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Episode 2: The Great Awakening

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 11, 2018
    7:00 PM
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America as a nation was sought after initially by those fleeing religious persecution in Europe yet upon arriving in the new world many people slipped into religious left A-G. at the pressures and opportunities of the new world enveloped their lives in the 17 and 18 hundreds to a viable would take place known as The Great Awakening. An integral individual in the 1st Great Awakening was George Whitfield George Whitfield at tended Oxford University and was a member of the holy club along with John and Charles Wesley sought to lead practical and spiritual revival in their lives and communities upon graduating he didn't settle in a church but became a popular outdoor I 10 or an preacher and travel to America 8 times during his life he died here in America and is buried here in this church in new report Massachusetts. In the 740 S. It's likely that apart from the king of England George Whitfield was the most well known Englishman in America his captivating sermons thrilled a large audience it all up and down the Eastern Seaboard and led to a revival among all denominations in particular about this he is the 1st preacher to preach to the enslaved in the south and this great awakening with the 1st time that African-Americans have embraced Christiane. In large numbers this 1st great awakening led to a multiplication of churches and greater respect and cooperation between all denominations. Some say that this period had an impact on the changes America was soon to undergo some scholars argue that the evangelical movement of the 17th 14th played a key role in the development of democratic board as well as the belief in the free press and that information should be shared unbiased and uncontrolled the American War of Independence and the Declaration of Independence would happen a few decades later. The 2nd great awakening began around 1800 and continued until the 1831 name that is associated with this for a viable at this time in America is child he brought the camp meeting to town and established a revival formula that became copied in many of the churches at the time this included praying for people in public by name allowing women to testify and pray in public to mixed audience is a point think a pew at the front of the church at the anxious bench having a room where you could meet and pray with people and the meetings would be protected over several weeks in town. In small chapels all across the East Coast and as well as in large cities the revival took place it was especially strong in the north easterly states in America and it marks a significant shift where it moved beyond the educated elite to those less educated and less wealthy a byproduct of this revival of the reform movement that did encourage such of the Temperance. Movement the abolition of slavery and women's rights. Structures were being broken down and the Gospel was spreading God was using the old dame clergy and laymen alike to share the message and bring revival this would pave the way for people to accept the messages that humble often unlearned men and women would share in the years ahead God has never been restricted academically structurally or by social class he has used and he will continue to use humble servants to preach his message another a viable will come to this world before the return of Jesus or a viable such of these well as never seen before and God is looking for people men and women young and old who will be willing to be used by him. The 2.


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