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To Know God is to Love Him

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


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good morning I am glad to be home and glad to be here this morning after a very busy we can have been gone two weeks and I'm grateful for God 's blessing on God is doing around the world of this morning if you have your Bibles turn with me to second Corinthians chapter four second printing chapter four and were going to look this morning at some verses which are very familiar to us and see what God might have for us and them were a start with the greatest ever for an verse three says that if our gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost what is the gospel if the power button salvation is that good news myths related to the word evangelism Vandalia it's it fit the gut the gospel is good news of Christ's grace Christ salvation Christ sacrifice right that's the gospel that they do that God brings to us that brings us to salvation the Bible says if our gospel citizen and they lost it if people do not see the good news what is the result they're going to be lost right and so verse four says in whom the God of this world hath blinded the minds of them which do believe not let the light lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is an image of God should shine unto them so the enemy of souls has an agenda his agenda is to blind the eyes of those who do believe it if you keep us from believing then we won't have the opportunity to use C the light of this glorious gospel is that if we don't in the light of the glorious gospel that goodness that glories can be had and were not going to have salvation as a innocent to put it in a very simple language we could say the devil 's goal is to mask our understanding of the gospel of God or of the character of God if we can have our eyes open if our minds are not blinded we are going to have an appreciation for what God has done for us unlike visit this way in desire of ages page twenty two the earth was dark through misapprehension of God than the gloomy shadows my delight and that the world might be brought back to God Satan is deceptive power was to be broken this could not be done by force the exercise of force is contrary to the principles of God 's government he desires only the service of love and love cannot be commanded it cannot be won by force or authority only by love is love awakened to know God is to love him his character must be manifested in contrast to the character of Satan to know God as to what so if you know God is allowed and in the devil 's priority is to make sure that we don't know God right the devil 's priorities in line our minds that we don't see the light of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ we hide that from arteries because he knows that if we come to an understanding of who God is we will be irresistibly drawn now it's not as though a full knowledge of God removes our power of choice the devil Lucifer and Satan in heaven before became Satan he had a full understanding of the character of God especially after God dealt with him so compassionately and kindly gave an opportunity to repent it Satan knew what God 's character was like that's why there wasn't much hope for Satan and Satan had to be cast out of heaven because once you have been a given and and and a manifestation of God 's character which is complete and you rejected there's not much more God can do is not much more God can do so Jesus came to this earth to open men's eyes to open both blind minds of men so that they might see the true character of God so that they might understand what he's really like now I remember one time when I was in Russia that was probably the senior trip of two thousand and there was a question place in the question box and the we had a question box on the stage of the theater where we were holding the fantasy meetings and every day twice a day seven hundred or eight hundred people would fill the theater and an minute young people and they would come down in throughout the message message as it questions or comments they would come down to the front of the theater and placer questions in the basket or box it was there that it was Mrs. Neil 's job to take those questions that the translator and an end right the translation of them and every day at read you all the questions in one day in question came in and said something like this out why did you come here and force us to believe what you believe will I found my question below peddling first because of some obvious obvious things that a review of the viewer to come to our meetings you would you quickly learn that all seven eight hundred people detained each meeting they came of their own volition I mean they walked down to make Sweden dragged and carry them coerce them beat them in oh four simile and pay them to come to that that is the music came on their own and then during the meetings there was no there were no guards mentioned it in the state in a way we delete it was completely open meeting and and the door was open the stairs the stairs were open there was no restriction that would keep them from ratings of why you come here and force us to believe you believe what were they asking the question was not that I was somehow browbeating them or physically abusing them to make them believe what I believe they could they were free to leave they knew that the question my friends was placed because they had a misunderstanding of God that's what the question was easy in their mind because they grew up in the Communist system for generations they have this mentality that this was in Siberia and Siberia you know who went to Siberia right that's where the labor camps where that's where the factories where the government set up and they would send dissidents out in the middle of Siberia mean weeks on a train out into a city that news is that built that this city been built in nineteen forties the as a manufacturing city hand and people have been just banished to Siberia and intellectuals in fact be off subject but the fact is that inside the area the average IQ is higher than the restaurant him this was seen on the net in recent history because the people who were banished with the people who were thinking as of this day they had been used to not being able to think that he is been used they were used to being told that if the government says something you have no choice but to agree with it in sentencing if you don't like it if you are not disposed to it that doesn't matter you have no freedom to disagree and if you disagree you can be punished that is the mentality that they had grown up in the Salesian biblical meetings and they are hearing me present my opinions a new present what God has to say and if they were to believe that God is a lie think they need that he is if they were to believe that he is the ultimate power in this universe that he is omnipotent but he's the creator that he is the ruler and sustainer of life if they are to believe that which they were debating in their minds they were mostly atheists in there to believe that they would have to they thought to see God as they had traditionally seen the states they would have to see God as if it's right you have no choice no opportunity to do to disagree if you don't agree with it you are going to be punished that was their concept of authority and that was that they were there what they were overlaying on their understanding of the character of God if you know the truth and if it is true then you are to be punished if you him so interesting that question I did point out the fact that they had their own two legs it walked in there and I hadn't course to force them I did one other back doors open they could leave I said that it be helpful just in case some of them did feel trapped I'd say something stores NetMeeting I'd not only did they come down the steps we had policemen come down on speaking stand waiting to take me to the police station in all it was it was quite a trip we had we had a lot of challenges with that government that we disagreed with but the fact the matter is my friends God is not like Stalin 's government God is not even like the authority figures that we have probably accepted images and characteristics from and have taken those images and characteristics and transferred them to God God 's character is different altogether than what we have been programmed predisposition to belief so I explained in brief I explained that in the beginning when men send he lost his freedom of choice God made man perfect we keep a bowl of deciding and doing you know you can read in the book steps to Christ before the fall man was able to do right in his own strength God created man with the power of the will capable of controlling his lower powers that have treated me his intellect his reason his conscience were powerful enough him his appetites and passions and desires could be subservient that's how God made us but when we send we became powered us we maintain slaves of the enemy of souls when may I send there was only one destiny that he could choose from and one destiny is not a choice understand I remember one gentleman who is trying to convince me of that they the power of the will of God that had what we would consider predestination he was trying to convince me that in order to be saved you had to choose the site but actually got Artie decided whose music is realized I tried to ask him if I jump out of an airplane ten thousand feet and choose to follow as a matter I mean choice attempted to choose you have to have two options don't you and when man's sin how my options were we left with we had one option and that was to serve Satan to serve cell phones to be slaves to our group our appetites are passions and desires of my toiletries man lost his power to choose Jesus said I respect freedom so high I will die to give men and women boys and girls the freedom to choose when Jesus Keim and he stretched his arms and he died on Calvary 's cross he did not die that he might force us to be safe he died I give us a choice to be said he died that we might be able to love our own free will make a decision riser God or Will Iser Saint as I explained to that audience there inside I explained to them that God would not punished if they chose not to serve now they will serve said they will suffer the conference of their sins right we will pay for the decisions we make but God is not to punish us for choosing to reject thing too he wants to save us from the penalties of sin God died that we might have choice the cross of Christ is the most powerful symbol of liberty of freedom in the whole universe it is a testament to God 's character he is not a God of force he is a God of love we share this paragraph again the earth was dark to misapprehension of God but the gloomy shadows might be lightened that the world might be brought back to God Satan is deceptive power was to be broken this could not be done by force the exercise of force is contrary to the principles of God 's government he desires only the service of love and love cannot be commanded it cannot be won by force authority only my love and love awakened to know God is to love him his character must be manifested in contrast to the character Satan in so to do this Jesus came and I let me just share with you a couple of the verses together Bibles during the Isaiah chapter sixty and first one Isaiah chapter sixty and verse one the Bible says the rise and what shine for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon the for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lords arise upon thee and his glory shall be seen upon the and the Gentiles shall come to light light and change the brightness of thy rising now if we are to consider that light is a manifestation or glory is a manifestation of her symbol of the character of God and what would darkness the it would be the absence of the character of God oh we might even think the characters they can write it in opsin of love we have selfishness that the characterization right I will ascend above the most time I will put my throne above the stars got so that selfish self-seeking sinful character is the opposite of the guarantor of God and so I say here's saying there's going to be a time that God 's people are going to shine what time is it the time when the earth 's dark gross darkness covers the people what kind of a situational that needs to be situation where the world is consumed with send a reliving that kind of a day I believe rearm the good news is there's going to be like right there's going there are going to be God 's people will rise and shine forth his glory has been seen upon them and in Revelation chapter eighteen we see again relations are preaching verse one is on that I thought the fourth Angel another angel come down from heaven having great power the earth was lightened with his glory that symbolizes like the first three angels and forth angels symbolize God 's people said that people have a responsibility at the end of time to demonstrate the character of God why because just as when Jesus came the first time the earth was dark through misapprehension of the character of God so also today the Earth 's dark permit at him and he is in your own circle of influence there are people who do not understand the character of God we I don't know if any of us fully understand your product I'm sure we probably don't but we have inherited from our upbringing from society from the programming we received through the years of our living we have we have inherited an image that we have we have placed over a template we've tried to fit God into one fine and God today is calling for a group of people who will be so much like him in genuine character but the people around we'll see what God is like and to know God is to want love even watched the Hills we need to we need a clear understanding of his care writer young people sometimes torn perhaps in the valley of decision whether they want to serve God or not God our let's make no mistake about it God respects are free to bring we can choose but the reality is if we knew God 's character it shouldn't be a very difficult decision whether we want to live for God are not promising before struggling in that value decision it's because the image we have of God is an imperfect image and we need to spend time with Jesus spent time in his word I says in the welfare system the file for our HD contemplating life of Christ why especially the closing scenes of the mine dress speech point why because when we see the life of Jesus we see the character of God and young people your Christian school but your wash the hills that you are there are people on this campus who need to see the character of God they need to see in their remakes and you see it in their fellow door meeting you see it in their classmates they need to see it may staff staffing to see the students we need to see the character and we are called especially at these last days first history we are called to reflect the character I am convinced it is not by the preaching of doctrine and alone it is not by that Ms. provision of a message alone no matter how truthful it may be a matter of we have all our theological eyes dotted and T 's crossed no matter how correct the church may be in its message and Phil God 's people effect the cure from God and give a demonstration of who he is for one last time Jesus can come the earth is to be lightened with the glory of God reflected in us second incentive for second printing Center for verse five for we preach not ourselves but Christ Jesus the Lord and ourselves your servants for Jesus sake for God verse six who commanded the what light to shine out of darkness where in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ as we meditate upon Christ as we look upon price what we see we see the light of the knowledge of the character of the glory of God Frank but we have this treasure in what earthen vessels are we perfect do we need in seizing the aware of our weakness people are watching you yes you are appear with your freshman ours our staff people are watching you and being influenced about their ideas about we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power may be of God and not about us it's interesting Paul then goes on to speak about trials are troubled on every side yet not distressed we are perplexed but not in despair Chris even offers a guest comment on his right always bearing about in the body the dying would you describe the life of Jesus also might be manifest in our body why did Paul remain strong through trials because he knew it by so doing he was manifesting the character it is when you are being tested that your character description it is in the final test of God 's people that the greatness of their character will be fully revealed when things are easy it's difficult to determine which character behalf but when things get rough that's when we are character shines for right so God allows us even washed to allow Cisco to trials sometimes we make them that instrument to continue serving self we talk about we want attention from them we complain about them we point everyone's eyes to our own suffering and what you can't herself yourself if instead we are troubled on every side yet not one we're perplexed than Allah persecuted not forsaken Castell but not destroyed always bearing about in the body the dying Lord Jesus Christ the life of Jesus also might be manifested in our body if when we are going to try we are demonstrating the character of unselfishness we're fulfilling God 's purpose for us in these last days I want to simply ask us a question is a close are our eyes blinded the light of the glorious gospel of Christ or are we a part of the reviewing of my testers but the interpreter father in heaven this morning we want to be a part of that people who rise and shine light in the earth with the glory of God we realize that starts right here at OHA LHC realizes starts in our own dorm rooms and it starts most prominently whenever going through sorrows or troubles Lord as Jesus was unmoved by the host of hell and all the sufferings and nations that came upon him so let us learn strength and fortitude and demonstrate grace through whatever difficulties he might encounter in this life help us I pray to be a part of the solution not a part of the confusion regarding the character we remember that to know you is to love you so this morning I just pray that we might not allow the God of this world to blind our eyes if we're struggling in that valley of two T-shirts were struggling with the seeds of rebellion if we are resisting loving you help us to realize what's really going on help us to realize the battle for souls and help us to realize how the devil doesn't want us to see the truth and help us to open our minds open her eyes spend time to take away those masks of her own preconceived ideas of what you are we've gained from our background are authority figures are friends help us to his understanding for the really are a God of love of God they would be foolish not to love in return help us today that we might shine right through obstacles we pray in Jesus name and thank you for joining the Washita health family for the special presentation we pray you can left a boss of the house young and old alike the second coming of Jesus Christ and in both the Academy him he had him to train an army of young people is a philosopher who is the frequency depends upon the gifts of God 's people just like you to review and less on this program is down on my PC is further this will please contact us at Washita Hills Academy and College PO Box thirty five MT Arkansas seven one nine two one for more information or to download or order a high-quality copy please visit www. lifestyles .org story


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