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Episode 7: Ellen White - Early Years

Adam Ramdin
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Out of obscurity, from a small town in the north easterly tip of America, Ellen White would go on to accomplish great things in her life. She would go on to be the third most translated author of all time and the most translated American author, yet her early years were much more humble than this.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 15, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Ellen Gould Harmon and her twin sister Elizabeth were born on November the 261827 in the town of Gora Maine about 12 miles west of Portland the state of Maine has named her birthplace a historic site even though there was some question today over the exact place of the house. Her father Robert was a happy maker and this was the family business acting upon the information that had sought for a much higher price in the south than the North he headed down south to the state of Georgia while he was gone though something tragic would happen. Ellen analyser but attended the bracket Street School the building stands behind me today although it's no longer used as a school and one day whilst walking home they were shouted at angrily by a bigger girl Sensing trouble and wanting to avoid it they started to run and whilst running Ellen turned to look and in that split moment a rock smashed her in the face despite bleeding heavily and fainting several times she made it home and the doctor was called for immediately. The 1st doctor said that she wouldn't live more than a few days another one suggested that they put some silver Y. in her nose to maintain its shape but in the end nothing was done she lay unconscious but 3 weeks and when she finally regained consciousness she had no. Recollection her face was forever changed and when her father returned from his trip down south painfully Ellen he did not recognize her at 1st glance. Ellen had to put it would ridicule and name calling from the children in her neighborhood and struggle to read when she went back to school and eventually she had to leave school the course of her life would take another massive turn when a popular preacher William Miller came to town. Her family were Methodist and they went to hear him preach at a church on Casco street. They heard him speak convincingly and passionately about the soon and imminent return of Jesus it seems almost strange today to think that this was a radical new teaching they embrace this message and for this reason they would disfellowship from the chest in the Methodist Church here not because anyone questioned their morals or Christian life but simply because they embraced the message of the soon return of Jesus. Ellen was 17 years old on October the 22nd 1844 when Jesus did not come and they experienced the great disappointment her twin sister Elizabeth and her brother Robert would lose their faith in Jesus soon returned in the coming weeks the Robert would later regain it and so God ordained that out of obscurity from a small town in Maine in the north easterly tip of the United States of America something great would emerge despite suffering terrible injuries that would have hindered many other people in life despite a lack of education facing ridicule about her appearance and. God would use to impact the world and so today no matter how small insignificant background or experience may be God is looking for humble vessels that he can use may you be one of them.


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