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Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • October 18, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven tonight as we talk about faith I pray that you would stir our hearts I pray that you would draw close to us I pray that you would open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to the truth that you have for us and sometimes the Lord the truth is cutting its cutting like a knife but I pray tonight that if you cut you will bring healing as well that you may terrorist down so that you may build us up and I asked tonight that you would just speak to our hearts Lord. But you would convict our hearts that you would change our hearts and you would cause us to put our complete trust and faith in you so we look to you tonight Father and we ask for special blessing and we just come Lord in Jesus name but everyone say a man want to begin by telling you a story and I was going to tell you a story about Laura and I just put the slide on just a few minutes ago but I changed my mind I'm going to tell you about Lauren tomorrow night but tonight I want to tell you about Andrew and Andrew not this Andrew that was up here with me a different Andrew but Andrew was a young man that I met who came to an evangelistic series of mine and Andrew was an atheist and Andrew had no interest in the Bible whatsoever but he had nothing to do so he thought he would come to my evangelistic meetings as I was preaching the Bible night by night this young man became very convicted about the truth that he was learning he saw that there was concrete evidence for the faithfulness that and the truthfulness and the validity of the Bible and he began to open his heart up to God for the 1st time in his life and he decided as the night by night passed that he was going to give his heart to God and he was going to follow the truth that he found in the scripture and his his initial reaction was so full of joy and so he went to his parents who were so who were of another faith they were not they were not Adventists and he talked to his parents about the decision that he had made when he told them that he was going to follow the Bible in its truth and they said to him if you follow this faith and you abandon the faith of your family we are no longer your family we are no longer your parents and we will kick you out of our house we will not claim you as our son anymore and if you try to come back to the house we will kill you. And they were serious this was in another country and so he knew that he had a decision to make and so he went to his workplace and he told his workplace about the decision he had made he requested to be off from work on the Sabbath and they said Sure you can have off every Sabbath but you're not going to work here they said if you decide to do this we're going to fire you because we have 10 people that would like to have your job in the work whenever we tell them to work he went to his friends and he said look I found a new hope I have now I found a new face I found something that has turned my world upside down and it's and it's renewed my heart and it gives me the great joy and peace that I that I've always wanted in life that nothing else could satisfy and they said Man you must be crazy you're joining some kind of a cult they said we don't want to be around you anymore so all within a matter of weeks this young man was losing his family he was losing his job and he was losing his friends to find to follow a Christ that had set him free and every way he had always been hoping and looking for and at the end of that series I could tell you the full story and it's really miraculous but he found himself in a situation where his health was bad and he he went to the hospital and they actually locked him in the hospital because they said you can't leave because you could die at any minutes they said the surgeon is not going to be here till next week so you need to stay right here and so the day of his baptism he actually climbed out of the hospital from the 2nd story and he climbed down out of the window and he slid down the the gutter or whatever it was and he came to be baptized and it made me ask the question what would cause or why would a young man in his twenty's his early twenty's. Give up everything that he had in his life to follow Christ and to follow a faith called The 7th Day Adventists face what would cause him to give up all these things to follow that when so many young people in North America who were raised in this face are doing everything they can to get away from Mitch why would he be giving up everything to run towards it when everyone here that I many not everyone but many that I know here are giving up everything to try to get away from this and that really puzzled me and I thought to myself Why is that the case there are so many young people I know that have been out there in the world who are trying who are knocking down the doors of the church to get in and there are those who are often raised in the church who are knocking down the doors of the church to get out it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me and the answer that I came up with is this so much how we have forgotten the simplicity of Biblical faith as an advantage people and we need to have a return to a simple fundamental Biblical faith I know the word fundamental was taboo in this day and age but really the word fundamental All it means is somebody who really believes in the Bible and Bill and takes the word for what it says somebody who actually believes what the book says and doesn't think it's a bunch of fairy tales and I think there are lots of ties paying church attending Sabbath keeping at Dennis who think it's all a fairy tale The Bible tells us that this day would come 2nd grinned in chapter 11 verse 3 says but I fear lest somehow as the serpent the CD bias craftiness So your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. I believe today that we have made Adventism very complicated and very complex when in reality it's very simple I believe that we've made faith very complicated when in reality it's very simple and you know we're always as a church trying to quote unquote get new lives you've heard that phrase before we want to have new light and I will go to G Y sees and we'll go to other use than and younger don't conferences and we're always wanting to hear somebody tell us something new we're always wanting somebody to kind of tickle our ear and give us some sort of cool thing that we haven't heard before but the reality is we're getting our ears tickled and we're hearing all kinds of things that these speakers will tell us and yet inside our faith is dead we're like Jesus described the Pharisees were often like a white washed tombs and we are full of dead men's bones and we become seminar junkies and we sit and listen to sermon after sermon after sermon and our hearts are absolutely unchanged our hearts are growing harder in fact with every sermon because we are not living those things and before God shows us anything new we must bring into practice and experience what we already know in theory and the evidence that we don't know this message as well as we should is that we are still the people we shouldn't be while talking about the people that we should be on The View believe that to be true we sit around and we talk about it and we think about it sometimes we talk about the people that we should be so much that we just give up on it because we think it can never be accomplished we think that it can never be a reality in our lives we think it can never happen to us. But I want to tell you today the Word of God says something different the ad than a spy in ears most or many of the ad been a spy in ears were either the same age as you or younger some of them were younger than you some of them were 16 and 17 years old and they were standing up and they report claiming the truth to people who had been in the church for 40 or 50 years and other Christian denominations many of them went forward by face and they were studying the Bible and God began to reveal to them powerful truth that was begun to transform their lives where is the spirit of the ad than a spy in the years today it was stiff seen 16171819 year old people up into the upper twenty's somebody that was 25 was considered to be a veteran they were considered to be you know like the old man of the group or the Old Woman of the group and these are the people that found and formed our church and today many advantages people could not even give you 5 text on the Sabbath we don't know our Bibles we don't know what the church even believes I guarantee you if you put the 28th on I'm a lease fundamental beliefs up next to the basic beliefs of some other nomination and you asked young people today to pick which one was the advantage one of but many of us could not would not even know which one was which I'm not trying to say this to be nasty but it's the reality and somebody has got to say it. We don't study our Bibles we read books about the Bible we read little one page devotionals we talk about the Bible we hear the pastor preach about the Bible but we don't study the Bible ourselves the way that we should the Bible ought to be a book that you study more than any other book because it's the only book that will set you free so we're going to talk tonight about the Word of God and about the Bible and I'm going to skin to give you a very fundamental basic sermon and we're going to talk tonight a little bit about the power that the Word of God Hassa set us free And so we're going to ask the question now what kind of power does the Word of God actually have what I want you to go in your Bibles to Genesis Chapter one Verse one through 3 Genesis chapter one verses 123 and I'm going to quickly read this and then we're going to jump right over to the Psalms Genesis chapter one versus 123 The Bible says In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and it's a profound statement God did not create the heaven of the earth through the process of evolution because evolution is a chaotic process and nothing organized can come out of chaos I don't know any time in history that something organized and thoughtful came out of something unorganized and chaotic Can anyone name anything if you go blow up a print shop when the smoke settles you're not going to find a brand new set of encyclopedias sitting there waiting to be read if you take a bunch of pieces of scrap metal and you put them in a bucket you can shake them up for the next 3000000000 years and you can shake them every kind of way imaginable you can heat them up you can melt them down you can do all kinds of stuff to them and no matter how much time passes from those pieces of metal in that bucket they will never come a time when you pull out a MacBook Pro out of that bucket. Everything that is organized comes from some sort of design and thoughtful process are you with me so when the Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens of the earth it very simply and clearly means that there is an intelligent being that created there isn't an end because some people say well where's the evidence for God I said the greatest evidence for a god is you because your mind as much more advanced than that math book computer In fact some human mind created this thing and it's can do all kinds of incredible stuff but your mind actually designed it and somebody designed your mind your mind is not a random chance thing is not a bunch of chemicals coming together and getting struck by lightning is not any form of random process it was fought through it was intelligently designed you were created in the image of God can somebody say man tonight and the Bible says the beginning God created the heavens and the earth the earth was it without form and void and darkness was on the face of the Deep in the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters and then God said Let there be what. Light and there was light so the Word of God has what kind of power I'm looking for a specific word that starts with a c creative power what kind of power does the Word of God have created the Word of God has such power that it has the ability to create something from nothing even when it is simply spoken are you with me yes or no so we're going to come back to that here in just a minute go with me to song chapter 33 song chapter 33 and you probably know this verse as well that's Are we just doing a good old fashioned Bible study tonight I like to hear the pages turn or like to hear the fingers scrolling down looking it up on your phones I don't know if you can hear that or not but it's nice to see it Psalm 33 Verse 6 says this by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth he gathers the waters of the sea together as a heat he lays up the deep in storehouses let all the earth fear the Lord let all the inhabitants of the world stand in all of him not fearing him is in trembling but but look at the glory of the Lord for he spoke and it was done he commanded and it stood fast we are to stand in all of God David said I'm fearfully and wonderfully made even after thousands of years of sin breaking down the world causing it to begin to crumble and buckle and do all the crazy things that it's doing with hurricanes and tsunamis and all this stuff even after thousands of years you can still look and see the beauty of God's creation. And you look into the center of a tulip and you say there is not any chance in hell if you want to say it just that that broadly that that scene came about by chance it has to have been designed the beautiful symmetry the perfection that is in a flower that is existed in 6000 years where the sin is beyond comprehension there is no way and the Bible says stand in all of God because he has the power to create by his word so the Word of God has infinite creative power what kind of power does it have it has and fit it and it has creative power when God created the world there was no material present to create with he created from nothing and when man creates he uses what God has already created you understand that yes or no gone knowledge is explained this if I were to say to you here's a podium right here do you believe that there's a podium right here why because you see it correct Now if I come over here and I say here's a podium is there a podium there yes or no no is there any way that I can create a podium right there yes or no I could but can I do it with my words no and yet when God says here's a podium if God said right here's a podium is there a podium there yes but if God points right here and says there's a podium then even though there was no podium now there will be a want podium because God's Word is what everyone what is it it's creative and it doesn't matter if it's a podium or a world or a person. When God speaks the word that he speaks has power to create and because of that we ought to give our worship and our on the edge to him we ought to let nothing in our lives become more importance than the honor and the allegiance that I give to the Christ that created all things yes or no the the Word of God The Bible teaches is also self fulfilling it has in the very moment that it is spoken the power to accomplish what it says If I tell you I'm going to come over and do something for you tomorrow I have to actually do that action for it to take place for you with me but when God speaks it is self fulfilling and it has within itself the power to do what it says how do you think that's just an incredible thought tonight yeah the word of man has no creative power to accomplish what it says your word can't competition a single thing are you with me but God's Word has the power to do everything that it says so when God created the world he didn't just he didn't just speak and the world existed but the Bible teaches that the world exists and it is sustained by the power of His Word as well so when God speaks something into existence it doesn't just become around a reality for that moment it becomes around a reality for how long. For Eternity does that make sense are you listening so I want you to keep that in mind because going to be important very just a little bit there for the power of God is in His word where is it at his word not enough now question for you is the Written Word of God any less potent or powerful than the spoken word of God Yes or No not at all the power that is in this word right here that you hold in your hands is just as powerful as when God was speaking the world into existence do you follow that line of thinking you understand that it's very important we're going to a certain place I'm going to see well I'm not going to skip this let me just read this from Christian Education Page 118 it says the Bible is the only rule of faith and doctrine and there is nothing more copulated to energize the mind and strengthen the intellect than the study of the Word of God No other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts to give vigor to the faculties as a broad and Noble intrudes of the Bible is God's word were studied as it should be men and women would have a breath of mind and nobility of character and its ability of purpose that is rarely seen in these times do you do you struggle with your thoughts do you struggle with the who you are as a person the character that you display to others are you finding yourself being cost back and forth not sure what your purpose or your identity is if you struggle with those things I would ask you the question how is your devotional line. What are you spending your time on each day are you reading books about the Bible you're reading the Bible itself are you reading books that are contrary to the Bible. Are you spending your time on things that are not going to elevate that mindset that Christ wants to have in you so what is faith built upon Well very simply Romans 1017 faith comes by hearing and hearing by the lot by the Word of God Jesus said man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the math mouth of God so true Biblical faith is built upon what everybody word of God So why is it that we don't spend the time it it that we should and then complain because we don't sense God close to us if you want to be close to God and you want God to be close to you then you have to do what the book says to do to draw close you have to actually take some time to open the book and read it and not just read it but study it get off the video games get off Facebook and go to the Facebook tell your friends no I can't go out with you tonight I've got something more important to do in fact you can come and join me at the light we're going to gather together and I'm going to study the Bible and we're going to find our way in this world what is faith go with me to Romans Chapter 4 Romans Chapter 4 Romans chapter 4 and verse 16 Romans former 6 I'm going to start here in verse. Let me just start here in verse. Were starters 19 just for sake of time he's talking here about Abraham and Abraham when he's talking about him here Abraham was nearly 100 years old and he was preparing to give to 2. To have Isaac who was the son of promise and I want you to notice this verse 19 and not being we can face he did not consider his own Bonnie. Although already dead since he was about 100 years old and the deadness of Sarah's womb who was 90 something years old and notice what it says he did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was straight and in faith giving good to gone and notice verse 21 and being fully convinced that what he being God had promised he was also able to of her form that text is a life changing text Let's read it one more time being fully convinced that what God had promised he was also able to perform and therefore it was accounted to him for watch for righteousness verse $23.00 now it was not written for his sake alone that it was imputed to him but also for who for us and who is US US is you yes or no. But also for us it shall be imputed to us who believe in Him who raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead who was delivered up because of our offenses and was raised because of our justification very simply that Biblical faith is expecting and depending on the Word of God to do what it says despite any circumstances in our lives that would attempt to hinder it Abraham was an old man there was no way on God's green earth that naturally speaking he and Sarah could have a child yet when he was a very young man and it was still possible for him to have that child God made a promise to him and he said you're going to have this child he's going to be the son of promise Abraham waited all his life and he was almost a 100 years old and he still believes and trusted that God would perform what he promised that he would do that is what Biblical faith is and let me tell you something today this generation and I'm including myself we often don't have faith in God's promises because number one we don't even know what the promises are we haven't studied the Word of God to discover what the promises are we haven't claimed those promises and we let the circumstances in our lives determine if we're going to believe or not. And God is speaking to us here today and he's saying here was a man who had an absolute impossibility in his life there was no way that naturally he could have this child and yet did God perform what he said he would do yes or no he performed it and there for others and sisters today God has some precious promises for you that he wants to fulfill but you've got to know what they are you've got to believe them by faith you've got to believe despite the odds that will be against you and God fulfilling those promises in you true Biblical faith is not just simply believing the word of God because God's true word is true whether we believe it or not or US me whether you ever believe fully that the Word of God is true doesn't hinder its truthfulness it will be true to the day Jesus comes yes or no it will be true now I'm going to come I'm going to skip past the star to read these texts but faith is could a connecting piece that allows God's word Don't miss this not just to be true but also to be true in who friends to be true in us you see God's Word the purpose of this written word is not just for it to be true we have no trouble whatsoever for most of us believing that when God spoke thousands of years ago. And he created the world as we know it today we have no trouble believing that God did that one of you would agree with the statement as 7th Day Adventists God created the world and we believe that it's one of our fundamental beliefs but today in 2018 we often struggle with the concept that God's Word can actually become true in me how do I know that because we struggle and we wrestle and we we are overcome constantly by sin wondering why God is allowing us to get into into those things and fall into those things when we ourselves will refuse to acknowledge the truth that can set us free from those things we neglect it we put it aside and I'm afraid that an advantage in today the Bible has become just a book on the shelf that we kind of look at every once in a while we say oh that's the word of God there I believe it's true it's the Bible but you know but we don't we don't open it up because it's too sacred we don't we won't understand it we don't really know what it says so we'll just keep it there kind of as a little good luck charm and it just sits on the shelf and it never becomes a reality in our lives and God says I don't need you to prove that my word is true my word is true God knows that the angels of heaven know it even Satan knows it but God says I want my word to become true in you and the only way that will become true in you is if you lay hold of what he has said and you believe it to the saving of your soul so much so that anything else in your life becomes secondary. It's not just believing the word of God is true but surrendering the heart and the life completely to its truth so that the word can do a work within us that we cannot do for ourselves you cannot change your hearts you cannot put your affections upon God you cannot transform your life you cannot cease from your bad habits you cannot keep the commandments of Gaunt's you can't do it's but it is you will trust in the word and you will put your faith in the word and you will study the Word and you will believe it above all other things and you will challenge God to fulfill the word of his of his truth inside your life then he will accomplish it and the evidence is there by an auld man of a 100 years old who had the word a promise from God and he believed it and got eventual e accomplished it in your life so Biblical faith is belief in and surrender to the power of the Word of God to do what it says where in us and our faith will be the determining factor but we must also have faith and what God's word says it will do but not just that but also in what the Word says that we cannot do I mention this you cannot change your heart you cannot try harder next back to get it you must surrender and allow the power of God to work in your heart to do it through you that doesn't mean that you don't do anything but that means that you align yourself with the word and the will of God and He will begin to accomplish in you what you cannot do for yourself. I'm running out of time here quickly but let's let's go to 2nd Peter let's ask the question What is the purpose of faith in the Word of God go with me to 2nd Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one second Peter chapter one and verse we're going to start in verse 2 here he says Peter Grace and peace be multiplied to you and the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ and his as his divine power has given us to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue and notice verse 4 by which had been given to us exceedingly great and precious want promises that through these you may be protectors of the divine nature having a skate the corruption that is in the world through lust my friends what is the purpose of the Word of God What is its ultimate purpose it is for you to become like Christ in character in fact that's how God originally created us to be and when we chose to sin we lost that character. But the gospel is to restore into its 1st to 2 to cleanse us and to rid us of those things which cause us to fall away from the character of God But then the purpose of the gospel is to actually read store in us the character of Christ that was lost that is a beautiful powerful concept that Jesus Once you to be like him and he said Look I'm giving you these precious promises that will allow you to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust and then also per take of the divine nature I mean what a concept that the God of Heaven has created you to be like him and to reflect Him and there's nothing more beautiful than the true character of God and so God wants you to be beautiful a man he wants you to live the way he's always created you to live if there's a guy that creates a car you know there's car manufacturers and with that car comes an owner's manual yes or no and in the owner's manual it tells you how to treat that car so that it will operate at the optimum performance correct in that manual it will tell you you need to put gas in the gas tank and oil in the motor correct and it will even tell you what type of gas to put in so that way it will operate at the optimum level correct Now if you decide and you have it you pay $50000.00 for a car you have the right to put whatever in all the world you want to put in that gas tank you understand. And if you say you know what I know that the owner's manual says that I should put gas in the gas tank an oil in the motor but you know what that's just not what I want to do I feel like I want to do something else and so I'm going to put milk in the gas tank or water take a pic and I'm going to put orange juice in the motor where the oil goes because that's what I want to do and all your friends and all society around you says yeah yeah yeah you should do that be your own man be who you want to be decide for yourself what you're going to do you have the freedom to do whatever you want do it do it and say all right I'm going to do it I put no water in and then I go over to the front of the car to pour the orange juice in I say I did what I want to do now I'm going to drive my $50000.00 car and I get in there and I crank the motor you think it's going to crank Oh it mind it my crank because I already had probably some amount of gas and oil in it you might get yourself a half a mile down the road but before too long what's going to happen that thing's going to shut down and it's going to shut down quick hard and fast and yeah boy you did what you wanted to do but now you're sitting on the side of the road at the mercy of the mechanic who's going to come and tell you to the garage and he's going to pay a lot of money thousands of dollars to fix that car my friend just told me the other day said it pastor there was one of the pastor that he knew his dad was very rich and he bought him a B.M.W. to drive and he said when the transmission went out he took it to the shop and because of the B.M.W. was going to cost $4000.00. I didn't pay $4000.00 for my car and I want to $4000.00 for it you understand I'm saying and look the Bible tells us that the power is there to set you free but you have to decide for yourself what you're going to do and if you decide to to run your own life and do whatever you decide to do God says you have the right to do that because I paid the price to set you free I've already died I'd shut my blood I allowed pagans and Gentiles to drive nails through my hands and nails through my feet and put a crown on mine head and beat me to a bloody pulp and Tybee and pinned me to a cross and I was separated from my father for the 1st time in history of eternity and for the last time the history of humanity of humanity and eternity divinity died and he said I didn't do that to make you feel guilty about your choices I didn't do that to to to manufacture some form of manipulation to say well because I did this for you you should do this for me that's not why God did it he said I did it because that was the price to pay to bring you back to 0. You were in slavery to your sins and I brought you back to 0 but now you have to choose are you going to give your life to me are you going to give your life back to the one who is beating you down and keeping you in slavery and he says I paid the price to give you a choice and he says you have the freedom to choose what you want to do but just remember that nobody will ever love you the way that I love you. And I've given you a choice to make I've given you an opportunity to escape the corruption that is in the world through lust and I've given you a very simple systematic way to do it and it will only be accomplished if you will yield to me because God is not an arrested and being a control freak he's and arrested and given you what you need to be free from that life of slavery are you with me yes or no and he says you have a right you have a privilege to choose whatever you want but I am pleading with you why would you go back to what was destroying Why would you choose that which you already know is destroying your life why not choose a better way the purpose of the face of faith in the Word of God as to transform our carnal fleshly character and to the divine character of God and by laying on hold of the divine promises of God by faith we can also lay hold of the divine character of God in reality how do we know it's possible because the Word of God tells us and the Word of God doesn't I think lies throw the whole thing out become an atheist and don't just don't be a hypocrite you understand I want to come to the end of this thing and I want to say this it's possible to be a strict vegan and act like an animal and it's possible to eat very clean and act like a pig when I'm not saying is that I'm not saying that God doesn't care about what you eat because he does this but what I am saying as you can have everything right on the outside and you can be as dead as a corpse on the inside. You want to know why this gen why so many young people today are so obsessed with design B.S. I mean some of us laugh and but but the reality the walking dead all these movies and all these T.V. programs that are out vampires vampires are just like sophisticated zombies that's what they are why is it that people are so obsessed with zombies very simply this because the zombie is the Living Dead and what the zombie looks like on the outside is how they feel on the inside and they identify with that because that's how they feel but God says if you don't have to feel like that God says you can have something better you can have a life you can have hope and you can have purpose but it will not happen if we live our lives as hypocrites and some people say well my parents are hypocrites they live one they say one thing and they do another they live one way a church another way at home and therefore I don't have to I'm just going to I don't believe in God because of that well is if you've seen them act that way then it's beautiful because now you have a perfect example of how not to live therefore you're left without an excuse and if you leave the faith and you leave the church because you think somebody is a hypocrite and you know that you must know the truth because you know enough truth to know that there hypocrite correct then if you leave the church because you know the truth and you see others not living the truth then you also become a hypocrite and you're left without an excuse and I want to say one thing and I want to close will be the ultimate maturity of our faith. Here is the patience of the saints here of those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of who Jesus as we day by day put our faith in Jesus it will deepen and develop into the face of Jesus you understand that that text is prosthetic because it says says that God wants us to not just have faith in Jesus but he wants us to have the faith of Jesus the actual faith that Jesus had when he walked upon this earth complete surrender and complete trust to God His Father the will and the Word of God Does that make sense to you today and so that same faith that Jesus had is the same faith that we can have and we can be empowered like he was to walk as he walked and as we depend and surrender to the Word of God to do what it says done when it comes to the end of this I had a lot more fear but it's all right let's go now to the end I want to I want to go to one more text and I want this text to be our closing text Isaiah Chapter 55 The question is this Can God's love preserve a man or woman and their integrity What do you think is God's Love able to sustain you in everyday life yes or no is it able is how many believe it's able to 9 Can the power of the Word of God sustain you in every situation and even give you victory over it yes or no can and what do you say you believe that then if we're not having that experience the problem is not with God The problem is not with the church the problem is not with the Bible the problem is with who you. It is with us because we have very simply had a lack of faith to believe and strongest in the Word of God to do what it says in us and let me say this very plainly as a society as a culture as a church we have become very comfortable and we have become very satisfied living a life that does not truly believe that the Word of God can do what it says in US are you with me yes or no and the Bible calls that very plainly Layo Desilva it means luke warm and God wants us to wake up he wants us to what and he's calling us to wake up so our closing text Isaiah Chapter 55 please turn there don't just sit and listen to me read please turn their eyes it Chapter 55 and verse 6 notice what he says here and they're going to close he says Seek the Lord while He may be want found call upon him while he is want near is is God able to be found by you yes or no he says in Jeremiah chapter 29 you will search for me and you will seek when you will find me when you search for Me with all your hearts he's able to be found is he near to you yes or no he's near to the word he's near through prayer he's near in many ways but the problem is not that God can't be found or that he's not near the problem is in the next line let the wicked 1st sake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts. The problem is that we are blinded by sin and the only solution to that sin is to repent of it is to turn away from it through the power and the grace of God and the grace and the promises of God are made available to you tonight Jesus is the land that takes away the sins of the world he will take your sin away to nine's not just on the record but in the reality of your life let the wicked for sake is when the righteous man starts let him do what return to the Lord and He will have mercy on him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon and sometimes we question have I gone too far have I gone so far away from God that he won't take me back have I committed one sin too many for him to forgive. The guilt is overwhelming to me I have no peace but I don't know that God will will take me I'll tell you there was a time in my life not too long ago I was even in the ministry when I thought I had somehow gone too far in my life and there was darkness all around me and and I would my mind was clouded and for months I was in a deep dark depression nobody knew its But I was on the verge of leaving the ministry and even leaving the church and I played with God and I prayed and nothing would change in this this this dark cloud just hovered over me and I knew it was the enemy but I just scorned to whatever I could get and I was a screaming to God pleading God Don't leave me and then one morning he woke me up at about 3 o'clock in the morning and he guided me to this verse let him return to the Lord. And I realized that there was sin in my life that I had not surrendered my life was not surrendered to God and I was far from I was backsliding further and further away and God said Let him return to me and I will have mercy and it was this text that set me free it was this text that that that dispersed that cloud and allow those rays of light to come back and this text tonight God gives to you seek Him call upon him when he lies it was taken up in the cloud and a light show came behind him he took that robe and he popped the water and he said where is the God of Elijah call upon God today seek him for sake of the ways that you know have led you away from him and return to Him He will have mercy if think God won't take you back he says there my thoughts are not your thoughts come to me and you'll find mercy tonight God invites you to come back to him and you have a card and we're out of time but I'm well known for going overtime like you take that card if you're so inclined like invited to make a decision to follow Jesus tonight and I'm quite sure that at least one of these are going to go through applying to one of you all of you number one there's a card in the pew in front of you if you would just take one and pass it down to whoever may be sitting there says I want to repent of my sins and surrender my life to Jesus this doesn't have to be for the 1st time it can be for the 1000th time I once follow Jesus but have drifted away now I want to commit recommit my life to him. I need special prayer to make my commitments Maybe you need prayer maybe you're struggling maybe you need to talk to somebody you can write that down I'd like to express my commitment to God through baptism I choose to be a disciple and a missionary for Christ each day and share him with others at every opportunity. Choose to dedicate myself to a mission service project whether short term or longer as God leads I don't know what God is putting on your heart tonight but what I do know is as an admin a speech but we have departed away from the simplicity of the word and God is calling us to read a return of fundamental simple Biblical face and I'll ask you tonight. The last time you started your Bible. Was the last time you spent an hour with Gone was the last time you spent a night in Paris a car was the last time you chose to go and spend time with God rather than going to be with your friends and for some of you the answer may have been just this morning I say praise the Lord for some of us it may have been a month of May have been a. 6 or 7 months may have been a year ago I don't know but God is calling you to return when you return tonight you say Lord I want to return to you and maybe your relationship is good with God But you know you need to go deeper would you return to him than I would you come closer to him than you've ever been before making that choice of that you tonight would you raise your hand this evening say Lord I want to make that decision for you let's pray Father in heaven. We ask the Lord tonight. That she would return let us return to not be stuck in Laodicea to not be stuck in a cloud of darkness. Walking towards that cliff from which we can never climb Mount. I prayed today that our hearts would be surrendered fully to you that would make our decision for you present you a draws close to you and return us to the place where we need to be to be standing and full favor with you to be standing at the foot of a cross with those Heaven's beams of light shining upon. This is our prayer tonight and the decision that I pray that we all make in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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