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The Evolution Believing Creationist

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • October 20, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the privilege we have to understand and study your word we ask that your spirit would draw close to us to open our eyes to help us understand your truth and we ask in a special way that you would reveal to us and convict us of the things that you desire to change in our lives that we may have a true and full conversion experience that we would trust in faith and by safe in all that you have for us and quoting a transforming justifying Speer Enson a deepening growing sanctifying Speer ins and we ask the Lord that you would just continue to move and lied and lead our lives in Jesus' name amen. Now. When I was in college I went to a state university called Jacksonville State University just about an hour and a half south of here maybe a little more maybe closer to 2 hours and in that State University there is many things that are taught I have a degree in Basterds degree in geographic information systems with a minor in. And history and so I sat in a state university in biology classes and geology classes and geography classes and anthropology classes where the teachers very strongly promoted evolution and very strongly promoted. The concept of you understand billions of years forming the earth and everything that we know very much I had many times I had professors who would just openly mock Christians in the classroom and they would call them out and they would talk about Noah's Ark and they would make jokes cutting jokes and nothing was ever done about it and so I was in my pre christian conversion experience I'm of those who were laughing and and making jokes and when I I shared my testimony of the night but when I came to know the Lord and I began to study prophecy and I began to study some creation science and various things I went to my professors with a number of questions that they could not answer and I you know even before I became a Christian I started noticing that evolution and the in the form of macroevolution where one species trans. Evolves into another species I began to see a lot of flaws and a lot of holes in that even before I became a Christian and those were just kind of questions that I I didn't have answers to and they didn't have answers to but we just kind of accept it is generally true and so the more I study the more convinced I became that evolution and the larger sense can't be true and I do believe that animals can adapt to their circumstance or their environments I mean if you take a herd of deer from Alaska and cold weather and you put them down in Florida over several generations their hair is going to become thinner and last and that's called microevolution which is not contrary to Biblical beliefs it is just saying that animals adapt to their environment OK But macroevolution there is absolutely really no evidence for it and when you really study it through there's a great lack of evidence despite what people are saying now I've often asked various evolutionists and this question always seems to stop them dead in their tracks Can you name for me one species of animal that has ever been observed to transition from one species to another either in the. Either that is alive now or in the fossil record and there is absolutely no record of any species ever fully transitioning maybe adapting but not fully transitioning and friends I'm telling you when you really dig into it people get intimidated by scholarship and there's nothing wrong with scholarship but scholarship now I'm very careful hums to so many words on a university scholarship doesn't always have logic coming logical common sense I mean I knew a Ph D.. Who when I worked in a. Poultry plant and I had a Ph D. who was overseeing the U.S.D.A. products he was making sure everything was according to regulation he got his final shirt soaked in water and he put it in a microwave to try to dry it out and it caught on fire so what I'm saying is this. I'm not attacking do not misunderstand I'm not attacking scholarship. It's a beautiful thing it's a wonderful thing but just because it's scholarly history has proven and I would challenge the most ardent scholar that sometimes scholarship has been wrong yes or no it was the scholars of the day that nailed the scent of gone to a cross now there are scholars who are wonderful there are some scholarship has also given us some of the greatest blessings in understanding the Bible OK but just because it's scholarship doesn't always mean that it's totally right as evidenced by my friends down at the State University who are Ph D.'s but who also believe in evolution so I don't believe in evolution I believe there's a lot of a reason not to believe in it and I can't get into all that today but I want to identify something. I want to just identify a couple of definitions of evolution number one I just pulled this from dictionary evolution is described as the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth does that sound like a decent description of evolution OK now a little bit want a one a little bit more in depth that I'm going to pull something from here here's another one Evolution is the theory that represents the course of the whole world a gradual transition from the lower to the higher OK from the worse to the WOT to the better Vosper progress points to an increased value in existence are judged by our feelings so what's the saying let me let me just break this down more time evolution is a theory that represents the course of the whole world as a gradual transition from the lower to the higher from the worse to the WOT to the better vice and the way that we measure that is primarily by our feelings so basically the point of evolution is this that as evolution continues to develop we are getting lots better as a people we're going from worse to what better now you look around in the world today and you tell me if it's getting worse or better which one is it. Any person with any type of sense whether they're religious or not will tell you that the world as a whole is getting worse and not better True or False Now there are certain things about the world that are better than Kay I mean we have better medicine we have you know a lot of good things in the world but generally at large people are sicker than they've ever been we've had more problems than we've ever had There's mental problems and there's all kinds of problems in a world that didn't used to exist and past times people tended to be generally happier than they are today I mean that's been proven by various studies and so this says that evolution teaches that things are getting better OK now if you notice here I want you to. Understand this it also says that the thing gets the thing that's getting better is getting better of itself and that which causes it to get better is itself is it makes sense so in other words the cause for getting better as we're progressing does not come from an ex terminal source but it comes from where we call that today we have a very sophisticated name in our aids for that we call that self improvement or so help them if you've heard that before right and so evolution will say that over the course of time you're getting better and then also over the course of time the source of getting better is you now want you to think about that very carefully for just a minute. But one of the problems with that concept is that evolution is not an organized process what is evolution not. Evolution is not an organized process macro evolution is a chaotic process you understand that because Crazy things happen like mutations send and random events that just kind of crash on something and then it makes it change and it becomes something else that's the basic theory of evolution now the basic and people and so for evolution to randomly by mutation be making us better must mean that it is an organized process but in fact it's not understand and people today somehow think that evolution. When you mutate and then you become something better it's as if evolution actually has it's own intelligence and it's actually thinking about the problem that you have and making something happen in your body to make it better but evolution does not contain its own intelligence are you with me yes or no it is a chaotic random process and in any form or fashion when you have a chaotic process in this world whether it's in the lab or whether it's out in the field or reverent is a chaotic process never produces anything organized or intelligent Is that true yes or no when you take dynamite and you put it to a nice beautiful building and you blow it up there is anything organized come out of that no. If I blow anything up or if I just punch a hole through something it doesn't become better becomes what worse are you with me I can't and I said this the other night but I can take a bunch of pieces of random metal and I can put them in a bucket and I can shake them up and I can cook them and I can melt the Meccan do all kinds of crazy stuff with them and never end a 1000000000 or more years well ever be able to open that bucket and pull out a MacBook Pro when i Pad because I rolled around some pieces or I shot him with electricity or I mutated them or whatever whenever that stuff comes out it's still going to be wot a bunch of scrap pieces of metal the only thing that comes from organization is organization so it makes sense. Evolution basically has 3 primary functions it needs to exist. Right it needs to reproduce but I'm sorry before that it needs to obtain what it needs to exist right and it needs to reproduce it make sense all that a that in order to organism needs to do if evolution basically says it doesn't have any purpose it doesn't have really any reasoning and if a thing can can exist it can obtain what it needs to exist and it can reproduce it doesn't need to get better as I make sense all it needs to do is what it's doing you follow that logic and so there's no need for it to get better unless it's trying to get whatever it's getting but again organization never comes through a want a chaos now again the source of the thing getting better according to evolution is what itself now I don't know anyone or very many people who would say that the world is getting better and it's getting better because of us or that we're getting better because of ourselves so here's a problem that if we're judging by our feelings then the only way that we know we're getting better is because we want is because we feel better now a question for you today has your Christian experience been where you have had feelings that have go up and down and all the round yes or no I mean you've ever had that type of experience as a Christian where you just felt good one day you say Man God is good God is great. And we say God is good all the time right and we all we always say that but then when we feel bad we think well what did I do wrong what's wrong with me I must have sinned because I feel bad today I don't feel close to God today so there must be at my whole experience is just like this constantly Now do you suppose that that's the experience that God wants you to have yes or no sometimes we we have the down time and we say well guess what I just need to turn over a new leaf I just need a new effort I just need to start something new again and so we say well I'm just going to try a little bit harder this time I'm going to put the past behind me and I'm just going to I'm just going to run forward impress as hard as I can I'm a viewer have that experience and you say well I'm just going to I'm just going to start it over and so you do that may work seemingly work for a while but then all of a sudden you have a what you have those downs again and you look back over a long period of time and you evaluate your life and you say well I've had all these ups and downs and I think that I can make some progress I think that I have advanced in my Christian experience but I'm really not quite sure because I've had so many downs and everything is judged by my feelings based upon what I think that I've done in my life does that make sense yes or no therefore sometimes as Christians we mark ourselves not just as create as Christians but actually as want. Evolutionists because we're trying to mark our progress by our own efforts which go up and down and all the rounds rather than basing our experience upon what Christ has done for us and what he wants to do in us we mark it on our own selves as everybody with me yes or no now let's go to the Bible and turn with me in your Bibles to Hebrews Chapter one Hebrews chapter one and I want you we're going to. Do a little bit somewhat of a review of what I shared the of the day but we're going to take it a little bit further to Hebrews chapter one and verse one the Bible says this god who have various times in various ways spoken times past of the Father's by the prophets has in these last days spoken to us by his want his son whom he has appointed heir of all things through whom also he made the worlds who being in the brightness of His glory in the express image of his person and up holding all things by the word of his power when he had by himself purged our sins sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high having become so much better than the angels as he has by inheritance obtained in more Excellent name than they so the Bible tells us in chapter one that God through Christ made the what he made the world's A doesn't just say we're old it says want worlds plural correct so he made more than one worlds and world and in fact the Bible says that he made how many worlds all the worlds right now want you to notice something very powerful that. It doesn't just say that God created the worlds but it also says that he up hell of holds them by the word of his want by the word of his power I want you to think about that for just a minute the Bible says that God spoke the worlds into existence because the the Word of God when God speaks it has creative power what kind of power does it have and has creative power so when God's speaks it has the ability to actually form a substance from nothing into something is not a powerful concept now when I speak all I can do is declare what's already there my word has no creative power unless I actually do something with it i X. actually have to lift up my hand and make a thing happen in order to fulfill my word is that true in your to same for you God's word is self fulfilling God can sit upon the throne of of the universe and he doesn't even have to move his finger to be able to create a very sophisticated complex world all that God has to do is what he just speaks the words and it happens imagine if God did lift a finger to do something if his word is that power imagine if they used his hand they met in a very powerful thought but but God speaks and those things come into existence now listen the same word that he speaks to create doesn't just make a thing but it actually sustains are things that make sense so because God's word is eternal. When it speaks it not only has the ability to create but it actually has the ability to sustain whatever it creates for all eternity so the Word of God is not just momentary It is what eternal are words as humans are momentary are you with me are words are not eternal God's word is eternal and he both created the worlds and that said it doesn't mean that when God spoke and he created that he has to keep speaking to sustain it because the word that he spoke the 1st and only time has the power in it to uphold the thing that it makes for all eternity that is a absolutely mind blowing thought it is not something that we can really even fully grasp in the limited life that we have are you with me so god created the world and he also sustains that now go with me over to Hebrews chapter 11. Hebrews chapter 11 and verse one. Hebrews chapter 11 and verse one it says this now Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen now this is very interesting because so many atheists will say Well faith is a thing that you know is like a weakness because as a crutch that people lean upon it's not something you can see it's not something you can touch it's just some kind of nebulous thing that doesn't really matter and it doesn't really you can't really put your finger on it. And yet the Bible says faith is the what the substance of things hoped for is substance a thing you can actually touch yet and then it says it is the evidence of things not what seeing for burying it the elders obtained a good testimony by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible now a couple of things because God give us substance and evidence upon which to build our faith yes or no he does some people say to me will give me evidence that God is real I said the greatest evidence that God exists is you. It's you the fact that your heart is beating people we don't even often understand the miracle that takes blaze with every heartbeat you have and every breath you take you understand the human body is so complex and every day they're figuring out that it's more complex than they ever thought possible that they ever thought before you understand and so the evidence of God's ability to create is all around us it's everywhere I mean you look in the beauty of nature it's in there and so notice what it says it's the substance of things hoped for so in other words we see the substance in the world and then we say and then we see what God says is to come and because of what we see right here we have confidence that he's going to give us what he's promised as a make sense are you with me and then it says it's the evidence of the things not seen but then he says in verse 3 that the we understand the world refrain of God so that the things which are seen were not made the things that was so in other words what he's saying is this we can have confidence in what we can't see because of what we can see are you with me now science will tell you and evolution will tell you that we have that they have to admit that they have the same situation you see because they make certain conclusions based upon what they see but they're making conclusions about things that they didn't see. You've got to Hat does it make sense they are making conclusion about things that they didn't see and so I mean my mind that I would read an article online or something newspaper and say well you know we found this bone and and and we found this skeleton of a dinosaur and it was probably killed this way because of a certain thing you know rock fell down upon its head and it died and then the hunters came in and I'm like you have no idea how that animal died you have no idea how it died and you can assume all day and you have every right and privilege to do so but at the end of the day all your assumptions are simply assumptions are you with me that makes sense and so no scientific person is going to convince me that just because you find a bone somewhere that you necessarily constrain that it's so many 1000000000 years old you don't know that it's that old and the and I could go into all this but the many of the dating systems that are used are not even accurate so the point is this that we have in the world today the evidence of things that we can see to give us the substance and evidence for the things that we cannot see does it make sense now when I want to build something if I want to make a house of say I want to build a house I want to build up my own car whatever what do I have to do in order to build that thing. What do I have to do. I have to drop some plans so I got my plans ready but now I'm ready to build what I have to do. I have to go get the what I have to go get the stuff and so God has given us as humanity the ability to make things and that a blessing the ability to be creative to think about things to actually construct things but I want you to understand that our creativity and our ability is very limited why because we have to go and collect and get stuff that is already there and without that stuff we have no ability to make anything no matter how thoughtful we are remember how much we come up with the greatest plan and all of humanity we still cannot build that thing unless we have the other stuff to do it are you with me so we are dependent upon that stuff to make that thing yes or no but the Bible here is telling us in verse 3 that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible another words when God created the world what did he have to start with the thing are you with me and so God had the ability to create something out of nothing you can't do that. You are limited. And all the stuff that you go to build all of these things all the stuff that the that the atheist gathers to build the buildings in the math books and other stuff to try to defy God are made from stuff he may. You know have the ability to create anything but God had the ability to speak and make stuff happen. That's power that's what true power is now. I'm not going to go here for sake of time but in Psalm 33 read this 1st of the night the Bible says but the word of the Lord were the heavens made correct and all the host of them write in Genesis one it tells us that in the beginning was God in and God spoke and he said Let there be light and there was one light then he he went through the 6 days of creation he he spoke and there was vegetation on the earth and there was water and there was then there were animals on the 6th day the need for a man from the dust the ground so I want to ask you some questions now between the time when God created the world from nothing but between the time when God spoke and said Let there be fill in the blank and the time which that thing actually was how much time passed how much time. A 1000000000 years 1XB4XB a 1000000 how many. OK instantaneous correct So are you sure it wasn't even like 100 years was it even did God even speak in like one minute past and like all of the universe was sitting in silence waiting when God spoke and then after and then it is just like popped up is that how know it was how as God spoke as he was speaking the sentence that thing was forming and coming into existence and by the time God finish the sentence it was complete yes or no are you with me that makes sense so if we believe that any amount of time passed. Between when God spoke the word and this thing actually came into existence what would we have to call ourselves evolutionist even if one minute past correct what about one second even if one second of time lapse between when God spoke and that thing was we would have to call ourselves what evolutionists right how many you would call yourselves a Creationist this morning if you believe I mean you can be honest I mean I know I know for a fact that on this university there are atheist there are people who believe in evolution and there's all these kind of ideas floating around so I'm not trying to get everybody is say a certain thing that I want them to but I'm just asking how many of you would believe that you today are creationists Yes as 7th Day Adventists we believe in a 6 day literal creation and as God spoke it happened yes that's what a 7 if you don't believe that I'm not going to judge you I'm not going to criticize you but you would not be able to define yourself as a 7th Day Adventist understand that you'd be something else but not a 7th Day Adventist because 7 the evidence believes that God has the ability to create things instantaneously and he did so over the course of 6 days because that's how he chose to do it now you may say what in the why are you going on about this I'm coming to a point OK very clear so if anything were to pass between when God spoke and when it passed and when it happened if any amount of time was in between that we would consider ourselves what evolutionists and not what not creationists and 7th Day Adventists correct So how many you are with me so far based upon everything I've said you would say I'm still a creationist This morning I mean you would agree with that K. now a question for you. If God's word is creative. And it is infinitely creative and it is instantaneously creative would that same word be all those things in the New Testament of the Bible and not just the Old Testament yes or no harm of you degree would be in the New Testament OK so let's go to the New Testament and go with me to the book of Luke Chapter 7. Luke Chapter 7 Luke Chapter 7 and we're going to find a story here that's very powerful Actually let's go I always do this I have got to change this in my notes there is the same story in the book of Matthew and it is Matthew chapter. Remember Which chapter that I think is Chapter 8. Yes Chapter 8 Matthew Chapter 8 in verse one let's go there noticed this immersed one speaking of Jesus when he had come down from the mountain great multitudes followed him and behold a leper came and worshiped him saying you can make me Lord if you're willing you can make me clean and Jesus put out his hand and touched him saying I am willing be what because once and how much time passed from when Jesus spoke the word to be clean to wind that leper was actually clean how much time passed. 0 and fact the next word in the verse says what it says immediately his leprosy was WANT was cleansed and Jesus said See that you tell no one to go to the priest and so there is another example of Jesus speaking his word and instantly a person being lied cleansed with me now good of verse 5 Now when Jesus had entered Capernaum a century and came to him pleading with him saying Lord my servant is lying at home paralyzed dreadfully tormented and Jesus said to him I will do what I will come and heal him and other words Jesus was going to take the time to go to that person and lay his hand on them and heal them are you with me now who's the man coming and requesting this century and which means he is not a Jew But I want he's a Roman he's a gentile right but notice what happens here in verse 8 the sensorium answered and said Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my roof but only watch. Only what only speak a word. And my servant will be healed why he says for I am also a man under authority having soldiers under me and I say to this one go and he goes and I say to another one column and he comes and to my servant do this and he does it. And so this man I want you to understand that the authority that a person has to execute his word makes all the difference you understand so let's call this man Max Maximus was a very common name and Roman time so let's call this man Max and Max is out of his uniform as a centurion he's just a normal guy he's walking around with his little suit on and he goes up to a guy and he says hey I want you to get over here and I want you to paint my fence today and when you're done with that I've got it's a pile of rocks I want moved over here and when you're done with that I got a couple of holes in my roof I need you to patch and I want you to do it and I want you to go do it right now what's the response of that guy going to be. Who are you I don't I don't I'm not your slave I don't work for you you're not the boss of me I don't YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO I got my own stuff to do go find somebody else right or you might say painting correct but when Max goes back to his house and he puts on that centurion uniform and he comes back and he says hey I want you to go do this what does the guy do he goes right then but guess what an order for that man to fulfill an order for the Maxxis were to be fulfilled that guy has to actually what he actually has to do something are you with me that makes sense when this interior came to Jesus Jesus said yes I'll come and I will do something for you with me. But the man says No Ward all you have to do is what speak a word because I understand authority but listen he understood authority but he also understood that me as a century when I speak and order for my word to be fulfilled somebody has to do something but he's saying to live here you don't have to do anything all you have to do is what Speak and your word has creative power so when he was making that confession to Jesus he was really saying I believe you to be the Son of God the living Christ he was confessing Jesus as the Savior and he was saying every person on the Earth would have to come and do something but you don't have to do that all you've got to do is wide speak and I know that my servant will be healed and when Jesus heard that notice what happens when Jesus heard it he mumbled it was amazing to Jesus and he said to those who followed assuredly I say to you I have not found such great faith not even in Israel and I want you to understand this that the reason Jesus was marveling was because someone actually took God at His word or. Someone actually believed what Jesus was saying. And very few times when he was on the yearth that anyone actually ever believed what he said. And Jesus says As a consequence of you believing and yielding to my word let it be so for you according to your faith and the Bible says immediately in that same moment that servant was made well do you understand that yes or no now look at this. How much time again passed between when Jesus spoke and that man was healed that man was several miles away from Jesus and yet when he spoke because his word is infinitely want creative and has power it was able to work despite the fact of were ever Jesus was are you with me yes or no and so Jesus demonstrated over and over again that the Word of God has creative power and I want you to understand that God's desire is not that we come to understand and believe that his word has power but he wants us to grasp the fact that the Word of God can have a power in our lives are you with me so so so God doesn't just want the word to be true because it already is true whether you believe it or not but God's purpose is that the Word of God would become true not just in the world but in you. Are you with me. And that's what real faith is. It is despite the accidental circumstances but leaving that the Word of God can be true in you. Now listen all of Israel said you member this Israel said hey you know Moses went up to Mount Sinai the thunder struck and the clouds gathered in there was lots of noise and stuff and Moses came down and told all the people all the 10 Commandments and every thing in the what do the people say all that the Lord has said we will watch it we will do and we will be obedience when was it that God wanted them to become obedience that he want them to come obedient 40 years later or did he want them to become a BT and when right then and the only way for them to become obedient right then was for them to actually exercise faith in what God said and come to the realization that they themselves could not do what God was asking them to do except that he gave them a new heart and that it was his life and his power being lived through them to an able and empowered them to do that thing yes or no now listen that is all they said all you have said we will do and be obedient that was the right thing to do they said and we see that it needs to be done therefore we will do it they did their best and it took him a while evolution settled but they never did it. They never did it evolution fails and the long term of things it was never accomplished by themselves. And they rejected the creative power for God to do it in them and for them and through them but today each one of you have the opportunity to not feel where they failed now a question for this for you this morning here's where it gets a little convicting in your own life. Do you believe that God can do this for you. The key he can actually create in you a clean heart nobody in the room likely has a problem with the thought that God created the world in 6 literal days and that His word was all powerful and all mighty But what about and inside your heart today let me give you a few examples of this we think to ourselves you know I've got this issue of impurity in my life and I truly believe that God's power can heal me from this thing and I know that some day what someday hopefully maybe if I can measure up enough over time that God will take care of this thing for me I've got this grievous sin in my life and I've asked God for forgiveness and I'm not quite sure if he's forgiven me but I'm I'm confident that some day. God's going to do something for me he's going to change my life someday and man what a day that's going to be I'm just I'm just going to rejoice until that day when Jesus has already said to the leper I'm willing and when he said I'm willing 2000 years ago to the leper those words are what eternal. And so they apply to you here today are you with me yes or no we've got no problem believing that God can create the world in a moment but we have some kind of a difficulty believing that he can change our hearts in a moment and he can recreate our hearts in a moment Are you with me and so if I'm looking somewhere down the road for God to change my heart what he's already said today I can do that for you then we would actually find ourselves not being creationists but rather was. One of your an evolutionist today confessor ascend to the Lord many of us are evolutionists maybe not scientifically but maybe spiritually term with me to his equal Chapter 36 is equal Chapter 36 when a most great and glorious passages in all the scripture. Look here and verse 22 actually verse 21 sorry actually verse 20. He's speaking about Israel which means he's speaking about who he's speaking about us verse 20 when they came to the nations wherever they went they prefer my holy name when they said of them these are the people of the Lord and yet they have gone out of his land so in other words he's saying that here are a group of Gentiles who are actually rebuking God's people and saying You call yourselves the people of the Lord but you're not you're not acting like him have never been embarrassed like that before you do something with the crowd someone says Aren't you one of those that been assigned to a Christian should you should be doing this thing should never happen before but I had concern for my holy name. Which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations wherever they went therefore say to the house of Israel that says the Lord I do not do this for your sake or the House of Israel but for my holy name sake which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went and he's saying I was not saying I'm not doing this for your sake because he's trying to be mean about it he's not being selfish he's saying I'm not doing this for your sake because you didn't want it you weren't interested all your interests it is doing your own thing but he says from my namesake which will benefit you I'm going to do this and I will sanctify my great name which has been profaned among the nations which you have profaned their myths and the nation shall know that I am the Lord he says says the Lord God when I am how load in you before their eyes. In other words God says the way that I'm going to to to reclaim my reputation and my name among the Gentiles is that I am going to be made holy in you I am going to how will you when I did well within you and the people see that they're going to see me God makes a promise to you today that he's going to dwell in you if you will allow it are you with me yes or no and the others will see it and his name will be glorified because of it but notice what he says I will take you out from among the nations you have to come out of that group you understand you have to come out of Babylon you have to come out of the world you have to be separate and distinct out take you out from among the nations gather you out of all the countries and bring you to your own land and notice these words then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthy Inus and from all your idols. And I will give you a watt new hearts and I will put a new spirit within you and I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them and then you will dwell in the land that I give your fathers and you will be my people and I will be your God Dear brothers and sisters we long for clean hearts but it can come by no other means than creation re creation so stop and your own efforts trying to clean yourselves up stop in your own efforts by trying to keep the commandments of God in your own strength stop by trying to make yourselves good enough to approach God in just stop and say God I am not what you want me to be you must create in me a clean heart and the only role that I have to play is 2 year old is to do what you do and when I yield and you do a work for me that I cannot do for myself then you will put your spirit within me and then you will cause me to walk in your commandments and in your judgments are you with me today yes or no the question we need to ask ourselves every morning is is there is still a Creator who is able to perform his word. And we ask that question the answer will be what yes. And if there is a creator he can recreate you because his word is eternal and it is creative and the same promises that were written then apply to you to now but you must not dare to think that time must pass before that promise can be true for you to day you must believe it and respond in face and act upon it you understand but does it mean I mean there may be a time when you'll take your eyes of Christ and fall again but you must rise up and claim the promise again and again and again and God's Word is not. Evolution but it is through creation how many you can say Amen today. If we find ourselves to be evolutionists. We should not try to deny it but confess it and turn away with it and turn to the living God with all of our hearts Amen to statements I want to read and then we're going to close. These are my words. But I want you to listen I wrote it because I wanted to be spoken just right his word spoken to us and the dark waste and void space of our hearts if we received produces there the same light of God as it came about in the 1st day of creation of this world. That word spoken and received today to us who are afflicted with the leprosy of sin will immediately cleanse us immediately you don't have to doubt it you don't even have to feel it but by the face in His Word you can know it to be true because Which do you trust more do you trust how you feel more do you trust this book more that's the bottom line because Satan is going to work overtime to manipulate your feelings your emotions and your thoughts. But if your thoughts feelings and emotions are rooted and centered in the Word of God and there's nothing to fear and there's nothing to doubt the word is a living thing the life that is in the life of God and the life of God is in his word for ever it abides and remain so for ever it has a creative power to work to transform and sustain you and I How many can say man to that. One last statement from the book testimonies Volume 2 page 453 none are so low so corrupt in vile that they cannot find in Jesus who died for them strange purity and righteousness if they will put away their sins seized from their course of iniquity and turn with full purpose of heart to the living God He is waiting to strip them of their filthy garment stain them polluted by sin and to put upon them the white right bright robes of righteousness and he did them live and not die the God of heaven today says to you I want you to live and not die death is for him to me I have no pleasure in and I have no purpose in death but I want you to live but you have to choose and him we may flourish our branches will not wither or be fruitless if we abide in Him we can draw SAP and nourishment from him be imbued with his spirit walk even as he walked over comments he overcame and be exalted to his own right hand. John 112 to them that received Him He gave the right to become the sons and daughters of God If we trying. To do the works now works are important aren't they the Bible talks all about it but if we try to do the work ourselves before the new creation it's evolution are you with me if you're trying to work your way into favor with got you're an evolution you're you're believing in evolution when God says you can work throughout the rest of eternity and not complicate it for yourselves just like Israel didn't but if you will believe in my power to recreate your heart it can happen that fast are you with me we are trying to improve ourselves over time which makes us evolution is to the core and listen the works must come as a product of the new creation not as a process to create it so today you may find yourself to be an evolutionists but you don't have to leave as an evolutionist. You can leave this place with a new hearts are recreated heart a heart that will humble itself and submit to the life transforming power of the Spirit of God and you can leave this place trusting fully and his word and know that your heart can be cleansed and transformed immediately as our sister begins to play. There may be somebody here today that says Lord I've been up and down and all around. I've not believed truly in your word to cleanse me immediately. Of not believing your transforming power to give me a new heart. But today God. I want to believe. It doesn't mean you're not going to struggle it doesn't mean you're not going to be tempted doesn't mean that you're not going to have battles. But if you plant yourself firm if you anchor yourself in the Word of God and it's creative power day by day as you place your life in the hands of Christ he will change you and he will deepen you and he will transform you and that transformation can take place now and it can continue to deepen as you walk more closely with him. And so today the Lord is calling us to truly be creationists. Not just creationists who believe the world was created but creationists who believe that our hearts were recreated and that's a greater testimony to the power and the glory of God than even when he created the world at the very beginning from nothing because he created the world from nothing he created your were your heart from being corrupted in sin which was worse than nothing. So what you going to do today. What choice you going to make. Maybe today you want to choose to be a creationist and if that's you today I'd like to invite you wherever you are is not a general invitation for every person although it may apply to every person I don't want you to doubt that I would have truly You've been an evolutionist. You believe that God would fix me up somewhere down the line rather than today. Not that we don't grow over time we certainly do through sanctification. But the change happens now when I believe in the Word of God. And if that's you today and you like to say Lord I don't want to be an evolutionist anymore make me a creationist by recreating in me a clean heart of God. And to stand on your feet where every warm the Lord is so inclined you this morning. Let's pray Father in heaven. We rejoice. At the power of your word. The word spoken at creation is just as powerful and potent as the word we have written in our hands today the Bible is no less power in others knows less strength it's still the same word that you spoke and when we truly place ourselves within its power it will transform us and shape and change our lives to be the people not that we desire to be but that you desire to be and what you desire for us is much better than anything we can ever desire for ourselves so please Lord we want to yield this morning one fat power to become a reality and this by some reason we. We we have a stumble. Help us not to become discouraged with the pick ourselves back up and claim your promise again we asked this Lord today in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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