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The Third Person of the Godhead

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 29, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Heaven we thank you that you've given to us the promise of your spirit you promise that we're 2 or 3 are gathered together there you will be. We know that that is through the personhood of your spirit and so we just want to pray today that as we open your word as we study the Bible that you would send your spirit to be here that it would not just fill this house of worship but it would fill each of our hearts and that we might hear his voice speaking to us and we think you in Jesus name Amen the smarting we're going to begin with a little bit of a Bible study so I'm going to ask you to take out your Bibles and if you take out your holy i Phones make sure you're looking at the text and not texting right. Just kidding I don't think there is such a thing as a holy i Phone but the Holy Bible is on the i Phone and what other advice you may have with you at the time and we're going to begin by looking at a number of passages today that that share with us the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives thank you we're going to be looking at how important the Holy Spirit is in its role in its work in our spiritual conversion and in our spiritual life so we're going to start by looking at the the fact that the Holy Spirit gives power to the believers Acts chapter one and verse 8 Acts chapter one and verse 8 and know this is a familiar text to many of us in fact I suppose will cover a number of familiar texts but we always learn more from the text don't we there's never a time when we have exhausted the Word of God accept or one verse 8 these are the words of Jesus as he's about to leave his disciples as he's returning to the father. And you know and we looked last night some of the promises we'll look at that some of them again today the promises of the Holy Spirit in his absence but acceptor one in verse 8 says but you will receive what power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Judea in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth Now last night we were discovering how we tend to focus on the power in witnessing within the progress on the The Lord adding to the church as a result of the Holy Spirit but there was a whole set of circumstances and we might say conditions experiences the Holy Spirit brought the church through to the point that they could be powerful witnesses it's not so much that the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to go out and say things more eloquently that's not the real reason the Holy Spirit gives power it's not because the Holy Spirit you know somehow you know amplifies our voices or something like that know what amplifies is what is what the Holy Spirit has done in our lives that enables people to see that the religion of Jesus Christ is a life changing transformative religion if your religion does nothing more for you than what you can get from the self-help aisle of a bookstore it's not the religion of Jesus because the religion of Jesus is a life transforming religion it is miraculous thank you for those in the hands. The religion of Jesus friends is miraculous. And and what the Holy Spirit wants to do as it fills each of our lives through in early reign measure he wants to so change our lives that the words we speak are not just ideology they're not just a phrase of nice construction they are a reflection of an experience that we personally have had that we have tasted and seen with Jesus and so our words have power our witness has power we looked at Acts chapter 2 yesterday about how the the Holy Spirit made the group united the early church they they spent time focusing on God's Word they spent time fellas shipping and eating together and enjoying each other's company and focusing on on repenting of their sins and making right wrongs and then the verse says the Lord added to the church daily such as should be see it but sometimes we want to jump to the witnessing we want to jump to the Adding to the church without experiencing what the Holy Spirit brought in early reign in its early reign manifestation to the early church so the Holy Spirit. Gifts power and I want to just underscore this power is not just ability to do evangelist outreach or deeds it is not power to simply hold better evangelists series and have bigger baptisms it is power to change our lives that gives our words credibility and influence the Holy Spirit gives us power for victory over conscious and if the Bible says in glaciers chapter 5 in verse 16 if we walk in the spirit we will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh if we live in the spirit and walk in the spirit we won't become high minded it says in the chapter 525 and 26 and I quote If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit let us not be desirous of vain glory provoking one another envying one another if the Holy Spirit is in our lives in the fruits of the Spirit will be seen in our lives and the way it's said in desire of ages I believe it's Page $676.00 she goes on she says not one will be missing the fruit of the Spirit is not fruits of the spirit it's the fruit of the spirit and when you have the spirit you have the fruit you don't pick and choose it's not a salad bar smorgasbord it's not a buffet you can choose whether you want patience or love or gentleness or kindness the fruit of the spirit is what the Holy Spirit does in the human heart in which it dwells So the Holy Spirit gives us power I don't know about you but I I would say that having that fruit of the Spirit consistently is a miracle for me I need that miracle that means I need the Holy Spirit we need the Holy Spirit for the power that it can give for the transforming power that it can give to us the 2nd thing the Holy Spirit does let's turn to John Chapter 16. John Chapter 16 and we're going to look at a number of of verses here today from John Chapter 16 let's let's look here in John Chapter 16 at verse 8 John Chapter 16 in verse 8 and this is what Jesus says. And by the way. Will back up just a few verses and look at some context here he is said that he is leaving and and so forth. Nevertheless I see I tell you the truth it is to your advantage that I go away for 5 Do not go away the Helper will not come to you but if I go I will send him to you now just keep this in mind for a moment because. Later we're going to be talking about the personhood of the Holy Spirit and I'll be honest with you I can understand where some of the people have added Trinitarian ideas even an Adventist I'm here to understand where some of that comes from OK but I don't understand how you can have Jesus going away but it's his presence that stays behind what I'm saying he's very clear here saying I am going away and it makes no sense to say that the Spirit is going to be his spirit or his presence that just remains behind that is just not a very rational reading of the language that he is using if I do not go away the Helper will not come to me but if I go I will send him to you verse 8 and when he comes he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment now this conviction is very very important it's not because the Holy Spirit is the only one that convicts have you know this morning it's Borton to note that the Holy Spirit is not alone in convicting of sin the devil also convicts of sin did you realize that. The devil convicts us of sin there's a distinct difference between the Holy Spirit conviction of sin and the devil's conviction of scent However when the devil convicts you of sin he says you're such a bad sinner there's no hope for you you might as well give up when the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin he tells you you're such a sinner but Jesus died for sinners just like you there's a huge difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the conviction of the enemy of our souls and without the conviction of the Holy Spirit we would not be able to come to Christ we would not know our own need and we would not know the hope that we have in our Savior the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and we could spend a whole lot of time just on this aspect of the Holy Spirit's work there is sometimes confusion between the conscience and the can and conviction of the Holy Spirit's conviction there's actually a difference between the 2 did you know that we will go into a whole lot I can't spend much time on that because I have a clock that's counting here but in summary you can study it on your own A conscience is only as good as its education your conscience can be seared with a hot iron that's a biblical term your heart your conscience is also we're told to be washed by the Blood of Jesus and so your conscience is not the same thing as the Holy Spirit's conviction Don't confuse those 2 Some people how some people begin to think that their conscience is some sort of an innate infallible guide to right and wrong and so I've heard people say to me things like this well I can see what you're saying as we have this Bible study in the Word of God I can see what the Bible says but listen to these words but I'm not convicted about it as if the lack of conviction excuses a lack of obedience the conscience must be informed by the Word of God not the other way around. And I often ask people when I hear this kind of thinking and I recognize it I ask them why would you expect Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit to perform a miracle of some sort of a feeling or conviction whatever you define that as a feeling or impression or emotion why would you suspect expect him to do something miraculous to give you that when you're not willing to obey what the Bible says in black and white. The Word of God must be our guide so much so that all in white says that even the impressions of the Holy Spirit are to be tested by the Word of God and I want to say something here I do believe there's a there's a point for following our conscience totaled about that but we ought to be seeking to bathe our consciences in the Word of God. Our consciences and if you'll do a study in the Spirit of Prophecy of. Of how she treats the subject is very clear about not all consciences or harmonize a lot not all are educated alike and we need to be educating our consciences to be trustworthy and it's only as we spend time in God's word now what do you know some people will say at this point what about those impressions that I received Do we sometimes receive impressions Absolutely I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit can speak through us through impressions not every impression we receive is is the Holy Spirit you understand but the Holy Spirit is able to speak to us through impressions and there are decisions that I've made in my life that have been largely guided by impressions which I have received I believe with the Holy Spirit let me just tell you a little bit from my from my understanding maybe from my experience how I balance these 2 an understanding of the conscience but yet how to deal with impressions and you might call them convictions that you find yourself in 1st of all when you are seeking to make a decision if you're a young person you've probably been down this pathway if you're older person I guess you've been on that path but not as recently as some of the life changing decisions career and spouse and all of these things that we and we grapple with as young people but but we want to know god's will and praise God there are young people and older people and people right who want to know God's will for their lives that a good thing yes but sometimes we want to know God's will about things that he may not have explicitly told us in the Word of God right what career should I choose who should I marry should have 6 kids or 8 kids right I mean there's some questions that aren't just really answered in God's word and so there's just those things that we have to struggle with and we want to know god's will and so we pray about and we ask for a couple of things that I have learned number one I have learned that. I have learned that I need to pray less that God will show me his will and more that I will be willing to follow his will when he shows me. Because my personal experience has been that I am too often like bail I'm I've already been told what God's will is I know what it is but will stay here and let me pray a little more and ask what God's will is for me because I don't like what God has said to me what he has showed me or revealed to me so I need to pray more for my own heart than for God's ability because God is able Amen God is able to show us His will for our lives Number 2 when I am seeking to make a decision he expects me to use the faculties and the resources that I have at my disposal that includes my own intellect and ability to choose There's nothing wrong I'm not diminishing prayer but there's nothing wrong with making a good ole list of the pros and cons of different scenarios right and and seeking to choose when this isn't something we're talking about that's explicitly defined in God's word We're not talking about a moral issue a right versus a wrong we're talking about things that that we just want to know what is the best will of God We use what we have at our disposal and all along I'm praying about it right I'm praying that God will show me his will to reveal to me the right thing to do the decision that I should make but all to mentally all timidly I think there are times when we ought to just make the best decision that we think is the right decision and then pray that if God sees that's not the right decision to close doors or heal indicated to us and often I have found that as I've made a decision. I have had a sense of a lack of peace about that decision or a piece a sense of ease about it and this is what I have learned and I'm just sharing from my from my experience you can take it for what its worth. My experience is that if I consistently particularly when I am and Bible study and prayer if I consistently am not about just a day when I feel blue or down but if consistently in Bible study and prayer I don't feel at peace about a decision I've made I'm going to reverse that decision. I need to have the peace of God in my heart this is how I have sought to balance the fact that my conscience is not the direct line from heaven that God's word is right but I want to fall the convictions that God gives to me I want to know his voice speaking to me and I think we can most clearly most reliably hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us when we are seeking Him in His Word when we are spending time in prayer and it's not safe for us to do something that in those circumstances our conscience condemns we must be at peace with the decisions we've made so that's just that's just a little bit of how I have tried to understand the work of the Holy Spirit and convicting the heart conviction takes very many different forms some people when they're convicted they will begin they'll just be emotional and happy and crying some people will be sad and crying some people will be angry at the person who brought the message other people will start of voiding of the messenger there's there's so many different manifestations of conviction but the Holy Spirit is working to get to your heart today. And if we don't feel the Holy Spirit convicting us if we don't hear him speaking to us then it's a good time for us to go to a quiet place and with God's Word and in prayer ask him to search our hearts and to remove any barriers that might be between us and Him and allow that Spirit to speak to us we don't have time to continue on this subject we could spend hours on conviction the Holy Spirit guides into truth John Chapter 16 and verse 13 and by the way this is a precious promise an important work the Holy Spirit does verse 13 when the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all the truth for he will not speak on his own authority but whatever he hears he will speak and he will declare to you the things that are to come again very clearly he's not being treated here by Jesus as an impersonal influence or some sort of a power or presence but as a person with volition and he's promised to guide us in to truth the the promise in John Chapter 16 reminds me of Matthew chapter 10 verses 18 through 20 you should be brought before governors and kings for my sake for testimony against them and the Gentiles but when they deliver you up take no thought how or what you should speak for it shall be given you in that same hour what you shall speak for it is not you that speaks but the spirit of your Father which speaks in you the Holy Spirit can get guide us and all truth is also promised to bring truth to our remembrance at just the time that it is needed are these precious promises they are precious promises of God's Word the war work of the Holy Spirit in our heart is a very very important work Romans chapter 8 and verse 26 turn with me there Romans chapter 28 in verse 26 of course we believe in Jesus as the one Mediator between God and man and the heavenly sanctuary he is our High Priest but we noticed the Holy Spirit. Has an intercessor role as well when he we read what Paul writes in chapter 8 and verse 26 of Romans Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness for we do not know what to pray as we ought but the Spirit himself intercedes with for us with groanings too deep for words let me break that down in simple English for you we humans we don't even know what to pray for we have prayer less than we have prayer meetings and we have prayer groups and we have lots of prayer activity and God designs it that way we ought to be praying friends but in our best praying were poor prayers in our best praying we might not even be praying for the things that are most important. Because in our human blindness without the ability to see spiritual and divine in eternal realities the way God sees them we are missing the whole point and the Holy Spirit is promised to intercede for us as we are praying he is presenting what we really need in our behalf do you want that is the Holy Spirit important for you friend is it important for me I would say it certainly is the oyster gives us power it convicts our hearts it guides us into truth it makes intercession and 5th it gives gifts let's look at there and 2nd Corinthians Chapter 4 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 and Chapter 12 and verse 4 and we're going to 1st Corinthians I'm just I'm just getting my Tang all tumbled up 1st Corinthians chapter 12 and verses 4 and onward. This. Passage talks about the spiritual gifts again a whole nother subject that we could spend a lot of time on but this is the summary of verse 4 through 11 other varieties of gifts but the same spirit and their varieties of service but the same lord their varieties of activities but is the same God who empowers them all and everyone to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good for to one is given with through this spirit the other is of wisdom and to another the entrance of knowledge according the same Spirit to another faith by the same Spirit to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit to another works of miracles to another prophecy to another the bill to distinguish between spirits to another different kinds of tongues to another the interpretation of tongues all these are empowered by one and the same spirit who portions to each one individually as He wills Now this is important because we need this spiritual gifts for the Body of Christ to be complete and to function right we've got some doctors here we've got some medical students here we've got others who are in the medical field and. You know that if the body became just a whole conglomeration of tongues it wouldn't be able to function function right it wouldn't if we were all heads it wouldn't work very well either we need the entire corpus right we need the entire body for us to be able to be functional and useful and effective and the body of Christ is made up of different people you know I find that this is one of the one of the things that really helps for churches Dunder stand as a pastor I've come in to and to situations where one church member has a real burden and it doesn't match what another church members burden has another church members burden is and so there there can be at times some conflict and there's a temptation for some to. I think well they should see things the way I see things I'm not talking here about disagreeing on doctrine or great fundamentals and like that I'm talking about the direction the church should be headed and what we should be doing as ministry and and how we should be using our resources and and how should be using our time and these types of things and we have to recognize that God gives different people different gifts and with them burdens for the ministry of those gifts empower them to be able to accomplish and some people come to me this is we should be doing this we really should be doing this and I say yes we should go do it. If that's what you're convicted about the Holy Spirit is laid something on you he's going to gift you to accomplish it let's not be worrying about other people that don't have our conviction let's empower them to do what they are feeling is important in the ministry of the church and when we are all working together using the gifts that God has given us we will be able to do so much more than if we were just a drawer full of tongues all lockstep with the same idea in the same priorities no god has given us all different gifts and the gifts are very very important I'm afraid sometimes you've probably heard the question asked if the Holy Spirit was removed from the church today what would change and I'm afraid sometimes that we have confused to some of the our own personal talents maybe with spiritual gifts. Spiritual Gifts are going to have a spiritual application and they're going to come with a bird to accomplish something for souls to save souls for eternity that's empower people to use their spirit let's recognize are spiritual gifts Yes but let's let's empower people to do different than what we are pressed to do and we can work together and accomplish much more together than we can separately. You see God is giving us a new tremendous gift when he promises the gift of the Holy Spirit where would we be without the Holy Spirit corporately as a church but individually as a person we need the work of the Holy Spirit last night we looked at the number of passages which describe how the disciples were earnestly asking God to pour out the Holy Spirit that he had promised as they were in the upper room as they were making their wrongs tried is their confessing their faults to one another as they were breaking bread from house to house and and worshipping God and praising God in the temple daily as religion their personal relationship with Jesus had become the great consuming business of their lives they begged for the Holy Spirit and I think we ought to have that kind of a passion for the Holy Spirit as well today we need we need a corporately but we need it individually we need the power of the early rain it's never left it's never been retracted that we are living in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit today and every ounce of power and energy that the early Christian church had on the day of Pentecost is available still for us today and I fear that unless we experience the early rain we will never experience the lettering. So we we ought to be praying earnestly asking for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because of these things the Holy Spirit can do for us and this isn't an exhaustive list it's just 5 things that I chose to share the Holy Spirit does I want to turn now to the person of the Holy Spirit however I want to see that the Holy Spirit is not just a force the Holy Spirit is. Not a spirit of Jesus or of the father some some today are asserting Trinitarian movement is sort of reared its head again in some quarters of the Avon's Turchin some are asserting that different truths or lies about the person of Jesus or the eternal nature of Jesus some are also claiming that the Holy Spirit is not a person and if you haven't heard of this I'm presell I'm not I'm not trying to spread the rumors I'm just saying that every 20 years or so it seems like this idea comes up again in the Avenues church and right now it's wring its head again and I just want to one a look at some information that might help you if you do come across some who are at a Trinitarian and Navitas them today and even is the in the in the Christian world you may be running across some people who have different ideas about the Godhead 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 years of love and we just read so will start there the one and the same spirit works all these things. Distributing to each one individually as He wills some modern translations. Translate that in the obvious as he chooses that's what the word wills means another words the Holy Spirit decides which gifts you and I receive is that clear that's not what I said that's what the verse says it says it very clearly the Holy Spirit decides which gifts I receive I want to just say this is the clearest verse in my mind the most difficult verse to get around if you want to say the Holy Spirit is just the presence of Jesus or that the sort of like the the atmosphere around Jesus the the non-personal influence around Jesus we all have what we all have one of those right we all have a spirit around us a presence around us an influence about us but that spirit or that influence or that presence is not volitional it cannot make choices on its own it cannot make determinations one way or another it is part and parcel of our personhood not a separate person and when you try to make the Holy Spirit just the spirit of Jesus some sort of extension of him you remove this Holy Spirit's personhood this verse makes no sense the Holy Spirit distributed to each one each member individually disparate or gifts as He wills or as he chooses. If he's in chapter 4 and verse 30 says grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are sealed under the day of redemption once again the spirit of around a person does not have distinct and separate emotions from the person they cannot the Holy Spirit is talked about here as having the capacity of being grieved that means he has the capacities that a person has is not a separate and separate entity of an extension of the entity of Jesus himself and I realize that there are impersonal symbols that are sometimes used to depict the Holy Spirit such as water wind or fire this is poor evidence compared to these clear statements from the Word of God Peter says and accept a 5 in verse 3 Why has Satan filled a vine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost and to keep back part of the price of the land now you know you could you could maybe extrapolate that that Peter here is trying to say that that he was really lying to Jesus but he was the Holy Ghost was Jesus representative extension but that it's hard to imagine why a writer would do that the writers of the New Testament used Jesus and the Father God and of the Father and God the Son very frequently in their writing they could have just as easily if that's what he was trying to mean he could have just as easily said Why did you lie to Jesus right but he says why did you lie to the Holy Ghost to keep back part of the price of the land acceptor 15 of verse 28 for it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things once again the Holy Ghost is spoken of in a very personal way that I see it as a cognitive way the this this matter of the the circumcision and. Does the drew some Council accept a 15 the Holy Spirit has led the church to a conclusion and this is the statement here is it seemed good to the Holy Ghost the Holy Ghost is thinking about this you understand what I'm saying this isn't something just a presence can do it doesn't think it doesn't make choices or decisions the way a person does there's good evidence I believe in the New Testament to believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit and I would argue there is also a good revenants to believe in the Divine Person of the Holy Spirit but we will come to that in just a minute I want to just take a few minutes to speak to you from my personal observation. I had the opportunity to grow up in the church in the. Deep myself here I guess but. In the early ninety's late eighty's and early ninety's the administration was going through it in North America fairly turbulent period of time we don't have time I teach Evans history at Southern Evans university I. Love to just diverge into all the different factors that brought up. There were some real problems in the seventy's and eighty's theologically ethically financially there were some things that really disgruntled a lot of people in Abbott as we lost a lot of members a lot of pastors. Over some of the controversies and. It was it was a time when independent Ministries a gained a large influence in Adventism. I grew up in this era I grew up being very familiar with many of these independent ministries I'm not going to say on the fringes of Adventism but maybe on the fringes of Adventism you know some of the extremes of Adventism. I can tell you stories 1st hand stories from some of these movements because I was there for some of these you know pretty some and all of vents that took place as different organizations challenge the church and as as different events took place and we will go and all that today but I will say that that I've had the opportunity to watch a lot of movements rise with what they considered to be a purer understanding of truth than Adventism holds you understand what I'm saying I've had the opportunity to watch not just one or 2 but probably dozens or more of these movements rising and I've had the opportunity of watching in in hindsight now and learning from some of the things that have transpired I want to share with you the the spiral that these movements. Tend to take 1st there comes the discovery of something unique distinctive and and the teaching of that unique distinctive idea to others and of course right now we're talking about in the context of the added Trinitarian movement OK And so but there doesn't have to be about the Trinity could be about these days it could be about some prophetic interpretation could be about $2520.00 could be about a reinterpretation of time prophecies in the future it could have been it could be about anything that you want to talk about that is that is discovered often it's not really a new truth it's something that's been around for a long time and like I say goes in about 20 year cycles or so generational cycles and it comes back up but they discover this this unique distinctive teaching and they begin teaching others there's always some truth in it by the way as old White says the church the vine of error cannot stand alone but must rapid self around the tree of truth. So there's always truth to be found in their teachings but often it's it's what they disallow not what they allow or it's it's the Imp impetus is they even that they place on it or it's some new unique or maybe nuanced interpretation so this is what happens as they begin teaching this they they have a growing belief in its importance it's really all they can talk about it becomes their gospel OK now I'm not talking about any specific group of people I talk about in general this happens I've watched it over and over and over again this becomes the main Di Dia of what they are about and this is a SA almost a sole focus if not a sole focus now if there is evidence against it in the Bible the spirit of prophecy they find conspiratorial means of denying that evidence and I'll be honest with you friends I've seen very few people come to this point and come back it is very difficult once any objective evidence you can present to a person is a part of the conspiracy is very difficult to reason with them at all try talking to someone who really believes the earth is flat if if you haven't done that I will find success or not but. You feel very helpless because any evidence you present is a part of the great conspiracy it doesn't fit their worldview literally and so they are not going to accept it because it's a part of conspiracy and they view it as testing truth defining true believers in other words if you don't believe our message you're going to be lost and in the words of the current editor and Terry movement in Adventism they are saying this is like the turtle that they might know the only true God and Jesus Christ who now is sent if you don't go agree with our view of the Trinity you will be lost. OK that's that's where we are they're not the 1st they begin to see it as the loud cry for example or the the 4th Angel or they'll see this huge importance about their nuanced understanding of the Godhead or of whatever the matter is they decide the church is a POS state because it's a rejection of it and they will begin telling you shouldn't support the church you shouldn't go to the church or shouldn't be you should be withdrawing from the admin is church because they do not teach the truth about this area and this is the message for this time and her sister and finally I've watched as over and over they are separated not only from the body of Christ to the gods room and church they become separated from basically all other believers and I've watched a lot of people spiritually did spiritually isolated unhappy but not able to go back to basically any group of people because they don't agree with what I believe is the most important thing that's a sad spiral friends and I'll just give you an example like an example and you've probably heard of this maybe you've heard of this 1st John Chapter 5 and verse 7 Stelzer us for there are 3 that bear witness in heaven. The Father the Word and the Holy Spirit and these 3 are one now that almost sounds like a trinitarian statement doesn't it and almost sounds like a try you and God the Holy Spirit a father and the son and I believe it is in fact but many years ago a group of Christians now we know. Believers I don't know if there really should be considered Christians that but they are friends the job as witnesses and I say I don't know which is that of Christians only because they deny the eternal divinity of Christ right which is a pretty important part of Christian faith but at any rate the job is what is are friends of Job's witnesses have struggled with this verse it's not in their Bible the world translation of the Bible they've redesigned of course John chapter one verses one through 3 that in the beginning was the word the word was with God They say the word was a God you see but 1st John 57 it's not even in their bible they say this is what they say it's because a Rasmussen he didn't include it in his 1st copy of the Received Text the Texas Receptus that was the basis of the Protestant translation of the New Testament it was added they claim it was added later because of pressure from the papacy because they needed a verse that proved their false doctrine of the Trinity Now what do we have there will conspiracy theory exactly and there's maybe variations of it and not all of them going to say the exact same thing you may have her if you've run into a Administration to Trinitarian you've heard the exact same job as witness line exactly the same now. It's possible that that happened right but there's also a reason to believe there's good evidence to believe that that Erasmus as he continued studying he came across upon further evidence that that text should be included it's true that's not in all the manuscripts but I want to share with you and this is a this is an example of of a conspiracy theory that can be resolved. First John 5 or 7 is reference and I'm not going to read all this in 200. Trillion in 250 idea by Cyprian of Carthage it's quoted in 350 A.D. by Priscilla Owen by the way these are all before Rasmussen aren't they quite a ways before at my thrift 350 A.D. by a day she is Claris in 350 ID by Athanasius in 398 by relatives Augustine in 415 A.D. by the Council of Carthage in 450 between 41545353 different Orthodox African writers who were quoting the verse while defending God head against the vandals in 580 by Kasa Doris and in the wild insane Bible which Ellen White says they had early come upon an accurate translation of the scripture guess what 1st John 57 is there now I'm not saying that any one of those should tell us that that verse belongs there but there's a lot of good evidence when you look at the whole picture isn't there for 1st John 57 to actually have been in the original text because we're talking about in the 3rd century very very early the 200 that's very very early in the in the promulgated of manuscripts and so forth and so there's good reason for RAS most of said no that verse belongs in the Bible and there's good reason for me to believe that I should trust it as being Biblical I think there's a good reason for it to be there but in today's and a trend Trinitarian mindset the same type of conspiracies arise and this is what they're going to tell you they're going to tell you that Ellen White. Ellen White did not write the book of Angelus it is a compilation by Leroy Froome and he was a Jesuit now. Pardon me but she did write the book of Angelus and she didn't compile it it was it's true it was compiled from her writings into a book but everything there she wrote and in fact of the primary statements on the Trinity the Godhead is the word she would use. In the trio and on the Holy Spirit the primary statements we can use to see what she wrote what she's believed were written we still have it in her own handwriting or on manuscript she edited and said on the top of the page I approve I edited and approved this page. It's not something very easily. To believe that some editor of the review or of the of her writings actually inserted it but that's the conspiratorial mentality this is what she says events and Page $617.00 The Spirit has a personality Elsie could not bear witness to our spirits and with our spirits that we are the children of God he must also be a divine person else he could not search out the secrets which lie hidden in the mind of God for what no man know at the things of a man save the spirit of the man which is in him even so the things of God know of no man but the Spirit of God continuing on Ellen White manuscript 661909 we have been brought together as a school and we need to read it realize that the Holy Spirit who is as much a person as God is a person is walking through these grounds but the Lord God as our keeper and helper he hears every word and knows every thought of the mind the again from the book of and was in page 615 the comfort of that Christ promised to send after ascended to heaven is the spirit and all the fullness of the Godhead making manifest the power divine grace to all who receive and believe in Christ as a personal savior there are 3 living persons of the heavenly trio in the name of these 3 great powers the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized and these powers will cooperate with the obedience subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ if you want to read more about the early advocates and or standing of the Godhead and and maybe some of the writings of Ellen widen her statements on I recommend 2 papers one the quest by Moon Dr Moon the quest for a biblical Trinity and that's in the Agnes theological society's archives Ellen White and the personhood of the Holy Spirit and ministry magazine article. That is also archive from 2012 very powerful resources that if you wanted to study this further you could learn more about I want to point you however to a page from the administering advocate review and Sabbath Herald October 9 1913 Now what's interesting about this page and you will be able to read it from where you're at because I can read it from where I met very well. But this column here on the OR on this the left column this is actually the end of a column that was written for this edition of the review by Mrs E.G. White OK Now she's alive in 1013 very much alive and there's there's right immediately following it is called the message for today and it's written by the editor of the review a man by the name of F.M. Wilcox now F.M. Willcox was that of the review from 1011 to 1944 I believe it was and he was one of the 5 individuals personally selected by Ellen White to be the original trustees of her a state they decided what would happen with her writings and how the compilations would be accomplished and so forth and so on after she died so effin Willcox that it through the view was a trusted person by the prophetess and her his article begins right here is called the message for today and right here it says we shall state that 7th Day Adventists believe and see it do this from here some demos believe and this is what he says in the divine trinity this Trinity consists of the Eternal Father of the Lord Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit the 3rd person of the Godhead and I want I point this out simply because this is a long time before the away from this is the 1st time that in published in print advocacy affirm a belief in the Trinity. And that's because our early Abas pioneers did not believe in the trinity not the Trinity that we believe in they made they they rejected some of the ideas of the Godhead that the medieval church had woven in because of their Greek understanding of dualism. Basically they rejected the idea of modalism that there is One God One person with 3 manifestations and if you read read the articles that I referenced earlier there's no question in our minds that the administration years did not believe the trinity as it was taught by the by the middle century Christian church no question about that there's also no question that as they and especially as you read on White's writings the administrators came to an understanding that didn't except those Greek type ideas about the about the got it but still retained a try you got and here you have 2 years before Ellen White's death on our on a page that she quite certainly read and that an advantage who she trusted using the word Trinity to describe an admin is the book will understanding of a godhead of 3 distinct persons and I think it's good compelling evidence as we as we look at the evidence out there it's good evidence to say that Ellen White's writings have not been added to or distorted to somehow say something that she didn't intend as I recall she was quite Will capable of defending her writings and when she was alive and I believe God is capable of defending them after passing So this morning I present to you the importance of the 3rd Person of the God the Holy Spirit that with out his work in our lives I personally cannot be saved. And we corporately can't finish the work I think we ought to be praying for the Holy Spirit on a personal level and on a corporate level I don't know if you've noticed but our church needs the Holy Spirit today and I want to invite you to pray with me for that now Father in heaven we pray that today your spirit work in our hearts we've looked at what it can do and too for too often FATHER We've not allowed it to do its job we want to pray the Holy Spirit might not be grieved by our. Our lack of concern or apathy but we want to pray that henceforth we might more earnestly plead for his work to be manifested within us we pray for our church here and around the world the Holy Spirit might be able to do a work of revival and reformation may begin in our hearts may we experience the early rain and may you come quickly we pray in Jesus' name amen.


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