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True Education- Part 4

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    8:00 AM
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Now I'd like to have someone here with this or you have a question or something that we've studied that has really been as impressed to let's see what happens yes for our star 1st study was based on the statement that in order to understand what is comprehended the work of education we did understand 2 things what is that. The nature of man and what. Purpose in its creation and you touched it God's purpose in the creation of man. Human beings were created life. I have total allowed a little hard of hearing and it because if I hear I know the rest of 0 chance. They were created with beings with what kind of possibility of development. Do you really believe that. That's what it says isn't it that's a longer man live the longer you would what man was made in a very special way to be the polling place of God Now all created beings are have God in them but man in the real special way because the the whole genius of the Gospel is summed up in about 5 words Christ in you what. The whole the glory All right that's good you were impressed with the fact that we were born to be kings and queens. You see the people from this earth are ordained and were ordained from their very creation to be a special people special destiny a special purpose. And Satan knew that and so we started out from the beginning to do one. To try to frustrate. The creation I don't think I gave you this reference I think the would be interested in this thread in connection with it now you folks be thinking I'm not going to all the talking I do that in steps to Christ did you ever hear of this book. You know I tell people a lot of time steps to Christ is the book that we give away. And. More than we keep. In the 2nd chapter of step the cries. First paragraph on my book it's pretty 17 in there they're not all they're not all page just alike when I didn't know if this paragraph man was originally and that owd with noble powers and a well balanced mind he was perfect is being and in harmony with God It's all his thoughts were pure His aim is holy but by disobedience his power was powers were perverted and selfishness took the place of love a good place to run. His nature became so weakened through transgression that it was impossible for him in his own strength to resist the power of evil it was the temptress purpose to support the Divine Plan and man's creation Satan want to do and fairly earth with wool and desolation and he would point to all this evil as a result of God's work in creating the thing God do so in the created man in the 1st place is the whole problem of sin has a real strange characteristic and it's always the same sin always works in the same way it all is blame someone else for the problem this is a characteristic of saying you ever have that problem and if you ever blame God for your problem you see we studied that God had absolute control of circumstances and we say that. And if God has control of circumstances and we. Begin to complain against them what are we complaining about complaining about God and we're blaming actually God for what for what might happen stuff all right the basic thought then was that we are created to be sons and daughters of the king to be members of the royal family see Jesus in his birth as a divine human being he was the Son of God He was also the son of Mary and this is a new race of beings a combination of One God in them and through the new birth through Christ you and I are born into that family as a new race and things and they're going to be the connecting link between God and the universe through all eternity divine human beings Bible calls us plus sons and daughters of God we're partakers of one of the divine nature and it's this power that gives us the ability to have victory over since you know there's another statement and in the book not a blessing and this is in the preface I think you'll be interested in this too I didn't read this you know really we haven't even touched the subject of you have you thought about anything about what we're studying and you have been reading they didn't find anything along the things we've been studying when you want begin to understand it opens up everywhere doesn't it every time you read hear something new well Ellen G. White wrote the introduction to one book and if you know what book that is very controversial and don't ever read great controversy without reading the introduction he wrote a preface to one book deal a book that is a blessing he wrote the preface the not a blessing and he wrote the introduction to great controversy the preface of I'm not a blessing has some very interesting statements in it I will read all of about I read a little bit of it it says Christ can look upon the misery of the world this is a this is the last 2 paragraphs this is the 2nd from the last paragraph Christ and can look upon the misery of the world without a seed of sorrow for having created my. That's an amazing statement Christ can look up on this horrible situation we're in without Ohio without a state of. You know why in the human heart he sees more than see and more than misery through glad of that in his infinite wisdom in law he sees man's possibility is the height to which to me attain he knows that even though human beings have abused their mercies and destroyed their God given dignity yet they've created or is to be glorified in their redemption you know it's according to how much of Jesus we have in this. As to what we can see. I'm not sure if I can find this statement. When we were over in West Virginia. The Myers and my daughter and her husband and I and my wife and I used to have worship together and our worship consisted in carrying with each other the things that we had gotten in our morning to in our morning devotions and we had some very interesting statements. I don't know where this statement is. I know what look at Stan but I didn't mind I didn't market I usually put it in the index I don't know why I did but I'll tell you what it says I wish I could find it. Maybe this is something for you to be looking up. I wish I could find it because I don't like to make statements without. But here's what it said it said through affection. And they're able to overlook the false of others through labor that true love keeps us from seeing him because you find it. Very interesting statement through affection and Abel's us to what overlook the faults of others or you or I have a right there are loads of good I haven't Mark but I didn't put it in my index that I didn't say I just write a letter with this letter says it says true facts will overlook many mistakes love will not desire in the face 47 but if you get that add this home true affection will overlook many mistakes love will not disarm them they 47 that's pretty strong statement as you know that that's why God looks on us and doesn't see the same. God looks upon us and doesn't see this and once they see did you notice what this says and read this again I want to see what's inside this Christ can look upon the mystery of the world without Him I state of sorrow for having created man in the human heart he sees more than sin more than misery in his infinite wisdom wisdom and love he see is man's possibilities the height to which he may attain he knows that even though human beings have abused their mercies and destroyed their God given dignity yet have created or is to be glorified in their redemption greatest miracle that will ever be manifested in this world is not the creation the world is not an healing thing it can attain is live this well. I just said the greatest miracle that I could read just statements in fact I read it all region states and desire of ages I think I think I can find that when you understand one of what we're doing this I can't turn all leave because as these thoughts come my eyes take a little time I said the greatest miracle was not creating the world's greatest miracle is not in healing people the greatest miracle is in a change line you know why you see God deals with miracles he doesn't do the things we can do. Videos with miracles all the time and you know why a teen's life is such a miracle. Because God has to fight us all the time to do it. Because we're pretty well satisfied the way we are until we get in trouble and then as soon as we get out of trouble we say Lord don't bother me any more and so we hardly have to condense do. Keep us in trouble if you ever I'm I talking to for 9 weeks it. Folks do you think this is a part of education what is education what is it. To restore in man what. Image of its creator yes. I can hear you. When I don't remember that statement but. It probably is the let me see if I can find this when I was just telling you about. What I do with my. Own ears when I'm looking for. We're talking about miracles here I'm doing all the talking and I was going to let you do talking you know I. Well I'm finding that some the somebody that has something to say while give you. An opportunity now I think I can hope I can find this statement. Or. We could. Really think. Things. Were really. Wonderful. Good I might give you that I just gave you an assignment here because that's very interesting because our next. And I'd like to do some research on this because really I don't. I just don't want to impart I want to focus if in this class you have a neuron go to the source of yourself and get this class would have been a waste of time to any one of you don't do that you understand what I'm going to what I give here you will remember I know that but if it will inspire you to dig and it's just been said to go to the Lord yourself place in the morning this is the time when the Lord wants this this and this is this is prime time. And we need to become to get in the habit where the Lord before we meet anyone really and we need God. A number the king says I will call on you every one morning who thinks a personal column is every morning. Through the Holy Spirit and Jesus of course is the is the one who. Works in our hearts the father is above all of the all the heavenly agencies work together well this is a statement that I that I. Had. Thought there is a statement that says the greatest of all miracles is a is a change live but this statement is really almost more astounding than that one this is page 120 of desire of a just. But that which is greater than all miracles which is what. Then this is why this is not the greatest miracle the what. But that which is greater than all miracles a firm reliance in of us that the Lord was a sign that could not be converted controverted. This is amazing the greatest miracle that what is greater than all miracles is what is to believe what consequence do all the tests that have ever come to human beings have come on the basis of whether we believe God or not you see a lot of people think that one can know it's time the problem was going in the ark it wasn't that wasn't a problem at all that was a problem. When God could have got people into the ark you know what he'd have to do just a little shower and it just been all over it when they make sure he got people in the Ark The problem was what they're believing that God had said that there was going to be a flood and that they believe that it would have a flood. And that. This is page 12120 the desire Vegas so the great test in Noah's day was what God says is going to be a flood and how many people believe that a thief and was very many out of the pop world population legit God has said some things are going to happen today as I write you know who is the ones who are going to be able to to be saved through these things those who believe what is coming Believe it or not to get. Ready for go for it comes a lot of people are going to start running when it starts raining and Jesus said in the Sermon on the mount when he finished it all up it's that these people that hear these words of mine and lot to them are like a man that was. On the rocks and anyone that hears these words of mine and what it is like a man that what. And it tell you folks it really came as a shocker to me when I realized that the houses were built before they were before the storm came the house building then they're done when the storm comes We've already decided we're going to build our house you. Know but they can sure go down so now we are building and to education its main purpose is one to build our houses that drive our character I who else has something now that they want to share with us. Anything you have to add yes. Not. That. What are they doing is there any danger that any of us could be sleeping. Other sleep anyway. It's just an unconscious state. Everybody's going to wake out of it but that's a problem. We've got to lay and you see the tragedy is that the only people who don't know their sleep are the ones that are asleep that's one of the characteristics of sleep you know you know you're sleepy and then the next thing you know what you wake up and you've been asleep and if Jesus said anything and really impressed it on the people he talked to which is for us of course he said. Right Celeste suddenly he finds you what. Sleeping I who else has something to share I. Like him which is the thing you get every morning. Interesting that you do that you can be today day trying to do. Your worst if. You are a family song by don't you get to hear what he says yeah it's hard. I think when you're getting up in the morning or beat woken by your by God directly. You don't. Really. Think. That. These. Guys do feel like he began to dislike going back to sleep. Or you going to be late at night and without. Here's a little statement you might be understood this is page 966 Volume 7 the commentary 7 B.C. 966. Every warning reproof and intrude in the Word of God or through his delegated messengers is a knock at the door of the heart it is the voice of Jesus asking for entrance with every knock on he did your determination open becomes weaker and weaker. If the voice of Jesus is not heeded at once. It becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices. The world care and business and girls the attention and conviction dies away. The heart becomes less impressionable and lapses into a perilous unconsciousness of the shortness of time and of the great eternity beyond. We need to pray that the Lord will help us to listen to the voice of Jesus and do something about it. Immediately. Immediate. Because if it is needed at once it becomes what confused with the multitude of other voices all right who else has something out Sure yes. The question you are saying is what do we do about it all right what do we do as soon as I learn something when I do mine and they're going to now we can we what do we do we say large you tell me to do it now you have to do when you have to do it I can do it. Let me read this statement now take I'll take what you have to say because I think you'd like this statement to this is page space 240 of desire of a Jeffrey 40 of desire of a just if we have been following Jesus step by step if what. We still have something right to the point to tell concerning the ways let us. People are people don't really are not really looking for theological discussions they want to know what the Lord means to end up at our restaurant in Grand Rapids we're often rather on Curry was in charge of some of you may have knowingly that may have hurt him at conventions. There's a man now who is now in charge of one of our units and he was he had been a minister and they had preached for a couple denominations. And. He was had given up because of the confusion he found in the religions and because he couldn't harmonize Christianity was that he saw with with what he saw in the Bible he it was just confused he just gave up everything and he went into business and became a worldly man was smoking and drinking his family was growing up and he was losing them and and he knew something about health and so he decided to go to lifeline health center and in Grand Rapids and get some health food and he came in there to buy something and Ron Kirk you know I'm in Israel outgoing way said well how are you brother and it just shocked him that you know who is calling him Brother he said What do you mean brother. When he said You're my brother he said we all serve the same God he's our father isn't me. Well you know I went home and he just could stake this off I mean it does it got next to him that's all he said How are you brother. And he came back and a few days later and he said to us Have they had been asked and he said yes he said well what does Jesus Christ mean to you now he wasn't interested in theology you understand. He says What did Jesus Christ mean to you. Is that a valid question and so he just poured out his heart to him what Jesus Christ meant. And. So you want to weigh in the next time he came back and said he was a theology he'd gone to 2 theological seminaries and he knew the doctrines and he knew what had been a state so the 3rd time he came back as I remember Does that sound like this all right tell me something about 7th Day Adventists not a woman that called herself a prophet. And so he told him and did you know that several people have said to advantage that I know who are talking to them by Jesus Christ said Well you're the 1st person I ever heard mention Jesus Christ I didn't know at this believe in Jesus Christ and you know there are a lot of people today don't know that that does believe in Jesus Christ I think all we talk about State of the dead and 2nd coming of Christ and then you too they don't know and they're a lot of people are talking about that they don't know Jesus Christ you understand what I'm telling them you give a doctrine on the state of the dead without knowing Jesus Christ but you can't tell anybody about Jesus Christ with any authority unless you know and if you know that in the way he told him just exactly what he thought and gave him desire of ages and and and great controversy I believe he came back and reported read both of them. And he said I want all the books of elegy was ever written. When he said that of course just the money has no sweat he said I want every book you've written in the Best Buy. Now this all came because somebody said how are you brother. You see we don't know how many people want something. All right now. Now back to this day but I'll just give you an illustration and I can tell you I could tell you. Many personal experiences in going to homes and trying to talk to people and they say I don't believe the Bible what proof is or the Bible would you say. How would you prove the Bible is true. But. Well you know I said what I said I said Friend I'm here because the Bible changes people's lives. I don't have to go to the Bible to prove that the Bible is true I can always prove the Bible is true but if the Bible has done something to you. They can't ignore changes in our lives. All right now back to this statement if we have been following Jesus step by step. We still have something right to the point to tell concerning the way he has led us. But like to the rest of it. We can tell how we have tested this promise and had and found the promise true. If you trust the Lord to you Daisy done something for you or tell people about. We can bear way good witness to what we have known of the grace of Christ Ellison the last and this is the witness for which our Lord calls and for want of which the world is perishing. What the world perishing for. Him with my testimony as to what Jesus Christ has done for me. You know like this year. History context and you go. The New York writes an hour talking about rights stopping right in the road sense at one time I really found it doesn't they hadn't done the reports because I didn't know what he's talking because the way it's a few people use the possessive talking about Christ and God our GO MY LORD IT'S MY G.-D. it's and this really impressed upon the it's how we should really when we really know the Lord how we should we talk about him it's not the look it's the God but it is. This really comes home people it's that they are looking for something it's just something. There's a lot of their words and going about God and knowing God. What do you have to do to come to know anyone. You have to communicate. And look you don't spend much time talking to a post. Then why is it going on that there's no response. And some people talk to God like a telco posts they talk and then they get up and run they don't wait for an answer someone wants dancer it's knowing someone is a 2 way communication. Now God speaks to us through the books too the Bible says very probably it's he also speaks to us personally. I gave you a statement on divine guidance that on in desire Vegas as often our hearts will burn within us as one comes night to commune with us as it is within. Personal communication without that life doesn't mean less Did you know that it really does. You like this little statement this is page to 15 in my book page card index is 149. Not a blessing I'm sorry not a blessing page a card index 149 and this is in this is right in connection with those who hear the words of Jesus and do them and those who don't hear them in this statement it is true action that character is built through right. See folks let's face the fact that our bodies are problem. A lot of people give middle class into a lot of things you want and then there when they say yes that's right. But it's getting our body into Hansen has a problem that's why God had to make his son a body to come here he had to demonstrate Christianity and wants in the body there was a body that sin. Is the body this a problem. They are going to be thousands and thousands of people lost who are middle Christians. Not real Christians but you know they give an ass and do a read and I read the same to you from desired ages the Great is deceptive of the human mind in Christ A Was that a middle class sense. Truth constitutes righteousness. No it doesn't. There must be action. If anyone else someone hasn't said anything want to share something that you've gotten personally doesn't we've studied that you want to that has been a blessing to you because I'm trying to get us to do here how we should do all the time. Yeah. It's. All right. He. Can. Come in and see how it's coming. Down and. That's the ultimate love is. That's the element did you get all good when she said that they ain't Joel's are working with us who are so inferior to them to bring them to a place where they high they have to stand back and see us go into a relationship with Christ that they can never know. And if you ever read that that Angel special work is those who have put Cuvier lead disagreeable place in character. I've never read their statements. Closely if I can find it. That is fair dealing Phase $105.00. Angels are ever present where they are most needed are you say. With those who have the hardest battles with self to fight and who surroundings are the most discouraging weak and trembling souls who have many objectionable traits of character are there special charge. Like that one. Wink and trembling souls who have many objectionable traits of character are there special charge. That a vast any of us by those. That play selfish hearts would regard as humiliating service ministering to those who are wretched in every way inferior in character it is the work of the pure sinless angels from the courts above. I was walking down the streets of Chicago one time and right down in the slum area right in the worst section of Chicago where all that where all of the drops are you know some of you have been New York or maybe out of place. But this was on West Madison Street now walking along I don't know how while I was down that area I'll never forget this I still remember just like it happened yesterday and. I was going along and here a little a little boy I guess probably 3 years old came out and he he was the dirtiest nastiest child I think I've ever seen you know his nose had been running and I don't know if he'd ever had a bath or is close watch and he came walking out toward me and I saw he was going to he was asleep on me and I kind of tried to step around him but I didn't make it there there were people around on or around the sides you know you had to kind of pick where your goal and he just reached and drive me around the leg how well I looked. And I did a whole host. And he looked up to me and he says are you my daddy. Well I. Course I was Brady's going for all my clothes. And. I got away from him and I want a bottle or our About a block but I couldn't get him and then then the Holy Spirit really smote me and you know what I said I said no no son I'm not your father. And I well as I was walking alone I say well did I do the right thing I mean protrude I have done what would you do I don't know but I got about a block and a Holy Spirit really stuck a sword in my heart and said look if that little urchin I looked up to God said are you my father you know I'd either say there's something missing in us there's no really there's something missing in us the people we wouldn't have anything to do with are the spatial object of the care of who sinless heavenly and every person that's morn into this world can claim God as their father. And then disappearance on the. Steps of Christ's 60 to. 0. Out and no. One has the part was he our thoughts need to be left to Congress or has for when the factions and the best energies we are cries for the lithium. Or so of. All that we and our kids consecrated to. You long to get to meet the spirit will and. All. And. This this class instance I think it will keep me company. Through how what I did learning some much about. The principles of education in. One seat totally surrender to Christ. For me the right I know for myself but that's to. Find some of the Bible commentaries to where the book would look it's not the you know let's do a. Sermon or we read the Spirit's way. And. You know like on Greece may we not for. The easily and Stephen are ourselves completely Time is short. It's. It's. We all know that the Lord is coming soon only really there's no question anybody's mind I know that and we know we have to have a certain perforation don't we. And we know it takes time and that's our 1st business that we all agreed all of the we don't leave it our 1st is really doing I mean that there are so many things and really if you want to know. What kind of Christian you are or what you are what you are Christian or not you just stop and analyze where your thoughts go when you turn them loose and when we're working and doing things you know we direct our minds we control about when we turn them loose or do they go with this give us a new a good indication of what we are to see if you have a homing pigeon and you take them out anywhere you want to and you turn them loose that grow up and circle about 2 or 3 times and then you know what they do they head for home and folks we need mines like homing pigeons as soon as they're turned loose what they go to the important things and if we're putting their important things into our minds and our hearts is I going to be true. You see I heard illustration one time you know and it's a real good illustration you know it's almost the same and not a blessing but it says you know if you step on a snake you know what to do you know bite you why because you just may as nature. You can take a rose and put it down the sidewalk and take it under your heel and just grind it down and you know what it will give all but for him by through 2 rooms and when we get in stress we give off what's in. There either isn't it did you ever hear somebody say I say something that wasn't very good and they say all onside that slipped out. But you know when you hear that you know it came right from where they live without being. It didn't go through the sensor. That's what I'm talking about. Folks This gotta be an honest. It's. Pride of nothing ever evil come out of Jesus under any circumstances. There was no evil hear. No matter what have been doing what came out good now do you think we're talking about education or not is this education both you we think of that is something you go in to I repel us to get but you do go to the ivory palace but you don't have to go there personally. But who else has something here you had something. To say thanks not wanting to see his home to find refuge in the same way you can like him and we find refuge in God and words. But now we're all is now we're all wanting to do I want to go home I I've had enough of this world haven't you had enough of it. But we haven't really or will are asked why we're still here I'm glad the Lord is going to get it so bad this impossible it here but you see the problem may come if I don't stay with it when I have the choice to make that I may not have the incentive and the desire because finned destroy something else Why who else has something to share. I want to repeat again I mentioned I don't but I thought it was that what we were going to study next on. Or did I just think in my mind in the letter that 2 things I want you to be studying. The true sources of education. And what would a study into education what should we be studying other certain things we shouldn't study are there certain things we should study. If we actually knew the Lord were coming in a month would it make any difference in your next month. Will it. Why should it. How do you know you're going to hear tomorrow. If I really believe the Lord were coming this week it should make a difference in my life really should if I can make a difference I don't. You see the real problem we all have is that we don't we don't realise that the only day we'll ever have in this world is what is today I have this this. I cut this out of something and I really appreciate it and I think maybe you'd be interested to hear this little. It's a little of Article 2 golden days or 2 days of the Week up on up on which an about which I never worry too carefree days kept sacredly free from fear and apprehension one of these is yesterday yesterday with all its cares and frets with all its pains and aches all its faults its mistakes and its blunders has passed forever beyond the reach of my recall I cannot undo an act that Iraq I counted on say a word that I said yesterday all of it holds of my life of wrongs regret and sorrow is in the hands of the mighty God that can bring honey out of the rock and sweet waters out of the bitterest desert a God of love that can make the wrong things right that can turn weeping into laughter that can give beauty for ashes the garment of praise for the spirit of heaven it's the joy of the morning for the wool of the night save for the beautiful memories sweet and tender that linger like perfumes of roses in the heart of the day that is gone I have nothing to do with yesterday it was mine it is God's and the other day I do not worry about this tomorrow tomorrow with all its possible adversities this burdens its perils its large promise and for performances Fader's mistakes is as far beyond the reach of my mastery as mastery as its dead sister yesterday it is the day it is a day of gods that sun will rise in roseate splendor or behind a mask of weeping clouds but it will arise I have no position in that unborn day of grace all else is in the keeping of that infinite God That holds for me the treasure of yesterday his love is higher than the stars wider than the skies deeper than the seas to morrow it is God's day it will be mine there is left for myself then but one day of the week today. With faith and trust in the Lord any man can fight the battles of today and any woman can carry the burdens of just one day. Or friend it is only when to the burdens and cares of today carefully measured out to us by the infinite wisdom the night that gives with them the. Us as the ID social by strength of the we will fully add the burdens of those 2 awful eternities yesterday and to morrow that we break down. But it isn't the experience of the day that drives men mad it is remorse for something that happened yesterday the dread of what to morrow may disclose. These are God's days leave them with him therefore I think I do I journey but one day at a time that is the easy day that is man's day Navy rather it is our day God's in mind and while faithfully in dutifully I run my course and work my appointed task on that they have hours God the Almighty and they all loving takes care of yesterday and the more. Well I got that out of that said I just paste in this book I got that it's written by Robert Bertie I cut it out of. This little book a little paper that comes out from Redlands California Tucker's whether they call it. Echoes. And I just liked it and we spent too much time with yesterday and tomorrow today is our day if we will be converted every day. And there's little in this little book mount a blessing there's a chapter if you read it it's it's called. I did here in a minute not anxious for the moral. And it says plainly here this is inspired writings God has given us no this is page 101 not a blessing God has given us no promise of helping of help today to bear the burdens burdens of tomorrow. He said My grace is sufficient for the but like the man is given in the wilderness His Grace has been filled daily for the days need. Like the host of Israel in their Pilgrim ripe we may find morning by morning the bread of heaven for the days supply one day alone is ours but what is mine. And for this day. We are to live for God for this one day we are to place in the hand of Christ in the solemn service all our purposes in our plans casting all our care upon him for he cares for us. If you will seek the Lord and be converted every day what. Right does this have but education what is education. It's anonymous with one. Redemption line. If we will be converted when. Everyday. If you will of your own spiritual choice to be free and joyous in God if with consent gladsome consent of heart to his gracious call you come wearing the yoke of Christ the yoke of obedience and service all your murmurings will be stilled all your difficulties will be removed all the perplexing problems that now that confront you will be solved I was going up the hill yesterday. And I thought about that statement I thought well how is that true I I think I've given my heart to the Lord but I still have problems that must be something wrong with what a LARGE EDITOR must be something wrong with a god doesn't willfully or just just for the sake of doing it by the hand the other study. If I'm having a problem there something wrong with me that needs to be straight now. And folks as soon as that problem is that is that is straightened out I'm not going to have any problems on that as far as I'm concerned the devil may tempt me but far as I'm concerned it's settled isn't it it's not a problem animal. And we're going to have temptation but temptations don't have to really be problem. Now or doesn't want to stay there or doesn't want to have to do all that he does to us but he knows or something there that needs to be changed and somebody came to me and told me he said they were they were having a problems that I'm having a problem with and I said what's the problem I said well they said well I'm having a problem with somebody I said oh no they bother you and I said Yeah they really do I said will praise the Lord. Thank you bless the Lord brought until you hear one and only has a problem. And I think I and I sit here. I hope everyone you meet everybody you can get along with before probation posts. Fail is not right I don't the world does leave somebody I can get along with Ted I don't meet him after ovation closes. Down like the one on the dome but that because before that time I have to be heard I have to work I have to have all had all the tests that they can come to me with a have test after that but no sand. And so if there's somebody that gets under your skin thank the Lord that you're finding it out. And that the Lord either I don't have to go to get rid of them. I would yes the Lord. Hear read of what to me they're causing the problem. The kids hang God for a problem we're finding out there's something there these changing. And we can praise the Lord that he's showing it to us and I have lost the Praise the Lord for. All right we just have a little bit of time left now who else who wants to share something that I said I was going to try to get you to see as I'm here I've done most of the talking. I just want to say folks we have a destiny before us greater than that of Crown King we have the privilege of sharing the throne of God from eternity we're going to hist we are His children we've become His children here we have something to live for. To we can do a lot of things other people can do no right we belong to the royal family. We just don't do those things. You know somebody else has something to share as you said a word that you crazy or that we have a problem not be able to open yourself up and hear something. That. I think. That is. A doubt. I know not being turned around right way. Really because you get a guy simple plan for saying they want help in this field all the things that over and over. The way of dealing with. These don't work any easier when you're doing a guy's way. It's really good health for the closer you get to the great the one. Thing. The difference between true education basically and also education is that false education build you up so you get bigger they are. You know more and more about less and less you know what you understand. It's and true education makes you want. Less and less and Godhood more and more and that means that I'm having less of me and more of one or that's what's all about it's I think I told you that I think I told you. Maybe and they said this. Man Andrews who's head of the. As it's part of education was out of is because when I was in Michigan and we had a little visit he said Brother Martin he said I'm having a problem with. John 15 final John 155 says well it ends up with this without me you can. Do nothing now he said if I just said you can't do much. Or you can do very little or you can do all you want to do would have been so hard but that says without me one. Well was nothing. With him we could hunt. I can do all things through one. By grace. My grace I just had this little this little story I several years ago I went to Madison college I've been there a couple times I went I went to school there and then I taught at Madison college and the last time I went there I had been connected with it I was out there looking around and they wanted me to come and take and take a work there and so I was traveling around visiting different farms I went out the print shop there was a young man there and I said to him I said you've been here a little while I said What do you think of Madison college and. I rethought a little bit and he just didn't hesitate he said Well from what I can see. It's a place with a wonderful past and no future. Well hotheads a pretty has a pretty strong to hit for the path although that's really something really it turned out that he wasn't too far wrong because of the red in very many years I general mass to try to close up and I thought about that and you know what I always bother that's a pretty rough statement you know something with a wonderful past no future and I was studying the Rices of Christ you know the Lord just put something into my mind sequel of that and I and I appreciate it very much because anything that bad to have a sequel you know. And there was this and that when a person really gives the heart of the Lord and has the rightists of Christ you become a person with no past and a wonderful future. And that is that's what the rush of Christ that much that we come through for with no passion a wonderful future. Because Jesus when we accept the rightness of Christ it says that God looks upon us as the old one. We had never seen as I we have never sinned and after all what's going to happen to roll over since. I'm going to be blotted out of the letter that I will be put in the ocean. And they say the ocean 7 miles the some places. Of course are going to be put behind his back right now what are we going to study next time. I tell you the true source of education I do some research on this I'm beautiful to understand what I'm trying to do just one thing you know that is. To get us to do what and right and share that's education study and share you know that a lot of life for the universe can be it can be put in 3 words Satan's law life can be put in 3 words you know what they are afraid of are always this take to keep. God love life you'll find it's in the book education and in the end desire basis is a lot of life for the universe's take their gear. Then Sarah saying that we have to get before we can have breath as I think to put it any way you want to but sounds better you're right that's fine now we receive an order to what they do have and the more we give the more we receive and the more we're see the Lower have to give so we're living with what kind of development. And if and I didn't OK like the prey today. This video was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you or if you would like to do this more sermon. At the W.W.W..


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