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Need for an ID Card

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • July 28, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Let me go ahead and say good morning or Yes good morning and happy Sabbath. Now are you telling the truth are you really happy Well if you're happy than say happy Sabbath like you mean it happy sad. Praise the Lord that sounds like a group of happy people and I am definitely happy and I'm definitely thankful to be here with you all as we prepare our hearts to study the word I don't know if you were given a title but if you weren't I was asking God I'm not big on titles myself but nevertheless I was asking God Lord what would you have me to entitle this and God simply said call it id card our need for an ID card and so if you like titles than that is your title but nevertheless the Lord is going to teach us from his word what he desires from each of us and I believe the best way to do that is with prayer and I'm very appreciative of the prayer that has already been given but I call it a habit or what have you this is something very personal about my need to offer a word of prayer before I speak and so I'm going to go to my knees one more time you don't have to you just went to your knees but if you would like to you can certainly new with me but in either case let us reverently go before God and ask him to do something special to speak to our hearts as we prepare to go through the message Let us pray together. Our Father in heaven you know what we need but it's imperative that we have ears to hear and so I simply pray in the name of Jesus that you would please forgive us of anything that we have said done or even entertained in our thoughts that has broken your heart and I ask that you would purify of the precious blood of Jesus and that you grant us your Holy Spirit who is the only one who is in effect will teach you the truth. And may you make your words plain to us that we can leave from this message better than where we were before started and I pray that if we even take one more round up on Jacob's Ladder New your name be honored and glorified and we thank you that you have heard this prayer more importantly that you have answered it for we ask it all in Jesus name Amen. I'm going to tie myself I want you to turn your Bibles with me to the book of Hebrews the 11th chapter we're going to what book we're going to Hebrews Let's go to the book of Hebrews we're going to consider the 11th chapter and I want you to watch what the Bible says as we consider Hebrews the 11th chapter I would imagine many of us know this verse by memory but in the event you don't we're going to review it so that way no one is passed by the Bible says something innocent mazing because I have read this verse perhaps literally tens of thousands of times over my 26 years of being part of this advent movement but this verse speaks to me in a way that it did not do in most previous years the Bible says in Hebrews 11 in verse 6 and if you there please let me know by saying amen the Bible says in Hebrew 11 in verse 6 he says but with out what but without faith it is impossible to do one to please God why it says for he who comes to God must believe what that he is ended that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him one of the very 1st things that God puts as the qualifier of that which pleases him according to the verse is we must believe that he is. That is a very very important verse Sometimes this verse is gleaned over it's overlooked or it's not deeply studied or taken seriously because maybe there's not enough going on in our lives for us to contemplate him but usually when things start to happen loss of money loss of property sickness death facing the loss of someone who has died when these things begin to happen you begin to start asking questions that sometimes you never asked in your various amount of years of Christianity you start wondering are you really who you say you are this is why last night I thought to myself I said this message that brother Brian started us with it was so pivotal I mean it was just like Lord I said that's the message right there how do we view God how do we understand Him I see on Facebook all the time even my own sister whom I love dearly and this is no fault of hers again it is just the idea of how our minds work my sister 4 years ago had cancer she had breast cancer she went through traditional medicine her breast cancer went away and just a few days ago she put up in fact it was July 25th she put up on Facebook praise the Lord it has been 4 years since I had my breast cancer and I am still clear of my breast cancer now is that something worthy to say Praise the Lord is it not I mean that's that's something where the say that but she didn't conclude it is she then said all how much he loves me and I thought to myself as I read the post it is not a rebuke to my precious sister but it's like what if Year 5 it came back. You know that's always the thing that they watch for in oncology you know they want to go ahead and see if you can get past that 5 year mark because they make it very clear you can pretty much potentially come back within those 5 years what if your 5 comes by and all of a sudden lump symptoms etc What if it comes back my question is can you still go on Facebook can you still say Oh how much he loves me my cancer came back it would almost sound ridiculous wouldn't it to the natural mind it was sound like that don't even make sense what you just said so again a lot of times we have this view of God that you are somebody who loves me because of what you've done for me and again we base it on circumstances and so on and that's why I said Lord this this message is hitting some serious heart chords and I know I got what I needed and I hope you got what you needed and so a lot of times we have very skewed views of God we don't understand who he is and as a result of not understanding who he is I guarantee you we will mess up the fact that he has a reward of them that diligently seek Him and this is how it will start falling into fanaticism and legalism and you know trying to work our way into heaven and etc etc we have right to snip my words verses righteousness by faith everything else gets messed up when we don't understand who he is so when I look at that verse I said OK God is telling me Duane until you understand who I am what ever you do I'm not pleased on not as pleased as I want to be and so I had to really start asking myself those questions Who is he. So the Bible actually helps us with this and I want you to see it in Exodus 3 go to Exodus 3 with me I want you to watch what the Texas because we're living in a time brothers and sisters where I believe with all of my heart I really really believe this the more that I study and the more that I pray and the more that I observe the signs of the times I do not believe that we need to wait for more and please hear me good on what I'm saying and I don't I'm not trying to create confusion I don't believe we are living in the time that we need to see more agitations from the papacy to let us know they are vehicle on setting up a Sunday law I don't think I need to see more of those agitate I've seen more than enough they have spoken very clear on that matter I don't need to see a whole lot more happen with the United States of America makes it very clear we are that 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 and in order to set up the image of the beast we must have a reunion of church and state there are also to things that are happening right now everything from the wall everything from the Johnson Amendment everything from way back in 911 things have been moving super rapid pace to get us to a place in America that we become so afraid and so fearful that we're actually trade our freedom for safety and that's how we're going to get back to it in state and you can look at the American landscape and pay attention to what the people are saying and the Bible makes it clear this thing is definitely getting ready to come to pass I don't know how much more of that I need to see I believe I've seen enough I don't need to see the reality as much anymore that God's very church that he raised up to finish his work is the very church that is showing a massive amount of confusion. Compromise and cowardice when God is calling for people that are called to stand by the heavens may fall to call sent by its right name to make the Word of God plain We're seeing all sorts of drama and all sorts of things that are rising up in our very own movement God has made that thing plain a long time ago there's one thing however that I have not seen as much of movements of the papacy ton of information tons of evidence movements of the United States of America trying to reunite church and state tons of evidence reality that God's people are allowing themselves to become so blinded and they are hence losing their identity that we are imitating the other churches and imitating the world and allowing all sorts of things to come into the church that's a lesson in the people of God I have tons of information on that but you know the one thing I don't have enough of the one thing that God is waiting for that will finish this or the uniting of his people is not as big a there's not as much of a plethora of that evidence we got present truth against precious truth we've got liberals against conservatives we have black conferences against white conferences we have all sorts of anti everything and there's very little evidence of true biblical unity and so what I believe is that God is saying when will my people come to know who I am so I can get them to give me what I want and I believe that's a time when living in brothers and sisters I believe with all my heart if God can have a people that can become united upon his banner of truth when God has that number made up everything else will move with lightning speed and the work will be finished Jesus will come and we finally go home and get off this planet but everything has the ball down to who is. And so in Exodus Chapter 3. Moses was given an incredible task when he was given his task it was very powerful that Moses was called the Code of Federal the leader not merely of a country the mere leader not merely of a continent the leader of an entire world and he was supposed to tell him let my people go this humble Shepherd and so Moses asked the question OK Well when I go and I go to my people etc and I let the norm on this major deliverance mission he says who should I say sent me and God says I will tell you who I am and he put it very nicely he said in Exodus 3 right there verse 14 it says in Exodus 314 and God said unto Moses I am that I am tell them I AM has sent you a look at the word I am the word I am in its absolute original state Y.H.W.H. you ho ho and then ultimately they added vowels and you get away and then translations you get to hold and Lord God says that's who I am you want to know I am I am who I am that doesn't help you at all doesn't. God literally says if you want to know who I am he says I'm everything that I said I was so then you start going to Scripture you go to John 14 I am the way I am the truth I am the life you go to John 11 I am the resurrection you go to 1st John for I Am Love God says I AM WHO everything that I said I am and that is the simplicity of it God is who he says he is and the only way we're going to know we is is we got to go to the worst we can find out and as we go to the word we're going to see him manifest himself in many many ways he does not lock himself in a box he says I am who I say I am I am your deliver I am your friend that sticks closer than even your own family I am who I said I am. And God says the more that we begin to know that the more that we begin to understand that the better off we will be that now that we know who he is then perhaps the next. Can be more effectively and faithfully accomplished like in humanity you can tell me all sorts of people who you can tell me all sorts of names and whatnot of who you are but at the end of the day somebody sooner or later going to ask you for an ID card is not right you know I've been to a lot of countries I stopped counting a long time ago and one thing I know to be a fact whatever country I go into I could walk through there but there's always going to be a good there's always going to be some point where people go and be like hey who are you and I could just do that when you talk about going women. Move aside. You think that's going to work or no they're going to say sorry I need to see someone I need some ID and my id is proof that I am who I said I was God understood the dynamics of what was going to happen in his family and so when God made you and I I believe that God wanted you and I to be a symbol of his ID card can you imagine that you're an ID card right now the world is here and all sorts of things about a god and a hearing a lot of things about this god that exists that loves and all these other things but they're confused on his identification they don't understand his ID They say me I mean you say who you are but really is it true how can I know that you are not presenting to me false identification and on earth that's of the didn't question isn't it when you come into a country they've got to make sure you're not a terrorist they've got to make sure you're not some shady person that's going to cause some drama so they need to at least know that you're legit by which you said you came from such and such a place that you actually came from such and such a place. God has made a statement to the world and I want you to see what did God do that he wanted to eventually spread his identification all throughout the planet it was right there in Genesis chapter one go to Genesis one again take a look at it the more we begin to understand who God is the easier it is to fulfill the next part in Genesis Chapter one The Bible says in Genesis one right there in verse 26 The Bible says And God said Let Us make man in what our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fall of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creep it upon the earth god wanted to make it clear that whoever I am I wanted to be represented through my people our identity hands down is found in Christ and identity is not necessarily what we do obviously by way of our identity is going to produce actions there's no question about that whatever goes on in the minds going to come out in words it's going to come out and actions but God wanted us to understand who he was and then he wanted you and I to be living demonstrations of who he is our identity is found in Christ period. And the sooner that we understand that the better off we shall be think about it if you look at if you simply were to look up the term ID or I didn't identity it is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is that's what an identity is it's a fact of being who or what that thing or person is that's what an ID is God says I have an identity and I know who I am and I love it when you look at Jesus Jesus one of the reasons why his ministry was so powerful go to Lou for if you look at Luke 4 you can see one of the reasons why Jesus is Ministry was so incredibly powerful and perhaps this is the reason why sometimes our ministries are so incredibly weak if you look at what the Bible says the Bible says In Luke the 4th chapter and watch the text Luke the 4th chapter. Every day every opportunity I preach teach heal or whatever God uses me to do to seek to be a blessing to somebody I'm always asking him Lord could more have been done could greater impact have taken place I refuse to be satisfied why I was reading a little book Don't worry you and look for I didn't forget. But I was reading a little book called Volume 4 of the testimonies to the church it was under chapter called. Yeah I believe it's cocoa Yes coworkers with Christ coworkers with Christ volume for the testimonies to the church it was on page $67.00 and what it was talking about it says as the merchant men and as the business men is excellent in their trade She then says ought not the event of this to be so in other words he says that the merchant man is excellent in history is the business man is an excellent in this trade should not the event of this be excellent in their trade then she says in order to do the work of soul winning effectively she says there are 2 things that the evangelists must understand the human mind and human nature. Then she goes over to page 68 she says this next and this is the part that always stuck with my mind up to 18 years ago when I read it she says on page 60 she says when we understand the human mind and human nature she says when we only won one soul to Christ we could have won 20 that's what always makes me check myself I'm saying Lord do I understand the human mind human nature if I do and evangelism series 5 people get baptized Oh thank you Jesus Lord is there anything when I get my quiet time with God father was there anything in that presentation anything that was done anything that was said was anything about my demeanor my tone of voice anything father that I can look back at myself could have been 10 it could have been 15 it could have been 20 or fused to be satisfied and so I'm always in this state of checking myself checking myself Lord how could I have done it better how to do that I'm thankful but I can't get caught up into that I've got to keep going there's morsels to be saved what can I do better and so it is that when I think about the great calling the great purpose the great work that God has called us to do God says everything balls back to 1st understand who I am and what I look at Jesus I want you to watch what it says and look for look for in verse 16 watch what the Texas and look for 16 and he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up for 3 and there was delivered unto him the book of the Prophet in science and when he had opened the book he found the place where it was written the spirit of the Lord is upon me because you have anointed me to preach the Gospel to the poor he has sent me to heal the broken hearted to preach deliverance to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty then that I bruise to preach the acceptable year of the Lord and he closed the book Any gave it again to the minister and sat down and what happened next. It says the eyes of all of them were fastened on him they could let it go now you have to understand what Jesus did was routine it was just as routine as what we did today there is always in a divine service in the 7th Day Adventist Church there is always a scripture reading isn't there now was the last time somebody said All right let's turn our Bibles to such and such a place and then they go ahead and they read the Bible and when they finished doing the scripture reading they close the book and then they sit down and all you were like wow and your eyes were fastened on the person I gave the scripture reading was the last one to happen to you you have had somebody do a scripture reading so well that it fixed your mind on a never happen but that's exactly what happened Jesus what Jesus did was just as common as what you and I do today it was common in the synagogue that somebody would go up grab one of the scrolls open it up and read it that was common but for some reason when Jesus read it it had a very uncommon in fact we get a clue into what was so uncommon about it in the next verse what does it say in the next verse Jesus then said unto them what this day is this creature fulfilled in your years I love that about him Jesus was a man that he knew who he was he knew he wasn't there for he knew the work that he was supposed to do and when he opened up those scriptures he was not reading it as a text that maybe we ourselves don't believe when Jesus read the scripture he saw himself in the prophetic chart. Always ask young people where are you in the Prophet a chart what's going on brother how are you doing he says How you doing question for you where do you fit in the Prophet in charge and they look at me like I just spoke when I spoke English and the reason why they look at me like that is because they're not used to either being asked that question or considering the question. You are not accidents you fight tooth and nail to prove that evolution is wrong that there is a creator rather than a silly Big Bang OK what if there is a creator what Creator do you know that does not have a purpose for the creation every single creator has a purpose for the creation So listen if you're in this room right now even if you a disinterest of you my question to you is this in your disinterest Are you saying that you came from a rock is that what you believe if you say to me no I don't believe I came from a rock I don't believe I came from neighbors and tadpoles and it said it I don't believe I came from monkeys I believe there's a designer that I'm like and what design to do you know that does not have a purpose for their design and if you say to me well I don't know any designer like that OK so does the designer that you have does he have a perfect plan for you yes then why are you looking at my question like I'm silly again where do you fit in the profits are where you belong What's your purpose or are you just an accident are you just the occupant of time space and flesh and so sometimes you've got to really rethink ourselves and say OK if God or since God is in fact the creator he is who he says he is he is the creator he's my friend he is my savior he's my way he's my life he's my he's my he's mine then God says then what I want is I want you to understand that when I made you I made you to be a reflection all of me your identity is found in Christ the more that we begin to understand a stand that it changes your behaviors it changes your words it changes your thoughts and it changes your actions you know the 1st time the word church comes up in the Bible go to Matthew 16 is the 1st time the word church comes up in the Bible and I always thought about this the word church in Matthew the 16th chapter the word church has a very important meaning. And I want you to see what the Bible says in Matthew 16 we're going to start a verse 13 and when you get there just let me know by saying amen in Matthew 16 starting at verse 13 the Bible says when Jesus came into the coast of sensory of Philip he asked his disciples saying who do men say that I the Son of Man N Z God wanted to know who how do you understand me these questions are relevant the same way that the question was asked over 2000 years ago is the same way the question needs to be asked 2000 years later who is he that's what he's asking what they gave the answer he said you know verse 14 and they said some say that they are John the Baptist some Elias or other Jeremiah So one of the prophets he said unto them well who do you say that I am and Simon Peter answered and said out the Christ the Son of the Living God and Jesus answered and said into him will bless it are the sign of our Jonah for flesh and blood has not revealed the identity but my father which is in heaven and i Verse 18 and I say also entity that thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church the gates of hell will not prevail against it the rock that Peter confessed which was Christ is going to be the foundation of the church the word church anybody have a study that one is the word church mean the cold out ones that's the Greek word ecclesia the called out ones so the church is a group of people that are the called out ones question how many of you are not part of the church because the raisin if you're not part of a church not part of the church look at the top and I see no hands going up look to my left I see no hands going up looking to my right I see no hands going to go to far right and if you know hands going up that means all of you are part of the church right OK now because you're part of the church then you are part of the called out ones would you agree because that's what the church is the church is not a building it's not limited to that. The church is a group of people that have been called out so now the next question what do you think the next question is called Out of what go to 1st Peter 2 if you look at 1st Peter 2 on the show you what the church was called out of OK because the church is a group of people that have been called out there the called out ones so now we're going to consider what we've been called out of so now we're going to look at 1st Peter 2 and let's go ahead and consider verse 9 and 1st Peter 2 I want you to notice what the Bible says as we consider verse 9 when you get there just let me know by saying amen the Bible says in 1st Peter 2 in verse 9 but you are what you're a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation and a peculiar people that you should show for the praises of him who has done what I call you out of. And into his now that is what you've been called out of that's clear in other words because who actually this is this this message has deep implications we are the called out once we have not just been called out of a building to another building we've been caught out of one way life into another way of life this has always been God's way of viewing his church always and so we see that the word church means called out once now we know what we've been called out of we've been called out of one darkness into his question What is darkness then again. The absence of light I mean if you agree with that you agree that darkness is OK So do you agree that we as the church we have been called out of the absence of light we've been caught out of darkness into God's marvelous light you agree with that right OK let's understand light and I think the more we understand light we can better define darkness and we can more clearly understand what we've been called out of and into because right now if I said my friend don't you know you've been called out of darkness Don't you know you've been called into light I don't think that helps you does it not on the practical level that doesn't help you so I'm going to list 3 things I'm not saying that there's not more but I'm going to list 3 things that the Bible calls light and when we consider it we can understand the contrast number one Psalms 119 let's go there in Psalms 101900 to vision let's find out what God calls like Psalms we're looking at 119 in Psalms 100 in 1003 version I want you to see what the Bible says in verse 105 in songs 1000 in verse 15 watch what the Texas very very powerful yet so simple the Bible says it sounds 11000 in verse $15.00 it's this the I word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path so God has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light so one of the things we know is that darkness is the absence of light one of the 1st things we identify as light is the Word of God So what is the opposite of this light what is the absence of the Word of God In other words we are called to live by V. word of God that is walking in the light what is the opposite of that living by what I say again living by I liked it. I don't like that the word of man I think that's good would that include ourselves the opposite of this light the absence of it if we're not living by the word then we're certainly going to live by the words of man if we're not going to by the Word of God then we're going to live by the word of man that's even better than what I had prepared like that hey I'm old enough to admit it that that was all right that was good stuff literally what do you live by right now do you find yourself often say I think that there's one religion I can't stand is that I think religion I don't even like I think sermons the pope is not meant for men or women to tell you what they think the pulpit is meant to tell you what God says Does that make sense you see if you go to Proverbs 14 look at Proverbs 14 What is the Bible saying in Proverbs the 14th chapter consider the 12 verse Proverbs 14 in verse 12 when we think about it God wants us to understand what is the issue with living by the words of men even if I'm the man even if you are the woman What is the issue the issue is very simple in Providence 14 in verse 12 the Bible says there is a way that what seem is right on to who unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of God does not want you to live by what you think is right it might kill you so the true people of God The Church of God are people who do not live and conduct their lives based on what they feel and what they think and what they since they live by what God said They run their ministries by what God said they were in the various institutes like we heard up here we heard about all these different institutes and what have you the test is very simple are you doing everything according to the word you must remove every injection of man that you have put into the ministry that's one of the reasons why we're still stuck on this planet since 1904. God wants us to understand that I am not going to surrender God says I'm not going to do it I am going to get what I want and the 1st thing God wants is for men and women to do everything by the. By the word of God Now my brothers and sisters again the word church means the called out once you've been called out of darkness darkness is the absence of light the 1st thing we look that is God's word is light so the absence of God's word causes us to follow the words of man that's living in darkness when you live according to what you feel what you think what you think is right or what have you or you go to others to say what do you think is right and we basically make our decisions based on what some other person said you know even in the name of counselors and I want to say this go to Psalms 119 but I want you to look at verse 24 How do you know a good counselor from a bad one well it's pretty simple actually I want you to watch this because there are many people who can call themselves counselors that may not counsel right and sometimes you can't just go with someone just because they say I'm a counselor there's more than that and I want you to see it sounds 1000 in verse 24 THE BIBLE SAYS It sounds 1000 and 1st 24 that I what the testimonies also are my delight and my Any good Bible counselor does not take that precious time with you to tell you what they think you should do what they do is they tell you what God says all counsellors must subject themselves to the counselors and when ever counsel is given that contradicts the counselors that is unsaved counseling. So that's something very simple you can do you can just simply say OK I appreciate those thoughts Mr or Mrs counselor where is that new word. Oh you don't need to add Well I don't need you. You get that. All counseling counseling is fine but it must be based on the word you get that and so there are many ways that we follow the words of men even though we say we follow the words of God I'm giving you some simple examples but for time's sake go to Proverbs 6 in Proverbs a 6 chapter there's something else called light and what you see the Bible says is we consider Proverbs 6 and now we're going to consider verse 23 in Proverbs the 6 chapter and verse 23 The Bible says this for the commandment is a lamp and the law is light you see that the commandment is a lamp and the law is a light and reproof of instruction of the way of life God says that his law is light so what is the opposite a law less life when we live a life that contradicts God's law we can say we are living in darkness we are playing with darkness we are participating in darkness this is why God has raised up a people to bring them back in harmony with his law both moral and physical. I don't know about you but I get tired of funerals and I appreciate I'm telling you I told brother Brian I said this and that message was of God without appreciating I told him my wife and we're talking about it last night when he talked about the laws of cause and effect brothers and sisters Listen do you want to get sick nobody wants to get sick do you understand a God says I've given you laws that when they're obeyed it will help protect you from getting sick all those naysayers out there even so-called medical missionaries who like to say that even when you keep all of God's laws are there anything could happen and I've met people I keep all of God's laws and when I sit down with them I say OK. Are you doing this are you by the way there's more than 8. Let's get that clear is more than a clause in health so I go to them are you doing this are you doing this and often we'll find ourselves not doing it and then when sickness and disease comes in we're questioning God what happened I thought I was keeping your laws and so on and got to say listen there is something called laws of cause and effect and so when God gives us his law he's saying I'm giving that to you because I want to make you happy I want to bless you I want you to continue smiling and to continue have joy and to feel well but it requires cooperation and so when we choose to violate God's moral or God's physical laws and we just go ahead and live in that darkness my brothers and sisters we hurt ourselves and God should not be blamed for that we're told is that the christ page 16 paragraph 2 I believe is 116 paragraph 2 and she says Satan is exultant when he can convince us that God means to do us harm by his providence is taking love that when we go through stuff and then we say God what happened we blame God Satan says I love that that's what I'm talking about but what God says is no I want you to trust me I have not sought to hurt you with my Providence you see God called us out of darkness he called us into his life God wants us to understand everything that I gave to you my people I gave it to you that it might be a blessing and result in your happiness and ultimately yourself ation but we 1st have to get to know him so we can trust him because you can't trust a man you don't know and then as we get to know him we'll see his plan was to reflect himself in you and in me so listen don't make no mistake about it I'm talking to those of us in the room who even are professor of health reform is because a lot of us in this room we teach stuff we don't practice faithfully and we know it's true. And so a lot of times got to see him do you listen don't do that it's not that we are to start compromising the message God is saying step up in my power and live higher in my truth but don't make excuses for the church is called out group we've been called out of darkness darkness is the absence of light God's word is light God's law is light this is what he called his people to live in we are children of God I almost call this sermon DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM Why did I do that because I come from a culture called hip hop and in the hip hop culture there's a lot of artists and a lot of celebrities that often will go places and when you go places like clubs it is that the other there might be a bouncer or somebody who doesn't recognize them and when they don't recognize them there's a hold of you don't know who I am and then they'll go ahead and start talking about themselves as I really familiarize with this idea of you don't know why you don't understand and all these things but my brother says that's not a worldly and a foolish concept but the more that we understand who we are we should be able to respond that when darkness comes to us whether it be in the form of say 10 experience a dozen or whether it comes in the form of a person that is for a moment even controlled by a demon that when they come to us and suggest to us to go ahead to participate in darkness we should be able to say hold up you don't know who I am I'm a child of God like Joseph how can I do this sin against my god you don't understand why. We have to get to a place that we understand who he is and then understand who we are and then when the suggestions of the devil comes we have a greater opportunity for resistance you see years ago right there I did not know who I was. This is very real for me I mean is serious I was sitting down and thinking about it because my friend one of my former dance and brothers this is Excel that's the guy he sent me a video clip of me dancing back in the days and when he sent me the video clip I was like oh man and I'm looking at myself on the video and as I'm watching myself dance and stuff like that and then WE DID IT WE DID IT interview and in the interview I'm talking in the interview and I'm just like you hear you know I'm saying he did it and I'm just you know I'm looking at the video like hold up and it was my wife will tell you 1000 at the screen and I'm talking like you and I'm talking all this New York trying and I grabbed at the screen like trying to grab my mouth like you know how mother when you talk in front of your mother talk like that and you know the Caribbean background you get that but what I'm saying is that you know I want to just trust my little lip is going when you talk like that for but you know it's a video but the point is at this time like this Jennifer talked about this morning you see what you admire and you start blending in and you merge identity into it I was into hip hop so this is what I'm merging my identity into in hip hop you don't smile you know I'm saying hip hop culture you do the grungy face the grimy face this type of stuff so that's what nobody smiling here except him he's a little nervous but we know smile because that's the culture the culture says no smiling so I start forming that I start forming that in my walk I start form of that and how I talk it's like my whole lifestyle became hip hop. You know at a early age you know sister Jennifer she talked about how many young people strive to you know be part of the industry and they don't make it she said there's some that do I was part of the some. The people I watched on T.V. I told my mother and father said mom and dad one day I'm going to dance with those people my mother father is like really you think you could do that I was like yes I'm sure I can and it was like OK next thing you know started going and tours start to go to clubs I start to addition NG and next thing you know I started working with these people so I started working with Queen Latifa at the time Heavy D. at the time of the army brandy you know I started to work with them start to work with them when we were on tour that was me right there and every yes on the batteries dying but in any case these were the things that I was participating in started to work with all of these guys so I got deeply and grows into hip hop culture deeply engrossed on the stage in the videos working with all these guys and everything else. Thank you so much because this was the image this is what I kept following on so what I started to do was I would pick up all the habits so if the brothers would make the grungy faces I would make it my identity was literally merged into what I was beholding you understand and this is the victimization that has happened to many of us we got caught up into what we were beholding So what happens now I take my photos and that's what I'm doing now I'm the one that's trying to look like this tough guy and all these other things where does this come from it comes from a man who did not understand his identity I allow the world I've allowed those things that I was admiring to go ahead and mess around with my head and what God is trying to say to me what he was saying to me of which I am seeking to say to you is that this culture or any of the other cultures even if it's the opposite if it's the rock N roll culture or some other type of culture these things never define who a man or woman is God wants to get us to a place that we know who he is some of us know more about rap stars and rock stars then we know about God and His truth for this time God says I want to make a paradigm shift. I want to change that and he can because the truth of the matter is that I began to study I began to look at the Word of God I was busy into this culture and into this lifestyle it took the death of my nephew and when my nephew got killed that changed everything for me that's the 1st time I started really thinking about death and life life was not all about a party and so from that I began to really think men I need God I came face to face with something I have no control over which is death it was just my nephew if I could I would have resurrected him right there but I couldn't do it and I had to deal with the sorrow deal with the pain deal with the depression and eventually got allows me to come across a message that was a flyer on the street I had some spiritual interest in there was a fly on the street my friend found the flyer brought it to my house and the meeting was 15 minutes from my house so what I do I left my house I went to the tent meeting heard a message like I never heard in my life came up to the preacher at the end I said listen what what is this what are you guys preaching what is this Who are you with 7 Day Adventists I said what's that I never heard of that in my life sounds to me like you want to study and I'm open to study and started to study the Word of God went down into that watery grave of baptism 26 years ago I never thought I could let go of hip hop I said not as impossible that stuff is in my D.N.A. God as well I'm the master of changing D.N.A.. And I marvel at how God can change a man you see for me I look at this picture and then I look at this picture and in my mind that for me God is like don't forget what I could do that that for me is God saying don't forget what I can do God like I can change anybody. Because God is like I know where you came from in doing you know where you came from but the question is how do I get to a place that I have greater peace I have greater understanding I enjoy the life that I live in serving the Lord Lord bless me what a bride and for children we can serve the Lord together as a family how does how does how does that happen God says it was as a result of you getting to know me and as you get to know him and you understand who he is you more clearly understand who you are and as you understand who you are God now imparts strength to you to say now walk in this light I called you out of darkness I called you into this marvelous light you see the last light is John 9 in verse 5 Jesus says I am the light of the world God says I want you to understand that your identity Christ likeness and my brothers and sisters on the tele to you like this in closing and I really appreciate the Lord giving this to me the Lord put something on my heart here that I thought was so beautiful this is my license it's my ID but some of you don't have this ID In other words you might have a driver's license but you don't have this yet but according to our laws in the United States of America especially as a result of Donald Trump's presidency your license is as they are will not do and by the year 2020 everyone's going to have to have a license like mine you know this license is called I thought to myself I said Father that's pretty good this license is called The Real ID that says that the S what they actually call if you go to your you know D.M.V. or what have you know I need to get the Real ID only have they know exactly what it is and what it is that this under by any means this shows clearly you are who you said you are. I thought to myself there's a lot of churches right now that are all claiming to have God's ID and some of them are presented to the world false identification and it's beautiful because right here you'll see that they have a imprint a stamp that they put on this real I.D. and no man can take it away and God says in the last moments in earth's history right now this world is confused they still don't know who I am yet but God says but I am preparing a people that I'm getting ready to put my stamp on them and I'm going to seal them with the seal of the Living God and as they are sealed they will make known to the world the real idea of who I am and my brothers and sisters I want to be part of that team and by God's grace my hope and my prayer is you'll be part of that team and if it's your desire from your heart to say Lord I want you to be able to stand your real idea upon me and I realize it's going to require some cooperation maybe there's some areas of darkness in your life you still haven't walked out of yet and God is calling you to walk out of it and to walk into his marvelous light and if you see that there's some area where you know you're inconsistent you know you're compromising you know that you perhaps playing games even with God and His word and you're at a precious place where you sing Lord I'm tired of this tired of the world dictating to me who I am and who you are but I'm asking please give me your spirit help me to more clearly understand who you are and then help me to understand who I am and May I walk in the light of who I am as you have made me by your grace you will put your seal on me and I'll be part of that team that represents the Real ID If that's your desire and I'm serious then I invite you to stand to your feet if that's your desire you're going to cooperate with God you're going to consider the darkness those areas in your life where you know you're compromising. And that's why you're standing God wants a 100 percent people I would never accept my wife my wife would never accept me if I said let me just get one percent of the old life hold on to old women she says let me hold on to old men no my brother that would never work not even 0 point one percent it has to be all or nothing in the eyes of God He says I want all all or nothing and that's why you're standing let's go ahead and let us pray together as we see all the decisions that when they can today are gracious Father in heaven we're grateful that you have spoken to our hearts we're grateful Lord that as we get to know who you are we can better understand how you sought to hide your identity within us that we might make it known to the world and Lord right now is confusion to the right into the left but by your grace we don't have to be part of that confusion for you certainly not the author of it and so we're praying that you will help us to be truly from the heart called out ones that will come away from the darkness of this world we will enter into the marvelous light of Christ All right. And may you all to me put your imprint your stamp of the real idea upon us and we will light the world with your glory help us to be faithful to this and forgive us for the time that we have wasted help us to no longer be prodigals but to be safe. Is our prayer that we ask in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audiophiles a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit.


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