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True Education- Part 13

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    5:00 PM
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You know that the. Social no lessons are on Jeremih and the reading for today's lesson. Was do my study in the morning and study the Sabbath school lesson that the. Outside reading was the chapter in great controversy the final warning while I've read this chapter dozens of times and even more than that but you know it's amazing how. Every time you read these things you see things that you never saw before never thought of before different things are impressed upon your mind. And one thing that really. I was. Thinking about more than ever before you know we hear the expression a little time of trouble. And then the great time of trouble well actually the little time of trouble as we call it it's that's what it says and that's what it's called and are the writings the literal time of trouble is the real time ago before God's people. Driver the greatest trouble that the world ever seen for God's people will be during the time of the final message the final warning. And without a doubt we're going to see martyrs by the millions. Because there there is only a small group going through and they're going to be people all the people are going to be warned they've got to come out of Babylon but in a way what I was thinking about was this statement This doesn't seem possible that out which you see one the one the one the message has power and begins to change people's lives you know the problem we have is that we equate. Knowing nothing and believing the same with doing it all the time. But it has nothing to do it. The only thing it's affective is what we do. And after all we're judged by what. By our. We're judged by our work and when I say by work we are saved by faith but if that faith does not work how do you and they hear faith. How would you measure faith. By your works no other way to measure paid who aren't If it doesn't work it isn't faith doesn't Peter doesn't James say faith without works is dead and we read they say what they just somehow there they're like. They're like a dream. And I was I was thinking about the statement where it says families are going to Dispy come demolished to moralize. Basics a way that says conscientious obedience to the Word of God will be treated as rebellion will be what. Bride did by saving the parable exercise harshness of the severity toward the under the toward the believing child the mistress master mistress what oppress the commandment keeping servant. Affection will be an alienated children will be different heritage driven from home. The words of Paul will be literally for failed all live godly Christ in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution as the defenders of truth refuse. To honor the $37.00 some of them will be thrust into prison some will be exiled some will be treated as slaves. But now we just don't think that it just doesn't look possible that we just can't believe it but they're afraid to try it on us because this is under the final warning. We're not given the 3rd Age and the message just never gone with power is going with power and then it's going to be joined by the other angel revelation 18. Year member I read the statement that was written to the people and Mountain View California said you'll be greatly scattered some of you will be taken too. Far off places. Remote areas that say it but there you want to have a word for God to do remember that God has to do drastic things to get us to do the things we want to do we all sat down in groups and we it's wonderful we're in institutions in places we don't really have many tests we don't really have many hardships when you really come down and look at it it's not really that bad. But we're not because we're not doing what the Lord wants us to do he's going to just. As the saying goes he's going to have to lower the move on and he's going to scatter as he's going to there are people in prison who need the message given to one so wanted to lord it OK yes some of those put in prison. There are people who need to hear the message that no one else no one no one and no way else they could get things done so some are in slavery some are going to be. Others are right on us you see let's face the fact that we are not to live just for the situation that we are today now where to live today we're not to spend our time thinking about tomorrow but we should be preparing for the eventuality that we know is coming and then this statement was really. Really impressed me over again this on page 609 crisis him best that there is has nothing to do with consequences. And what. We're not responsible for what happened. With they must perform their duty and leave the results with God. We are not responsible for consequences we just that has nothing to do. With us at all we have no rule that we don't have to be virgins that. All right now and then what have something they want to share with us to fill their. Work A. Little. Bit of to get one of their. Part you got a. Real. Winner for the field at the fair there you know the right now. But here you. Are right that you have to go around the world. Things aren't going to get them. In this thing OK Oh Oh right right right but I'm going to you know. We just see them up for. A week you know infinite for you being seen. As we don't like the Senate hear me all right get out of here we go your way I'm. Going to. Be. OK. If there's any case 3 and Carol was over that period Ari then the worries are not they're not going. Anywhere. For you. Are with. Singularity or you are never. Going to know for them to be telling you that man thank you so far and A. Good. Now what is the purpose of education. Is that. The restoration of God in man to restore in man the image of these maker Now what does this what does this say what is that what is that process called. That. Yes is called Redemption and. There's a matter of words and also Maddux But what do we actually call this process. That's true to who so you can read my mind. This is all character development courses sanctification and justification our process of Kerry development character development remember the development of character is based on actual. It's not wishful thinking it's not desiring it's not hoping it's what it's doing something. We can have the best intentions in the world and never do anything. We could starve to death we've been painted good mates who don't want to starve did what you have to do. You have to do something was. Struck by and this is what I see everywhere I go every every contact I make the problem is that people saw only that people have good intentions the desires know a lot of things. But the question is what are we doing about what's happening. This is the important thing. You know we're we're running the cycles for years and years we thought. You know really we were in a salvation by works cycle and you can't get We're salvation by works there's no question about it there's no way it has whatever we do must be done by the grace of Christ but it must be done. It must be done Blessed are they that do is come and let that they may have right now we must keep the commandments of God but we can't keep them sold the grace of Christ must keep them through us but we must keep them. There must be action now so this is this is the thing that is important this is a thing that Christ was was doing all through is life is what we equate and have acquainted all of us most of our lives we have acquainted education with the gaining of knowledge in facts which is not education at all. There is this has to do with it but anything that I know that does not change my life is of no value. This could have imparted facts you're familiar with the state but I'm sure of page 48 says Christ could have been part of the knowledge that would have surpassed any previous disclosure and put in the background every other discovery. Could he of made an airplane could he have made everything could he have have worked out every inventor there we have today he had all wisdom all knowledge. He could have unlocked mystery after mystery and could have concentrated around these wonderful but revelations the active honest thought of successive generations to look all the time but he would not spare a moment from teaching the science of salvation his time his faculties and he is ripe were appreciated and use only as a means for working out the salvation of the souls of man he had come to seek and to save that which was lost and he would not be turned from his purpose. He allowed nothing to divert him Christ could have imparted to Christ imparted all a that knowledge which could be utilized Why did he only embark. Something you can use yours if you don't need it is of no value. His instructive of the people was confined to the needs of their own condition in practical life. Their curiosity that led them to come to him with prying questions he did not gratify all such questions he made the Cajuns for Ernest solemn Bible appeals to those who were so eager to pluck from the tree of knowledge he offered the fruit of the tree of life. They found every avenue closed except the way that leads to God every found was sealed say the fountain of eternal life our Savior did not encourage any to attend the rhythmical schools of these days you know what the reason was. He did not I encourage any to attend the radical schools of these day for the reason that their minds would be corrupted by the with the continually repeated they say or it has been saying. How much do we get in school of what they say or it has been said. Friday at night he said that he would he didn't encourage anybody because their minds would be what. Corrupted was what people say this is amazing. Why then should we accept the unstable words of man as exulted wisdom won a greater a certain wisdom is at our command that which I have seen of eternal things and that which I have seen of the weakness of humanity has deeply impressed my mind and influenced my life work I see nothing where in man should be praised or glorified I see no reason why the opinions of worldly wise men and so-called great men should be trusted then and exulted How can those who are destitute of divine light enlightenment have correct ideas of God's plans and ways they either deny him altogether and ignore his existence are they circumscribed his power by their own finite conceptions let us choose to be taught by Him who created the heavens and the earth by him who set the stars. In their order in the firmament and appointed the sun the moon to do their work. As page 449. Now. And we. The next day after seeking to knowledge we won't spend a time although this is a chapter that has it there's a science of Christianity to be mastered. We're all going to have a master's degree and Christianity. If we escape the 7 last legs. And this. I just want to bring to our minds I hope you've read these things we must turn from a 1000 topics that invite attention I never thought. Jesus only in part of that knowledge which what we see we are limited in character development by time it takes time to develop character and if we are doing those things that fail to develop the right character we are cutting ourselves off in our enjoy and live for all eternity of the things that God is prepared for this is why we must all set priorities. You understand what I'm talking about we must have priorities there are just a lot of things that we don't have time to do there are things that that would be perfectly good. If it were not the circumstances of the conditions in which we're. You see if I'm out on a lake. And a storm comes up and my boat turns over. There just a lot of things that are important that I know. What there's one thing really important that I need to know and I said. This we have that's exactly right. Everything else is unimportant. Our little story one tile about 3 men that were out had a guy they were on the wilderness and it's kind of a silly story but it has a point to it and and these men had this guide who was naturally used to the living out in the wilds and so they were talking to him and one of them was a. History major and he said to the man he said Have you ever studied history and he said No I have studied history so what you missed half your lie. The other fellow was a. English major. He was says if you studied English he said no I don't know much about English what he says you missed half your life. And the other man was a music major and he said you know much about music and he said no I don't know much about music what he said just half your life. And just about that time a storm came up. And really began to blow when he said say Gentlemen do you know how to swim. They said no well he said I'm sorry but you may have missed all your lives. I understand. Their time and their priorities and we're living in a time when we are together preparation for the storm is I want to say this as I read that. I appreciated this comment on body of night you know this is. We need to redevelop the testimonies I wish all of us would read the testimonies through there something real special in these well anyway in. Volume 8 page 315 a storm is coming relentless in its theory a lot of. What I do think that's true or is that just tall. A storm is coming relentless and his theory are we prepared to meet it. We need not say the perils of the last days are soon to come upon us already they have come. We need now the sort of the spirit to cut to the very soul of fleshly lusts appetites and passions as well so we must turn from a 1000 topics that invite a tainted we're going to have to study those things that are important there are there are matters that consume time and arouse inquiry but ended nothing. The highest interest demand the close attention and energy they're so often given comparatively insignificant things and the section God Knowledge receives through God's Word now we get to the chapter that we were going to study there are there are these 4 chapters and we just can barely touch them this whole section on help and a living I hope people who read this the workers need and there's a chapter help in daily living. I'm just going to sketch a few things in this there is analysis once far more powerful than the eloquence of words in the quiet consistent life of a pure true Christian what a man is has more influence than what he says. What is it. What we are is more important what we say. I was in the garage one time out in Denver Colorado I have a hobby of. Collecting same's. Anything that really is really that. Makes me think. And on the service department. There was a little sign on the bottom the words well done are much better than the words will say and. You see it isn't talking about your car they get to done and makes the run what is it. Is what you do to it. The officers who were sent to Jesus who were sent to Jesus came back with a report that never man speak as he spake but the reason was. Never man land does he live. Head is life in other than it was he could not have spoken as he did his words bore with them a convincing power because they came from the heart pure and holy full of love and sympathy but they have less in truth it is our own character and experience that determine our influence upon others. In order to convince others of the power of Christ grace we must know its power in our own hearts and lives. The Gospel we present for the saving of souls must be the gospel by which our own souls are saved now there's a section in the discipline of trial and we have discussed this so much I don't like to spend much more time with it but most people are running from the things they need. We need the circumstance that God sends and we are always trying our best to get out of. This as. Many who sincerely consecrate their lives to God's service are surprised and disappointed. To find themselves as never before confronted by obstacles and beset by trials and perplexities they pray for Christ like of character for a fitness for the Lord's work and if they are they are placed in circumstances that seem to call forth the evil of their nature and there are that experience. Space for 70. We call we ask for Christ likeness of character and then what does the Lord send us. The circumstances that show us what we are so we can do something about. The false are revealed of which they did not even suspect existence like Israel of all they question if God is leading us why do all these things come upon us. It is because God is leading them that these things come upon them. It is 5. Trials in obstacles are the large chosen methods and this one has appointed conditions of success I just read a book 7 afternoon I. I don't usually recommend books outside of inspired books but you would all do well to read this book it's it's written it's the last book The Carlyle behaves wrote and it's called God sent a man out of ever read it or not. This book is. Is right to the point all the way through it just teaches one lesson and that is that God is leading in our lives and overruling all for good is a real interesting book. All right he sees that he who reads the hearts of men knows their character better than they themselves know them he sees a sum of powers and susceptibilities which rightly directed might be used in advancement of his work in his providence he brings these persons into different positions in varied circumstances the same they discover in their character the defects which have been concealed from their own knowledge he gives them opportunity to correct these defects and to fit themselves for his service often he permits the fires of affliction to assail them that they may be purified you know the time is coming very soon. What it says the straight testimony is going to be revived you know what the straight testimony is. I don't know if I can find the statement in here or not. But. Volume 2 I had a real interesting experience with this I don't know if I can even find it. But. It's in volume 2. And. It was. When we were having the this testimony count down. And. I was in Loveland Colorado and I went to the meeting and I hadn't I hadn't studied what they were studying and so they were asking questions and I didn't remember the questions because the long time since I had read this particular testimony but. I was reading. While they were going over this about the testimony and I'll tell you I ran into some things that I was I was really shocked that and it was the story of elegy White. Maybe Volume one I don't remember but anyway I'll tell you the experience and if you want to look it up Elegy Why was traveling around in Michigan. This thing the churches. And the Lord would give her visions regarding specific people and things they were doing and she would get up in the church when she went to this church and she would relate these experiences. Publicly. And there was really something I'll tell you. People either cleaned up or cleaned out real quick there was many it was a waste of time but the experience that particularly. Just intrigued me. There was a woman that was supposed to be. Passed by have a special message from the Lord. And she got up and rebuked her publicly in church and told are some of her faults. Well this is pretty hard to take you know if it was it was really something but after all isn't that what Jeremiah was doing to the king and all the people of Israel he was telling them exactly what the problem was and what did they do. Now they want to kill him. But anyway she was telling this woman and then the woman and her husband came the next day and they said Now you didn't follow up by Matthew 18 where it says that if you have a ought against your brother you should go to him alone and elder why get up and rebuke this won't have said. Well that doesn't apply my wife is God's messenger and she has nothing against you she is merely telling you and I am the woman said where you Tolly things in public. And Ellen G. White says my sister didn't you know that everybody already knew it but you. Was pretty shocked at the. See this says Les Mis she said everybody knew all about these things but you and I was it telling you about it. Well. It says the straight testimony is going to be revised. I don't know listen volved in this. But you know if we if we really if we really love the Lord and love each other we would be we would be talking very straight to each other in the difficulties that we have. The Lord is trying to help us to know ourselves well this says. He. Oh it gives them an opportunity to correct these defects and if it turns out free service all service often he permits the fires of the city of flexion to assail land that they may be purified. The fact that we are called upon to endure trials shows that the Lord Jesus sees the something precious which he divided desires to develop. If he saw nothing in US whereby he might glorify his name he would not spend time in refining us. He does not cast worthless stoled into these foreigners. One of the interesting statements in the Gospel workers. We should all read this chapter is a real short ones only about 3 pages and this starts on page 269 it is in titled how God trains his workers. And I'll tell you it's just 2 pages and back. I won't read much I'll read one paragraph. There are many who are not satisfied to serve God cheerfully in the place that is marked out. For them. Or to do uncomplainingly the work he has placed in their hands one of the 2 things. You notice is now there are many who are not satisfied to serve God how. Cheerfully in the place it is marked out for them or to do uncomplainingly the work that he has placed in their hands. You know what Christ object lesson says sanctification is don't you know. We talk a lot about science a geisha I'm just reading a statement that I know you're all familiar with. 360. Let a living faith run through the threads of gold run like threads of gold through the performance of even the smallest duties Christ object lesson 360 then all a daily will permit daily work will promote Christian growth there will be a continual looking on to Jesus' love for him will give vital force to everything is undertaken thus to the right use of our talents we may lade ourselves by a golden chain to the higher world this is true sight of occasion for sanctification consist in the cheerful performance of daily duties and perfect obedience to the will of God What side of a Geisha we like out of performers. And say perfect is as much care of her whole heart cheerful. So we say you're going to do this you're like it they said I will do it but I'm not going to like it you know. Cheerful perform. But many Christians are waiting for some agreed work to be brought to them. Because they cannot find a place large enough to satisfy their ambition they fail to perform faithfully the common duties of life these seem to them on interesting day by day they let slip opportunities for showing their faithfulness to God while they're waiting for some great work life passes away if purposes and for fail this work on accomplished. Back to cut to gospel workers this one paragraph there are many who are not satisfied to serve God cheerfully in the place that he has marked out for them or to do uncomplainingly the work he has placed in their hands it is right to be dissatisfied with the way in which we perform our duty but we are not to be satisfied with the duty of self because we'd rather do something else. In his providence God places before human beings service that will be as medicine to their disease minds. As well. You know why there's all there's always people talk about taking medicine. Well medicine is not usually good you don't even like to take it of course they make sure coated pills and on but there's a lot of medicine that isn't pleasant to take but God puts before us what service that will be as medicine to our diseased mind. That he seeks to lead them to put aside the selfish preference which if gratified would disqualify them for the work he has for them if they accept and perform this service their minds will be cured. If they refuse it they will be left at strife with themselves another. Now I don't know about you folks course I am the oldest person here and I've been around quite a while and the Lord has called me a lot of different kind of work but you know he never. Has really called me. To do what I want to do. Now after I got to doing it I enjoyed it and it was a real blessing at it but he the things he's always called me to do I did want to do. It wasn't what I would have chosen. But I know it was his I know he chose it for me. And I have an idea what you and I are going to be facing between now and the end of this world history is not exactly what we would choose for ourselves what do you think I think it is. Then we'd better get used to what. Doing what is our duty to remember the statement it says about the Apostle Paul every day. He had a conflict between his duties inclination. Every day. But he chose to do its duty. The you ever have problems between your duty in your entire nation. That's a lifelong struggle and we're all going to have it. All right there's a very there's a very interesting. Illustration here. The Potter takes the Calais. And molds that according to His will He needs it and works it he tears it apart and presses it together he wraps it and then drives it. He lets it lie for a while without touching it. When it is perfectly pliable he continues the work of making over the vessel he forms it in shape and on the wheel trims and polishes that he drives it is this the vague sit in the. Thus it becomes a vessel fit. For his use so the great master worker. Desires to mold and fashion us and there's clay is in the hands of the potter. So are we to be in his hands we are not to try to do the work of the Potter our work is to yield ourselves to be molded by the master work. That there's a little another illustration. About the birds you've all heard that in the full light of day in the hearing of the music of other voices the caged bird with the sling the song that is Master seeks to teach him. He learns a snatch and there's a trail of that but never a separate entire melody but the master covers the cage and places it where the bird will listen to the one song is the same. In the dark he tries and tries again to sing that song and television learn that he breaks for. In the perfect analogy. Then the bird is brought forth in Ever After he can sing the song the line. Thus God deals with his children he has a song to teach us. And when we have learned amid the shadows of affliction we can sing it ever afterward. And what are we what are we learning. Are we all going out of the world would have a solo part of it and the song of Moses in the land that you know that. We probably have a chorus together but there's a special part that we can all saying that nobody else can say you know here we all sing all the same Psalms. You know it would be a strange congregational sing if a person only sang those things they really met and what they didn't mean they didn't same. They think where ever saying a lie. I guess possible. When I go sing a lion heaven. We're going to sing the song of our experience. And I Our experience is going to be different I'm going to have special experiences in this life nobody else will ever have and different and you have experience and no one else will ever have. And we don't have a long time so. Many are dissatisfied with their life work. It may be that their surroundings are uncongenial their time is occupied with commonplace work when they think themselves capable of higher responsibility. Often their efforts seem to them to be unappreciated or fruitless their future is uncertain Does that sound like an echo. Let us remember that while the work we have to do may not be our choice it has to be accepted as God's choice for us. Whether pleasing or ugly thing we are to do. The duty that lies there is. Then it goes on whether pleasing run pleasing we are to do the duty that lies nearest. Then goes on and tells about God's plans. And. Talk about there's a story about Moses and how God directed him Moses taught that he at 40 years old he was ready for his life where he went down the land of Goshen and what they do. They killed an Egyptian and he won these people to realize is. That he was with they on the now with the Egyptians and of course. He was 40 years ahead of his time. And he was 40 years ahead of his training. And so because of the circumstances what the media and this was quite an experience for a man who is who is in training for to be the pharaoh of Egypt this he was in mind for he would have been the pharaoh. To herd sheep was quite a kind of love that. I imagine they had some hard experience everything. To know what he did he heard a cheap really like that. And when the lard calling to go back to Egypt he didn't want to go he wanted her to achieve the rest of his mind. Let's realize all of us that God is responsible and in charge of our lives and he is the one who makes arrangements for promotions for everything that comes. Very interesting statement it says Let those who feel that they work is not appreciated and you crave a position of responsible greater responsibility consider that promotion come with neither from the east are from the west or from the south but God is judge he put it out of oneself up another every man has his place in the turnaround plan of heaven. Whether we fail that place depends upon our own faithful as they are cooperating with God. Many are unable to make definite plans for the future. That's a real stinker and it. When your heart. Can't make any plans regime feature. But it says many are unable to. Their life is unsettled they cannot desert the outcome of affairs and this often fails them with anxiety and unrest. Let us remember that the life of God's children in this world is a pilgrim live we have not wisdom to plan our own lines. It is not for us to shape our future. By faith Abraham when he was called to go out into a place we shoot which we should after received for an inheritance went out not knowing whether he went. It would be pretty silly now to start out not knowing where you were going when. There would be just there just one problem once that. If you know the large leading international problem then you're probably just start out and we're not sure the large leaving it then these 2 paragraphs there really these are really really something. Christ in is life on earth made no plans for himself. He accepted God's plan for him and they by day the father unfolded these plans. So should we depend upon God that our allies may be the simple outworking of his well. Maybe what. As we commit our ways to Him He will direct our steps. Too many and planning for a brilliant future make another failure that God planned for you as a little child trust of the guidance of him who keep the Saints God never leads his children otherwise. Than they would choose to be led if. They could see the end from the beginning in this journey the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling as coworkers with him now. I don't know the future. I don't know what's going to happen in 15 minutes probably in placid unless something drastic happens but we don't know. We don't know what's going to happen the more we don't know what's going to happen the future we have the slightest idea. But if I let will go let God lead my life I have the privilege. Of doing what I would do if I could see the end the beginning is mentioned. God loves me and he has taken enough time in my case. To plan my future and the future I would have planned had I been his planes. I don't take a lot of anxiety out of life should. Now the next question is. When Christ called his disciples to follow him he offered them no flattering prospects in this life he gave them no promise of gain or Worley honor nor did they make any stipulation as to what they should receive. Only once in my life do I ever remember stipulating what I was to get on a job. And I felt bad about that then half a very happened not so long ago several months ago I was out in Oregon and a woman want me to make. Some cabinets for. And she said Well would you. Would you tell me about what it is I said well I don't know what she wanted to know so I estimated the. The cost of labor and the cost and material. And. It took a little longer to do than I thought it would I told her be so much an hour and so I said Well all right. We'll just finish it up we'll charge for it because I I missed she had several things that I had planned to do but that's only time I ever remember. Telling people what it would what it would cost them for work. You know. If we really trusted the Lord and believe that he would do what's right for us he would many times do better for us as we do for ourselves. Several years ago we were out in California and. My daughter and her girlfriend were there and we were all working. And. My wife who passed away later was in her terminally ill S. And so I was doing some work and and I went the fellow made a job for me and I went to work on it and I didn't ask him how much he would give me I didn't say anything about it and the girls came to me and they were going to work in a nursing home and they said. Well one of the GOING ON MY daughter but the other girl says well but Mark says Do you think I we should tell him what we want I said No I don't think I would. I said I just go to work and do the best you can see what happens what was very interesting the. When the man paid me he paid me more than I expected to get and he apologized to me he said I'm sorry that I can't afford to pay anymore that I'd like to pay you more. And I said well that's all right and when the girls came they were really excited they said you know what happened said they always start people out there to certain wage says of course we expect to get that but said when the woman came to stay in the week and said You girls are so happy and so encouraging and helping everybody and we started you right out of top wages. I don't believe we have to be concerned fact I don't think that we have to I don't think that's the main consideration. I don't know what my future holds of course I am supposed to be retired and. But I'm going on to support some of these days in fact I do work now I we just went over to home we went a couple weeks ago and I took some things over to go build some cabinets for a woman the community who has. There are 2 women there and they're doing all the work themselves it's quite interesting what they're doing in their home that's a pretty I know ramshackle house and so I told my do some cabinets but anyway I've I've made up my mind that when I work from here on out no matter what the circumstances is I'm not going to charge anybody anything and it's going to be interesting to see what happens with this they know I just I just want do something to help you what do you think would happen it's very interesting. What people do some people really take advantage of it but most people. Want to give you more than you charge. And it's all together different attitude when you do that. People just don't understand it. After all we're coming very soon to the time when. If we're Christians money isn't will be worth anything to you no less. We discussed that you know this is the only place in the universe where people buy or shout it out. You can't buy a thing in heaven. If you go out travelling through the universe you could buy a thing there's nothing for sale. If you want something you know what probably haven't. They probably haven't. And the final examination for finishing God's work is going to be able to work in this world. Without wages without money without the use of money. Going to be very stinging experience. Do you believe that or is that this is that too strong. Is that really going to happen. Because a law is going to be passed if we if we keep God's commandments we can do what. We can by our sound. Well yes. I don't know. I don't know why I some day I'm going to have nerve to try a lot of things that I have never had nerve to try. We ran a restaurant of Grand Rapids for several years and in charge in about anything. And. We just wanted to experiment and so we said well we're not going to hardly We just put a donation box up and it was just about the time that the. Youth movement in interest in natural foods began to develop. My daughter was cooking up there and we were they were serving God 25 or 30 people a day and it began to go up and up and up that we got up to 175 people. And we weren't charging a thing and not many of them or were putting anything in the box. And we don't know what to do because we couldn't afford to take care of all this so we said well we're proud about it what you think happened but we were making a serial called Ahmed alive. And every week the sales doubled. Until it got out that we were sending selling $10000.00 pounds a month. And the serial business more than took care of all the expenses in the restaurant we operated shower years that way later folks decided they wanted to charge and so. We did but it's never been the same. Now people take advantage of it some people take advantage. But it has an influence on people. And we make no charge for our care for patients all for treatment. In our medical program. And it's very interesting what happens. I don't really we I don't really we ever lose anything by any given is a new thing we're going to do. I think it's because we don't have we don't have courage or faith to try and I think that I think we've seen marvelous things happen. If we start doing things like that. I've had many many interesting experiences. I lived most of my life nobody ever gave me anything. I mean I'm nobody gave me anything I took care of myself I earn my expenses I took care of my family I laid enough money so I could take care of things I'd go on a trip into some happen to the car why I'd have to bore a money and get it fixed and spend the rest of my life of the year making it up not ever got anything. To know when I be really began to work for God and again to get things out of people the most amazing things that began to happen. I could just tell you stories by the hour it's unbelievable what happens. The Lord would the Lord would send us no it would save the money before before it ever happened or before even maybe that. He just does those things I did a study a story after story after story I was driving a Volkswagen bus just so you want our daughter to drive the Volkswagen bus going down the Pine Forest Academy when my daughter was down there and I started out and they had it all we had 2 of them and one they had I was sure some was going to happen to it and I was following them but what happened the one I have blew up the motor just went out and they'd they went on didn't see me and so here I was down the edge of Alabama and so. I had it towed into a place and they wanted $350.00 what a motor in it and so I was closed so no friend of mine that I had worked with and I called him up I said well I will be here a while come down see and he said What do you do and I said well I had a little problem with the car and he said well what are you going to do I said well I don't know I guess I'm going to get a motor so I got the motor and I went by to see and I had a I had enough money to take care of it but that was all I had a didn't have any any more and I stopped by and talked in low they said well how did you get out had to get lonely mower I said Well hokey I bought a motor in it so we talk a little bit in the he said well wait a minute I'll ask. And he went back and he came back and he had me some that is here take this along with it. And well I didn't look at it right then I took it along with me and when I got out looked at every check with $500.00. And that. Large they would take care. But if we make. Remuneration our 1st principle of doing things is one level. We'll get that but that's all OK. When Christ calls his disciples to follow him he offered them no flattering prospects in this life. He gave them no promise of gain or Worley honor nor did he make any stipulation as to what they should receive. To Matthew as the set of the state of custom the Savior said follow me and he left all rose up and followed him Matthew did not before rendering service a way to demand a salary equal to the amount received in his former occupation. Without question or hesitation he follow Jesus. It was enough for him that he was to be with the Savior that he might here is words in your light within these works so it was. With the disciples previously called when Jesus bade Peter and his companions follow him immediately they left their boats and met some of the disciples had friends depended on him for support but when they received the saviors in the Taishan they did not hesitate and inquire how shall I live and sustain my family they were obedient to the call and when afterward Jesus asked them when I saved you out with that person script and shoes lacked the N.S.A. they could answer nothing. Today the savior calls us and he called Matthew and John and Peter to his work. If our hearts are touched by His love the question of compensation will not be uppermost in our minds. We shall rejoice to be coworkers with Christ and we shall not fear to trust his care if we may God our strength we shall have clear perceptions of duty unselfish aspirations. Life will be activated by a noble purpose which will rise raise us above sordid motives many who profess to be Christ followers have an anxious troubled heart because they are afraid to trust themselves with God They do not make a complete surrender to Him for they shrink from the consequences that such a surrender may involve. Unless they do make this surrender they cannot find peace there are many whose hearts are aching under a lot of care because they seek to reach the world standard they have chosen of service except a disparate plex that is adopted is Customs. Thus their character is MARGAN their life made aware Enos this continual worry is wearing out the life forces our Lord desires them to lay aside they feel combined age he invites them to accept his yoke he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light worry is blind and cannot see the future. Cannot design the future but Jesus sees the end from the beginning and every difficulty he has is way prepared to bring relief. No good thing Willy withhold from them that walk up rightly Our Heavenly Father has a 1000 ways to provide for us of which we know nothing as what. How many. How many does it take. Those that accept the one principle of making the service of God supreme will find perplexing these batteries in the plane's path before their feet well let me I had expired interesting experience. I was up in Michigan and a man that had worked with me down a medicine for medicine and clothes I was working and he was out working with a cabinet maker and he wasn't having a good experience the was he lost his family in. And he just wasn't was making a spiritually so I went down to talk to him and I invited come up to our place and I said once you come up and join us. They like to help you. Where you said he didn't know that he think about it that come back and see me so I came back and saw him and he said well you said you don't pay the wages up there. I said well we really don't know. What he says you know what happens when. You need a car. I said one of the lower to take care and. He said Well now supposing that I want to take a vacation he said what in the world would I do. You Where would I get the money. I said Well. Did you take a vacation last year you said no. And you did take one the year before I had one of these when I could afford it. That's interesting isn't it. I said I've already crossed the continent 3 times this year. I said it's interesting self-supporting people travel warning but I know. But he just couldn't he just couldn't do it because it was. He just didn't see how it would work out. Well most people are more good for the foreseeable future anyway did you know that a lot of people want to go into God's service you know what the problem is there in that. Their mortgage. And sure. The law or the law are going to take care of all those I not tell you one more experience this might interest you know when. My family left I had a hole we had a home out there and I sold it and we had a balance of $4000.00 on it and then. I decided that when I sold it to him that I would charge him an interest on the money and leave us as we were crazy at it but the Bible says that we should not charge usury. Till rather. And so I said I I just. I don't think I said charge interest Nycole among the well appreciated but you know very interesting they paid off about $500.00 of it the husband wife broke up as I did getting more money. And there were $3500.00 and there's one other made a lot of my wife very much. But I never said anything and about 7 or 8 years went by. And I got into doing it all and then. As my former wife he she had terminal cancer and we were out in California we came back and I want to spend some time Southern California where it was warm where the climate was good to get and gracious food great fruits and but I didn't have any money I'd been itself more in work. Most all my life and you don't accumulate anything so I said I prayed I said Lord now I can go and work and I can make money and I can support myself and my family is a 94 if you don't want to do that you want me to stay in this work. And he's in hell I never said think anybody. And. I also told the Lord I said Now you know I I. Saw this property and I follow the instruction that you gave me that I was really sincere in and I didn't charge him any interest and I never even got the principle they still owed me 3500 dollars. Well 2 days went by and this was the end of the year and I got a telephone call and when I answered the phone with an old friend of mine that I had worked with years before and self-supporting work and he left out for the work and he was he'd gone out and made a lot of money but he'd lost his way spiritually. And he was on the phone I hadn't heard from for a long time and the money answerphone he said route me say you need some money. I said What makes you say that he said well you know you need someone. He said I want to help you Sammy said that I've been making some money and he said I'm going to some for United Well if you want to do it all right he said I'm putting in a check in the mail for you and how much you think it was for. $3500.00. Is Lord able sir. Now those things don't happen very often now. But I know from my own personal experience and I can tell you many many hundreds of stories really hundreds the story the Lord is able to supply our names and if we make his work 1st he will see that every discipline. You see we have everything that we need everything that's necessary for us well. Well. He's even supplied my wants. Let us be hopeful and courageous this spotted sea in God's service is sinful an unreasonable what is. He knows our every the festivity to the omnipotence of the King of Kings are covered keeping God unites the gentleness and care of a tender Shepherd. His power is absolute and it is the pledge of the fearful to one of these promised to the obvious problems as to all who put their trust in him. He has the means for the removal of every difficulty. That those who serve in him and respect the means he employs may be sustained his love is as far above all other love as the heavens are above the earth. He watches over his children with a love that is a measure less an everlasting. In the darkest days when a parent's is the most forbidding have faith in God. He is working out His will doing all things well in behalf of these people. The strength of those. Who love and serve him well be renewed day by day. He is able and willing to bestow upon his servants all the help they need he will give them the wisdom that their with their very best that that is the man. Said the tried apostle Paul he said under me My grace is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore Well I rather glory in my affirm it is that's a power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in infirmities and reproaches in the festivities in persecutions in distress as for Christ's sake for when I am weak that I am strong. Well we discover through one chapter. And. I just in the next when there is one more paragraph that I like close with. Brady 8 if you do not feel light hearted and joyous do not talk of your feelings. And what. Care no shadow upon the lives of others. A cold sun earth religion never draw Souls to crank. It drives them away from him into the nets that Satan has prepared as spread for the feet of the strain instead of thinking of your discouragement think of the power you can claim in Christ name. Let your imagination take hold upon things unseen. Let your thoughts spirit directed to the evidences of the great love of God for you. Faith can endure trial resist temptation bear up under disappointment. These us lives as our advocate. All is ours that hears mediation secures. Then talk of the promises. Talk of deed a swelling of the glass he does not forget us for one brief moment when I was standing disagreeable circumstances we rest confidingly in his love and set ourselves a Lithium the sense of his presence will inspire a deep trance jealous. Of him self Christ said I can do nothing of myself but as my father has taught me I speak these things and he that sent me is with me the father has not left me alone for I do always those things that please Him Now this paragraph still have a just a little time I read it once but I want to read it again we read it last time but this is one of the most tremendous promises the Father's presence in the circle cries and nothing befell him but that which is inserted are permitted for the blessing of the world. But in circle Christ. The father's presence in circle Christ His presence. Here was his source of comfort and it is for us he was imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in cries whatever Konstam comes from the Savior who surround him with his presence who surround the Savior with his red. God and the Savior surrounds us with his presence and how many do we have around that. We have the Father and the son. Nothing can touch us except by the large permission. Who does present. That what. Methink and kind of just except by the large from a set all our sufferings and sorrows all our campaign sins and trials all our sadness and grief all our persecutions and privation in short all things work together for our good all experiences and circumstances are God's work mine whereby good is brought to us an idea I want to remember that don't you. The distractions of our God says in throne all things are open to his divine survey and from his grace and come eternity orders that with his providence he was there well let's go on with this. Rest of this. But listen if you have will we discuss it a little while next class which will be the last. I would like to pray. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like this is more so than. W.W. audio or.


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