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Episode 15: Henry White's Death at Fort Howland

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 10, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Thompson Maine is located about 25 miles north of Portland Maine and is the whole of for Howland the whole of stop Ridge Howland an important place in early summer Tarion Adventism this town would have had a population of around $2000.00 in the 18th forty's and the principal industry would have been the mill factories along the angle Scoggins river Stockbridge was a close friend of James and Ella white during the early years of their marriage and they would spend a lot of time in his house today located on 7 Elm Street also living there for some time. Joseph bass had recently published a track that link the Sabbath with the sanctuary based on Revelation 11 verse 19 marking the progression in the development of this doctrine it was shortly after this in April of 1847 when in this house behind me Ellen White had the Sabbath Halo vision she saw the 10 Commandments of God inside the ark of the covenant with a special halo of light around them this mocked the Sabbath as being present truth for they saw Jesus before the in the most holy place shortly after this James why publish a tract that crystallized the views of the founders of Atlantis I'm intitled a word to the Little Flock. In October of 1847 the Howland's invited the whites to move in with them and they moved into the up stairs floor of. The house James White got a job nearby hauling stone for the railroad as well as cutting wood for $0.50 a day this was barely enough to live on but he would still use much of the money to publish tracks to share with people the sacrifice of these early pioneers is remarkable considering the poverty that they were living in. Thompson Maine is also the location of one of the 6 Sabbath conferences 1848 in the Howland home it was after this conference that the white realized they could not travel with Henry everywhere due to the busy schedule he does spend the next several years living with the how and and it wasn't until his parents moved to Rochester New York that he moved back with them such were the sacrifices that they made early on jus to the busy traveling and speaking life that they have. During the fall of 863 the whites would return to New England and spend some time in the Howland home it was good to be back with old friends that they shared so many happy memories with from almost 20 years prior the work that had started here had progressed a lot the church was now officially organized had publishing houses and believers were growing all over the country as they came back to a place that reminded them of the extreme sacrifice they had to make both financially and as parents they would experience a terrible loss. Henry was assisting in the completion of the 863 prophetic shot by gluing them on to the cloth back when in the process of doing this he contracted a cold which turned into your Monier resulting in a sudden death this was the. Terrible shock and cause deep sadness for the whole family his funeral was held just down the road in the Baptist church here but his final resting place would be in Battle Creek he said he wanted to be buried near his brother John Herbert in case his parents were away travelling he could be near to him on the resurrection morning. Shortly after the death of Henry Ellen White would publish this book an appeal to youth which included some of her letters to her children writing shortly afterwards Ellen White commented but God comforted us in our bereavement I would faith and courage we pressed on with the work God had given us in the bright hope of seeing our children who had been torn from us by death in the land where death and sickness will never come if you have experienced a similar loss in your life I pray that you may find comfort as well.


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