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True Education- Part 8

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    12:00 PM
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We have learned the most wonderful truth there is. How can a person once one versus a one who is a more wonderful another when we realize. That it is in our hands. To put those things into our minds that will make us go spiritually. And as I said I've said this many times I suppose I'll continue to say it. The great majority of professed Christians are only Christians by wishful thinking. I hope this will happen and I wish that would happen it doesn't come that way. There is no more value of wishing you were a Christian there is wishing you had something to do when you don't have indeed. By doing something. That I word have I hid in my heart that I might not want. Then against the. U.C. I'd share this with your I think I hear the early crafters But let me hear it with you again. Write him 3 page 363. Many of these references I put down in my I put them in the flyleaf of my Bible because they're small they're still vital to our experience. This is $363.00 it's the chapter appealed to the young. You all have an influence for good or for evil on the minds and characters of other. And just the influence which you exert is written in the Book of Records in heaven. Let me say right here we have the Bible and we need to study the Bible I think that our time should be balanced probably half and half that's what I'm trying to do I told you that I'm I mean I made a promise to the Lord I'm going to spend an hour a day in the Bible the spirit of prophecy and I've been trying to do it and it takes a real effort to do it you say where do you find it well maybe you can find it all at one time but we are going to have to set some priorities in our lives if we're going to make it you understand what I've found that. I just hope this will happen hope that will happen we have an influence on people and that influence is much more much more effective than we think an angel is attending you and taking record of your words and actions. When you rise in the morning do you feel your helplessness. And your need of strength from God and do you humbly hardly make known your Wants to your heavenly Father are you hungry spiritually when you wake up in the morning. I don't Magin most of us miss our meals doing you have any problem not getting the meals any other or do you just maybe just do you just make arrangements have time to do it. You know. Well I'll let me read this and I'll read you something else. When you arise in the morning do you feel your helplessness and your need of strength from God and do you humbly heartily make known your Wants to your heavenly father it's all angels Mark your prayers. And if these prayers have not gone forth out of St lips now want to stay left me. That means that we're honest with God We're not playing games we're not just saying something for effect. If so we just mark your prayers and if these prayers have not gone forth out of pain lips when you are in danger of unconsciously doing wrong what. And exerting an influence that will lead others to do wrong your guardian angel will be by your side prompting you to a better course. To sing your words for you and influencing your actions did you ever come the place where you'd slipped into something and you were already in if you didn't know how you got there it happened to us all the time doesn't it. Let's recognize that this is coming now you are saying that there's a change in your life to real when you realize that God's in control Look folks we're not in a world it's haphazard and everything going topsy turvy everything in this world is under perfect control. God is surrounding each one of us by that with the various circumstances we made. From eternity he has planned our life he's planned the circumstances of our life and that little statement let me just stop here and read this statement from. Now on a blessing it's page 116 in my book page 76 according to the index you may probably your book is page according to this card index. It says God has made provision that we may become like and to him he's right. And he will accomplish this for all who do not interpose a perverse Weyland frustrated great. I vote just think what that promise means that God has made provision that we should what. We like him. And he will do this for all who do not do what. Interpol is a pervert well. If you ever we are ever just quietly doing nothing and something said to you you ought to read your Bible. And then something else says but I have a lot of things to do with you or have experiences like this. And if you ever have experience where you knew you were supposed to go and talk to somebody and say something to encourage. And we always do it unfortunate we don't. We're going to have to come the place where we recognize that communication is coming to us. The Remember we studied in divine guidance that when we get to heaven we're going to recognize our guardian angels by their voices. Then if we if we because if we recognize them by their voices where are we going to get acquainted with them. Here we have much more communication with God than we ever realized if we would just stop to think about it. As you're studying the Bible as you're studying the Spirit of Prophecy do things come to your mind. You see this is all of this is written out. In. This little book not a blessing I thought what I what I think I don't know whether you both can do it or not. But I have not a blessing in steps to Christ and desire of ages and. Ministry of healing and great controversy all on tape. And when I'm traveling. If there isn't something else that has to be done I like to listen to these tapes and and I have I've done it less here than I have anywhere because I'm always around different places but when I was on regular work I had something I had something going I have a New Testament on tape let me tell you if we would bombard our minds. With spiritual truth something would happen to us. I just went on a trip and I was with some folks and they were talking and they were telling going over all experiences well. Telling about what happened and how this person said that that person said there and I just said I love. The apostle Paul says we're getting those things which are behind and one. Reaching forth of those things which are before I press toward the mark there are a lot of things we just well forget. If the Lord brings it to our mind if as we said look to the whole For once we're doing you understand but to go back and rehash and live over experience is either good or bad if there's no that there's no advantage to it. We're to keep our minds on things that well but build a step by beholding we become things and if we had some method I don't know how we can work this out but if we had some method so that we could continually bombard our minds with truth this little statement I started tell you Well I don't know the reason but I can't explain it but when you listen to something it affects a different sense than when you read it. And I'll be listening them out a blessing and I suppose I bless them out a blessing I'd say 45 and I don't know how many times. And every time I listen to that it's a new book you can't absorb it remember the statement I read that one sentence of scripture is more of more than what you know what it was. $10000.00 a man's ideas or arguments $10000.00 well anyway and so I said the folks I wanted to be kind but I said look there's no use living that over again it's gone there are a lot of things I don't want to live over again and most of the experience of life I don't care about going over them again how much time of our of our lives is spent in unprofitable conversation that is of no value whatsoever you say we waste a lot of time doing that. We need to spend more time in getting the truth into our minds that build a self spiritually Well anyway this is on page. 2 the page in the index page 20 I'm not a blessing the words of God are the wellsprings of life are the heart. As you see kind of those living Springs you will through the Holy Spirit be brought into communion with Christ in the what people say well we pray I want to be more Christ like I want to have more time with Christ will when we are dealing with inspiration we're dealing with Christ himself. That's how we get acquainted with him it's through the mediums not to just wishing he would or praying that he would it's he is in the word is the Living Word. For male your truth will present themselves to your mind in a new aspect texts of Scripture will burst upon you with a new meaning as a flash of light you will see the relation of other truth to the work of redemption and you will know that Christ is leading you a Divine Teacher is by your side. Now you've all had those experiences haven't you would only need more of them. You see. When our mind is at rest it begins to feed on those things that we put into it. And our mind will go. As a homing pigeon to those things that we consider most important. Where does your mind go when you turn it loose. What is it going toward. What comes into your mind when you turn it loose and it's when it's turned loose and it's not absolutely absorbed in what you are having a by day now the next paragraph says. Jesus said the water that I feel give him shall be in him a well of water springing up in everlasting life as the Holy Spirit opens to you the truth you will treasure up the most precious experiences and will long to speak to others of the comforting things that have been revealed to you we're getting a little head of ourselves our way are we talking about now you see it's how it's our work and our relation to the Scriptures and our relation to nature that brings us on experiences and we will tell people about what our experiences because they have been precious experiences. When brought into so shaken with them. You will communicate some crazy thought in regard to the character or work of Christ. You will have some fresh revelation obvious pitying love to impart to those who love him and those who love Him not what does this come from it's the Holy Spirit putting these clues together in the right relationship. But in order for it to do that they must be stored in our minds now back to this statement that I was reading I didn't read the last part of it remember this was about when we start out our day in the morning we should recognize that we're going to have problems at what they were going to have we're going to need help and so when we start out we should ask last. Ask God to have our guardian angel. Give us the right words to say at the right time now I notice you say well this is New going to do it anyway no he is not. Jesus said ask and what. Seek and ye shall want. It doesn't come he just doesn't give them to us just because. We need them because we wouldn't appreciate them. Now the time is coming when we get over on the other side that before you call we call what they going to do is going to answer now you understand now he does many wonderful things that I've had to do things for me that I didn't have sense enough to ask about. If you feel no danger and if you offer no prayer for help and strength to resist the temptations you will be sure to go astray. When do we need to recognize it. In the morning before we see anyone before we have any contact with people remember that the devil's own are cracked and we need strength for that day and if we recognize our need and ask him then he will give us help if we neglect it and do not ask him what what it says is going to happen to us. You will be sure to go astray your neglect of duty will be marked against a mark in the book of heaven and you will be found wanting in the trying day I 3633643. All right now. I'd like to challenge you all read it to read a chapter in the Bible and the read it and read it often I think maybe I told you this story but it will hurt I'll tell it to you again it was the young minister who had been in the ministry while you just wasn't accomplishing anything he just wasn't getting anywhere he didn't have any spiritual life or spiritual power so he went to an old minister and said Is there anything that I can do so I can have spiritual power will you tell me would you help me and tell me how to study tell me how to do something. In the old minister says Young man you pick out any via any book you want to in the Bible. And read it through 25 times and he thought that was kind of foolish. But the 23rd time he read it the Lord broke through to him. And he became a man of great power. We're not persistent. If we were dropped out in the middle of a body of water how long would you keep swimming to get to shore. How long this is low if you hadn't the strength legit why. Your life depends on it and hopefully we're dropped in the ocean of sand. And it's going to take a struggle to get out. And it's not going to come hoping or wishing it's going to come because we are consistent and persistent. I'm reading the book of Jeremiah through I I made a promise that to myself that I was going to read it through every week for a while it's too long to read it through one time so I had 2 thirds through it this week. And that I just read a verse in and it really encouraged me because I'm enjoying reading it and I tell you folks if we just read this our Sabbath school lesson over the next 3 months if we would really think we would really come to a place where we would just grasp what's in General Miles and Jeremiah of a real important book because it is a prophecy of what we place. Folks who are going into captivity just as surely as Israel went into captivity and we have more idle than they ever thought of having you agree with me I don't. Know we have idols in every corner of our heart. So lovely. And I had I just believe that the Lord is going to have to permit us to go into captivity even if we endeavor. To give our hearts to Him The Servian but the book of Jeremiah was written because the people couldn't learn it any other way and they wanted to captivity and I want you to know that we are going into captivity before this is all over don't ever forget it I read the statement to the. People that the time was going to come when they were going to be gravely scattered You remember that and it says some of you are going to be taken to a remote places. But the Lord will have a work there for you to do. Do you think that we're going on just like we're going now everything going fine routinely everything under control you think we're going through just like that. Let me tell you. Well. I started to talk to you about something that I kind of got sidetracked by but I told you about this minister. Reading this book through 25 times I was all of you would take the 60 after John. And read it through. And did you really begin to understand what I'm talking about and you know what the 6 after John is. It the diff course the Jesus gave when most of the people who were following him left him. And he said to the disciples are you going to leave me too and you know what Peter said. Well Peter says this this effect where we would but we don't know where to go. I mean this is what he would really say you have the larger live we don't know where off the go and why did these people leave him. Because they realize that he was not there. To give them a temporal Kingdom. And that His Kingdom was a spiritual kingdom. And what was the grave problem with the Jewish people what was it why why did you reject Christ what. They wanted to temporal Kingdom. By Jesus came to set up what kind of a kingdom of spiritual King. Did you know today that 7th Day Adventists they're looking for a temporal King. Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and I've had people say well praise the Lord I hope he comes soon. We don't know we're talking about Rambus life I don't know what we're talking about. This invokes the spiritual kingdom is still in operation. And we go into the kingdom of glory through the kingdom of life. To the Kingdom of Grace through the spiritual kingdom unless we are translated into the spiritual kingdom will never be translated into the kingdom of glory. In the book at the case and. There's a chapter called The Life work. Over there from one of many of these things that I just if we would just study. More I study the more I realize how much. How little we we really grasp now folks I'm not up here trying to tell you how bad we all are and are anything about I disabled we don't realize what we face. We have any concept of what's right ahead of it suddenly it's going to everything turn over. And it is not the life we think it is it all. Statement by them 5 says if the Lord is ever spoken by me the time will come when will I have to stand individual and alone. To answer for our faith. Are we right to stand individual alone. On page 263. Of the book education. To every household. And everything to every parent teacher and child who is left. With a talking to. Upon whom a film of the light shone the light of the Gospel comes at this crisis the question put to after the queen at that momentous crisis in Israel's history who know was whether that come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves into the world how many of us really want the Lord to come. And I got to ask for your hand but I have many just just just really think about your heart want the Lord God Why do you want to make up well I've had a lot of people say I wish a lot of time I'm tired of this mess I want to get out of it is not really the reason why most people want to learn to go. And I want to know what this and. Most people think of the coming of Christ in relation to do. You think of its relation to God. If you will give thought to the ring that C.N.N. has called our our create. All heaven suffered in Christ agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation humanity. The cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that problem its very inception sin has caused the heart of God Sin is brought to the heart of God every departure from right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach his ideal brings grief to him. When there came upon Israel the calamity is that Were they sure result of separation from God subjugation by their enemies cruelty and death it is said that his soul was grieved for the misery of Israel in all their affliction he was afflicted and he very very and he bear them and carried them all the days of old as the whole creation grown earth and travail are together in pain the heart of the infinite father is pained and sympathy our world is a vast Alas her house a scene of misery that we dare not allow even our thoughts to draw upon did we realize it as it is the burden would be too terrible yet God feels it all. And if you work up and send them and their work in hospital. There are several other how would you like to have all the pain up there accumulated in you. Would you like it. And how would you like to have all the pain of this world accumulating. You know what would happen to us or we die suddenly and mediately. Yet God feels it all in order to destroy sin it is the result he gave the results he gave his best to love and he has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring this scene of misery to an end. If you ever stop to realize the 7th Day Adventists are responsible for 2 world wars. It could have ended in $888.00 is that right or if it. Does you know those who know the truth are going to have to give an account of what's happened in the world since I thought. Did you ever think about that well yeah. Now why didn't the large come. And. People were already I was back there I was there none of us were here that's beyond our day we're here now and we have not gone 140 years wandering in the wilderness we're in the for 40 years. 3 have already passed them that. Since 844 the Lord could have come in 844 now the 40 took it from 48 took est in 88 and now we've gone on beyond that we're in our 4th 40 years. With Somebody is going to wake up and I tell you folks people are waking up today everywhere everywhere waking up. But the tragedy is going to be if I don't wake up if our time uncertain. If you ever read in the Bible about the wrath of the land you know what the wrath of it if you ever see an angry lamb. The strange statement. He is going to be the lion of the tribe a view to the wicked he is the Lamb of God Do these people. But to his people who have not accepted him and let him carry out his plan and then it's going to be the wrath of the Lamb. Or the gray day of his rap is common who should be able to stand. And their head and their her divine illustration. In desire of ages it tells about how currents would feel if. Their child was dying in the snow and somebody came by and thought what left to die. Every day. And it says how the parents feel this is this is the way God feels about us and the reason folks really that we don't do anymore is because we don't have any more money that's it isn't it we give what we have. And we need to ask God to give us more in order that we may have more to share. And that we take time to share going on with this and in education. It says in order to destroy sin and the results he gave his best to love that he has put it in our power through cooperation with him to bring this scene a measure to and then this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness and all nations and then sell the income. Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature is Christ commanded his followers not that all are called to be ministers or missionaries in the ordinary sense of the of the term but all may be workers with him in giving the glad tidings to their fellow man to all great or small learned or ignorant old or young the command is given. In view of this command can we educate our sons and daughters for a life of respectable conventionality. Of life are you interested in education others spectacle conventionality respectable conventionality. Well 2 cars in a garage and 2 chickens in the pot you understand I mean everything's fine going on real good I'm not trying to say some funny you want to say I want to be respectable just everything like it is. And if anything happens to us out of the ordinary we complain to high heaven over that. The circumstances that God wants to put us in to get us ready we are not happy with. The folks we don't do well under good circumstances you already found that out the lord has to lower the boom on me to get me to do very much. I don't do well under ordinary circumstances do you every warning reproof and in 3 D. in the Word of God or through his delegated messengers is a knock at the door of the heart it is the voice of Jesus asking for entrance every time I read the word everytime someone speaks then that is what the voice of Jesus asking for entrance with every knock on heated your determination to open it grows weaker if the voice of Jesus is not heeded at once it becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices the world scared business in Cosi attention conviction dies away the heart becomes less impressible and lapse into our lapses into a perilous unconsciousness of the shortness of time and of the grade eternity beyond then that's volume $77.00 B.C. $967.00. There. They all work together. Whole East they're used interchangeably the Holy Spirit speaks to us the Holy Spirit teaches the angels they work as a heavenly team and you won't find any distinction between them but we know when the voices speaking to us don't we we recognize. And after all who is that one the direction all. These are the ones directing you know is what it says what it says in the Word of God is says if the voice of Jesus is not let. Her is not heeded at once it is confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices. All right. Now want to get into. A little bit about nature that I I were not going to get into it I hope I gave you. Some reading with it Will you all really study the 6 chapter of John I hope we will because it was in this the Jesus says you must eat my flesh and do not think my bled and we think it all ordinances this is this is wonderful we have a good experience we can do this every day and he just ends up by after the people at all left and they were just all they were all upset and then he explained to the disciples that says the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak unto you they are. Spirit and they are alive. This the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy this is the testimony of Jesus this is the Word of God All these books and hear the testimony of Jesus this is Jesus speaking and he is the Living Word. In fact I want to read a little bit here I think. Now you say What does nature have to do with it well nature we've talked about this is a revelation of God in its original perfection all created things were. An expression of God's thoughts but we we discussed that there is come in evil and I want to I want to go over this once more the reason that we can't depend on nature today the reason we have to have the Word of God is because nature is confusing because of the mixture of good and evil. And. Some of you remember this let me see how many of you remember it. Adam and Eve in the beginning had something that enabled them to understand God in nature what was it. It was the garment of life that surrounded them and this comet of light illuminated everything they approached you find this in volume 8 page 265 to 55 and as soon as they say and what happened to this life. It disappeared this light was a symbol of God's presence and we've already studied that man was capable was created with the relationship to God that he could have more of God in them than other beings that's why he is going to have a special relationship to God because he was a space a lady made for the drawing place of God in a real special way and so when he lost his relation to God he and they did they began to die you see nobody's died in this universe for human beings as far as beings are concerned lots of animals of course and all the things that are but the angels never die I don't feel that ever die but man without God in the day they begin to die. 1st the 1st. Generations lived over 900 years almost a 1000 years and then as they got farther away from the Tree of Life says the reason they live so long is because admitting had eaten of the Tree of Life in the in the facts was still on him but of course we come down now to where we have a life expectancy is 70 some like that but anyway. This this when they lost the life of God They lost everything and you see because man had a special relationship with God He has a special day and they danger because the place that was taken by God has been filled by whom by Satan if he were not free beings we are either out of the control of Satan or without a control of God and if we don't accept the control of God We are under the control of fate there is nothing between God Christ has to cast out Satan all right now so they lost this life they could no longer does earn God in nature now there are some things in here about. That you'll be interested in you know people say well how do you understand they do your well it takes. A Divine Teacher unable us to understand they journey it's not important as far as God is concerned although this is good but the difference it is some people think they study nature when they know there was when a wall between an oak tree. Well you should know that ever seen a wall of tree and oak trees they should be looking for walnuts but. There's not there's nothing you understand that's not I went through science and I majored in biology I minored in biology but I never got anything spiritual out of it I studied how to do you know find a different species and then all the things go with it but there was nothing spiritual about it you know where you're going to get the spiritual lessons from nature. Well we need to study the Word of God but we're going to get them in nature as we commune with God Now this says. Apply from crisis to 57 apart from Christ well go back to 256 we need a Divine Teacher in order that the world might not remain in darkness in eternal spiritual not night God medicine Jesus Christ and Christ is the is the true light that light is every man that cometh into the world the light of the knowledge of the glory of God is revealed in the face of Jesus Christ the light of Christ illuminating our understanding and shining upon the face of nature unable the still to read the lessons of God's love in his creative works and who only can read God's lessons in nature people who have a relationship with Jesus is a spiritual lesson it's not something that we learn by just like you learn anything else in fact in Christ object lessons. Reading From Volume 8 page to 56 there's a statement in here that's a very interesting statement I think I can find it Christ object lesson. As the works or God of God are studied and but now what are we studying. Nature the Holy Spirit flashes conviction in the mind or that. Spirit it is not the can be conviction that logical reasoning produces. You see we don't study the scriptures like we study geometry algebra or history we come to the scriptures saying Lord what do you have for me in this and what who becomes a teacher we don't we don't wrestle with this like we wrestle with mathematical problem you understand we can do it trying to grasp the things of God But we it's a different thing the Holy Spirit brings conviction it is not the conviction that logical reasoning produces but unless the mind has become too dark to know God. The eye to them to see him the air too dull to hear is voiced a deeper meaning is grasped and the sublime spiritual truths of the written word are impressed on the heart and if you and I want to understand nature and get God's truth out of it we're going to have to come to him and ask him for instruction you know when Jesus was here and he'd learned all the wonderful things that he learned he got them where now we think that when we want to understand make your heart where would you go. You go to a laboratory and you'd study art you see the problem is folks and don't ever forget it the problem is that we all want to learn from somebody else. And education for generations back has been somebody imparting some knowledge to people that somebody else without doubt. But we will never get truth until we realize that it comes from God It's less books not from people God lesson books and what are the lesson books use for what scriptures in nature and what the experiences of life these are God's lesson books and I just want you to knows what happened to Jesus when he was a boy. 24. In the chapter in desire of a just as a child this is page 70 desiré just a 70 the question I asked during the Saviour's ministry how to know what this man letters having never learned does not indicate that Jesus was unable to read but merely that he had not received a read then icle education since he gained knowledge as we may do these are very beautiful and enlightening statements since he gained knowledge as we watch may do. Here is it a much acquaintance with the Scripture shows how diligently his early years were given to the study of God's word. The inspired words that he gave to the prophets to write as God he had to learn as a child from the Writings. Since he gained knowledge as we may do his intimate acquaintance with the Scripture shows how diligently his early years were given to the study of God's word and spread out before him was the great library of God's creative works he who had made all things studied the lessons with his own handed written in earth and sea and sky. What he made is God He had to learn as a child as we are not as we do but as we want. May do that. Apart from the other holy ways of the world he gathered stores of scientific knowledge from nature. He studied the life of plants and animals in the life of man. You know Ellen G. White was a great educator and all lines and she's talked much about breathing reading from your abdomen you know and you've probably had lessons in this and somebody said Sister Why where did you learn to braid us he said that I was the animals how many of us ever watch handholds really learn how to braid You see we don't see things. But we would if once we had the same teacher he said this is all spiritual true he studied the life of plants and animals in the life of man from is earliest years he was possessed about one purpose he lived to bless others. For this he found resources in nature new ways and means flashed into his mind how did it come. You know it I don't know how many of you noticed this but if you have and study this very probably have you ever noticed how many times it talks about life is coming to your mind crisis coming to your mind it flashed into his mind or one of these flashes scope of after all that's the way we think thinking is pictures thanks slicing to our mind and if we're susceptible to the Holy Spirit we'll have these flashes as we're studying the scriptures new ideas flashed into our minds new truths come together in relationship to each other you had these experiences evidence and we may know that whose buyers are a divine teachers by our side continually he was seeking to draw thing from things thinking illustrations by which to present the living oracles of God Now I don't know how many times I've said in this class and I don't know how many times I've said it I'll continue to say it and it probably you get tired of hearing me say that Christianity is not wishful thinking and all my life I thought it was practice all my life I thought that I just made resolutions and I was going to do this not going to do that and I just totally fail then if you ever have these experiences. Christianity is scientific if you want to know how you get spiritual growth just stop and think how you get there is a cool girl if we live physically as happy a hazard later and as foolishly as we do spiritually we do then others ever been adults with the saw today when we were children. Is that right or is it. I.E. systematically do you I mean physically do you eat spiritually systematically just to systematically are you just this is a just as important. I told you I was reading Jeremiah and I never read the text that I was going to read to you in the 15th after Jeremiah on the 16th verse. NY words were found and I did eat them. I did what Ethan and they were die word was under me the joy and rejoicing in my heart. For I am called by line name a lot of holes and you know Joe you know what he said right at the time when he was he was having Holies boils and he was in a terrible condition. He. He has a beautiful. Thought about. God's word job 2312 Neither have I gone back on the commandment of his lips. I have esteem the words of his mouth more than my time necessary for. I have esteem the words of his now more than my method. That. Job 23. 12 that what I said. You're going to be 12 now if you have your Bibles turn with me to. First Peter. First after. Starting with the 22nd verse 1st chapter 22nd verse seeing you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the spirit under UN thing in love of the Brethren see that you love one another with a pure heart fervently being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the Word of God which live us and abide forever for all places is grass and all the glory of the mouth of man is as the flower of grass the grass whether the flowers there are all of the way but the word of the Lord endure forever. And this is the word by with the gospel is preached unto you wherefore laying aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisy and envies and all evil speaking. As a new born babe desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby 1st Peter to starting that 2nd verse as what. How often are we babes. Every morning God's plan is that we should be born again every morning and we start every morning as a baby. We need to be converted every day. Yesterday is will not take care of us it's today that I missed them being born again. Not of corruptible seed but the Word of God and this says as newborn babies desire the heart. Sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby If so will be you have if so be you have tasted that the largest gracious. To whom coming as under Livingstone this allowed indeed of man but children of God in Precious You also as lively stones riz Livingstone's are build up a spiritual house and holy priest to the daughter of spiritual sacrifies acceptable to God by Jesus Christ you see this uses the beautiful experience of the temple vol read it you all know what happened when Solomon Billy's temple what happened. Everything was made in the quarry everything made the perfect specifications they must have had tremendous. Architects and blueprints and everything back there I just don't know they must have had a knowledge of building that we don't know anything about because I'm a builder and of course they have quick precut houses today but they're not that kind of a building they everything was cut in the Corrie. They brought it down there and put it together it says it was in the sound of a grave and. And so today in the quarry of this world. God is doing out the stone and he knows just how much to be used all you know is just what it takes to fit. And one of these one of these days the temple is going to gather a living temple every stone having a perfect fit. Everybody has a place that we learn that there is a place on earth for us there's a place in heaven for us and our place on earth prepares us for the place in heaven now we just have a few more minutes I want to go on in volume 8 I wish I wish you would read this there's a chapter in here and by the made I started on page 235 is called the a saint all knowledge now if you don't have time to read all these it's all right but these all of these are such wonderful. They're wonderful things. To 55 stars I just want to read I want to read a few statements in here and on to 58 is it is the section the work of creation. The work of creation can never be explained by science what science can explain the mystery of life. The theory that God did not create matter when he brought the world into existence is without foundation in the formation of our world God was not indebted to preexisting matter when I studied science one of the 1st thing I law learned was that that matter cannot be created or destroyed if you learn it. Well that's true as far scientists are concerned but not when God I can't explain how God can speak and that it comes into existence can you explain it. I can't explain it I in fact there are many things I can explain. On the contrary all things material are spiritual stood up before the lowered your whole bodies voice. On the contrary all things material or spiritual stood up before the larger whole but his voice and create were created for his own purpose the heavens and all the host of In the earth and all things therein are not only the work of his hand they came into existence by the breath of his mouth. Now it says in drawing upon the laws of matter in the laws of nature many lose sight of if they do not deny the continual and direct agency of God they convey the idea that nature act independently you know we discussed this about and I gave you a reference and ministry of healing when there is another very interesting reference they can they the idea that Nature acts independently of God having in and of itself its own limits and its own powers or with the work in their minds or the mark distinction between the natural the supernatural the natural is ascribed to ordinary causes unconnected with the power of God vital powers attribute to nature and to matter nature is made a deity it is supposed that matter is placed in certain relations and left to act on thanks laws which with which God Himself cannot interfere the general read that the law gravitation hold everything in space and everything goes in this orderly. Circuit around some other planet and everything revolves Well it does but it's not because God just put something there that doesn't notice what this says. This is false science. There is nothing in the Word of God to sustain it God does not and not his laws but he is continually working through them using them with his raiment they are not self working God is perpetually at work in nature he is his servant directed as he pleases nature and her work testifies by the intel of the intelligence presence and active agency of a being who moves in all his works according to His Will it is not by an original power inherent in nature that year by year the Earth healed this valleys and continues its March around the sun the hand of infinite power is perpetually at work guiding this planet. It is God's power momentarily exercise that keeps it in its position in its rotation. The God of heaven is constantly at work it is by His power that vegetation is called the flurry that every leaf appears every flower blooms every drop of rain or flake of snow every spire of grass every leaf and flower and shrub testifies of God these a little thing so common to us teach the lesson that nothing is beneath the notice of the infinite God no work that nothing is too small for his attention when I see a flower and I realize that God personally made that to bloom then I say does he want to do something with me. In the book Sons and Daughters of God I don't remember the page but I tell you the reference it says God's blessing is in proportion to our scale in creation. If he takes care of the little brown sparrow and not one falls without his notice what Lee do to the people who are created in His image who are created for fellowship with Him Now notice it comes to the next human mechanism. The mechanism of the human body cannot be fully understood it presents mysteries that baffle. The most intelligent it is not the result of a mechanism which once set in motion continues its work that the pulse beats and breath follows breath in God we live and move and have our being every breath every throb of the heart is a condition to evidence of the power of an ever present God and you know I won't take time to read it here well maybe I will I've got this to 3 minutes this this to me is tremendous did you know that God what that man was made like the animals and all that is in oh man that was made in a special way I want to notice that in the creation of man was manifest the agency of a personal God when God had made man in His image the image was perfect in all its arrangements it says the LORD God formed of man of the dust of the hour can you see those beautiful hands of God making this intricate mechanism. And then after he's done it he gives him the kiss of life he breeze on in him and man becomes a living so it's the holy spirit that brought Mandela. God's breath and the very fact that we today are alive should make us realize that there is a Living God present doing that much and he does for us all the time as much as we can do because of what one holds him back a perverse will I ever will. If we had a whale that was of was subject to God as Christ will us we would just grow up. To the full stature of men and women in crisis. All parts of the human organism were put in action the heart the arteries the veins the tongue the hands the theat the senses a perception of the mind all began their work and all replaced under law man became a living soul to Jesus Christ a personal God created man in and out of him with intelligence and power are substance was not hid from him when we were made in secret his eyes saw our substance yet being imperfect and in his book all our members are written when as yet there was none of them now. Remember that what God ordained to be done had man never sinned will be done through the agency of. Christ through the work of redemption. And what man could have learned directly from God and being taught by God and learning of him through nature and face to face communion now we have the privilege of learning and the agency is the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I'll have to read this $28081.00 more statement this would be complete without. This is a whole section on the essential knowledge. The fruit of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden possessed. Supernatural work to do You did it was to live forever its fruit was the antidote of death its leaves were for the sustaining of life and immortality but through that man's disobedience death entered the world Adam made of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil the fruit of which had been forbidden that they had been forbidden to touch his transgression open the floodgates of all of our race after the entrance of sin the heavenly husbandmen transplanted the tree of life to the paradise above but its branches hang over the wall to the lower world through the redemption purchased by the blood of Christ we may still eat its life giving fruit and one her statement and this is right in 6 they had 19 and this goes that was Page 288 divide in 8 and this is bottom 6 page 19. The word of truth it is written is the Gospel we are to preach no flaming sword is placed before this tree of life. No one. No flaming sword is placed before not this tree of life all who will may partake of it there is no power that can prohibit any soul from taking of its fruit all may eat and live forever. This is the Tree of Life. God life is in it. The same power that was in. The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden is in His Word. And all they do what I eat and do I. Never am. This by the words that we become partakers of the divine nature. Someday God's people are going to free citizens of. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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