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Episode 3: William Miller- Early Life & Conversion

Adam Ramdin
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William Miller would have a huge impact in early 19th century America. How did this Deist farmer from upstate New York come to be such an influential preacher? What impacted him and led to his conversion?


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 18, 2018
    7:00 PM
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William Miller was the oldest of 16 children and was born in low Hampton New York his parents were Christians and in his home there were only 3 books the Bible the song and the prayer book he had an insatiable desire to learn I would read these over and over again but it is I had to learn would lead him to others in the area with more extensive libraries than in his home he would borrow books and by the light of burning pine knots he would read them late into the night this soon distinguished him as one of the most educated people in his area both own age group and those older as well. As William Miller reached the age of marriage he met a young lady named Lucy Smith here in the town of leave a month a few miles from where he lived after they got mad he moved here to this town and found out that they had a library here he would spend hours day after day I was introduced to the writings of Voltaire David Hughes and Thomas Paine all great. D.S. believes that God created the world and set it in motion but after that he took a step backwards detaching himself from me every day affairs of man William Miller would go on to become a deity. In 1812 America was at war with England and William Miller had a strong sense of patriotism and like his father before him he volunteered to fight for his country. In the town of Poultney where he lived 47 men volunteered to fight on the condition that he would be the officer. Troop being stood out in Williams' mind from this war the 1st was when a shell just like this one from the battle of Plattsburg exploded within 2 feet of him and 3 other men was the other sustained injuries he walked away unscathed The 2nd was a battle plan work itself the Americans were heavily outnumbered the British were much better trained and experienced having just defeated Napoleon yet they were soundly beaten by an army they should have routinely defeated the protection and providence of God was a vividly impressed upon his mind and was not something he could easily shake. After returning to his home town after the death of his father he would sometimes attend church with his mother his wife and his children once he was a deist he enjoyed listening to his uncle preach and he also wanted his children to attend church when his uncle was away however one of the deacons would read a prepared sermon and one Sunday he told his mother that he did not want to go to church because he found the deacons reading to be boring he did say however that he will be open to reading in the future if an opportunity arose like any good mother would she arrange for him to be the reader the next time his uncle was away and it turned out that the sermon was about parent or duties and the importance of prayer whilst he was reading he broke down crying shrug by the inconsistency by the. Fact that he did not pray he encouraged his children to pray. Suddenly the character of the Sadia was that Lee impressed upon his mind how he would have sins and suffered death and now a place he later said God opened my eyes and oh my soul what a beautiful Savior I saw Jesus to be he fell in love with Jesus on the Bible and this would take him on a journey that would go far in life. The love of Jesus can melt the most stony of hearts was William believing God it was an impersonal God Yet when he saw the loving character of God It melted his heart and his through his logical and rational mind maybe you were someone or you know someone similar down that William had Pray pray that they may see the love of God pray that they may open their hearts and allow him to come in.


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