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Episode 8: Ellen White- First Vision & Call to Ministry

Adam Ramdin
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How do you respond when you are called by God? This simple but huge question was something that Ellen White had to grapple with that had huge consequences for the future of the Advent believers. The gift of prophecy would be one of the means that God used to guide His people through some turbulent and crucial years.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • August 22, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Several weeks after the great disappointment Ellen was in the home of Mrs Haynes one of all the young women knelt to pray God gave Ellen Harmon a vision he showed her the travels of the people of God to the City of God and assured her that the light given before October the 22nd was genuine no explanation for the great disappointment was given but the assurance on its own was a huge encouragement. A week later God gave Ellen another vision with the added injunction to tell the world what I have told you Ellen was a timid frail and sickly young 17 year old and she wondered if she could possibly do what God was asking for the Angel a shorter God would be with her and he would be her guide and her strength Ellen was willing but she wondered if the adamant believers would accept a message from someone so young and in such poor physical condition. That night there was a meeting at her house of the believers but feeling nervous and frightened she actually ran away from home and went to a friend's house 3 or 4 miles away from there she met a man named Joseph Turner who encouraged her and told her he was interested in hearing what she had to say she fled to an upstairs room and was there troubled by a sense of jute and commitment mixed with fear had God forsaken her at last she surrendered and promised that she would share once she got home but when she got home the believers had left. And the meeting was over. At the next meeting she gave an account of a vision in detail and instead of being met with derision and scorn she found the believers happy to listen and learn the reasons for their disappointment afterward still feeling fearful she had a visit from her angel who said delivered the message faithfully in Georgia the end and ye shall eat the fruit of the Tree of Life and drink the water of life. Ellen committed herself to using the gifts that God had bestowed upon her this gift was given to guide these small and fledgling group through some hard times ahead there was no organized church no recognized pastors no health care or education system no official publications just scattered groups of believers trying to make sense out of the great disappointment experience and be faithful to their understanding of God's word. The gift of prophecy would be pivotal in helping this small group to pull through it would help to confirm what they had studied in God's word and let them know when they were on the right track it would be a beacon of light providing guidance and direction and is one of the means that got his use to leave his people in Old and New Testament times the gift of prophecy has been use in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 20 and verse 20 it says Believe on the Lord George God and be established to leave his prophets and you shall prosper God has given us a great gift today let us remember to prove all things and Holdfast that which is good.


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