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The Last Health Law

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


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evening and did you know that noses like the popular to defendant eyes he don't bring up the subject of noses little self-consciously know but I was sitting here and listing all his sniffling my nose started dripping to maybe unrelated we been talking this week about health so I thought it be good to just say a few words about the sniffles do we need that her health even here while still do any better health I don't know about you but I need better health I want to have the best self I possibly can and I'm so I hope you been paying attention than listening to the worships and chapels and prayer meeting and so forth is this week I'm sorry I haven't been able to hear very many of them but I'm thankful for that which I did here you know I was coming home this week first of all on this mention I'm amazed with what technology can do for us the blessing isn't it and when I was in Sweden earlier this week I was able to just type a few characters on my keyboard and upward pop Mister neomycin teaches glass I could seek our study so can your parents such a wonderful thing to to be able to to connect the world and those who might be watching over that is I was thinking earlier about we first started worst ills of our member promises new member some of the early days when we came to investors where did we go any ideas where I I live now was the church where Mister Alastair 's room is was part of the sanctuary the wall there was torn out as her church group and the living room and dining room and kitchen and master bedroom are all part of the sanctuary long ways long ways I'm very grateful for that on my way back to realize that would make it home for prayer meetings I stopped and found the Wi-Fi signal and I watched Pastor Arthur talking about health and so thankful that we have a health message tonight I was actually not planning to have the cameras are streaming on the call dissolved on but it was I was reminded that there may be people wanting to watch and we said were going to have us were going to have it so I think those of you who volunteered some of you on the chemist first time and I'm sure that the blessing that we gain is not because of our expertise or because of our technology is because of what God can do for us right sources have an additional word of prayer father in heaven we confess our need for you tonight were going to take a few moments now to look at your word is to consider your will especially as it affects our health annoyed I don't know why you place the burden on on my heart that you have but I trust that decides myself others we blessed as your spirit brings home these thoughts help us not only be here 's the doers of the word we thank you Jesus and the Bible 's book of third John it's almost an overstatement to call it a book because it's only a chapter and chapter shouldn't be called a book right but it is a book because it's all by itself a letter John wrote to his friend Gaius now John says this in his first introduction verse two and back beginning of the book he says but I wish above all things that thou may is what prosper and be in what health even as thy soul prosperous now and I've read this I've often thought of you know that's nice John and by extension we believe God because John was a prophet of God wants us to prosper and be in health even as Arsenal prospers in other words if God wants our soul to be prosperous he must also what our body to be prosperous right but once both and it's true God does want both our body and our soul to prosper and be in health but when I want to just think about tonight for a few moments is the fact that there is a relationship between our bodies prospering and our soul prosper I wonder sometimes now when I read this first I wonder if perhaps John is an actually saying I want I want there to be a a a a joints violence prospering of both your body and of your soul I believe there is a clear relationship between the body and the mines on our last thought about in this week at least on health or maybe tomorrow morning were happy of middle and worship tonight anyway I want to talk with you about what I think is the most important health law how many of you are familiar with Ackerman acronym new start thanks Doctor peters and perhaps others in the early days of we my wee half of a very well known acronym for the laws of health digestion exercise water etc. what is the last piece down for trust in God I believe this is in fact the most important of all the health laws it's overlooked by many there are many who say I want to help I want to learn these eight laws of health so that I can be healthier as long as you don't get religion involved in fact many of our wellness centers or lifestyle centers have brought people to them who want to get healthy and they don't really want to have anything you've got to understand Islam be healthy and in fact if you are just abide by good principles in the first seven laws of health you will be healthier but to be the healthy S need only John says I wish above all things would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers there is a direct relationship from the body I want to share with you just a couple statements from this but a prophecy tonight this is one of those statements that is just puzzling to me but I believe it it says in my chicken personality page fifty nine sickness of the mind prevails everywhere nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer how their foundation here in the sickness of the mind nine ten euros that means ninety percent or nine out of ten or nine D out of a hundred of the times we get six where does it start now when I read the disease of the word disease in your remember disease you may send a think about like cancer that's like you know some terrible terminal illness not necessarily in the older English used a hundred and some years ago when all my wrote the word diseases on my sickness okay so that it is what he's saying is ninety percent of the time we get sick it's something that started in the mind at first blush that seems a little bit extreme until you start to understand the relationship between the mind and the body the mind and the body can be separated you can say all I'm going to have a healthy mind and not in of having a healthy body gazelle the mind makes good decisions that are good for the body can have a healthy mind without first having a healthy body because your mind feeds on the food your body produces how needed up this morning said no it I'm going to feed my brain well today when reasoning about feeding trough our stomach right where Andre our mouths watering especially for moms cooking is only candidate all my stomach needs the food is Yosemite food no what is the point of life if all it is is to be a stomach wise your stomach here why didn't God is the essence of its convenient gravity and are below your mouth find on Staten Island asking why hi your stomach is in your body where it is I was asking why you think we have stomachs why do we need stomachs anyway to digest food so that we can have energy so that we can a lot of need energy to work to live down brain food bowl point of our existence isn't of your stomachs severe brain right without your brain you can't do anything else I have improved that but I'm pretty sure about you need to feed your brain your body and your brain are intimately connected what you feed here it is up here the nutrition the oxygen that you brave all that is for the purpose of going for the most important organ that their brain as human beings we are distinguished from the rest of God 's creation by our brain 's animals have stomachs animals have muscles but God gave us brains capable of making decisions and having a relationship with him therefore our greatest privilege is to feed our brains in such a way that will honor him now if nine cents of the diseases begin the mind and I'm going to ask what is it that could start diseases in the body what is it that could be going on in the brain that would cause diseases in the body in question any ideas stress will come back to the other ideas wrong thought patterns again like what okay indeed bitterness sometimes a fixation on one thing is like me wouldn't eat only cucumbers for days and days on end if your mind feeds thoughts the same thing could be a wrong thought pattern other ideas lack of sleep okay what else would call the mind to go on the wrong way which would then cause the body that's junk food okay the nutrition that you put in your mind not follow me what you eat affects your mind which then affects your health right to understand you there's like a a loop affecting the mind affecting the body affecting the mind affecting the body right and not careful that Luke and the end downwards Lucullus spiral sometimes right but affects the mind fix the body would fix them body affects the mind with fix the body and pretty soon were not making rational decisions and helps Alanis to just focus on three things tonight is not much time have I taken a lot of most of so I was focused on three things that I believe could affect wrong thinking and in turn affect the body so that we would become sick more than the object those three reasons why I believe we could have poor thought thinking is easy to gain the mine will look at are the simplest first I simply categorized as breaking the other seven laws breaking the other seven months now win if I want to have a healthy mind so that none of the body I need to do things like sleep I heard someone mention right if I'm not sleeping very much which usually reconsider sleep is so that I walked my body won't get sick right now my weekly if I'm not sleeping right and not sleeping enough about you but I sometimes don't find myself in the best mood never noticed the connection another way your body is connected with your mind if you don't sleep enough you won't have a good and will be in a good mood you may grouchy and grouchy nests leaves the suppression of the immune system and even the body the body getting sick if I overeat what's can happen if I overeating the blood rushes to my stomach and try to digest in the messes up my sleep in my mind is altered and I'm saying if if I don't get enough exercise my brain won't be properly oxygenated and I won't be able to make good decisions if I don't drink enough water my brain is what seventy percent water cement gun dehydration of just a small amount has a nice effect on cognitive ability euros a jointed and raising need to drink enough water like a small dehydration needs like ten or fifteen percent drop in IQ if I don't drink enough water my brain doesn't function properly and I brings a bunch about properly I may be more prone to have a wrong thought patterns and get sick I'm trying to show you is that your brain your mind and your body are interconnected it's impossible for you to say God I want to be healthy and I will be strong I have a good music of the system I am never what it said but I don't want to have anything to do with the spiritual side of things are possible because your brain your soul and your body are intimately connected so the first of way to have a healthy mind is to obey the other eight helpful other seven health laws to have a healthy mind obeys the other health laws the second reason I think we sometimes have sick minds was also mentioned as probably a primary one and that is stress that if you have any of you ever felt stressed from easier hands do any of you suffer from what you might consider stress on a regular basis pay some of you on some of your stress that I asked you to raise your hand others of you are not participating in any way is you don't realize you sweat stressed or you don't admit we all probably experience some sort of stress how many how may times three send the thing that our stress is greater than other people stress we had never noticed to think that I think probably everyone here has at some point another thought my stress is greater than that person stress or than most people stress or the average person stress would tend to think that way why is the way our minds work the fact is I'm a how to say this philosophically theoretically curve Rick and I have it the theory that there's really no such thing stress is hate to break it to you but there's really no such thing as stress stress what is it in your final of this state of mind okay fear anxiety okay oh overwhelmed make that a new word yes the case that more of yourself and your able to do it interesting listings definitions could you sort of get an insight in the personalities and see what stresses people he knows hypnotize phase mathematics and now that the point is not that there's I understand the experience of stress okay but what I'm trying to say is a stress is something that is really quite detached from what you have to do and what you're not accomplishing and the pressures that are on you stress is a state of mind it is a condition of the mind I remember I had a person I was in school at a friend it was stressed they had taken up everything they thought they had to do in a week and then add it all up and and and and and and and and and being more hours than they had young more than hundred sixty hours a week and so they were stressed about and I remember they frequently when I talk to this demand his conversation was about his stress he even began to have migraine headaches as because of the stress and I remember thinking at times you know if you just spent the time he spends talking about stress doing something about it he probably less stressed Iceni advice and not washing uses a student cannot mean that I have watched people that have much greater demands upon their resources than I do I mean their time the decisions they have to make that the risks they have to take they had the pressures the complaints the worries everything that is much greater than anything I faced and yet I watch them and they don't seem stressed at all and it doesn't make sense because in our egocentric mind we tend to think I'm stressed because I have so much to do I have so much pressure I have people that don't understand me you're saying the wrong things the near of this unit don't think in our minds we think that our stress is directly proportional to the problems of trials and troubles are not stress is what you will to be you can have very small responsibilities and be very stressed you can have very big responsibilities have little stress is what you make of it and as we go on tonight talking about trust in divine power I want you to understand and people that trust in divine power that eighth health laws were talking about tonight is probably the single most important remedy for stress by me just give you a dear medical scenario K suppose I feel as though there's more homework required to me then I'm going to be able to accomplish or felt that way trust and divine power says this is cast all your cares upon him because he cares for you so already has someone cares about it right that helps relieve stress to begin the Bible also says something like this come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you what rest on the Sabbath law enforcement but the invitation of John fourteen is not just for this when you feel stressed you can come to him and he can give you rest your site any time during the week in fact when you are troubled or weary and heavy laden that is the time limitation is specifically directed to you is not a Friday night after you clean your room and Evans Reading your angle Jesus now when you are weary and heavy laden tact is with he invites you to come the Bible also says seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness right and all these things will be added on to you practical advice promise right trust divine power says God understands how I feel God promises give me rest any promises that if I put my priorities right he's going to care of the rest of all these things shall be added and you well you might say can God really help my grades if after I've given anything to him I talk to him and everything else can God really held my grades suck on my devotions before I did my homework I quiz comes anyway I fail that quiz is God feeling you as you question what is the one of the purpose of grades seismic events happy making something where the purpose of grades what is the purpose of education knowledge okay why why is a high school education important phase some of you got four years high school here what you want me finish so that you can go to college right so my sense as some people say while I'm not sure if I don't get in the number eight if I'm able to cause I want to go to their word that's what does God care what college go to I think so is I have a purpose and a plan will fear life events I guarantee you one thing my friend if you cast your cares upon him if you rest in his promises and his peace if you prioritize as he's asked to prioritize seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness I guarantee you he will also be able to get you into the college he wants you and if he doesn't want to attend college you are not to be worried about it I'm not saying categories of the window and say I don't care if I get an a or not what I'm saying is you stress about it who can trust your future you are God who he wanted to join future you are God God I will want to be somewhere down the road and I'm not supposed to be in the laminate and where I'm supposed to be is my doing what I'm supposed in our right so I seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness I do I'm not saying that you should be concerned about doing your best are doing well and getting good grades what I'm saying is if you will prioritize your time as best as you can putting first gods word and time with God I guarantee you down the road God is able to give a consequence and if you want to go to Harvard on a full starship he can do stress and share with you one of my favorite verses Philippians chapter four and verse six Philippians chapter four verse six the Bible says be careful or some translations would render it be anxious we might in the common vernacular say the stress about nothing or don't be stressed about anything be careful for nothing but in everything how many things that everything except that you love those phrase like everything except be careful for nothing but in everything by what prayer and what subrogation with what this Thanksgiving let your requests be made known and got so if you're tempted to be anxious source stress is a recipe right here in Philippians chapter four don't be a just about anything Paul says but in every thing with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests the minimum very simple if you want to have less stress about the things that are bothering you because whether European honor the pope you have things bothering you right if you want to have less stress about those things tells us about them right now the verses and everything just get the starting note is not know what you said the ruminator make the viewer does not know what has hurt you or what you've done is wrong discarding those things is not an act are you any risk of Baden-Powell Mike you can't be serious that's how you feel is going to do that why not guarding goes so you're not telling not anything he doesn't not enough you might as well the old things tell him about it the first thing to do if you're stressed or anxious or feeling concerned about him and tell God about it and then don't keep it to yourself tell God about everything in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving what does that mean you with with an attitude of gratitude it means that a thankful heart a thankful spirit tell God everything with a thankful spirit you won't surprise and you won't offend him tell get it out into the light no I do wonder why is it that much of our stressors we do not pray about I have to candidly say that in too many cases the reason I failed to pray about stressors it's because they are things that I am not wanting God to change in my heart or life and if there's something in your heart or life that you do not want to give to God there is a high probability you will not pray about the right and having not prayed about it you are left to grapple with your challenges on your if were going to trust in God my friends if we want the health benefits of all eight laws were going to have to come face to face with the reality that we can't be holding a corner of our heart that is reserved for us alone and God has no business touching we must be willing to say God I may trust you completely I'm willing to talk about the things that are stressing me with you because I'm has made a decision that if you impress me to change I'm going to change men as long as we are holding onto something that we are not willing to change God is going to be an evil to help us deal with the stresses tell God about it the next verse gives us what the result will be verse seven and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus what a promise the peace of God which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds of Iraqis why how is everything do parents of the future things giving me make a request to God tell God about everything you'll have a piece in your heart having given up everything to God on a peace in your heart that we cannot describe in human terms it passes all understanding the third the third reason I believe our mind is often the cause of stress and it leads to wrong thinking is simply sin is what we read you little more for my kitchen personality nine tenths of the diseases for which men suffer how their foundation here the thickness of the mind perhaps some living at home trouble is like a canker eating to the very soul and weakening the life forces remorse for sense sometimes undermined the Constitution and unbalances the mind sin and guilt currently the Isaiah chapter fifty seven Isaiah chapter fifty seven and verses twenty and twenty one was a fifty seven versus twenty twenty one it says but the wicked who is awakened sinners anyone if anyone without you than that I'll make a little personal it's all of us without Jesus is me without you write the wicked it says are a as I like the troubled sea when it cannot rest in your scene of the ocean during a storm waves it did what also happens the ways your notice waters get all muddy cloudy storm this is a Micah troubled sea when he cannot rest whose waters cast of Meyer and Deirdre twenty one says there is no peace my God the wicked when I said is this imagery I love the Bible big increase only mine pictures and I think his imagery of of the seven is without Christ being the weekend of the Missy and it is the sea in a storm and the way becomes any crashes right all in what happens to it in a way crash and stay there whatever the next wave retreats all the way back to her started pretty similar to do the notion is like this cycle in out down back for that sort of us were dealing with an unconverted heart influencing one day unhappy something on my way the next day I'm down up and down back and forth in and out just like the ocean emotions unstable what can I do about God wants to do something about the contest she was seized of our hearts when we give our hearts to him she creates in us inner strength and consistency doesn't always happen overnight habits are hard to change we can become consistent in our religious experience you'll have to be beaten down by your emotions your have to be depressed and jubilant I know you'll at everyone else's mercy no God wants us to prosper and be in health if the wicked are like an angry sea the righteous are like the sea of glass and then that's our goal our goal is to be consistent because feelings don't control us faith deaths there sometimes and I feel like the whole world is crashing due in maybe I'm the only one sometimes feels like everything 's going wrong and things broken and all my quizzes I'm failing and everything just that your feel that way I want to have a consistent life I have to say Lord help me even I feel that way to live by faith because faith reaches through the feelings and grasps hold of divine power the right should the wicked are like an angry sea but God wants to take those sins and that guilt away from us you know I don't suppose there's any other health principle may be a fish be careful I really believe in them but when it comes to your is a global health this eighth health law is the most important you can at times the sleep you can at times not have good food the best food or much food to eat you can get away without drinking enough water but at least in my own experience I've observed that once my mind becomes distressed when it through seven wrong thinking discouragement depression once my mind become stressed my immune system falls and if you notice that connection at first I started thinking you know it's because I'm getting sick that I'm feeling discouraged sometimes I might be true but I think it's also because you get discouraged you get sick swerving into about cast your cares upon him he cares for you come unto him especially when you are weary and heavy late asked him for rest then not just on Sabbath but spiritual rest then prioritize seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things be added into right and trust him trust him not just for tomorrow's quiz trust him for ten years from now where he wanted to be input you college school is overrated what college you go to isn't the most important thing wasn't a colleges is there to prepare a free life work right for where God wants you to be delivered I want to be he could put you there no matter what the course that he takes his business right he's smarter than us prioritize first the kingdom of God 's righteousness I really believe that if we thought those positive thoughts if we were grateful more often with the spirit of gratitude with Thanksgiving prisoner requested on I really believe you have the six tests my personal experience with personal experience Isaiah fifty seven disk drives the wicked as an angry see but I want to close with Isaiah fifty eight percent five will begin is such a fast it is such a fast that I've chosen a day for Amanda for this soul to bow down as head of the bulrush to spread sackcloth and ashes under him will you call this a fast and acceptable landlord is that what God wants us to be his beaming down sad miserable people is that spirituality is not this verse six the fact that I've chosen to loose the bands of wickedness do I get adding burdens and to let the oppressed go free if you break every of what is he talking about God 's will for us spiritually mentally socially God 's will for us what he wants us to a college is for us to reach out to people who are needy right if we would reach out and think about others more we would think about who lasts everything about us lest we become less stressed by all the things we have to do right because the purpose for us being here is not so that we can do things for us the purpose rest being years of the begin do things for other people is always opportunity God can bless us so the fact is chosen he said is to loose the bands of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free verse seven is it not to deal my bread to the hungry about starting a company close to home is the insurgency cathode three you say give the your parents food to hungry it's getting of what you have member bizarre pages you get if you ever read most of the fiber the savages in life disease class right to Jesus sometimes the people who are hungry where you get the food he went without sometimes I think I am a step on toes of the Bible substance is that okay sometimes I look at the rush for them and the hoarding of anything that's good and the squeaking around the limits on the rare foods or the more expensive foods and I think how many of us would go without a meal for somebody else it probably wouldn't happen if we can't even have the courtesy to let someone going from my something some as I got out of unable to state economic land on some of the first but sometimes our attitude you understand that were talking about it within the mind for attitude badges I went me first I will walk on it and Bible says is not just a facet of chosen to deal your bread to the hungry is written for the cat out of the house that is the amazing N/A can you cover my hide not your self from my own flesh verse eight then shall thy light break forth as the morning and I Healthsouth spring forth speedily and I righteous so go before the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward then thou shalt call and the Lord will answer any DOS outcry and he shall say here I could take away from the limits of video from putting forth the finger and speaking vanity that draws a soul out by soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul then shall my life rise and security in their darkness as the noon day of the Lord shall guide you continually and satisfied a soul in drought and make fat thy bones it just means healthy okay a bit scared and thou shall be like a watered garden and like a spring of water whose waters fail not that explains you one contrast with me Isaiah fifty seven Isaiah fifty eight the difference is one life is living trusting in God the other is a life of sin trust in God may very well be the most important health law yet but you can't separate from the rest Adventist teaches a holistic gospel right healthy minds healthy bodies healthy bodies healthy minds that's what I want I want to have less sickness and entreaty to father in heaven too many times I've noticed this when I get angry or frustrated or stressed discouraged bitter but I start feeling those symptoms five things we pray that you take away any of those characteristics from our hearts tonight give us an attitude of gratitude give us the peace that passes all understanding how best to be willing to tell God everything to tell you everything large not additional pray that you would help us to keep our bodies in the best shape possible so that our minds can be in the best shape possible so we can glorify you O father there's someone here struggling under the guilt and the burden of sin I do sort of trade they might give that send whatever it is do you they might realize that if we confess our sins he is still faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all pictures all Lord may no one having an ineffective immune system on this campus because of sin what I want to pray for those who are stressed I pray they might experience the joy of casting their cares upon you out of trade and they might know what it means to tell you everything keeping note nothing back nothing is not surrendered and on the altar ready to be carried out or given the cc Ward I pray for our obedience to the other seven health loss father I believe there's too much sickness of OJ and we know all sickness is a result of violation of your law so we just will pray that where next are violations that we would know it and we really didn't we know are fallen we know we have immune systems we know Adam 's sin has brought disease upon our planet aware possible would we want to be the healthiest we can be for your names on site for we help us to get exercise fresh air to breathe deep and get some sunshine blink drink honey water and sleep well at night letter might be clear so we won't have to stress so we can sleep better that cycle can be repeated over what make us more like Jesus was willing to give up the food perhaps if we fasted a few meals a week to help her bodies to help us to have that spiritual fast that you've chosen for us to not getting about ourselves here to orgy the to be thinking of how we can bless others and then we'll see our light rising insecurity for your promised we think this is thank you in Jesus name and I thank you for joining Thomas 's health family session is pretty similar as possible I hope you are young and old alike coming of Jesus Christ in both the Academy College received the following constants are everlasting at education is to train an army of young people is to turn faucet on who is the faithful ministry and depends upon the gifts of God 's people just like you if you have been blessed by this program is please consider Hong Kong monkeys used to further this will please contact us at Washita Hills Academy and College PO Box thirty five MCR song seven one one one for more information or to download or order high quality coffee please visit www. lifestyle .org store


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