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The Adventist Atheist

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan




  • October 20, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity we have to just come and study together we ask that your spirit would be close to us tonight and that you would move upon our hearts the love that you have for us and the love that you desire in return and Lord the light that you gave and the life that you desire us to give and so we asked today father that you would just come and just be in our midst Lord drawing us close to you and close to your intention for us may it be our decision today to fully give our hearts to you to fully serve you to fully live for you as we are truly living in these last days so we thank you so much Lord for your goodness and your truth and the love and the joy of fellowship that we have in you and bless us this Fido night we pray let your holy spirit be upon our hearts in Jesus' name we ask Will everyone say amen the Adventists atheist and many people wonder well what exactly does that mean is that talk about people who go to the church every week and people who may look like they are good Adventists on the outside but down in their hearts they really don't believe in God and they really don't believe the message many people automatically assume that that's one of the talk about and the answer to that is no that's not what we're going to talk about it's something very different and we're going to see what that is from the Bible tonight I believe that there is a passage of Scripture that speaks very directly to this issue and I believe that this passage of Scripture is given actually directly for us and I remember reading just recently. A story about a man who was. Who was a pastor of a Sunday church and this was on the admin is mission. Website and this man began to he was a Sunday Pastor and that was his livelihood and so he had a congregation and he actually began to I forget exactly how it was that it happened he began to study the admin It's massive when it began to be convicted of it and began to be convinced that it was true and so he began to attend the evidence church and he did some Bible studies with the local church and he decided that he was going to follow that message because he believed that it was the true biblical message and his wife and son who were I guess not very Christian at all but they were very upset because he was going to be leaving his congregation and going over to the Adventist church so he was going to lose his livelihood and he was going to lose his income and so one morning while he was laying on the couch he would he had been asleep on the couch they came in the sun came in with I believe was so fear of acid and threw a cup of so if you're acid right in the face of this man and he began to scream and he began to wail and the neighbors heard him screaming and so they called the police and when the police arrived the son of the mother ran through the back door and they took him to the hospital and it barely saved his life in fact he lost I believe one of his eyes or maybe even both of his eyes and his face much of his face was just eaten away by the acid and Nonetheless despite that suffering despite that persecution and there were many other stories that I've read in their view have ever been to that site it's very fascinating very powerful of people who are willing to give everything that they have for to follow the truth and not. Just to file the truth but to also share the truth people have suffered great loss in their life in this earthly life in this earthly their earthly material things for the sake of following Christ and for the sake of following the truth that Jesus had revealed to them and many people have been beaten some people have been killed some people have been mutilated others have been just have lost their jobs have lost their family have lost their friends have lost everything so let me just say this tonight that there must be something about that ad then its message that leads people to that place in their lives what are you saying people who have accepted Christ fully who have been and have learned the truth of what God's word says and their hearts have been set free from the slavery of sin in their life the dictions and the things that bound them in chains those chains have been broken by Christ and so if we have not found that truth that has set us free that can set us free I would say to you tonight that we must be on our knees pleading with God until it we find that thing what do you say how many would agree with that with that same with me tonight but my question is what makes people find our search or desire that kind of truth so if you have your Bibles with me go here to Luke Chapter 12 Luke Chapter 12 and that's where we're going to find the story of the Adventist atheist Luke Chapter 12 and we're going to start here in verse 13 Luke Chapter 12 in verse 13 if you're there please say amen. The Bible speaks here and it says then one from the crowd said to him Teacher Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me now in those days typically the the law stated that is there was a father with multiple sons when he died all of the sons would receive some type of a portion but who would receive the chief portion it would be the 1st born right the 1st born would receive almost everything. Good in the land and all those things and so obviously this brother are not exactly sure the story here either the eldest brother was not being fair to the younger brother or the younger brother was not being satisfied with what the law said and he was being very selfish and was interested in having more and he came to Jesus and he wanted Jesus to intervene in that family affair of dividing the inheritance now it's very interesting I've seen people I don't know if you've ever noticed but when there's a situation in the family where money is involved and where people are able to get some form of money either in a house or a car or a piece of property or something or maybe there's a savings account or whatever people can change ever notice and people begin to to get hungry for that dollar and they begin to get they can they can be people that they never were before they can become very selfish and that can they can even become very conniving into ceding and vindictive when they're not getting their way how he's ever noticed that before that people shouldn't shift when there's some kind of money involved and this was what was happening with this man but notice how Jesus replies verse 14 but he said to him man who made me a judge or an arbitrator over you. That's prompt profound statement from Jesus isn't it because Isn't he the judge isn't he the arbitrator Isn't he the mediator What do you say yeah he's our High Priest He's our intercessor So why is it that Jesus was not willing to intervene in this matter why is it that Jesus wasn't interested in this man's situation well he tells us in the next verse verse 15 he said to them take heed and be ware of what covetousness for one's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses and so Jesus here is speaking and he basically in a nutshell is telling this man and the crowd he said look I did not leave Heaven and come to this earth to settle the issues of this earth he said that's not my mission that's not my purpose that's not my the reason that I'm living I didn't come down here to settle issues of inheritance over things that are going to pass away into the eternity I'm not a judge of those things you have earthly judges for those issues but Jesus says My purpose is much higher I came to seek and save that which was what that which is lost he said the things that I've come to be judge over the things that I've come to be an intercessor and an arbitrator over are things of eternity not things of earthly value that will soon pass away do you understand that So Jesus is making clear that my purpose is not. What you might think it is not of this earthly material business that so many people are striving after today hum of you would see that from that passage yes or no and a question today How much more is it should it be true for the both people who are following him in this life for those people who are claiming to be his disciples claiming to be his people claiming to be his running it that we should also be of that same mindset how many do agree tonight that God's people are to follow the pattern of Jesus today what do you say now if you'll turn with me we're going to hold your finger there because we're coming back if you turn with me over to Matthew chapter 13 Matthew chapter 13 I'm just going to make a little side parallel here Matthew chapter 13 and I want you to notice verse 44 Matthew chapter 13 and verse $44.00 he says again the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field which a man found and hid and for joy over he goes and he sells all that he has and he buys the fields verse 45 again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls who when he found one Pearl of Great Price went and sold all that he had and bought it and I want you to think about this for just a minute most of you are not married but if you're not married to night one of you hope to be married some day a man I mean that's one of the great goals of life right those of you who are married you can so you can both Picture this suppose if you're not married that you are and if you are married suppose that your wife or your arms or your lady is that your husband came home one day from working and he said honey. We are putting up everything we have Purcell the House is going up for sale I've already contacted the realtor I've already put the cars on Craigslist all the shoes in your closet are going in the yard sale that's going to happen today even the clothing and fact honey turn around I've got a price tag to put on the very shirt that you're wearing We are selling everything everything is gotta go even the dog and I'm still questioning whether or not the kids are going or not I'm not sure yet but everything has to go and there's going to be a major shift in change in our lives now what would you think about that spouse the husband you would think was this guy's crazy what's the matter with this guy is he lost his mind is going to send this to the poorhouse but this is the exact betrayal of what's happening a husband came home to his wife and said we're getting rid of every single thing that we own and the wife thinks he's crazy the neighbors hear the news the neighbors think this guy has gone nuts honey get the kids in the house we don't want them around this guy he's lost his mind his friends hear about it and they say man what's the matter with you have you lost your mind are you crazy what's the matter with you why are you so why would you put your wife out on the street like that his coworkers hear about and they say man like nobody wants to get close to this guy and the boss is even thinking about letting him go you understand like everybody in his life says Dude you are what you are crazy but is this guy craziest or nah. Izzy What do you think no because he has found something there is of infinitely greater value he's found a box that has gold pieces upon gold pieces in it and those gold pieces outweigh everything that he owes times a 1000 and the thing is that everybody else might think he's crazy but the truth is that they don't know what he knows are you with me yes or no he knows something he has a piece of information that is going to change the red the course of the rest of his life and now when he outs knows no one else understands and based upon the limited understanding that they have they think he is crazy but is he crazy yes or no no because he has found the Pearl of Great Price something that is infinitely worth more than everything that he owns now a question for you and you know the answer to this in these 2 parables What is it that is that treasure box and what is the pearls it is who it is what. It is the right isness of Christ yes or no it is salvation it is heavenly favor divine forgiveness the grace of God coming upon his life and when the and when the grace of God comes upon the life of a person everything in their life does what it changes yes or no and there are people in their life that once knew them a certain way who don't understand the new person are you with me their friends don't grasp what it is exactly that's changing about them they just know that they're different or not they don't quite like it now they seem a bit more weird than they used to be everything is shooting for them but they have an understanding their eyes and their hearts have been opened to something that they were blind to before and they have a power in their life they have a beauty in their life they have a joy and a peace in their life that no one else even in theirs their spouse others in their household can understand are you listening and they have laid hold of something more valuable than all of the earthly treasure that they know that they possess and that is what Christ does for us when we truly lay hold of the divine power to transform our lives the things of this earth begin to become very insignificant we become less in arrested and collecting things and storing up things and heaping up things but the weaker we become more interested not in being a keeper of things but a keeper of people. And we want others to find that same treasure that we found because guess what friends there's enough to go around in and and Jesus was trying to get the people to grasp this concept and to grasp this this this idea that when you possess Christ you possess everything and you don't need anything else that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have a house that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a car not saying that that's not my point but those things are not the things that we live for those things are not the things that drive our purpose it's not the the 2nd house in Florida or wherever in the US It's not the boat that I think I can take out every week and it's not the motorcycle that I drive on Sundays it's not the euro all those things it is my purpose in life is to live for the Kingdom of God and when I truly have an understanding of that then those things become greater to me than anything else in the world already understanding me as you know if we do not have that sense then we need to go to God and say Lord what in my life the need to change Lord what in my life needs to shift reveal yourself to me because I want you to be my greatest prize and we must confess to him if he is not in he'll forgive us who receive us but we must become true disciples of Christ are you with me yes or no on that righteousness of Christ now please go back to man Luke Chapter 13 and Joel Chapter 12 Luke Chapter 12 and this is the point that Jesus was making to the man you quivering quibbling about about an inheritance. That doesn't really matter in the long run but search for the treasure that cannot rust or be destroyed search for the bread that never molds search for the bread that leads to eternal life a man now in versa 15 it says and he said to them on sorry verse 16 then he spoke a parable to them saying the ground of a certain rich man yielded plentiful easy and he thought within himself saying what should I do since I have no room to store my Crohn's Now the Bible tells us that this man is occupation was a what it was a what it was a farmer now isn't hard now I mean this is kind of a mixed bag question but is it is it moderately difficult to be corrupt as a farmer yes or no I mean I mean it is I mean you could somehow manipulate some stuff but it's definitely hard I mean farming is a relatively honest work right I mean if you don't go out and plant some seeds and you're definitely not going to want you not going to get a car of a strike and so this man works hard he's obviously very wealthy because he has lots of servants and year after year he plants a seed in the harvest his crops and then one year particular year he has harvest yields how plant to flee the Bible says yields very plentiful eat right and so this man has a harvest that is much larger than normal and K. and he asked himself the question well what am I going to do about that how my going to handle this extra that I don't even have room to key. Now sometimes we think our Or let me just say that oftentimes we think that when God tests us how does he test us how does it normally test us through what I mean we have a kind of becomes a coach a that you know God tests us through trials and that kind of a thing but do you know that sometimes God tests us through blessings that you know that sometimes God gives us an abundance of something because he wants to see how we're going to use it and what we're going to do with it that makes sense you see that sometimes that say I wonder what Joe over here is going to do if I bless him with. This other thing right here let's just see what he does now God already knows what you're going to do but you remember there's a judgment taking place and God is everyone else is looking on him and God wants nothing more than for all of us to prove his goodness by doing his will with of us he gives us amen he takes delight in that so he blesses this man with plenty and sometimes God blesses us with with plenty now a question for you has God blessed the 7th Day Adventist Church plan to flee yes or no. What he say has he done that he's blessed us not just with spiritual blessings spiritual truth you know the Bible says that the Jews had the oracles of God or know the words the truths of God and I believe that in the last days the 7 Davenant's church has the oracles of gone God has blessed us both with truth but he's also blessed us in many other ways just like the Jews of all he would bless them in business he would bless them in prosperity and I believe that he's done the same for the administers a day we have many physicians we have many dentists we have many nurses who have many very successful business owners and many ad been a speech people are very successful in the world does that make sense as you know in making that parallel and so God has blessed the ad been a search very plentiful as well as a nonce Is it true it's very true and so the bible says he thought within himself saying What shall I do since I had no room to store my Crohn's and notice his response so he said I will do this I will pull down my barns and build what. I will pull down my barns and build greater and there I will store all my crops and all my goods and I will say to my soul so all you have many goods laid up for many years take your ease eat drink and be once. And be merry and so this man decides that he's going to store up those crops and he's not going to just satisfy his needs he's going to decide to satisfy his own indulgence you see that yes or no and don't miss this point I'm in the midst explains on the tube in my house in Michigan I have a pole barn and my pole barn is not very fancy it's not there's not anything special about it it is just the framework of the barn with the post and the rafters and it has one layer of tin metal all the way around it it has a dirt floor with a little bit of gravel when it rains it gets REAL saw Jeanie can't even hardly walk in it I didn't have any electricity when I bought the house I just put electricity to it so gradually I'm improving and eventually I'm going to pour concrete but just as that barn was when I saw when I obtained my house insurance the house insurance said that if I lose that barn they will pay me $30000.00 to replace my barn with a lot of money barns even though they may not be much are not cheap Are you with me and this man when he had a plentiful crop he said I'm going to tear down my barn and I'm going to build a what I'm going to build a greater one I'm going to build a bigger one to How's all the extra stuff that I don't need so don't miss this point that this man actually had to spend money and a lot of it just to be selfish are you with me yes or no. He had to pay his servants to go in there and tear down that barn he had to pay money to buy more materials he had to pay the servants to put back up the bigger barn it was going to be a lot of money but he was willing to do it just to hang on to something that he didn't need now we're going to go to the book Christ object lessons can you see that there there is a chance there's about 4 or 5 slides and we're going to read a little bit but I'm going to stop along the way and I want you to see this is a very powerful statement it says by the parable of the foolish rich man cry show the folly of those who make the world they're all this man had received everything from who do now this man was a hard working don't keep reading because I want to stub this man was a hard working man he was a Jew so therefore he said some connection to God and the truth are you with me you could actually say in 2018 he was a good decent honest 7th Day Adventists who knew God who knew the truth was very successful and God blessed him to see what he would do with it everything had been given him by who lived on. This man had received everything from god the sun had been permitted to shine upon his land for its rays fallen a just in the unjust the showers of heaven descend on the evil and on the good the Lord had caused vegetation to flourish and the fields to bring forth abundantly the rich man was in perplexity as to what he should do with his produce his barns were full to overflowing and he had no place to put the surplus of his harvest imagine this that this man was caught because I had perplexity or anxiety about what am I going to do with all this extra I don't know what to do with it now many people today have anxiety because they don't have want another but this man was perplexed about what to do with too much now listen I'm not just talking here I want you to understand I'm not just talking about money I'm talking here about truth and spiritual blessings are you with me the ad been a search is overflowing with spiritual truths we are overflowing with Biblical and spiritual knowledge we are overflowing with prosthetic understanding and all these different things that God has given to our church are you with me here let's keep going to notice this he did not think of who this is correct you know there is he did not think of 2 God from whom all his mercies had come he did not realize that God had made him a steward of his goods that he might help to the needy he had blessed he had a blessed opportunity of being God's own manner or like a channel of gone but he thought only of minister into his own what on his own was. Has don't come for us and so God gave him an abundance and the reason God gave him the abundance was so that he could share with those who had an E R Us me that was the purpose of the great blessing that God had given to him but instead he would not even he was not ministering just to his own needs but he was ministering to his own what has long come for us he was more interested in his own comfort then he was the comfort or the needs of those that are around him how do we know that will keep breeding the situation of the poor the orphan the widow the suffering the afflicted was brought to this rich man's attention there were many places in which to be stole his goods he could have easily relieved himself of a portion of his abundance God was not even asking him to give up he. And sometimes God will call us to say I am providing for your needs what I've given you is the exact amount to cover your basic needs but I'm asking you to give a portion of what you have to your Basically I'm asking you to sacrifice that so that someone else has at least a little bit of you're with me on that is God do that sometimes but this man has his needs met and then he had a certain portion a quite a bit of a portion of above that and God was saying I'm not even asking you to give all of your abundance just to bring you down to need understaffing to give a portion of your abundance are you with me God was this would have been absolutely no sacrifice on this man's part you got me. He could have easily received reasons of a portion of abundance and many homes would have been freed from want many who are hungry would have been fed many naked clothes many hearts made glad many prayers for bread and clothing answered and a melody of praise would have ascended to heaven so here's the scenario there were people in this man's community who were praying that God would meet their needs mothers were pleading with God God my husband is dead I have 5 children that are hungry God please provide a something to eat another family over here saying Lord we barely have enough to eat but our children are going around virtually naked we have not any money to buy clothes for them or we don't know how we're going to survive the winter without enough wood to make fire to cook with board please Sunday some world there are different people there are having different needs in that community and this man had the ability to not just meet some of them but to me how many of them all of them the Lord had heard the prayers of the needy and of His goodness he had prepared for the poor abundant precision for the wants of many had been made in the blessings bestowed upon the rich man but he closed his heart to the cry of the deity and sent to his servants this I will do I will pull down my barns and build greater and there I will be still my fruits are my goods and I will say to my soul so you have had much goods laid up for many years take your ease eat drink and be merry now I want you to understand this for just a minute and please do not miss this point these people were praying that God would meet their needs yes or no this man had the ability to meet those needs yes or no. The man was made known of the situation of those people correct yes or no so somehow maybe his servants told him Master there's people over here that have maybe you could help them with some of the extra and he heard all those requests and he said no that's not what I'm going to do I'm going to tear my barn down and I'm going to build rates here are you with me so when and says specifically that God has provided that abundance so that he could use the abundance to meet the needs Harat so God had laid everything out are you with me and this is why I just I do I lovingly I don't actually do it but in my heart I lovingly roll my eyes when atheists say oh you know I can't believe in God because he allows innocent children to die of hunger in Africa and other places around the world and I'm like oh really as that's true well is that they go hungry because like we only have a certain amount of food to feed every mouth will actually know there's enough food in the world to feed every mouth and more the problem is the way it's distributed and I say to my atheist friends I say hey look why don't we why don't we do this I said out I'll pull a $1000.00 out of my savings account why don't you sell your gaming system why don't you sell your $400.00 pair tennis shoes why don't you sell your $80.00 T. shirt. And let's go and let's create some money and we'll go down to the Red Cross and and by the way how about if you not buy beer for the next 6 months and save that money too and then let's go down to the Red Cross and we could feed a 100 families for the next year let's do it like nah not going to do that but he may not going to do that well that's my stuff I I work a lot of hours to buy the game system I want that thing that's mine I say Oh really so you're blaming God for something that you have the power to do yourself really that's well then I guess we can't really blame God because actually God has provided everything to feed those people but he's given you the job of making sure it happens and you're now refusing Are you with me and so listen he says so so so this man knew that these people had a need he refused it so when those people prayed to God and said Lord please help us with this need and that and then God provided that need but the need when unmet because of his selfishness then that would mean that those people would sense the Godhead not want answered there where are you with me and their faith and God would begin to go like this was it God's fault yes or no no but their prayer seemed to them to go on answer because of the response of the man whom God answered the prayer through are you with me tonight yes or no. The ad been a search you and I have been given a very special treasure through the Truth of God an understanding of the character of God the understanding of Christ and how he met the needs of those who were poor and suffering and in spiritual despair we have the example of Christ through the Gospels and through the book of desire of Ages of how to go about meeting those things and he's given us all an abundance of truth he's given us all the understand he's given us physical blessings to bless them you understand today that if you're a student here at Southern and you're going to be a nurse or an engineer or you're going to go on to med school after this or you're going to become a dentist or whatever it is that you're called to do you are not called to live your life for that thing you're not called to make a pile of money from your profession and then spend it upon yourself you have a duty you have a duty to use everything you have for the building of a team of gone you understand that. This man's aims were no higher than the beasts that were perishing he lived as if there were no God no heaven no future life as if everything he possessed were his own and he owed nothing to God or man this man lived and planned for self the sourness describes the rich man when he wrote The fool has said in his heart there is no God This man was the Adventist atheist and my fear today is that among us there are many Adventists atheists people who say I know God People who say I love God People who go to church every Sabbath who are faithful at returning their tithes and offerings people who never missed Sabbath school who are always involved in some activity in the church but we are Adventists atheist because we want to secure to wall up ourselves in our nice little home and enjoy the blessings of God while not being used by God to answer the prayer of the needy of the world we are just sitting around and tearing down our barns and building greater and all the while boasting God has surely bluster us. And we have not been serious about his call upon our lives the only thing that would be a valid him now he is not secured and living for self he has rejected that Divine Love which would have flowed out in mercy to his fellow man thus he has rejected life for God is Love and Love is life the man has chosen the earthly rather than the spiritual and with the earthly he must pass away Listen my friends even though God may give us the ritual and earthly blessings is they are not used for His glory they are no different than the heathen who takes advantage of the blessings of God while while while rejecting him and his message are you with me yes or no if we take those blessings and live them for our own lives we are no different than those who do not know God a lukewarm Christian a Laodicean Christian will do more damage in the world than the atheist ever will think of you may be a very earnest godly devoted believer and whom the power of the flesh is still very strong and there is only one who can deliver us from the power of the flesh and that is the living Christ who crucified himself for you and I how you can say men to that tonight and we must have that experience and I want to just I want to just close with a statement then I'm going to lead story can I do that I think I'm going to move to my time. This man I believe describes very many atheists this parable I believe is for our generation are you with me I don't think that this is just some nice little story that Jesus told I don't think it's just some parable that he threw out there for the people of his day I honestly believe just like the parable of Matthew 25 the 10 virgins I believe that this parable specifically applies to Laodicean Ave Hisam are you listening I believe that we are luke warm and we're not saying is this so please don't misunderstand I'm not saying that we should all go out and sell everything we own and go to the mission field that's not what I'm telling you to do what I'm saying is that the priority of your life ought to be the kingdom of God more than just by lip service but by life service you understand man and the everything that you do every decision that you make centers around how will this impact God's kingdom how will it impact my ability to minister to others now this man you can look at his wife and it is very sad but our lives don't have to be that way man our lives don't have to be live for ourselves our lives can be lived so all out to the Savior our lives can be driven by leading others to Christ and not just claiming that I live for Christ and never reaching out to my fellow man but actually making an intentional effort and many efforts for the Kingdom of God and a life that is transformed will do that I want you to see I have 3 slides that they're going to read and we're going to compare this man's life to the life of Abraham very very quickly look at this and pay tax on profits page 126. Speaking of Abraham It says it was no light test that was dust brought upon Abraham no small sacrifice that was required of him there were strong ties he is speaking about when he was called to leave his country there were strong ties to bind him to his country his kindred and his home but he did not what he did not hesitate to obey the call he had no question to ask concerning the Land of Promise whither the soil was fertile and whether the climate healthful whether the country afforded agreeable surroundings and would afford opportunities for amassing wealth he didn't ask any of that he didn't say God is the place you sending to me a good place God said I want you to go and it wasn't just a matter of going it was a matter of leaving everything that he had had behind his family his converts everything his inheritance it was all left behind to go to a place he didn't know was a land of plenty or a land of sand and deserts he didn't know but the voice of God to him was more influential too to have the relationship in the intimacy was God was a more important to him than any of those things he was worried about it because he knew that he would be in the will and the hand of God Amen and it says the happiest place on sorry God had spoken in his servant must obey the happiest place on earth for him was the place where God would have him to be and you can say Amen and that's the happiest place you'll be your happiness is not dependent upon your surroundings your happiness is dependent upon your life being the center of the will of God Many are still tested as was Abraham who would that be who would that be that would be us. They do not they do not hear the voice of God speaking directly from the heavens but he calls them by the teachings of His Word and the events of his providence they may be required to abandon a career that promises wealth and honor to leave congenial and profitable so see Asians and separate from family or kindred to enter upon what appears only to be a path of self-denial hardship and sacrifice God has a work for them to do but a life of ease and the influence of friends and family would hinder the development of the very traits essential for its accomplishment he calls them away from human influences and aid and lead them to feel the need of his help and to depend upon him alone that he may reveal Himself to them a question for you today who is ready at the call of Providence to renounce sharers friends plans and familiar associations who will accept new duties and enter untried field doing God's work with firm and willing heart for Christ sake on thing his losses gain who will do this as to who he will do this has a faith of Abraham and will share with him that a far more exceeding a weight of glory is not worthy to be compared the call is to you to nines who will answer the call to live a life of self-denial that your savior lived for you who will be willing to pick up the torch in this generation who will be willing to be focused when all else is blurred who will be willing to say the Lord it doesn't matter where you send me I'm going to go. It doesn't matter what your purpose is for me I'm willing to heed it because my life with you is greater than my life with anything or anyone else God is calling us today to full commitment to total dedication to be fully committed to his cause What do you say I want to tell you quickly the story this man I was in in just in March I was in South Africa and I'll tell you the quick version and when I was in South Africa I was there doing a little series for a can of secular campus on atheism and some other things and when we left we were getting on the plane to leave the plane was having trouble and they were trying to fix it the engine was messed up and eventually at 1030 at night they cancel our flight and we all had to go hundreds of people had to go and rebook down at the thing and so was utter chaos. And I notice that this man was standing there and all the all the airline agents were gathered around him and I and I joked with my wife I said Man this guy must be like the president or something and and they were just giving him the most attention and I noticed that he kept looking at us as well because we had our son with us and he was like one of the only small kids on the flight and and we ended up going down there and they wanted to book us on the next flight home which would have been a Friday night and I said No I don't fly over the Sabbath please book me Saturday night so they did they put us up in a hotel and when I got to the hotel there was the man in line and I ended up in line behind him and so we began to talk and we just spent a few minutes together and he introduced me to his assistant who was a lady there who was helping him and we all went to our rooms where the next morning I came down for breakfast on Friday and I was in the breakfast line and I had to get out of line a couple times because I needed to call my wife and finally when I got back in the line Guess who I was behind I was behind this man and we started talking again and the waiter said Would you guys like to sit together and we said sure so we sat together and we had breakfast together and as I began talking to this man he said well I notice that you guys had your son with you and I was worried about you and we started to talk and eventually he revealed he told me he said I'm the king of GONNA. And he said I said I am a pastor he said I'm the king of gone up but I actually live in North Carolina he said I'm a pastor and he says I have a congregation of almost a 1000 people he said I used to pastor a network of churches of about 2000 and number he said but I gave all that up because I want to do more humanitarian work the man had 3 Ph D. S. he had had received awards from President Obama he knows who's the guy that Barry Black the Chaplin who's an advantage chaplain Sonos very black and he says he's written a number of books on prayer and he says I just was coming from a conference where I was speaking to a group of 300000 people about the Bible and about gone and he said and now I'm on my way back home and he says I'm missing and a very pointed then he says I'm meeting with about 30 dignitaries from various countries around the world they're coming all coming to North Carolina for a conference and I'm going to miss that this guy is a very very important man and he started to show me I'll just show you right here there he is sitting on his throne as name is Dr King Lee FLETCHER You can look him up online and I'm having breakfast with this man and he's telling me about all his adventures and showing me all these pictures and then after several minutes he says well what do you do for a living I said Well it's very interested she said ask that I said I'm actually a minister as well he says oh really says what about the nation I said I just smiled and I perked up and I said 7th Day Adventist he said you're a 7th Day Adventist and I said yes he says all man he says I've got to tell you he says You people have the truth. He says I've studied your message and I believe everything that you believe he said in fact many times when I travel he says I can't arrange to be in a place on Sundays I'll go in and I'll worship in an abacus church he says you have a lovely papal he says I says I believe your health message and I notice that he didn't get any of the sausage on the breakfast line the pork sausage and he says and I says I just believe he says You people have every ounce of truth and I said with you know I'm an evangelist so I said Will what keeps you from joining the church then he says you know he says I've actually thought about that and he says I believe that very soon I will he says but it's a process for me he says but I'll tell you this when I make that decision he said there will be tens of thousands of people around the world who will follow me into the avenue stretch and I thought oh lord this is tense I'm having breakfast with the king but it really wasn't that big of a deal because I had had a spiritual breakfast with the King of Kings just an hour before I said Lord give me the words and this is what he said and he said you know he says there's just one problem that I have with your church and I just started to shrink and I thought oh man he's going to talk about well Weiner he's going to talk about some issue of doctrine and he says he says this is the one problem I have with your church you want to know what it is now you know you don't want to know to this here's what he said he said You people are not loud enough he said nobody knows who you are in the world he says you have the message of truth and you're all keeping to yourselves you're all too quiet. He says nobody knows who you are and and like you should be shouting this message from the mountain top he said every one of your members ought to be proclaiming this truth with the trumpets. He says I don't understand why you would be so quiet. A says you ought to be more bold and more confident in what you believe because he looked me right now and he said it is the truth and I just shrunk down in my seat not not physically but. Emotionally and spirits I just thought Oh Lord God help us we have a message that the world is crying out for and we're building bigger barns God raise up people young and olds who will be willing to be bold and to proclaim your truths and TONIGHT with your decision that could be you make no mistake God has called you as he called Abraham God is calling you as he even called that rich man and the path of your life will be one of those 2 paths into the life of the rich man who died that very night God said You fool and his life was taken from him or you will be like Abraham who said Lord all that I have all that I am all of my talents and knowledge is given me are yours and just as Abraham laid Isaac upon the altar so I lay my life down and Jesus said I lay my life down and no one takes it from me but I will pick it up myself and when you lay your life on the altar God will raise you up and there will be a power in your life that no one else on the serve has and there will be a light shining from you and through you to others. That will draw them to the Savior but you have to decide tonight you have to choose the person beside you can choose the person around you can choose you must choose tonight and how will you answer the God of heaven who has given you all I'd like to invite you to stand tonight and I'm going to make a very specific appeal at 1st and then a more general appeal quickly after there may be somebody here tonight whom God is speaking to and saying I Once you to give your entire life to my ministry you may not you may and that may mean that you come to be a pastor it may just mean that you become a missionary or a Bible worker or whatever or some kind of gospel work or male or female you can be a gospel worker God God doesn't distinguish but he calls us all into ministry and God may be saying to you tonight I want I want your life I don't want to year from you I don't want you know just. A little time in a campus Club of Southern I want your life and I want you to be in my calling I want you to be in the full time ministry and maybe you've known that you've run from the or maybe God is speaking out of the 1st time but of there's somebody here tonight we're gonna say I want you in my service with your entire life I want you to come right down here right now and you're going to answer that call tonight maybe you've already answered it you're just going to confirm it but I don't know there's going to be different people different situations but maybe God has said I want your life full time and God is saying you come and you give your life the maybe somebody here. That God says you know I haven't called you into pastoral ministry full time gospel work but I've called you to be a missionary for me in the various fields such as maybe you're going to be a physician or whatever and God wants to use you and that capacity I want you to come and you're going to say the Lord every day of my life though I have a profession I also have a calling and my calling is to be a missionary for you my calling is to lead others to use true would ever work you've given me to do in this world and you're willing to say are not just going to be a doctor and not just going to be a nurse I'm not going to serve as a nurse for the next 40 years until I retire and never have prayed with any of my patients but I will do your work I will speak to people about spiritual things I will be called and I will be used by you. There may be somebody today who says God says you know I'm not calling for your entire line I'm going to give you a profession but I'm calling you to a year of service or 2 years of full time service and you want to yield to that whatever God is impressing upon your heart tonight I cannot speak to all those things because we're going to be different but I know that God is speaking to everybody I know that God is calling everybody to do something for him something with your life more than just building barns. It's time to wake up it's time to be focused everybody else might be blurred but that doesn't mean your life has to be blurred are you willing today to go wherever God calls us that you desire to 9 would you raise your hand Let's pray together father tonights you see these young people you see. Some of those that are maybe a little older but Lord in your eyes are all eternally young doesn't matter how old we are in this life you didn't call Moses till he was 80 you called others when they were over God tonights you've touched the hearts of those here standing before you were not standing before me Lord they're standing before you you've put your hand on their shoulder and you said I have a place for you not just in my heart not just in my kingdom but in my work and in my service and wherever we go whatever we do we will be used as a savior for the winning of those were lost and Lord wherever you lead us you might lead us to some very lonely places but we are never alone you might lead us to places that are very comfortable because there may be people in those places that need to be one but wherever you come call us whether it be comfort or or hardship or whatever let us know and never forget what our purpose is let us always be focused and may not anything else in our lives be blurred we pray today and when we stand before you and turn and see. More than the jewels that will be in our crown will be the souls that we have one who will balance your feet and give you eternal praise. And we know that you are the only one who has the power to say both of them and. And so Lord tonight we laid always for you and Jesus made. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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