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True Education- Part 7

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    11:00 AM
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But we're on the 2nd but. The 2nd bell that's right. Now let's go back 1st of all this little road of ours is the last and Book of the universe you find this in the 2nd paragraph and on the right the beginning this little world of ours is the last and Book of the universe this is the stage of the universe this world of ours and the whole universe is looking on and they're getting cooler than say and they're really going to be cured. And not only that but those of us who escaped this world without being cremated are going to be cured. This is the place where the cure of sin takes place. Now not only is this world of ours the lesson book of the universe but God has given to the people on this earth lesson books that read the study and we were told that they would that they were for love but. For evidence instructions to all who bring Do they have the. Reins and the seeing eye and the understanding heart now I read this paragraph and I want to Tiger stand for our 1st study because this is really important what we're studying because this if we don't understand the lesson Look we're not going to get the lessons do you say and if we don't study the last breaths with these are God's lesson books then everything outside of this. Is not going to be so important. To have 77 book education I hope you'll bring the book education where the invalid because if you look at it as a reader steadily it and as we read it you get that much more out of it with the people who have that reads the value of all things was determined by outward show. As religion had declined in power it had increased in pop. The educators of the time. To command respect by this player and ostentation. Rather is the life of Jesus presented a marked contrast his life demonstrated the ruthlessness of those things that men regarded as life's greatest. In the mid surroundings the rudest sharing a peasant home a peasant fare a craftsman's occupation living a life of this of obscurity identifying himself with the roles unknown Tylers. Among these conditions and surroundings Jesus followed the divine plan of education always the divine plan of education we fight it back in the beginning the very 1st. That it is in the 2nd chapter the 1st chapters the source the name of education and the 2nd chapters even the school and here is where we have our 1st school was a sorry the system of this is page 20 education the system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all after time and as an illustration of its principles a model school was established in the. Home of our 1st parents the Garden of Eden was a school room nature was a lesson book. The Creator Himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family were the students this is what kind of school. This was the fans who it was a model school and on page 30 just to be sure that this is still what God wants it. 33rd paragraph under change can be true education is still conformed to the Creator our plan. The plan of the even School Adam and Eve received instruction through direct communion with God we believe her the light of the knowledge of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ said all these this return to the original educational plan we find the John received the same kind of education and it's very interesting in this commentary. Regarding John there's a very interesting statement I believe it's in Luke 1st of Lucas I remember right. By him 55 B.C. 1115 there was a great rock appointed for the proper job. But there was no school on earth of which he could connect. Why because they didn't teach him the work he was of all to them. Do you think our work as is as important as John the Baptist work. Well it's a parallel but it is a more important work because this is not a last message. Now. Then we understand the truth of this statement that we've used all through our studies now as never before we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this science we shall never have a place in the kingdom of God. Then our eternal destiny is only is based on our understanding her. The true science of education. And the science of education we're going to have to get it from inspired sources and now we're studying the lesson books God's last books now let me continue with this we were it's is burned amid surroundings are rude and rude is sharing the peasants home a peasant spare a craftsman's occupation living a life of obscurity identifying himself with the world's unknown toilers amidst these conditions and surroundings Jesus part of the divine plan of education. This goods of these time with their magnifying of things small they're what. They're majoring in Myers and minoring and majors. That's exactly right. This group of this time with their magnifying nothing small and their belittling of things great he did not seek His education was gained directly from heaven afforded sources. Say you know work with or to study that will continue to bring it in and what was the next the study of scripture is the End of Nature Now some people say this is 2 books but really there's only one book in there in the beginning nature was the only lesson book they needed because. We learned that every thing in the creation was an expression of the thought of God or what's the reason we can't learn from him now because there has come in a new. A new force a new set of things are now operation. And there are running in parallel in they through God's operation whose operation Slavens operation and I think I told you I remember very well when I started 9th grade science the 1st thing they said to me when I started this and this was in a good school says the law of nature is the survival of the fittest. Well that is the law of nature on the wrong side. But the law of nature on the right side is that everything works for everything else. The son should just live to gladden the 1000 words you and I are here breathing out carbon dioxide in the carbon dioxide is breathed in by the trees and all of education the world is coming from from carbon dioxide it comes out of the air you know when I was a little boy I used to ask a question and nobody ever gave me the answer I didn't know anything about science and I used to say why is it that want to treat those are the ground it doesn't leave a hole. Girls on the ground why does leave a whole words or less what is all a bowl come from. Shouldn't just be thinking down in the ground. And I know but I knew it is sort of the one that when I got into science and way on beyond what I learned at there was a process called photosynthesis that the carbon dioxide is taken into little even by the action of the sun it's made into material and the bulk of the truth doesn't come the ground at all it comes from there. Well some of you have a real question when you're. On the ground why does this 4th this all hole. In your last question. For you can understand instead of the hell it was all built up around that they were going higher Well this would make any sense the way. Don't you think. I am. And then when I learned that instead of that the trees are building up all the time because they got no votes are there other leaders are falling and that you know that all over the world today I've had the privilege of going to Palestine through a very interesting series of problems that I will go into today but did you know that they have found in their excavation of the Holy Land going clear back to the time of Christ that over the whole area phallus on the earth is raised about 40 feet since Adonal crys. Everything fell 40 feet and there are cities all there build one right on top of another and so the material from the sun from the air is coming and falling on the earth it is just gradually building up instead of going down when you have had a need to get sidetracked on this but but the thing that we really need to realize that we breathe oxygen and we breathe out carbon dioxide and the plants breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen This is why it's so bad in the cities there isn't enough vegetation to take care of all the carbon dioxide carbon monoxide all of things out here in the country you know we have a surplus and a little of it gets over the cities now and then so which is very nice yes. Why sure you can get rid of all this stuff out of it all right now back to we were talking about half the letters of God in nature everything lives or something else I remember when I was studying science also last that is simply elses and their lives that are simply also. And we want to us. Yeah in the ocean there are a lot of face should have no way of there just in their food and they have little our going is in them and when they eat the food these little and these little are going theirs and eat it and the byproduct nourishes the faith. Without that without the large innocence in their stomach why they couldn't live and without the fish getting the harvest the food for the nakedly of you see it's a mutual helpfulness in fact in desire of ages it says there isn't the bird that cleaves there there is nothing in the earth but ministers to something else only the selfish heart of man lives to itself. Well all her nature is this all right now back to what we were talking about the reason we need scripture is because nature would cause us to come to wrong conclusions because of the 2 laws of nature and because of the 2. The 2 big things that are controlling the things of nature see the devil because of the laws of reproduction has gotten into the into the laws of nature and he has produced all kinds of malformations and mutations and all kinds of things did you know that God never. Brought anything into the world that would be any harm to man but what is the devil done by his in Zenith methods of amalgamation he has made all kinds of poisonous things in the earth he's trying to kill a human race. And then we take these poisons and make medicine obviously off the mark we are. Well is not right. Well I mean I'm not trying to be funny I that's just what happened. Just. Oh sure it is. It isn't funny it's stupid. Yeah well anyway I'm not I don't get involved in this that we were studying education but. That's right. But anyway back to what we're studying we're studying the process by which we're learning of God Now who put nature and the scriptures together because without the understanding of scriptures we would misinterpret nature and this is what's wrong with science today the scientific minds of our world don't believe in God because they have mix these things all up. And it says in the spirit of prophecy that we shouldn't study natural science until we have an experimental knowledge of God and then we will get confused when people study science without God then they come up with all kinds of things but now back to what we what we're really studying today is the Scriptures and nature as the 2nd lesson book and this is really important and I want us to realize that this is absolutely vital the 1st lesson was what. Useful Work and use the word give stability to our characters it's one of God's 1st means of recovery from Satan is that he we should be busy and we should be useful and we all we talked about the fact that our whole organism is made for action and if we do that if we didn't exercise we'd just be tearing because our circulatory process everything is carried on actively courses the active result is God it's the it's God's work that does it but he uses our natural are our beings and all of our circulation everything is greatly accelerated greatly increased because of the need of exercise and it's not enough just to exercise there must be the kind of exercise that has the pride of accomplishment with it which is really full worth. Trying. Well he didn't want us to be so happy here that we would want someplace better. Than that right. Well that's right yeah. All right now what we want to deal with there what the day particular is scripture and this is really important now I want us to go back in our original study see how many do remember it we study 2 things holy day. The nature of man and what that's pretty much in creating him now God's purpose in creating him now this was God's original plan that is original purpose had nothing to do or say in. And then he was that he was what. He was created capable of what kind of development instead of development and he was different from anyone else in the universe remember that O.T. was a new and distinct order of being and he was capable of infinite development he was also made have a special relationship with God Without God he was. Lower than the angels but with God he could reach a development that the angels could not take into man who had a has a special relationship with God He has a greater of Bertie to have God in him than any other being which makes him greater you understand now let's go back right to the 1st part of education and find out what God says about. What he's still going to do I'm going to read this paragraph and I want to read the last part of it this is page 14 or 15 of education. In order to understand what is comprehended the work of education we need to lead to consider both the nature of man and the purpose of God in creating him we need to consider also the change in man's condition to the coming in of the knowledge of evil and God's plan for still all fulfilling his glorious purpose in the education the human race. Then God is going to carry out what he had planned to carry out had man never seen these going to carried out in spite of say and then we'd better find out how he's going to do it had. Now we've already started useful work and he was given he was given work to do in the garden he was to take care of the garden of course it wasn't it was in the company and with perspiration in fact there wasn't a 1st person I'm sure back there because you don't perspire when you're just perfectly comfortable at least you know you are conscious of it and everything was perfect all right now he was capable of in further development now let's read those statements. About infinite development and see how man is going to get the infinite element if you ever remember the reference one was page 124. And I want you to notice what it says. We're going to start. The paragraph before this one and then we're going to read that one and this very interesting enough it's in the section the Bible is an educator and not alone I'm reading on page 124 and not alone in searching out truth and bring it together does the mental value of Bible study consist it consists also in the effort required to grasp the themes presented. The mind occupied with commonplace matters only become drawer becomes draft enfeebled I remember when I studied psychology in school. And connection with it they said that the average middle age of the American adult was 17 years and the that and the reason and yes they said it was getting lower and lower all the time the reason it was is because so many people read the comics. It's made for them for an age of 7 or 8 years and if we read them constantly we're going to develop it says we're going to reach the level of what we study and of course we're going to reach the level of what we study in other words if we're going to get a mind that is going to attain to what God wants it to we're going to have to study topics and things that have in them the possibility of bringing in for the development is that right you see what this is this is the mind occupied with commonplace matters only becomes growth and what in Theobald if never task to comprehend grand and far reaching truths it after a time loses the power of growth. As a safeguard against this degeneracy and his stimulus to development nothing else can equal a study of God's word as a means of intellectual training the Bible is more effective than any other book are all other books combined. Now. Via believe that how much. That means we want to read it 100 percent the else does. Well I don't I don't want to get into this now we can get off and all kinds of things and all I want to say is this the Bible is God's thoughts and he says My thoughts are hot. As much higher as what. God wants us on this earth to think his thoughts and his thoughts are revealed through his inspired writings or analyse what else this is the as a means of the intellectual training the Bible is more effective than any other book are all other books combined. The same the greatness of its themes the dignified simplicity of its utterances the beauty of its imagery quick enough to lift the thoughts as nothing else can nor other study can impart such mental power as does the effort to grasp the stupendous truth is a revelation the money and thus brought in contact with the thoughts of the infinite can but expand cannot but expand and strengthen and even greater is the power of the Bible in the development of the spiritual nature man created for fellowship with God created for a lot. Can only in such fellowship find his real life and development create to find in his highest joy he can find in nothing else that which can quiet the cravings of the heart can satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul he who is sincere and teachable spirit studies God's word seeking the comprehended strews will be brought in touch with its author and except by his own choice there is no limit to the possibilities of his development there is why. I say the thing about this folks and I want to make this real practical and real plain the reason that we don't understand the Bible any more and we don't get in more out of it is because we don't consistently stay with it. As we read it a little bit and we say well I don't understand it then we quit Well if you didn't have anything to eat but something you didn't like when you started in. That you think. You would need it. Well I say you do I say if we have nothing to eat today set things we really didn't like you know they they were what we like the most were just started over would you learn to eat them. And then one after a while we do we would like it this is exactly true of God's word yes. Well a lot of things that I didn't used to like in fact. I just like most anything that's good but let me tell you some form. It takes systematic continuous stick to it if necessary get to know the Bible and appreciate it and the love it. I know that I haven't been spending some time in the wild but enough time studying the Bible and it's very frothy and I have I made a resolution I told the folks at school today this last week that I'm going to find time during every $24.00 hours to read the Bible at least an hour in the Spirit of Prophecy at least an hour. Last year. The 1st year I read the Bible so in 3 months I had a really interesting time. To sit down figure you know it doesn't take as long to read the Bible there's you think it does and you won't get as much out of it as you will studying it and that is not always to do we should study besides that but on page $19.00 of this book said we should have learned to view the word as a whole now if you're going to view it as a whole you have to go through it I wonder if there's anybody here that ever read the Bible straight through. But you know when I was a boy growing up we read the Bible through every year from the time I could read. Well. You can't understand a car by looking at over but if I were going to buy one I take a good look at say outlooks would you then I would want to know somebody and you know somebody interior and we should study but was turned with me just read this let's leave it right here. Let's turn to 190 this is also in Bible study I want you know how it says to read. He's won 90 the Bible is this only exposer Scripture is to be compared with scripture the student should learn to work use the word as a whole as a lie. When I read that I said hard I'm going to read the Bible through and. If you will read consistently an hour a day on the Bible you can read the Bible through in about 4 months if you're an average reader. When I weighed in that I think. I said looking as a whole I don't you can look if we stick one verse in a 1000 years and study for eternity would we still don't understand the Bible. Right but we can understand the overall picture you can get that you can get the overall. View of it see from a chronological standpoint and I got a real blessing out of reading the Bible through and I have just been considering whether all to do it again I have I want to do at least 3 times I want to read it through rapidly just to get the overall because this is what it says we should learn to study the Bible as well as a whole Well the words a whole and see the relation of its parts in other words this is the this is the great overall picture and all of us saying you should do that I did it for my benefit and then it said Now I want to know what we should what we should find Here's what we should be look at is reading the Bible he should date on knowledge of its grand central theme of God original purpose for the world why would God original purpose for the world human being rather crowning work of God created fower they were made for fellowship with God and it says it says in the 3rd chapter of Revelation he that overcome it for him that overcome with Will I grant to sit with me on my throne as I overcame and I'm sat down with my father in his throne Jesus is going to take over the rulership of this universe. And he is the forerunner of a race of beings on this earth that are going to rule with him all through all eternity over this universe. That's our privilege that's the grand central theme his original purpose for the world and what is the next. Of the RA's of the great controversy and of the work of redemption he should understand the nature of the 2 principles that are contending for the supremacy and should learn to trace their workings to the records of history and prophecy to the great consternation this is what we should learn in the Bible he should see how this the end controversy enters into every phase of human experience how in every aspect of life he himself reveals the one of the other 2 of the 2 antagonistic motives and how whether he will or not he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be found and local. Most Christianity is wishful thinking it's not scientific there's a science of salvation we've we've seen it we understand there's a science of physical science we know that if we don't eat what's going to happen to us. We're going to die. And we know that if we do not eat spiritually we're going to die it's just that simple I received a letter from my daughter today our spirit with you this year we're very close and through the years we've studied a lot together she's living in West Virginia now if you know other than dark out evangelism and at the end of it I wish I'd brought a letter I'd read it but I said what she said she said that I'm just learning some wonderful truth I want to share with you she said you know we get our strength from the Bible and she says every problem we have I think we should find the solution do it in the Bible and claim the promise that's good is the answer there and is there power in that. How much power. The power that spoke this world into the being the power the spoke the universe into being is in the word and if you and I take that word and say Lord this is my problem I need help it says all his bidding were enabling us and if we will find the solution to our problem in the sacred writings and claim the promise their victory we don't do that we say I wish I was this now I wish I was that in that did you ever wish you had an airplane or you had a horse or you had a car you didn't have this or you had an exam doing these wishing well how much good did it do you. Not much you just waste a lot of energy that's all. Folks it isn't that way and Christianity Christianity is a science did you know. Dr Now we were talking about the science of salvation there is a scientist now they know that what you noticed a little paragraph here and this is page 191 when a real love for the Bible is awakened. And the student begins to realize how vast is the field and how precious is treasure he will desire to see the fall in every opportunity for equating itself with God's Word if study will be restricted to no special time or place and this continual study is one of the best means of cultivating a love for the scriptures and you know what happens when the begin to love the Scriptures. We love God and we love peace on this all goes together. Let the student keep his Bible always with him as you have opportunity read a text and meditate upon it while walking the streets waiting in a railway station waiting to meet an engagement improve improve the opportunity to gain something precious thought from the treasure house of truth let me tell you Miles personally experience I think I told you the story I just tell you briefly. When I was out not a whole I think I mentioned to you that I got an organ and I wanted my family learn to play it and then I'm one of the play at them so I said all right I'm going to do it myself and so I got up every morning it. And practiced 2 hours on the organ for 6 months and I could play a little bit not very much understand I wasn't headed to be a concert organist and when I just did it and. I was up there practicing one morning in The Lord spoke to me very plain you know he puts us into our minds as one way talks to us. And he said to me you know this is plain and now what are you trying to prove anyway Supposing you do learn to play the organ and you use the time you could be doing something better. Supposing you lost him because you want to play the organ tracks playing the organ 2 hours a day now if you just use that in learning about me when you get to heaven I like to play the organ without any practice but I close my book and I use the 2 hours of study and I want you to know it took me 6 months to where I really can't face right level but I stayed with it every day and I came to a place where I just couldn't lay devival. But if you know when you neglected by the little while it loses its power and it loses its beauty it loses its ability to take hold of you it takes systematic continual study if you will stay with it. It will bring us beautiful and wonderful experiences this is what it means mind to collecting that preparation it's neglecting the part that we do because God has promised to do this far. If we fail we'll never make it this plainly The only those who are diligent students of the Scriptures and receive the love of the truth unquote even great controversy but after the Scriptures a safeguard read that chapter it says only those who are diligence in the scriptures and receive the love of the truth will be shielded from the terrible delusion which takes the world captive when i do we believe are sacred only are they true or are they let God says it is true isn't it invokes the thing that we need to realize that the Bible is God's lesson book and it has everything in it we need for salvation now I have much time left I want to read handle several things I wanted to study with you but there's an article in the review in Herald that I'd like to share a part of it with you if I carried in my Bible and it's in the review and herald November 3 8097 any of you that you could get this. I don't know where this came from someone gave it to me but. You could get this article and it's one of the it's a beautiful article this is just a part of it. The reception of the word the bread from heaven is to be is the clue is declared to be the reception of Christ himself as the Word of God is received into the soul we partake of the flesh and blood of the Son of God as well as the word is taken into the salt. Sea. As it in Latin is the mind the heart is open still more to receive the engrafted word that we may grow there by man is called upon to eat and masticate the word but unless his heart is open to the entrance of that word unless he drinks in the word unless he is part of God There will be misconception misapplication misinterpretation do you know why there is misapplication misinterpretation misconception because we're not willing to do what it says as long as we read and the Holy Spirit works in this and we are really and it's going to be more and more beautiful and more and more enjoyable when. We. Try I know it's our knowledge. Is so easy to become to get to the place where we're playing games you know what I mean we make out like we're doing something we really are doing you know it says in. In 1st Corinthians the last chapter is like Christmas last that was as in Philip's translation says don't not be deceived you can't make a fool out of God. You can't fool God Folks we need to be honest with ourselves with him going we don't we believe the time is it or don't we believe that things are moving into the final movement Well let's not deceive ourselves let's be honest with them let's be honest with ourselves Now notice what this next says as the blood is formed in the body by the food as well as the Brotherhood it is formed in the body by the and so Christ is followed within by the eating of the word which is flesh and blood and that beautiful. He who feeds upon that word has Christ for there is no hope of glory. The written word loses us to the 1st introduces to the searcher the flesh and blood of the Son of God and through the sense of that word he becomes a part taker of the divine nature now we go to Communion service and we partake of the emblems so we can protect of the Body and Blood of Christ when every day and many times a day the Bible is His word you see the tree of life that man lost in the Garden of Eden has put been put into Christ he has he is the tree of life and it says the branches hang over the wall and we can still eat of its fruit through the Word of God We eat of the tree of life all need to live forever. As the necessity for temporal food cannot be supplied by one for taking of it but. Through the Word of God must be duly leaving the supply of the spirits of the days now suppose we say of other things I'll eat today I yesterday you know I'm all right have you ever said it. Well you can do it last a while we don't do it very often. Now noticed by reason of race and Law The body must be renewed with the blood by being supplied with daily food so there is need of constantly feeding on the word the knowledge of which is eternal life that road must be our meat and drink it is in this alone that the soul will find its nourishment and vitality we must ceased upon its precious instruction that we may be renewed in the spirit of our mind and grow up into Christ our living head. And see we are about the body of Christ what the Bible plainly teaches the life that he laid down to become a man he gives to the whole human family we are a part of Christ's And you know in Philip's translation. As I like there are some things in this translation I like very much specially the book of the fees and once a notice what this says. Praise be to God for giving us every possible spiritual benefit in Christ Now how do we get Christ if not wishful thinking it's through us. Through the word he is in the word the word was made on flesh and it's the spirit taking these living truth and making a part of us this is how we get Christ dismissed it's not wishful thinking a lot of people say well I don't have Christ what he says I learned and as we have him we'll have Prize now is this for considering what he has done before the foundation the world he shows us to become in Christ His holy and blameless children living within his constant care he played in his purpose of love that we should be adopted as his own children through Jesus Christ that we might learn to praise that glorious generosity of his which has made us welcome to the everlasting love he bears toward the sun it is through the front at the cost of his only God that we are redeemed freely forgiven through that full and generous grace which has overflowed into our lives and opened our eyes to the truth here's the statement for God has allowed us to know the secret of these plan and it is this he purposes in his solver the whale that all of human history shall be consummated in the price he purposes in his soft on will that all human history shall be consummated in Christ this is saying that every act of human history that is retained in the book of record. Is the acts that are done in the people on this earth through the indwelling of cries. And everything else are selfish everything else is to be blotted out. It's only what Christ does through us is unselfish and if Christ looks out on this great multitude of people and scenes them and sees our character he sees every act of their will each life has been done through his and well and they are his body and he said without me you can but. Anything I do without him is what is nothing if this is motivated from the wrong only now my talking to strangers a few. Little bit doesn't mean something is it available can we do. That and folks I believe that the will is not so much in their interview right but in doing those things that will give us the power to do right you want to settle them down about. A mile will power isn't going to make me glad her left 100 pound weight necessarily is going to be going to the table needs to have strength to do or try to stay in if I quit if I quit eating a little while all the willpower nor a wall lift weights right I want to strength to do it so if we starve spiritually and we are covering it what's happened we don't have the stats for tool stand but if we will diligently of the things that God has told us to do and he gives this grace to do there is a process goes on that will give us spiritual. Then. It work together. So. Now let me let me go into the next thought here now this is this something this is really something remember that hidden that the secret of his plan is this he purposes then is solved and will that all of human history shall be consummated in Christ you understand that that Christ is acting through every human being and he sent his people the outreach on His right now what's the next stop and here is the staggering and that everything that exists in Heaven are or shall find its perfection and fulfillment in him and here is the staggering saying that in all which one they belong to Him we have been promised to share. As he has lived in us so he has he is going to rain through us. You know when he went back to heaven after he was after you came from the dead you have to raise from the dead he went back to heaven and he refused to receive the on the edge of the angels you'll find this in the Bible commentary or comment on John 20 I want turn to it you can put it down so that when he went back to heaven he refused to acknowledge on the angels or of any of the have the whole general conference the universe was there the one that had been then Lucifer one when he refused to give allegiance they're all there to welcome Christ but he waves them back and he will not accept any no major until he gets the assurance from his father that his family on the earth on earth are accepted with him and it says he stays explicitly that titles and right again through him and Christ became a man and to give us life that we may share his titles and his honor and his glory for all eternity what he has to live in us that we may hear and I would him to understand. Because we're all evil 1st nothing good in this. And the only good is what he puts in this and that is the all that he can say of this what he puts in us every good gift and every perfect gift is from above I was played out and here is the staggering fame that in all which will run to the they belong to Him we have been promised to share since we were long ago destined for this by the one who achieves his purpose by his sovereign will follow that we as the 1st to put our confidence in Christ may bring previously his love. That's that Philip's translation the 1st chapter of the thesis the 1st part of it. Now back to this side it says by reason of the race and lost the body must be renewed and folks the spiritual life that we have today will not take over to come or have you found that you can have a wonderful blessing today and tomorrow it isn't there you have to renew it now we can carry over the 1st one but we can't carry the spirit to live. It isn't this that word must be our meat and break it is in this alone that the soul will find nourish nourishment and vitality we must cease to for his precious instruction that we may have been renewed in the spirit of our mind and growth in the Christ our living head when this word when his road is abiding in the living soul there is one this with Christ there is a living communion with Him There is in the soul and abiding love that is your evidence of our unlimited privilege a soul without Christ is like a body without blood. Like what. It is there. And how do we get the body of Christ through the word. Trust the life is in the word that's Christ. It may have an appearance of spiritual life it may perform certain pheromone a sin the religious matter and religious matters like a machine but it has no spiritual life so the hearing of the Word of God is not enough well we can have the most wonderful meetings in the world but they do not give us spiritual life they only give us an incentive to get ourselves. Spiritual it is not transferable. Unless we are told of God we shall not accept the truth of the saving of ourselves it is brought into the it must be brought into life practice when the soul receive Christ he receives his righteousness he lives the life of Christ as he claims himself to be whole Christ to study his life and practice his virtues to heat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God when this experience is his he can declare with the Apostle Paul I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ live within me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me all right will you do one thing for me that's a special Maybe when you get that print it was like to have a copy of it. It's taken from there with you and Harold and maybe we get the printers to print this off it's a beautiful quotation all the way through a it's his right to the point we're going to continue on our study of the 2nd lesson 2nd lesson work to remember it's the Scriptures and nature wisdom brings something you share with us with you found from the lesson book next time when you bring something to share with remember that it isn't yours until one. To do fair trade so bring something and I to give 20 minutes at least and scare with a fine something that is yours that focusing on face 3 for desire of ages if we have been following Christ step by step we shall have something right to the point to say concerning the way it is let us. This is the experience which our Lord called for and for want of which the world is perishing. For our personal experience regarding something that the Lord's done for us. And we're fair. 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