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Devotional CPR – Simple Tips On Reviving Your Devotional Life

Janelle Dietrich


If you’ve ever wondered how to have quality devotional Bible studies, this session is for you! Find out how to study the Bible in a way that your relationship with God comes alive.


Janelle Dietrich

Applications Manager at Southern Adventist University




  • October 20, 2018
    3:30 PM
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Heavenly Father Lord I want to thank you so much that you are a personal God that desires to have a relationship with each and every one of us and Father you pray that you would be with us now as we seek to understand more of how we can practically have a deeper relationship with you I pray that you would guide my words and I would honor and glorify you and pray human I write so my section is called devotional C.P.R. simple steps to revive your devotional life now how many of you were born and raised in the 70 AD church a man that's such a blessing isn't it you know it is a blessing but I also found that there's something that there's a downfall in being raised in the in the church I remember when I was very from a very young age my parents would take me to these evangelistic meetings their church was having and I was see all these new people coming into the church and they were just so passionate and on fire and whenever they would read the Bible they would cry and I'm like why do what is it that they have that I don't you know and I almost kind of jealous of whatever it is that they had. Well it wasn't until I was in college that someone my friend Karen actually taught me how to personally study the Bible I would MIT for many years my Bible actually looked like this and I actually did I have to dust it off because I never read it. But when I was in college I went through an experience where my heart was absolutely shattered and it was during that low point in my life that I actually started to seek for God and I was like you know I know that you can help me because your bio The Bible says so. But I just don't know how and I started perjuring Ali and that's all I did for a while and then I met my friend Karen and she actually studied the Bible with me every single day for about 7 weeks and saw was able to do it on my own and I remember the 1st time she ever studied with me I was I was reading an essay about compassion and what compassion is and I'm like you know I don't even know what compassion really means and so she was like well hey why don't we study the Bible and see what the Bible as a say about it and I don't even remember exactly what verse it is that she took me to remember she said you know I want you to read this verse and I want you to put your name in it and I remember I read it and I became that person that cried when I read it and that was the very 1st time that I ever realized that Jesus loves me you know we we hear all these things Jesus loves you Jesus loves you but it wasn't until I realized that Jesus loves me that it honestly him and penetrated in my heart now like you mentioned earlier this section is called C.P.R. and the way that this kind of came about. Throughout the years my friend Karen taught me some things and just in my own personal study time and this is a method kind of developed and you know I know that there is many methods to studying the Bible this is my personal method that I'm just sharing with you guys. And the way that this came about is I was actually teaching some other people how to study the Bible and there is this one woman and she was having a really hard time remembering all of the different steps and things that I was going through. And learned like I mean like an acronym or something to help or to remember this method and I looked down at my paper that I had everything written out on and it was almost as if like the Lord was here when you're doing it in my mind and this acronym came out so we're going to dive into that Michel if you could pass out the handouts sorry to give you a little bit more warning. We're going to go into what this P.R. is and this is basically a method of understanding what it's saying and then how to personally apply it to your life so. I'm going to try to go a little slower so Michel can fans of the vapors. So let's start with C. Now C. stands for understanding the content slash the context or whatever you're studying So this is after you we went through everything that Michelle talked about after you spent some time praying with God This is when you're about to study a verse a passage or a story and you want to understand what does this say so forever every one of these acronyms we're going to have a question that goes with it so see stands for content slash context in your understanding what the this. Now in order for you to do that we're going to introduce another acronym in this acronym is dare so dare we're going to start off with D. D. stands for definitions My degree is in English and my best friend during that time was the dictionary because there's a lot of words that I just had no idea what they meant and if you look at your handout there's 2 different kinds of definitions that I wanted to introduce you guys to so the 1st one is something that's very simple you can get an out for it on your phone you can use a computer and that's actually looking up the dictionary definition so that 1st blank under D. is dictionary definition. And so this is an example of that in no word that I know that all of us have heard many times but when you look at the definition you like wrong well that's something that you know I didn't really think about so this is just off the dictionary on my computer I typed in the word mercy and I want you to look at this definition may seem means compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone who it is within one's power to punish or harm that's a really deep definition when he think about it and now imagine you're studying a verse where he's talking about God's mercy if you are just applying this definition for where it says a mercy it takes on an entirely new meaning and we're going to go more into an actual example of studying and breaking down a verse and a little bit but for the sake I just wanted to kind of give you a little bit of example the next one is looking up the definition in the original language now I'm sure that there's a lot of different resources that you personally like to use I'm just going to share the one that I like to use and then maybe at the end when we have a Q. and A time we can all share some other resources but my favorite free resource is called Blue Letter Bible dot org. Bible dot org And in a little bit I will actually show you how to use this to look up their original language of that verse or of the word so you don't have to take Greek or Hebrew you know if you do it's also I'm my husband's currently dating me right now and it's actually really fascinating some things he's learning anyway so that's definitions you don't have to take the class here and so they nor to understand what the word means when you're studying the Bible sorry next someone is going to be A and A stands for ask questions now this is specifically asking questions that only a verse can answer and for that I actually want to show you an example so if you look on your handout you will see a list of questions these questions are going to correspond to this vet is a verse or passage I mean that's up on the screen so this is what the passion says it's found in Mark one verses $4342.00 and it says now a leper came to him imploring him kneeling down to him and saying to him if you are willing you can make me clean when Jesus moved with compassion stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him I am willing to be cleansed as soon as he had spoken immediately the leprosy left him and he was cleansed now I want you to look at the questions that I have listed and you're going to pick up on what I'm doing I have specifically listed out questions that only this text within the text can answer so I'm not going to be like what was the name or what what do you think the name of the leper was it's not going to be anything like that. If you're looking at your verse you'll be able to find the answer so 1st question who came to him. The leper do you notice how I used the verbiage of the text I didn't say who came to Jesus I said who came to him. It may seem kind of tedious but it does make a difference from the passage as you can tell who is the him we're referring to Jesus but I want you to practice using the verbiage of the text so we enter the 1st one who came to him the leper What did the leper say to him if you are willing you can make me clean. What was Jesus moved with compassion what did Jesus do when he was moved with compassion as he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him I am willing to be cleansed and then I last question what caused the leprosy to immediately leave him as soon as he had spoken now I want you to pick up on this because this is something that I honestly didn't know until I started asking questions. When you think of this story and you think of Jesus touching the upper in my mind I assume that it was Jesus is touched that actually healed pull up or that any of you guys ever have that assumption before but it wasn't when Jesus touched the leper the leper was still unclean Now that was a really really big deal because when you think about it it's were not allowed to be touched because if someone touched them they could become unclean but Jesus intentionally reached out and touched him and it wasn't until he said I am willing be cleansed that he came clean so. By using just asking questions we actually were able to find out that it was actually Jesus speaking that healed him and not his touch interesting isn't it all right we're going to move on to our our stands for references and this is specifically comparing Scripture with Scripture. How many of you in your Bibles you have these margins that kind of looks like this up on the screen for those of you listening on audio verse I will try to get the slides so you guys can take a look at it too but do you see how they have these little numbers or letters I mean that's corresponding to for God so loved and then over here it has Romans 58 and a bunch of other verses those verses are cross references to that section of the passage so let's just say that you're studying John 316 for example and you want to understand a little bit more of God the Soul loving the world well but you're going to look in this section and you're going to see all of the verses that correspond to that and you can manually in your bible flip to those other sections. There isn't also an easier way to do it better Bible which again I'll show you in a little bit but it's really quite a resource that you can use and often times I find that cross referencing with the Bible helps me to understand that passage a little bit more so that's a really cool resource to use our next one is easy and I always like doing this because they stop people in the missing as I say it like oh so my former self students you can answer this. What do you think Eastenders for cricket cricket even actually stands for Ellen White. See you're going to be like. Yes yes the answer Ellen why her writings are absolutely amazing to read alongside with a viable there's 2 ways that I personally like to use her writings one is I like to use the actual physical hard copy book if you go to the beginning of every chapter at the very bottom and oftentimes see this chapter was based off of and then I'll give you the reference what I like to do is read that 1st and then go back and read the chapter after that good stuff another thing that you can do is use that app and I'll show you how to use that in a little bit if you just type in like the verse that you're studying and you put quotation marks around it it will pop up every time Elena what uses that verse in her writings so you can see it in different places and look at it that way as well so that is understanding dear how to answer the question What is this say so those are basically some different ways that you can actually study a verse or a passage or a story now we're going to move on to P. Now piece stands for paraphrase now someone tell me what is a paraphrase. Right it's putting something into your own words I like to think of it as thinking upon the thought of the verse the passage or story into it becomes your own. What I personally like to do is I will write 2 documents up on my computer one will be my breakdown by going through definitions and asking questions references a human Ellen White says and then I'll pop up another document on the side and I will rewrite everything that I learned. In a way that the way that I like to write it is as if God is talking to me personally and I'll put in my name because it makes me cry but it really does make a difference if you write it either as if God is personally talking to you or as if you're personally talking to God So this is and this is also answering the question what does this mean to me now the next one is our in our stance for response and this is where I like to think back you know what was I talking to God about in my opening prayer What are some things that I'm currently going through you know I've been really stressed about finances or work or this or that and then think what is god been telling me in my devotions in why does it matter and so in the paraphrase that's where I like to write it as if God is personally talking to me but then in the response this is like me responding back to God And so we're going to go into an example. That any of you need to go back to and he slides If not we can get them at the very end. So I'm going to actually close this down and I want you to go ahead and flip over to the back of your paper and we're going to go through a verse so if you could get out your Bibles we're going to turn to some 145 verse 15 Psalms 145 who are some 15. I'm going to Meir might as well see what I'm doing up here OK So this is the booter Bible website that I was telling you about so this is something that I like to use so over here in this box all you have to do is type in your prayers and then you can also select the version that you want to use my personal favorite is New King James so that's what I'm going to select. And you just hit enter and it will take you to the verse so let's read it it says the eyes of all look at speck to me to you and you give them their food in due season so I want us to start looking up what are some of these things and what do they mean so 1st I'm just going to pick on definitions since we're starting off with our I dare so. An easy way is to open up your dictionary as well and just type in a word so let's type in. 2 hands. So here is the word expectantly and you guys see that so it's expectantly means with an excited feeling that something is about to happen especially something good now if I was doing this in my personal devotions right now I would actually go ahead and type that so I have my whole document up here I like to actually write the verse out on the top and then I'll just go here and write definitions all write out the the word write out the verb or the definition of that word and so if you guys want to do that on your paper you can go ahead and do that so expectantly. With an excited feeling that something is about to happen especially something good. So what I want to do now is I want to show you how you can use Bhooter buyable to actually look up what some words mean so if you over here to the button that says tools in you just click it it will pop up with these tabs interlinear is the original language so let's just scroll down. We will look at. What it says so here is what we have in the New King James when you look in their original language they normally have it just in the King James which I think is interesting because the word expectantly is listed as way here so if you click this button right here where it has the Strong's number by clicking that button that will give you their original word for this word. So expectantly which is also referred to as a wait in the new king or in the King James when you click that button it gives you the root word I'm not going to pronounce it so I don't want to butcher it and it means to inspect examine await hope wait upon so it's pretty similar to what what we were also looking up in the dictionary so there's something else that you can a resource that you can use to look up what the Bible's original definitions are and you know there are going to be times where you will find 2 words that are exactly the same I was actually telling Michel about this earlier my devotions today I was reading in Psalms $139.00 and I was looking at 2 verses that both said Search me and know me and in the 1st the time that it is it's written the word no means to understand but the 2nd time it says NO me it actually is the intimate version of the word no Adam knew Eve his wife and I thought that was really interesting that the 1st time it says you have a search mean you have known me for the 2nd time it says Search me and you know me try me and know my anxieties and so it was really fastening that the 1st time it's saying that God knows you he understands you but when you're saying search me and know me you're actually giving him permission to go deeper into a more personal intimate relationship with you so that some of the cool things that you can find when you look up their original word because in English no and no it's the same but in Hebrew it's not so that's a pretty good thing that you can use so let's go back to our verse and let's see this let's ask some questions so the eyes of all look expectantly to who. Can look at the verse to you the eyes of all look expectantly to you and by the context if you are looking at your Bible we know that this you is God correct. How are the eyes looking to you expectantly and now we know what the definition of is expectantly is what's the definition of expectantly being excited that something is about to happen especially something good now let's go to the next part of the verse. You give them their what in due season they're food what is food something that you eat and you know we can actually look up what's food and this is another thing you can do so this is what food is according to my dictionary food means any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life. So food is something that you absolutely need in order to maintain life and grow so God you gives them their food in what season in due season what is the word or the phrase Do season. At the right time when you need it when how many of you have ever garden before I'm a terrible gardener you can ask my husband things just die when they're under my watch. But I can tell the difference when you eat something and it's definitely not ready or when you eat something and it's it's past its point of readiness it's it's just bad and it's almost like God is saying. I know exactly what you need and I'm going to give it to you at the time that it's at its best I don't want to be premature I don't want to be overripe and it's going to be out it's a perfect time for you to have it so I want to kind of think back over these things so so the eyes of all in all include 2 includes meaning clues you so all of us can look expectantly to who to you to God. And he will give us our food I just the right time will give us exactly what we need whatever it is that we need to maintain our life and for growth in the time that it's at its best now I was kind of jumping ahead to the paraphrase but I would you want to show you guys how to use references for this so let's go back to our verse in the same thing where you click tools if you click cross references it will show you all of the verses that correspond to this section of the verse so over here where it says the eyes all of us verses correspond to that section so if you scroll down this is the nice thing this is the part that I say it kind of saves time is you don't have to keep flipping back and forth in your physical Bible because you can see all of them right here so what I like to do is go through them and see which ones really stand out to me because there are going to be some that may not expression may not particularly correspond with this passage but there is going to be one so like oh man like that by perfectly helps me understand what this is talking about so if we just scroll through this a little bit. Song. 145 version 9 this top one right here the Lord is good to all and his tender mercies are over all of his works that's really core into. Someone for 20 years 21 the young lions who are after their prey and seek their food from God. So these are some really cool ones that you can just kind of Jot Gian and then when you're writing your paraphrase I like to actually look back and rewrite as you're going through this and you know sometimes the verse that you actually really should be studying is like something that's going to pop up when you're cross referencing happens all the time so don't be afraid to be like oh man that's the verse that I needed to hear about as it has a cool way of doing that. OK So let me show you how to use L. and why I really wanted to hook up my phone so you could see it but I will use that up or the website on the computer so you can look it up so if you go to E.G. W. writings or if you're using a computer all you have to do is type in the verse. So by putting the quotations around it it's a type it's looking up by that exact phrase so maybe if you're looking up a certain phrase in the Bible or maybe you're trying to look up the story of the woman at the well I'll type in phrases that I know are probably in there like woman in the well and then just put your quotations around those and then they'll pop things up so we can go ahead and click one of these in see what she says about it and the app works this exact same way too so if you're just in the search bar if you're doing the same thing it's going to work that way. So you can go ahead and look in read what it says over here. I do want to mention something as well when I was teaching people how to study the Bible the reason why I actually chose this verse in particular is because it is the 1st verse in steps to Christ and what I actually recommend for you guys to do is well again you should definitely pray about like Ward What should I be studying right now but this is something that I find really does help people that are just starting off in their walk with God is pick out all of the verses in the 1st chapter of steps to Christ and just study you one verse at a time once you're done with that verse and want the next verse and so on and so forth and then once you get through all of the verses in that chapter go and read the chapter in it's absolutely mind blowing because you've had all these individual experiences with all these different verses and you know and I remember when I was reading that 1st I was going to piss on that day and so on. And so this is a method that I wanted to suggest to you guys but I want you to do now is I'm going to actually have you guys break into groups to be this passage on your own. Definitions you can use your phones ask questions I want you to use references use Ellen White and then at the very end or in a little bit I'm going to be showing you guys how to paraphrase so I want you guys to just take some time now get together and go through this verse and we'll come back in for the paraphrase All right I'm going to wrap things up. Is there anything that you guys found as you're going through it that you want to share I've heard some really cool stuff as as I have been going around the business thing that anyone wants to share that they found that was like oh I didn't see that before. And we'd have a talk in the mike for audio verse. I'm so honored. I think going through the context of you know the chapter The whole chapter is very important because sometimes you know we try to isolate the verse on its own and we don't get the full picture of what it's saying so I think you know reading the whole chapter and 00 in on that verse while having an understanding of what the whole chapter is saying it's very important Absolutely thank you so much for sharing that it's very true the chapter will definitely help to give you more context of like So what is the verse in context right anyone else that anyone else would like to share. I know that when I was with this Cuba here they decided to look up the word look and as they were doing that I was like you know something just popped out in my mind you know in order for the eyes of all to know that something is going to be coming from you in context of the verse they need to look we need to look at the person that is going to do this exciting thing that is especially good so I thought that was something that was pretty cool. Before we transition on to have a video that I'm going to share with you in a little bit in the video I'm going to show you a little bit more of what I mean by a paraphrase. And this is something that is really personal I want you guys to make sure that when you're doing your paraphrase you're only using. The words I me it's not like what I've learned from this is that we need to you know know like this is God just talking to you you know when the preachers a friend like you they will use the word was we because he's talking to everyone but when it's just you in your time with God This is just God and you this is not God telling you about your friend and being like your friend needs to hear this you know it may be that God will use you to share what you learned for your friend but more often this is just for you so I want you guys to practice using that for your paraphrase and your response. This video that we had to me to our friends over at little white C.E.O.'s made it for us for some reason it's not currently on their channel I think they're currently revamping it and having different sections so you can find it on You Tube right now and the reason why Ellen White is left office because this is more of an outreach tool but you can still use Illinois so. I think the and the. With the. With the. The. The OK and then you're going to see. I mean I was in the 1st. Group you know was. Enough for. This that were asked the question well. You know. But. Perry. Was. A. Great. You're. The BE THE then. The rest. The dude. I agree. With you. How do you answer a question raised as a consequence. Of things. Getting. High. School. Oh silly. And reach into the open. And it. Was. And. I said. Oh. Thank. You. I have. Now. And while I was. In Moscow. He was called to some friends I. Mean you were in the US and your children. In the US I want this to have you find. Your new house. Oh you know. They were. Pretty hot. There. So I don't want you to feel intimidated that you have to write paraphrases exactly like that because everyone's different but this is just an example of how I feel like God talks to me you know I'll study I'll put it on a piece of paper over here I'll review it and I'll write it as if God is personally talking to me and at the very end the answer I respond back to God and I'm like well you know what worried me you know just going on what we were in today I realized that I need to look expectantly to you I need to look as if something is about to happen and especially something good. I also know that you know exactly what I need and that you're going to give it to me at the right time you know that maybe it's not quite ready yet but when you know that it is at its abbess that's when you're going to take care of my needs so I hope and pray that this isn't helpful to you guys I do have another handout it looks like a homework assignment because it was. So I I helped Alan Alan Parker teach Christian spirit here Ali were actually taught this method and so it was a homework assignment for our students to have to do it their own their own version using this method so I wanted them to have a format example don't feel like you have to follow this format but it's just an example of how I broke down this verse is you can kind of go and reference back to it. Anyway let's go ahead and end with with prayer and then we'll open up for some questions if you guys have any other questions about studying the Bible and Michelle and I can tag team in answering so let's pray Heavenly Father Lori thank you again that you are a loving and compassionate God and that we can look to you expectantly that you're going to do something and especially something good and so Father we pray that you would be with us that you would revive our devotional life that you take us deeper in our walk with you and that you would just help us to get to know you more and understand more of you care and. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about you 1st if you would like to listen to more servants leave to visit W W audio verse or.


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