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The Atheist Who Found God

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • October 18, 2018
    11:00 AM


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God and Heaven we thank you so much for the great privilege that we have to be here together with you and we ask your blessing to be with us to draw close to us to help to open our eyes and our ears to everything that you want us to know and Lord everything that you want us to be so draw close we train a very special way and let your spirit speak to our hearts and we ask this in Jesus' name amen as I mentioned I didn't grow up in an ad been a solemn my parents were not Christians and we didn't go to church very much we went to church some on the holidays but my grandparents actually were Christians and my one set of grandparents were Methodists and my other grandparents were Church of the Nazareth and I used to go with them to church a little bit when I was young and my one regret set of grandparents they were actually and a gospel singing group and my grandpa sang My uncle played piano and they had a couple other people in the group and my grandmother played the drums and you can imagine Graham all sitting back there and my grandma was literally probably about this tall and she's back there playing the drums as they would travel around the Midwest and do concerts for people it was quite interesting I actually learned how to play the drums by watching her and so I haven't done that in a very long time but I did know how to play I probably could still do it if I tried anyway as I was growing up as you heard my last name is peppers and as I was growing up I had fire red hair. So you can imagine I used I went to public school my 1st encounter with Addison's you cation was when I started working on my master's degree at Andrews I didn't go to Avonex elementary school I didn't go to admin it's a cat in the year I've been as college I went to public school I graduated from the State University so I had many experiences in the public realm but none of the avenues roam so you could imagine growing up in an public school having the last name peppers and having fiery red hair how that went over where generally God gave me some form of mercy because as I was growing up I was always the biggest kid in my class and so most of those kids whenever they would you know they would call it out I would catch them on the playground later and the day and take care of it and sold you know I believe had some form of help so as I grew up my relationship with my dad was not very good my dad was not raised in a loving home at he didn't know how to communicate love and so oftentimes he would just yell and scream and he would be off doing his own thing and I I really never connected with him very much and so that made things kind of difficult in our home and I'll tell you a little bit about more about that later on but as I was growing up and I got into high school I became a big football star and I was very much involved in football and sports and I there's actually a Bible text that I want to share with you that really correlates to my entire life that you have a Bible or if you have it on your phone you can turn to it and it is Jeremiah Chapter 9 versus 20. 3 and 24 Jeremiah Chapter 9 verse 23 and 24 The Bible says this Thus says the Lord let not the wise man glory in his wisdom let not the mighty man glory in his mind's No let the rich man glory in his riches but let him who glories glory in this that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord exercising loving kindness judgment and righteousness in the earth for in these I delight says the Lord now in my life especially in my younger life B.'s 3 things were really the core of my line the Bible said Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom Well when I was growing up in high school and in college I was often at the top of my class or at least in the top 10 percent I rarely ever studied but I would always seem to make do well on my tasks the teachers really liked me and when I got into college I was usually on the dean's list or or the presidents list and I just literally glory in my wisdom I had the ability to score high on academics and so that was something that I really took a lot of pride in. The Bible says Let not the mighty man glory in his mind well when I was in high school I mentioned that I played football and I'll just give you a little bit of background of that I'm going to show you some pictures here he's got the clicker I think all right so this is my family this is my wife and my son and my daughter and. That's my wife and my daughter my son Levi he's 6 and that's my daughter Liana But as I was growing up I played football so as when I was a freshman I weighed about 205 pounds and I don't recommend this. But football really consumed my life and I wanted to my ultimate goal in life was to be a college football player and then I wanted to be a high school teacher and a football coach just what I wanted to do with my line and so when I was a freshman I weighed 205 pounds and I was the biggest freshman in the class and I was the only freshman to letter in football and very something that happened to me between 1010th grade was something that I really think impact of the rest of my life so between the 9th and 10th grade my football coach told me that when they when he was playing college football when they could not afford steroids that they would go down and they would buy something called CAPS starter and I don't know if any of you grew up in the South but if you know what casts are is when a mother Cal gives birth to a calf there's something called Colossus room which is the 1st milk I've ever heard of that and cost from is high in fat high in protein high in carbohydrates and will really allow that calf to grow very quickly and it puts the meat in the gives all the vitamins and nutrients that needs to grow. And to establish itself so it doesn't get sick Well oftentimes when cows will sometimes give birth they will also sometimes the mothers die and so we have this man made to last him or sometimes of the cows can't feed so they had this stuff called colossal more cast starter that was in a powder form and it's not intended for human consumption but nonetheless I went down to the feed store between my 9th and 10th grade year and I said hey I need a bag of cash starter and of the guy said Well you must have you know you got cows and I said Well not really but something like that and so I bought the calf starter and I began to take it and so from the summer of my 9th grade year to my 10th grade year. I gained about 25 pounds and I was very growing very quickly becoming very strong my junior year I weighed about 250 and then my senior year in high school I weighed about 265 now by the time I was a senior in high school I was very dedicated I spent a lot of time in the weight room and I was bench pressing 450 pounds I was squatting 700 pounds and lead pressing 800 pounds so I was I still not that I I don't really I tell you this with all my heart I don't really care but I still hold the county weightlifting record for our school and for the whole county and so I was very big I was very strong and I was very fast and I was the bass football player that our school had ever had and I was the 1st player to ever have the opportunity. To get a college scholarship to play college football so there were a number of things that actually impacted my life when I was in high school and I'm going to tell you just a couple of them number one I when I was in 9th grade I began to hang around some of the older guys in the school and the juniors and seniors and they would begin to invite me out with them to do you know to do a camp out or whatever for the weekend and that's where in one day I was handed my 1st beer and so I began to drink some beer I was handed my 1st joint I began to smoke some marijuana I was handed my 1st cigarette and I started dipping Copenhagen and Skoal and all that kind of stuff I use most of the back OK so by the time I was in 10th grade it when I've I had previously just on the weekends gone out with my buddies to go drinking then when I was in 10th grade it got to where I would start bringing the alcohol to school with me I would have a bottle of liquor in my pocket and as the teacher would be writing something on the board during class I would pull out that bottle and I would take a sip of it and I became you know I was often be drunk even during school but my teachers never really knew it but other students knew it and I became known as the school drunk and so it became really out of control and I was in 10th grade I developed an alcoholic behavior and my coach finally found out about it and he sat me down and he said hey listen you have an opportunity that no one else in the history of our school has ever had and if you don't. Change the way that you're living then you're never going to you're never going to accomplish that he said you're going to throw your life away so we tween my 10th and 11th grade year basically out of sheer willpower I stopped drinking and I really focused on my school and I really focused on my football so by this time there were quite a number of. Universities that were looking at me so here's a couple pictures here's me as a senior with the other seniors I had all kinds of awards I had Allstate all county I was all area here I am on the Allstate teams the Birmingham News right there in Alabama the Year tell you my age I'm not that old not even 40 yet. And there's another there I was being recruited by a number of universities including like the Florida Gators the Tennessee Volunteers all burn in Alabama I was getting letters all the time and the schools were after me and my coaches were trying to prepare me well I it was very interesting because I was like the. Kind of the glory of the community everybody knew me everybody liked me and really I had everything that everybody said you need to pat to be to have a successful life I had good grades I was going to have a go to school and have a good job I had popularity everybody liked me and everything that people say in this life you need to be successful I had all those things and yet in my heart there was really something missing and I didn't really know exactly what it was at that time but I knew that something was missing despite having all these things and all the stuff I still did not have a fulfillment and a true satisfaction in my heart and my life and so I began to explore all kinds of things and those things then provide either now and I'll tell you a little bit more about that later there were 2 major life changing events that happened in my life when I was a senior in high school the 1st was this one right here I had an injury my senior year and in high school and we were. Playing the school that was the they were the biggest rival of the year they were we were much of a rival for them but they were our biggest rival and they usually they usually beat us every year pretty bad and we had not won against this team in like 20 years and so we played them in my junior year we beat them for the 1st time in like 2 decades then my senior year we were really had a really good team and we're probably going to beat them again and then in the 4th game of the season when we played them it seemed like every year we played them the it would rain like crazy and it would be pouring every rain well this year there was no rain in the forecast but about 2 hours before the game started it just started to pour and it started to rain and it was raining so hard that you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face and by the time the game started the field looked like a lake and so within 5 minutes we were all muddy and dirty and we had mud sticking in our face mask and all that and so as we were playing the game. I was I play all sense of line I played oftens of guard and play defense of then and we were running this play and as I was running I was the play ended early and I was slowing down trying to stop of I was running full speed and as I was running I stepped in a mud hole and when I stepped in the mud a hole you know what happens when you do that right there's your foot just pop right back out no it's 6 doesn't it so my foot got stuck in the mud hole so my foot stay there and my body kept moving forward and when that happened my knee just snapped right in half. And my coach was probably about 15 feet away from me and he said that he heard the pop when it snapped and so I fell down on my back and I was just laying there and I realized you know what I think I just had the sinking feeling like something happened and I'm finished and so I got up I tried to go back in I couldn't do it I couldn't put any weight on it and the next week I went to the doctor and he did some old some scopes or whatever some scans and found out that my entire knee had been just basically demolished I tore a bunch of ligaments and there was no way that I was going to be able to continue that season he said your season is over and I would have to have surgery and this is very interesting because this was the one of the beginnings of my my. My I guess I would say my God encounter if you want to call it that but I remember sitting in the doctor's office waiting for him to come back in after I had the scan and for the 1st one of the 1st times in my life I actually truly prayed to God and this was my prayer I said God if you really love me and if you really care about me please don't let me be permanently injured and let me keep playing football this year that was my prayer all kind of prayer that it's kind of a selfish prayer isn't it 1st time I've ever really talked to God it's of God please let me keep doing what I love doing and no joke. As soon as I prayed that prayer about 5 to 10 seconds later the doctor comes into the room and he says to me Well we've got your results back and it comes to find out that your knee is totally destroyed and you're going to have to have surgery now I had just prayed the prayer was what was it God If you love me and if you care about me please don't let me be injured well when he came in and told me that news I thought to myself Wow What kind of a gun is this that would allow me to to suffer through this and to not be ever do something that I really love that I was really interested in Little did I know that this was the beginning of my journey towards gone and the reason that I was upset and not happy about the answer to that prayer is because of my lack of true understanding about who God really was I understand that got actually had a much better plan than what my little selfish thought and my little selfish mind could hold and believe and understand at that particular time of my life and so that really kind of at that time really resonate a very negatively with me the other thing that really made a difference in my. And my life my senior year was that my parents actually ended up getting a divorce my senior year in high school my mom found out that my dad had been cheating on her and he had been going off for several weekends claiming he was going to work but actually he was seeing other women and my mom discovered that and it was like my entire family just began to crumble I had watched all my other friends in high school many of them their parents had either read their already divorced or were getting divorces and I remember thinking the thought to myself you know I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about that. And I thought I had this little idea in my mind that my parents will never get divorced they will never leave each other and they'll always be together but then the day came when my mom told us that my dad had another woman and it was very very challenging and and this woman was very cruel and she did all kinds of nasty things to us she had our power cut off she poisoned my dog she would send people to our house at 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning and they would beat on the windows all the way around the house and then drive away I mean it was just crazy our life was just kind of in and chaos Finally my mom after pleading with my dad he too to stop this he decided he was actually going to move out so he moved out and he moved in with his girlfriend and we were left there alone my we didn't have really any money for any food we didn't have money to pay the bills my mom had to start working and she had a job where she had to report to work at about 3 o'clock in the morning and so she would work all day until the afternoon and then she would come home and she would change her clothes and she would. She would drive. Around the community trying to find my dad and trying to find out where he was and so that was my life my sister and I were were left alone and this was my life for 2 or 3 years while I was in high school well my mom I remember one time she had found my dad and my mom had actually bought a pistol because of the threats that this woman was making against our family and I remember one day that my mom had confronted my dad he was parked in a certain place in his vehicle and he had his girlfriend with her and my mom was going on and she would tell the woman don't you know that this man left his whole family with nothing to be with you doesn't that impact you don't you care about that and and they were going back and forth and I remember that my dad just put his hand up and he stopped my mom and he said he looked a right in the eye and he said listen. I want to tell you that I just do not love you anymore I love this woman this is after 20 years of marriage and he said I love this woman and I don't love you well he wasn't with that woman for very much longer so it wasn't really love obviously but when he said that my mom literally just snapped and she dove into the vehicle like she she drove through the rolled down window my dad was sitting in the truck and she's like lunging at my dad with her hands trying to get her hands around his throat she starts to try to choke him and I had to grab her by the waist and pull her out of the truck and when I did she had her purse on her shoulder and she sees starts reaching in her purse for that pistol and I told him and I saw all the I looked down I saw the pistol in the in the bag and I said Dad you better get out of here she's about to kill you and I reached over and grabbed my mom's hand as I was pulling her the rest the way out of the vehicle I grabbed her hand and prevented her from pulling that gun out and my dad started the truck and drove off this was the type of chaos that I was living in for a number of years my dad would often promise my sister that he would come and pick her up my sister was 12 years old at the time he would promise to come and pick her up and take her for the weekend and she would pack her bag on Friday after school and she would sit by the window and she would wait she would be watching the driveway just sitting there for hours and my dad would never show up. Time after if he did show up one side of every 5 times he would pick her up take her to get a sandwich and they would take over my grandmother's and drop her off for the weekend pick a back up on Sunday and take her for another sandwich and bring her back home and and so my sister and I never really made a connection with my dad and still to this day I don't have really a relationship with him some of the you grew up with many of you grew up in the church and you have parents that may not be perfect you may have parents that that don't always do things the way you would like them to do it or maybe they don't allow you to do certain things or maybe they are trying to guide your life in a certain direction but I can guarantee you that at least most of you if not almost all of you have parents that care about you and the reason they're trying to guide you a certain way is because they understand what's on the other side of the fence where you're trying to get to and they know that it's not ideal to this day I've never had parents that have guided me I've it's almost like even today I have 4 children instead of 2 and so it's very challenging one day I came home. And my mom was laying on the couch and when I stalked begin to talk to her on her speech was slurred and she wasn't she wasn't talking right I didn't I didn't understand what was happening but she would she would slur her words and and she wasn't making any sense and so I would I I called my dad and my dad came over and he went in and he talked to her my sister and I went to our room and then I heard my dad leaving and I went out and said So what's happening he said well she's sick I'm going to go up into town I'm going to get some some medicine and then I'll be back into than 30 to 40 minutes so after 30 minutes he wasn't there 45 minutes he wasn't there I tried to call him his phone was off and after an hour I kept trying to call and there was no answer so probably Finally I called my grandparents I told them what was happening and I said you need to call an ambulance so I called an ambulance and they came and picked up my mom took her to the hospital and to come to find out my mom had actually attempted suicide she took 25 sleeping pills trying to wake up I'm sorry try to go to sleep and never wake up and so they actually pumped her stomach and thankfully she lived through it but she she was never the same after that to this day she's not the same I later found out when I did reach my dad I confronted him about this and I said I want to know did mom tell you that she had taken those pills and finally after he hauled around he I wouldn't let him out of it finally he admitted. That he she had actually told him that she had taken those pills and he intentionally left her there to die he wanted her to die because she had so interrupted his life by chasing all his girlfriends and all this kind of thing he just wanted her to be out of the picture and he had intentionally left her there to die when that took place I was so angry and I was so bitter at my dad that I told him I said look I never want to see we had a few interactions and some of them actually got quite physical I was a big guy in those days my dad's a big guy but at that time I was bigger and I was stronger than him and I kind of pushed him around a little bit and I said listen I never want to see your face again and I said when you die I will come to you through normal just so that I can spit on your grave but other than that I never want to see you again and after that I did not see or talk to my dad for over 3 years for over 3 years I did forget to mention this to you but when I was 6 years old. My grandmother my mother's mother was killed in a car accident they were driving after Thanksgiving to go to a bingo game and when they were traveling there was a guy who was an epileptic he adds epileptic seizures and because of that he was not allowed to have a driver's license while he decided the day after Thanksgiving that it would be a good idea for him to go down to the liquor store and get himself a little Thanksgiving celebration drink and so he borrowed his buddies car without a driver's license and he drove down to the store and as he was driving he had a seizure. And when he had the seizure his foot has his legs locked out and his foot was on the gas pedal and he had the gas pedal Florida My grandparents were sitting at a at a stop light and he slammed into the back of them and when they did that it threw my grandmother out and her head hit the top of a telephone pole and she pulled over she was jerked back into the car my grandfather was thrown out the woman in the back there friend was actually instantly killed and so when he let off that he the seizure subsided and he's and he let off in the car backed away and then he had a seizure again and he slammed into them a 2nd time and threw my grandmother out again her head hit the same telephone pole and she died the 1st time that said she was probably paralyzed the 2nd time she died and so my life was full of these disasters this guy never had to go to jail never had any type of just as he got off scot free I don't understand I was 6 years old but all my life I had had these tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and by this time I'm about 20 years old and I'm at a junior college and I'm wondering why does all this stuff happens to me right and I began to study some writings by Thomas Jefferson letters he had written to Thomas Paine and he wrote about all the reasons why he didn't believe in gone why he believed that Jesus Christ never existed and they would write back and forth and as I read these arguments by Thomas Paine I said you know what that makes sense that makes sense that makes sense and the more I studied that the more I could I was convinced that there couldn't possibly really be a god. Then I was in later on I was in public university and I was the major I was taking was geographic information systems G.I.'s and I had a I had a. Lot of geography and anthropology classes and all my professors were anti religion they were atheists they had no desire to. Be in any way even considering that kind of a thing and so through all of the circumstances of my life and through the current circumstances that I was in the things I was learning at the university I decided that I would become a self-proclaimed atheist and so that's exactly what I did and when I made that decision. My whole life changed some of you have read the book of Ecclesiastes you've read that book before where in the end chapter one Solomon basically says all I you know whatever my heart desired that's exactly what I did what I did not restrain myself from anything you member read in that passage that what began became the course of my lines and whatever I wanted to do that's what I did there was one time I stayed up for 3 days and 2 nights playing video games. I actually paid my roommate to make me and to make me food so that I would have to get up the only reason I get up with the bathroom and I later read in the newspaper that some other guy had stayed up that long and he had a seizure and he done and brought on the seizure I had all kinds of relationships that were not appropriate it's all I can say about that I became addicted to alcohol again the retiree's I would drink an entire case of beer a day I was addicted to pornography I was addicted to just about anything you can be addicted to and my life was a wreck and I thought to myself Surely I'm going to find true happiness and all of these things and I just kept doing them and the more I did them the more depressed and God and sometimes we think man if I could just if I could just break free from all these rules and all of this this advantage and all the stuff you can and can't do if I could just break free from that stuff then I could really be mean. And I could do what I wanted to do and I would really be happy and I know very few people who when they do that are truly happy in fact I don't know anyone but I do know a lot of people that will put on a front that they're happy but when you actually break it down they're not happy at all and so I became so depressed and I did I was doing these things and I didn't even know what an advantage was I had no idea what a nap in a slot. And so I became so depressed that I actually had 5 alarm clocks on one side of me and I'm sorry 3 on one side and 2 on the other and when they would go off I still couldn't get out of bed in the morning I was drinking all day my life was a living rack and I thought to myself you know what if this is what life is really light. If this is what the purpose of life is why even exists why even why even you know why even why even live. And so I began to consider suicide because I didn't know what else to do. And the only thing that prevented me from from committing suicide that day was because I wanted to think about it a while because I wanted to do it in such a way that my parents and my family would actually feel the weight of that and that they would feel responsible and accountable for my decision and I one of them to feel guilty for the rest of their lives and so I began to think about how can I do that how can I make that happen it was very interesting because I had everything I mentioned certainly I had everything that the world says you need I was I was going to have a good degree and a good job I had basically any woman that I wanted I could do whatever I was totally free I was doing all the things that I thought would make me happy and yet I was depressed you know it's so interesting that in today's world we have more gadgets more gains more things to hold our attention more things to do than we've ever had before and yet this society as one of the most miserable that we've ever had in the history of the world on The View I've ever thought about that before why is that the case because happiness and true joy are not found in those things you understand the good job and all the stuff the get my degree now I'm not against getting degrees but that's not the object of life you understand and so as I thought about suicide it's very interesting and it's totally divine intervention that God began to impress upon my hearts why don't you study the Bible. I could not get rid of the thought Why don't you study the Bible it was the craziest thing I don't know where it came from the 1st time I thought I thought you know what I'm not an arrested in this I have no desire to study the Bible whatsoever I absolutely hated Christians with a passion if you would have come to me and said anything spirits or anything about the Bible I would have cursed you out and told you to get lost you would have left crying in tears when my mother's life was ripped apart and torn apart by the divorce some of her coworkers were trying to get her to go to church with her and join a support group I told my own mother there is no God All that stuff is a bunch of fairy tale don't believe that it's not true it's for weak people that's what I said but I couldn't get the spot out of my mind wanted to study the Bible and so the more I tried to get it out the more it came and and finally I just yielded to and I said OK I'm going to study the Bible and I'm going to prove it to be false and then I'm going to commit suicide because there's nothing else there's nothing left after that if there is no God there is no purpose my life is terrible I don't want to live it and I'm just going to end it on the kind of get I'm going to check out be done with it so I pulled out this old Bible I had no I had had no Bible previous to that I had one only Bible that I had was one that my grandma gave me years ago you don't throw anything away that Grandma gives you even if you're an atheist and it's a bible right so I pull out that Bible and I knocked it off and I started to read and I didn't know what I was reading but ironically at the same time even though I had told my uncle don't talk to me about religion I went to visit him one day and he said hey I know you told me not to give you anything he said but I want to I just felt so impressed to give this to uni gave me a stack of amazing facts Bible study lessons. And I took those Bible studies and I went to my apartment and I said all right I'm going to prove that God doesn't exist I began to study the prophecies of Daniel revelation and I was literally blown away that the Bible foretold thousands of years of world history with perfect accuracy perfect accuracy and there was no way to refute it I went to my atheistic professors they couldn't refute it and the more I studied the more I was convinced that this is not any ordinary book this is a book that is of divine origin because no human mind could have orchestrated world history to match what the Bible said most young people today that I talk to who who don't. Believe in what our church teaches is because they've actually never studied it for themselves that's what I find that most do I haven't found ever found any person that studied our message and said yeah that's just a bunch of garbage no when you study it it's the truth and it brings conviction to your heart and conviction to your life and as I studied I became convinced that the Bible was true and then I began to read the Gospels and I found in the life of Christ something that I had never found before I found somebody who was unlike any other person I had ever met so loving so kind so unconditionally loving but also unselfishly loving and I found that Jesus had given all so that I could live and he had made a way of escape from the life that I was living which was killing me and I wanted to kill myself for I don't remember the night that I that I knelt down for the 1st time in my life and I yielded and I surrendered my life to Christ it was a day that I never forget. And that and I'm tell I don't want to sound cliche about it but I truly had a piece and I truly had an experience I had never had before my life and it wasn't some light in the room it wasn't some great feeling but there was a sense that I had made a connection with my creator and I asked him to forgive me for the life that I had lived and it changed my life forever there was a power in my life that broke the power of the alcohol broke the power of CANNOT graphy broke the power of all these things had controlled me for so long and had transformed my life and I want you to know today that God is real I don't care if every atheist in the world were in this room telling me it was false I know that it's true not just because of some nilly willy experience that I had but because of the evidence that I found there was hardcore evidence from Scripture and in the world that the Bible is true come you trusted and if you will be willing to be serious about exploring it God will reveal Himself to you the problem with many avenues today and I'm not trying to be nasty about it but the problem with many ads in a sea of people is that they don't get serious about really knowing who God is they don't get serious about discovering the message that he asked for them and they're half heartedly saying well I tried to pray and all this and it just didn't work no when you get serious and nothing else in life matters to you then to know Him He will make Himself known to you and it will be very clear and it will be very powerful so I want to challenge you today I could say more but we're out of time but that this is just a snapshot of my life and I want you to know today that this book is not an ordinary book it is a book full of power full of life and full of love and that God has a plan for your life but you've got to be serious about it today. So I'm going to just invite you to buy your heads and I'm going to pray I'm going to make an appeal. Usable and as you have your eyes close your heads bowed there may be somebody here today that says God I've spent my whole life just in another village thing I've spent my whole life just kind of here or there I haven't really searched for you I haven't really had a serious interest or a commitment to choose you but today gone I don't know what your situation is and to be honest it doesn't really matter what your situation is but the day you sense God speaking to your heart. And you say God. I don't know even I think the know how I don't even know what to do but God today with all my heart I want you to reveal yourself to me in a powerful way I want to understand your message I want understand the power that is there I want to experience the peace and the joy of God somehow here I am I'm sitting here somehow please reach out to me as I'm reaching out to you it's not about a feeling but it's about living by faith I'm going to talk about that tonight and the rest the weekend. But if you'd like to say the Lord today I want to make that decision I don't know what it'll cost me I don't know where the leads but what I do know. As the other things in my life just don't seem to be working. But today I want to try you not just try you half heartedly but try you with all my heart that you today just raise your hand. And God. Sees those hands going up today and I'm going to pray for you that your desire friends. Don't let that conviction pass you by. Make that decision today to say the Lord I want to. I don't know how to get it I'm trapped. But today I'm reaching out to you. Father in heaven we just pray that your spirit. Will work on our hearts what I've shared what you've done for me Lord but. What you do for me isn't good enough for somebody else they have to have their own experience with you and we don't have to have lived a crazy life out in the world to to have to make a decision to follow you maybe we grew up in the church and that was our square and that's OK but it doesn't matter what our experience is your desire. To save us is still the same and we all need to be saying we all need to be rescued from our own hypocrisy in our own sins and Lord I pray today. That whoever is making that decision for the 1st time or for the 100th time in their hearts that she will speak to their hearts and minds today and she will give them that experience what they desire we pray this Lord in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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