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Worship As It Is in Heaven

Eurydice Osterman


Eurydice V. Osterman is a published author and composer whose works have been read and performed around the world, including Composer’s “Voice Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” She is a Fulbright Scholar, and is the author of the books, What God Says About Music and Worship: From Praise Him to Praise Hymn.




  • October 20, 2018
    2:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this day that you've given to us thank you for safe travel here now as we go through this seminar I pray that you will help everything to be clearly understood and help me to convey this message in a way that it can be understood be with each of the here is in Jesus name I pray Amen OK we're going to move right on because I think I didn't know it was supposed to start and so I started I didn't start but anyway we're talking about worship as it is in heaven and I say this is the 1st of a series of lectures that I do. And I thought well let's start at the very beginning usually when I come for just a one time event I start at the very last one which kind of incorporates all of them but I thought OK let's focus start at the beginning and we're going to start with worship as it is in heaven now what made me develop this particular. Topic was the fact that we're always talking about music and worship here on Earth. But just as the Lord gave Moses a guide of a pattern of the sanctuary that is in heaven then the Bible has snapshots of what music and worship are like in heaven as well so I thought well let's see what that is now we know that there. There's a lot of discussion and controversy today about music and worship but if we're all going to get to heaven the Bible always talks about every nation Kendra tongue and people so that means then the issues that we have about worship are not going to exist in heaven. So let's take a look at what goes on in heaven that we should try to emulate on earth now also one thing to consider is the fact that when God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel it was not his original intention to do that but since he did that and now we have every nation Kendra tongue and people God is going to save every nation Kendra tongue and people and each of those entities has its own culture its own sin that sonority and all of that so we are going to just look at what it's like in heaven and see what we can do on Earth so I'm going to move quickly one of the prayers of Jesus was Father I pray that the baby one as you and I are one so to speak I'm paraphrasing and we're going to go ahead now let's take a look at heaven and see what happens in heaven Well when we get to heaven we're all going to be of one mind body and spirit even though we are from every nation Kendra tongue and people so let's see how this is possible when we were forming as a church and Ellen White. I had visions one of the things that she said was that there are no words in our language that can even describe what she saw and heard in heaven another scripture that still stuck in my mind that really struck me was in Malakai the last chapter of Malikai the last verse which says that when God burns up this earth everything is going to be burned to stubble which means then that when we are resurrected and we are changed in the moment in the twinkling of an eye everything about us is going to be new so whatever great music we have on Earth at this time will cease to exist because it is tainted by Sen and humanity it is mortal it comes from a mortal source so that is going to be eradicated when we get to heaven we will fall in that vein and we will be able to praise the Lord but less before we get there now this is something else that was said Ellen was saw a vision I have been shown the order the perfect order of heaven and have been raptured as I listen to the perfect music there it cannot be described it is Melody heavenly divine. Now when we look into the century wherry we're going to see some of the things that are up there in heaven this is the snapshot that the Bible has given to us and out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices and there were 7 lamps of fire burning before the throne which are the 7 Spirits of God Now there was a rainbow around the throne in sight like unto an emerald So these are descriptions of what God in heaven and the throne are like and around about the throne were $4.20 elders sitting clothed in white Rayment and they had on their heads crowns of gold and before the throne was the sea of glass likened to Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were 4 beasts so you got these 4 elders and the 4 beast and each of them had 6 wings about them and I beheld and heard the voice of many angels around the throne so these are the entities that are praising God in heaven worshipping him day and night the elders the beasts and the angels now let's look at these 3 actually buttes of music in heaven that the Bible points out to us 1st of all there is reverence There is praise and there is a lots of music as Ellen White witnessed no less take the 1st entity the angel hosts prostrate themselves before him while the glad shout fills all the courts of heaven so there is reverence All right now let's see what else about reverence. The $4.20 elders fall down the 4 being fall down the angels fall on their faces so everybody in a sense Ginia flex when it comes to when they come into the presence of God Now let's see about the praise because today that word praise has many connotations but let's see what the praise is like in Heaven the 4 beasts say Holy holy holy The elders say Thou art worthy to receive glory and honor and these angels say are men blessings and glory this is a point that I really want to stress because the praise according to the Bible is verbal It is not physical gyrations and whatever is not jumping up and down waving hands we have already seeing that when they come into the presence of God They genuflect they are reverent and when they utter anything they are verbal expressions so let's move on this is one aspect of praise in heaven now let's take a level look at the music of heaven. According to Spirit of Prophecy there is music there and song such music and song as no mortal ear has heard or mind conceived and we know that verse that says I have not seen nor ear heard so we can't even begin to fathom and the richest and greatest and most elevated music of this earth cannot compare to what is there is when Ellen White came out of her vision and was forced to come back into the reality of this world the greatest music she said sounded discordant to her so we know that it is something that we have never seen nor can we imagine the Bible in all of its renderings of heaven and this snapshot talks about 3 instruments the voice the harp and the trumpet those are the 3 that are mentioned Now let's take a look here the 4 beasts and the elders saying a new song The voice of Harpers harping with their hearts here it is again the voice and then of course the trumpets now trumpets were used in heaven to make announcements the 7 angels were given 7 trumpets Now let's see what we have here when I introduce this point to you music in heaven is governed by the same natural laws that God created that operate here on this earth. So when we talk about music in one of my. Other seminars we actually go into the science of music and talk about that but that's not a part of this but I just wanted to call this to your attention that music is governed by laws scientific laws laws that are immutable they cannot be changed by personal opinion or disagreement or whatever they are just as sure as the laws of gravity can you change the laws of gravity you cannot change the laws that pertain to music OK Now there was a turning point and this is wire of course we know why we have these issues look at Lucifer's agenda I will ascend to heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high that last statement is the reason why we're in the mess we are in because he wanted to be God and of course you know the events that he went around trying to. Complain about God His laws and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the devil and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven so he got kicked out and I want you to see now once he got kicked out look at his revenge. There are 4 of blasphemy is that he is taking revenge on let's take a look at these he look at his face isn't that terrible he is just so angry he decides he is going to blaspheme God and he opened his mouth and blasphemy against God to bless FIM his name his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven so those 4 entities we're going to take a look at one by one to see how he blessed being God's name because once he was kicked out he then decided to go after what was near and dear to God Adam and Eve of course being the closest because they were his creation but now let's see he's going to blaspheme God's name and look at what he has done in the system of religion that he has set up on this earth who else considers himself to be God Lord God The pope more money and possessions those are God's on this earth and this is how he is blaspheming God he said he was going to blaspheme God's name and look at some of his names His Holiness Vicar of Christ. It is taken in they mean and somehow the word is cursing his name is taken in vain in cursing so this is one of the blasphemous when he was kicked out he was going to get back at God in these ways blaspheming God Himself blaspheming God's name now his thought he is also going to blaspheme the tabernacle I will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north and that statement I have heard it said and it is true when you look at the position of the tabernacle on earth and you see where the table of SHOEBRIDGE sits the table of showbread sits in the north the table of showbread represents the Word of God So he is going after the Word of God and he has sought to do that all these years so he vows to make God's word Nolen void and so that is one of the reasons why when you hear that phrase he will sit in the side of the North he is trying to. Blast being God's Holy Word then of course the tabernacle that's one of the other entities that he is going to blaspheme God So what does he do he introduces false worship and false worship every where in the Bible is notated by the use of noise shouting and dancing. Those 3 elements in combination those 3 elements in combination create false worship not to mention doctrine whole stock to think about it all of these stories in the Bible that talk about false worship beginning with the Old Testament the 1st one was when Moses was up on the mountain and God sent him down. What did they hear the Bible describes it noise shouting dancing those 3 elements in combination create false worship no matter what the content is noise shouting dancing come behind create false worship and let me tell you why because noise if I take my keys and drop them down noise it makes a noise now there if I were to put a microphone to that noise you could actually register it on a scale and I don't want to get too far into what I into the other things but just to let you know the shouting motion dancing around you can't think when you're doing that you are physically just reacting so when jumping around in praising and all of this sort of thing it short circuits one's ability to think and therefore one cannot hear the Holy Spirit do while doing that. Because of the physical if you're doing aerobics exercises you are just physically falling in line you cannot think about anything important while you're doing that because you have to concentrate on what you're doing OK let's move on and one of the other things that he was going to do to the Tabernacle would bring every unclean and hateful bird and that is the phrase that I take to mean that everything that doesn't belong in the church he was going to make sure it got there. I will leave some time for you to answer ask questions if you want. And the dragon was was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the women of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus so you can see how angry he is the mere fact that everything that pertains to us and God He wants to destroy it OK now he blaspheming those that dwell in heaven of course we know he got one 3rd of them to follow him so all 4 entities God's name. The church all of these things the tabernacle knows it well and have it everything about that he has decided he is going to blaspheme Now let's see what the warnings are God tells us 1st of all playtime is over anybody who listens to the news today can see that God is even at the door. Destruction tornadoes hurricanes floods political. Disagreements everything that you can read in Matthew 24 is being played out right in front of your very eyes so therefore play time is over and these are the warnings fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come worship Him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters now this is with this 1st warning the 2nd morning babbling this fallen because it has made all these nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of God and we know that this one religious system that exists today in our world is full of the doctrines that goal totally against Thus saith the Lord to the point of calling oneself God everything that we espouse as. 7th Day Adventists for one and other denominations that believe in Francis believe in baptism this religious system espouse a sprinkling just totally opposite and so this influence has created all these other little churches and denominations are right let's take a look at what this false warning has us as I said we have praise worship which is a cliche or phrase of modern day phrase we call it Prince today but when it 1st came out it was called Celebration how many of you remember that. OK it was 1st called celebration because that was supposed to make it sound exciting and then it morphed into praise but it's the same thing issues on the Sabbath baptism state of the Dead and other false hoods that are created Warning Number 3 deal with the consequences of not following God's plan bottom line if you don't change you worship the beast in his image you will drink the wrath of the wind of the wrath of God that's just the bottom line you know the text very well OK so now let's see what happens here when we all get to heaven souls of triumph mingle with the music from Angel harps heaven brings with voices lofty strings and I saw them that had gotten the victory over the beast and the image and over his mark and over the number of his name stand on the sea of glass and they saying the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb this is every nation kindred tongue and people and. This is the next thing if we do not receive the religion of Christ by feeding on the Word of God we could not appreciate the pure heavenly current that circulates in heaven and so the voices of the angels and the music of their hearts would not satisfy us unless something very very important because what she is saying here is that if we cannot start to to try. Emulate what is happening in heaven if we went to heaven we would be very disappointed because it wouldn't be what we want and the last thing that we want to say is that I will be done in earth as it is in heaven now before we get to this is the end of it and I'm going to save some time to ask questions because. I'm sure you may have some but I would like to just say the statement that I made unless we can emulate what we have earth and try to emulate what is in heaven how do we know what is in heaven we do not know this is the only way we can know and I will just take since I have a minute or 2. To ask to answer some questions let me just briefly does say this it has a lot to do with how music affects us in every culture every culture every nation Kendra. And people has a high end of music that is suitable and acceptable to God so. Our ears in our little world in our little cultures now here we are just a mixed bag right here but when you go back to your individual pockets you know the sounds of your own music and therefore there is something inherent in music. And truly guidance of the Holy Spirit the Lord can tell you what is right what you should be doing and a lot of times what has happened we tend to look at what other cultures do and say well they do that and then we want to emulate that let me give you an example. I went to do a seminar for the trans European division several years ago many years ago when it was in Budapest. The opening night they had it was a youth Congress they had the Hungary and dancers now in our world had that happened that would have been. We would have just had an election there and voted out all the officers and sent them packing and put somebody else in but you see we cannot look and judge other cultures by our culture but. I'm going to go and pick something out from my. Some in our on on science the laws of science are very real and anything in anybody's culture that makes you want to tap your feet and they ants would not be acceptable worship in heaven because remember we said in the very beginning the 1st snap shot what the entities in heaven are doing they've Ballo and they praise God They do a lot of singing. A lot of singing. But none of what we see in some churches today. And so maybe I can better answer questions rather than try to explain itself because I keep getting deeper into deeper into other topics but does anyone have a question or comment or has an OK. Exactly. It is a very very nebulous concept. It fits into the mold of whatever culture you have grown up in for instance in the African culture many. Places very rhythmic now rhythm is not necessarily bad because rhythm all music has rhythm you can't have music unless you have music as much as a matter of fact are you aware that the human body possesses every element that makes up music. Within your human body every element that makes music what it is you cause that's in your physical body. You possess rhythm you produce melody and say that is the other thing let me just tell you I'll just pick out little points that cause music to be very. Confusing a lot of times today one of the key elements of appropriate music is that it's melodic you have to have something that you can sing that's a clear melody. Sometimes I have heard music that gives the impression that a muse that a melody is there but there is no melody They're just little phrases with instrumental interludes and when you actually try to piece it together with out those interludes then it's hard to sing because it is commercial Now I will say this what one thing commercial music commercial music is not necessarily appropriate for worship because it's a commercial product that is produced for sales they have no concern they may have religious words attached to them but a lot of music sometimes does not have. You our spiritual well being in mind let me tell you some elements about commercial music we have what we call pronouns songs you know what a pronoun Song is You Raise Me Up who is you who is you it gives you the impression that it's talking about God but don't forget we have an enemy out there who blasphemes the name of God He doesn't want you to say is name that is a commercial tactic that is a beautiful song How many of you know that song How many of you like a song I like that song I do but it is a pronoun song because it does not mention the name of God and many songs that are produced today are pronouns songs they don't mention the name of God. And a lot of times I know we cannot go wrong using OUR him because that's what they were written for another state thing is crossover songs. The same song can be a crossover song as well You Raise Me Up can be a crossover song because it could have a romantic connotation as well as a religious connotation or it could have some kind of secular connotation to it these are the kinds of things and I do a specific. Workshop where we actually analyze songs and just just to show you. I can't tell you everything in one like shove a whole pie in your mouth but little choice on little bits of that but it is something that when we know just to make sure that I can give you something that you can live with anything that causes you to think about what you are saying is it's quiet enough that you can focus on a melody is something that you can sing low melodies when you go back if you can pick up on a melody and you know I play for the little babies in their Sabbath school and sometimes I find myself during the week singing those little songs from the babies because those songs have messages in them it's and that's what spiritual songs will do you will also do I mean music is going to do that anyway something you may hear and they'll just ring and ring and ring in your ear call that your work and. But anything that you can take with you that is going to elevate God and put him in the proper place. That is something that is appropriate if you come from a different culture think about music that you use for secular purposes think about music that is different when you have meditation things that are meditative that you can meditate on I would say would be a good example of something because this is what we want to do now I am not saying music has to be funeral ised that is not what I am saying at all and that's the impression that the devil wants us to get oh you just cannot have any lively music that is not so but we just have to be very careful and I think that one of the reasons why we have gotten into this kind of issue is because within our church we do not have a real music department and when I was a freshman in college and went through all the years you know I thought to myself you know it's really a shame that we as musicians spend all this money and yet we cannot go and work in our church with our craft we have to go to other denominations become ministers of music etc etc etc We have a lot of little churches and if we are trained in our schools then that training I think could have eliminated a lot of the problems that we have today but. So this is what it is so we just deal with the reality until it changes but just so that you know. Some of the problems that we have any other questions yeah. I'm glad you mentioned classical music because let's look at what classical music does and let us see if we can transfer the principles and see here people want. Peg in each hole to close the holes as far as controversy music is a living organism it changes it changes it will never stay the same but the principles always stay the same so if we could look at the elements of the classical music and transfer them over to any of the new music that comes out we can always have a guideline to go by 1st of all what are some of the elements of classical music. Well it does have harmony but the most important element of any music should be melody the most important element of any music and if you define inefficient 519 Anka Lachance 316 it says make melody so when you want to start assessing music. Check for the melody content 1st does it have a melody that is singable OK Are So that is something that is there what else about classical melodies so that's one of the principles of good music what else do we have we have we have harmony and we have we have rhythm now let's look at this this is this is another thing that can help melody harmony rhythm that is a good order today we have bait maybe harmony and if there is a melody that's at the bottom it has been totally reversed so when you look at the principles of what classical music. Are like is like then you can kind of transfer those principles to see what you know the church music would be like today there is a difference between rhythm and beat in case a lot of lay persons will say well use those terms interchangeably but rhythm is the engine that drives music forward rhythm you speak and rhythm every language has its own rhythm you walk in rhythm but a bait is nothing but a driving pulsation that's all a beat is and the points of accent in that beat are usually placed on the 2nd and 4th acts beats Putsch go against the body's natural $1.00 and $3.00. Your body is tuned to one and 3 and the strong be but yet you have these punctuations on the 2nd and 4 which causes you to move your body is going to do move along with that music when you readjust so to speak so therefore there is this is another principle and so when you start looking at what happens when you have there's nothing wrong with syncopation but when you start having too much it's like putting too much salt in something it just begins to take over that element begins to take over so when you've got beats being punctuated throughout the music and we don't really start having this problem with music until the 1960 S. but that's another whole topic right there that's another whole topic right there because it wasn't until well let me just say this. It wasn't until our lovely Beatles came they are the ones that brought the beat to music as is indicated by the spelling of their name and so once they came on the scene everything changed the there was a group out called The 5th Dimension and they sang this song the dawning of the Age of Aquarius somebody is smiling. Something. Well anyway that and when you really look at what happened after that everything that we're talking about as far as music and worship are concerned really came forth from that time because it was in 1962 that Vatican 2 Council met and actually planned. The change to what it is as is happening today this was this is the Vatican plan the confusion that we're having today all of that it can plan and it started back in the 1960 S. But you see nothing happens overnight it just doesn't boom it grows it has to grow and it wasn't until the mid eighty's when Sandy Patti and Lauren L. Harris came out that our church started changing it wasn't until when our church started changing and from there it has just mushroom into what we have today and so these are the the things but getting back to your principles melody harmony rhythm songs that actually call God's name because that's who you are worshipping any other questions. Yes and I do not want to give the impression I think our time is about up I do not want to give the impression that you cannot do this because their god has given us emotions that can be expressed but when we start getting when those emotions are induced that's where the problem comes when they are induced by an external force such as music then it's you know it's nothing that is being generated you give the impression that it is. So I have coming from you but music plays on the emotions and believe me the devil knows what buttons to push OK Well Hackett talk all day but I guess we have to put a pin and it here. I am very happy that you can come out. And you came I hope this helps you in some way and that you were able to get something from. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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