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Six Reasons Why the Early Rain is Needed

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 29, 2018
    4:00 PM
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Let's power heads for an additional word of prayer as we begin father we just thank you that your spirit is promised to us we are human beings we have central natures and selfish hearts and finite minds and we are handling spiritual things we know that the spirit can help us understand them but without the Spirit we cannot and so I just pray that you would be with us this afternoon that you will bless our time that it might be profitably used we think you in Jesus name Amen. So we're going to look at reasons the early rain is needed to begin with 1st of all with no there is no latter rain without the early rain and last night we talked about the the the different rains right as the ground was planted they needed the early rain to bring forth the the sprouts the plant and this is what it says testifies to ministers page $506.00 the Latter Rain ripening Earth's harvest represents the spiritual grace that prepares the church for the coming of the Son of Man let's pause right there do you think we might need some spiritual grace in God's church. Before we are ready for the 2nd Coming I believe this is true but unless the former rain has fallen there will be no life the green blade will not spring up unless the early showers have done their work the latter rain can bring no seed to perfection This is why it's so important for us to be praying on a regular basis asking God like the disciples did after after Jesus left and before Pentecost they were earnestly praying that God would fulfill his promise he promised that he would send power and they were praying more than they were asking for so we need the early rain because without it we cannot have the latter rain and once again I just want to say I catch myself thinking the whole the lot of rain is just going to change me right and there's going to be there's going to be something there's going to be something you know that just comes upon the church including me I guess in that assumption and and the reality is it's not the early rain has to do it's work 1st before the Latter Rain can give that finishing touch and that's why it's so important that we studying and praying for the early rain the Holy Spirit the latter rain can't do what the early rain is to do again page 507 many have been a great measure failed to receive the former rain they have not obtained all the benefits that God is thus provided for them they expect the lack will be supplied by the latter rain when the richest of bundles of grace shall be bestowed they intend to open their hearts to receive it they are making a terrible mistake. The last time we looked at and what they were doing to prepare for the early rain just just in Acts chapter 2 we we saw how they were coming together they were fellowshipping they were studying the word they were breaking bread together they were they were praising God Together they they were willing to sacrifice just to help one another they held all things in common we I think we agreed I agreed that that does not talking about communism that's talking about the willingness to to give of your own to help your brother and sister and the reason I don't think it's Communism is because and I sense a fire they clearly had personal property and the choice of what do with their money right so wasn't that there was a personal property being held in the New Testament we're not talking about communal living when it says we held all things in common it's simply that they were willing to share and to give what they had for one another and and so here you have a a church that's united and it's upon this church that the that the early reign is poor and out and it's upon this church that then it says the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved and frankly this is simply saying that that work of heart preparation of humbling will ourselves and of of coming to view each other remember it said that each one saw each other the finest graces of the character of Jesus that's how they looked upon their brothers and sisters they saw the good things in them that's not the work the latter remains intended to do and if the early rain doesn't do its job the latter rains not going to do it so number 3 we won't recognize the latter rain without having experienced the early rain. But there must be no neglect of the Grace represented by the former rain only those who are living up to the light they have received will they have will receive greater light and less of your daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain it may be falling on hearts all around us but we shall not deserve it or receive it this is a passage that always gives me pause. What if it's falling now and I'm not aware of it am I going to be experiencing the latter rain or in my simply going to be passed by and the the the answer that question is answered it's answered by whether I'm receiving the early rain allowing the Holy Spirit to bring about a work of repentance and humility and unity and love of the brother in that I need right now in fact I think that most likely I think there's other passages that would bear this out most likely those who don't receive the latter rain will look around at people who are receiving the latter rain and they'll probably think they're some sort of fanatics probably think there's some They're just not quite right and maybe they're extreme you know we want to be middle of the road. By the way I want to be balanced I want to be balance right in the Bible. Because it's not halfway between the right and left this balance the Bible's always balanced even if the WE'RE whole world thinks it's extreme the Bible is balanced men and so we don't try to dis think about halfway between these 2 ditches that we see in the world around us no we want to be right centered on the Word of God And that's that's where the latter rain is going to be falling as well the 4th reason that. The early rain is needed receiving it prepares us to value the latter rain we may be sure that when the Holy Spirit is poured out those who did not receive it and appreciate the early rain will not see or understand the value of the Latter Rain. So important for us today that we are seeing and. And understanding the value that happens when we are experiencing their early reign as well the 5th reason the early rain is needed in our lives is that if we neglect it we won't be able to receive the last flattering I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful and were looking to the time of refreshing and the latter rain to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord and live in a sight O. how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter they had neglected the needful preparation therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God In other words friends what we're trying to we're trying to understand here is that the early reign which was given to the church at Pentecost and is still available to us today if we're not making use of that we're not going to be able to see to have the further blessings of the Latter Rain does this make sense I mean this is this is very very it may seem simplistic but it's really important it's really important because I think sometimes the Holy Spirit is just sort of a peripheral subject we don't really we don't really we don't really sense our need on a daily basis of the Holy Spirit like we should like we ought to and it's OK if we don't I suppose it's OK if we don't focus upon the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is it seems to in scripture and even in the work that it doesn't our hearts it seems to take sort of a almost a behind the behind the curtain role doesn't it it's meant to point our eyes to Jesus isn't it it's meant to point our eyes to the cross it's meant to point our eyes to the same sure in heaven the oil spill it is not dancing around saying LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I. The important thing and so in a sense it's not so important that we focus on the Holy Spirit but that it is important that we experience what the early rain was meant to bring and that was that heart conversion that and last night when we studied the early rain we saw that it was it came to bring the church into unity and to mission and to be make it effective but it also can be seen in the individual as that 1st love experience in my life when I experience the early rain it's when Jesus comes to me and Jesus begins to be real to me I may not realize oh that's the early ring but it is there in the right you understand what I'm saying and so when I when I was a. I mentioned last night that that. In my late teens I had a reconversion experience where I came to realize that even though I was in the church I was like the older brother in the parable of the prodigal son I had been there working the whole time but I really wasn't in in concert with the Father's Heart stand I was like the son that the father said Go work to day in my vineyard and he said Yes sir and then he went fishing according to local Arthur's illustrator right but the but afterwards. The the one who was rebellious is the one that actually ended up going and doing the father's work in the vineyard right and I was that and I remember when I was about 18 I was at a I was at there 2 messages that that I heard and believe it or not they were those 2 parables and the one with they were then like a week or week and a half of each other one was a Friday night Vespers the other was the Wednesday night prayer meeting and one was on the. I know for sure one was on the 2 sons you know the one who said I won't go in the other ones that I did the other 1 May have just been on Matthew 7 I don't remember for sure right now but these 2 messages began to speak to my heart and the Holy Spirit began to convict me that I was I was in the church but I was not converted and and frankly friends if we take Jesus' words face value which I recommend we should it's more dangerous to be in the church and then convert it then in the world and know you're lost because Jesus said words if we follow that through that parable when the fair sees said well you know he asked them which of the 2 did the will of the Father and the fares he said well the one who said I won't go but afterwards repented and went right and Jesus rejoined truly truly Verily verily I say unto you the publicans and harlots and modern parlance that would be I think something like the mafia bosses and prostitutes right there going to get to heaven before you do what does that mean it means someone who is lost and knows their last is closer to salvation than someone in the church who thinks they are saved but are really lost I guess only way I don't know to understand it and so I tell I preach a few sermons where I've told my parishioners it's dangerous to be in the church it's to interests I should say to be in the church and be unconverted her right because there's so many things that we can sort of assuage our conscience with and think that I'm doing OK and I do this and I don't do the things that those people do and I I pay my tithe and I go here and I don't go there and I eat this I don't mean that and all the different things that our mind plays tricks on us into thinking that we're really OK when what we need is the early rain. And I as I was convicted of these trues listened to those 2 sermons I was about an 18 year old and I began realizing that I was I was. I was the one being talked about that's the Holy Spirit he remember we talked this morning about the work of the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit can fix that's the worker who say hey I'm here I'm always spirit you got to make sure you know it's me know but the Holy Spirit was doing its work crims it was doing its work and and so I remember one night. I really didn't know what to do because I had grown up in the church and I'd grown up studying the Bible and I knew the Bible so well and I thought well what if i'm can unconverted Now then what do I do to get converted you know what I mean it's sort of like what can I do and I started realizing like my profession had been so high but my heart was so low and how could I how should How could I really be saved and I began to think back and remember we also talked this morning about the difference between conviction the Holy Spirit convicts and the devil convicts right which one gives us hope. The Holy Spirit gives us hope the devil doesn't give us so but as I was thinking this conviction came into my heart and I really think the devil knows what he's doing I think he studies US I don't believe you can read my mind but I think he can certainly read my face and I think the devil knows when we're coming under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and then when that's when he starts piling on you see as long as we're comfortable and we think everything's OK and we're fine he's not going to bother talking to us you know he's going to let us just have a good little existence but what he on this particular night I remember I pray to prayers I was going to bid because I was just sort of be fuddled I thought what can what how what do I do you know what do I do I want to be I want to be saved I want to have a relationship with Jesus and I realized I wasn't and I didn't so I prayed a prayer that night and I said Lord I don't know what to do by the way it's OK to be honest to god isn't it you never surprising that's what we have learned he already knew. I don't know what to do I want to be see I want to be in your kingdom I want to help others B.C. I'm going to give you permission to save me whatever it takes all know where this prayer came from but this is something that either I've heard someone talk about before or somehow is in my mind at least I pray this prayer member distinctly playing these prayer whatever it takes whatever you need to do to get through this heart of mine do it because in my mind it was half Holy Spirit I believe was half the devil because I know the voice but it brought me to awareness of my loss condition one poll always Brit did that because I'm pretty sure that would have applied for me to just say a long. But at the same time I began doubting like you know the more we know and yet when we're not living the what up to what we know the harder our hearts become right and I'm thinking I know so much I grew up I know my Bible I state the Bible I've preached I've I've given Bible studies I've done all these things but how could what what what and so I just gave got permission I said whatever it takes and in the back of my 18 year old mind there was a terrible terrible option and he had on the table sounds silly to talk about it actually. But the worst thing that I could imagine that possibly happened to me that God might allow. In order to save my soul and which I was giving him permission to do by the way I really meant what I said whatever it takes in the back of my mind the worst case scenario was I would be in some terrible accident become a quadriplegic you know when you're 18 year old kid and physical and active and everything else that's a really big cross to bear but in my heart I said Lord even if it's that whatever it is I just want to be saying. I just want you to do what it takes now nothing happened as you can see I still have my faculties earliest those. I I mean literally nothing happened I prayed that prayer Have you ever prayed a prayer and it feels like it never went higher than the ceiling you have prayed that your felt that way like OK I'm saying this I'm really meaning it and I'm I'm I'm I'm praying something very sincere and very earnest and it just felt like God did not even hear me and I remember crawling into bed I was away from home at the time and. Just staying with some friends doing some Bible work. And I remember crawling into bed that night. And this overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Began to wash over my soul I can't explain it it was as if it was already dark but as if it got darker and darker and dark I remember thinking there's no hope for me. It's too late you can't be but it felt like and I can tell you one thing I didn't sleep at all that night I tried praying nothing I cried nothing I got up the next morning the lady the the home I was staying in she saw me as I was going to take my shower and she said what happened to you I was white as a sheet I really believed my heart was too hard. And I had known too much for too long and not lived up to the light that God had given me and I remember even as I went to shower I was crying and praying and asking God to hear me and save me and it was some time that morning early in the morning as. I went to have my devotions the for the 1st time of those I don't know 8 or 1012 hours whatever it was inside prayed that prayer the evening before for the 1st time after this experience of just oppressive darkness for the 1st time I realized I remembered the prayer I had prayed and I felt something very very peculiar friends I found that when I open my Bible and begin reading it that oppressive blackness lifted. I cannot begin to explain to you what that was like what that blackness that pressure that. But I can tell you one thing when the only way to get rid of it is to read God's word you read God's word. And so I found that when I put the bible down I was it came right back so I just kept studying I just kept reading let me tell you I wanted this this Bible better be really close to my side because it felt like a matter of life and death to this 18 year old at that point it was it was that oppressive of a darkness I remember I was at the same experience as I was reading some of the other books that I read from my devotions and I was reading from the book steps to Christ and I remember specifically reading this passage and I may be paraphrasing it a little bit but it says something to the extent of every longing of the soul after righteousness is evidence of the Holy Spirit's working on the heart and I said that's it that's it boy spirit hasn't left me I'm still I'm still desiring righteousness I'm still longing after his forgiveness and after it's peace and I of course intellectually I knew the unpardonable sin was not it really is when we don't care anymore hate I mean that in hindsight I know that could have been the end Barnabas and I was going through. But at the time I felt like there was no hope and sometime that morning as I was reading and I realized that I still had I still had a reprieve as I studied and as I began claiming the promises I found like that one steps to Christ. Like the ones and in the Bible Jesus says Him that cometh to me I will in no wise the King James says it's basically means for no reason and cast out in other words if you go to Jesus friends he's never going to reject you it doesn't matter if your motives are terrible because you can't change your heart before you go to him anyway it doesn't matter if you're going for the wrong reason if you're be afraid or have hell or are wanting the walk on on streets of gold your motivation may be the worst motivation but when you go to Jesus he except you the way you are and he changes you and I began praying and studying and I began to realize that when nothing happened something had happened by not answering my prayer by not giving me a sense that my prayers were answered in the Peace of God in my soul like I had experienced before when I repented and ask God into my heart by this withdrawing as it were I truly believe that God gave me a little bit of a taste of what sin really is sin separates us from God and on the tree on top of Mount Calvary when Jesus was crucified he experience the same eternal separation and hopelessness that sin brings he tasted that for me and for you and for every one of us the intention was so that we never have to experience it now I don't for one minute think that I experienced the 2nd death. When I was 19 I don't believe that at all I think I probably got a little smidgen of it. But I'll tell you one thing there was a there was a there was there was a change in my heart that nothing else could have affected I hated sin and I wanted to be close to Jesus sometimes I wish I could have that experience more often it totally shook me to the core as I said I need I want more of Jesus and I want anything that separates from him from me to be out of my life I mean the way I thought the way I talk the way I drove everything changed and it's because the Holy Spirit had done a work in my life and that's when as I mentioned last night I began a journey and then sometimes I would be studying my Bible on and praying and a little thing that I had said years before would pop into my mind and and I would think well that was a small thing and I'd shove it away have you ever had that experience and then I would say well next time I'm studying and praying I'm thinking about it again but it's a small thing and eventually the Holy Spirit would bring me to the point where I said look of just your small thing just go to that person and make it right just ask for forgiveness just say you're sorry right and if it's such a small thing that it won't be a big deal why is it so hard for us to do that is because of our pride I really believe friends that that kind of experience we need the Holy Spirit to accomplish we need the Holy Spirit to convict us of those things with power to help us do those things and I began to to to say look it doesn't matter how small it is it if it's going to separate me from Jesus or from the peace that I want to have with him I want to get it out of my he live. I want I'd rather be considered fanatic going to apologize in person thing I said years ago or whatever it may be because that's the way the Holy Spirit begins to change us and I'm telling you friends as you as you experience the Holy Spirit working on that early reign. As you experience it makes you more careful what you say after you've had to go back and apologize to something for the for something you said right the Holy Spirit begins to do a work in your heart that you never thought was possible and I really believe the early rain is needed in my experience today I need it I need it more than I needed it then I still need it because without the Holy Spirit now doing that work and bringing me in good into a situation where the latter rain can be poured out I won't be I won't be ready to receive it I can't receive it when the latter rain is poured out. The 6 the reason that the early rain is needed both early and latter rain is the matter of divine grace is needed at the beginning divine grace at every step of advance and divine grace alone can complete the work there is no place for us to rest in a careless attitude if we do not progress if we do not place ourself in an ad to ourselves in an attitude do receive both the former and the latter rain we shall lose our souls and the responsibility will lie at our own door solemn words right solemn words they impress upon me the need for the Holy Spirit in our lives today now we're going to switch gears a little bit and talk about the 7 conditions for the latter rain and I want to I want to. I want to add and by you as you're thinking about this not just to be thinking about your own personal experience which is the most important but I want you to also think about this corporately as a fellowship here as a community of believers in your family however a corporately may mean for you but 7 conditions for the latter rain to be poured out on the Earth 1st of all and in the light and people the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the whole earth with His glory will not come until we have an enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be laborers together with God So this this means that most of us know notice notice a couple of things in this passage 1st of all it's not until we have an enlightened people and that means that the Holy Spirit's power is not going to be poured out indiscriminately it's going to be poured out when the church is ready and it's when the. When people know by experience what it means to be labors together with God That means that they're experiencing and I would suppose this means both in their own personal walk right as well as in their laboring together with God to save other souls they're working in other places she talks about the Holy Spirit not being poured out until the majority of our work our members are are working together. For the salvation of souls so this is this is a this is something that we ought to be saying OK. Number one and the light and people are person number 2 is that manifested by my being a Kohli or with Jesus working out my own salvation of fear and trembling yes but also being a builder with him as we try to share his word with others the 2nd condition for the outer rain a cleanse to people of you and Harold March 28th 1000 if you are to give yourselves to God that he may make you vessels unto honor and meet for his service I'm sorry to day you are to give yourselves to God that he may make you vessels under water and meat for his service today you are to give yourself to God that he that you may be emptied of self emptied of envy jealousy evil surmising strife everything that shall be dishonoring to God today you are to have your vessel purified that it may be ready for the heavenly do ready for the showers of the Latter Rain and so it cleansed people a purified people and and I really believe friends that is the work of the early rain OK last night remember I told you about one of my friends in college and I went to him and apologized for something I had said needs to he looked at me and he smiled and said the early rain brother the early rain and that was the 1st time I realized you see the Holy Spirit takes a back seat doesn't Holy Spirit is not out there saying I'm there in the rain but he's doing his work. He's doing his work he's doing his job and I began to realize that that purification of our hearts that that repentance of our sins and that making right the throngs we have with one another that's all a part of being ready for the outpouring of the Latter Rain today give yourself to God emptied of self emptied of envy jealousy evil surmising strife everything that shall be dishonoring to god I'll tell you what if the church if a church or any church or your church or my church if a group of people experience the early rain it be a pretty nice group people to be a part of would. There be no gossip there'd be no judging no be no gossiping there'd be no jealousy there be no power struggles in it came the nominee committee or any other time right because the Holy Spirit would have done a work that we need to have done. And that's why the church will grow in such a powerful way with the Latter Rain is poured out the spirit can never be poured out while variance and bitterness toward one another are cherished by the members of the church envied jealousy evil surmising and evil speeding are of Satan and they effectually bar the way against the Holy Spirit's working nothing else in this world is so dear to God as His church he will call to account all who aid Satan in his work of criticizing and discouraging while doesn't mince words there. Very straight and to the point. That Satan's work were supposed to be about God's work right God's God's business not not about the work of Satan. Number 4 a praying people the whole heavenly treasure awaits our demand and reception and as we receive the blessing we in our turn are to impart it thus it is that the holy lamps are fed and the church becomes a light barrier in the world so this promise of the Spirit the whole heavenly treasure awaits our demand and reception ask for it pray for intercede for it and God is able to fulfill his promises continuing on testimonies volume 5 another another passage says we should pray as earnestly for the descent of the Holy Spirit as the disciples prayed on the day of Pentecost if they needed it at that time we need it more today praying earnestly for the Holy Spirit praying and asking for number 5 a working people when we have entire whole hearted consecration of the service of Christ God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of his spirit without measure but this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with God This is a very pivotal requirement. It means we need to find ways to work for others to be co-leaders with God doesn't mean you're all preachers it doesn't mean we're all have to go into a vocation that is that is you know a full time ministry job that doesn't mean it doesn't mean that at all it simply means that we need to be co-leaders with God No matter you know you can have some tracks in your pocket that you give to people and pray that God's going to give you a divine appointment your coal a brew of God right you may not even have tracked may just need to make friends with your neighbors help them carry the groceries in our or do something you know to help them there's thousands of things you can do to be intentional about being a coworker with God besides preaching you're teaching you're doing evangelism right and no matter what your vocation is your career is your calling is your calling is to be you co-leader with Jesus no matter what you do to pay the bills you can do something to win souls and to be making Prinz for Jesus this will not be while the largest portion of the church are not labors together with God what am I doing today what am I doing today to be a cold leave Earth God any one of us can be that. Again when the church has become a living working churches the Holy Spirit will be given an answer to their sincere request the followers of Christ will be united in love continuing on still in the 5th condition the measure of the Holy Spirit we receive will be proportioned. You know up at all is just my my as a right brain left brain mathematical analytical type things but I like passages like this that talk about proportion you know I mean it's like a mathematical formula right here in the book the measure of the Holy Spirit we receive will be proportioned to the measure of our desire and the faith exercise for it and it says the use we shall make of the light and knowledge that shall be given to us like that in other words the more we desire it the more we exercise faith to receive it the more holy spirit we're going to be given and he goes on as we shall be entrusted with the Holy Spirit according to our capacity to receive and our ability to impart it to others so so I remember when I 1st read this it wasn't in a study of the Holy Spirit it was just in my own devotional life I read this many many many years ago and I remember thinking you know this gives me a reason a good reason to do all kinds of things learn another language is not so I can go travel in some of that place Listen if I learn another language I'll have the ability to impart to others that I won't have just speaking English right it it colors a lot of self betterment that I wanted to do because I said look if I can just impart more to others I can receive more of the Holy Spirit that's a that's a pretty cool promise isn't it my desire for my earnestness my faith excited for my capacity to receive it and my ability to impart to others and by the way our capacity to receive it I think is. It's probably mostly dependent upon how much self has been set aside in our life right. There's no limit to the usefulness of one who by setting itself aside remember that passage makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart so our capacity to receive I think has to do with how much we are. Centered on self versus self has been to number 6 a temperate people what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you are not your own there are many reasons that we could give for the health message but let's not forget the Holy Spirit our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit right and that simply means that if we're not taking care of our bodies we're not taking care of the the abode of the Holy Spirit to be able to live in us and so one of the reasons why I want to be as healthy as possible is because I want more of the Holy Spirit I want him to have a a consecrated temple to be able to to live and and finally at the early writings page 33 it says at the commencement of the time of trouble we were filled with the Holy Ghost as we went forth and proclaimed the Sabbath more fully I believe that the Holy Spirit is poured out on all Christians who are sincerely seeking Christ today without question their early reign that work of repentance at work of conversion that work of heart change right but I think there is a time coming in the future when there is going to be a challenge. And there's going to be a decision the world's going to have to make the decision not just you and me everybody in the world will have to make a decision whether they whether they obey God or whether they will be man. And at this point in there is history at that point and her sister I should say when God's people are facing a time of trouble the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out we talk about that in the latter rain right but it's going to be people who are keeping the commandments of Jesus keeping the commands of God and have a faith in Jesus so we look to 7. Reasons the Holy Spirit the early reign is important we've looked at 6 reason there are other reasons important and 7 prerequisites for the whole for the latter rain and I just want to I just want to close by turning your tension to the Book of Revelation Revelation just briefly here let's let's look at a couple of passages because I think they are pointing out the difference between the church with the Latter Rain power and the Holy Spirit's power I should say and the church with well maybe without it it's a sad testimony that the Book of Revelation has to talk about the church without the Holy Spirit's power but we know that's the case in fact and in the in the 7 churches The Last Church later see it right. It's clearly not a church that's experiencing the fullness of the early rain much less the Latter Rain rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing they think we think but really wretched miserable poor blind and they can't write it's a pretty disparate situation but I want you to look at 2 passages really look 1st of Revelation chapter 14 and verse 6. And 7 Revelation 146 and 7 says then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven with another lasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth every nation Kendrew tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God. And give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water now I know that we're familiar with this passage I know that we believe that this is talking about a worldwide message the angel is a messenger right that's what an angel means Uncle us in the original language it's a messenger and it's a message is being taken symbolizing the message being taken by God's people all around the world the last major message to be taken to the world and there's 3 angels the fly here the 1st angel we just read it the everlasting Gospel the 2nd angel says Babylon is fallen the 3rd Ingle says don't drink of the of the. Don't worship the beast or its image if you do you're going to drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture so it's very clear messages given here it's a worldwide message and all 3 angels are described as speaking with what kind of voice. A louder voice and it's you might be you might assume that it's affective right because it's going to the whole world it's an effective message it's being taken globally and as I look at the history of the 3 Angels' messages over the last the last several well 170 years or so I guess it's been as I look at the history that the 3 males messages as this book of Revelation began to be studied and understood back in the 18th thirty's 84850 S. And this message of the 3 mules message began to be preached around the world we see that it's gone very rapidly hasn't it and the the message of fearing God giving glory to Him the hour of his judgment is come and worship being that's a quote directly from the 4th command of the Sabbath command that message has gone around the world very rapidly something agonist movement which is taking this message of the judgment hour on the Sabbath and keeping the commandments of God This is a message that has grown so quickly. It's one of the one of the youngest and nominations but it's the one of the most geographically diverse to nominations backed by some calculations we are the most widespread geographically Protestant denomination in the world but by some calculations when you include address some of the other things that we're doing in countries. We actually have a presence in more countries and areas than even in the other Christian group which is pretty remarkable for a young church right or a young so I would argue that these 3 messages is going is going with a loud voice is going quickly but we're still here I want you to notice with me Revelation Chapter 18. Revelation chapter 18 and we're not going to spend a lot of time because most of you I think you're probably already familiar with these passages but I want you to just see the a contrast and Revelation Chapter 18 after this I saw another angel verse one coming down from heaven having great authority or the King James has great power and the earth was like to end with his what with his glory now angels are mass are a symbol of God's message being taken by his people the 1st 3 they went around the world with a loud voice right the 4th thing John revelation 18 it lie it has great power and it lightens the earth with with its glory of course glory is a symbol of what character read is equal Chapter 30. Exodus Chapter 33 percent 18 and through Chapter 34 Verse 6 or so you remember Moses on the mountain said Lord I beseech you show me your glory and the Lord God passed before him and he she revealed to his character long suffering in merciful and gracious abounding in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands it was his character and so we understand that when the Holy Spirit transforms us in chapter 3 in verse 18 but we all with open face beholding is in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image even as by the spirit of the Lord 8 so God wants to change us into his glory or his character I want to propose to you friends. That so far now been a sister. We've had a loud voice What we need is God's Spirit to change us from glory to glory so that the Earth can be light with the glory of God the last demonstration of mercy for this planet is a demonstration of God's love God's character of love that's what this world it's sometimes we've been relatively good at proving and not so good about living it makes me think of Jonah actually Jonas maybe not the 1st person we think of when we regret glacially 18 but I think he's a pretty good illustration of Adventism. Not the whole being swallowed by fish that's not what I was thinking but remember he when he preached where did he preach Nineveh then it was the New York at the times you know none of it was the city it was it was rich they were fashionable and everything else you know they were pagans so I didn't want to go there be a lot easier preach Devon oak. Nobody you know going to an audience where they're not a friendly that's not mean we don't like to do that so much it's hard in and man I wish I had a copy of his sermons your thought about that I think Jonah has to go down and all time greatest evangelism evangelist in history he went and he started preaching in the city of in another and he started on one side and he preached all the way through the city and when he got to the other side the whole city had been converted I'm telling you did that anyone of you guys or gals if you did that in New York City the whole city was converted you could get a jobs in a van just in a conference pretty much you know I mean the whole city. The king was. Repenting in sackcloth and ashes. I mean Times Square shut down. Imagine it's crazy stuff when you think about it put it in today's world right and evangelise comes into town and the whole city is converted he's got to be one of the greatest evangelists that ever preached I wish I had his notes but this book of Jonah ends in the most quizzical way you remember he left the city of Nineveh. And he went out to watch the fireworks he found a good spot by which you could see and that we could city he could see them destroy and his time prophecy came and wince and nothing happened why because they had repented and when judgments of God are predicted because of sin and a person repents God repents of the judgment that's clear in Scripture isn't it and by the way when blessings of God are our promised because of obedience and the person stops so be it obeying the blessings are cancelled that's what that's what the Scripture says Right and so here he is outside of Nineveh waiting to see this conflagration it doesn't happen and Jonah becomes angry I have proposed to you that it's because he knew the teachings of God without understanding or reflecting the character of God It is possible to share the message of God for our day and to share it well but not to experience a reflection of God's care not to be reflected God's character you remember revelation in a religion 1st Corinthians chapter 13 we call the Love Chapter right. Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels and I have not loved that's the character of God isn't it I become as a sounding brass or giving symbol and I proposed to you friends this afternoon that the 3 angels us speaking with a loud voice it can be effective we've seen the rate we've seen great progress but it can also be annoying and what God when I read Chapter 18 the 4th Angel I don't find a new message basically everything then read Chapter 18 the ideology of the teaching is there in chapter 14 what's changed is that instead of having a loud voice it has great power and light in 0 thought the glory of God and I believe friends God is wait heaven is waiting the world is waiting for that kind of angel that kind of messenger in Revelation 18 a messenger that not only has the ideology and can preach or teach the truth but whose hearts and lives have been so transformed by the Holy Spirit being accepted in early reign measure and even in the latter rain measure that the world says Ah I heard the truth before but now I can see with my own eyes now I can understand what it looks like now I understand God better because I see it walking in human flesh in God's people that's what we want isn't it and that's really why we ask for the Holy Spirit so that we can be transformed I'm praying for that day and praying that day will come soon when the 4th thing will not only be heard but will be seen. And felt the whole earth can be light to put the character God that your desire you want to ask God to send His Holy Spirit to work in your life to prepare you and to make you a part of that great message that's bar has we pray Father in heaven we thank you that you've given to us a chance to study here this weekend just shortly more about the Holy Spirit we pray to father that you would just forgive us for our hard heart it's forgive me for my hard heart toward forgive me for where I have worked and acted and done and even ministered in my own strength instead of needing in and desiring earnestly pleading for the Holy Spirit forgive me where I have not allowed the room for the Holy Spirit in my heart because I've been full of self and pride Lord show me the things in my life the need to be changed by your spirit show me my sin Lord but always show me my See here that I might become more like him for give us for where we have failed you and help us to experience right now what we can experience the early rain the chemo and Pentecost the unity in the church in the body the the desire to to given spend and be spent and and to serve in and to make our walk with you the great business of our lives Lord we just need we need a heart transformation we need more of your spirit we pray that my do receive it and we ask all this in Jesus name Amen.


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