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Episode 6: The Potato Preachers

Adam Ramdin
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Despite the bitter disappointment of October 22, 1844 that impacted thousands of people there were still stories of Gods providence and protection. Two farmers had potato fields that testified of Gods goodness and watch care.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 8, 2018
    7:00 PM
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October the 22nd 1844 was for many people the worst day of their lives they had preached a message of hope about Jesus soon return and then all their hopes were dashed friends who had ridiculed them weighty would fresh ammunition in the coming days it was not an easy time to be a believer the great disappointment was exactly that a huge disappointment to those with eagerly waited for Jesus' return and while it caused a lot of embarrassment to those who are fervently preached in full was not due and blew. Fervently believing in the return of Jesus many of the believers acted practically so that their works corresponded with their faith some of them sold homes early in the year after they believed that they would not need them soon also some of the farmers left their crops in the field and one of these was named Leonard Hastings he had a potato patch right here and he believed in Jesus soon return and thought that by digging his potatoes it would be a denial of his faith some of his friends did not believe in Jesus soon return and offered to take the potatoes for him and store them in the bar he was sure that he wouldn't need them and by not digging them he would proclaim his faith some said that the potatoes would rot in the ground while others called him fullish. The autumn of 1844 was particularly mild. When he finally dug his potatoes in November he found he had some of the best potatoes he had ever grown some of his farmers in the area did not fare so well you see in that particular part of New England there was a potato blight there rotted nearly all the potatoes there had been dug on time he had a huge supply of potatoes enough for himself and some of his neighbors who had called him foolish in spring the next year he was one of the few farmers who had seed potatoes due to the poor like to happen the year before he was then able to sell these at $4.50 a bushel a huge price in that day. Leonard Hastings wasn't the only potato patch preacher Silas pilfer and William Miller the brother in law was another one he planted a 22 acre peel the potatoes here in upstate New York near as we go in the spring of $84.00 people in the autumn he didn't dig his potatoes and the snows came early in the spring of the next year he said to his wife that he was going to go to the field and dig the potatoes she pleaded with him not to saying they had already been the joke of the town and they didn't need to give people another reason to make one of them besides that the potatoes would have frozen and they would have rotted in the ground he went up to the field with his son Irvin and as he put his fork in the ground he dug up some lovely potatoes the whole field as well yielded a huge supply of some of the best potatoes he had ever seen he was able to sell them for $4.50 a bushel a huge price pay off his mortgage and have a good amount of money left over afterwards and. God on the fate of these believers to provide a testament of his power. And watch care over his children Sometimes God allows hard times to come upon us but we are never alone as the mother watches over her children so God watches over us his children if you are playful to go on then you can be assured that there are times when God will do the impossible for you to demonstrate His power the Bible says that the eyes of the Lord run to and fro across the face of the earth looking for those whose hearts are perfect towards him and on whose behalf he can show his power.


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