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Episode 13: Hiram Edson- The Theological Birthplace

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • September 26, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Port Gibson is a rule area just east of Rochester in New York State it's a quiet area with many found that dot the landscape in the 840 S. there was a farm owned by Hiram eds and that how some very important meetings and source and key developments take place here in the quietness of the countryside let us take a walk down this particular path of memory lane. After the 22nd of October 1844 the advent believers were terribly disappointed as their hopes and dreams had been shattered and destroyed Hiram exit was no different he was confused as he believed that his study of the prophecies had been accurate yet Jesus hadn't come how would they reconcile this did they have the date wrong as some had suggested he didn't think so the dates and calculations had been solid did they have the event wrong well they must have because Jesus having come but what else could it mean. Hiram Edson was walking through a cornfield one day soon after when he realized they had gotten something major wrong they had been so focused on the parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25 as it seemed to match the events of 1844 that they had misc riced but the wedding parable in Luke Chapter 12 in Luke says that we must wait while we wait for the Lord to return from the wedding he also realized in Daniel said. It says that the Son of man would come to the ancient of days rather than to the earth. This was a revelation late that he would study this out with Dr Franklin Bihar and O. L. Crozier and they would solidify their views on this matter they saw that Jesus was not scheduled to come to the earth at the end of the 2300 day prophecy of Daniel 814 but rather the transition from the Holy Place to the most holy place in the sanctuary in heaven beginning the work of the investigative judgment it was all when Russell lumens Crozier who wrote the 1st issue of the day dawn in March of 1845 that explained the reason for the delay in Jesus' return and preserve the historicity framework of Daniel 8 and 9. Hiram Edison's bar is also the place that Captain Joseph faith shared the truth of the Sabbath in late 1846 as he was reading his tract Edson jumped up and said Brother Bates This is the light and truth the 7th day is a sabbath and I am with you to keep it frozen and also accepted the Sabbath and thus this link flows in western New York who were present in the sanctuary with those in New England who were teaching the Sabbath. For this reason this fine has been seen at the theological birthplace of the 7th Day Adventist Church 1st where the 2 pillars of the Sabbath and the sanctuary came together the blending of these 2 teachings would form the uniqueness of this new movement the Sabbath was not just seen as a reminder of creation forest part of the 10 Commandments but rather in the light of the sanctuary and its eschatological or end times context. In time Hiram Edson and the other. Would see that their experience in October 18th $44.00 was part of Bible prophecy and that their very disappointment itself was further proof that God was leading them in Revelation 10 points out that their experience would be sweet in the mouth and then it would be bits in the belly and how bitter it had been the last verse in Revelation to them and it. Prophesied again May we take the admonition of the preaching of the unique message. And go wherever he calls.


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