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True Education- Part 9

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    1:00 PM
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Jesus gave the human race the 2nd probation Adam and Eve had it not been for the plans of a sand bar where Jesus stepping in front of between Adam and Eve and the father and saying Father let the penalty fall on the grave them another chance I'll die for them. And so we are alive today having the 2nd probation. Human Race died in the Garden of Eden had not been for Christ it would that would have been an end but now we have a 2nd chance and the death that the human beings die now is not because they are sinners it's because Adam sinned. And because of the life of Christ everyone's going to have a resurrection. And then whether we live or die will depend on our stand on whether we accept Christ like you understand this to live we don't know if we're now there some people are going to go through alive and we have the privilege of living in that those but because people see and was not because they were sinners it was because Adam sinned. As anatomy all die so in Christ shall all be made alive. And so when we come from the grave and everyone's going to come from the grave and we come from the grave then we have paid the penalty for Adam's sin then we have to do what we have to stand before God for how I live. Now when I had to move soon and they were given another chance they had to have some changes in the Live in order for them to know how to make the right choice and you know this was quite an eye opener to me I had read this many times but I never understood it on page 25 it says. It's the 3rd paragraph man the last all because he chose to listen to the deceiver rather than to him who is the truth who alone is understanding. By the mingling level either with good his mind had become confused his mental and spiritual powers been around no longer could you appreciate the good that God did so we is so freely bestowed and Adam a move had chosen the knowledge of evil and if they ever regain the position they had lost they must regain it under the unfavorable condition they brought upon themselves no longer war they did well indeed. For in its perfection it could not teach them a lesson which it was now essential for them to learn and out of the sadness they bade farewell to their beautiful surroundings and went forth to develop on the earth where rested the curse of sin Now the point that we want to get there is very simple and very plain. We could never develop under perfect circumstances and yet victory over sense. First of all we couldn't see ourselves under those circumstances if the Lord would suddenly transport us to heaven everybody would be. Heavenly to us even if we are terrible beings. Nobody would ever say anything bad no one would ever do anything that would make it hard for us now we make it hard for them but we will never learn the lessons that we need to learn though the Lord put a man in the commission where he brought upon himself in order that he might get be cured of sense and what the rest of it just saying is is very interesting we always see and other people what annoys us because one. It annoys them in them because. There's something in us that reacts You see I don't like to grab a fistful you know right from mistakes make it hurt and you see this. When we come in contact with each other there's a there's a there's a collision or something that comes up that none of us and this is a real problem in our lives now. I want to start with the 1st statement from not a blessing we've read this very many times. I'll give you the page according to the index it's paid differently from mine on page 76 I wish with all memorized this not a blessing 76 God has made provision that we may become like unto him he's right. Or rather what this is what one of the provisions God is made. Or the sum of you tell me what provisions you think God has made that we may become like you are you made a plan is the plan perfect the savior. Why is nobody save that. Well. Well 1st of all a lot of people don't know the plan secondly those who know the plan don't want it don't want to get involved in it and. Flat Anyway this tell why it says it God is made provision that we may become like God to him and he will accomplish this for all who do not interpose a perverse way all of us frustrate is great God is made every provision the same way. I was involved in that I plan a circumstance continually surrounding me that is the most conducive to a change in my life. Well you mean just do you think that God actually goes to all the trouble to surround me with a certain sense of. What is going on right let me read you another statement this isn't from Volume 8 we've also read this before but you know we we don't any of us remember very well I don't remember well and I know you don't either so we can read these many times obstacles to the advancement of the work of God will appear but they're not to the omnipotence of the King of Kings are covenant keeping God unites the gentleness and the care of a tender Shepherd nothing can stand in his way his power is absolute and it is the pledge of the sure fulfillment of His promises to these people he can remove all obstructions to the advancement of his work he has means for the removal of every difficulty that those who serve and respect the means serve him and respect the means he employs may be delivered to his goodness and love are infinite and his covenant is an audible. The plans of his of the enemies of his work may seem to be firm and well established but he can overthrow the strongest of these plans and in his own time and way he will do this when he sees that our faith has been sufficiently tested and that we are drawing nearer to him and making him our counsellor. Now you see there are certain basic things that we have to recognize God is key in control of circumstances don't ever forget it now read another statement there go right with that. Well I was paid Cannavale made I didn't give you the references I read another one this and this from out of blessings I mean from the Minister of healing I'm sure you're from your acquainted with these but we want to put them together because it's really important that we understand these things because it remember he's made provision that we should hide. Because like him and now what are we dealing about what are we dealing with today what is our what are we talking a lot of the experiences of right all right now 1st of all we're going to find out what God's side of this is and this is what we're talking about he didn't leave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden because there they would never of what. They would never develop when we come to the flood going farther on what is a lower due to the air. A completely ruined the earth that's right here completely ruined the Earth Wind. Because it was too good for man and wicked This was so great and you could go out and grow things there was no rain everything was perfect why they could just make a living with very little effort so what to do he made the earth put the earth in such a condition that it was just that it's hard to make a living today he wants it to take more time to make a living so we will have any wasted time he wants us to have time to do the things we need to do but when we. When we come when we have too much time it isn't good for us all right now here's a here's a statement that I will if you notice carefully this is for 88 or 89 the ministry of healing the Father's presence in circle cries what it. And nothing the fail him but that with infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world here was his source of comfort What was his source of comfort. There's a father's presence in the circle Eli and that could touch him where that is possible for me. Now when we realize that we discussed this a little bit when we realize that Christ had to develop a character for every person in this world. Then we recognize that he had to be in every circumstance that any person as world will ever be. He was to fall for his life as. We are one who does the we represent. Everybody there is no circumstance that we can ever be and that Jesus has already gone through this circumstance and that his station with different is temptation from ours they were harder than our much harder. To see when he went through the 10 days in the wilderness. What was his sensation What was the 1st sensation. Yes it was on appetite but what was that what did the Satan say to him. If you're the son of God You do what come in the stone to be made bread Yes all right he wanted him to use the divine power is that a temptation to us. But the odds but either the principles there are to. What is our camp taken. Hahaha use our own power that's right. His temptation was there he did Jesus have that power. All right his temptation was to use it and why didn't he use it because we can't what is our camp day says. I said that use our power all we have and if we do that will happen. Who did he commit himself to. The refinery. Now then what would it be who is in control of our. Yes So when we endeavor to use our power whose power we actually use it was a power. And isn't this where we all fail both the time trying to do it ourselves there letting the Lord do it the betting in the end. Like that. But whose power is it what is his car now I don't hear that. No. Is this power in us he uses us he uses our talents we use eval thing we have what did Jesus say of my own self what now. Now it wasn't the cause he didn't have power to do it the air part of do anything you want to do. You see let me give you a little straight in this manner you know the saying it really it frees me when Jesus was here and I can explain and I'm not going to try to explain the study the nature of Christ we realize that when Jesus was on this earth he was God he was not he didn't leave he didn't leave his divinity in heaven he was God when he was here but he only used whose power is father's power and but at the same time he was up holding all things as God and if you study the Bible services both you'll find that while he was here he was still God and there was a Here was a man that got up and came up to him and so and so absolutely insulted in that he spit in his face at the same time he was giving him power to do that does that take self-control. Would you lie I would want to I would want to buy this but my face if I could control or live with just a thought now you are going to ask others back there. Now you you're going to have to talk a little louder I can hear you. Well. I'm saying that he was God while he was here I was dealing with human nature he was a human being and he did not say in what he had human nature. He was a human being because Mary was his mother he was God because God with his father now I have I don't want to get involved in a way we can get really involved in this but this is something that you can't explain you can understand by experience and we need to study the nature of Christ there's no question about it because you and I are going to have the nature of Christ we're going to have the nature of God and we're going to have it by a lot of we're going to have it by faith but it's actually a birth a transaction it's the same kind of a birth of Jesus had now let me say this in order that we may understand our relation to Him Jesus did not become exactly as we are he became what we can be when I am born again I have the same words that Jesus had when he was born the 1st time. Well. You see. Here let's put it this way he did not become become the exactly as we are this is a we can make a play on words here he he took our nature but he did not sin in our nature now what he took Nay he took human nature after 4000 years of degeneracy and what do you want to call it sinful nature or not at least he didn't say it in that nature you understand what I mean what Mary his mother was a sinner wasn't it. And he was the son of Mary but he was also the Son of God and he had tendencies he had temptations but he did not see and even by a thought now I can explain that all right what it sounds like there. Well no I can't agree with that because Jesus came and took the result of 4000 years of sinful tendencies he was not like Adam he was different from Adam Adam. Was he was the 2nd Adam because he came to to take the place of Adam and to give us another chance is through him we have a 2nd chance but he did not have Adam's nature Adam had no evil tendencies Alium Jesus did because he took human nature but I don't want to get involved in this is something we need to study because of. The nature of Christ is really important. We're back to the I want to stay with the experience of life yes. You want to say Father go ahead. I don't know I can explain that I this is a mystery that says it's the mystery of God You know there's a statement that says. The nature of clash is something we have to be exceedingly careful regarding our discussion other and also it says that the plan of salvation cannot be explained that you read that but it can be experience we must we must study the nature of Christ in order to study his relation to us it's very easy to get into. Splitting words you know and I don't want to get involved because. They're just a lot of things you can't explain it is a mystery will always remain a mystery all I know is that he took my place he became a human being in order that I may become a member of his family I can become as he was a particular human nature so I can become a partaker of the divine nature but then back to the experience of the rive I don't think I don't get away from this we were discussing the fact that God controls what the circumstances when we don't realize that then we are all was blaming people and playing for our problems. When we come to the basic understanding that God is in control of circumstances to change their whole attitude toward life you believe it or not. Do you agree with that now notice what they said it says Jesus recognize the fact that his father. Was his father. Presence in circle him and nothing could touch him except that that came through what his father for his good he had a country father is father had to permit it now and still knows what it says nothing befell him but that was infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world here was his source of comfort and it is for us He who are by is imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ whatever comes to him comes from the Savior who surrounds him with his presence of course is done by Christians you say what about a person does a Christian play don't have the same protection that a Christian have but still God is not going to permit anything to come to us that is not for what. Was good. He carefully measures these things. And. Where would it make a difference and remember this so ever forget this when we come to the final judgment now how many have read the description in great controversy where there's a great multitude of the last outside and then there are around the city and then there's a throne that raises up above the city and on this throne is God and Jesus and all are reading this throne of God is big enough for all reading from this earth and it raises up above the city and then it says when Jesus opens the book of record every person outside the city is suddenly conscious of everything he's ever committed this is going to be incredible. There are a few of them that give me trouble I don't want to see all of them all about. Now you see when they do that now notice what it says it says they will see just where their feet turn from the path of holiness and knowing all about their life they're going to have to admit that God made every provision for saving them and because they're lost it's. Their own fault. And so they're not going to look at somebody else and say Now look if you hadn't done what you did I wouldn't be involved now when we read the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy let's recognize that there is a double accountability for every soul there is their own accountability and there are accountability in our relation to them and I have a responsibility to everybody I come in contact to give them the right influence and to say the right word that's my responsibility and I may be lost over that influence you understand but nothing that I can do takes away from them their own responsibility for doing what's right you understand what I'm saying. So you have see things that are written that I have my responsibility that says that if I had done certain things that person might have been different but on the other hand what did they have to do they had to make a choice also you understand so. They I don't have the final responsibilities are being off I have for a response therefore my relation to them but they have their responsibility for their relation to God You understand that and every person every person that's ever lived in this world has received enough light for salvation because it says Jesus lighted every man that comes into the world and if we would realize that in our dealing with people it's not as much the responsibility for saving them as it is that we have the privilege of demonstrating to them the character of Christ and helping them in their way to heaven all right now now back to what we were talking about we were talking about our responsibility now if if every human being bows down and admits the Fergies is that they had an opportunity for salvation but they didn't accept it then he has surrounded them with circumstances too and they will have to be saved you understand God is made himself responsible for the circumstances we have to make ourselves responsible to how we relate to the circumstances for salvation that claim. And if we do not if we do not interpose a right. A perverse way all the arrangements have been made for our salvation Aren't you glad of that. He has surrounded me by the circumstances and I've got into circumstances that I thought were wonderful and they turned out to be really bad. I thought but I finally woke up to the fact that they were what I needed Have you ever had those. And if we really believe that I want to read this one that I want to read another I want to read it in the Bible that you're all familiar with it says whatever comes to him now that's to me comes from the Savior who surround him with his presence nothing can touch in the except Lord for Mason all our sufferings and sorrows all our trials and temptation. All our sadness and grief. In short all things work together for our good now listen all circumstances and IGS all experiences and circumstances are going to work with all of us whereby good is brought to. Any time I complain. About people. Situations what I might say well God you don't know your business and. You see if the Lord can save me he's going to use me to save somebody else either I'm going to be polished by the sand or on the sand polishing the view. That's right. You see there's there's much more involved in this than we have any of the any circumstance and in her standing now than in the book ministry of healing 100 I want to read something there this. This is going on with this situation. 500 Mr he meant he's become inefficient by invading responsibility for fear of failure he would never try to do something for you. Thus they fail of gaining the edge of that education which results from experience from what. Now restarting a lot. Life's experience is are dealing with the circumstances of life how do I relate. That's they fail again that education which results from the experience and what you're reading and studying and all the advantages otherwise game can I give. Men can shave circumstances but circumstances should not be allowed to shape the man we should see years upon circumstances as instruments by which to work we are to master them where to live. But not permit them to master us. Our are those who have been opposed and baffled and for. Men of right now court system by women to this is human beings are those of. US and baffled and forded. Is the devil going to keep trying to keep us from doing the things that we're supposed to do are people going to try to keep us from doing. What God is going to give us the strength and he's going to permit us to do. So we're continually Valley circumstances and why are we in the circumstances. This is the only environment that will get us ready for heaven this is the only one by amicable in which people can develop a character that will enable them to share the food of God. This is an ideal circumstances you say well what about a look at all the things we can do for fable you see really when we get to heaven all we can ever do is be good you can really do anything for anybody out there very much can you. Broadly want to exposing you wonder go and help somebody who was hungry where would you find. Less opposing you decide well I think I'll go and visit the jail today. Or would you go. Let's pose the Iran here's the nurses train they like to rub somebody's back well I don't know maybe in heaven or so they let you read the background of the law but they don't need it. If you want to help somebody the sick where would you go where well what do you do for anyway that they need the doing up there. One other thing everybody has everything they need a large take care of all their needs are not hungry they're not thirsty they're not cold they're not tired they're not saying they've already learned not to break any laws they all learn how to get along with people so nobody has or feeling search you can go and help anybody with their feelings or there's nobody there wouldn't be human hurt. But you understand what I'm talking about we have our world full of people now that we can do something for and that and we can develop a character that will make us like Jesus if he takes us to heaven what would we do there's nobody needs any help. We could develop that character. You see I think I've told you this for I I grew up an advantage my father was a minister and and I used to hear him preach and he scared me to death you know and I didn't you know I was really converted I didn't I didn't I didn't know what it was that he'd yell about Jesus coming in all and I'd say my when and when I see Jesus come or really start praying you know which I didn't know then that it was too late to pray for you have prayed before that you're wasting your time and I used to say oh this is what I used to think QUIEN the world was not born in one of these other worlds where I was and he said Did you ever think that. Well that would have been all right but did you know the greatest honor that could ever come to any being in this universe is to be born into this world. Which you know. Because it's a perfect environment and we have the perfect situation to enable us. And running the cries to develop a character that will make us member of members of God's family. Only human beings have that privilege. Because Jesus became a human being and because he became a human being he made it possible for us to become a member of his family and we have the perfect environment to develop that character and soul These are what we're dealing with and. The circumstances of life experiences a lot were in the environment to develop a character that will enable us to share the throne and glory of God for all eternity. Why should that be who is controlling it who's controlling it why God is controlling it he has put me in the situation in the environment that if I make take advantage of it I will reach the absolute highest attainment that it's possible for me to reach He put me continually in that circumstance. And. Well yes and I've told you mine per by my own personal experiences and after all it's it's my experience that I understand and you see I was in converted last 25 years old. And I had come to a place where I was through with religion I was ready to give it all up I was going the world. I'd been advised all my life and at that time I was a deacon in the church but I was serving disillusioned with religion I didn't want any part of it I hated it and I was walking along one day and got spoke to me this is plain what an audible voice I can't explain it to you but he he put this all into my mind maybe I've told you this not I want to make this long but I just tell you what happened to show you how God works and he asked me a question. And the question was this Have you ever been a Christian and I thought well it's not something. And so I spent quite a while in my mind you understand telling him all the things I've done to prove I had this great I was a Christian why we went in gathering right at that time we were going in gathering it was during depression and we were going for nights a week for 3 months singing back and if you think that isn't something. And I was a deacon in the church and I was teaching a class in church school and I was out doing missionary work I was doing everything you're supposed to do but I hated it. And after I got through all my telling the Lord all the things I was doing and it quieted down he said again have you ever been a Christian and I well I thought it was a something. And then I began to tell him some more of the things that I've been some things I've been doing and then to find that that was down and the 3rd time again maybe I've been a Christian I said well maybe I'm maybe I haven't maybe I'm not a Christian maybe I don't know what the role is to be a Christian. Maybe this was home with me I don't know what was wrong with me I thought I would I'm just like everybody else but. I don't know if they were as miserable as I was or not. And so I. And then it came again well before you give it up why don't you try being a Christian I said all right oh well why don't I do and then or just immediately put into my mind what I should do the next Sabbath I was on when I had to get up in church and confessed to the church I'd never been a Christian and I was a big bird. And so I said or that's what I have to do that's all right I'll do anything Amen I'm a miserable enough to do anything to get I'll get over it. And so I was said on the front seat the deacon of one side on one side one on the other and my father was a minister and the thing was that he I knew it was going to be easy because he was an old fashioned ministry always had testimony meeting so he got up and preached a sermon and announced to him and sat down. But I was so build up inside I just couldn't. I had to have something to say so I just got up and said Now wait a minute I have some to say and of course this is pretty unusual in the church you know when you haven't asked for test one meeting and so I just got up and faced the current case and I told them to focus on never been a Christian I don't even remember what I said but I know this that when I began to make my confession something happened in that church and I could see the people swaying in their seats. A Spirit of God came in and. The most powerful way I think I've ever seen and then after I'd made my dick give my testimony people began to give their testimony. Well I was rebaptized I didn't know I never read in a statement about I was rebaptized and the Lord changed my heart he gave me a wonderful experience and for 6 months I lived there wasn't a cloud between then the Lord I had everything was right I did everything I knew he wanted me to do and I had a perfect experience and then you know what happened I began to lose that experience and I didn't know how to get it back I didn't know how I got it it was spontaneous instantaneous a tremendous experience Well anyway I was here to tell you my life story but anyway. It's our experiences we learn from and I went then I went 25 years like this up and down and up and down the up and down never really having experience I wanted and yet I knew there was something there head until I finally came to the to the same experience again and I did a lot of things I shouldn't have done and I lost my relation to lord it was terrible Well anyway. I came to the next experience and 1st experience came when I was 20 the 2nd came when I was 50 and I decided well if I don't make any more progress the next 25 years or rest of our life if I live to be 100 I'll make it and so I set my heart to. Seeking the Lord Well I want to do this experience some time I will but I don't have time they would anyway the Lord brought me another experience but this time it was not a spontaneous conversion I had to learn to find how to know God step by step. There's a science to salvation I had to learn every step of it as I went This is why it's important that we understand the steps of conversion the step to salvation because when we make a mistake why then we can go back and correct it. This is why the book steps to Christ is read we don't read it enough I mean it has all the steps and every time you read it you get some new Have you found that well anyway the the climax of my experience and I think I told you this but that's all right I don't mind telling you again came. Just a few years ago when I was at the Michigan you know I spent 16 years of it OK then and I was having. A reasonably good experience but I was all was in my mind I had I had this feeling well I you know and what I didn't tell you the rest of the experience that I had when I was 1st converted the Lord really spoke to me when I had that experience and he said I GIVE ME I have a special work for you to do if your face I'll give you a part in this finishing of God's work and. I'll give you the opportunity of speaking before thousands of people well and that was fantastic you know I this could blue the thing like that but but I blew the large promise but after I had gone through this experience and I just got to the place where I where I really was having I'd go I done a lot of things I shouldn't do and and so I was saying well now you know the Lord had a wonderful work for me to do but look what I've done I've described it all up because I did so many things I shouldn't do and I was under a real cloud that thinking well now look what the Lord want to do through me and now he couldn't do it because of all the things I had done and I was reading this I read this and I was reading this statement it's on page 200. And 26 The gospel is to be presented not as a lifeless through but as a living force to change the lives God desires the receivers of his grace shall be witnesses abuse power this is our experiences of all this the the experience of life were to tell people what. For God has done for us say. It isn't a matter of giving doctrines this is all right there are times to give doctrines but if we would tell people what God has done for us then something would happen well anyway says God desires that the receiver is a ruse Gray should be witnesses situated to his power those whose course has been most offensive to him then what or when I read that I said well let's here is me my course I knew a been most offensive and after he'd given me this wonderful experience and I'd lost my experience I had done things I shouldn't and and I just messed up my life says those whose course has been most offensive to him he freely accept the right. He imparts to them his divine spirit and places them in positions of highest trust and send them forth into the camp of the disloyal their birth claim his boundless Mars right I read that my said Well isn't that something then the Lord really spoke to my mind again and he said Now look don't you think back there when I called you that I knew you were going to go through this experience this is just a part of your training I get up and do the thing I giving it a go. And so we have all had some horrible experience of having This is a part of his training does me know that I know less do the job is given a study. We're still in training and these are the experiences a life the Lord has made me sympathetic to alot of people that I would NEVER been sympathetic had I been through certain experiences and sometimes the Lord has to put us through some really hard things to keep us from being hard. Yes the law he doesn't want us to remember is those that have been forgiven the most that are hot. That love him them all now then say those I you know what I used to think I said those who sin the most then say that. It was no wonder send the most of you don't love him most is the one that's what. Forgiven them all just because we don't love him until we're forgiven it's the forgiveness because we get forgiveness we love him yes. You know I. I've picked up a book in the library one time on Alcoholics Anonymous. And the 12 principles in that and I've never been alcoholic I but I was interested either I've seen that worked with some people out with who in Alcoholics Anonymous and I was very interested in this book and the 1st principle of Alcoholics Anonymous is this. Have you come to the place where you realize that your life is unmanageable then we can do something for it then you can get some help with her state and I thought well isn't it interesting that's that's the way what a sinner has to do before the Lord can do anything for them we have to realize we've come to places what. Our lives are on manageable. Then. Yeah I read it to you. Desire of a just say 300. This is the statement these all these statements are wonderful to me because they're they are they're part of my experience 300 desire of ages the proud heart strives to earn salvation through one but both are tied all to heaven and our fitness board are found in the righteous of Christ the Lord can do nothing for the recovery of man until convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self sufficiency he yields himself to the control of God. The Lord can do nothing until what till I realize I'm totally helpless I'm on Hannibal and folks if we don't realize that we just don't know we're centers That's all yes. What is the righteous of Christ is the laying of the glory of man in the dust and doing for us what we can I do for ourselves Now notice what this says the Lord can do nothing for the recovery of man until convinced of his own weakness and stripped of all self sufficiency he yields himself to the control of God then he can receive the gift of God is waiting to be stolen from the search light feel this need nothing there is withheld what. He has unrestricted access to Him in whom all of all this trial that. All right. Our time is gone. Next time. I want to study wanted Jesus' parables with in relation to. Education. We're going to study in our next lesson in the in our next class the wise in the foolish virgins. Remember that those who have true principles of education are going to do what. They're going to while what are they going to have restored in them. The image of God and Satan doesn't want us to have that so he has a counterfeit and that's false education and the most pitiful people in all of the by a lot I know of by the foolish virgins. Satisfy people and you and I could do really very well be foolish virgins if we don't have an understanding of what's going on. OK We would like to. Would like to have our closing Yes. For 89 minutes revealing so last that paragraph where nothing can touch us with our high. Value God's permission. Let's settle a few things the son of the fact that God is in control. When we understand that is father a lot of things in life the 2nd thing that he was still guide us and lead us so we will know that we're absolutely under his control then when we know those 2 things everything's out of our hands except right submitting to him and letting him take we can't even give it to him our perverse will in dealing in those situations and he will. Perform ideas may produce him and we may be harassed like him like him when he'll make us like him if we will just get our hands on ourselves nobody else OK who'd like to pray this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you'd like to do this more sermon Please Visit W W W audio verse or.


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