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Episode 14: The Birth of Spiritualism & The State of the Dead

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 3, 2018
    7:00 PM
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There were many new discoveries in the Word of God at this time as God was forming his church and when ever a truth is discovered count a feat is not far behind another phenomenon that was sweeping the northeastern part of the United States at this time started with the Fox sisters in the late 18th forties the Fox family of John and moderate and their 2 daughters Moggridge and Katie moved into the little town of hide still New York and although the original home is no longer standing it would have stood just behind me the fox sisters are known as the founders of modern spiritualism. In 1848 mongrel and Casey were 15 and 12 years old and lived in a house that had a reputation as being haunted making rapping on nothing sounds with their knuckles mimicking sounds they had heard in the house to give the impression that it was haunted for the purpose of scaring them other questions were asked and soon she would ask questions and the ounces would come back in the number of raps or knocks that they heard she was convinced the neighbors were called and it wasn't long before the girls were acting as medium communicating with the spirits and taking questions. Some said that it was a home while others claim that it was real and that they really were mediums communicating directly with the spirit which ever way you look at it if you can ignore the phenomenon known as spiritual as in the belief that the spirits communicate with a living this would grow over time and become an established pot. Of society it's fascinating that hides bill New York is only about 15 minutes away from higher and since fine the theological birthplace of the 7th Day Adventist Church it's only about 20 minutes as well from Como or a hill where Joseph Smith claimed the angel of morrow night descended and gave him the golden plates which were translated as The Book of Mormon just 3 significant movements all came from the same area. And he figured to bring a Biblical view of the state of man in death would be George stores born in Lebanon New Hampshire in $796.00 as the youngest of 8 children as a child he felt afraid of God and alienated from Christianity due to the sermons he would have preached on the wiki tormenting in hell fire at the age of 17 he made a decision to study out the goodness of God and under this influence and the prayers of his mother he gave his life to Jesus at the age of 19 under conviction he felt a call to preach and started doing this in 1825 and would often preach against slavery even ending up in prison once for mentioning this in his prayers. One day was traveling by train he read a track by Deacon Henry group from Philadelphia on the subject of the state of the Dead This led him to study his Bible and of the several years of study correspondence and conversation he came to the settled conclusion that man does not possess inherent immortality that it is a gift from God and that the wicked are exterminated by fire at the 2nd death. Due to the significant difference from the common view. You know the dead go straight to heaven he experienced a lot of persecution and isolation from the various churches however this could not stop the printed press in 843 stores 6 sermons were published and 10000 copies were distributed with a further 200000 over time this would have a significant impact on the miller rights movement and although William Miller himself did not accept this teaching many others would and he would go on to be a mainstay of the Sabbath keeping Adventists as they sought to be true to the Bible as they develop their doctrinal beliefs. Although George still was did not accept the Sabbath or the sanctuary he nonetheless made a significant contribution to a key doctrinal beliefs stores considered the idea of an eternally burning hell to be a blot on the character of God and contrary to the reality they go on is love the love of God needs to be at the center of every doctrine that we hold and teach from the Bible and stores restore the love of God back to this teaching and showed his character in his true life may we seek to do the same any time we share God's Word with others.


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