issues of issues learning that score. Not far into our conversation it was very clear to me that she was really struggling with the guilt really overwhelmed in her mother role phrases like I know I'm not a good mother but such are and we did a number of things during the visit but at the end I was really speaking to my heart that this sweet mother could really use a prayer of encourage moment of hope and I really have rarely done this ever and it's something I've been asking God to help me with not to miss opportunities to share his goodness when it would be something that would really be a blessing to the patients I'm seen and I had a patient waiting in the next room. But I felt God speaking to my heart and this is going to take 2 minutes but this is going to mean a lot more than 2 minutes to her so I went in to the room and I asked her if if prayer is something that would be helpful for her as we close and she started crying more than she had already been. And she shook her head and her teary eyes so much relief in them like she had been waiting for this more than anything and I prayed a quick prayer with her just a prayer that God would encourage and strengthen her heart thanking him for being a God who loves us even when we aren't perfect parents and wants to keep growing. And it was such an incredibly special couple of minutes with this struggling mom. She had beautiful gratitude and hope in her eyes when we finished the visit and it really just showed me that God loved her so much and wow I am really thankful that he can change our hearts to do things we wouldn't dream of doing on our own. Finishing my training and starting life in the real world has opened up opportunities to be more involved in life outside the hospital praise God I'm currently blessed to lead out in a kids' group that meets every Wednesday night just after promo our kids group it's every Wednesday night at the San Bernardino community Sta church come join us if you love kids we specialize in a really ornery ones. We love them and it's been extremely faith building to walk through studies on the fruit of the Spirit God's. Bible with this group of kids from extremely unstable structured home lives children where we go back to pick them up and they've been sent to live with other family members or their apartment has been gutted in this city in trash bags on their porch and God has miraculously brought them to be our children week to week and a couple weeks ago one of the boys approached me and said Janetta I need you guys to pray for me we were out running around on the playground during our outside time but I stopped and listened and he started in me. Someone had gotten C.P.S. involved with their family and he was terrified that they were going to come to school and take him away from his family because it had happened before and he remembered it and he wanted us to pray for him so of course we closed our eyes and I prayed for him standing there in the sand on the playground with the other kids running around. And he smiled after anything to me and life will keep being difficult for these kids but I was so blessed to see that he had grasped and nuff to know that prayer makes a difference even our dark times. So please speak to me or Chris or Christiane. If you would like to be involved in watching God do good things in these kids' life fair warning your heart will be involved you might leave some weeks crying that's happened twice to me your patience will get stretched thinner than you ever thought possible and you will feel your utter inability to make a difference without God's help and it will truly be a blessing so that was supposed to be my intro and it kind of grew over the past few weeks as God has reminded me of his goodness. Even yesterday. Reflecting on on his working in my life has led to some really meaningful conversations with my mom with my grandma with my dad with coworkers with patients it's it's been a blast scene so I encourage you to take time to write down your story speak with your parents speak of your grandparents about the heritage that's behind you and it will it will really be less so over the past few months God has been Breanne the theme of faith into my life again and again back in June I was asked to lead our connections and I was assigned the topic turmoil and we studied the lives of job Abraham Ruth and Daniel Esther amazing stories of faith and then a couple weeks later we were studying through Galatians at our Tuesday night study and I got assigned Galatians 3 which is all by faith. Really a precious study and then earlier this month my housemate introduced me to a book called Lessons on faith. Which is a compilation by Jones and E.J. Regnier which are to Ivan's pioneers and it's really a beautiful. Study on the meaning of faith the substance of faith so when Caleb asked me to share I knew that I wanted to do something on faith and pass on a few things God's been working on in my life so in our remaining time this morning I'd like to explore the topic of faith. To understand a bit more what is A how does it function in real life by looking at a few passages in the Bible and we're going to start in the book of Matthew if you have your Bibles with you when you want to open them. That's the 1st story we're going to examine. The book of Matthew starting in Chapter 8. And we're going to begin in verse 5 and the Bible says Now when Jesus had entered Capernaum. A century and came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant is lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tormented and Jesus said to him I will come in him then this answered and said Lord I am not I am not worthy that you should come under my roof but only speak a word and my servant will be healed for I also am a man under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes and to another Come and he comes and to my servant do this and he does it. When Jesus heard it he marveled and said to those who followed assuredly I say to you I have not found such great big not even real so in this verbs in these verses this story. We see what Jesus pronounces fate the man said Speak the word only and it shall be done the man recognized and trusted in the power of the Word of God to do what God spoke and even though he was in charge of 100 soldiers of the Roman army he still had the humility to recognize he wasn't worthy but even though he recognized his unworthiness he still didn't let that stop him from coming to God. He says just speak the word Jesus and it will be done and Jesus says I have not found such great faith even in Israel so a definition of faith that has been helpful for me recently from the book Lessons on faith that I was talking about earlier. Is a definition by 80 Jones and it says that faith is the expecting the Word of God to do what it says and the Depending upon that word to do what it says it's not expecting God to do what he has not said. Or expecting myself to do what the Word of God is said it's rather expecting the Word of God to do what it says because it's the Word of God. And then another familiar verse in Hebrews Chapter 4 verse 12 that says the Word of God is alive and active it sharper than any double edged sword it penetrates even to the dividing of soul and spirit joints and marrow it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart and understanding the reality of the creative power of God's Word is really key to our faith. Understanding what God can do by His Word is really the basis for faith in Rome in chapter 10 verse of and teen The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So faith is really. In extra could be linked to the Word of God we don't have faith in nothing we have faith in what God speaks at the beginning of the Bible were introduced to a God who creates familiar verses in Genesis one it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and void darkness was on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters and God said Let there be light and there was light. God looks into the darkness and void and he creates light where light did not previously exist he didn't go around and collect little pieces of light that were laying about and bring them together he said with his word let there be light and there was light and essential to our faith is understanding that God is a God who creates and he creates with his word and he promises to create in us as well. Easy feel 36 verse 26 says I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh he promises to create this in us to take out our stone we feeling and kind hearts and give us hearts of flesh hearts that feel hearts that respond to his kindness that love by His grace because he said God that creates and just pondering this idea really cause some familiar verses to come alive for me with one of those verses being full of beans one verse 6 that says Being confident of this very thing that he who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ our confidence is only and always and solely in God who has begun the good work or not confident that OK I've been walking with him kind of getting the hang of this thing I can handle it on my own you know the verse says that the same one who began any good work in you that would be God will be the same one who offer for Mitt until the end and that the one thing that we can be confident of is that we are going to be just as dependent upon his strength to finish as we were to start another race that I read with new I. 37 verse 5 and 6 and it says commit your way to the Lord trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass he shall bring forth your righteousness and your justice as the new day. And these verses are really beautiful summary of some of the verses we read already God invites us to trust him and commit our way to him and what happens next he brings it to pass who does it he does it you do it. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light and I got so excited when I was studying and I saw the word light there and I was reading online at that point and so I went to my physical Bible and I was flipping through to find songs like Word of God released a light in that verse about such a beautiful tie into Genesis. But it does the Bible says He will bring forth our righteousness in the same way that he brought forth light and how did he do that Genesis $13.00 says. God said Let there be light and there was light and as we place our faith in the reality of that created word God speaks into our void without form dark lives and he says Let there be light and he brings forth our righteousness as the light and our justice as the new day and i love of the verse says NEW DAY not dusk or dawn but a new day a maximum amount of light in the day. For our final reflection on faith I want to review the story of Abraham. And see if we can graphs a few more aspects of what faith looks like in real life we don't have time to read the whole story of Abraham because it's a long story I discovered this week because God is a patient God Amen It starts in Genesis 12 and God tells us about a broom at 75 years of age he tells him get out of your country to a land that I will show you I will make you a great nation and you all the families of the earth shall be blessed he 75 at the time just talk that in your memory Fast forward to Genesis 15 Abrams has already been promised a son 3 times at that point but he still childless and Abrams speaking to God in Genesis 152 and says Lord God what will you give me seeing I go childless and the air of my house is Damascus these are was a servant in his house so Abraham was kind of reminding God. God In case you haven't noticed and what do you going to give me again. God had already told him that he was going to make him a great nation that but he wasn't seen how that was to possible when all that was in his household was his servant but God is not limited by our present circumstances Amen his vision is always so much bigger. So in Genesis 16 Abraham and Sarah Abrams wife try to work things out by having a room sleep with Harry servant Hegar taking matters into their own hands never a good plan and Hagar has a son named Ishmael This was when a Brown was 86 so 11 years after the original promise and when I was studying I really realized the timelines involved in the story I got some more sympathy for the struggles that they faced 11 years is not an insignificant amount of time if you think back to where you were 11 years ago. But again God operates on his own timeline so in Genesis 17. A few more chapters ahead God comes back to a broom 99 years of age 24 years after his initial promise and again he says I will make my covenant. Between Me And You and I will multiply you exceedingly and it's just so beautiful that God remains faithful to the Cullinan even when Abraham had and. He reminds me of the verse in 2nd Timothy $23.00 that says if we are faithless he remains faithful he cannot deny himself amen and I love Genesis $173.00 in describing the 19 year old Abrams response to God coming it says then Abraham fell on his face and God talked to him. At $99.00 he still had the response to fall on his face when he sensed God's presence and God talked to him and just that phrase itself is pretty incredible and God says no longer show your name be called by your name shall be Abraham for I have made you a father of many nations and he changes his name to Sarah. Which both mean princess and he promises I will bless her and also give you a son by her then I will bless her and she will be a mother of many nations. And the rain may mean of. An Abraham at age 99 I just thought was a very special act. And as I was studying I just spoke to me that he wants to keep transforming and growing even that age 99 and that makes me a little less intimidated to grow old. Because the possibility of transforming work remains at all ages. So as we read on we find that Abraham and Sarah eventually end up laughing once they hear God's plan to give them a son now at $99.00 you know it sounded like a good idea. 25 years ago but now it's kind of laughable. There's just no way that this can be done in human strength and yet as God keep speaking Abraham 99. In faith on God's Word in he circumcisers his household and sell you circumcised as a sign of the covenant that God has given and finally in Genesis Chapter 21 at the age of 100 the son of promised is born 25 years after the promise was originally spoken. Romans Chapter 4 highlights what faith meant and looked like in Abraham's experience and I just want to go to a few verses there as we wrap up. If you want to turn in your Bibles to Romans Chapter 4 this is where we're going to finish today Romans Chapter 4 beginning in verse one and it says. What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found according to the flesh for if Abraham was justified by works he has something to boast about but not before God for what does the Scripture say Abraham will leave God and it was accounted to him for righteousness and that's a quote from Genesis 15. And I found it quite amazing after reading through his story and then reading through this text that Scripture says Abraham believed God because Abraham also laughed at God and tried to do things on his own but in the end he believed God and that was what was accounted to him for righteousness. And the whole the whole chapter of Romans 4 is powerful but for this morning I want to skip down again to verse 16 Romans for starting at verse 16. And it says Therefore it is. And it's referring to you can see back up in verse 13 it talks about the righteousness of faith so its meaning therefore the righteousness of faith it is of the righteousness of faith yes. That it might be according to grace so that the from us might be sure to all this not only to those who are of the law but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham. Who is the father of us all it is as it is written I have made you a father of many nations in the presence of him whom he will leave God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did who contrary to hope in hope believed so that he became the father of many nations according to what was spoken so show your descendants be and not being weak in faith he did not consider his own body already dead since he was about 100 years old and the deadness of Sarah's womb he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but he was strengthened in faith giving glory to God and being fully convinced that what he had promised he was also able to perform and therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness and I wish John to include this passage and initially because of verse 17. And at the end of verse 17 it says it was a God who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did and I appreciated that he used that the verses in present tense he gives because he still does this. In lessons on faith again E.J. regular highlights but that last part of verse 17 is really worthy of our attention because it contains the secret of the possibility of success in our Christian life and he goes on to explain that if if man does this that is call something which did not exist as though it did we would call that a lie but we know in Hebrew Chapter $618.00 it says it's impossible for God to lie and the reason that that is is that his a word brings the thing he speaks to pass. And again we see how. Understanding the reality of his creative power is essential in our faith so just a few descriptors to highlight again of the passions we just read from from Abraham story it says in verse 20 he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief. King James Version said staggered not at the promise of God and I really like that word. Also in verse 20 it says he was strengthened in faith he gave glory to God and he was fully convinced that what God had promised he was able to perform not everything or anything but what he had promised again just highlighting the trolley of his word to faith and it was God who was doing the doing the one who spoke and so his faith was accounted to him for righteousness and God was able to create righteousness in a person without it. The birth of Isaac itself is really a symbol of God's power to be able to bring spiritual life in us that are spiritually dead when there was no human possibility when everything was against it Abraham. Reached out and held on to the Word of God and His power to create and to make alive. I want to. Today with a quote from the lessons on Face Book by E.J. Wagner that talks about the faith of Abraham and this is my appeal to you and to myself today as we and. It says have the simple faith of Abraham How do you attend to righteousness. By not considering the deadness and powerlessness of his own body but by being willing to grant all the glory to GOD strong in faith that she could bring all things out of that which was not you therefore in like manner consider not the weakness of your body but the power and grace of our Lord being assured that the same word which can create a universe and raise the dead can also create in you a clean heart and make you alive and to God And so you shall be a child of Abraham even a child of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Let's pray to close. God we are in awe of your ways you are a God who can create. A universe and raise the dead and yet you are God who desires to create new hearts in us you know the hearts of everyone here because you made them and you have good plans for these hearts I pray that you would grow our faith in the power of your word as we meditate on your faithfulness for this morning we want to commit our ways our lives to you trusting in you that your bringing right isness into our lives as you spoke light into this world because you were promised and your word is sure thank you for being a God we can trust. Thank you for meaning faithful even Dear faithless. Keep us faithful to you today tomorrow and. In Jesus' name we've seen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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