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True Education- Part 5

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    9:00 AM
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But I get enough on here pretty soon so maybe I'll look like national broadcasting or. You might be interested in this little thing and I don't remember if I read it to this class or not I I talk to quite a few people but this is page 71 of volume 71 sentence of scripture is of more value than $10000.00 a man's ideas or arguments. What it is. Do you wonder why it was the Jesus always answered what. It is written. That is read once that is a scripture is worth more than what. Can cows no mans idea is an argument. Well that would take you a long time to say as much as would be in one lens and good to know why what's the difference. Because man's ideas and man's arguments come from learned men mind one's sense of scripture comes from God's mind and Levar. Volume 7 page 71. Then. When we get have you notice that when you get one thought that's pretty sure to you that it's never come to you before it's suddenly a little miniature whole thinking process have you found this. Now when I when I began to study the nature of man God's purpose engraving of my whole horizon chains because I saw things from entirely different angles it had been I had been like a mole looking down a mole hill you know you know it and then suddenly everything just opened up. Why education. Begins now and last how long. For eternity and my mind is going to be capable of grasping everything I can learn from all eternity. But my ability to grasp eternal things is going to be based on. The foundation I built here did we learn it. So is it important whether we learn or not here. I don't think I share this statement with. I I headed in mine but I don't remember I don't believe I did read we study to from the book Christ object lessons that the more we impart the more high. Or we receive and as we impart we receive in the more we impart the more we receive and if we start out with a little knowledge and this talking especially about the scriptures and we begin to explain it what does it say will happen. Why it will open up to us it opens up to us as we begin to explain it now here is the real Here is the difference I mean here's the here is that the opposite is the in the in Jesus' parables there were great big wonderful principles of truth involved and one of his parables was the. Was a talent and one man had 5 talents and he went out and traded them and he got but more talents and one had to tell us what outrated and he got 2 more and when it was all over the Lord said enter in the joy of the large you've been faithful over a few things I make you will over many things and one man had one talent and he said he knew he was a hard man so he went on this one buried it and so when the Lord came he said I knew that that you are a hard man and whispered I would lose it in other words this is what he was saying in plain English and so I went out and buried it fun to be sure and have it here's your talent and Jesus said Master said You wicked and slaw full service at least you ought to put it in the bank so I got an interest on it and said take the talent from him and give it to the man that has 10 talents because he that path shall receive and he had passed not it should be taken from him even that which he hath Now folks this is not an arbitrary sentence this is a law and I will reject the comment from Christ object lessons he who refuses to impart that which he has received while at last find that he has nothing to give at stage 364 the who what. He who refuses to impart that which he has received well what Lassigny has nothing to gain. He is consenting to a process that surely dwarfs and finally destroys the faculties of the soul we cannot receive without imparting without becoming at it without its becoming a destructive process everything I take into my mind to forget. Makes me more prone to forget what I take into my mind and use makes me more capable of holding things in my mind and every time you repeat something you remember it that this is a law and it isn't because God passes sentence and says you just use your talent so I'm going to take it from the we do it automatically that. Mine is an active duty grown you can read in the English term then. The Lutheran. You see everything as a whole lot has a spiritual counterpart if we were if we were really studying in scientific things from God standpoint every truth would be would have its would have his counterpart in the spiritual world now to morrow afternoon some of the folks want a little class on in refrigeration I'm just telling this because there's a very interesting principle involved in well. We're going to have this class now in refrigeration there are certain laws and I'll give you one of the basic laws of refrigeration. He always travels from a warmer to a colder object this is a lot if you take 2 objects and set them here and one is hot and one is cold in a little while what will happen they are both to come equalized and the cold doesn't go to the heat cold is negative there is no such thing as cold until you get to 460 degrees below 0. That's absolute 0 Anything above that is the lack of it is a certain amount of heat you understand not much. But is heated and then you get to $460.00 degrees below 0 and that's absolute 0. Anything above that is a certain amount of heat Well anyway what I was saying is if this is a law the coal doesn't go to the Heath he goes to the coal this is a lovely nature Now this is a spent a lot if 2 people are together and one hot ones cold out guarantee you that soon some one half and you know what will begin the equalize But there's another law a spiritual law which is less which we add to that now I'm trying to find this law in nature I haven't found it yet because we're dealing with inanimate things a law that God has put it is that if I begin to give out he what's he going to do is it going to give me some or why sure if I am part what do I do I receive and the more I buy more I am part the one where I receive so if we're following out the law that he travels from the heat of from the hot hotter object a warmer object the colder you and I could be continually doing line and whether we like it or not whether we believe it or not we're all imparting something does you know that you see there's an influence that surrounds every human being just the same as are the influences around every star and every planet every planet and every star unconsciously affects others and many years ago. Before all the planets a large solar system were found and name. There was a certain astronomer that was looking into the heavens and he found a new. Luminous object and he thought it was a planet and he thought it was a plant of our solar system he was I'm sure a mathematician Now this is beyond my mathematics you understand I don't understand this but I just read it a mathematician was studying astronomy in the heavenly bodies and he found that the bodies in a certain area didn't move normally according to what he could see and by mathematical mathematical calculations he said that at a certain place he didn't have a telescope at a certain place there should be a planet and they came to this meeting scientific meeting of the astronomers and one and one astronomer who was a mathematician said at a certain place there should be a planet the other man says I found a planet there it's right where you said it would be recognized that it was there because of the acts of the heavenly bodies one influencing another when the astronauts went to the moon after a while they got to the place where the attraction of the moon was but greater than attraction to the earth and they moved into the orbit of the moon and everything attracts everything else and it says an inspiration that we all carry with us an atmosphere an influence. It said Paul carried with him the atmosphere of heaven can find this new chapter in on Paul and actually apostles he carried with him the atmosphere of heaven and so whether we like it or not whether we wanted to or not we are all influencing those about us unconsciously And so if we're cold we're unconsciously doing what. Taking heat from somebody if we're warm we're what we're unconsciously give F. or hot course there's a real danger about being warm we shouldn't be warm we should be there but. Hot or cold Yes All right I anything else now then right. Sure when we have our covers it isn't the fact that they're warm they just want. This whole we get the lead get away and that's all that's right OK Anyone else have anything that we're going to or we were going to study about the sources of education and. It says A When Jesus was drawn into controversy he didn't trust him self to use his own words did you ever get into an argument use your own words Regev or get in one use anything else. You know if we only used inspired answers to discussions it would cut a lot of our discussions real. Or have you found that out. Really when that. Is all we answered was it is written I tell you there would be a lot less conversation and last less discussion and lots less disagreements now or do you agree with me. Because most of it is what. Is arguing about our ideas and we can have $10000.00 of them they aren't worth what. On things of scripture OK Now our sources. Before we get into that I want to mention something about the principle of school and my 1st statement I want to read is from the book education this is our book although we're not following it. Too close. The 1st statement I want to read is page 20 of the book education. The system of education instituted that the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all after time well if God knows everything and we've already discussed that what is there that God doesn't know he does he know he knows just as much now. As he will know in a 1000 years he doesn't learn anything by what happens because he knows it all begins with God It's just he's the I am it's now and so he set up a model of education at the beginning as an illustration of its principles a model school was established in even the whole of our 1st parents I was. A model school what do you think I don't know how to establish a school all right. The Garden of Eden was a school room was. I would have a wonderful good who school you would have to come in the rain there. I was a for it was a school rule the Garden of Eden All right. Nature was the worst and book I left the cradle they created or himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family were the students I was delighted to go that school. You see it says in Christ object lessons and in the book. Education that creation was an expression of the thought of God. I read a page it says it's a 16 of education his one stave and the others Christ object lesson fade 18 all created saints in their original perfection were an expression of the thought of God. Now if we can see nature and we see it in this perfect form without the without the. The other form this that's been put into it without the other sources put in put into it every time we looked at nature in its real sources it came from God we would be doing what we would look to be looking at God's thoughts so in this original condition nature was a perfect representation of God's thoughts and remember we also studied that man had a covering around him surrounding him what was that covering light and every time he approached anything what happened. Light illuminated it and it was not only a light of illumination it was a light of deserve it because that light was God's presence and the presence of God in Adam and Eve was met by the presence of God Now I'm not talking about pantheism I mean the expression of God God was minute this with this was the works of God but God in them that like illuminated nature and the thoughts of God just came back and do you think it would been some pretty pretty beautiful thought God put in that garden everything that was beautiful the sight and was good. You know if we had if we had everything around us that that was as beautiful and more beautiful as our imagination as beautiful as it could be and we had everything around us that was so good to eat that it tasted good beyond our imagination or we would have lasted we would have to have much that we would need would be beside that but that's the way it was all right now you say but times have changed oh yes Times have changed but I'd like to read another statement and this is that I was paid 20 now and Page 30. Of the book education it says under changed conditions. True education is still conform to the creator's plan but is. The plan of the Eden school. Adam and Eve received instruction through direct communion with God we behold the light of the knowledge of God His glory in the face of Jesus Christ so what is taken the place of God's original presence as as man could look upon the Monday and in his glory was taken the place of it. A light of the knowledge of what Jesus Christ is the God that man could look upon in his sinless state has now been changed to Jesus who is a man that we can look at in his human form and see God in a form we can understand that's why it says. At the end of the chapter The teacher sent from God This beautiful statement this is on page 83. In the teacher sent from God Who is that who is it sees it all through educational work signs that center of this work today as barely as of the work he established 1800 years ago the savior speaks I am the 1st and the last the living and the living one I am Alpha and Omega the beginning the end in the presence of such a teacher of such opportunity for divide education what worse than folly is it to seek an education apart from him to seek to be wise apart from wisdom to be true while rejecting truth to seek a little nation apart from the light and existence without the life to turn from the fountain of living waters and you out broken cisterns that can hold no one. You see somebody says but there are so many wonderful things you know that you find out in books that people have read I wonder how many of you really can read carefully the 1st chapter I hope you have at least read carefully the 1st chapter of education because this this paragraph says this is the 3rd paragraph of the book The World has had its great teachers men of giant intellect and extensive research men whose utterances of stimulated thought and open to view vast fields of knowledge and these men have been honored as guides and benefactors of their race but there is one who stands higher than that we can trace the line of the world's teachers as far back as human records big stand but the light was before them. As the moon and stars as the moon the stars of our solar system shine by the reflected light of the Sun So as far as their teaching is true to the world's great thinkers reflect the rays of the Sun of Righteousness every gleam of thought every flash of intellect if from the light of the world with someone you know when I was younger than I am now considerably I was in fact I was back in Academy and I got to reading things that I should read and. We were discussing in our class one day about reading and I'll never forget what the principal said I it's just still with me and we were telling him well we've found some wonderful things and he sat there to listen a little bit and pretty soon he said very solemnly Well folks he said there's really a lot of good water goes down the sewer but he says you know I don't drink from the septic tank. He says in fact 99 percent of all the water that goes down the sewer is good weren't breaking water but it's just got enough in it I don't like it. It doesn't take much to contaminate good sources and you know that and folks as we enter into the close of this search history we had better be careful of the sources we wait for take out the agree with you say the most deadly thing there is is that it has the least error and the most trying because it's so almost undistinguished indistinguishable So folks if we want true education we need to eat from the tree of life and I'm not going to say what books you need scientific I'm not going to get into that but carefully. Examined whatever you read and I really believe that all we need for our own personal experience and our education we can get from inspired sources I don't have time to read I can get it already you may be useful to have more time than I did. And I've had people bring to me things to read and I say Well when I get my required reading and I'll read it I've very seldom ever read compilations any more that come from people don't why you can take inspired sources and take things all together and put them so they direct your mind to far off in one direction and personally I like to spend more time with those books that were put out by the prophet herself because you'll find that very balanced and you'll find it all mixed up so you don't get into jest and on one subject God gave us the testimonies for the church and just the right balance if you want to gain spiritual strength you read the testimony through start right out with the 1st book that gives the story of the prophets conversion and it will trigger and you'll find Then come the special testimony and let me tell you you'll find. I read it and one says Dear Brother am well you know. And what is sometimes us is there brother our age should say Well of course that's for me to that's my 1st name now. And I find this says somebody may say your brother Asher their sister as it was written particular for me you see I know some of these were written just as much for me as they were for the person they were written for because God had me in mind I'm quite sure when you read some of the world's on those testimonies. Now we're dealing with what are the sources of education Jesus and his answer to Satan in the 1st temptation the word Ernest. Said it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by by by what. Every word that proceed a 1000 miles of God. Yes. But yes. I've heard every word and. It's made and how the Lord has a way of repeating the structures around. I'm not going to get by just sitting on the concrete or the article from the Christian educators the same reference if I was never before i want to stand up and share with us what the people this is a this is a speech class. Thank you I said I have a copy of the whole article that appeared in Christian education. To buckle by for the why in the day with the nuns that in just one sentence it has really struck my heart relate to what little money that the Fed all religious experience is of exactly the same qualities as a group receive on my negative news. When I need education pay $77.00 and I read about how Christ followed the divine time of education with. A 4th literary. Influence a concern it was from the Scriptures. That scientific knowledge with some study nature. Was practically useful. 3 was learning actually from his father I'm sure there is a learning of mathematics and so on else that was needed to make the whatever he's making in coffee shop or literally speaking in terms of literary truth it was a lot. I've found in my own experience one of the reasons why I'm still in the movie is because I'm built so that quote isn't needed. We were. Opinionated. I saw him on THE LEAD you know he didn't realize i'm going well this is much. Too much reason other than that this time. We shared this statement We did this very beautiful statement on page 116 in my book some of you have won some of the 76 page card index I give you that you leave it when they want to look it up it's under the section B. You therefore perfect even your Father in Heaven is perfect man a blessing God has made provision that we may become like unto him. He is what. Now who is that who is that talking to. That talking to me. I was talking to you. Who are talking to. Everybody. Everyone that comes into the world God has made a plan for that person's life that they may well be like him. You have a better plan you have higher ideals. God has made provision that we may be like him. And he will accomplish this for all who do not interpose a perverse will and thus trust grace he will do what. He's made provision that we one. Might be like him. Then do you think that God has given us all that we need he has the furnace is what everything necessary now to add to that. In fundamentals of Christian education is this statement on page 408. That which is this what that which in the councils of heaven the Father and the son being the sage 0 for the salvation of man. Was defined from eternity by infinite truth which finite minds cannot fail to comprehend. Revelations have been made for their instruction in righteousness that the man of God may glorify his own life and the lives of these fellow man not only by possession of the truth but by communicating it God is saying in this that I have decided in the counsels of Heaven what you need for your salvation and whatever you need I have communicated it to you by by inspiration Aren't you glad. And there's another saying this is really interesting to me Did you know that God has matched our intelligence with the knowledge in the right proportion. You see that's a pretty big statement what did you know that God saw that the people before the flood were too smart and so he gave less wisdom after the flood because they they were too smart for their own good. You know we we put a lot of value on I.Q. and this is good but they're going to be some dull people to get to heaven for the geniuses don't you understand what I mean God has given us the knowledge we need He's given us what intelligence I spent quite a bit of time working with handicapped children you know we look at them and we we kind of look down our noses sometimes but most of these are are very loving people or nervously and if the Lord has to handicap me to get me to heaven I'm going to praise him probably sort of the. You know we idolize when a genius and and wisdom here but I'm glad that God has given us all we can handle and this statement is from the commentary. And I thought it was very interesting because what I. When I read it it. It really appealed to me you know I I'm not too smart. But I think I have enough intelligence and I know all of us have enough intelligence to say that a large can save us but this says on page. 29 Volume One of the commentary one B.C. 1089 God blotted this lowly live Dres from the earth and with them perish the knowledge they had used only for evil when this is was repeated all the Lord true and the Lord trusted his wisdom wisdom more sparingly the man. Giving them only the ability they would need in carrying out his great plan when this was repeated Paul the Lord troll in the Lord trusted his wit wisdom more sparingly the man giving them all the the ability they would need in carrying out his great plan if they really think all that person real smart well if they're not using that knowledge to the glory of God and I'm glad I'm just an ordinary person we need to be very careful about idolizing Venus because God has given us are not wisdom to do that and so don't go around saying well I'm dumb This is God made for you and if you can't get what you're getting then go to him and he doesn't give it to you leave it alone when he's got something he'll give you that you need and you have enough intelligence to get all you need to get to heaven. Go to they. Said he only gave them enough wisdom as a my curiosity plan to save education has has really idolise high intelligence and I've seen some highly in high educated people the didn't have common sense one if you know what I'm talking about. If a lot of people were dropped on a desert island they sure have a hard time that they don't have somebody wait on. And one of these days something's going to happen all of that you know that I just I just meant when he read it I just I just cut this statement out I think I feared it would get this is written in 1602 regarding the Mountain View Now this is out in California where people you know they are that's a little better anywhere else but it's all right saying something half an outlay of 2. Because we are now settled here in Mountain View it says we seem to think that we shall never be Lou but there will come a time when there will be a great scattering a scattering that we do not now dream of what. And it will be brought about in an expected way years in HI folks this is the these are not my words God is talking you and I should not be dealing with what we can see but we should be dealing with what God has said is coming and get ready for that do you agree with me we all have intelligence enough to handle what we have now perhaps in our own way but a wise man sees evil coming and what did he do. It prepares exact Now listen to this some of you will be taken away to remote regions but God will have a word for you there and I want you to know that in a very short time a matter of months or short years at the most our condition could be so absolutely different and unbelievable and we can imagine it today were not going to be like we are today do you all understand that and so education is to help us to know what God says so that we come in a relation to him that we can meet all circumstances in his way and if we have a relationship with him then he he will guide us I read to us a statement divine guidance on page 16 that when the persecutions of the past are repeated. Blended with celestial lowering. There will be conventions that we don't dream of now I'm giving it my own one you can read on page 16. It said. We awoke in the light of God prayer and by the means of angels that will be constant communication between heaven and earth folks we're going to get a lot we can afford to get along without paying bills today the one of these days we're going to be a real glad to have you know that death now everyone thinks. Well of after special testimony to the Mountain View or if you'd have to get a copy of it IOW if it isn't in print as far as far as I know. Be glad that some of these references I think would be real good to get Brit but now back to what I was saying God has decided in the councils of Haven't how much knowledge we need and he's given it to Earth in hot and inspiration do you think we should be digging do you think that we're going to learn in class what we individually didn't need to know don't ever think of for a minute all we can possibly do is get a few cringes we should be studying as if our lives depended on it because it does. Did you ever read a statement that said something like that but. There's a chapter in great controversy that would be real good for all of the reader called descriptors a safeguard. There are some very interesting statements in that one of the very beginning of the chapter says. The last great delusion is soon to open before us and a Christ is to perform at the marvelous the works in our time going to bring down what. Fire from heaven you think this film has a lot of people to see or something else that I want to bring right in here because it's really important God seldom does the same thing twice you know why why the devil is akin to counterfeit in a way he only had Israel March around $135.00 to do all of it was a remark about all of them he always does it in a new way and he directly if people saw the case is the devil off guard this is why we must study. He just he just doesn't do things Clive seldom. It was a time when it was the sign of the true God for fire to come down from heaven and to do so and to bring up a factor 5 when was that and I just time will I be a test again yes it will but not God said to test one of the. I know is the end people are going to listen this is not going to be done somewhere in a corner do you think it is when this comes this is going to be this is going to be on television this is going to be. A decisive test because at this time who's going to be here Satan and he's going to prove to the world he's Christ because he can do that. One thing it's going to seal a lot of people they will deceive everybody but the legs on analysts so close Lay will that counterfeit resemble the TRUE that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scripture is this education to know what. To know the voice of God to know the Word of God to know what he said and to have a connection with him so that he is not only speaking to us but speaking in us and through us. By their testimony every statement and every miracle must be tested what do you think we should be testing things by statements and miracles by by inspiration today there are none but those we have fortified them aligned with the truth of the Bible will stand to the great last through the last great conflict. None but those whose minds are light fortified this is on page 9593 of. The controversy to every soul will come the 13th hence child a god rather than Then the decisive hour is even now at hand are our feet planted on the rock of God's immutable word there's another place as is there we cannot trust our senses. What did you ever hear anybody say well I know it's true I saw it. Really here that. And you never said well it may not be true if you see it. I remade it when our young many years ago I heard a missionary come back from India and or I read it I don't remember going to the story came out of India that was and then from there and a missionary was over there and he was working among the people and they have they have devil worshipers there they have all kinds of things happen in India and he was standing on the street and here came an Indian faker they came out in the he rolled out a mat and while he would stand there look at a tree came out right about that man. And it had fruit on it and the Indian boy came climbed that tree was enough Roody thought was that something was how did that happen. And he had a parent. And he took Africa however you took a picture and he was so excited he went home and he developed that picture and what do you think you found. You saw that. The Hindu faith there and it's all the math but there was no Korean There was no Indian born there was nothing that. Really tell you God has the devil has the ability to make us see things that are that you think that what you need to make things appear to us this is why we must not even trust our senses it must be based on what. I doubt here in Chattanooga. Several years ago a mother and daughter. Were in the safety zone waiting for a bus and a crazy driver came through and ran over that safety is own and killed him the daughter and the mother right there the husband lived feature out of college there. They had 2 more daughters out there. After that terrible night the mother and the daughter appeared to voters are telling that they'd come back to the. Would that be a really a deadly day when you had lost someone that you love this would happen many times this is not something different. And you know what they had to say you're not my mother you're not my sister you're the devil. You think that's evil and doesn't it say a great controversy that our loved ones are going to come back. After the we have to be grounded. And we have to be grounded in the death of all of. This and that's why we could understand it's not just a matter of knowledge folks it's some matter of life and death and we must know that we have a connection with Christ himself all right now. I want to go I think we're not going to get very far into the sources of education but the statement that we were at we were talking about education we were talking about coming back to the evening Gould and how we should have we're going back to that type of education before it's all over of the original education folks one of these days if we are scattered and it plainly says all along the close Well I don't know when that's going to date but I know this that we're going to have to stand individual in the lone individual alone and we must know that we do know what is truth you see as an illustration of good. Teaching I want to tear away at the I don't know if you have your book education you have it if you bring it will be using education. Often on. In the chapter the an illustration of these methods tell by the school and I think that I think we should study here as methods of education and fair he was very good is it me was the greatest thank you we all agree with that done. Then what would he have had. He would have had the ideal still would be. The most complete illustration of Christ method as a teacher is found in his training of the call 1st disciples upon these men where the West would arrest away the responsibility. He had killed and then his man whom he could in view of the spirit and who could be fitted to carry forward his work on earth when he should leave it to them above all others he gave the advantages the advantage of his own companionship what his ears give to his people what to give They gave himself to get into. In the training of his disciples the Savior followed the system of education establishment the beginning the fall and I. Think the type of education. Now holds I have I want you to understand I am I'm not here to say we should throw all education out I'm not here saying we said that everything that isn't of this type is from the devil you understand what I'm saying but I say this that we are coming rapidly back to this unusual call hope that I have a real burden for Family Education and the reason I have a bird for family education because inspiration tells us that that is the greatest influence in the world and that before the end all divine institutions will be reestablished and after all there are only 2 divine institutions are worthy of the Sabbath and the home. And I want you to know that everywhere I've been and everywhere I've had any contact the families that are getting involved in home education Something's happening to the parents in the killed God is reestablishing it and and we should we don't have to be parents and children we can get togethers little groups will be families in our blood relatives you understand it's going to be group working together studying together and we're here is a class and this is all right I have no I say this is all right but we are going to do this forever the time is coming when we're going to have to we will be real blessed if we can be in little groups because some of us may be alone and we may be in bonded together read the same and now are preparing for to listen we don't wait for the last minute to get there so Jesus was you went back to what kind of education. Family Education and here here's what it said. It says the 12 1st shows you with a few others who through ministry to their needs were connected were from time to time connected with them formed the family of Jesus of all right. Of amity that they were with him in the house at the field in the closet. In there at the table at in the house at the table in the closet in the field they accompanied him on his journey shared his trials and hardships and as much as in the end them entered into his work now. His pupils were chosen from the ranks of the common people now I have asked this question many times where the disciples an educated man. Or the uneducated. Yeah. Well I know this was you know I've said all I've taught for years whether he called the disciples they were an educated but I had to say them. And I had to change my thinking process I want you to notice what it said. They were humble unlettered man these the Fishers of Galilee a man and schooled in the learning and customs of the rabbis. But trained by the stern discipline of toil and hardship they were what. They really were book education vacated by their basic training was over they had already gone through boot camp. They were trained by the discipline of what. Talent then is their training and go and taught and argue. And that way you could train them in how long 3 and a half years and. You see Moses didn't have that interview go on for years training him. When there's something real significant about that now. It says they were man of native ability and a teachable spirit man who could be instructed and molded for the Saviors work now knows what this is in the common walks of life and why. There is many a toy or patiently treading the round of these daily tasks really hard going in the house. Page in the treading the round of the daily past you know I just what I hear all the time I'm not getting an education but if you're just staying with a job that needs to be done and doing it the way it should be don't think you are getting an education if the Son of God came to this earth and spent 30 years in the carpenter shop. I doubt if it was really exciting work. I don't think of anything very glamorous about it it was probably repairing old chairs and he was I doubt if he built many and. Probably doing this kind of work while he lived in that other than that it was no great town. Where he carried all his work if as nearly 30 years or sooner do they were carry 2 of that he carried it on and but during that time told he was getting something getting a train getting a death when he was getting a death blow in that part in some things and as we get into this we're going to learn some things about this is very interesting. It's a live in the common round of they that live there is many a taller patiently treading the route of the daily task unkindest of the latent powers that roused roused to action would place him among the world's great leader. One of these days we're going to be surprised at the people that died years of the things that were you know another surprise different member this there's absolutely no relation between position on this earth and position in the heaven the well understand that no relation whatever the size of the house we live in here has nothing to do with the size of the House or the only one in heaven. This was these are schools and the work today is going to be fitted as this work was done when do what I wanted when David went out and began his ministry he was filled with the Spirit he received the Spirit without major This is an exact. Representation of how people are going to finish the work. Only this time there's going to be thousands of people in that one with the same power the same fears that he had and they're going out and they're going to get an image that if. It isn't going to take a long and God knows. What it takes a long time to get ready for it the good news is 30 years to get ready for a 3 and a half year mystery I'm sure it's done taking a little while the kind that plays that there's a lot 1st of all we're not a village and who are. Still. Being sure that we're doing God's work we're doing it his way and we're going to learn the lessons they by they remember we we just live a day at a time now I want to go to the next statement we have of this where I'm going to leave leave this today because this is the this is the good this is the bodies of old education and this is on page 77. Of the same book because you case it. With the people of that age the value of all things was determined by outward show by what I'm glad it isn't that way today argue. As religion had declined in power it had increased in Palm. Bay educator of the time thought to command respect by display and often taken. To this the life of Jesus presented a marked contrast. You know one of the great reformatory movement was started in the great city I was just reading that very controversial not long ago by an artist coming into a city and painting on the walls of the building a contrast between Jesus and the religious leader who today. Is the real revival of isolation. His life demonstrates the worthlessness of those things that men regarded as life's great essential born amid surroundings the rivers. I don't think any of you were born in the stable I was. Sharing a peasant home a peasant fair a craftsman's occupation of living a life of obscurity identifying himself with the world known toilers with. Amid these conditions in surroundings Jesus followed the divine plan of education. Where Ruth surroundings of skill were uniting himself with the world but. On the whole colon or the fall of the Divine Plan of it. The schools of these time with their magnifying of things small and belittling of things great I'm glad we don't do that to argue with their belittling of things and more of what they're magnifying of things small and thereby ruling the things great he did not think. His education was very directly from heaven appointed sources. From what. From you for work as a number one from the study of scriptures innovator Number 2 they go together nature's scriptures don't try to separate them you can study nature without the Scriptures nature's revelation is incomplete but the studies of nay as of scripture nature and from the experiences of lives. Of what. God less than books. I want to get this water God bless looks. Years for. Study of scriptures and nature and what life experience. Experiences of life God's will last a book full of instruction to all who bring to them the willing hands what the willing hand the. Saying I am the understanding heart. And then is says I want to those in accent quotation the child grew and went strong in spirit filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him thus prepared he went forth to his mission in every moment of his contact with men exerting upon them such an influence and influence to bless a power to transform such as the world had never witnessed. Because in this he was he received a an education that did that. That enabled him to have the witness of Paul folks this these are God's lesson books. And whatever forget it the 1st one. For work now they have all of you know if you both know that. I have. A very i Phone overbalanced I don't know I don't want to believe but I believe in useful work and what I believe in youth work and I don't have much time to tell you on the diff that we're going to we're going to go into debt and that we're going to study the books we're going to start with useful work with what you can find about it and I'll tell you why I believe in useful work because when you have useful work to do everything you do is important when you're dealing with practical things you can have 99 things right and one thing wrong and it will work. And if you're that close to things theoretically it would be wonderful because you would know what to work or not in practical things people learn to follow and stuff. And they find if you don't do that one. Thing and all the theoretical knowledge of it I have to tell you when you're on the one you're doing practical things nobody has to pay you know right away if it doesn't run run further. If you're putting on if you're hanging the door and you don't go to ride you have to pay. Honor And I did them putting on some roof. I think that. What I've told is something that he didn't really think they were very important but you know it worth because he learned that it's easier to do it right the 1st time it is the 1st and done did you find 100. There really isn't a for profit or work the reason for your for that it is a common thing. Of Me profit is right or not and when I work a mathematical problem when I have a theoretical spiritual problem that is not put there for practice I don't know what is right or not I can argue all day old and leave them all have the same result but we don't even know where we are right because we never put in the time and I think we should talk about in our spiritual lives those things that actually happened or not what ought to happen I think our testimony should be. Rooted in. The I have proof. If my for on any of them but they don't run. Everything about them is a good. Thing you know what's going on. And you know you can make the best. Attempt to make the best bread you can have everything rather you can go through other things on the good in the rough but if you leave out the you have problems. This is why God wants to spend so much time and learning useful work because it teaches us that we have to do things right I think every home. And I'll tell you it. When we apply the principles of practicality through prayer to our way something's going to happen before. You can sit in a committee and a building to be built. That if you just stay there and vote you're going to have a hard time getting a shelter from. And you can talk about Christianity from here on out but it isn't going to save you in that time and that something was done about the time. I were here to take your book take the bible take your index are our next topic is going to be for work and it will be dealing with manual labor and I think will and then of if we get through that we're going to the next one that's a study of what. The nature. Of book. God left invokes pull. Well they follow up. All of instructions to all who ranges and the flats. And when they hand. You say the I. And also we have that we have we've got a good start. Because it's going to take us down a beautiful road. And God is going to use people in a special ways to do a follow the divine plan of education All right. The life the this new life great night. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio dot world.


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