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3. The Lamb and the Law

David Shin


David Shin

Dr. David Shin is the President of Ouachita Hills College.



  • May 23, 2015
    11:30 AM
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It was the early 1950 the Korean War My grandparents were north of the 38th parallel. And my mom was born during that time I have a map here on the screen of the famous. MacArthur push toward the northern part of the Korean Peninsula some of you in this room may remember the Korean War. And you'll remember that the Chinese were concerned that MacArthur was going to push north further into China and it was during this time that my mother and my grandparents were in the northern part north of the 38th Parallel which at the time was occupied by the Allies and my mother got sick. She had a symptom that was not able to be treated in the place that they were and so I call it a miracle or I believe that it was gone to divine providence that. Series of connections My grandparents were able to connect with the U.S. Army and go to the south southern part of the Korean Peninsula remember what happened the Chinese came by the thousands and pushed the allies all the way back down toward the south and eventually the 38th Parallel was no one is able to go north or south and my grandparents never went back to their home again. I think back I would not exist because my parents met in America. My mom would be in North Korea right now who knows if she would be alive and this is part of the casualties or the collateral damage I guess you could say of being born in a war zone to this day the 38th parallel is the most militarized area on planet Earth you and I have all been born into a war zone it's called the great controversy and if you want to understand why we experience so much suffering so much heartache so much sin on planet Earth it is because we are all not by choice but all of us have been born into the midst of a great controversy between Christ and Satan Amen between good and evil and we study this in our 1st presentation Revelation Chapter 12 verse 7 I have it there on the screen and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fog any from member from our 1st study we studied that Mychal Bell means one who is like God and we came to the conclusion by a Bible study that Michael is none other than Jesus Christ and this war was not a physical war that's not the way it started now I believe that there were dynamics of a physical war but if you look at the war or are there in the Greek it comes from the Greek word Paul a most where we get the word polemic it was a war of the idiology. Satan Lucifer claimed that he had a better way and he attacked the government of God He attacked the character of God and the point of controversy came to be remember from our 1st presentation the law of God The Law of God became the central issue in the controversy between Christ and Satan great controversy 583 from the very beginning of the great controversy in heaven it has been Satan's purpose to overthrow the law of God it was to accomplish this that he entered upon his rebellion against the creator and though he was cast out of heaven he continued the same warfare on earth the controversy centered on the law of God Another quotation here signs of the Times August 27th 1000. Monch was to be involved vast interests were at stake before the inhabitants of the heavenly universe were to be answered the questions and noticed the nuances of these questions is God's Law in perfect in need of amendment or abrogation or as Or is it immutable is God's government in need of change or is it stable Satan sought to make it appear that he was working for the liberty of the universe he was determined to make his argument so varied so deceptive so insidious that everyone would be convinced that daunts law was. This was the central issue in the great controversy between Christ and Satan and you'll have to remember that never before had anyone known of sin never before had there been an argument like this before presented in regards to Gaunts government and God allowed Satan to work out his principles this is a very difficult decision and you and I have been caught in the midst of this and we want to pause for a moment and discussed why the law of God was so central to the great controversy between Christ and saying remember back in the Old Testament the law of gone was written on stone not on paper not written by man but by God's own finger on to tablets of stone and the location of this tablets or these tablets was to be in the ark of the Covenant we'll come back to that in a moment but the very foundation of Gaunt's government was the law of God Now why is this so important in our 1st presentation we said that God is love Amen We're also told in the Bible that daunts law is love Jesus summarized the 10 Commandments into 2 cogent. Ways of saying it love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself and these 2 summarize Gaunts 10 Commandments if you love gone you're not going to have anything else in place of God If you love your neighbor you're not going to steal you're not going to kill you're not going to lie and so this is the central aspect of God's law it is a transcript of his character so Satan knew that in attacking the law of God He was really attacking God's character. He was attacking Gaunts foundation of government moving quickly on we know that the infection spread to planet Earth when Adam many sinned it cast the entire human race into a trajectory of sin and death none of us chose to be born but all of us because of Adam's sin are predisposed to make the same decision in rebellion against God Very quickly what is sin this has been something that has been debated down through the ages the Bible gives us one definition of sin 1st John 3 Verse 4 sin is the transgression of the law very simple sin is breaking God's law and we know this from salvation classes all have sinned every one of this one of us in this room are guilty of sinning against God's law and the wages of sin is death. So here Jesus had to make a decision he could have written off planet Earth as collateral damage and just said you know what tough and he would not have owed us a single thing it is in this moment that the universe was able to witness the character of God as never before and it's in this time that character was revealed I like to illustrate it this way. In a few weeks I'm going to be at Michigan can't meeting but many people don't know that prior to Michigan camp meeting there's a time that is required it's not optional. That all of the pastors and administrators are given the pleasure of can't pitch but it's simply we have to do manual labor something that we are not accustomed to be doing and for whatever reason since I have been in the Michigan conference which is going on 11 years now don't let this baby will you. 11 years I've been a pastor and for the past 11 years for whatever reason every single cam pitch I am put on the state crew which involves driving 6 foot stakes 5 foot 606 foot stakes into the ground with a stake pounder and this is grueling work for hours upon hours hundreds of stakes and if you do not put them in straight they will be all up rooted and you will have to do them again blistering and they are so loud that you have to put earplugs in your ears hour after hour steak after steak and it's every single year that I go to bed and I cannot wake up the next morning and have to go and do the same thing it seems that on a regular basis that gala more our conference President who doesn't have to do this comes down. From his go cart. And I was floored when I saw this 60 year old man grab a steak driver. With us pee on pastors drive those steaks shoulder to shoulder. It was at that point where I said in prior to ordination where you go I will go. Where you die I will die and there was a very but I it communicated a lot of communicating character that this conference President the most grueling. Task during campaigns he was willing to come down and drive stakes with us and it was a huge revelation of character to this poor or an ordained minister that was just starting out in ministry and in an exponentially greater sense Jesus came down a man the infection spread from heaven down to earth and he could have just said you know was tough and he could have walked away but this is the beauty of the character of God in the midst of the great controversy heaven came down and his desire of a just says all of Heaven was poured out in that one gift of Jesus Christ Philip in chapter 2 verse 7 and 8 but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself and became obedient and to death even the death of the Cross this is what I want to recognize here today and this is the seat thesis of. My entire presentation that the very fact that Jesus had to die shows how much the law is still binding. Because if the law was not binding Jesus could have changed the rules right the very fact that Jesus had to die in order to meet the claims of the law proves that the law is changeable it cannot be changed so much so that the penalty of death has to be paid by none other than the law giver in order for pardon and forgiveness to be possible Jesus could have said you know what I'm going to change the rules you're forgiven but he didn't do that the only way to meet the claims of the law was for him to die we've used this illustration many times in our evangelistic series it's been a while since I've gotten a speeding ticket praise the Lord. A number of years ago when I was a Bible worker in Texas I went into a construction zone and didn't recognize that the speed limit had changed I saw a police car passing in this direction and you know you're in trouble when you cross the median and in the lights go on and every time this happens my heart is pounding and I'm the only one that this happens to I mean just innocent you know. I like to think myself but I my heart is just pounding and he pulled me over and this was one of the few times he had me get out of the car so I'm really scared by this and he said Please get out of the car walk to the back of the vehicle and I didn't bring my insurance papers with me so I walked to the back and he said Where's your insurance papers and I said Oh in a moment of non discretion I ran to the driver side of the car and he ran with me with this and on his gun he ran back with me and he was watching my every move and I was shaking and I pulled out the insurance papers and I kid you not I was going like this. And I handed it to him he went back to check my record I was cleaning and he said David I'm going to give you a warning your ticket is forgiven so praise God got back into the car now I thought about this how much did this forgiveness cost nothing right the I've never heard a police officer say to me David you are forgiven I'm going to pay your ticket for you right has anyone ever heard a police officer say that no and I came to the conclusion that a speeding ticket in the grand scheme of infractions is not a great thing like murder OK so for a given this is she in other words the police officer can forgive you without having to pay the ticket without you having to pay to take it but if you're caught and guilty of murder the judge is not going to say I forgive you. Someone has to pay and it's in the same way that we must recognize that when Jesus died on the cross he paid the penalty and that for a given this is nothing but cheap Now if the judge gets up front and says you know what you're guilty of sin you're guilty of the sin of murder and I'm going to serve your sentence for you he up holds the law while at the same time granting forgiveness and what Jesus did at the cross is uphold the law while at the same time granting pardon and forgiveness I've heard many times in even the Christian community people will say that the cross did away with the law. It's quite the contrary friends the very fact that Jesus had to die shows that the law is established the way that we know this is through this passage some Chapter 85 verse 10 mercy and truth are met together and so in the plan of salvation Jesus establishment's the law justice while that the same time granting each one of us mercy and we can see this in the sanctuary remember from our series The Cross and the saying she wearing this is a model in kindergarden form of the plan of salvation you can see it there on the screen and you will notice that there are 3 compartments in the sanctuary the most holy place the Holy Place and the courtyard Adam many back in each Denecke perfection were right here face to face open communion with God That is where the entire human race comprising of 2 individuals were in perfection in the law was right here the law was written in their hearts it was something that they did naturally by the grace of God because of sin all of us have been placed on the outside and the plan of salvation is illustrated in the sanctuary in that God brings us back to God in 3 distinct stages the courtyard justification God delivers us from the penalty of sin the Holy Place sanctification God delivers us from the character of sin and then the most holy place glorification God delivers us from the presence of sin he does this in 3 distinct stages and I want you to notice that when you come into the courtyard we are outside here the 1st thing that we meet is the altar of burnt offering and this is where the lamb is slain. That is the 1st thing that we all meet. Now there's something interesting about all 3 compartments of the sanctuary that when the lamb is slain depending on the time of year and depending on the service the blood is always placed in the courtyard in the altar burnt offering the blood is placed on the altar of incense and then once a year on the day of atonement the blood is placed in the most holy place and this is the last and that we can bring from this that the path back to God is through the blood Amen it's true the precious blood of Jesus. And that provision has been paid and is freely offered to you and me Jesus is a 2nd Adam friends and it is my appeal to you this morning that none of us will choose not to accept Christ sacrifice in our behalf each one of us can walk out of this room knowing that you are saved knowing that you have the assurance of eternal life one invite you to stand with me every had bound in eyes closed as we prepared to pray at this time and I just want to make a simple appeal. Here this morning. My 1st appeal is this if there is some area in your life that you want to ask the Lord for forgiveness. And you want to say Lord please cover me by the blood please pardon my sin. You want to say Lord please forgive me please cover me and you want to say Lord I accept your sacrifice on my behalf you can walk out today with that assurance I want to raise your hand here this morning God bless you friends we all need to be forgiven Amen Amen my 2nd appeal is this if you have not been baptized yet you want to prepare for baptism and I say Lord I want to study I'm not perfect but Jesus is perfect Amen and through his righteousness we can be saved and you want to Lord I want to prepare for baptism want to bite you raise your hand God bless you friend God bless shoes or someone else on sale I want to prepare for baptism God bless you God bless you there in the back let's pray. Our Father in heaven we thank you for the sacrifice that you made for us on Calvary we thank you for the blood that is the path back to the throne of God and we pray that you would be with every person in this room Lord we all have been born into a warzone none of us chose to be born but each one of us can choose to be saved by your grace Help us Lord to accept you as her Savior and Lord I praise you for the hands that went up accepting you. And the power forgiveness I praise you for the hands that went up desiring to be to be baptized and we pray that you seal every decision with your Holy Spirit reacts he sings in Jesus' name. That. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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