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Episode 4: William Miller- Study & Call to Ministry

Adam Ramdin
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After coming to a understanding of the book of Daniel, William Miller resisted the call to preach for many years. However, a series of events he couldn't reasons his way out of happened that compelled him to 'tell the world' about Jesus soon return.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • July 25, 2018
    7:00 PM
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William was in love with Jesus and set out to read his Bible again sitting here in this room and starting in Genesis Chapter one Verse one he made his way my body clear through the Bible using his crude as can cordons when he came across a word or a verse that he did not understand he would cross reference it until he came to a full understanding he came to Daniel 81422300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed and did not understand it rather than reading on he stopped there stayed there studied it out and his conclusions would have a far reaching impact. The motivating factor in Williams' life was not the pursuit of knowledge but it was his love of Jesus it was a deep love and a force that kept him going as he continued his study of Daniel 8 he came to the conclusion that Jesus would come in about 25 years as he studied and restudy he concluded in 1818 Jesus would come around the year 1843. Blocks. Yet despite having this great news he did nothing about it keeping him mainly to himself he did tell a few friends but did nothing publicly he was worried that he would be made fun of and did not want to leave his home town to speak. He did write some articles that were published but as yet he had done no preaching. William struggled with the pull to reach for 13 years he heard in his mind over and over the words and tell the world finally one day he made a prayer of commitment that if he was asked to preach then he would go he felt this was a pretty safe release for no one was going to ask the 50 year old farmer to preach about the 2nd coming not long after his doorbell rang and his nephew Urbin Guilford was there and he asked him if he would come to Dresden to share the things that he had been study rather than there being thankful his prayer had been answered he stole out the door and when. He walked out of his house and came to this maple grove here and paced up and down his daughter Lucy followed him and after watching awhile she went back inside and said Mommy something's wrong with Daddy you see something was wrong he was under conviction and could not reason his way out of it his nephew lived for the HOF an hour away which meant he left his house before Miller prayed the prayer of commitment and he could just see the moving of God in this situation as the sign says he went in a fire and came out a preacher. At the except in the call to preach the military extensively over the next 10 years across the northeastern part of the United States put his property chart and viable with him many were converted and the revival wasn't linked to a particular denomination although Miller was a. That is one estimate I have been winning over 40000 to the Baptist Church and over 40000 to the Methodist church it was not long before he would meet up with Joshua behind us extending his influence from the spoken word to the written. Maybe God is calling you to the ministry to preach maybe you have been resisting just like William did the 13 years I want to assure you that the best place to be is safe in the east that you are not resisting the Holy Spirit and that you are following God's will for your life if God is calling you in step out in faith and let him lead.


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