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Episode 16: Eugene Farnsworth & Ellen White

Adam Ramdin
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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • October 17, 2018
    7:00 PM
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Washington New Hampshire had been a bedrock up cemetery of them in the late 18th forty's when Cyrus and William found with Frederick wheeler and T.M. rebuilt all living nearby by the 18th sixties though spiritual decline had set in the camera right and Jay Andrews had worked in the area with limited success and by 1867 the church had closed Frederick Wheeler had now moved to New York State there was a spirit of Judd to mentalism bits in us and a general backsliding that had set in among the members. In $1067.00 Ellen and James White came to the area to conduct a revival series and stayed in the hold of Cyrus found work over the course of several days they held 9 meetings but were met with little success it was difficult work some of the success stories go with the reconversion of the ball he had become bitter and tactics of Eleanor white and was a prickly character prone to critical comments but his Ellen faithfully and pending the appeal to him he returned to the fold. Another person in the community who was a fella with William found work where he had recently gone back to chewing tobacco unbeknown to anyone his friends and family had no idea about the recent change for his son Eugene did know he had seen his father spitting in the snow. They were out in the woods and covering the court and he did not tell anyone and kept this to himself. Usually was a teenager and a visit about a year or so earlier by J. and Andrew's have encouraged him to question his purpose in life he was however unconvinced of the prophetic gift of Ellen White but now she was in town he had the perfect opportunity to test this out if Ellen White was truly a profit then she would know about his father's tobacco habit which no one else except himself knew about. As she was speaking personally to those present some words of rebuke some encouragement she turned and looked at William found work and gave a pointed testimony about his use of both pork and tobacco The fearing to be a faithful defender of the faith. She said he was a great hindrance to the work in New Hampshire and he publicly repented of his sin and turned his life around at Lowes meetings 18 young people would give their lives to Jesus 9 of which were to go on to be full time workers for the church one of which was Eugene fans were making those meetings in Christmas $867.00 a significant turning point in this area and the lives of those present. This story also illustrates the powerful impact of the prophetic gift. Often use the broad and the messages it was personal in nature speaking to people individual needs and issues William finds work with his secrets and privacy and what a stumbling block to the progress of the work in the town and a hindrance to at least one of the young. Dedicating his life to God Maybe you are struggling with a secret or a private that no one else knows about surrendering to God dedicate your life to Him and allow his power to rule in your life.


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