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How to Give a Better Bible Study II

Steve Keiser


Part 2 in giving a better Bible study focusing on bring the study to a decision for Christ. Steve shares personal experiences from working with Amazing Facts ministries.



  • September 29, 2018
    2:00 PM
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We closed with this it might be well to open with it as well in the visions of the light representations passed before me of our great reformatory movement among God's people hundreds and thousands were seen visiting families and opening before them the Word of God The world seemed to be lightened with a heavenly influence. Now as I read this there's a picture in my mind. It sounds like it's talking about giving Bible studies in people's homes could that be what this is you know what that's what she envisioned we think. Sounds like it doesn't OK now we touched on this earlier but I think it bears summary emphasis does it really matter what you say. A. Little bit of a trick question I guess the way I stated it. The point of why I asked the question though is just to emphasize there's how much power in my words the power is in God's words. So if I want to leave something behind for the person to think about at the end of a Bible study what might be a very good practice but to end the Bible study with what. A verse. A verse that maybe perhaps reinforces that commitment question the maybe I made at the end of the Bible study. OK by the word of the Lord where the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was done he commanded and it stood fast how much power is in the sun. Jesus spoke it. And it happened he didn't have to add some extra power it was the power was in the words themselves right God spoke to the to the prophets and as they were moved by the Holy Spirit they wrote down God's words right now he did dictate them word for word but the but it's basically God's Word is what's in the Scripture does he have to add power to that word for it to be effective or is it already there it's already there so take advantage of the power of God's word and don't fall for the idea that your hour long Bible study should consists of 3 or 4 or 5 texts because if you're only giving 3 or 4 or 5 texts What's the emphasis in terms of who's words they're hearing. Your voice there's no power in your words powers in God's word. So show my word be go there go forth out of my mouth that chill not return to Me void but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing where 2 I sent it. He asked me not to go over this way too far and I just now read realized that I haven't been paying attention so I'll try to stay right here and can you remind me if I get too far over that way I don't go over that way because there's all these obstacles but all right thank you for doing that so the power is in God's word and he says that His word will not return to him Boy. How are we to understand that promise. Have you never given a Bible study and people don't respond to it does that mean that God's word because it true. Remember this brothers and sisters because sometimes God will use you to take a last message of warning to somebody that he knows very well is not going to accept that warning sometimes you will be used actually to harden someone's heart God's Word will not return to him Boy It will either soften or harden the heart of the here think about that. Sometimes people get discouraged because they do things and they don't see fruit remember what you're doing might be sowing seed but also what you're doing might God might be using in an unexpected way OK Keep that in mind does that mean we shouldn't go out and do it anyway think a porno are many years to be preach. How many converts did he have. For. The words that go to so shall my word be that go with Forth out of my mouth it shall not return until me voy God's Word will have an impact upon everyone that hears it the creative energy that called forth the world into existence is in the Word of God This word of parts of power it begets life every command is a promise accepted by the will return received into the soul it brings with it the life of the infinite One it transforms the nature and recreates the soul in the image of God education 126 so Bible study A.B.C.'s we like A.B.C.'s right. Bible study A.B.C.'s present Jesus 1st everything that you teach should be bathed in the light of the cross everything and if you've been teaching you have to do it done done it that way then I advise you to. To redo your thinking a little bit or a lot everything that we present should be presented. In the light of cross I meant. Present Jesus 1st and I if I be lifted up from the earth said Jesus will draw all men on to me John 1232 it's a promise the wonderful love of Christ will melt and subdue hearts when the myriad of doctrine would accomplish nothing says the desire to just page $826.00 So could this be a statement that you say that you could vision yourself saying in a Bible study what I'm offering you is Christ. He is the one who can fill in the blank who can transform your marriage he is the one that can reconcile you with your father he is the one that you should commit your finances to he is the one no matter what it is whatever their problem is that you've discovered Can you not feel their problem into that blank. So we want to present crisis 1st what's to be in the A.B.C.. Revealed Truth gradually we touched on that before but let's go just a little bit more into detail about that right now. But the path of the just is as the shining light that shines with what more and more does more and more imply some kind of a progression. It does more and more unto the perfect day right let's say you've been in a cave you've been in darkness. You've been in a cave for years and someone comes in and shines a giant spotlight right into your eyes. Oh what happened. It wouldn't it wouldn't be productive wouldn't it they would blind you are people not caught up in various degrees of spiritual blindness and if you shine a giant spotlight by trying to reveal too much truth too soon isn't that kind of the same thing indeed it is so allow people spiritual eyesight to adjust to the light before you proceed with Additionally the assimilation of many new ideas at once knocks people off their balance there's actually a name for that it's called dissonance. When we hear something that's new what is it that we try to do in our brain we try to fit it. Into something we already know we try to use what we already consider to be truth and then expand that into this new thing but what if that can't happen what if you share with somebody something that they can't adjust or reconcile with what they have thought to be truth in the past that's what creates this friction and you have to be careful with that and you have to be patient with that OK. It's the inability to make things fit the inability to put it all together many do ideas at once brings aspersion. Between the new idea and the natural tendency to cling to what is familiar so how can we minimize this friction how can we who could use this problem of dissonance. By progressing in a step by step Bashan we need to make sure that a person will absorb one doctor. Before we go on to the next one while I mix perfect sense doesn't if we think about it but for those of you that have been engaged in Bible studies can you think of times when you didn't really follow that pattern. I will put my arm up it helps to harmonize the new idea with something the person already believes and that is why truth is progressive you see that is why we have to build foundations for truth before we come up to these testing truths we build the foundation in our studies and again present every doctor and through Christ make regular peels ask questions What do you think about this is this new information to you Have you ever encountered this before do you have any questions can you think of a Bible text that kind of describes what's going on in your mind right now you know various there's all kinds of ways you know what do we tell you were earlier tell Bible stories. To help reinforce their convictions used Bible promises to help strengthen their conviction make regular appeals so you're there presenting information there they're making decisions based upon that information right now if you're up at the top of the stairs but they're down at the bottom is that a problem. It's a problem so little decisions lead to big decisions so help people make one step and then make that next step and then make that next step you're progressing with the decision making and you're progressing with sharing truth are i do we structure a Bible study. Well. My suggestion pretty strongly is you have one Bible study a week. Remember that. After testimony that I was telling you about where the fellows did the 5 hour Bible study and went back the next night there's a 2nd study that was the end of it how many of what we've talked about these principles of doing things progressive Lee and slowly are violated by trying to have Bible studies too close together if it takes time for people to redo step in that dissonance and takes time for them to learn something so they can learn something new why do we want to compound that by having 2 frequent studies that probably wouldn't be productive would. My recommendation is one hour or less per week now by less I mean less than an hour. In less than a week OK so a one hour study at the maximum one time per week that would be one less than a week. As we talked about before my recommendation is let the students read from their own Bible doesn't matter what version they're using or Brad recommendations for what version you use but let them read from their own Bible and let them read the texts help them to see that the text answers the question perhaps but again if they don't see it in that particular text just take another one. Look at the texts with them OK. Begin the lesson very viewing and asking questions about the previous study ask a question I like this format where you ask a question then you go to the Bible for the answer 3 that's powerful. But you are how many of you were in this the last thing that occurred here is a conflict resolution center I mean if you were here. You know the teacher better reasons hand you. OK He talked about something that kind of goes along with this right ask a question and go to the Bible for the answer so by asking a series of questions what can you do you lead people toward understanding something. And it becomes their own they think it's their own conclusion in reality it's not they're being led by the Holy Spirit. And by the way I've seen this a lot where somebody will see something they reject following it and very shortly thereafter they don't see it anymore which is evidence they didn't see in their own mind in the 1st place it was something that was spiritual revealed to them and once they they shut their mind out to the Holy Spirit on that subject they can silence the voice they don't see it anymore. Now. One of the things Gary Gibbs used to say all the time you can't force a horse to drink right but you can solve the oats and that's always stuck with me. You consult the oats at the end of every lesson salty oats make them thirsty for the next lesson make the lesson sound appealing and like they're really going to enjoy it OK And when you do it to Daniel in and Revelation Bible study that's pretty easy to do anyway because they're so excited all the lessons are so exciting. Salty oats and open and close with prayer. As we near the close of this world history the prophecies recorded by Daniel demand our special attention as they relate to the very times in which we are living with them should be linked the teachings of the last book of the New Testament Scriptures and the Book of Daniel in connection with the book of the Book of Revelation in connection with the Book of Daniel especially to be in study that every God fearing teacher consider how most clearly to comprehend and to present the gospel that our Savior came in person to make known to his servant John and when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience one thing will certainly be understood from the study of revelation that the connection between God and His people is what close and decided these 2 books should be carefully studied read Revelation in connection with Daniel teach these things now because I. I elected to have several those quotes what do you guess my recommendation is going to be as a potentially good subject to study in your bible studies but Daniel revelation now part of why I make that recommendation is because there's a tremendous thirst out there for the Study of prophecy. Even by people who will scoff and say well who can know what's the truth I've heard so many different theories I'm not really interested but when they see it open before their eyes where text upon text and it makes sense and it fits together it explains things they get a thirst for and they want to keep going. And what I've found has a tremendous advantage with the Daniel in Revelation type format as opposed to a topical type Bible study often when you're doing a topical Bible study when someone gets to what I call a testing truth and they can't accept it they just drop out and what I found with the Daniel revelation series even when there's testing true is they'll keep studying they love the study so much they just keep on coming now there might be other explanations for that because also with this I go much slower than I used to go when I did topical Bible studies by the 4th or 5th lesson you're already into some testing truths with the typical Bible study series with this Daniel and Revelation series you're you've been with them for 30 weeks 34 weeks before you get to the 1st Test in truth that's time to build a really strong relationship with the person so that might be also part of the explanation why why haven't experienced people dropping off once they get to testing truths as frequently as before. So here's the format I follow. Daniel one through 12 and 14 lessons I take Daniel to do that 2 lessons Daniel 72 lessons Revelation 10 through 22 and 20 lessons like there's 3 lessons and and Revelation 12 there's like 4 lessons in Revelation 13 and a couple lessons and Revelation 16. Just said 34 lessons I was wrong it says 1000 lessons before there's any testing trues. And then when I'm done with that then I take somebody through a topical Bible study series. So part of what I've done is transition from Bible studies over a short period of time to much much longer studies. Sometimes I've studied with somebody for 2 years. So let's think about in the few minutes we have left how you might go about structuring it Daniel Bible study it Daniel one what's the subject what's going to what's to stop the study going to be about. OK good. OK good. Faith very good. Choosing to follow God Very good I applaud you no one said it's about diet. It is about diet but when you're doing your very 1st Bible study with somebody do you want to do it on diet no remember what we want to do is we want to discuss things that we have in common with the person we're studying with right so we're not going to study diet in our very 1st lesson with them are now. So I likes I like a lot of your suggestions out here there's a key word in in Daniel chapter one in it's gave. That's where God gave. Jerusalem into the hands of never could as Or why did he do that well that's what Jeremiah is all about right. So that could be a topic he could go off on. Debbie kidneys or you think about these captives this 18 year old kids they come into a city after having been forced March for 1400 miles and probably with little to eat or drink perhaps they saw their parents slaughtered in front of them while they were still in Jerusalem they probably had some kind of crude sort surgical procedure done OK. To be to be in the court of the King. You had to have this procedure. And now they get there to to to that city and they go under that gate and there's all this splendor and now the king is wanting to give them food for his own table and his own WA and and they're supposed to be educated at the University of Babylon for 3 years and I mean wow they're given new names and why. He wants to reprogram them right these are young people they're malleable in his model anyway and so he thinks by taking everything away from them and then being the provider of everything that they need that's part of the reprogramming effort why given them new names to that's consistent with that so you can lead the person to talk about how Satan tries to give us things in order to change our value system this is what Babylon tends to do right there's all kinds of different avenues you can see that you can go on with this line of thinking right now the key verse in my estimation is verse 8 Daniel purposed in his heart that it would not be phylum self somebody back there said that OK that we're purposed if you look at the original languages the same word that's interpreted gevalt where so it's consistent with the key word of gave. So you can tie that into John 316 God gave. Never could as or gave so that he could almost forcibly retrain them God gave so that we could choose to serve. Big difference there's a whole bunch of lessons Daniel one is chock a block full of wonderful lessons you can go in all kinds of different directions and you can make keys for each lesson OK and build upon them and use them Daniel to what's the lesson there that's the line split into 2 losses. Really good that's a great one that's right what else. OK. OK As a result of their faithfulness than God was able to do something special and Daniel to you you can follow that line of thought OK but before they got the answer to the to the dream what happened at a little per meeting right all right so we can Daniel one the key is giving my heart to God That's how establish my connection to heaven and in Daniel 2 it's how do I maintain that connection it's through prayer and Bible study I have to communicate with my savior in order to have a relationship with him it's like any relationship if my wife and I never talked or only she talked sometimes that's the case. But it needs to a communication right. OK So we talk to God through prayer he talks to us through. His word right it's a 2 way communication it's how we build a relationship that's so that's we we make our connection to heaven by giving our hearts we maintain it through prayer and Bible study and that cool. OK In the 2nd part you go through the prophecy OK. And maybe the key to that could be how studying prophecy strengthens your faith so how can you strengthen your connection to heaven through the study of prophecy you've got 3 keys now you've done 2 chapters in Daniel and you've got 3 keys that are very practical to the person right and each of those keys you can ask commitment questions related to can you not yeah this is you every one of you can throw your own lesson together and it can be compute can be completely fighting in your own armor you can be fit your own personality what you think and just ask questions. Have a Bible text that answers the question ask another question have a Bible text that answers the question it's not very hard is it. Daniel 3 you can do some wonderful things with Daniel 3. How did these 3 young men how did they remain so faithful to God There's an interesting thing that they say when they're responding to the King when he says well do you want another chance and they said well we don't really need to really think the Serbs we don't really need another chance God will deliver us from your hand they're quoting from the Book of Jeremiah promise not to be afraid of the king of Babylon. These young men had studied in memorized God's promises so there's your next key memorising in claiming God's promises from Daniel 3 and the other really cool thing about Daniel 3 is all of the parallelism between Daniel 3 and Revelation 13 right those of you that have seen that you're shaking your heads it's really it's really thrilling when you 1st see it isn't tremendous parallels and that really people get excited when they see that. So we've got Daniel one. Then you have to weigh how to stay connected to heaven Danial to be. How to establish and strengthen your faith study prophecy Daniel 3 memorising claiming God's promises what about Daniel for. Maybe asking for in living in the spirit Daniel 5. Why did God Treat could ministers grandson differently than he did now he can as Or because we never could knows or when truth was given if you could measure he acted upon it. His son in spite of knowing all of that same truth he rejected it. So your key could be acting immediately on truth and see how you're giving concrete practical lessons out of a prophetic book but it's something they can take home and live now by right and yet at the same time what are you doing you're building a foundation for further truth. Acting immediately on truth what's that all about why it was that included it's kind of self-explanatory Daniel 6 being sealed by God and used by him. The king sealed that rock. God disregarded there are you protected them. Being sealed by God Daniel 7 allowing God to change me here's some other personal application through the rest of Daniel see how Daniel might be a really beautiful fit for you I commend him I'm not opposed to the magic Bible study or Bible marking I've tried Bible marking and it's actually pretty cool too but I really like this the best by the way a couple people have come to me and asked if they could have the slides. Write down my email address I'm glad to send anyone the slides. My email address is my last name and consonants my 1st name in consonance at yahoo dot com So it's K S R for Kaiser as T.V. Christy K S R S T V at yahoo dot com I'm glad to send these to you or a P.D.F. if you don't have Power Point or this is the section. In Daniel 12 here you're linking that with Revelation 10 and you start studying about the great disappointment. And so one of the things I like to do in finishing off Daniel is going through each chapter and showing how what might have initially seemed like a disappointment actually was God's appointment so powerful so powerful. How to find Bible studies I got this question at lunch number of different ways but one of which is pray for divine appointments ask your pastor or personal ministries leader for leads call the media ministries they are happy to provide you with leads. And amazing facts we had a person who. I don't know how many hours a week they worked on this but it was that was their job is when somebody would make an inquiry they would run all of the Bible of Bible school students through and by zip code and they would give names and addresses as leads. Take advantage of that that they're willing to do that. In amazing packs isn't the only media ministry that will do that. Call your local literature evangelist and ask for leads sent out something wonderful carts. Do a class or seminar a very effective means of gaining Bible studies that my wife uses is she'll do a vegan cooking school and she advert advertise it in a social media app I think it's called next door not sure it's a call next door OK. She shall advertise it in that in there and should generally get 10 to 1000 people and I don't think she's ever done it but what she hasn't had Bible studies that came out have come out of it so if she has male interest she just gives those to me as she does the females and just the Bible Schools are the cooking schools keeps us with Bible study. But you don't need to limit it to that let's say your mechanic. Of so hold a class A cheer at your church and. How to change oil in your car on save money or let's say you have an M.B.A. and you know business and so you do if you know personal finances class a church. These kinds of special things you can strike up conversations afterwards develop friendships that many times will turn into Bible studies OK. This is the hardest one and I put it at the in the spiritual interest surveys now I probably don't sell this very well because I hate to do it. And like I said when my wife and I were matched up it after when we were out doing spiritual interest surveys I'd make her do the 1st several before I would participate I'm She's an extrovert I'm an introvert. So it doesn't come naturally to me to do that but in spite of the fact I hate doing it I can tell you. That if you spend 4 hours doing spiritual interest surveys you will find 2 Bible study interests or more. Now one of those won't pan out but for 4 hours you find one Bible study. That's kind of like a no brainer if you don't have any other way of doing a bio getting a Bible study do it go to a spiritual interest OK I get use make up a series of questions. Do you consider yourself a Christian. Do you mind sharing what denomination you're part of. Have you found the Bible to be. A reliable guide book. I'm just making it up as I go see how you could easily make up one in you could say Well have you ever had an interest in Bible prophecy if you had an opportunity to have someone explain Bible prophecy to you would you have an interest in that if they say yes you had a Bible study right then and there. OK When would you like to get together. Now I advise them in not to study with the women and vice versa. And even in group studies I was studied with a woman by the name of Carmen but it when it started started it was way way away from where I lived and I didn't want my wife to have to go there so I did it but it was 3 women so I follow Kay about what I didn't anticipate is 2 of them dropping out so I wind up doing a Bible study with this woman. Praise the Lord we finished it she got baptized there were no issues but it wasn't very wise of me my recommendation is if it's a woman find somebody else in the church that is interested in doing Bible studies past that Bible study along with that person spiritual interest studies work. All right what we are coming to next is overcoming obstacles to decisions that we've come to the end of our time so let me just pause for just a brief moment is that does anybody have a burning question and if not then I'm glad to talk to anyone afterwards be having your main question. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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