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Episode 10: Frederick Wheeler, Rachel Oakes Preston & The Sabbath

Adam Ramdin
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How do you respond when something you are doing is pointed as as being wrong? Frederick Wheeler had to grapple with this question after an encounter with Rachel Preston in Washington, NH that would change the course of his life and ministry.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 5, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Rachel Oaks was attending this church here in Washington New Hampshire one particular Sunday as she was visiting her daughter delight when the circuit riding preacher who came to town was Frederick wheeler that particular Sunday it was communion and as the speaker spoke he spoke how we ought to be willing to follow Christ all the way how we needed to obey God and keep His commandments Rachel was a woman of conviction and as she heard these words she decided to speak to him afterwards she later said that she wanted to stand up in the middle of the message but she refrained from such a public spectacle. My brother you would do better to set that communion table back against the wall and cover it with a white cloth until you're willing to keep all the commandments of God You see Rachel with the 7th day Baptists and she felt strongly about this subject and Mohnish Frederick Wheeler he ought to follow God all the way we later they did hold words cut deep and they sent him straight back to the Bible to study the subject for himself this was a turning point in his life and he was convicted on the Sabbath and sort of binding. This event what actually happened before the great disappointment of October the 22nd 1844 and the big issue at the time was the imminent return of Jesus rather than the Sabbath this would soon change though. Rachel Preston live the rest of her life in Vernon Vermont in an area rich in history near her home is a well preserved adding Christian chapel that Joshua behind dedicated in the 18th sixty's to Y.L. moody lived nearby and preached here on a few occasions and I repeat Sankey also sang here Rachel Preston did not become a 70 Adventist until just the year before her death she is buried here in Vernon a month and near her grave there is a fitting historic marker that our alliance a special place in history. The town of Washington New Hampshire has a special place in history and whilst it might not be entirely accurate to say it's the birthplace of the 7th Day Adventist Church it is the location of the 1st Sabbath keeping Miller right church that continues as a 7th Day Adventist Church today. Here you can walk the Sabbath trail that charts the history of the Sabbath from creation to the new earth 31 granite stones the Sabbath is a beautiful truth that God will slowly restore him back to his people bit by bit the Sabbath is a gift that God has given to us a time to take our busy schedules to renew and deepen our relationship with him I pray that this week you may take the time to spend with him on the day that God has given to us. Frederick we are moved from the Washington New Hampshire area and went to live in upstate New York. And lived a long life of loyal service to God always faithful in following him and remaining confident in his beliefs at the age of 96 he wrote the gospel Amen I will not put off the contest I will not yield until with the round some toast I shout the final victory he died at the age of 99 and is buried here in West Monro New York his tombstone reads He was a pioneer minister of the 7th Day Adventists. Rachel Preston teaches us the importance of boldness but not any type of boldness told us that was kind and courteous she didn't seek to embarrass the person she was talking to but approached them in a kind courteous and Christ like manner Frederick will it teaches us the importance of humble honesty when he saw something in his life and it was pointed out something that wasn't right he changed what he did and he changed what he believed to be in line with God's word may God grant us these attributes of character as we follow him in our lives.


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