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Why Did God Kill His Own Prophet?

Dean Cullinane


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.



  • November 3, 2018
    12:30 PM
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Father in Heaven Lord we thank you for your Sabbath day this day that you have set apart that you have made different to the rest and were told that we should expect a greater blessing on the sabbath than any other day and so as we open your word this morning Father it is our desire to see your character in ways that we haven't seen yet we thank you for the messages of the scriptures that we've been told have been written that we may learn from them and father we are asking that you would do something special this morning father all of us here have sinned against you and against heaven and Lord we are not worthy to be called your daughters or your son's father your son Jesus Christ will forever be worthy to be called us Savior and so we asked that he would speak to us this morning in Jesus' name amen So like for you to turn in your Bibles to 1st Kings Chapter 13 1st Kings Chapter 13 now I remember one of the 1st times that I was reading through the Scriptures. I have been an Adventist for for about 8 years now so it's definitely within my 1st year I'm reading through 1st Kings Chapter 13 and something happens that just catches me off guard altogether if you know the story Spoiler alert if you don't but God kills his own prophet God kills his own prophet and really for this message today I just want to look at why I just want to look at why does god kill his own profit because the 1st time I read this that was deeply troubling to me deeply troubling that God would kill his own prophet so let's let's read through some of the story to get some context 1st kingship the 13 verse one and behold there came a man of God out of wet. Judah by the word of the Lord unto Bethel and Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense and he cried out against the altar in the Word of the Lord and said Oh alter also Thus saith the Lord behold a child shall be born unto the house of David just saya by name and upon the shall he offer the priests of the high places that burn incense upon the and men's bones shall be burnt upon the and he gave a sign the same day saying this is the sign which the Lord had spoken behold the altar shall be rent and the ashes that are upon it shall be poured out and it came to pass when King Jeroboam heard the saying of the man of God which had cried against the altar and Bessel that he put forth his hand from the altar saying lay hold on him and his hand which he put forth against him dried up soul that he could not pull it in again to him The Also also was rent and the ashes poured out from the altar according to the sign which the man of God has given by the word of the Lord and the king oncet and said unto the man of God intreat now the face of the Lord thy God and pray for me that my hand may be restored unto me again and the man of God begs the Lord and the King's hand was restored him again and became as it was before. And then verse 7 and the king said unto the man of God come home with me and refresh myself and I will give the reward now we have the habit of sometimes reading through the Scripture and just taking it in and reading on and reading on and reading on but if you were to truly picture this you'll notice that there is something that just is rather strange the man of God shows up rebukes the king Jeroboam for his his idol worship and the king you know point set for his soul just points at the man of God that he may be taking away his hand just with those away to the point where he can't bring it back in and off of the man of God prays that it's restored to him the king then says OK Great want to come back to my house for lunch strange No Sir R. I get that he's great for I've got my hand back or some but it just seems a little bit what's the what I'm looking for it's just strange it's not something I would do I probably invite him to one of your houses solo so I'm not going to be there just in case something like that happens again please I'm going to come back to my house now the response in verse 8 is something is something that's definitely not worthy in the matter of God said unto the king if that will give me heart of the in house what office House is not talking about chopping it down the middle and the have one side each if you'll give me a holler for your kingdom I will not to go in with the neither will I eat bread nor drink water in the space of the man of God The prophet is saying no matter what you often me I'm not going to go back to your house and sit down and eat bread and drink water which again is a very strange response why not right. Why you so against going back to his house and and eating bread and drinking water I mean I know it's not the ideal potluck but but at least at that time it was pretty decent and then he tells us why. For so it was Sharjah me by the word of the Lord saying eat no bread no drink water not turn again by the same way that now came so he went another way and returned not by the way that he came to Bethel So so the man of God essentially says this I can't go back to your house I can't eat with you and I can't drink with you because God told me not to go back the way that I came not to eat and not to drink so now now it's clear why the all profit why that matters or why the man of God is saying or doing what he's doing but the question that I had when I read this is why on earth would God say that in the 1st place what's the point right why would God say to the man of God I mean of all commands I would understand if he said you know when you go there you know make sure you don't get involved with any of the women there because you know it's kind of the theme of the Old Testament but he doesn't say that he says he says he says when you go there make sure you don't go back the way that you came and make sure you don't eat any of their food and make sure you don't drink any of that water now we have we know if you've read the story again Spoiler alert if you haven't that he does do this and he's killed because of it he loses his life right and so when I was reading it for the 1st time of the 1st few times the conclusion that I came to was that God told the man of God not to go back and eat the bread and drink the water to test whether the man of God was truly faithful that's the conclusion that most come to in in this story and that's the conclusion that I out rightly reject that God would just arbitrarily test someone just to see if they're if they're really being faithful or not and his his some of the justification behind that reasoning it was a lot of short journey to go from Judah to Bethel right. And he didn't have a vehicle either by which to make his trip he would have he would have had to travel and travel and travel and he's told a man of God We don't know his name of God Make sure you don't eat make sure you don't drink after a long trip we had a long trip down to to hear from Northern California what's what's maybe 2 of the top 5 things that you like to do any one eat and maybe drink right after a long journey of is anything that you want to do it's refresh yourself but he's told that's the one thing that he cannot do thank God this is this is a this is a real man this is a human being what do you mean you can't eat and he can't drink it just seems a little bit unfair at 1st glance why did God kill his own prophet verse 11 now that well to no profit in Bethel and his sons came and told him all the works that the man of God had done that day in Bethel the words which he had spoken to the king then they told also to their father so who's their father he's an old prophet now I think that this old proverb The word old here it literally does mean that he was he was he was old like he was an elderly man but I think it there's also the connotation that he was a former prophet he's an old prophet but he's a former prophet how do we know that he might be a former prophet Well what do you think how do we know that this prophet isn't faithful anyone sorry great someone's read ahead that's true that's actually true what it doesn't say that he's former It just says that he's the old prophet but up until this point of the story let's say that you hadn't read the rest of the story yet and we're in verse 11 is there any proof there that we can that might suggest that this prophet is an apostate prophet anyone. Exactly if there's a prophet in Bethel already right and there's I don't worship going on in Bethel Why wouldn't God just call the prophet in Bethel right but he no he has to go the whole way and call the man of God from Judah to come down when there's a will there's apparently a prophet right there now where is his sons where are his sons on this day there with the King at the false worship service now now the our prophet doesn't go himself you know he's kind of nominal a little bit just kind of stays at home doesn't really need to go to church kind of thing but his sons go he's so interested because because because when the sun's come back he's a hey what happened at church today well you know a man of God showed up OK that's unusual here man of God shows up and he preaches against the altar and then they share all and this is important they share with the old prophet all the words that the man of God had said even I cannot go back with you nor can I eat or drink in this place right bear that in mind verse 12 and their father said unto them which way did he go for his sons had seen what way the man of God went which came from Judah and he said unto his sons saddle me the donkey so they saddled him the donkey and he rolled their own and went off to the man of God and found him sitting under an O. and he said unto him Art thou the man of God that came from Judah and he said I am now why is the man of God sitting under an oak he's tired why do think he's tired. Well it's a long journey he's just preached a sermon if you ever if you've ever preached a sermon you'll know that something supernatural happens often where you literally have a bottomless pit that just cannot be filled That's how hungry you can get so he's preached this sermon again side all the tree it's no doubt taken a lot out of him he's traveling back not even by the way in which he 1st came and he finds an oak tree given the part of the world that this takes place and he's likely pretty hot and he just sits down he's tired now of course as an argument to be made that that if you didn't sit down the old prophet would still have caught up because he's riding on a donkey and we're not told that the man of God has one look at he says are you the man that came from Judah Yes I am then he said unto him come home with me and eat bread why why does everyone want this man to go home with them and eat their bread right and he said Faithful I may not return with the law go in with the neither will I eat bread nor drink water with the in this place for it was charged to me by the word of the Lord now show no bread nor drink water there nor turn again to go by the way that thou came if he's memorized this likely because he knows that everything that he does depends on this how successful he is for God depends upon him obeying the word of the Lord verse 18 now he said unto him I am a prophet also as thou art and an angel spoke on to me by the word of the Lord saying bring him back with the enter vine house that he may eat bread and drink water with him but he lied on to him so much that he lied no angel spoke to him Well maybe some angel spoke to him. It wasn't the angel of the law but maybe some angel spoke to him he lied he wasn't honest in that it definitely wasn't the Spirit of God that spoke to him but notice what happens it doesn't take much in fact verse 1000 so he went back with him and he did eat bread in his house and drank water and it came to pass as they sat at the table that the word of the Lord came in through the all prophet the word of the Lord came out to. The all prophet saying Thus saith the Lord for as much as that has disobeyed the mouth of the Lord and has not kept the camomile which the most diet God commanded D. but came back and has eaten bread and drunk water in this place of the which the Lord did say to the eat no bread and drink no water that carcass shall not come unto the tombs of the fathers and it came to pass after he had eaten bread and after he had drunk that he saddle for him the donkey to wit for the prophet whom he had brought back and when he was gone a lion met him by the way and slew him and his caucus was caused in the way and the donkey stood by it the line also stood by the carcass and such was the end of the man of God the tragic tale of the man of God So why did God kill his own profit Well the obvious answer is God killed his own profit because he disobeyed the word of the Lord and went back and ate bread with him and drank water in his house but what if what if there's something else what if there's another reason what if there is a deeper reason that removes the fact that we have to impose an arbitrary did decree by God just for the sake of understanding this passage what if we've missed something that is vital not just to this story but to our story let's go back to Chapter 12 The key lies in chapter 12 verse 25 1st kings 1225. Then Jeroboam Bill check him in mount a frame and while they're in and went out from thence and built a penny well and Jeroboam said in his heart now shall the kingdom return to the house of David if this people go up to do sacrifice in the house of the Lord at Jerusalem then shall the heart of this people turn again on to their Lord even unto Rabbo I'm king of Juda and they shall kill me and go against born king of Juda then he says this whereupon the king took counsel and made 2 cards of gold and said unto them is it sorry 7 to them it is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem behold I God So Israel which brought the out of the land of Egypt and he said one in Bethel and the other in Dan and this thing became a sin for the people went to worship before the one even unto Dan and he made a high price in he made a house of high places and made priests of the lowest of the people which were not the sons of Levi and durable ordained a feast in the 8th month on the 15th day of the month like unto the feast that is in Judah and he offered upon the altar so did he in Bethel sacrificing on to the cause that he had made and he placed in Bethel the priests of the high places which he had made so he offered upon the altar which he had made and best of the 15 day of the month even in the month which he had devised of his own heart and ordained a feast unto the children of who of Israel and he offered upon the altar and burnt offering so and but incense. This right here I believe is the key as to why God takes the life of the old prophet let's let's go a little bit deeper into what Jeroboam is doing verse 26 says in his heart what's going to happen now that we're approaching the time of worship is that the people are going to head up to Jerusalem to read bones Kingdom to to where David would have worshiped and when they go up there they're going to hear messages that are just going to stir their soul so much that they're not going to want to come back down and worship idols so so let's let's build something here let's make it convenient he says let's have one in Bethel and one in Dan and let's set up 2 golden columns and then he just he just preaches Aaron some and he says Behold the gods which brought the out of the land of Egypt it says and Jeroboam verse $32.00 ordained a feast in the 8th month on the 15th day the 8th month and the 15th day if you know anything about the Jewish feasts is that there's 7 of them in the Jewish calendar year and they all fall between the 1st month of the year and the 7th month of the year now if you look at the 7th month the 1st month contains POS over the Feast of Unleavened Bread the ways waiving of the sheaves the 4th one is Pentecost right in the middle and what you get into the 7th month in the 7th month on the 1st day begins the feast of anyone no trumpets they would blow the trumpets and announce that something important was coming anyone know that is it was the day of atonement so that have 10 days of blowing these trumpets to let you know now is the time to search your heart see if there's any confess sin if there's anything that you have not yet brought to the sanctuary so that when the High Priest goals in the day of atonement into the most holy place he can actually come back out. And the people would receive a clean slate a new beginning now what feast came after the Day of Atonement the Feast of Tabernacles the Feast of Tabernacles was a celebration based on what had just taken part taken place in the day of atonement they would celebrate that God has forgiven all of their sins that this New Year has begun and they would do so by by lying it's also called the feast of booths they would lie in fields they would just look up to the stars and they would they would think and talk about the coming of the Messiah but essentially the Feast of Tabernacles was a 7 day feast it was an actual feast What do you do at feasts you eat and you drink now the Feast of Tabernacles began in the 7th month on the 15th day on what month the 7th month on the 15th day and that's read again verse $32.00 and Jeroboam ordained a feast in one month in the 8th month on what day on the 15th day on the months like unto the feast that is in wet in Judah In other words they have this kind of fake Feast of Tabernacles now the Jews have 7 or 7 worship services in that year 7 holy days but what what what Jeroboam is saying is we only really need to have one we only need one day that we're going to come together and it's going to be just like the Feast of Tabernacles going to come together and we're going to celebrate all that God has done for us but the reason why the Jews didn't just have a feast of Tabernacles is because there was a lot of things that needed to happen before that as Christians our life isn't just a celebration of what God has done we have to acknowledge those things that have happened. Now I'm not arguing that we need to keep feast not a top but the pattern was laid before them so that they could have an understanding of the work of God part of it was there to tell them of the Lamb of God Pentecost was that to tell them about what had previously happened and what was going to happen at the resurrection these the Day of Atonement was there to tell them that one day cheese was going to go into the most holy place that the sins of the world would be cleansed from the heavenly sanctuary and then he would return and then we celebrate right and then we celebrate all of the work of God has been done then we celebrate if you have a feast where the only thing that you're really focused on is celebration essentially it's similar to the offering of Cain Cain's offering was a thank you offering He brought the fruit to say thank you but he didn't bring the land he's saying God thank you but I don't really need this Obregon my own works are celebrate based on what I have done not on what you've done and sold your bomb sets up this feast on the 8th month of the 15th day like unto the feast that is in Judah. So the people don't have to go the whole you have to Jerusalem don't have to go the whole way up to God's land and he says of 21 in Bethel and one in done most of the people would have been near Bethel but the people were even going as far as done you know why because if you offer people a religion that has no element of sacrifice but only one of celebration the people will flock all over the world if you tell people that they can have Jesus and they can stay just as they are they'll go to the furthest worship service if they have to to get that convenient wherever you are you can come out all you can just be blessed he sets up is the key are you with me so he sets up a day of worship like God's day of worship. Or I'm going to get some water maybe just think about that they gave me a brand new water bottles I'm going to make use of it thank you Jeroboam set up a worship service like gods worship service it was a day of worship that imitated God's day of worship but was just a little bit different it was just a little bit different and it was set up it was set up in such a way that if you wanted to go to God's worship service you could and then a little bit later you could go to Jeroboam as worship service so they didn't clash they were very close but they were just a little bit different Let's look a little bit closer he sets up a day of worship like unto the day of the Lord but slightly different what else does he do well. He sets up idols he sets up something that they can worship visually something that they can see something that he can claim was salvation actually came from these things also he then goes on and it says and he made a house of high places and made priests of the lowest of the people now there's not but he got loads of dwarves to be priests know that he got tiny people the lowest of the people that he's talking about are those that were morally the worst Let's put some of this jigsaw puzzle together he's afraid that the people will go to God's house and hear the actual word of God and so he sends up a day of worship that is a lot like God's day of worship but just a little bit different. And then he goes and makes the priest the head of such services the worst kind of people morally. Not the priests that God has ordained himself and then it says in verse $33.00 so he offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel the 15th day of the 8th month even in the month which he had devised of his own hearts this was not a command of God This was a this was something that he devised of his own heart now who is your own what is his title he is king what is he doing what is he doing at the altar sacrifices does the king do sacrifices no the king was a man to sacrifice as who was meant to do the sacrifices of the priests So now we have the full picture we have a man we have one single man and this man is acting as both king and priest head of the state and head of the church he sets up a day of worship that is very similar to God's day of worship but just a little bit different he sets up the churches so that there can really and easy to get to and then he makes it so that those that run such houses of worship are the lowest of the people yeah this is probably just talking about terrible I mean I'm reading it and I just I can't see how it could possibly be alluding to anyone or anything else they must only be talking about Jeroboam and there is no practical present day application for this verse none can be. They couldn't possibly be a movement where the head of such is both head of church and state it couldn't possibly be a movement that devises a day of worship that is like God's day but just a little bit different that sets up idols for people to worship and says Salvation came from them that sets up priests in such a place and the worst of the people doing things that morally are just unimaginable that cannot be an application of this surely I think Jeroboam here and 1st being shouted $12.13 type of logically is the pay to see notice. That when the man of God comes into the house of worship how does he react how does German born react seize him he resorts immediately to violence but when violence doesn't work when he sees the hand of God do something he changes his tactics from violence to friendship to persecute him away when God is doing something that's come together who doesn't have to be persecution we're sorry. It was an accident we didn't really know what we were doing but we're in the middle of our feast we're in the middle of our feast and so he says why don't you come home with me to eat and to drink what do they do during feasts they eat and they drink when God says to the man of God when you go there to rebuke that I don't worship don't go back to their house and don't eat their food and don't drink their drink wine because you're going to stand up there like too many preachers that we've had and rebuke what's going on but really your heart is that the people are going to look and they're going to see that the words that come out of your mouth are not matching up with your actions so don't go back to their house and don't eat their food and don't drink their drink because it's just going to look like you're one of then. No not is this. When the state comes to the man of God with persecution he overcomes But when the religious power comes when the religious power comes and claims to have a word from the Lord the man of God crumbles it's not the state that gets the man of God It's the church it's the old prophets it's not the state that our eyes need to be on it's those that come with a seemingly religious guys but who do not have the power of God and so he falls so he falls and God takes his life the Word of God comes to the old prophet the former prophet the apostate prophet Listen to this when your bones offering to his idols offering sacrifices God can't speak through the old prophet but when the man of God falls into apostasy God needs to say something and so he uses the one that he can use now God can use to your prophet why because the man of God is even more unfaithful than him because the light that he has been given he has not lived up to yes this man is is an apostate prophet but you should know better now I have to use him to spread my message all I've given you a message that you haven't been preaching and now I have to use the former prophets the old ones the ones that don't have all the light and don't have all the truth and he loses his life a supernatural event where a lion comes and tells him to shreds and the donkey just sits there is innocent possible. Why does God kill his own prophet I'll tell you why God takes the life of his all prophet because he is all prophet preaches this sermon this in everyone is time for you to know that you need to obey the Word of the Lord. Don't fall into these I don't worship services Come come out of those worship services you are God's people there's that's that's the 1st half of his sermon but then the other half of his sermon is this but as much as it is it is super important for you to obey the Word of the Lord if you find yourself in a circumstance where your life is fading away and where you need to buy food or drink in order to survive and the light bulbs going off if you want to situation where looks like you're going to lose your life and the one of the Lord is clear but you really need to buy food or drink lest you perish then it's OK in that instance to disobey the word of the Lord that's his sermon complete obedience until it's difficult now we're told of a time that is coming to us on this very point as I believe around the corner when we're told there will be faced with circumstances in which we cannot buy or sell and we cannot provide for ourself is that time coming yes or no. This sermon that's being preached is you must obey the Lord and keep all of His commandments and don't worship these ideas but in that time it is permissible if needed to just obey the one I've got a little bit I mean to disobey After all you're going to go to the house and you going to be refreshing then you can just go and preach the message a little bit more right the God takes the life of the man of profit because because this is God's sermon what you do is more important than what you say the sermon that you are is far more relevant than the one that you preach and even if you have all of the the truth and even if you have such a wonderful name like the man of God I don't think that I'm just going to let things passed by. Don't think that I'm not watching don't think that I don't care about these people they do influencing to be further lost and even our 1st Kings Chapter 13 is not about the man of God It's about the men of God and the women of God that have been called to preach a distinct and time message and they're standing up there walking to the front of the line megaphones in hand but at home are they just like the old prophets you know what happens at the end of the story the Bible the sort of the Bible the man of God is just there laying on the floor people walk by and see who it is that's the man of God They see the lion and the donkey and they say something supernatural has happened here and they go to the old prophet in your prophet says well he was killed by God because the one of the Lord came up to me and said that because you disobeyed the Word of God You will not go to the tombs of your fathers and then the man of God says this guys when you bury him make sure you bury me with it so that when the people come by when his prophecy actually comes to pass and just sire comes up and wastes down all of the high places that when they come across the Tomb of the man of God They won't touch it because he's the man of God and my bones will be in there too when they come on to this tomb they'll see that there was really no difference between the 2 of us though our theology didn't line up perfectly really we were one in the same I mean he rides off looking like the old prophet in apostasy. On the old prophet's donkey own to be slain by the judgments of God We've been given a message to preach as a church as a people as men and women of God to go boldly anywhere God would send us to preach these 3 angels message but not just to preach them but to live them the Gospel go through the world as a what as a sermon as a witness they don't need to hear it they need to see it and we're preaching come out of her my people come out of Babylon come out of Babylon come right into Laodicea come out of your terrible churches that don't have all the truth and come into our church what is junk packed with truth oh but we look just like you guys we just have a different day of worship we preach come out of Babylon like you'd like to see is a better place and I'm not talking about the the geographic or positions because we've often preached it like that right we preach the 3 angels message as if it's a geography lesson you're in the wrong place it's a come up and come over here this is where God wants you to be like the whole thing is about relocation you're in the wrong church come to the right one and then God will come but when they come to the right one and they don't see a difference and no one's there to welcome them in and then already invited to the Pollocks and they're sitting by themself and someone recognizes that they're new and so doesn't sit next to them and so that the sum is that I preached are using all of this language that they don't understand about Stas and she why season be you see is in T.T.'s and we just told them just how welcoming we are that we care so much about them that we're not looking inwardly we're all about the community with our sanctification and justification and glorification and A.B.C. if occasion a little of these things we just were so focused right on reaching those that are in Babylon come come come right in to the church that has all the truth in the world. Our seats are warm we've made it so we'll build the biggest ones and the nicest churches but won't have any idols because we know that's what will really attract you and then we'll tell you all about the benefits of tofu. And surely surely you're just ready to just plunge into the waters it's not about the geographical position Daniel was in Babylon he went to school in Babylon he worked for Babylon like he worked for the government of Babylon like he's in charge of Babylon never going to love they're building trees hanging from the sky Daniels they're actually in charge he's in Babylon but when Babylon is torn down it's as if Daniel was a nice looking statue in there because they don't need a backup and he is exactly where they left him he's fully in Babylon but he's so out of Babylon that when it's destroyed he's not touch because he's not of Babylon he's in there but he look of there of the sheep Jesus says I have that are not of this fall but they're my sheep and when they hear my voice they will know that it's mine but I'm not coming down to speak to them I sent you imagine this imagine this tall building this massive fire going going on in the building and and this people that are there are trapped up in the top and you see all these these brave firemen just just sprint in and they're running up and there's one that takes the top floor and he's trying to get everyone out and bring them down and get them all out safely as possible in the last the last ladies she's she's leaving everyone's running their families outside and she looks back and she can't see the firemen anymore she's like oh maybe maybe he got hurt maybe he got trapped inside and so now she bravely she runs back in. And she's looking around and she sees she sees this grand chair she's like No surely not and so she walks around to the other side and lo and behold there's the fireman sitting down on the chair in the fire and she says to him. What are you doing the building is going to come down it's all fire the flames of the single thing everything can I'll come on this let's leave and he looks or. What are you doing here no you shouldn't be here there's a fire the building is going to come down you need to get out get out as fast as you can before it all comes down and she's like you're the fire man if you don't think it's such an emergency to the point where you can sit down then maybe I can head back inside and get a few more of my things because obviously not a big it can be too big of a deal firemen if you're sitting in there having just told me to come out it can't be too important if you're telling me that I need to get out but your nice and comfortable in the place that I just left the Gospel goes nowhere if it is not accompanied by influence the Gospel goes nowhere if it is not accompanied by influence the man of God lost his life slain by a lion because his sermon and his life preached 2 different messages when the mark of the beast is issued all it is is this it's a call to worship the mark of the beast is a call to worship and it is played to attract the carnal heart. Every unconverted a heart will receive the mark of the beast every one of them sometimes we think well how is it that this religious power is going to get all of the Muslims and all of the Hindus and all of the Catholics and all of the apostate Christian to come together on the one you know we're already together if you're on converted you're on converted regardless of which religion you claim to be a part of Satan's already there he already has the heart and says that the heart of the flesh one dog wanders off to the flesh but the heart of the spirit things of the Spirit they are already going in opposite directions when the mark of the piece is called out when we're told it will be no buying or selling lest we die when Sunday is in force as that day. Everyone that is that is not already ill I mean with got everyone that's not standing by his head will accept it like this and all the world wondered off to him those whose names were written in the Book of Life slain by the full story of the land slain from the foundation of the world everyone and Adventists are not exempt from that you are not on the safe from that time just because our names are in certain books just because we keep up with us have a search Sabbath services and just because we do all these great things just because we have works upon works upon works upon works what it comes down to is who has the heart and even if geographically or in the right place but your heart isn't with God will be just like the man of God preaching faithfully until it gets as difficult as it can get and then we become just like everyone else there's only one remedy to this there's only one remedy to this carnal heart it's not that it would be changed is that it would be destroyed. It's not that it would be altered a little bit it needs to be completely done away with it's no good preaching a message that we're not living let's be honest the guilt alone kills us and so David said Lord Create in me a clean heart don't change it don't alter it don't fix it up just give me one that's brand new that's nothing like the old one and so is E.Q. assess Oh I'll take that heart of stone I'll take it out and our place it with a heart of flesh one that can keep my laws my statutes and my judgments not merely outwardly but one that sees the law as a delight one that sees the Sabbath as not a poor as in the week but the pinnacle of the week one that sees religious activity is not something that we need to do to ensure our salvation but something that we do because Jesus has ensured our salvation the whole thing is just a matter of the heart and soul got asked this tell me what you want tell me what you want are you content with being a Christian that knows God's word that preaches God's word that looks like you're in complete the you know you're following everything that God has to say but at home when you're alone and no one's watching the true character comes out because if you contend with that then you know what I'll do I'll empower you to preach anyways and you can go to the false idols and those worship services and those that are in the wrong places and I'll even do some miracles through you I'll use you to to help people to restore it to them the things that they have lost I'll use you but your end you know coming in. What haven't we done the miraculous things haven't we cost out demons haven't we healed people in the name of Jesus. But who are you again now you can come in here this is invitation only and I don't know you because though you had all the works and all the sermons and all the bible studies and all of the cool services you never gave me your heart you never you said you did you song I surrender all but you never really gave me your heart. And soul today a simple one question if you want to be a Christian do you actually want to be a Christian Christianity is not meant to be a mosque a guys a little Sabbath good feeling it's meant to be a drastic change of life completely against the current do you want to be a Christian do you really want to follow Christ Father in Heaven help us to be a Christian in the only place that it really matters which is in our heart our hearts which are desperately wicked and deceitful above all things so much to the point that we can't even know them Father we are asking that you would change them even if we have feelings of apathy and complacency and we think that we don't really need that change that this message was for someone else Lord change our hearts give us not just a message to preach but a life to live that your glory that your character may be seen on this earth in a way that it has never been seen before Lord Father we want to go home to leave this world of sin and dread behind and we know that that will take place when this Gospel goes to the entire world as a witness. What help us to be that witness to fulfill the mission that you've given to our church be with us today lord it with our conversations it with all that we do that we may not just stay in your presence for this day. But for every day on so you come again. This is opera in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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