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The Primary Thing is the Primary Thing

Elvin Adams MD MPH FACPM



1. Explore leadership responsibilities of a Seventh-day Adventist health professional that extend beyond the practice into the local church and community in areas of healthful practices and spiritual advancement. 

2. Demonstrate the differences among, and relative importance of, your private health practice, public health education, traditional evangelism, and health evangelism in advancing God's church in this world. 

3. Recognize your responsibility to select, critique, modify, lead, and monitor health evangelism programming conducted in your practice, the local church, and the community. 


Health evangelism today is mostly hodgepodge of unsystematic efforts performed by loving, dedicated, Christian, professionals. Clarity in Health Evangelism is badly needed, but requires an understanding of what must be primary, what is secondary and what is tertiary in its organization and implementation. Health Evangelism in every conceivable setting. His lifetime of experience will help you see the trees and the forest. 


Elvin Adams MD MPH FACPM

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Public Health



  • October 26, 2018
    9:30 AM


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Great God Creator and sustainer of the whole universe. We're here to praise you for your greatness your goodness your love most of all for the wonderful plan of salvation that you've given us through Jesus blessed this gathering I pray this is a convo cation a very special people we are all 10 talents turbans and we want to invest our lives our time our education and achievements to heal the sufferings save the lost and to hasten your return may we see you more clearly today and what you would have each one of us to do in Jesus' name amen so I'm want to talk about organization. The you know I really want to stress this organization is really important to the success of any endeavor and. This will become apparent as we go along. The primary thing is the primary thing as Stephen Covey says 1st thing should be 1st so the primary thing is the most important it's the predominant thing it's the main thing it's the principle approach it's the number one thing we need to be clear on what the number one things are then there are secondary things and they result from something primary they come after the primary. They are an adjutant if you please to the primary and then we have tertiary things and that's not to diminish tertiary things are very important but they're the 3rd order of things and now just to refresh your minds because you know this I'm going to take a look at primary secondary and tertiary institutions the primary institutions are actually the most important institutions because they interface with the public and in a primary institution relation. Ships are very important primary institutions are very broad in their scope and they focus on the whole person now secondary institutions interface with primary institutions. And in the medical setting the clients of secondary institutions if you think about it are actually not patients they're actually doctors doctors and primary care we furrow people into specialists and in secondary institutions organ systems are more important because you're focusing in on a heart problem perhaps a micro valve in a person that has quite an early fibrosis but you're focused on an organ and secondary institutions don't necessarily focus on the whole person then you have to Sherry institutions which are the very sophisticated academic centers and they interface with your secondary centers and these people are experts in very complicated cases and very often their clients are specialists and in tertiary institutions cellular dynamics are important and molecular components come into play and what is graphed Here is some of the people kind receptors on white blood cells and how complicated that can be but now let's take this primary secondary and tertiary concept and apply it to the 7th Day Adventist Church and the primary institution is the local church your secondary institution is your conference office and your tertiary institution is the union conference or the division or the General Conference and but the local church is the primary institution and it is the primary institution for the gospel and I want to really stress this for a moment they it is the primary institution for God's grace you get baptized you don't get baptized into hospitals or offices you. Get baptized into the church and the church is the Christians home Christians don't have any other home the church is the Christians home and of a few word slides now the church is the channel through which the Lord works to save those who are perishing was sent So do we want to save the perishing Yes we do where is that done that's done in the church and by the church Christ is the foundation and the church is the channel of communication the church is the primary institution the church is a light to the world God has made his Church on earth a channel of light and through it he communicates his purpose and his will now just to illustrate for you how important this primary. Institution is you recall the calling of Paul Saul at the time he got knocked off his horse by the Lord Jesus Christ and he said Who art thou or did he said Oh I am Jesus whom your persecuting and then Paul asked him the question what do you want me to do Jesus did not tell him Jesus said Go into the city and you will be told he put put salt in touch with his church because after he went to heaven the church became the institution of communication another illustration Cornelius is praying a devout Italian officer and an angel comes down and says hey we've heard your prayer and the angel came from heaven the age who could have explained everything to Cornelius and his family. But the angel said no there is no more important institution than angels and that is Christ's Church on earth I want you to send over to Joplin get Peter and have him come and explain things to you and and so this just illustrates to you how primary the church really is and in order that men may understand divine truth there must be a channel through which it will come to the world the Savior has constituted the church that Channel 4 he has said you are the light of the world and I like this one because we've talked a little bit so far about how weak the church is in certain dimensions and this quote from Acts of the Apostle says in feeble old and defective as it may appear the church is the one object upon which God disposed to be stows in a special sense his supremum regard it is the clear terms of his grace so if you want more of God's grace where do you go you go to the theater of his crazy in which he delights to reveal his power to transform hearts we want to transform hearts and that occur in the hospital Yes Can it occur in your office yes but it the primary institution that dispenses the power to transform lives is the church and I think that's just an important point we sometimes dwell on the week in and feel and defective as it appears inside there might be a better way to do it so now that we've discussed primary secondary and tertiary institutions Let's talk a little bit about health evangelism. What is the organized structure of health evangelism and I'm going to look at institutions health evangelism institutions health evangelism personnel and health evangelism activities and we're going to look 1st at institutions so the local church is the primary institution for health evangelism we need to be very clear on that and just noticed these quotes and some of them were read to us last night the Lord gave me light that in every place where a church was established medical missionary work was to be done so the church is the primary institution there should be medical missionary work done in every church that's just part of it it just has to be done and so every place a church is a stablish and there should be medical missionary work that is done and it would very much look like that it needs to be done in every church and every church here it says the medical missionary work is to occupy its rightful place as it ever should have in every church of our land so if you are a health of Angelus I think one of the questions that you need to be asking yourself is How can I get my church to do that and shouldn't my church be doing this. Because it is supposed to be connected with every church in our land in every church there is a message regarding health reform to be born in every church and churches are to be organized churches are to be organized and in no case are these churches to divorce themselves from medical missionary work so is it becoming clear that the primary institution for health evangelism is not a hospital and it's not your office it is the local church. The medical missionary work should be a part of the work of every church in our land disconnected from the church it would soon become a strange medley of disorganized Adams we don't realize that in that last sentence when it says disconnected from the church that's not speaking about the 7th heaven as church the subject in the previous S'syntel it's was what in every church in our land so we could rewrite this this way and say the medical missionary work should be a part of the work of every church in our land discuss disconnected from every local church it would soon become a strange medley of disorganized Adams and it would look like this let's do this no let's do that so this institution does this this institution does this this doctor does this this health educator does that and it ends up looking like this or it ends up looking like this about apologies to those of you who like modern art but to. A scientific mind this is nothing but disorganized datums. And. So the conclusion that I hope you have been able to draw from this is that the primary institution for healthy evangelism is the local church. It interfaces with the public it's clients are individuals relationships are important and it needs to be very broad in scope so what are the secondary institutions where you should see your office as being a secondary institution and we have a lot of this kind of secondary institution as well and all of them are struggling they all have a very hard time and so live in centers and office practices are the secondary institutions the their primary client should be local churches where 95 percent of the health evangelism should take place and so your office and these other institutions are all secondary institutions and you should refer complicated cases to them so if you have 15 churches that are conducting health evangelism programs you'll always find somebody that's not making it they need to get out of their environment and so what do you do you send them to a better living center for 2 weeks or a month and they come back totally reform and or if you have a person in your health evangelism program that's very short of breath. You send them to the doctor's office and let the doctor listen to his heart and find out that he has mitral valve prolapse and micro regurgitation perhaps colon or a fibrosis as we heard about last night and so. The main problem today as I see it is that secondary institutions are trying to be primary institutions doesn't work well that way and I'm going to outline the problems that occur number one your public interface is too small and your office is smaller than the church building and its membership. And these live in institutions try to compensate for a small interface by doing nationwide recruitment and so if you're Wiemar you'll accept patients from any state in the union because you need them to stay afloat and you advertise far and wide but then you have Wildwood or you cheap lines they're competing for the very same individual if you had a church inserted between you and the public you're interface would be a 1000 times bigger let them do all the primary work let them introduce people to Jesus let them teach people to read their Bible let them learn how to eat right and to exercise right and when you run across the difficult case send a difficult case to the live in center and so the problem when secondary institutions try to be primary is that you alienate local churches and I'll give you a solid example it's the better Philadelphia a better living center which no longer exists it was a lovely building an old mansion on 5 acres of wooded property and right in the heart of Philadelphia and it was surrounded by the 7th Day Adventist churches and Vincent Gardner and his wife were the primary health evangelist there he's a medical doctor and I'm sure he's since passed away. But they offered a lot of programs to the public. And they were trying to be a primary institution and they recruited members from other churches in the city of Philadelphia and as I talk to the pastors in Philadelphia not one of them like the Philadelphia Better Living Center and the reason they didn't like it was because they lost members that used to be more active in the church now they're active over in the better living center and as a result. The 1st Philadelphia better living center had to close its doors after a while and I'll maintain that there was nothing wrong with the facility the location the message or the messengers except it was a secondary institution trying to be a primary institution and it failed for that reason you also alienate local churches. And let me just back up and do well there for a 2nd. I have found that very often the local churches in the vicinity of a better living center don't like the Better Living Center because those people eat better than we do and when they're here we feel shamed and this sometimes they dress differently than we do. And and so whenever they're around we're kind of on the edge and on our toes because we're not sure what they're going to say or what's what's going to happen and I think that that is sad and if you're a secondary institution trying to be a primary when you're going to be ignored by the denomination. The church is going to the 1st thing the church is always going to ask you is how many baptisms did you have and as you see later in the program we have other things we can count that show that people are taking steps toward baptism but the truth is. Nobody is baptized into a better living center and nobody's baptized into your office nobody is baptized into the hospital and so you know that's kind of a silly question to say how many baptisms are there and a problem is that evangelism becomes transceiver this may not be so much for your office but it's this way for better living centers because they recruit from all over the country they come there while they're there they have a rich spiritual experience but. They send them back home they'll send them an alumni newsletter but they're basically lost and so the evangelism that's done in many better living centers is really easy come easy go and you're not terribly concerned and I will address how to solve this a little later on but there is a very simple way that you can take care of it and a problem trying to be primary is that you're not having your relationships in the primary place you're not having them in the church so your client relationships occur outside of the church and Number 6 many of your contacts end up being secular and we kind of explored some last night this morning how to avoid that the other problem is that there is no meaningful health evangelism data and by that I mean how many clients learn to pray now in the programs that I conduct I count prayers and I have people come out that may sound kind of legal listed but I can tell you at the end of the program how many prayers were offered by the non Adventists who came here I can tell you how many are reading their Bible. And I can tell you how many of them made friends with some of them as people and are calling them as friends on a regular basis and so if you're going to do health evangelism you need to do it in a proper way and count how many people are learning to pray how many clients are learning to study the Bible and how many clients are making friends with church members other than you and another problem that the church would accuse larger inst now that if you're a private practice they're not going to accuse you of this but they'll do it regularly for other secondary institutions they'll say you're diverting church income to your own institutions if you weren't there they'd be giving that money to the church and so there is kind of a bit of resentment there and the church is very good at 2 things we can't baptisms we count money and. And they're very sensitive on both on both issues so what should secondary health evangelism institutions be doing. Well stop trying to be a primary institution develop a leadership interface with local churches and I'll expand a little more on these things a little later on and to foster primary health evangelism activities and local churches establish a referral system to receive difficult clients from local churches and channel all enquiries through local churches and let me just kind of stress that because I went over it kind of fast and let's say that somebody wants to come to your live in an institution and they're calling you from. Raleigh North Carolina you could say oh yes where we're looking forward to have you coming out here to we Mara coming to the Black Hills or wherever and we have a representative right there and what Raleigh quickly send a packet and enrollment packet to a church member a church member doesn't have to be the whole church. Who is sympathetic with health evangelism that you identify in that church let them go to that person's house so I understand you're interested in going to a more well here is a sign up package this will tell you all about it and what dates would be available to let them set it up and then what happens is. Once you have established that out then what you do is you channel all inquiries through the local churches and send that church member a progress report on how that client is doing at the live in center and then when it said and done a stablish follow up elect activities in the local church so you can say what you've been to this institution we are so proud of your progress we want to keep track of you for a year or. And so we're going to have our representative in Raleigh call on you on a regular basis to help you reinforce the new behaviors that you've acquired and they're going to send this information back to us so we can keep this in our database and we can just keep track of how well we're doing and how things are coming along and eventually once you get all of these churches together you can recruit them into a network and help them keep accurate statistics and if a Bible study interest comes up let the local church take care of that somebody expresses an interest in baptism let them be baptized into the local church so what about tertiary institutions who are the tertiary institutions for health evangelism Well amen is one and tertiary institutions are associations of secondary institutions and so here this is all of you have offices or better living centers and so all of your secondary providers and Amen provides a format in which you can exchange information exchange notes and learn the latest things and there is a great need for tertiary institutions at one time I was the chairman of the Texas Interagency Council on Smoking and Health and it was a very interesting organisation the Cancer Society was a member of the long association was a member of the Heart Association was a member and there were several other private things and it it became a place where these voluntary agencies could show and tell what they were doing and could encourage one another and there's a distinct place for associations of secondary institutions So what should tertiary institutions do and I just added these. 2 slides this morning. In my book which you'll learn about a little later on here. I have assigned these tertiary institution tasks to the North American division and they haven't done anything about it and so it's time for another responsible organisation to take up these tasks so many of the tasks that I have outlined in the book for the church to do a man could do and so these are some of the specific things that I would challenge you to do throughout the coming year one is to define the essential elements of health evangelism What are the pieces that you need to make a whole I think you should do a survey of all existing programs because some of them are just scientific Now they've got good information but information doesn't change behavior insight doesn't change behavior God changes behavior and you need to point to Jesus as the one who can save you and help you with your new behavior and so if you have a health education program that doesn't contain any evangelistic component then you don't want to endorse that one and so somebody has to survey the programs that are out there and make some kind of a judgment as to whether or not they fit well into God's work and you have the skills and the talent and ability to do that here what you ought to do then his rank and recommend programs by the ones that fit most closely the health evangelism model and then encourage churches to adapt those Or you could commission the development of new activities that meet the criteria what we need really right now and I'm not tooting my horn for best way because it needs to be improved but the number one program that's needed in the United States in the world today is a good program on obesity management. If you think about it we have a lot of really effective methods for treating obesity we have surgery and it works we have pills pills are pretty good we have commercial programs they all work we have books there's probably a dozen new book Diet is really big right now isn't it but in spite of public health pronouncements books surgeries pills and everything the nation is getting fatter and fatter now I've got another whole talk just on obesity but I can't give it today but obesity is one of the signs of the close coming of the Lord 2nd coming obesity was a problem before the flood it was a problem and good this autumn and Gomorrah and Mrs White says that the indulgence of appetite is the number one sin of society today oh if you indulge your appetite what's going to happen you're going to end up gaining weight so and the church in the smoking epidemic we came up with a 5 day plan but what we need is a healthy evangelism program for obesity and I think it would be very effective I have one that I use called best way and people are welcome to use it but it really needs the touch of a graphics individual and some of you scientists need to take a look at it as well you need to establish a database in the cloud I collect all the data on everybody every week and it goes into a big database then you need to analyze it to see whether or not things are working good and I can tell you that in my weight management program the people who prey lose more weight the people who study their Bible lose more weight the people who contact their 7th day adventist helpers lose more weight Of course they lose more weight if they eat last 2 and they. They lose more weight if they exercise and do their walking they'd lose more weight if they don't eat snacks between meals and they lose more weight if they keep the portions small of each meal and so all of those are important elements but there are a avenge a list of components in the program and we have demonstrated that adding evangelist tick components in hand says the success of the program now that's encouraging news and the church could certainly use that and so what you do is you also need to qualify health evangelism providers we have a lot of people in our church that are interested in health and I've got a couple of. Slides on that coming up in just a little bit but we need to make sure that the people that are doing health evangelism are doing it right and I think that that would be a good. System for a tertiary institution license participating primary institutions this is a Amen Certified Health evangelism church this is an amen Certified Health evangelism church and eventually the public will want to know I want to go to a certified a man public eventually as a program and I want to find a church like that then what you do is establish a network of primary institutions So let's talk about personnel primary secondary and tertiary personnel who is the primary practitioner It is not you it is the church member we have come to a time when every member of the church needs to take hold of medical missionary work another one we have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work we've come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work. No church can flourish on unless its members are workers they need to overcome their own defects and encourage others to overcome this I have found consistently that the helpers that I recruit to help me in my program are the ones whose lives are better and by it just as much as the people who come and that's an important thing as a matter of fact church members are so important that in the programs that I conduct I limit the public on Rollman to a proportion of church members who are willing to help I like the ratio of 3 to one so if we have 10 church members that are going to help limit the enrollment to 30 and they'll say well we could get 60 people would say yes but we can't get close to 60 people we don't want to invite more people than we can get close to and this is an important evangelist to concept. Don't burn territory by conducting programs for people that you can't service with a personal touch and that personal touch doesn't come from you you're a secondary provider it comes from primary providers it comes from church members none of you are primary practitioners all of you are secondary practitioners church members are the largest group of primary health evangelists you are secondary and your secondary because you are more highly educated and you have an accurate knowledge of science you are more perceptive and articulate than the average church member you are a better organizer and your better managers so the secondary health evangelists are dentists physicians nurses and other practitioners so who are tertiary health evangelists Well they are your research scientists that give you the data theologians that help you refine the spiritual message data diggers who can go through your data and show you how good your program is media experts that show you how to make nice slides and who help put color into the program designers etc And lastly I want to talk about the message is it just scientific or is it spiritual Is it a blend is it sequential or what so what is the health evangelism message well to begin with we have a real confusion because we got 2 words health and evangelism is it scientific information is it the gospel which is more important how do you blend the 2 So let's ask the question which is more important health or evangelism and we need to have an answer to that health you get temporary benefits everybody Jesus healed eventually died and so his healing was temporary you still die in evangelism the benefits are eternal doesn't matter if you live or die. Because you will live forever when Jesus comes so evangelism is the most important work of the church and evangelism is the most important work of health evangelism So if you're going to make evangelism the most important part of health evangelism What does that mean well I think it means that you integrate Scripture you've got to get the Bible in there because that's the word of God and there's power in the word and you need to promote prayer you need to put people in touch with God as quickly as possible because behavior change for most people is not possible without a relationship with God you located in the local church because that's the Christians home and some people say yeah but my church has a bad reputation Well you better start doing something worthwhile there you know and if if you do a program consistently the public will come around I remember I was assigned when I was working for the Chesapeake conference to work in a small church in Taos in Maryland. And. We decided to do a series of. Stop smoking programs we're going to do a bunch of 5 day plans. And the pastor said well let's get the auditorium at the high school and I said no let's use the church oh hey we're on oh we're on Joppa road nobody knows how to get here the freeway goes right over us no you know I said we're going to do it here so in the 1st program we had 14 smokers come out and he just he was livid he said See what I told you it would have been much better to have this someplace else so I said well we got another one scheduled in a month and I said we're going to have it right here. When will you learn so the next one we had about 30 and the next one we had 65 the next one we had 90 and we stopped doing advertising and the word got around if you need help go down the September charge that's what the public needs to know if you need help you go to the 7 day I'm going to church and so the best way to get the mare is to do something useful there something that's practical so you need to do it in your office don't get me wrong but that's the secondary place you need to get people to the church as soon as you can and then you need to maximize church members because they are the primary practitioners I tell my helpers that there are more important than I am and they don't believe me to begin with because as oh no you've got the numbers you've got the background you've got the degrees you've got the gray hair everybody's coming to listen to you but we break up into small groups and after about 3 weeks the church members become arrogant they can row say I am. I know more about my group than you do and I'll say Praise the Lord you know that's your job that's not my job I'm a secondary provider you're the interface with the public. And so I want you to know them better than I do and speak clearly of God's power I I I do and in the best in the best way program on the very 1st night I'll say you know losing weight is a real struggle and it's in our genes because if you remember in Genesis Oh how did sin come into the world Eve she indulged her appetite and she distrusted God and she ate the food and I said Christ 1st work was for fat people and they'll say what and they'll say his public ministry began right after his baptism and he went to the desert he fastened for 40 days and 40 nights and the 1st temptation that the devil brought him was food because he knew that indulgence of appetite was in the chains he knew was in Jesus' chains and Jesus was stirring and Jesus elaborated the key to weight loss he said it in one simple phrase man does not live by breath but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God Jesus was saying God is more important in food and I've learned that so I said listen you know Jesus that you will have her be as hungry as Jesus was. And so when you are hungry and you think you can make it I asked Jesus for. And Jesus will give it to you not because he's the savior of the world which he is I want you to understand that he helps you with your appetite appetite your problem Jesus has been there he's done that and he will help you and all you have to do is ask a poor help so you have to enter a crate. Scripture and God's power in the talking that you do so notice these quotes and we heard some of them last night the work of health reform connected with the present truth for this time is Apollo for good so health reform in the truth for this time have to go together neither is the medical missionary work to be divorced from the Gospel medicine when this is done both are one sided neither is a complete whole so quick that we have people that want to do the health until people are happy and then we'll give them some of Angela's them and hope they hang around hey if they didn't learn about God's help in the health board why should they stick around for your eventual isn't it didn't help them with their problem because you never brought it up so they're not going to hang around for your evangelism either but if they learned that Jesus is a power that changed their life they will come to your Vangelis experience because you know what you're talking about I had a lady who quit smoking with God's power she was a Jewish lady but she was not a practicing Jew and I saw her 2 or 3 months later and she said to me Oh this is so wonderful how God has helped me quit smoking and I'm just so thankful to God for self you know I think this is a model that I could apply to other problems in. Which she converted Yes she would and I said to her I want a marvelous insight The entire life of a Christian is learning to trust God day by day with new problems that come up in your life and you've learned that mist up smoking clinic and you now think you can apply it to other problems absolutely that's how that's how God works we are to carry forward in our world gospel medical missionary work this work means far more than many comprehend the one great work of medical missionaries is to fulfill. The commission to carry the gospel of salvation to all parts of the world that's what we're supposed to do so what should secondary practitioners be doing and there is a little redundancy here with the previous set of slides but I think you could help select the right program maybe modify existing programs to maximize or evangelist of potential and the way you do that is to create small groups and train church members to lead small groups incorporate Bible study and all your programs I give all of my people a Daily Scripture assignment and it may sound kind of overt at the beginning but on the 2nd week when people come back they'll say oh the text that you gave us for whimsy is wonderful I've written it out it's on my refrigerator it's on my cabinet it's in my kitchen window and this is just a wonderful promise of God and to hear that from somebody in the audience is very affirming and other people then say oh I guess I better read my Bible too if it has that kind of help and it incorporate prayer and all your programs I encourage people to pray at every meal and so I give them 3 points a day for prayer one for now they can pray more than that but I only count 3 and I tell people listen this is a you know when you sit down to eat your meal this is not a prayer of thanksgiving for you because you're entering the valley of the shadow of death and. And you say Lord I'm sitting here and not about to kill myself and I really really need your help and you know if you do that God will send you help. Incorporate contract with church members and do to do data collection and. So that's modifying health programs educate the pastor and work with him educate mobilize church members to be the interfaith. Small groups is ideal and then to oversee local health evangelism ect ect Tiffany's be the health expert educate and inform be scientifically correct be spiritual stay around during small groups answer questions invite people to other programs and this is an important one rebuke ignorant or fanatic health reformers in the church this is from Spirit of Prophecy it is time that something was done that novices may not be allowed to take the field and advocate health reform their works and words can be spared for they do more injury than the most wise and intelligent man with the best influence they can exert can counteract So we have people in the church who practice reflexology we had a pastor and his wife up in Washington State who were practicing cranial sacral therapy in the church there are people who do crystal therapy aromatherapy there are essential oils raw foods vitamin herbal supplements all kinds of things all of these are exposed in the Edwin noises book called spiritual deceptions and health and healing is an admin to stock 2000 mph and this is a very thorough catalog on all of the quack practices that have crept into society and in fact in our church as well. Here's a continuation the previous thought it is impossible for the best qualified advocates of health reform to fully relieve the minds of the public from the prejudice received through the wrong course of these extremists and to place the great subject of health reform upon the right basis in the community where these men have figured so they can ruin health evangelism for the future and not only that it ruins it for the Gospel says The door is also closed in the great measure so that unbelievers cannot be reached by the present truth up on the Sabbath and the soon coming of our Savior the most precious truths are cast aside by the people as unworthy of a hearing these men are referred to as representatives of health reformers. Sabbath keepers in general and a great responsibility rests upon those who have thus proved a stumbling block to unbelievers so one of the things you will need to do is to suppress weed out discourage these fanatical people we have them in the church that I go to in Wilmington and the worst offender recently died and. It's interesting how many church members have bought into it and as I educate the Church week by week by week with the health notes in the Boston people will freak when it comes that little That's a little different than we've learned before and I'll say yeah but this is based on 500000 people and its roots were true for 500000 people that's got to be true for you too and it takes a while to correct some of these misconceptions. I think you should interface with traditional eventually when Hoover elder Finley has a big series or a conference of Angelus make sure you invite all of your clients to it you'll be surprised how many will come join other health agencies in the community I was the president of the Cancer Society and for worth after working up through several of their committees and I've been active in the lung association and Heart Association and then document and evaluate I've done this I track all of the variables you need to track physical variables we're good at doing that blood pressure weight cholesterol but we need to start counting spiritual variables prayer Bible studies contact with us to you helpers and then the church has certain variables that they like to count their like mainly money in baptism but I like the in a P.V. and the energy P.V. is the non Adventist person visit and so you count anon administering time that come through the door and you add them all up and health programs generate in a V P's not baptisms directly so when the conference asked me how many baptisms you have all say well in the last program that we had we generated 1735 non Adventist person visits these are non administered came through the door of the church how many of those people did you about guys I got in there. And it helps them understand that there is a process that leads to baptism and getting them in the door is one thing and introducing them to God is one thing getting them to read the Bible in prayer is a pray is another thing but when it comes to Bettison that were just the right arm we open the door they got to do their part so don't ask me about baptisms all if you ask me about Baptists about talk to you about in a Peavey's OK share and publish so once you get good data you need to. Tell us about it and so for more details and suggestions read my book the principles and practice health evangelism it's about a year and a half old and that's the end of my watch Thank you all. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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