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True Education- Part 14

Ralph Martin



  • March 1, 1975
    6:00 PM
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Main front of our. Class today is. In the chapter in contact with others you know if we would reduce live. To a simple harmless denominator or simplest common denominator it would be better. It brought us down to just very few things. Our relation to God our relation to each other and that's all there is. Because that's all God's about isn't it. And all a plan of salvation is to bring us back in harmony with God No. We had the right relation to God and right relationship to each other there were many thing else to do it would be all over. It's just that simple. And that right. We make a lot more complicated than that. And you know really. When we come right down to it. God does not judge any of us did you know that. You are not quite getting through I don't know. But. The simple facts of the matter are. And when life is all done the large going to say all right. You've settled it I'm going to deal with you exactly as you have dealt with other people. It's a. Or is that too simple. See there are laws he has laid down the Sermon on the mount with what nature he'll eat what. It shall be made here do you again with my judgment he just a G. shall be done. I wasn't really going to get into this but I think maybe you had all the interested in the statement from out of blessing. There's a chapter in there now judging by doing. And it's the next chapter after the Lord's Prayer. Page according to index 194. It's a comment on this verse in Romans inexcusable and whosoever Thou art the judges. For Will now or in the judge just another thou condemn must die self. For they are the judges do the same thing thus those who can damn or criticize others. Proclaim themselves guilty for they do the same things in condemning others they are passing judgement sentence on them selves and God became declares that this sentence is just to accept your own word against themselves. And brings right down where we live doesn't. God deal with as we deal with other people not a blessing 194. And the thing that we all need to realize thoroughly each one of us. And we've discussed this several times before and that is it's not what we say but what we do that is of vital importance. A lot of people think they can talk themselves out of anything we don't offer sound out of anything. This is page 128. Oh I didn't give you the right page on that that was a cross reference I'm sorry that they join in not a blessing was 124 I have a cross reference to a 94. When a crisis comes in the life of any soul and you attempt to give counsel or admonition. Your words will have only the weight of influence for good and if your only example and expense Spirit have gained for you. You must be good before you can do good. He was but. You cannot exert an influence that will transform others until your own heart has been humbled and refined and made tender by the grace of Christ when this change has been wrought in you it will be as natural for you to lift the bless others as it is for the rose bud rose bush to yield that spray going to bloom or the vine it's perfectly asters. You take a rose they can put it down on the side rock and you can take your heel and you can grind it in you know what to do. And to be able for him. To step on a snake and see what happens. As you step on his head. You know. See this is a lot of life folks and we all need to learn I want to learn it that I am going to receive what I give. This was 128127128. There are many interesting statements in this chapter not. Not judging by doing this is page. 135. The Golden Rule teaches by implication the same truth which is taught elsewhere in the Sermon on the Mount that with what Major you meet it shall be measured to you again. That which we do to others whether it be good or evil will surely reactive on ourselves in blessing our carpeting. Whatever we give we shall receive again the earthly blessings which we impart to others may be and often are repaid in kind what we need to give does in time of need often come back to us and for hold measure in the coin of the realm. But besides this all gifts are repaid even in this life in the fuller inflowing of his life. Which is the sum of all heaven's glory in its treasure and evil imparted also returns again everyone who has been free to condemn or discourage will in his own experience be brought over the ground which already is called other paths. He will feel what they have suffered because that is one of sympathy and tenderness it is the love of God toward us that has decreed this. You see if something's happening to us real hard and if we look back on our experience we'll find we gave it to somebody else just like that sometimes. Now you maybe think I'm talking in riddles but just hold tight and watch and see what happens all of you to me to. That's the way it works God does this in order that one. We may have an understanding. That it's all summed up Jesus summed it all up. In this all things what's where we would that meant to do that you. Do even so to them this is the law and the prophets yet. Good. We're all looking for the loud cry the latter rain do you know why the latter rain has been fall and why the loud cry has been given given. Search heaven on earth this is page $137.00 I didn't tend to get in about a blessing where it was supposed to be Ministry of dealing with the same principle there they're not even in minutes revealing exactly the same wherever you find them they all fit in. Search heaven or earth and there is no truth revealed more powerful than that which is made manifest in works of mercy to those who need our sense they need this is the truth as it is in Jesus when no superfast the name of Christ shall practice the principles of the Golden Rule the same power will attend the gospel as an atlas Dolly the times. I will happen. When we practice the Golden Rule at the power will read will return. Now we can do this can. We can our own strength. But this is what the gospel is for this is what this is what the life of Christ in us this is what education is all about it's to restore in Manhattan. The image of Jesus came to demonstrate and to. And to live out on. The life of God as a human being he came to show what God would do as a human being. And so when the life of Christ is revealed is really a new door or is lived out in us then once again the character of God will be manifested and that's what ministry of healing is talking about and. It starts out every association of life calls for the exercise of self-control forbearance and sympathy we differ so widely in this position habits education that our way is that of looking at things very we judge it differently our understanding of truth our ideas regarding the conduct of life are not in all respects the same there are no to lose experience is a life like in every particular. The trials of one are not the trials of the of another the duties that one finds light are to another most difficult and perplexing. So frail so ignorant so liable to conception is human nature that each should be careful in the estimate he places upon another we know little of the acts. The bearing of our acts upon the experiences of others what we do or say it may seem to us a little moment. When Could our eyes be opened we should see that upon it depend the most important results were good or for evil you know I've had experiences in. That through the years have come back to me I've had people come to me and. Say it would you remember sayin so and so and I said Well no I don't have any recollection at all. And I had said something to people that it just disturb them and hurt them for years and I don't even know I said. And if people would all artist with us we'd all realize that we all do the same thing. And one of the things that really probably cause as much trouble as anything else is that when people say things to other people and what they call a joking manner that has a lot more truth in poetry as the saying goes that. People don't this is real people don't really know what do you mean it or not I understand what I'm talking about. Bokeh after all. They shall not hurt another straw in all my whole and none. Nobody's going to get hurt in heaven. And this is the place where. We're going to get ready for. And so the sum total of life will. Is. Our relation to God in our relation to other people. Jesus summed up national love the Lord thy God with all my heart with all I soul with all eyes mind. With a light heart an ally mind and I neighbor as I shell. The barn. Well is that the last verse of the 65th chapter of Isaiah. If. You know there's a lot more in this simple statement and we really put it in one hand but we really grasp that really what what it really says. And then. This chapter contact with others is is really I hope you read it and and really. Try to absorb what is in there because remember that Christianity is the transfer of inspiration to us. Which is done through the Holy Spirit. On 45 says we cannot afford to let our spirit Kafe or run a real or supposed wrong done to ourself. No form self is the enemy enemy we most need to fear. No form of bias has a more baleful effect upon the character than has human passion not of the control of the Holy Spirit nor their victory we can gain will be so precious as the victory gained oversell we should not allow allow our feelings to be easily wounded. Well as Page 485. You see Christians don't get hurt. On their dead. I had to lay out a lot of good people. I never hurt a one of them. Even the undertakers don't hurt them. And they're pretty rough with them sometimes. You know why when they're needed. We are to live not to guard our feelings or our reputation but to save selves. And as we become interested in the salvation of souls we cease to mind a little differences that so often rise in ourselves station with one another. Whatever others may think of us are due to wash that need not disturb our oneness with Christ the fellowship of the spirit. What glory is that if we need be buffeted for your faults you take it patiently. But if when you do well and suffer or suffer for it. You take it patiently this is acceptable with God. Then then it really doesn't do us any good we're not it doesn't help our character any way if people treat us bad if we treat them bad I mean if we I mean if we treat them if we if we. Have done wrong and people treat out wrong there's no reward and that we deserve it if when we haven't done anything and then people treat us bad that's when we have that's when we're gaining ground. Not retaliate. So far you can do so remove all cause permission for Henson avoid the pier the appearance of evil. Do all our allies in Europe our within the prison within the sacrifice of without the sacrifice of principle to conciliate others. If they have patient words are spoken to you never reply in the same spirit. Remember that our soft answer turn of the way read and there is a wonderful power in the silence. There's even a version of violence a study to be quiet do you ever read that. Well my Though I have to look at these text for it. Because I'll have to have to look it up for myself. It's in Paul's writings I'm quite sure. And if you know where it is find it real quick maybe you want that reference. For. I have had. Fun Thank you. Supposing you read it to us Alice if I may accord it wrong. She just part of it started to be what. I. Studied to be quiet and tend to use. And do what. And do your own work. The. Words spoken in reply to one who is angry some or sometimes only serves. To exasperate but anger met with silence in a tender forbearing spirit quickly dives away. Under a storm of stinging for finding words keep the mind stayed upon the Word of God Let mind and heart be stored with God's promises you remember the little statement I gave you from Volume 3 of the testimony is what we were to do to keep ourselves from getting in trouble during the day. Remember one of us. I worry that what are we to do in the morning. I ask our guard and I ask a lord. To have our guardian angels to keep us through the day and when something comes that we can't handle that's what it says in. My words. That our guardian angel will be by our side prompting us to a better colors. And. Keeping us from having the wrong influence of on others but it says if we do not ask we are sure to go astray. I wonder how many of us really do ask the Lord for what help we need during the day there and sometimes it comes a fact you don't have time to to say anything or do anything I didn't experience as if it lands on you you don't know where it came from. But it's already taken care of and everything in order to take care of it has already been given its. If you are ill treated or wrongly accused instead of returning to an angry answer repeat to yourself the precious promises do not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good commit our way under the Lord trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass and he shall bring forth righteous I write just this is the light and I judge of it as the noonday. Heard a little story one time I have never forgotten it you may have heard the story. It's supposed to be true there was a young man in the Army and he was a Christian and he lived his he lived his Christianity. And he made it a habit every night when he went to bed to get down by his cotton prices. And this really annoyed some of their soldiers. And they really gave him a hard time and one night particularly. He was praying and something happened but I'll go ahead and tell you what happened and then I'll go back and tell you the story because that way to give you the point a little better. An Army sergeant one time came up to a minister. And he says I'd like to have you teach me how to be a Christian. And so the band says well. He said what's happened what happened he said well something happened several years ago. And he said I've never forgotten it and he says I'm going to be a Christian he said I came in one night all through March they said we've been going through a marsh or I was muddy and it was just terrible circumstances and I came into the barracks and he said a young man was kneeling by his bed praying. And he said I was so angry I took off my money boots and I threw him in his head just a hard as I could throw them. And he says the next morning I found the polish to the head of my bed. He said I've seen a pair of boots ever since I want to be a Christian. You see we don't understand one thing you do people sometimes either way you understand. And remember the sum total of life is what. How we relate to God and how we relate to each other. And how we relate to each other is the total reflection of how we relate to gun. And so we can tell the Lord how much we love him. But the apostle John puts it in plain language if we say we love God and we don't love our brother what. So who are all the higher. Sea folks Christianity is supposed to act. It's not wishful thinking. It's doing things character is built on action. So long as we are in the world we shall meet with adverse influences. There will be provocations to test the temper. And it is by meeting these in a right spirit that the Christian graces are developed. We discussed one time here that this is the only environment this is the only circumstance in the universe. Where people created beings. Have the right environment to develop a character that will make them share the throne God. No other northern virus would like this world anywhere. God has put us in the perfect environment there's always somebody that need help. Somebody to encourage. You don't even have to walk this kind of Us to help people who you know. Yes that you want yes OK here. We go. Again. First chapter. Verse 19. Because we're for more of the love of brother in that every man is to hear slogans be slow to react to the wrath of the math and work of not the righteousness of God. For later part all the openness and superfluity of the Lord in this and receiving communion is the graphic word which is able to see your souls but the do is of the word and not here is only deceiving you also and your hero of the right and not of us is like a man that only his natural face of the glass where he holds himself and go this way and straightway forget it what matter and man he was. Then I can. Yeah. You can and so. Are you. Trying. To catch your breath. Now longer for their. Trust and. That's the difference between fresh water. Freshwater ocean freshwater lakes and and the lakes that are that are salty in and. Nothing can live in one has an outlet and another other day when. I had the privilege of being in the Dead Sea You know nothing in the sink in the Dead Sea. Floor falling. Course we have. Great Salt Lake animals and our own country this is all these are all principles. You see that the whole law of God. Can be summed up in 3 words the whole scheme of lie 3 words. That. Well yes love thy neighbor but it's given in desire of AIDS it's it is take to give him. This is the law one for the universe take to give and the saving the law is just excuse saying I'm only one word different take to keep. And what you're saying is absolutely right and as much as the same thing is it isn't a problem we're getting here and you can't get it out. And people doubt it because you can't get there are lessons. If Christ dwells in us we should be kind of patient forbearing careful of made threats on their patients they by a day and year by year we shall conquer self and grow into the noble heroism. In a lot of. Noble heroism. This is are a lot of tasks but it cannot be accomplished without help from Jesus resolute decision unwavering purpose continual watchfulness none ceasing prayer. Each one has a personal battle to fight. Not even God can make our characters know all our lives useful unless we become Co-workers with him. Those who decline in the struggle lose the strength and joy of victory you know I don't any of you ever been around place where there's quicksand Then you've ever seen quicksand. We had some quicksand down in a place not far from where I grew up as a boy. And we had. One of our animals a steer was missing and I was out getting the cattle and I went out. By now found this. Steer. But there wasn't anything left but he had. And he was really making some terrible noises pitiful I didn't know what to do I was a little boy and I ran to get some help but when I came back there was nothing there. Out in. Many places I remember. Out in. Yellowstone Park. There were these places where there. Had these boiling. Mud pots. And they walk right over and there was a. There was. A wall there and when I went over there I just thought my would be some terrible so much fall in that. And how much worse it would be if somebody would push down by the end. Really I'm not joking. And then. We were there over a weekend. And then after we left the next day I saw a note paper. Where somebody was visiting. Yellowstone and one of the little toddlers walk right off the bridge right off the. Bridge way into one of these bubbling boiling pot and just one right on our side and I'm telling you all that is to say that if we want to long we saw somebody that was in the quicksand and they just just barely had their head sticking out what do you think of somebody would just reach out and take their photo or their energy on the lawn or. But as you know we do this to people spiritually sometimes we're just about gone down for the 3rd time we're going to show. Ruthie. You think I'm joking see we don't know what kind of condition people are in. We don't know what struggles are. And even to ignore it would be terrible wouldn't it. But to help it along it would be that much worse. And. We need to become conscious I need to you need to all of us. That where in this world with people with feelings and to relate ourselves to the situations. And in a way that will be hope spring up in people's hearts we need not keep our own record of trials and difficulties grief and sorrow. All these things are written in the books of heaven and God will take care of them. While we are counting up the disagreeable things many things that are pleasant to reflect upon our passing from memory Such is the merciful kindness of God surrounding us every moment and the love over which angels marvel that God gave His Son to die for us if as workers for Christ you feel that you have had greater cares and trials that have fair on the lot of others remember that there is a piece known to those who shun these birds. For 87. How to be if we if we memorize some of these things and remember them when we really need them remember we become for takers on the divine nature through the one. To the great promises. If we are having especially hard times. And we're at a real difficulties and we're having difficulties more than anyone else then God has a real special place for store. And he has a real special place for some heaven. Because our enjoyment of heaven is going to be in proportion to what it cost us to get there. I know but it takes a little more of some people does others. You understand what I mean to take everything we have but some people have their Everything takes more you know we don't all have the same threshold of pain that you know that. We don't all have the FAR AS same threshold of pains sallies inertia tell you about that someday because then a lot of pain and other people can stand much pain. We don't all have the same spiritual threshold of pain. Some can take more than others you remember what we read in the book education. Page 151 was lit. Read a couple times. But maybe we all forget I do. 151 education all who in this world render true service to God or May and receive a preparatory training in the school of sorrow. Believe what. The lady or the trust and the higher the service the closer is the test and the more severe this but I think I told somebody I just read this book by Carlyle B. Haines that I would recommend to anyone God sent a man. To story of Joseph. Is saying if God has a special work for us. Then he has a special training for that work. And if I have something that is a little worse a little harder to take than someone else praise the Lord he's got a special one for me to do there are some people that I can help that nobody else going to help. I'm sure but I glad God has it in his hands and he may hear that out just what he knows is for our good. There is comfort in the joy and joy in the service of Christ let the world see that live with him is no failure you know I've had people come to me I have some real hard experiences and I've had people come to me in that way by the Wired If you don't know list. You wouldn't of got into that what did I say Well probably not. About the one had sense enough. But as long as I am that is leading in my life and there's something real special about for me that I have to learn. Then I just have to accept it that's all. I believe God God while I thought maybe I believe he has all his hands. And I believe he's going little thing happened to me that isn't for my turn I'm good. And I'm just only with you. If you do not feel a light hearted enjoy it as if you do not feel a light hearted and joyous do not talk of your feelings. Cast no shadow upon the lives of others. A coal sunless religion never draw our souls to Christ. Did drive them away from him into the nets that Satan has spread for the feet of the strain. Instead of thinking of your discouragement think of the power you can claim in Christ name let your imagination take hold of the things unseen. In our dealing with people and trying to bring them to our knowledge of God's truth for this time. People are going to pay much more attention to how we act and what we say. I've seen people actually talk about their religion as if they were taking a dose of pastoral. You think I'm exaggerating. 3. Let your thoughts 3 directed to the evidences of the great love of God for you faith can endure trial resist temptation bear up under disappointment. Jesus lives is our advocate all is ours that is mediation secures. Then talk of it of the promises talk of Jesus willingness to bless do not for he does not forget us for a run brief moment you know how I know he doesn't forget me. My heart still beating I'm still alive. If he would forget me for more than. Probably 7 or 8 minutes I'd become a vegetable even if I were still living. My brain would quit functioning. The fact that we're normal intelligent beings makes us know that God has left us. A place for 90. Life is chiefly made up not of great sacrifices and wonderful achievements. But of little things. It is often assumed the little things that seem so unworthy of notice that great good or evil has brought into our lives. It is through our failure to endure the tests that come to us and little things that are habits from old to the character of a shape. And when the greater tests come they find us on ready or only by acting upon principle in the daily life. In the test of daily life can we acquire power to stand firm and faithful in the most dangerous and difficult positions. We are never alone. With what. If we could remember that at all times it would make a difference in our lives did you know that. We are what. Are never alone. You see this little world of ours. Is the stage of the universe. The Hall intelligence of this universe have their television sets on this World course they don't need television sets. I don't know how they can see what's going on here but they can. And remember that this little world of ours is a lesson book of the universe and these people are on a daily lesson study. Yeah. I can hear you for the trouble. We are never alone whether we choose him or not we have a companion. Remember that wherever you are whatever you do God is there. That. We're 90. Heads. He is there whether we want him or not. He has made it his business. To bring light and gladness. Anough to every soul to save that's all. You see I don't want to get into something where I've been a subject this to be easily misunderstood. But you know there are only certain times in the world where God sent people out to give the Lord God given the knowledge of a certain message to the world. John one says the Jesus lie that there were even man that cometh into the world. And every person this world is going to have enough knowledge for salvation. But there are times when they need more than just the minimum. One was that the flood. Because they had to come in the ark to be saved. Once was after Christ came to this earth because the knowledge of Christ had to go to every nation and the earth. And today the knowledge of the 2nd Coming of Christ must go to every individual you must have an intelligent knowledge. Of God and of the plan of salvation and of Jesus coming in the things that relate to it his mediation they must have an intelligent knowledge of that before Christ can finish his work in the sanctuary. Because every individual in our generation is going to have to make a final decision in revokable decision. And the reason Jesus finishes his work in the sanctuary is not because he just says there are certain date I'm going to close it is that is in great controversy it also says in early writings that an angel comes back and says to Jesus. Our work is done every new soul has made the final decision. And then Jesus throws down the censors as it's done the decisions are made on or not haven't. And of course we have a responsibility to these people who don't know what we know that they have the knowledge that we have not just for their salvation but for one. That they may have an equal opportunity with us. You know Abraham Lincoln was quite an interesting man you read lots of stories about him when he was president he was going along with somebodies aides and he got all his horse and got down and there was a beetle on his back and he turned him over. And somebody was over Mr President you're a busy man you don't have time to turn a Beatle over. He said well I feel it that beetle should have an equal opportunity with every other beetle of his class. And God wants every human being to have an equal opportunity with every other human being you understand and. That's why we're not here for self-service We're not here to enjoy ourselves we're not here to have a good time we're not here to please ourselves. We're here to prepare the only of because this isn't life this is only an existence. Because life is bound up with God. And we're to help other people to have their lives bound up with God actual. Study carefully the divine and human character and inquire cost and cost and they inquire what would Jesus do were he and my place. This should be the measurement of our duty. This what. I. Do not place yourselves needlessly in the society of those who buy their arch would weaken your purpose to do right or bring a stain upon your conscience do not among strangers in the street on the cars in the hall. That which hat which would have the least the parents of evil. Do something every day to improve beautifying a normal life that Christ has purchased with his own. All is act from principle never from impulse. Temper the natural impetuosity of your nature with meekness and gentleness. Indulge in no lightness or trifling let no rule or registers of a scape your lips even the thoughts are not to be allowed to run riot they must be restrained brought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. Let them be placed upon holy things then through the grace of Christ they will be pure and true. We need to cost a constant sense of the ennobling power of pure thoughts we need to bombard our minds with spiritual truths. So there's a very hard to build like on. Medicine. The only security for any so all. Is right thank you. Well. For an idea to just a few. We have just touching these things cultivate the habit of speaking well of others. Dwell upon the good qualities of those when you know with whom you associate and see as little as possible of their errors and failings. When tempted to complain of what someone has said or done. Life or character. Cultivate thankfulness. Praise God for He is a runner for love. In giving Christ to die for us it never pays to think of our grievances. God calls upon us to think of His mercy in his matchless love that we may be inspired with praise. Earnest workers have no time for dwelling upon the false of others. We cannot for afford to live on the husks of others false or feelings whenever I read their statement I think about the poor prodigal he was living out there with what. With the swine and what was he living on on husk that isn't very satisfying. Evil speaking as a to fall curse falling more heavily upon the speaker than upon the here. You have here a boomerang not a boomerang is that it. You throw some out comes back to you. We just remember if you say somebody something to somebody that hurts them. It has hurt you worse. Cause God said it says it's the 2 fall curse and it's what. They had as falling more heavily upon the speaker than upon her. Degeneracy I read your say I really gave him a piece of my mind. Well you did but you got more back you still have more pieces and you started with. Well I just said the head. How can he. Do that well that's what this says that when we get more. It falls more heavy up heavily upon us. He who scatters the seeds of this ancient strife reaps in his own soul a deadly fruit the very act of looking for evil in others develops in those that develops evil in those who look. By drawing upon the facts of others we are changed into the same image but by the Holy Jesus talking of his love and perfection of character we become changed in his image by contemplating the lofty ideal he has placed before us we should be uplifted in the pure and holy atmosphere even the presence of God when we abide here there goes forth from us our light that originates all who are connected with us well. For. There is another chapter development service now higher experience we are going to get into it I just want to we have just a few minutes left I want to review with a little bit of the principles we've been dealing with. This whole series of studies was based on the statement and. Education. That in order. To understand what is comprehended in the work of education we need to consider what. The nature of man and the purpose of God in creating him. And we found. That the nature of man was. What. Man was created lower than the angels he was created without without the basic. He was not as great as the angels. In the character are. And is a hells but he was created with the possibility a lot. In front of development. And that infinite development is. Is. Made possible through what. Through the enduring of Christ and we receive Christ through but. Through the word. The word he was the Living Word. And it's by the promises the the inspired writings the statements of God that we need it goes through our mind and becomes a part of us now this is a miracle it's a miraculous process I can't explain it neither can I explain how but a it has become toenails. You know I don't know if our hair our nerve tissue or anything else I don't understand the deal. And I'm not going to quit eating we go out I don't understand it. You see I've told people I'm real glad that you don't have to understand the chemistry of food before you start eating. And don't be concerned if you don't understand all about the plan of salvation and why you are taking a spiritual food and growing because you don't have to. It's a spiritual mysterious process. And when we submit our will to God are we let him have it or we let him take it however you want to say it. Or were willing to be made Welling. And then we'd do the things. That the science of Christianity requires We're going to grow up as Christians automatically now they're going to. I don't want to I don't want to make it's a symbol of that there's nothing to go whether but this is all it is I mean it it is taking these things and we have bizarre of them and of course there's a struggle at all times because we have approached royalist involved you understand. Remember a little statement that I read from not addressing God has made provision that we may become like him he's made what he's made provision for he has made an error he has made every For measure every circumstance everything that surrounds my life he has made it so that it's going to make me hot. Like a and that means restoring of the image of God the soul left education you understand. And if I do not interpose a perverse will that's my problem so he has to take care that there is something in me that makes a fire that makes the decision. And for honest. With ourselves and with God save us because he lead us in the circumstances not that we want but he knows we need. We also learned that. God's purpose in creating man there were 2 reasons and. There was a and immediate reason. And there was the original all of the reason and what was the immediate reason. To repopulate heaven this earth was created that the people from it would take the place of. The angels that fail now I don't know how this is going to take place but without a doubt this earth will sometimes be incorporated into heaven. When you study the Bible spirit prophecy both it talks about heaven and earth interchangeably. And it can be a little bit you see Heaven's a big place. An astronomer told me one time that he was quite well versed in the heavenly bodies that the open place and Orion. Was big enough for the earth orbits to be laid side in side by side a 1000 times. Heaven is not a little place the sanctuary is big enough so when Jesus went from the holy place in the most holy place he got into a chariot and rolled from one place to the other you know that you. Will read it in our Writings. He wasn't going next billboard because all the angels get in there and there are more angels in our people. All the angels can get into the most only place because they are the witnesses in the in the judgment scene. We're not talking my little claims you understand we were talking about heaven. And the New Jerusalem at the smallest dimensions you know is 375 miles on a side I don't think it's outside I think it's 1500 miles on the side you see I'm a carpenter and it says it's wire. And he majored. $12000.00 far along which is 1500 miles an hour carpenters don't measure all round a square they made for a side. And everybody says it's 335 miles that's how far out I think our faith just doesn't get big enough. That means the New Jerusalem is bigger than the United States. So there's plenty of space have there. We've seen a mile square. Well if that is foursquare and a major $2000.00 for a ride on which is 1500 mile Reno that So it's either he was measuring or round it but it didn't say you said he measured it and it was square and when you measure a square you do say it's 10 feet square you don't say 200 feet around and. I mean you know just I mean I mean 40 feet around well anyway that is a negative and now the other thing I want to say and that is that the ultimate purpose Godhead in and then creation was that man must have a special relationship with God. And of course the sin came in and is taken over. But God is still going to carry out his plan and I want to read that statement I'm sure you all have it but I would like to have this for your. So you know for sure where this reference is because this is one of the most beautiful references I know. For a D. for a great controversy Satan and his efforts to deceive and tempt our race. Had thought to frustrate the Divine Plan and man's creation let me tell what you want to do. It was all over the planet he felt he didn't like what was happening the man. But Christ asked Now I ask with this plan be carried into effect as if man had never fall and as it was. He asked for his people not only pardon justification full and complete but to share in His glory and a seat upon his throne. Human beings were created to share the throne in the glory of God for all eternity and you see that throne is big enough. For everybody to have a throne on God's throne. In the city read of a controversy because that throne is a movable throne and as Satan then all of the people who don't make it are outside that throne in the gesticulated rises up above the city above the walls are quite high probably. And every redeemed person has a seat on that throne. And God is not arbitrary and anyway. The glory of God that gives the rapture to those on the throne destroys old outside the city. Same glory. Because God's glory destroys hot. Sand. And if the glory of God in any way can get through us today it's going to strike them. And he'll destroy it without destroying us. But if it becomes incorporated into us then it's going to destroy us to. Several years ago I read a poem I don't use poems a lot but at this poem really appealed to me. It was in the review and herald. Way back before the turn of the century like to share this with the enclosing. Its entire All these are they. They are coming this way he said. The angel who kept the gate they enter the city here. Would you see their cohorts wait. Within there is a great feast spread. And the air with music stirrers for the King Himself shall set this day with the bad quitters. The heroes of the earth. For these in their March up the aisles of palm I would wait from where then came forth the surge of US Welling solved and thought about marrying Holst I shrank an awesome grid chief captains and mighty men who should pass and marshal trade. Then slowly out of the Mists up the way once I look to see where the glory along their crest and the light on their panoply the well years splendor shod. With whose names times and old ring. Came a band of pilgrims roarin as from years of journeying. Slowly with halting steps they come there on sandaled feet are bruised by the jagged stones. Are scorched by the desert heat. Their faces are right and lined with digital and patient pain. Therefore our lives are beat and marred by the storm in the hurrican. But the stronger a hole the weak. And their leader holds across. Impatient I look away down the slopes where they pump all the plumes tossed impatient I turn to him they enjoy who keeps a gate. What they herald is where are they. To whom you bade me wait for whom you bade me wait. For answer they gaze toying as wide then Dawn streams out on the night. And that way worn bandpass through their garments White is the light. For answer I hear a voice from the throne respond and. They all the angels bow 1st paralysed these are they. Well. It's been nice to be with you folks for this time so we'll still be starting next week another class I hope your study. The only thing I expect any of 11 get out of this class there's maybe. Some incentives you won't remember anything that you learned but I hope to give you some incentive to study. This media was brought to you by. A website dedicated to spreading God's word. And audio and much more if you would like to know more about. It you would like to. Leave it.


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