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True Education- Part 12

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    4:00 PM
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Oh how many. What the. Statement that we started playing the bass we started there was a quotation from the cage occasion. In order to. Understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to understand. All right the nature of man in the purpose of God in creating him. Now the nature of man was that he was to do. He had the possibility of up. And down. And what was the. Purpose in God's creation. That we might. Be members of God's family. By her relationship with God and you know it's very interesting. This is not because human beings are so much. Better or so much more capabilities than anyone else that isn't the reason at all it's because God has been has permitted us to be born. Into this family and into this environment. That develops people. For the for this for. True if your kin is what. Is Missionary Training true education is visionary. And I wonder if you ever heard the book steps to Christ. Well they're just chapter in their the call the work and the life I just I pick this up and I was very interested in some of the things I've remembered what it said. And. On page $83.00 Oh there's so much this whole chapters are tremendous chapter. Or so they all are. And the effort to bless others will react in blessing upon blessings upon ourselves this was the purpose of God even giving us a part to act in the plan of redemption. He has granted it may end the privilege of being being partakers of the divine nature and in their turn diffusing blessings to their fellow man. This is the highest honor the greatest joy is that it is possible for God to be still upon them. The greatest honor that God can bestow upon human beings is to live there before takers with the end in the work of. Telling others what God trying to do. And witnessing to what he's done for us. Those who thus become for templates and labors of love are brought nearest to their creator or God might have committed the message of God of the Gospel and all the work of loving it ministry to the heavenly angels. He might have employed other means for accomplishing his purpose but in His infinite love he killed us. He chose to make us coworkers with himself with Christ and the angels that we might share the blessings of the joy is the spiritual left lifting which results from this some selfish ministry this paragraph in which it was just understands this is a tremendous power because it takes us right back to that purpose of our creation. We are brought into sympathy with Christ through the fellowship of His sufferings every act of self-sacrifice for the good of others strengthens the spirit of the NIF a sense in the givers heart and lying him more closely to the Redeemer of the world who is rich yet for your sakes became poor lady through his poverty might be rich and it is only. As we thus fulfill the divine purpose in our creation. And life can be a blessing to us. It is what these alleged victims you know there's they're not very big but they are pretty inclusive it is what. It is only as we enter into this. Service for to some place prize in the industry. And in helping others in a practical way and the reason we learn what we help in the practical way because when we do that what happens. Then we can get close to them and they will listen to what we say. And. See if somebody has a stomachache they're not really interested in the study on the 2nd coming of Christ or if they have a headache. It just doesn't get through to them. That the Lord has given us means of helping people. In their physical problems and if people are hungry. It doesn't really mean for us so much to go and pray for them that the Lord will help them to have a full stomach. The Lord intended that we should do something in a practical way to help people and then they are sent. Every son and daughter of God is called to be a missionary. We are called to the service of God in our fellow man and to fed us for this your service should be the object of our education. You see where we were in elementary education and. Sometimes I think that we're in adult education the children are teaching this but. That's about the way it turned out. But the thing is that from our earliest years. We are taught to be selfish. We want to get an education so we can accomplish something. We want to learn to read so we can be a greater service. We want to get an education so we want to have to work so hard. I mean everything that we deal with in our whole educational process is not. To help us to be of greater service. It's amazing how many people are ambitious and want something really great and they're spending their time on it getting to the place where they reach higher states of. Prosperity usually. The Jesus who was the Son of God was willing to work for 30 years in a carpenter shop. Because that was his father's will. You see Jesus knew. What was going to happen to him he knew what he was going to go through before he came to this or if you all know that don't you. Know they would be good to rehearse it because Jesus was our example and there are 2 statements in the desire of ages. And one is page 147. You know somebody came to Jesus and told him that. That Herod was going to do something to him. And he said. You go tell that Fox of my hour hasn't come near. Us a very interesting state. My hour has come. And here is a comment on it. The words mind hour is not yet come point to the fact that every act of Christ life on Earth was in fulfillment of the plan that had existed from the days of eternity. Before he came to earth the plan laid out before him perfect in all its details. But as they were. The money man he was guided step by step by the Father's Will he did not hesitate to act at the appointed time with the same submission he waited until the time had come and on page 20410. 147. This is to 410 I'm reading this because. We've discussed this so much. But it's so hard for us to really believe it or grasp it they Godhead as outlined our lives for us and we have to find his will and he's wants to teach us as well he wants to lead us in the way you want us to go but it's so hard for us to come to a place where we don't say well you know the Lord gave us a mind and you know we have to figure all this thing out. When he did give us a mind but he wants our mind to be the fulfillment of his mind the carrying out of his mind and because we are able to direct our lives there are too many things of before us to say he knew everything. In fact he was he inspired the prophets to write the things that he need to use when he was on earth. Knowing that he would need these words and of course there for us to well let's say as the work of Christ on earth was hastening to a close before him in vivid outline lay the scenes where his feet were tending even before he took humanity upon him he saw a whole length of the path the list travel in order to save that which was lost. Every pang that rent is heart every insult that was heaped upon its head every privation that he was called to endure was open to is if you do before he laid aside his crown and royal robe and stepped down from the throne to close his clothes his visit to divinity with humanity the path from the manger to power it was all before his eyes he knew the anguish that would come up on him he knew it all and yet he said Lo I come in the volume of the book it is written of me I delight to do that I will obey God's laws my heart. I'm real glad the lawyer. Won 4714. You see I'm real glad that you and I don't know everything this that's going to happen from here the end of our lives we would just be simply overwhelmed and this is why heal and this is why I can only reveal it to us a very short time beforehand because yes the condition is for him. But he was willing to do that and this day understatement for ministry of healing we have. We read this many times and it's. Because of 140. I have a hard time remembering some of these pages sometimes. Well anyway the statement said is. That Christ. Did not have an a place to be desired. We were lost. Christ counted. Not heaven a place to be desired. We were lost. In thought it was 147 but I guess that makes. It said. One o 5 Well good. I'm glad somebody can remember. Some of these things. I get some of my pages mixed up some time. All right that's right. Jesus did not consider heaven a place to be desired while we were lost. Knowing all the things that he went that he was to go through he was willing to go through it because he wanted to save human beings. You know we don't know much about that kind of love that way but then. Like that. Well of course he missed heaven but he couldn't enjoy heaven knowing why. Isn't this what the we have in this what the parable of the lost sheep teaches there were 99 sheep safe in the fold but one was lost. And so it is. He went out. And he serves to found the feet. And he said to the one chief was more precious in his eyes. Then all of the night you're not and never say. You see. This was what this was what brought it is love it see it it's our great need that is love responds to course he loves us but. This is true about parents especially mothers. You know and in many families we have what we call black sheep. And. It isn't because. The parents don't love them. But there's just and the fact that they love them I think especially those that are in that condition so. We in order for us to do missionary to it to have a missionary training we must have an understanding. Of what our work is and it's not just the duty it's something that we're impelled to do if we are really. Converted. There's a burden there that we just can't get away from there this chapter of it is full of many interesting statements. And it tells about how children should be trained from the very earliest years to live to be a blessing. Yeah. Life is mysterious and sacred. This 397 it is the Manifestation of God Himself the source of all life. Pressures precious are its opportunities and earnestly should they be improved once lost they're gone forever. You know death is pretty. It's just pretty permanent that's all. In my life I have. Been brought in contact with dead people I've seen so many people die. Then with them when they die. And this is a horrible situation. In this. Especially when people come to the realisation that they're dying and there's nothing they can do about it and particularly if they don't if they don't have a hope and. In the future. And a person could be the richest person in the world they would get everything they would give everything they have for just a few more breasts. And life is. It's important to spot and shore. And of course we have a responsibility and if we. Live close to him and and understand his guidance in our lives. Then he's going to bring if just to those people that need help just at the right time. Before us God places eternity with its solemn realities and gives us a grasp on immortal imperishable themes he presented valuable ennobling truth that we may advance in a safe and sure path in pursuit of an object worthy of the artist engagement of all our capabilities. And this paragraph is such as these are say just such tremendous true so simple God looks into the time you see. That he himself has formed and sees wrapped within it the beautiful flower the shrub or the lofty widespread ing tree so does he see the possibilities in every human being Remember the statement of desire of ages I think I read it here I don't remember if I did or not but it's Page 606 and I tell you it just the 1st time I read it it really shocked me. The 6 o 6 God counts the things that are not as though they are. He sees the end from the beginning and the whole is the result of his work as though it were now accomplished. The precious day ahead from Adam down to the last saint who dies will hear the voice of the Son of God Look come forth from the grave to immortal life. God will be there God in a show be his people there will be a close and tender relationship between God and the Risen Saints this condition which is anticipated in his purpose he beholds as if we were already existing. God sees us already in his can. Is not something. What I want to see you see the possibilities in every human being we are here for a purpose God has given us his plan for our lives and he desires us to reach the highest. Standard of attainment He desires that we shall be constantly growing and holiness and happiness in usefulness. I'm reading from this from a from the Ministry of healing now this chapter 2 education missionary training 398. The highest of all sciences is the science of soul placing. What is that is that all science. The greatest work to a chilling beings can aspire is the work of winning men from sin to holiness for this is a copy for the accompt of this work a broad foundation must be laid. A comprehensive education is needed I know says about Jesus Jesus secured his education in the home. But that's too simple. I had a woman talk to me one time I've had a lot of women mother stopped in the end and. She said. She said Well you know I appreciate the training I think this is a really. I think this is really a wonderful experience I think the young people here have a good experience. But she says I want my son now to something. And we are sitting on the day I have for. And he had a boy about 12 years old I guess and he was sitting over there with a baseball bat one hand and a ball in the other and he was sitting there throwing the ball into his mitts you know. We were talking and we were about in the middle of our conversation and. He looked up to say Buddy Where's your baseball. Well now this is all right. But isn't it a tragedy that we have a. God wants human beings to. Be members of his family and be teachers. His love and his character for all eternity. And we like to play tiddlywinks. This. Well there's a statement in Volume 5 I have no fear if I can find it. But it's. If I can turn to is a very it's a very startling statement. Look at the. State and it's by and so very key. They read as they. It's in the 1st part. But in fact. I guess I don't have. The page down here. But it's. I wish I could find it because what do you think what do you think he's butting wimple or. Have any idea. And what do you think it was think it says he's paying for them. Well says. The world's applause money. Appetite. Faction. The desire for our own way these are the things that. And the devil gives us that. And. They could turn right to it but I don't see it well maybe this is something for you to look up if you're interested in the 1st part of. The bottom 5. But we don't we are in if the so much of the negative Jesus security is education in the home his mother was its 1st human teacher from her lips and from the scrolls of the prophets he learned of heavenly things he lived in a person's home and faithfully insure fully acted his part in bearing the household burdens he who had been the commander of heaven. Was a willing servant a loving obedience on he learned a trade and with his own hands worked in a carpenter shop as a carpenter shop with Joseph in the garb of the common laborer he walked the streets of the little town and going to and fro his from his humble work I had the privilege of visiting that. I suppose it's somewhat like it was then. And I'll tell you it's a pretty. It's a pretty scribbly looking face. They have no sort of system. The streets are made of rock stone and the animals and the people walk up and down and they have a little better along each side where it rains and the water runs down all the refuge runs down. And I suppose it's something like it was when she is was there it's just a pretty. If we had to live I don't I don't think I've ever seen Well I've never seen. A place anywhere in America that. It was as bad as it was well I suppose maybe the slums might be worse but you don't you don't you don't see it's much I mean there it's just. It's just a pretty dismal looking place and Jesus walked up and down the street going to and from his work. With the people of that age. The value of things was estimated by our show as educated as religion had declined in power it had increased in Palm. The educators of the time sought to command respect by display an ostentatious. To all this the life of Jesus presented a marked contrast. His life demonstrated the worthlessness of those things that rig men regarded as life's greatest and children. The schools of these time with their magnifying a thing small in their belittling of things great he did not seek. His education I think you've heard this before we read this from education we have read of the Minister of feeling his education was gain from heaven appointed sources. From us for water from the study the scriptures and from nature and from the experiences of life. God's lesson books full of instructions to all who are full of instruction to all who bring to them the willing hand the seeing and the understanding heart and the child grew and waxed strong in spirit filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him. Those prepared. His and that is not quite a preparation prepared he never set it at the feet of any of the world's great man. But he said at the feet of his father. That's prepared he went forth in every moment of his contact with man exerting upon them an influence to bless a power to transform such as the world had never witnessed you've all heard that little. Well it isn't a poem. This this is page 400 of the ministry of healing and. I was just thinking about. This. And yes I have it in the Bible I have my Bible and my commentary all of the pages written in it. He was born in an obscure village. The child of a peasant woman he grew up in still another village where he worked in a carpenter shop till he was 30 then for 3 years he was an I 10 or preacher he never wrote a book he never had an office he never had a family or owned a house he didn't go to college he never visited a big city he never traveled 200 miles from the place where he was born he did none of those sayings one usually usually associates with greatness he had no credentials but himself when he was only 33 he was only 33 when the tide of public opinion turned against him his friends ran away he was turned over to me as enemies and went through the mockery of a trial he was nailed to a cross between 2 thieves while he was dying his executioners gambled for his clothing the only property you had on Earth. When he was dead he was laid in a grave to the pity of a friend. 19 long thin trees have come and gone. And today he is the central figure of the human race and the leader of mankind's progress. All the armies that ever marched all the navies that ever sailed all the parliaments that ever sat all the kings that ever reign put together have not affected the life of man on this earth as much as that one solitary life. You see. He knew what to greatness was because he came to demonstrate. As a human being what God would do as a human being. Not what God would do as the creator or not what God would do as a ruler of the universe though what God would do as a human being. So if you want to know how how God would demonstrate humanity how he would be a humanity or do we learn. From the good Christ and from his earliest years he was possessed of but one purpose he lived to bless others well. Here's something very interesting that we've been discussing in our in our teachers. Devotions. Let the youth advances far this fast as they can an acquisition of knowledge let their field of study be as broad as their powers can compass and as they learn let them impart that knowledge. It was it is thus that their minds will acquire discipline and power it is the use they make of the knowledge that determines the value of their education. It's what. It is how much an old is what. What do you do with it. What do we use it for. To spend a long time in study with no effort to impart what is again often proves a hindrance rather than help the real development. In both the hole in the school is to be the student's effort to learn how to study and how impart the knowledge gained whatever his calling he is to be both a learner and a teacher while life still lives were to be what learners and teachers we do not have anything until we impart it does it is really ours we don't really believe it. This is page 402. Do you remember we read from Christ object lessons this very same this very same statement if we could just realize that it isn't how much we know it's what we do is what we know that is a violin poured. Remember the person who had the one talent and he hid it and one of the lower the Lord telling when he came. He said I know you are a hard man why did one. I buried it. He who refuses to impart that which he has received will at last find that he has nothing to Gale. Well what. Are we here is consenting to a process they surely do or arson fire destroys the faculties of the soul. Did you ever know anyone that. Had just learned the wonderful truth and learned to know the Lord and they just they could give a testimony that they didn't have much to say but it just thrilled you when you heard it and somebody else a new all answers and and they could just tell you everything which you go to sleep while they're doing. Well it's a different. You see it has to go through it. And it becomes a part of us when we impart it. Christ object lesson 363. This is a this is a tremendous truth that we must really understand and and maybe folks like have I'm just pressing the issue I think we all have something to share every time we meet together something we've learned if we don't share it you know what happens. When you lose it it's only as we get it we keep it. And I've told you my experience and this is having me several times I try not to let it happen too often. This happened several times I was in Michigan I was there many years and I used to have a lot of worships and like I used to have 10 meetings every week and used to worship every morning and then prayer meeting and Friday night vespers and Sabbath service for years besides doing all the work that needed to be done that had to be done and the only way you can keep up in this program is that the Lord has to wake up in the morning. And several times I have and I never forgot the experience but I forgot what happened the Lord is wake me up early in the morning and something real special all it was just such a wonderful and I said well you know that's all good I've got a way to more people get together and give it to him Why you know I don't want to give it to just a few people that's just too good to give the few people and you know what's happened every time I've said that I forgot it and I have the slightest idea what it was all about. I don't was one of those. If you want to keep what you view what you get you share it with somebody. This is why. And if we would do that all the time. Can you imagine what would happen if everybody were sharing with each other what. What we received. Well that's what's going to happen that's what's going to happen to the people who who finished God's work. Well the next section of this is the essential knowledge. These are all tremendous chapters are there was. A knowledge of God is the foundation of all true education of all true service what is. Knowledge of God. And I was reading this morning I I read these chapters this morning I'd read them before but I woke up this morning and I was reading them and that this is a chapter in here. Danger and speculated knowledge and I just there's a statement here that just really shocked me as I read it. And. It was telling about training. For service. If I can find it. And he was appalled when true and educated Yeah I was well it was on father falls and through an education this whole section on education he says as a preparation for Christian work. Many take it to St Kilda quite an extensive knowledge of this story can only historical and theological writings they suppose that this knowledge will be an aid to them in the teaching the Gospel but their love boy a study of the paintings of man tends to the unfeeling of their ministry rather towards strengthening as I see libraries failed with punkers volumes of historical and theological lore I think why spend money for that which is not bread the 6th chapter of John tells us more than can be found in such works. Wonders. You remember the day when every statement that I read here one time. I was a volume 7. Pages I said. When I was reading this from for 41 of all this is for ministry ministry of healing I was just thinking about. This. I was 71 when I read this before but you know if we don't if we don't share these things if I don't use them well I just forget them this is my problem why if I keep using them I remember them I remember where they are yes this is bottom 7 page 71 run sense of scripture is of more value than 10000 the man's ideas are arguments. 100. Now how many. 10000 a man's ideas are hard humans will have I don't have it we waste a lot of time in education. One was sent and this says the 6 chapter of John is better than all knowledge and good for all these volumes in the library. We are right in contact with the greatest source of knowledge. Here we have a Bible we have a spirit a prophet we have we have truth that doesn't have to be sifted. Pure windowed. GRAIN. The mastermind in the confederacy of evil is ever working to keep out of sight the words of God and to bring into view the opinions of Man what they try to do. He means that we will not hear the voice of God saying this is the way walk yet it through perverted educational process as he is doing his utmost to obscure heaven and live life through that. Through perverted educational processes and I just noticed this statement We are in need of schools where the you shall be taught that greatness consist in honoring honoring God by revealing his character and they live. Through is word of these works we need to learn of God that our lives may fulfill His purpose. I read this skipping around here because this is all in the section on education. OK this page for 15 Not only will get you to read it. However there are likely to notes. Although you will go. Well. Put your notes away and look at what you don't have on your notes. Every time I read a book again The things that I have marked don't impress me near as much as I haven't marked of yet even those that. You know will yes. Good. That's all I ever hope to do in this class is to stimulate people to get something for themselves you will never remember what you get here I know that. I've been a teacher too long I don't people don't remember. That I don't remember what I gave last time I felt how would I expect you to remember. That's why we have to get every day. You see my son gets really up to from yesterday is there. Yours. Was the same way spiritually. We have to get it every day there is no other way we are protégé Kurz of the divine nature through the word through inspiration that's the only way we get it. We don't get it by asking for what now we get we have to ask but we also have to do what. We have to see. That's right when I was just thinking about creation you know about God You know we we have such a thing. Ideas of God and I read this before but. You know remember Saul river again. Fact I don't remember it up you know I I'm not talking to you folks because I think you're dumb I just talk to you that I know you're just like I am. Because I read something one day and I can't find where I left off the next day and I found lack of good and I know you're the same way that I have my question pression on me so I just have to keep beating it in and beating it in the C.N.N.. Because it just doesn't make that much impression. And I thought in a foreign language to you. We just have to keep doing it and that's all I hope to do in this class is just inspire somebody to study because it's only as we get it for ourselves because after all in this class I'm just eating and you're watching me. That's all really and you say my I taste good doesn't it. Reynolds good hope that's well good to know you were on the cover this. But there are other things with the cover do you know maybe you had to get your own dish. Everybody does live in general. Some people like militant straddled alfalfa and all kinds of things. In the creation of the earth God was not indebted to preexisting matter remember that. He spake and it was he commanded in his steadfast. All things must tear our spiritual stood up a fairly large order that is brightest and were created for his own purpose you say unless we understand and believe that God is a creator of something out of nothing we're never going to have faith that ignore and then with us because that's what he's doing all the time isn't it. Really is now what is really as to make something out of the thing. We have nothing to offer only. Something he needs to get rid of. All things material or spiritual stood up before the large over there is a vice and were created for his own purpose the heavens and all the host of them the earth and all things therein came into existence by the breath of his mouth in the creation of man was manifest agency of a personal God God had made man in His image the form was perfect in all its arrangements but it was without lives. Then a personal self existing God breathed into that form the breath of life. And man became a living intelligent being. You see God breeze life evidently the breath of life is that has to do with the Holy Spirit I don't know how to Hearts and how. I don't want to get into I don't want to get into philosophical thinking it just says that that's what happened says in the in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth there is without form and void and the darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and then he was you do began to put all this material in under a wall. That's what the 6 days of creation were putting all this matter under all. And the last thing you put under law was man made out of the dust of the earth and and but he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. All parts of the human organism were set in action the heart they are the range the veins the tongue the hands the feet the senses the faculties of the mind all began their work and were placed under law all man became a living soul. Through Christ the Word a personal God created man and and out him within Dell intelligence and power our substance was not hid from him when we were made in secret here is iron our substance yet being imperfect and in his book all our members were written one as yet there was none of them others got out of there. As a book and has our whole life in it. And I think I feel it is the greatest thing we have to say let's cooperate with him and not let him push is around all the time when you know all this let's get together and the willingly. And then this statement that I really I guess I've used this probably more than any state in the spring probably is. Paid for 17 a ministry of healing the mechanism of the human body cannot be fully understood its present mystery is a vassal a most intelligent it is not the result of a mechanism which once set in motion continues the work that the pulse beats and heart follows breath in God we live and move and have our being the beating heart the throbbing pulse every nerve and muscle in the living organism is kept in order and activity by the power of an ever present God The Bible shows us God in his heart and holy place not in a state of inactivity not in silence and solitude but surrounded 510000 times 10000. Holy beings all waiting to do is willed by these messengers he is an active communication with their every part of his dominion by his spirit he is everywhere present through the agency of His Spirit and His angels he ministers to the children of man above the distractions of ARDS he sits and throne. All things are open to his divine survey what it what are. How many. Home things past present future Oh yes. It's not today it's not the more it's not yesterday with him it's now. That's why we've discussed that that's why it's called I Am. He doesn't have to change why should he change and holds everything from the beginning. When I do something he's not surprised maybe he's paying sometime but not surprised. Above the distractions of earth God sits in throne all things are open to his divine survey. And from his great and come eternity he orders that which is Providence these best. They all have all of you learn this. Then you'll never have to grumble again. There's a difference 3 knowing it by memory and knowing it by heart. If we believe that really wouldn't it wouldn't do something. He orders that of our. I it doesn't look best to make a lot of times but his mind and mine and I mind all work together and so somebody is going to have to change or do you think that's going to be. What's that. All right but there's always a whaler catches. You understand what I'm talking about so I imagine a lot of going well rides. And it's not as it's not as nice as a boat ride. Yoda said though the waves got around his neck. And said he was 3 days in hell. I don't mind and it was I managed a real rough ride out of my the net that if oil made took it taken him all over the all over the ocean I don't know he probably got seasick. Lacey was there for 3 days and 3 nights that's a long time to be in that slimy place. But at least it was in the whale. And the whales vomited him up on dry land and do you have any idea where we probably where he would undoubtedly have vomited them up. The closest place to Nineveh he could get. And they get it because he was writing from Canada. And he took ship to partially you know where that is that's the other end of the ocean I mean the other in the Mediterranean Sea that's the farthest you can get and I'm sure that the that the whale took English courses to get my water to Nineveh I've assure that. But you see it is in the bible full of experiences where people have turned away from the Lord in the Lord and for sake to me just follow through picked them up where they were and went on. Course as painful. But it isn't any more painful and then then it has to be because of our stubbornness. Remember the statement God is made provision that we may become like under him. And he will do this for all who do not interpose a perverse oil and those frustrated grace. And he we detoured he brings us back. But. Above the distractions of earth God sits in throne and. There's something very significant he can sit and look at all of us. All things are open to his divine survey. And from his great and calm eternity he orders that which is probably she's best analogy wide made a statement. I can give you the proof of this I've heard from several sources she said of all the things that God had ever given her this was the most precious state. Now. This for 70 minister having. Was that. Yeah most precious they mean the guy they were given or above the distractions of ours God's church and from. All things are open to is the one true way and from his great and calm eternity. You say this takes away and it doesn't mean that they were not going to feel bad if we do wrong but it takes away that terrible staying how we have surprised and hurt God what he's doing already. He's already made provision for never read the statement in every way or the and every difficulty he has already prepared the way the brain really. Oh my God Let's see if we can find it I don't know why I'm always quoting things you know that I. But. Really how many statements would it take to save us how many how many words are God will take to save us really. Isn't it amazing how many we have that we don't do anything about. You know it says a heathen who have such little knowledge or in a better relation to God than we are who we who have so much life they don't do anything about. It isn't how much we know. That's the. That's the real thing. Well it's not interesting it's right here Mr V. and I haven't gotten that far I've read the minister of healing. Of page 41 will be under this pretty quick this is over in the help and a living. So I'll just give you a little preview. For anyone there are many whose hearts are aching under a load of care because they seek to reach the world standard What's the problem. They have chosen a service accepted as perplexities adopted this Customs that's their characters Martin their life made awareness that continual worry is wearing out the life forces our Lord desires them to lay aside this yoke of bondage but we don't know how but he's going to help us he's going to turn the clock around one of these days so we can do it they're going to remove a lot of the things we're having problems with. Our Lord desires them to lay aside this yoke of money this is also in the chapter and desire of a just the invitation this is this is the same same quotation he invites them to accept his yoke he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light worry is blind and cannot discern the future but Jesus sees the end from the beginning in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief and life. Story taken care of. Normal good thing Willie withhold from them that walk up rightly and this statement of course we've all read it. And forgotten the 1000 times. Our Heavenly Father has a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing now if I've got 3 or 4 he has a 1000 more there's a 1000 ways and what you know nothing those who except the wrong principle of making the service of God supreme will find perplexities vanish and a plain path before their feet and I don't say their difficulties will vanish this is what. I perplexity will vanish we can be of difficulties without being perplexed. Because in every difficulty he has all ready was. Made plans for the taking care of it. Well we got a little ahead. Are signed up for we have 2 more classes and we're going to our last 2 classes will be in this section help and daily call the workers leave. I just want to read the last paragraph in education. Just a little let's go back to 465 if you have the book. Let the student take the Bible as his guide. And stand for principle and he may yes fire to any heights of attainment to what an advertising. Then. Over on the page $466.00 the soul dwelling in the atmosphere of dwelling in the pure atmosphere of holy thought is transformed by intercourse with God through the study of His word truth is so large so far reaching so deep so broad the self is lost sight of the harvest softened and subdued into humility kindness and love and the natural powers are in large because. Holy obedience from the study of the Word of Life students may come forth with their minds expanded elevated and ennobled the last paragraph life work here is the preparation for the life eternal the education begun here will not be completed in this life it will be going forward through all eternity ever progressing never completed ahead of point can we have a mentor this is all he was really worried he said by the learned I just don't understand it he said I am really worried how do you think that will come a time when I would never learn anything any more I said all. But only to be concerned there's enough Haven't you already learned that there are so many things you can't learn that is just impossible to even begin to grasp them. Remember that we will ever learn and there were ever be an infinity beyond and the more we learn of God the more intense will be our happiness that. The more we know God the more we become like him and the more we will have the more we have capacities and all the more will have capacity to love and capacity for happiness. Where more fully world will be revealed the wisdom and love of God the plan of redemption the savior is the lead to children the fountains of living water will import rich stores of knowledge and day by day the wonderful works of God The evidence of his power in creating and sustaining the universe will open before the mind a new beauty in the life the giants of the throne mysteries will disappear in the summer will be filled with astonishment at the simplicity of language were never before comprehended she one of my goals is I want to go through the sons of guns we will makes it hot. I have a lot I have a real curiosity I want to learn a lot of things. And. They're the grandest enterprise may be carried forward the loftiest eye aspirations reach the highest ambitions realized and still arise new high stakes about 2 wonderful mire pray she objects to call forth the body the mind and the soul this is the last chapter great controversy. All the treasures of the universe will be open to the study of God redeemed unfettered by mortality earth born children wing their tireless flight the world of our. We're all going to be face people. On and we're not going to have to have space ships are safe if well are kind of that. We're going to matter less and stand next to class and we're going to have the last section of workers made would like to trade on this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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