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Episode 11: Joseph Bates & The Sabbath Pact

Adam Ramdin
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Joseph Bates, T.M Preble, Cyrus Farnsworth and Frederick Wheeler - 4 men who would have a huge impact on the adoption of the Sabbath by the Advent believers. Three of them would meet in Washington, NH where their decision would be solidified through prayer and Bible study.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 12, 2018
    7:00 PM
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In the facility of Washington New Hampshire there were 2 other men along with Frederick Wheeler who were instrumental in the history of the salmon T.M. pre-boil and Cyrus fans were T M preamble wrote a track in title track showing that the 7 day should be observed as the Sabbath this track was very influential for if found its way to power till Maine and also to the home of Joseph Bates Bates read it and was convinced of it but wanted to investigate further. Joes of bass heard about a group of Sabbath keepers in Washington New Hampshire and before making any major changes he decided to visit he traveled by train and Stagecoach to the town of Hillsboro where Frederick Wheeler lived despite arriving at 10 pm He was invited in and said that he wanted to look at every argument in the Bible in favor of the Sabbath that night the 2 men study together and talked until the morning Joseph Bates took notes and in the morning they both knelt to pray and committed their lives to preaching on the Sabbath truth. The next day the 2 men traveled 12 miles to the home of Cyrus spawns work there on a warm day in the front garden under the maple trees Frederick wheeler and Cyrus found work continued Joseph Bates crash course on the Sabbath along with T.M. pre-board tract. On the Sabbath Bates was now fully convinced he bade his farewells and started his 3 day journey home with a lot to think about. Arriving back in Fairhaven he was walking home from the train depo when he met his neighbor James Madison Monro hall as he was crossing the bridge from New Bedford to Fairhaven Bates was greeted with a question what's the news Captain Bates to which he responded The news is that the 7th day is the Sabbath after a short conversation Bates arranged to meet with Mr Hall and the other admin believers to study the subject out by the next Sabbath Mr Hall was a Sabbath keeper and his wife the week after Bates would be instrumental in the adoption of the Sabbath by the disappointed Adventist he had a special burden to teach on this subject and the tracks he wrote would be instrumental in convincing many people in particular James and Ellen White. Joseph bass was a home writing when his wife came in and said she needed some more flour to finish the baking he went down to the shop and used all the last money that he had to buy 4 pounds of flour his wife Prudence was very upset firstly that he had used all the money that they had and secondly that he only had enough to buy 4 pounds of flour she asked him what he was going to do to which he responded he was going to write a book on the Sabbath and spread it to the world about half an hour later he was impressed to go to the post office and when he arrived there was a letter for him he didn't have enough money to even pay for the postage but asked the postmaster if he would open it when he he did. Found that with a $10.00 bill in sign and he used this money to buy a more generous supply of groceries and also to arrange for the printing of his next track. Within a few years the truth on the Sabbath would grow remarkably in 1848 there were 6 major conferences on the Sabbath with great presenting at most of them after the great disappointment of 1844 and the scattering that the various winds of doctrine would cause after this God was using this truth to gather His people around Proverbs 4 verse 18 says that the path of the just is as a shining light that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day gone for slowly leading his people back to a full understanding of the as words may we follow God as He leads us day by day and step by step.


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